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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 16, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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not a bad idea, of course playing off the news that we reported on yesterday that certain animals are now prohibited from going -- melissa: like peacocks. david: but you can still bring your pet pony on board. melissa: mini-pony. not the same thing. >> this has really become a democrat issue or a republican issue. i think a lot of the democrat politicians don't understand what's going on because it's actually good politically. people want safety. liz: president trump just wrapping up a roundtable with leaders of the california revolt against that state, sanctuary state law. one of the officials in the meeting is going to tell us exactly what happened. and despite threats in north korea that it will cancel the star summit but president trump those joint exercises between the u.s. and south korea still going to go on but with potential changes. we're going to bring you the latest. and it is a word that's dividing america. it's not trump, not the word
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hillary, not the word obama. >> laurel. laurel. laurel. laurel. . liz: okay. we're bringing you this story because it's not only a word that is driving the internet nuts, but it's a word basically a phenomenon that scientists are making people -- makes you realize makes you realize you experience reality different from other people. we're going to talk to guests about what they hear. politics, money, we're going to talk about this i'm elizabeth macdonald. the evening edit starts right now. ♪ ♪ . liz: okay. the dow ending the day up 62 points and the day 2468. but first president trump just wrapping up a roundtable with california leaders now in open revolt against california sanctuary law. more than dozen cities and five counties are in open
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revolt. they're in concern there about violent criminals getting back into communities and much more. the president today reiterated his push for a crack down calling on lawmakers to fund his border wall and end what he calls catch and release immigration laws. to escondido, california mayor. good to see you, mayor. you attended the white house meeting today, and you join me from there. what was the most interesting thing you heard at the meeting. >> thank you it was really an impressive meeting. i'm very proud, you know, as an immigrant as a leader of this city to deport 2,700 illegal criminals from our community and made our community safe. escondido's crime rate went down 48% since our corporation with ice. and escondido today is as safe as it was in 1980. and now under the sanctuary state law this relationship between ice and our police is broken, and that is a concern for my community. i swore to defend the constitution and also to keep
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my community safe. so this is a personal issue to me. this is my mission as mayor. liz: mayor, you told president trump straight up what is happening in california is quote insanity, and we actually have a clip. let's take a listen. >> sure. >> when jenny brown cares more about illegal criminals than he does about the hispanic community and the american citizens, this is insanity, and this is unconstitutional. when i swore to be a citizen and again as mayor, i swore to defend the constitution and to keep my community safe. i'm going to work hard to make sure our community's safe. liz: you know, critics of this revolt say that it is anti-immigrant. but you're an immigrant. what is your -- what would you say to those critics. >> this has nothing to do with immigration. we are no longer talking about immigration. we are no longer talking about the cost of immigration to
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taxpayers. we are talking about harboring illegal criminals, the jerry brown, the governor continues to care more about illegal criminals more than he cares about the immigrants or the american citizens. this is insanity. this is immoral. this is unconstitutional, and we're very proud to have joined the department of justice lawsuit to defeat sb54. i'm going to go back to california tonight, and we're going to start a pact to make sure that we will repeal the sanctuary state all together. this is about keeping our community safe. liz: mayor, here's a clip where you told president trump you were able to reduce crime to actually make your city prosper. t's take a listen. >> when ias elected mayor i 2010, i made the agreement with ice. we brought eight agents to escondido police station. since then, he deported over
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2,700 illegal criminals, criminals from our city. and made escondido as safe as it was in the 1980s. this is a great success story. this narrative that sanctuary city will allow more immigrants is fake news, mr. president. fake news. liz: mayor, talk to us about how bad the crime is from criminal illegal immigrants. >> well, you know, when we started our cooperation with ice, we had a lot of gang members that were illegal immigrants. we had a lot of criminals in our city. and once we departed 2,700 since 2010, this is really made the community safe. it made the hispanic community safe, and i think that's why 90% of -- in my city -- support our action against the community safe, including, including the hispanic community in our city.
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and it's a nonpartisan issue. when you have 90% of the people supporting you to make escondido safe, that's our goal. this is our mission. liz: yeah, but, mayor, the aclu is opposed to what you're doing. jerry brown, the democrats there don't like it. they say your guys are basically races. what do you say about that. >> i don't care about the aclu and what they think. i care about the community i serve. i want to make sure 150,000 residents in my city live safely. you know, people, they ran out of arguments. now they want to connect the sanctuary state with immigration. the immigrant community in my city is less perfected under the sanctuary state. because we no longer are targeting criminals. now our -- i'll give you an example. ice did a sweep at our transit station. they deported 115 immigrants. 55 of them did not commit a crime except crossing the
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border. that's a good example under sb54, families have been separated, dreamers have been deported, and that would really be the biggest risk for the immigrant community. the aclu needs to wake up and realize this is a bad law. this is about keeping everybody safe in escondido, every citizen safe, including the immigrant community. liz: thank you, mayor. thank you for coming on. good luck with your fight. >> thank you very much. liz: presidentonald trump sa the white house has not received any information that would put the historic summit with north korea in jeopardy, despite threats from the north korean leader to cancel the summit over annual military exercises with south korea. the president says he will insist north korea give up its nukes. national security adviser john bolton saying north korea has already agreed to that but north korea appearing pretty angry over john bolton's hard line stance.
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>> the question is whether this is really a sign that they're not taking our objective of denuclearization seriously. you know, kim jong-un told south korean president moon jay yin at their april 27 summit that he agreed to denuclearization. so if they're walking back from it, we'll find out. liz: let's bring in former special operations intelligence officer brett to join me now. great to see you, sir. the u.s., the news is maybe hold back on deploying the b52 bomber and eight f52 raptors. what's your answer to that. >> i think it's a good compromise. the fact is that this is a negotiation. it's the negotiation of a century. and for an annual exercise that takes place. i don't think it's too much to ask that we have our b52 bombers and our raptors just hold off for a bit until we really figure out what's going on here. essentially in the end, we need to show -- have a good
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show of faith as we're going into these negotiations, so i don't -- in the end, think it's that big of a deal. liz: sir, what do you make of this argument from north korea that has indicated it does not want to go the same state as libya or saddam hussein. it was a concern that we reported first here a few weeks ago. and now this: a new report about the annual joint military exercises are basically saying -- hearing that the white house has yet to hear definitively what north korea is now saying. what's your take on all of that. >> well, i would be surprised if there aren't some ongoing talks behind the scenes where they actually do know what's exactly going on here. but one of the key questions i've got to bring up that has really got me questioning this negotiation here is this talk of this denuclearization of the entire korean peninsula and what that really means. i don't think this recent summit in south korea, that has truly been defined. and the problem to north korea, it sounds like
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this denuclearization right now implies a compromise, a one-sided compromise on behalf of north korea. if kim jong-un is looking at this, and he has a good track record with what happened to gadhafi and saddam hussein and when they left their nuclear deterrents, that they were toppled. when he's looking at this, he's going into these negotiations understanding that he has to come out of it a lot differently. otherwise, it's going to be a problem for both sides. but the other issue here too is that, look, if the south isn't going to give up its nuclear deterrent, which is basically us, the united states, how do we expect that kim jong-un is going to abandon his? we can't be too naïve that he's just going to hand over keys to shiny, nuclear weapons without some sort of thing incentive. liz: i mean, north korea is half gdp of vermont. let's put it into perspective. some media, though, it looked -- when you watch the clip that they were enjoying this break down of
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communications, even though the media had reported north korea had a nuke that could hit the west coast. let's watch. >> this time i'm going to kick that football clear to the moon. [screaming] >> in this case, it's kim jong-un holding that football and president trump, it's not like they had history to look at; right? >> well, you know, the thing is -- >> i mean, how would they know. >> here's donald trump bumbling in. he wasn't a good deal maker in new york city. >> no, sarah sanders we are not all aware that president trump is the best negotiator. liz: your reaction, brett. >> liz, i have to tell you it's a sad day when we have people rooting for the president of the united states here to fail. i mean, what kind of country are we in? you know, that's a different conversation. i think donald trump, you know, our president, he is a master negotiator. okay? and this is going to define his presidency. all right? he cannot fail at this. this is not just a deal for the american people. this is a deal for the rest of the world, and i think he's
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one of the only people that's positioned right to be able to make this successful. when i hear people waiting on the other side to say i told you so, he's failing. to me, it's just absurd. liz: former special ops brett. thank you for coming on, sir. >> thank you. liz: let's check your money. the market closing of in the green today. dow up 62 points. let's get to nicole petallides on the new york stock be exchange with the very latest. nicole. >> green on wall street, green on the street. the dow finishes up 62 points and the russell hits a new all-time high. we had a strong u.s. dollar and a ten-year bond yield also it he highest levels in seven years. 21st century fox at the fox business network is going to have some changes. in fact, murdock will be cochairman and james murdock will be leaving the company to pursue his own opportunity once 21st century fox sells off those assets over to disney. we did have 21st century fox, the parent of fox business
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network finishing higher today. amazon prime members, you're going to be getting discounts over at whole foods. in fact, $10 off of sale items plus some weekly deals. back to you. liz: thank you, nicole. great to see you. tonight, it is a word that's defining america. and if not the word trump or hillary or obama. listen. >> laurel. laurel. laurel. . liz: but watch this. some people hear that word as yanny. it is a mind-blowing phenomenon that people are now realizing, scientists as well, that people experience reality differently. we're going to bring you that story. also tonight, the cheesecake factor firing two workers who allegedly harassed this man for wearing a pro trump hat. >> i'm wearing a trump hat and look at this. just because i wore a trump hat. liz: the cheese cake factory now saying the story is overblown but his attorneys also now filing a complaint against the company with the
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department of justice. we've got the man here to talk about it. and that blue wave about democrats, where is it? trump-backed nominees did win two u.s. senate primaries yesterday. one in pennsylvania and the other in nebraska. rnc spokespersonaylee he to react. and also about this sry. the democrats raising a ton of money. you won't believe the number. coming up ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to.
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not the other way around. . liz: to the blue way the democrats have been talking about for the midterms, you didn't hear much talking about it today. why trump-backed nominees did win and u.s. senate primaries yesterday in pennsylvania and nebraska. let's bring in rnc spokesperson caylee. >> hey, liz. it was a great night for president trump. liz: you know, there is a push, though, by democrats to get more military investing in
5:18 pm
candidates with connections to the working class as candidates. is that going to work? what do you think? >> well, what's not going to work for democrats are the types of candidates we saw last night, liz, because they were very progressive, very to the left, and we at the rnc have been monitoring the types of candidates that they're monitoring, and they're not the centrist ones backed by the establishment. they're the socialist ones. that's not going to win in a election. liz: there are four socialists i think in pennsylvania. but look at this. one pennsylvania democrat is running on the message of trump policies saying in effect not all democrats are in lockstep with the party. let's listen. >> i believe that i come out of the sort of traditional democratic party that's concerned about working men and women, that's concerned about blue-collar issues that affect these folks, and i always believed, you know, the john f kennedy model and even to some degree the bill clinton model who ran as a centrist, and that's pretty much where i've been.
5:19 pm
i'm that strain of democratic party. liz: are the democrats in danger of having the same fate that they have met over the last eight years and why hillary lost the election? because of that disconnect still with working class democrats? is that still going on? >> that is still going on. you know, we're seeing that a lot of across the country, which is why you see individuals like connor lamb, the democrat who won that special election in pennsylvania attach himself to president trump. he said i'm not running against president trump. i am running against nancy pelosi. so democrats are trying to get as close to him as possible during the general election, but we can't let them get away with that because during the primaries, they're preaching a much different tune. liz: so this is an issue against the democratic leadership; right? still in lockstep with old ways that didn't work. look at this. we now have a democratic candidate reducing whether she will support nancy pelosi. let's listen. >> would you back nancy pelosi to be speaker? >> if the democrats get the house?
5:20 pm
>> and that's actually a fascinating question because it's a question that i literally only get asked by the press and by people in washington, d.c. here in my community. >> you think it's an unfair question? you're going to have to make a decision if you end up in congress; right? >> i think it's a premature question. i think it's something like everything else when i have the opportunity to sit at the table that i will need to evaluate the deliberation that i evaluate every vote. liz: that sure sounded like a question she did not want to answer. >> everyone wants to be close to nancy crumbs pelosi. that's a guaranteed way to lose an election. she's not popular. democrats are running from her. that's why you saw that really strange answer from that democratic candidate. no one wants to be close to her. liz: but we've got a report out that democrats, some fundraising out there, they've raised over $780 million for this election. that's a lot of money. >> so that organization you're referring to, they pool together and add up all the money raised by democratic candidates and state parties. so we at the rnc when you
5:21 pm
combine what we're doing across the country, we're on par with that. liz: okay. all right. let's get to this story. liberal billionaire tom doubling down on calling president trump quote hitler. here's what he first said arguing that this is why democrats must impeach trump. listen. >> mr. trump has -- and he really is an incredibly skillful and talented communicator. earlier is. which hitler was too. and i think the reason people push back against the hitler comparison, regardless of any similarities is hitler ended up killing millions and millions of people. that's why we want to impeach him. we would like to end it here. liz: and after a wave of criticism, here is tom now defending his hitler comparison saying "people have not thought about it as
5:22 pm
intentively the way he has. >> were you taken back? >> no. i know there are people that are very upset about this. i know there are people that haven't thought about it as intensively, maybe as i have. so, no, i know people's fears and concerns, and that doesn't surprise me. but i think it's important to make exactly the point you made. which is there are -- it's important to stick to the truth and not go overboard. to not get into some kind of emotional rant. liz: your reaction, caylee. >> how pathetic that you have someone comparing the sitting president of the united states to a dictator. that's a disgusting comparison, liz. and every single democratic candidate who has taken money from tom steyer, and there's a lot of them need to answer the question do you agree with your chief backer? . liz: it's a comparison to the holocaust; right? >> of course. that marginalizes their pain and suffering comparing donald trump to hitler. liz: let's get to another
5:23 pm
debate. this is raging all over the story. a youtuber tweeted out a video clip asking what do you hear. do you hear the word yanny or laurel? it's a mind-blowing phenomenon that scientists are telling the world we do perceive reality differently. so before you go, we have to ask you the burning question. yanny or laurel. let's listen. >> laurel. laurel. laurel. liz: caylee, what do you hear? >> laurel 100%. liz: some people hear yanny. it's extraordinary. you're going to be back with us later. >> thank you. liz: coming up, cheese cake factory firing two workers who allegedly harassed this man for wearing a pro trump hat. he's now filing a complaint against cheese cake factory with the justice department. he's here to talk about it. coming up. also this story, the rise of socialism first the seattle-head pac against
5:24 pm
amazon businesses now threatening to leave calling job loss there. and we have bernie sanders attacking amazon ceo jeff bezos. we're going to bring you that story and also conservative review tv host reacting after ts
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. liz: it's all the talk in the world the media. the fight over control of cbs. it's pinning cbs between the redstone family. let's get to connell mcshane on this one. connell. >> the story, liz, and we got a court ruling there a little over an hour ago at cbs one of the restraining order today against national news, the company the red stones control. it did actually get one. but it's actually temporary. the judge in delaware coming out and saying he delivered his ruling on the cbs request tomorrow. but in the meantime, between now and then, he puts the restraining order in place because he doesn't want any action to be taken. now, a quick background on this. cbs filed a lawsuit monday, was trying to blow up its
5:28 pm
merger with the former sister company viacom minutes before hearing on that case which is said to begin today. the redstone family which controls cbs and viacom through its movie theater company, it moved to make changes to the cbs bylaw. sherry redstone wants to prevent the board from issuing a special dividend would've diluted her family stake big time, basically taking away her power. so in court today, cbs looked for that restraining order and also it looked to stop redstone from firing members of the board before they have a meeting tomorrow. so bottom line, liz, shaked up to be a very big day. the board will meet and, by the way, cbs ceo is here tonight prompting up the prime time for the annual presentation. liz: thank you, connell. i really appreciate you coming in. to the fight in seattle, taxing businesses to pay for programs, the city's going ahead with that tax despite strong push back from amazon starbucks and other businesses. a number of whom are threatening to leave seattle creating a major job loss.
5:29 pm
ironically that's the very same thing that causes homelessness. and here's how some people in seattle feel about all of this. let's watch. >> big business existing is not incidental to in our city. >> i wouldn't call it punishment. >> business as usual means death as usual. if they can't pay, who can? . liz: so it's a big debate involving liberal-leaning companies like amazon and starbucks and with the residents of seattle about how is the homeless policy and how jobs are created and how to deal with the homelessness. it's about jobs. now senator bernie sanders, though, he's going after amazon ceo jeff bezos. watch. >> according to time magazine from january 1st through may 1st of this year, jeff bezos, the founder of amazon saw his wealth increase by
5:30 pm
$275 million every single day. for a total increase in wealth of $33 billion in a four-month period. meanwhile, thousands of amazon employees are forced to rely on food stamps, medicaid, and public housing because their wages are just too low. liz: let's take a check of the stocks here. amazon and starbucks closing the day in the green. let's bring in conservative review tv host. does amazon create homelessness? >> i don't think so. unfortunately, seattle is being run by people who don't know how wealth regeneration works. you don't create wealth or create jobs by taking away wealth from one of the biggest job providers in the city and in the country. and seattle alone, amazon has
5:31 pm
provided 45,000 jobs. what do you think is going to happen when they now have to pay i think $275 per employee for what they're calling a head tax? they are going to cut back on that or they are going to move away from seattle, and they're going to build a second headquarters, and they're going to put even more employees there. so how is that actually going to help the problem of poverty or homelessness in the city when there are going to be less jobs. liz: ali, i mean, amazon saying they may not just build an office building there. could be 8,000 jobs lost there. you know what's interesting, bernie sanders and his group, they talk like there's a government growth fairy that can fix everything. isn't this part of their poise and teaching in schools. the smug of academia when professors who never ran a business in their lives, they live off taxpayers nickel, they're teaching this kind of stuff to students who really
5:32 pm
don't understand in the real world how jobs are created and what creates homelessness; right? >> right. well, they're teaching ideas based on emotion, not on actual facts. you can't look at any country in history ever that has been run by a purely socialist communist government. we always point to venezuela because that's because it's a key modern failure of socialism. it doesn't work on a national level or a citywide level. if you look at seattle, it has pumped millions and millions of dollars into the homelessness crisis and no reform has actually been accomplished. so what makes us think that them getting millions dollars more revenue from amazon alone is actually going t cba homelessness? . liz: everybody wants to fix the homeles problem. but the way to answer the question is how do you do it? and jfk said the best form of welfare is a job. and the rich didn't start out on third base. steve jobs, larry, howard schultz who started starbucks,
5:33 pm
they started out poor. jeff bezos did not start out rich. they fought. they fought to get where they are; right? >> right. and it's very patronizing, actually to say that the people who are homeless now or the people who are poor now couldn't have that same story that if they got a job, and they were able to pull themselves up by the bootstrap that they couldn't become the next chad bezos or the next steve jobs. it's actually extremely condescending, and i think a way to actually suppress the poor and keep them there. liz: great to have you on. come back soon. >> thank you. liz: coming up breaking news about that cheese about cake factory story. they did fire two workers who harassed this man for wearing a pro trump hat. we stay on these stories that the media does not cover. he is now filing a complaint against the company with the justice department. he's here to talk about it. but first, president trump now saying phase two of tax cuts is coming but how soon could it be that the midterms are going to hear about it? that's coming up next. don't go away [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens.
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and the decisions you make have far reaching implications. the right relationship with a corporate bank who understands your industry and your world can help you make well informed choices and stay ahead of opportunities. pnc brings you the resources of one of the nation's largest banks, and a local approach with a focus on customized insights. so you and your company are ready for today. >> we got it not only passed but bigger than anything ever passed in the history of our country, and we're now going for a phase two. we're actually going for a phase two, which will help in addition to middle class, will help companies, and it's going to be something i think very special. kevin brady's working on it with me. . liz: okay. phase two tax cuts coming. republicans keep saying that. let's bring back rnc
5:38 pm
spokesperson caylee. what are the second round of tax cuts looking like? is this serious stuff? is it coming inspect. >> well, it is serious and the rumor floating around dc is making these tax cuts permanent because we know the original ones aren't permanent, liz. but the sad reality is we need nine democrats to do this. we've already used the reconciliation process that was available this year. . liz: well, the argument is they expire in ten years and the middle class taxpayer gets hit. that's what nancy pelosi's mo has been saying. so if she doesn't go along with that, then she's going to be seen as saying you know what? i don't care about the middle class. you have to raise your taxes. is that the plan. >> that's right. all the democrats say these tax cuts are going away. what a bad thing for the middle class. well, they're right about that and they can fix that. they can come onboard with republicans and pass permanent tax cuts. but they won't because they're no longer jfking democrats. liz: they're not even bill clinton democrats. >> right. liz: i mean, will the
5:39 pm
republicans announce this before the midterms? what do you think. >> yeah. look, the plans are in the works. i think we'll announce it much like we did infrastructure. much like we did daca and democrats will do nothing but bury their heads in the sands. they would be better off staying in their districts and in their states than coming to washington because they're not working for the american people. liz: and here's the other story. democrats are trying to take control of congress by get this. adding to the debt. but, caylee, democrats suddenly got religion on the debt, and that's the story line. watch this. >> the republican tax plan will be full of tricks for the middle class and full of treats for the wealthiest americans. >> a middle class tax increase. >> a devastating and in my view immoral budget to fast track their moral tax plan to hand trillions to the wealthy while raising taxes on the middle class. taxes will be raised on middle class families across america. >> wealthy americans, big, fat, christmas present for
5:40 pm
you. tiny tim? we're taking your crutch away from you. and all the other kids in this country. . liz: all right. also democrats have been complaining about the debt. but then 180. within weeks, the new antidebt democrats, including nancy pelosi and karen, they voted for the massive budget-buffeting big budget spending deal. this has really drained the swamp stuff that gets people upset. >> yeah. they love to talk about the debt when it's politically convenient, but they don't care about it. and that was evidence during the obama years when we saw the debt skyrocket more than all the past presidents beforehand combined. so they don't care about the debt, and they're lying about the middle class because these were middle class tax cuts. the average family saved $1,000. liz: so they're complaining about the debt, about tax cuts for the working class americans saying but the debt's a problem. but then when it came to the spending deal and special interest, the debt was not a problem. don't you find that ironic that the democrats got what they wanted. they got a tax rich measure,
5:41 pm
meaning they're getting rid of the state and local tax deductions. but now california and new york democrats are trying to rewrite state laws around that; right? >> it is pretty ironic, you know, to see them out in california. these are big, blue liberal states and now they're having to shuffle the deck as you said because their citizens and residents are getting killed. their millionaires and billionaires are fleeing the states because that's the only answer if you want to make smart decisions. liz: thank you for coming in. >> thank you so much, liz. liz: cheese cake factory allegedly firing two workers for harassing this man who was wearing a pro trump hat in the restaurant. trump supporter eugene joseph is here to talk about that next
5:42 pm
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5:44 pm
>> i'm wearing a trump hat and look at this. just because i wore a trump hat.
5:45 pm
liz: well, it was supposed to be a happy mother's day meal at a cheese cake factory in the miami area, but it ended with a man, he says, getting harassed over his trump make america great again hat. says cheese cake workers bullied and threatened him, intimidating his entire family. now cheese cake hits their brand reputation. they fired two of the workers. let's take a check of the stock closing in the green. young man who says he was harassed at that cheese cake factory, he is eugene joseph and liberator county founder and chairman matthew. good to see you both. >> good to be with you. >> hi, how are you doing. liz: first to you, eugene. can you tell us what happened. >> well, basically, we're at a cheese cake factory. we get seated. my girlfriend's aunt, she overhears people. she sees some coworkers behind us and overheard them and said, hey, guys, pay attention there's a couple of guys talking about eugenend lking about his hat. and she wanted to let us know what was going on. and as timeent b i looked back at the guy, seen the guy
5:46 pm
that was staring at me. i didn't think anything of it. i just ignored it. and as time was going by, waitresses and different waiters are coming to our table and being really rude to us and coworkers started standing behind me and saying some crazy things. and we were all at the table, and we were shocked to hear things like that. they were, like, i can't wait to hit that hat off his head. i want to knock the hat off his head so bad. and it was my family and my girlfriend's family, and we were just so scared, and it was sad to be in that moment. liz: you know, there's a cultural divide in this country when it comes to how people feel about politics, and it does intersect with businesses. cheese cake issued a statement saying we were very disappointed that two staff members made disparaging remarks about mr. joseph's hat and that made his family feel unwelcome. those two individuals no longer employed with the company. but then cheese cake is also apparently, matthew, saying it appears to be the incident is
5:47 pm
blown out of proportion. there was not a crowd of workers. there was already a staff meeting going on there. your response to that. >> well, you know, it's not just one errant individual employee. it was multiple employees and some of them actually came by, gathered around, and also there were even people in the kitchen behind the counter there booing because of his hat. i mean, this is inappropriate -- on mother's day of all days to go there with a family meal to enjoy mother's day and to have employees -- not other patrons. we're talking about employees of cheesecake factory. they also have to do some serious retraining of these individuals and also take some action against, i think probably more individuals than this. liz: eugene, did you feel not safe there? did you feel like you were threatened there. >> i mean, we got up and left, you know? it was not a safe territory for us, you know? my girlfriend's grandmother was crying in tears. everybody was just sad. we were so shocked that on mother's day on a family day,
5:48 pm
on celebration we thought we would be able to come and enjoy a peaceful dinner with family, but it didn't happen. cheese cake factory and the employees and workers, we were so disrepented that we got up and left without causing any problems. liz: matthew, what is your justice department filing? what does it say? because the appeal class of discrimination for how you feel about a political leader. there's no political discrimination class; right? >> well, there's not for political, but for certainly on race. and some of them use the n word. obviously, they're referring to his african-american. and for an african-american to be a supporter of president trump and make america great again. combining all of that together, it was a mixture of politics and ethnicity and race. it's certainly inappropriate for anyone to be treated like that in any place of business and from all people, the employees not just one but multiple employees. something's wrong with the management in that restaurant to be able to hire people that would allow that kind of thing
5:49 pm
to happen. even though they've taken action, they should never have that kind of thing begin in the first place. this just devise common decency to make customers feel unsafe and to refer to them with slang and to ridicule them regarding their political or christian or religious beliefs. liz: eugene, matthew, thank you so much for coming on. we really appreciate it. we're going to stay on that story. thanks again. >> thank youor having me. liz: the facebook privacy scandal fallout continues. now a group of san francisco is protesting. they want facebook billionaire mark zuckerberg's name removed from a local hospital. he donated $75 million to it. we're on that story next. don't go away man: i got scar tissue there. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting,
5:50 pm
(thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story. every scar tells a story, and you can tell a lot more stories when your truck is a chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road.
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. liz: we've got breaking news. fox news john roberts is confirming with fox news that special counsel robert mueller told his team two weeks ago that he will follow department of justice guidance saying that the president cannot be endited. we're going to stay on this story. basically giuliani saying that mueller is bound by 1995 justice department memo that came out under the clinton administration. next up, this story for you. a group in san francisco giving some humiliating news to mark zuckerberg. they want his name removed from the local hospital. it's called zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. that hospital was renamed three years ago after zuckerberg and his wife donated $75 million to the institution. but let's make a special note. in 2008, residents there did approve nearly $900 million bond measure to run that hospital. this is another impairing thing for mark zuckerberg.
5:54 pm
it comes amid scrutiny over facebook's handling of user data and privacy issues there. let's get to the guests. we're going to bring the guests in. his name is sasha. he is with the nurses association there. good to see you, sasha. >> nice to meet you. my name is sasha, and i'm a facebook addict. liz: so one thing that you're pointing out in these protests is that it's research and manipulate users emotions. is there a sense from you guys and the nurses community that this is a serious issue for facebook users? >> it's much more than a tempest and a teapot and an example of the slogan why move fast and break things is not appropriate for a hospital and particularly for a public hospital such as san francisco general hospital. at the time that they made the decision to accept the
5:55 pm
donation, which was depreciated by all the staff at the hospital from management and the foundation and everybody that worked there, there was appreciation for that. and there was the expectation that there would be a plaque or perhaps one floor of the hospital would be named for mark zuckerberg and dra pracilla chan, his wife. but when we learned it was the entire hospital, it seemed particularly strange. the data manipulation that you're referring to was something that happened -- it was reported in 2014 in the national academy of sciences that while mr. zuckerberg was making a record-breaking donation to a public hospital, he also had made the largest manipulation of people, human experimentation on nearly 700,000 people had occurred to try to cause and to
5:56 pm
successfully publish their findings that they were able to cause massive emotional contagion. and to read that study and to see that there was absolutely no regard for the well-being -- liz: what does that mean, though? emotional connotation? that facebook is wanting to get people addicted to the site? is that it? >> no. it's not a matter of addiction. i was making a joke about that because i enjoy facebook myself, and i am happy to share and read news on the site. so this is not against facebook or against mr. zuckerberg as a person or as being ungrateful. that is not the point. what is the point is that this research was done to see whether it was possible to remotely make people feel something. liz: okay. we have to go. can we have you back on the show? i'm sorry we're up against a hard break. thank you so much for coming on. we really appreciate it. we're going to be right back. don't go away it's time for sleep number's 'semi-annual sale'
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dray, when he was younger, he loved to smile; and we knew he would need braces because his teeth were coming in funny. that's when he had the bunny rabbits. we called him the bunny rabbit. now, those are the same two front teeth, there, that they are now. then dray ended up having to wear braces for 5 years because he never made it to appointments, because he was busy playing basketball. if he missed practice, he don't get to play in the game. this is the picture that was on the front page of the newspaper. all you can notice is the braces! then, once he got to michigan state, he broke the retainer! my bottom teeth, they were really crooked, and i just wasn't getting braces again. smile direct club fits into my lifestyle so well. the liner is so great. it's easy to just grab it and go and then i can change on the road. i did photoshoots with my aligners in and you can't see them. i wish smile direct club would have been around when i was paying for them. i wouldn't have to take him out of school. i wouldn't have had missed work. it's like a great feeling to have good teeth. a smile is a first impression, that's why i think having a great smile is so important.
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. liz: throughout the show we had guests react to a video clip. yanny or laurel. people hear pitches differently. mind blowing stuff. thank you for having us in your homes. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: thank you so much, emac. president trump not folding on china but several signs he is ready to make a deal. plus the stock market higher. i have more proof the economy is growing rapidly from the ground up, and now the midterms are set. it's president trump versus the far, far left. good evening. i'm charles payne, tonight on "making money," stocks take off rising yields finishing the day higher as president trump pushes to save the zte bill but more news coming out about trad president trump arguing that the u. has very little to give in talks because now they have already given a lot already. this all as china urges north korea to proceed with


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