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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 16, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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badly. i said if we build it, we will lose a big constituency, because there won't be anybody saying we want the wall. but we had to build it. i know they're happy about it. >> i would like to share with you a story. sometimes -- issue is really important and a family reached out to me and i brought with me one single photo on the plane with the 3,000 emails is little difficult to carry. that photo was last photo taken of 27-year-old alexander mason, who was gunned down by an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported. now as the family picks up the pieces of their lives that have been shattered, his kill lives openly and freely in tijuana motel. now it is really interesting what is happening in san diego with our borders because, we've created a situation where governor brown makes san diego a
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great place to commit a crime because you have options. you can either be across the border in a mater of minutes and shielded by mexico, or, you have the option of simply staying put, shielded by "governor moonbeam." there are options but there are real consequences for what is happening. my heart just broke talking to mr. madison about his son. he described his son dying like a filthy rat in a parking lot while this killer gets to live freely in mexico. being robbed ever having opportunity to have grandchildren. he said something that stuck with me. he said, my son, he was a true patriot. he was a wonderful human being, an exemplary citizen lost because of the problems at our border. so this case and some others, these are the faces, this is what we're fighting for.
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and we're all-in because we'll fight for to protect our public safety and we are going to speak freely about this issue until we look back at our own children and guarranty their safety in our communities. thank you for your advocacy. >> thank you very much. you find mexico helps or does nothing for us? >> mexico does not help with case like this. it will take years. >> mexico does nothing for us. they do nothing for us. >> this family- >> mexico talks but they do nothing for us. especially at the border. certainly don't help us much on trade, but especially at the border, they do nothing for us. jeff, thank you very much. >> mr. president, great to be with you. i want you to know the president has made clear to all of us, we have to do better. we are going to do better. our department, we're reviewing everything we're doing. we're probably going to have twice as many prosecutions add a whole bunch of judges and do the things we can to move this
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agenda forward. but i want to tell you in my opinion, having been here and a lot of battles over this issue this year, kevin, you and i talked about it, could be the year, this is the year that we have to move congress, i've always said congress will pass anything as long as it doesn't work. come up with a bill that will actually improve our sheriffs, i.c.e. officers, border patrol officers ability to do their job, to deport people who entered illegally. we seem to come up short. this time let's don't come up short. we have a leader. he can articulate this message effectively. if we get behind our leader we'll get something done this year that is historic. >> thank you, jeff. thank you very much. >> mr. president -- deputy with orange county sheriff's department. thanks so much for fighting for law enforcement. much appreciated. you know for us as the mayor
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said, the biggest issue with sb 54 is not being able to communicate with law enforcement partners. we need it be able to talk. since 9/11, we have done a great job opening up the communication at the local, state and federal level in addressing our share of threats and in communicating with i.c.e., we were able to address the shared threat of getting criminal offenders off our streets. we had a 287-g program in orange county where we were able to screen all our inmates. some of those people that we were able to identify were people that weren't even yet on i.c.e.'s radar. they were just new to the country. we were able to put them on i.c.e.'s radar get them out of here. one of them stands out back in october of 2016, a 21-year-old was in jail on child molestation charges. we screened that person and we were able to alert i.c.e. and now that person is serving time
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in, will be out of the country. but that goes away with sb 54 and we're unable to talk. that is not a good thing. we need to address those shared threats. so we will reap these bad policies that have been sown. the lawsuit, what your administration is doing, is a huge help. keep it up. >> thank you very much, i appreciate it. >> hi. julie mcintyre, city of barstow. we sit, we have the longest cul-de-sac of the national training center, 27 miles from the city of barstow. when we joined the amicus brief, we recognized that myself and my council members was that federal law over immigration, not the state. what is happening and listening around this table, what is happening in other communities i haven't had anything personal from the i.c.e. illegal immigration yet but i know it's
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coming because we can't enforce anything. crime rate is up. in california and it is going to continue to rise as long as these policies are blanketed across california. they don't, they're not talking to the small communities. we talk to our citizens every day. they're afraid. >> we have the crime rate in the nation is way down but in california it's up because of ridiculous laws. go ahead. >> and i just appreciate, mr. president, for you here, listening to our concerns here, and listening to all of us and i think we're ready to i can mat fight, california to say, and that is for them. we're done. the blanketed policies across california aren't working. so we need help. i'm glad that you're making this fight known. we appreciate every one in your staff, in your administration, helping and pushing through to make sure our communities are
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safe. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. thank you. >> mr. president, i'm from the tiny town of los alamitos. we were first and we were boldest. [laughter] [applause] did something no other city actually has done. we passed an ordinance and exposed our city to lawsuits as mayor edgar said. in this experience, there is a silent majority of patriots out there, i'm sorry i'm broken up, that they want, they want us to do what we're doing. if anyone would come sit and know california values act was put in place to protect those that are breaking the law. and message i got from this whole experience is, the citizens of our state and our city feel like they have less rights than the entitled illegal alien. and the entire attitude makes me
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unhappy. they people they're entitled we don't even get. please sir, we need your help. we appreciate your leadership. >> how about that you gave us great leadership. don't kid yourself. you did a great job. >> -- politicians in the state of california, commandeer, they commandeer our police force by tying our hands. [inaudible]. i think being the low-lives we are he we're close to the people, we come to that boldly and i asked other cities to step up, listen to the matter, listen to constituents. they know what to do. >> thank you, sir. great job. >> michelle steele, from orange county. thank you very much for inviting us. i want to say a first generation korean i went through the legal process to coming in here. i really appreciate -- [inaudible] >> thank you.
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>> we're very happy about that. >> at the same time for sb 54, because of the city of los alamitos, they have 7700 people living there and -- as of now, that nine counties of 58 in california that state passed ordinance, passed ordinance and resolution to -- [inaudible]. then more than 35 cities as of now. this is really interesting period because i, i married to, kevin know my husband, committeeman from california. >> say hello. >> this is the first time i was called going out against sanctuary states. a racist. on email that you get, i said, oh, my god, first generation, how desperate that you know being called but i am very, very
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excited. orange county actually filed the lawsuit to join the general lawsuit. so [inaudible] we decided we can join them, join the federal government or not, if it is not, then we'll file a lawsuit. orange county, most of cities we came from, someone -- orange county, all are with you. you know what? people that i got all these emails, mostly positive. actually came out 57% are against us. so 4 sanctuary state, 41% against sanctuary state i don't think that pole something get, what we get, we got mostly positive ones. >> right. >> you've done a great job, michelle. we appreciate it. fantastic job. sheriff? >> mr. president, thank you for having us. first of all, thank you for being a defender of the rule of law and for your overwhelming
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support of public safety and standing with the men and women who put their lives on the line every day. that's just tremendous. the great part about being last, there is not much else to say. [laughter]. >> no. >> i won't in interest of time out of respect for your time, i will add one point, this is something we had conversations with director homan and attorney general sessions, that is the detainer issue. for the sheriffs that is a real problem with us. federal court said honoring detainers that is violation of fourth amendment. that puts us in very precarious position of point of liability standpoint. we really need to be able to do our jobs without all of the interference that is going on. certainly, i'm going to reaffirm director homan's comments. we have outstanding relationship with i.c.e. we work very closely with them. since, 9/11, sir, we have unbelievable partnership with our federal law enforcement agencies. there shouldn't be anybody
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interfering with a sheriff's ability, the chief's ability or anybody this room at this table today from defending people against those who exploit and victimize them. there should be no interference with our ability to protect our communities, to protect our national security. i'm privileged to live in the central valley where agriculture is the number one economic industry. multibillion-dollar industry. we beat the world i.c.e. is not out sweeping through those agricultural communities. we're looking for the people, the criminals, not the people who are working, seeking a better life in america, sent their kids to school, are out every day in agriculture, whether that's nuts, fruit, poultry, dairy, you name it. that is not what we're doing, sir. we're focused on those individuals who victimized and exploit the weak and defenseless
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and we should be able to do that without interference. thank you for having us. >> thank you, adam. that's fantastic. i want to thank everybody for being here. very special people. we are step by step, we're bringing it back. we will bring it back. we will not fail. we'll bring it back. so thank you very much. thank you very much. >> make your way out. let's go claim. >> mr. president -- make your way out. we're leaving. let's go! make your way out. let's go! david: the questions are being scream ad little louder than usual. melissa: alwayser tin takenning to hear them -- always entertaining to hear them. david: i don't think the president will answer. this is about the sanctuary law. the whole state of california has been turned into a
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sanctuary, according to local governor, jerry brown. local municipalities, the one of the mayors of the local municipalities revolting against the governor, will be here with us later this hour after they get out of the meeting with the president. they are upset. theyly think a lot of dangerous criminals are caught and released because of the sanctuary state law. therefore endangering the lives of calfornian citizens. there is a lot of pushback against this law and the president is helping in that pushback. i'm david asman. glad you could join us. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." i don't think we're doing this story now, are we? okay. we have more breaking news right now. high-stakes media merger battle is heating up in the courtroom today. connell mcshane is here to break down the whole media mess. connell. reporter: mess indeed, melissa. the breaking news coming in the last few minutes the president was wrapping up in the white house. a judge in delaware has indeed
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granted a temporary restraining order against national amusements, at least until he deliver as judgment on the overall dispute going on with cbs. that judge, look at both the stocks, cbs, viacom involved in this down today. this requires a little bit of background to bring you up to the point where this ruling just came in moments ago. cbs filed a lawsuit monday essentially trying to blow up its merger with former sister company viacom. then that all ended up in court today in delaware as cbs, its chairman and ceo, les moonves, trying to stop the redstone family which controls both the companies, cbs, viacom, through the aforementioned national amusements. both stocks i said were lower today. right before the hearing, what happened was, the redstones came out and they, made a movement to amend the bylaws of cbs, to prevent the board from issuing a special dividend that would have different lieutenanted the voting power for the redstone
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family from 80%, huge controlling%, all the way down to 17%. that is where we were heading into today. now we do have this decision from andre bouchard, the judge from delaware, granting a temporary restraining order. what cbs was looking for. they went to court wanted that temporary retraining order put in place. they wanted to prevent the redstones firing my members of the board before a board meeting set to take place tomorrow. this is just the early stages of all of this. this has been a dramatic media merger back and forth. the only thing i would add, melissa, david, to this, we'll wait for the board meeting tomorrow. i guess people can't be fired from that. i assume that is what the ruling came down means, can't be fired before that. other thing on top of all this, cbs has a big night tonight, up fonts, presenting prime-time line-up to all the advertisers. that is part of a business
4:17 pm
presentation going on. dealing with the court case. at least for the time-being a win here for cbs it appears. melissa: connell, thank you so much for that. let's bring in today's panel, jonathan hoenig from capitalist pig hedge fund, fox news contributor, todd horowitz, bubba trading. how does it make you feel about the ruling, the company, the staff, industry. >> that is great example of why management is of the utmost importance. even before this ruling both stocks are near decades lows. other media companies innovate, have been able to invest and grow not just to the businesses and bottom lines but their stocks as well. the best thing about examples like this, people voluntarily chosen to be stockholders, to be shareholders. there is no government involvement in here. these are folks should stay away with 10-foot pole, are poorly managed companies, poorly-managed stocks. melissa: that is great analysis. scott what do you think about these? >> i think it's a joke.
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it is ridiculous. redstones are wanting to take their bat and ball going home. they are only hurting stockholders as jonathan said. this action is not good for any company. hopefully it ends quickly. it is getting annoying. melissa: thanks to both of you. david: it is getting a little annoying. markets were up pretty well despite the fact interest rates were up a little more. the market traded up 62 points on the dow. that again makes us positive for the year. so the market is shrugging off a lot of this mess, focusing on the money that companies are making, they're doing quite well right now. melissa: absolutely. david: meanwhile president trump responding to north korea's threats to walk away from next month's summit. we'll bring you his comments and the very latest what north korea is demanding from us right now. >> this is something that we fully expected. the president is very used and ready for tough negotiations and if they want to meet we'll be ready.
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david: so is it all just posturing? north korea threatening to cancel the upcoming summit with the united states over military exercises that they knew were coming for months. with more on these developments from london is greg palkot. hi, greg. reporter: hi, david. on the face of it i guess we shouldn't be too surprised. we've been down this route with north korea before. last couple months have been so pleasant we're a little bit alarmed, a little bit surprised. we heard in a statement from north korean leader kim jong-un's vice foreign minister late today, he said, and i quote, we are no longer interested in a negotiation that will be all about driving us into a corner and making a one-sided demand to give up our nukes. he went on to say this would
4:23 pm
force kim jong-un to reconsider next month's planned summit with president trump. the regime already branded u.s.-south korean air drills they branded as provocative. they called off a meeting today for north korean and south korean officials scheduled for the dmz. blasted president trump's national security advisor john bolton, calling it an sured what he suggested, perhaps there could be a libya solution to the nukes in north korea. still most analyst, david, who i am speaking to in the region don't necessarily think north korea wants to pull out of the summit coming up they see it as posturing, positioning, calling out rhetoric and actions from the u.s. that they don't like. probably the first sign that we will have, whether this is serious or just a little bit of a blip will be next week. remember there is that public dismantling of their one known nuclear test site at that time. we'll see if they go through
4:24 pm
with it or not. certainly the statement that came today seems like a rejection of denuclearization but again we've heard this before and the white house says, they're continuing planning for the summit. back to you, david. david: greg palkot, thank you very much. melissa: here is harry ka-zianas, director of defense studies of national interest. harry, you have a piece up opinion section, that u.s. shut cancel the north korean summit rather than cave on denuclearization that seals sensible. >> i think the summit is already dead to be honest. melissa: really? >> the reason i will say that, you have to look how summits are made. that will give as you clue why it is dead. probably are the last few weeks, maybe even months, the north koreans, united states intensely negotiating what the agenda would be and deliverables for a summit. it is pretty clear team trump wants the north koreans to lay
4:25 pm
out some vision how they would denuclearize. whether that will be weeks or months. if there would be inspectors involved which we absolutely need. i have a feeling the north koreans balked at that. probably thought, hey, we're not getting any concessions up front like we always like to get, knowing that the trump administration would not do that i think what they're doing here, they're basically publicly posturing, using an excuse of military drills. we do them every single year. they are not anything be a normal. i think this is why north korea will eventually pull out. melissa: let me take the other side of that argument which is, any -- we have covered deals forever. anytime you're doing a deal, whether you're trying to work something out with somebody else or trying to buy a car, seems like there is always a moment, you walk away you know what? forget it. especially if it's a tough negotiation. something where both sides invest in getting something. there is always a moment you have to prove, you know what? i'm not so committed to this i'm willing to walk away from the table.
4:26 pm
don't you think that is what he is doing at this point? >> it could be. i think the north koreans, they do have, i hate to say this a little bit of a valid point they don't want it unilaterally give up their nuclear weapons. i don't think that has to happen here. there has been rumors on websites and different outlets there could be a step by step approach. maybe north koreans give up two or three nuclear weapons. we relief some sanctions. they get rid of chemical weapons, we back off on more sanctions. melissa: to be fair we don't really know what the stick being point is. that is what we're hearing. there could be something completely different behind the scenes they're mad about they're not giving on, well, guess what? i'm walking away from the table and here's why. how critical do you think that exposition, whatever next week where they do the public dismantling or implosion, they have done that he have about, right? >> it's a publicity stunt. their nuclear proving ground are pretty massive. they will blow up tunnels they could have used to destroy and detonate more nuclear weapons.
4:27 pm
guess what, melissa, they can rebuild them within a matter of weeks or a month or two. that is all a public relations display. saying they will not test more missiles. guess what? they can test missiles within a few days. they have done things are low-hanging fruit here. nothing really irreversible. melissa: although we get our hostages back. they can't take them back. >> amen. david: that is a great point. we're already ahead. melissa: yeah. david: china's top economic officials meeting with lawmakers on capitol hill. will any progress be made on trade? where things stand right now ahead of another crucial meeting tomorrow. it is a very busy day in the senate. one of the senate's top republicans, john thune, he is is senate conference chair, joining us with details coming up. ♪ they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting,
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david: let's check in the markets. dow closing in positive territory for the year.
4:31 pm
nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. bottom line, i have to say the russell 2000 hit highest level ever today. that represents small and mid-sized stocks. what is bringing money to them? >> that is not a surprise. not a coincidence. they don't have to worry about a strong dollar. tariffs on everything from steel to aluminum. these are things they're not worrying about. you can see small caps really surged. this index was up 1%. closed at highest level since january. that helped small caps. the dow is higher by 62 points and moves back into positive territory for 2018. we had mostly winners on the dow. 2/3 of the names were in the green. the 10-year bond yield is on the rise. everybody is expecting a right hike in june. these are the highest levels in seven years. macy's beat the street on its numbers and giving guidance. with that macy's jumped 11%.
4:32 pm
that is bloomingdale's. tomorrow we'll hear from several retailers. wee hear from nordstrom, jcpenney and walmart. look at jcpenney up 5% and kohl's up 2%. right after the bell, latest from cisco systems 66 cents beats the estimate of 65 cents. the revenue also a beat. the outlook is really bookended. higher and lower than earnings per share and higher than lower than revenues. so that range sort of spooked investors somewhat. you can see the stock down 3.7%. like many legacy tech companies as you well know, trying to get out of hardware sales and more internet of things and sigher per security. those are areas of growth. david: maw, -- thank you, nicol. melissa: mayor troy edgar was one of the officials at that
4:33 pm
meeting. we're going to talk to him coming up. plus the senate intel committee releasing thousands of documents relating to the trump tower meeting in 2016. senator john thune of south dakota is next. ♪ we were built on it. back when the country went west for gold, we were the ones who carried it back east. by steam. by horse. by iron horse. over the years, we built on that trust. we always found the way. until... we lost it. but that isn't where the story ends... it's where it starts again. with a complete recommitment to you. fixing what went wrong. making things right. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. we're holding ourselves accountable to find
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melissa: new twist in the russian investigation. the senate judiciary committee releasing thousands of transcripts from the committee's interviews with
4:37 pm
donald trump, jr., and others that took part in the 2016 trump tower meeting with the russians. fox news's peter doocy live on capitol hill with the latest. first we have some news about trump's cia nominee gina haspel. peter? reporter: big day for gina haspel, melissa. the senate intel committee voted to send her to the full senate floor for a confirmation vote. they voted 10 to five. which means all the republicans on the senate intel committee voted for her and two democrats, mark warner from virginia and joe manchin from west virginia. next up according to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will be to expeditiously vote to confirm her. she is facing questions that confronted her obama era predecessors. senator rand paul not on intel committee and but expected to vote against haspel, have you or anyone else from the cia cooperated with foreign intelligence services to monitor or collect any information on candidate trump during his
4:38 pm
travels outside the united states during the proceeding five years? specifically was candidate trump under surveillance under his previous visits to europe? down the hallway in the senate judiciary committee, they were trying to be transparent. they released 1800 pages of interviews with nine attendees of the infamous trump tower meeting where russians came calling offering dirt on hillary clinton. among those released today, one from donald trump, jr. he was asked about his dad, quote, did he say, why wasn't i told about this meeting? trump said, no he didn't. the investigators asked again, did you find that odd? trump, jr., said no, because he wasn't aware of it. russian music promoter who set up meeting rob goldstone told congress it almost didn't happen. his transcript says i thought it was bad idea and we shouldn't do it, i gave reason, i'm a music publicist, politics i knew nothing about. democratic senators they doubt trump, jr., is telling the whole truth. they want him back here
4:39 pm
testifying in an open hearing. melissa. melissa: that sounds fun. peter, thank you. david: i sweat that is just what they want. here is senator john thune of south dakota, senator republican conference chair. i haven't read all the thousands of pages but i read enough it is pretty clear what was happening here, the russians spy, she admits what she was, what is her name, natalia she was baiting the trump campaign, she was baiting them by suggesting she had negative information about hillary clinton. apparently she was doing the same with democrats about donald trump? >> i don't think it should come as any surprise that the russians were trying to interfere with the elections in 2016 on both sides. i think more comes out, the more clear it is that is sort of a garbled mess. i haven't had a chance to review all the pages.
4:40 pm
obviously you read some of it today. i think what you will find is there too, probably more clear evidence and documentation of the level they went through to try to influence and interfere in that election. but i think they didn't succeed, we know that we also know that there has not been any collusion proven with the trump administration. david: although with the trump administration i would agree but the interesting thing that comes out from those notes and from previous testimony by glenn simpson, who was the founder of fusion gps, is that this russian spy met with fusion gps and met with glenn simpson both before and after that meeting. it looks like this meeting might have been a set-up. that is something that was designed at least in cooperation with fusion gps, which was funded to the tune of millions of dollars bit hillary campaign -- by the hillary campaign. >> it will be interesting to see as the information gets out there, people have a chance to digest it.
4:41 pm
i think that perhaps this picture will become more clear in time but i think like i said right now everything we know about it, it was garbled mess and the russians were trying to mess with the elections on both sides. i think that will come out from this in the end. david: there was question the extent where the fbi was spying on the trump campaign. it is word there was a source, an fbi source, or if you will a spy within the trump campaign itself. a question of when that individual was put into the trump campaign by the fbi is still open. does that concern you? >> well sure it does. if there was any attempt by our intelligence agencies, the fbi or whomever, to spy on the trump campaign i think it is really important to know that, and you know some of those questions will be asked and i hope answers are forthcoming. clearly this is a part of this narrative, a part of this story hasn't been fully examined yet.
4:42 pm
i hope it will be. that would be a pretty glaring indictment if that happened. david: looking to november, you're chair of the republican conference, do you see this in any way postively or negatively affecting republicans in november? >> when you get out of this town is a nothing burger. it's a non-issue in the public. when i go back to south dakota that is not what people are talking about. they are ready to move on. they think this thing is investigated to death. hopefully they say at some point the mueller investigation comes together in timely way and this will be investigated and at some point whatever the recommendations an conclusions are, get them out there but let's get this behind us. in the minds of the american people i think it already is. i think they have moved on. david: i think you're right. senator john thune, thanks for coming in, appreciate it. >> thanks, david. melissa: the senate voted to
4:43 pm
reverse a policy by the trump administration fcc on net neutrality. this restores obama regulation on internet traffic. the vote was 52-47. all democrats voting yea, republicans sues can collins, lisa murkowski, john kennedy joining them. government on the internet. david: that is what the obama administration did. that may be what we continue. melissa: i'm sure they will make it better. david: ain't going to happen. china's trade delegation meeting with key house and senate committees this afternoon as fierce negotiations continue. a live update on capitol hill where things stand right now, ahead of another big meeting tomorrow. ♪
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4:46 pm
melissa: the chinese delegation has been in town since yesterday and talks are wrapping up today. has progress been made?
4:47 pm
with the latest our very own edward lawrence. reporter: the talks wrapping up within the last five or six minutes. chinese delegation of 15 people on capitol hill all day. the talk is wrapping up with the senate finance committee chairman orrin hatch. earlier today, the delegation met with the house ways and means committee. now in a statement from the committee, from the democrat on the committee, new jersey democrat bill pascral, says we need to be tough on china. he goes on to say we need to have real change, not just happy talk from china. the vice premier heard our concerns and seemed to be open to working toward a solution. the chairman of that committee, kevin brady, also releasing a statement saying our members urged vice chairman liu and congress to reduce trade barriers, increase intellectual property rights protection and create a level playing field for american companies and workers. the president is also concerned about economic inequality with
4:48 pm
china, but not just trade. the president tweeting out earlier this americanning saying that the u.s. has little to give because it has given so much over the years. china has so much to give. now sources at the white house say that peter navarro, the economic advisor to the president, will not be involved in talks tomorrow and friday with the chinese delegation because he has not been quote, a team player there. so those talks will continue tomorrow with treasury secretary steve mnuchin and commerce secretary and the u.s. trade representative. melissa: not a team player? that is not happy talk. no it's not. thank you for that report. we would invite the audience to stay tuned to fox business. house ways and means committee chairman kevin brady we were just talking about him, he will be on the evening he had it. david: what a great guess. melissa: that will be happy talk, real happy talk we heard from the first lady. she tweeted out i'm feeling great and look forward to getting back home at white house
4:49 pm
soon. good for her, for melania. the battle against sanctuary states, you saw president trump meeting with california officials at the white house, our next guest was at that meeting. troy edgar is the mayor of los alamitos, california. his message for the president next. ♪ you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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david: president trump just wrapping up a meeting with california officials at the white house discussing sanctuary states. joining me is one of the officials that spoke at the meeting today, los alamitos mayor troy edgar. thanks for joining us. we saw you there today. i was interested in a couple of people that said critics claim what we're doing is all political. that in fact there is no real threat from sanctuary states. that criminals are not really
4:53 pm
let off. it is all being done for what happens in november and other elections to which you say what? >> well, what i say is i think the homeland security director kind of summed it up which is, this is a very complex issue but you know, there is folks out there that think, look, this is going to ruin their community but really is trying to keep the community safe. i know for los alamitos, our area the focus is on the constitution. the conflict between federal government, state government, local, whether we can provide support for the administration working with i.c.e. officials directly helping keep our community safe. david: now it started in your community, in orange county, but it is spreading, this rebellion against what the governor of california is doing and against the sanctuary state. you have a town, we spoke to a mayor of a town in los angeles county joining the lawsuit against the state. how much more do you think this thing will spread? >> it will keep going. i've been talking with mayors
4:54 pm
and city council members up and down the state. a lot are waiting for the right time. i said at beginning, i never mentioned cities because you have to get a right time. a lot of cities get pushback from staff. don't want commotion and attention. it takes perseverance and confidence to get this thing to pull it through. a lot more cities are coming. i know three more coming up next two weeks. david: really, can you tell us where they are? >> not yet. but you will hear about them. david: i'm wondering if it does spread, does appear that the governor's losing momentum in being in favor of california's sanctuary state, could california move more republican in general? >> yeah. you know what though i would tell you? i think what the president heard today too, this is not as much a partisan issue as you would i this i got to tell you some of the biggest supporters in my cities are democrats. this is rule of law issue. this is constitutional issue. our communities want to be safe.
4:55 pm
people across vote sides will vote for safety and rule of law. david: we heard some examples, the president mentioned more anecdotes. are there more anecdotes, hardened criminals, violent criminals let out because of the sanctuary rule? >> absolutely. i work a lot with i.c.e. agent mark zito, orange county officer in charge, you know i get pictures of him pulling people off the streets after they have actually committed very serious issues and, you know, those are people that are very dangerous, that go back into the immigrant population and make those areas unsafe. so i think, you know, it is really misinterpretation i think a lot of people have really what this is supposed to do. i do think the tide is turning. david: mayor troy edgar, thank you very much. you got to speak to the highest authority in the land. we appreciate you being here today. >> thank you very much. melissa: interesting perspective. so we know you can no longer bring your emotional support peacock on the plane. david: we heard about that yesterday. melissa: no one said anything about a dinosaur.
4:56 pm
♪ >> i could not allow that animal to board the plane. >> that's okay. she is a service animal. ♪ it's time for sleep number's 'semi-annual sale'.
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>> she's a dinosaur. >> i need her for emotional support. >> i'm getting anxiety just standing here. >> listen, i didn't want to do this. but i read the bylaws, and there's no specific rules stating i can't have a dinosaur on your plane. >> name one person who was killed by a dinosaur. david: well, that's a good point. that was actually a mini-promo for a movie called "jurassic world" coming out june 21st. not a bad idea, of course
5:00 pm
playing off the news that we reported on yesterday that certain animals are now prohibited from going -- melissa: like peacocks. david: but you can still bring your pet pony on board. melissa: mini-pony. not the same thing. >> this has really become a democrat issue or a republican issue. i think a lot of the democrat politicians don't understand what's going on because it's actually good politically. people want safety. liz: president trump just wrapping up a roundtable with leaders of the california revolt against that state, sanctuary state law. one of the officials in the meeting is going to tell us exactly what happened. and despite threats in north korea that it will cancel the star summit but president trump those joint exercises between the u.s. and south korea still going to go on but with potential changes. we're going to bring you the latest. and it is a word that's dividing america. it's not trump, not the word hillary, not


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