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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 18, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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connell: what can you say really the idea that there's been seven of these this year, i think that girl said somehow they're not surprised. melissa: that does it for us. the evening edit starts right now. >> and my friend got shot in the artall as soon as the alarms went offverybody just started running outside a the next thing you know, everybody looks and you hear boom, boom, boom, and i just ran as fast as i could to the nearest place i could hide and i call up my mom. liz: ten dead ten injured in a high school shooting in santa fe , texas the suspect 17 year old dimitrios pagourtzis is now in custody, explosives found both on and off campus we'll bring in the very latest and an airliner carrying more than 100 people crashed shortly after takeoff, from cuba's main airport cuban media reporting three survivors we'll stay on that story for you and the u.s.
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scrapping a training exercise in south korea involving b-52s is president trump meeting with north korean dictator kim jong-un is that in jeopardy we'll give you the details and democrats chuck schumer, nancy pelosi trying to capitol tallize on president trump called animals and referring to ms13 gang members you won't believe which country is now jumping on that democrat bandwagon. politics money, we've got it for you i'm elizabeth macdonald the evening edit starts right now. first to your money the dow closing the day flattening the day at 24, 715, the s&p and the nasdac ending the day lower, u.s. china trade tensions still in the air, all three major indices finishing the week slightly down. more on that in just a second but first, ten dead, ten injured
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after a gunman opened fire this morning at santa fe high school just about 35 miles southeast of houston. the suspect 17 year old dimitrios pagourtzis is now in custody, explosives found on and off the school campus and investigators combing through his personal journal and his cell phone. nearly two dozen school shootings so far this year let's get right to christina in the news room with the latest christina? >> imagine going to school at 7 :10 a.m. the bell rings and you just go to class and start hearing gun shots at 7:30 a.m. that is the timeline at santa fe high school what we're hearing right now 10 people have been shot by 17 year old shooter, ten others injured. the shooter in his journal, he wrote that he intended to have this mass shooting and then kill himself afterwards. it fou out the governor of texas said he td an officer he didn't have the courage to commit suicide which is now why he's booked in jail being charged with capitol murder, charged with aggravated assault
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against an officer, and he is cooperating with the police at the moment so this is i guess a difference from the parkland shooting and from other school shootings that you actually have the suspect that is willing to talk about why he did this, where did he get the weapons. he had two weapons on him a .38 revolver as well as a shot gun according to the governor of texas neither belonged to him. again he's 17 years old in order to get even a revolver you need to be 21 in texas. both weapons were owned by his father. there's still details coming out as to how he got it and walked into the school with these weapons according to other students he was wearing a long trench coat, a trench coat that does have nazi symbolism very small in the back. according to police officers this shooter, whose now in jail at the moment, wasn't anybody they knew. there's no major red flags on social media aside from the fact that he had a t-shirt posted on there that said "born to kill" and if you look on facebook he's just got your average 17 year old picture with a cap on on his
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page but we shouldn't be focusing on the shooter we should be focusing on one nine students and one adult who have passed away because of this tragedy. there was reportedly a teacher that pulled a fire alarm to get people out of the school because not everybody heard the gun shot wounds. we do have the governor of texas who spoke earlier today about how tragic this event was. listen to what he had to say. >> we need to do more than just pray for the victims and the families. it's time in texas that we take action to step up and make sure this tragedy is never repeated ever again in the history of the state of texas. >> never repeated but this comes three months after parkland, florida where we had the massive school shooting deadly school shooting there. according to police officers right now, they are still searching the area for explosives, they found a man made explosives in a trailer
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where they believe the explosives were made. they found a pressure cooker, they within the last 20 minutes or so they still haven't updated us as to whether they've entered the car of the shooter they're worried there maybe explosives so they are still searching that area they searched three homes four miles out from the school so within the area and this comes too when you have just the washington post highlighting in one of their latest articles that you see more school children in 2018 who have died compared to servicemen, so there are 1,400 students enrolled at this school many of them about to graduate. graduation ceremonies coming around the corner and yet they have to deal with at least nine classmates who have passed away with 10 others injured and one teacher dead. liz: thank you christina for the update really appreciate it to nor on the santa fe police chief saying explosives including pressure cookers were found both on and off the high school's campus let's bring in former d.c. homicide detective ted williams. your reaction to what's going on here? >> well liz, it's recycling of
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parkland and other school districts and it is very tragic. you know, just prior to coming into the studio i called my daughter dion, who lives down in that area, and she told me it was 98 degrees down there today and that to me, liz, should have set off some kind of a warning bell to authorities when we use the words, when you see something, say something. if you got a kid walking into a school when it's 98 degrees with a trench coat, that in and of itself should have been a warning sign. liz: that's an important point. the fact that there are pressure cooker bombs and the like spread over theurrounding area, what does that tell law enforcement about the suspect because reports are coming in, sir, that there are two other people of interest as well that authorities are talking to. >> that means that there was a lot of planning that went on here that this guy did not only
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want to take out unfortunately 10 dead and 10 injured. he had in his mind that he wanted to take out quite a few and he was going to use these improvised . plosive devices in order to do that. liz: okay, so a witness says the suspect went into an art class started shooting. here is the texas lt. governor describing the preparedness in a possible way to prevent future shootings. let's listen. >> santa fe school district was actually one of 186 schools that received a safety award for going through a program, that the state administered, out of over a thousand school districts dr. wall and her staff had done everything that they could to protect these students. there were two officers assigned to this school plus the chief was on his way to the school when the first shots were fired. in fact it was the chief who was able, we understand to pullback the one officer when he was shot
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, and returning fire. we may have to look at the design of our schools moving forward and retrofitting schools that are already built and what i mean by that is there are too many entrances and too many exits. liz:oo many entrances and too many exitss itime to turn high schools into fortresses? >> well you know, we want to have our kids to go to school, liz to learn and to be in a very safe and healthy environment, so yes, we're going to have to relook and reexamine how schools are structured and made but we do have to watch how we turn them into prisons. i go agree that we don't need all of these exits in school, but we don't want to put our kids in some zone of danger where there's a fire in a school that they can't get out but all of this needs clearly to be re-examined but liz, if you and i are setting here today i can
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guarantee you that in the future we'll be looking at other killings unfortunately. liz: former d.c. homicide detective ted williams thanks for coming on sir. let's turn to other news, north korea and the u.s. deciding to get rid of a training exercise involving b52 bombers that training exercise in south korea the south korean government did show concern that could generate tensions when north korea's dictator kim jong-un before the summit with president trump. let's bring in retired lt. general good to see you general. >> good to see you liz. liz: your reaction to this move, will this work to get north korea to the table? >> well, i think it's going to take, i think it's going to impact getting him to the table and it's going to impact in a positive way. you know the guy that has the most at stake and is the most vulnerable in this three-way negotiation between the trump adminitration, north korea, and south korea is probably president moon from south korea. he's got a lot at stake here and i think that there was probably some high level diplomatic from
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him to president trump asking that south korea fall out of this exercise and let japan and the united states continue with it, so i think that moon is leaning on the president but i don't blame him. i understand that and i think this is the right decision. liz: the white house has been tightening the vice to get north korea to the table via economic sanctions china working there too but it's really interesting general that oil dropped more than 1.5% nearly 2% on reports that a u.n. security council panel is probing whether major oil traders and refiners wherever they are that they're helping north korea cheat. that's pretty sizable cheating if oil drops 1.5%. >> yeah, it is and look, quite frankly i'm glad to see the united nations taking an active role in helping to maintain these sanctions. yes, it does have certainly a negative impact on the price of oil and on the economy internationally but i think that it's positive that the u.n. is
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getting involved to this extent. liz: what do the trump adminitration and north korea signal to iran? how is iran for seizing them because columnist wrote in the washington post that north korea is acting up because trump has it cornered. i mean, so they're acting out but how do you see iran looking at all of this? >> yeah, just keep in mind, for at least probably two decades, iran and north korea have been partners in the nuclear ambition s. they have been shoulder to shoulder, side to side, so i think first of all when trump pulled out of the iran deal it sent a very strong message to kim jong-un, because he's under no illusion that we know that he and the iranians have been working together. now the iranians, i think, would like to see south korea resist any discussions, any negotiations, because if north korea was to fall out of or come out of this having denuclearized
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it impacts iran's program in the future. liz: let's move to iran. french oil giant is pulling out of a $2 billion gas project in iran due to worries it cannot get a waiver from the white house on u.s. sanctions reinstated after the trump white house pulled out of the iran deal. general your reaction to there was this terrific column by dan henninger in the wall street journal about europe. europe was inside iran like a canon shot after that obama deal was done in order to get deals for their businesses back at home. what is your reaction to how the european unions been behaving here? >> liz i've said before on your network that the single biggest reason that the three european countries, britain, france and germany, are trying to keep this deal in place is because of the investments that have been made by major corporations from their countries and i must tell you reality is setting in now and i think you're going to see more of this. more and more of this is going
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to occur that's going to make us realize that trump was right in the very beginning when he assessed this is a bad deal and then made the decision very courageous decision i might add to pull out of this thing. liz: yeah, you know its been argued too that europe effective ly cut back on military spending afterworld war two instead spending money to build a gigantic welfare state. it's interesting dan henninger also points out general that by 2012 the eu's growth rate dropped below zero but it went into negative territory so that's when the eu started to go full bore into iran or setting up those deals. it's pretty iran ironic that iran depped destabilize syria that led to a minor crisis that destabilized europe. >> that's right and you know the europeans for really two decades ha been downsizing their military. theyeeen cutting their spending and all that meys i going to two things. one is taking care of the refugees they're bringing in but
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the other is to social programs and those countries and i think that europe just can't continue this way and you heard yesterday during a speech that was aired on your network here that the europeans are now taking a bit of pride in the fact that they are increasing their defense spending. well i hope it's not too little too late. liz: because who are they dependent on for defense spending? >> they have relied entirely on the united states of america. liz: you know, the french company totale is not the only company pulling out of iran. danish oil tanker operator also pulling out germany siemens as well. is this when what will be the fallout of the eu basically dialing back down their business in iran? >> well they're going to have a major economic problem there and some of these companies these big companies are going to lose a fair amount of money but you said it at the very beginning of this program. the minute the ink was dry and
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by the way nobody actually signed any agreement but figuratively speaking the minute the ink was dry they were pouring billions of dollars into iran because they had been, they had months to prepare for this and they were going to make a lot of money on this but look, this outcome in my view is exactly where we need to be and they're going to have to figure out how they're going to offset the losses to these corporations and their stockholders. liz: general great to see you and thank you for your service to our country good to have you on sir. >> thank you. liz: let's get to your money, markets closing mixed the dow ending the day in the green just slightly up flat to the downside , basically throughout the day. nicole petallides is on the floor of the neyork stock change let'sake a listen to what nicole has to say with what went on down there. nicole: stocks finished mixed, really at the end of the day, the dow was relatively flat it finished higher by just one point and there was very light volume the s&p 500 came under pressure, but it was the russel 2,000 that stole the show yet another record close, making it
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three in a row for the russel. we did see winners on the dow jones industrial average helping to keep it in the green, boeing and caterpillar but there were more losers than winners and those include chevron, jpmorgan and intel came under pressure and then we saw a deal which posted its quarterly results moved higher as campbells soup came under pressure and hit new low, weak results, the ceo and a strategic review of the company, that's why you saw that one fall off and last but not least the 10 year bonds hit another record high overnight, the highest level since 2011. have a great weekend. liz: great to see you thanks for coming on now to this story more than 100 people killed after cuba's national, the boeing 737 plane crashed on takeoff, from cuba's main airport in havana. the plane was en route to an eastern city in cuba. three passengers in critical condition more than 100 people have passed away. we'll stay on that situation for you. also to this story, pope frances
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announcing capitalism yet again saying tax haven helped recycle dirty money and is also talking about derivatives or economic cannibalism. we'll show you what he's not talking about, he's not talking about three big countries under certain economic systems ignoring that. we're also going to give you more on the latest on the u.s. china trade deals is the deal going to get done? your money is on the line we're all over that story coming up. powerful potential... signature toughness... and one more thing...
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seems a bit long, but okay... set a memorable wifi password with xfinity my account. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. president trump: we're going to come out fine with china. hopefully china's going to be happy. i think we will be happy, and as the expression goes, when you're losing $500 billion a year on trade, you can't lose the trade war. you've already lost it.
5:21 pm
we've had horrible representatives in this country that have allowed other countries to get away with murder, and those days are gone. those days are over, so we just want fairness for the workers of this country and for the united states. that's what's going toappen. liz: the president still fighting to get a trade deal with china. the talks continuing today, national economic council director larry kudlow is on with trish regan on fox business earlier today. >> the key point in all of this is that the trade talks are going very well. i mean, actually, the president himself has shown more enthusiasm and optimism about this trade deal than i've ever seen him, in the whole discussion going back many many weeks, and vice premier gave an excellent presentation to a small group of us in the oval and he outlined a whole bunch of remedies for the trade deficit issue and the barriers, the tariff and non-tariff barriers and also of course the
5:22 pm
technology theft problems. liz: joining me now former florida congressman retired lt. colonel alan west. kudlow says the president is optimistic. are you optimistic as well? >> well, the fact that we are sitting down and talking with china about this issue that does give me some optimism but the devils in the details and we have to see what the results are my biggest concern are the national security issues and threats, the fact that we have china basically extorting our companies that are trying to get into their markets for their intellectual property and as you know, just last week, china is now seed testing its first domestically built aircraft carrier and you just have to ask how much of u.s. technology is on that aircraft carrier. liz: chinese officials, we've tracked reports saying yes, we have to dial back on intellectual property theft seem s that the officials are admitting there's been some wrongdoing there. it looks like china has been pushing back on reports that the country did offer a deal to cut
5:23 pm
the deficit by 200 billion. that would take a lot of doing to get it down off to knock off 200 billion. i mean chuck schumer tweeting to the president saying look at this, chuck schumer is standing up for the president, don't let president xi play you mr. president, trading some short term purchases of american goods, giving up that china and american intellectual property these are our family jewels they create millions of good paying jobs, this would be the art of a bad deal, stand strong your reaction to chuck schumer here? >> well, it's very interesting that senator schumer would take that position. he said very little when doing the barack obama administration china was basically economically abusing us and extorting us but i think one of the key things we have to understand is that china really doesn't believe that we would be willing to take any short term pain they really believe that we've become somewhat addicted to the cheap chinese goods that they continue to send over here a i think
5:24 pm
that the most important thing larry kudlow talked about this is we can restore and grow our economic growth and our economic strength and viability, we can get more money to the pockets of the every day american worker, then that will give us a leg up and give us a high ground in these negotiations with china. we have to show that we're not going to be economically dependent upon them and that means also reducing our spending that attributes to the growth of our deficit and our debt. liz: do you see, what if a deal isn't done by say the end of the summer would that be a problem? >> well, it depends on whether or not the senate will stay in session and as well as the house and not leave because i think that we need to make sure that this is something that's not done as a unilateral executive action which is what we saw with the paris climate accord or also the iranian nuclear agreement we need to make sure we can get this through our legislative process and it can be approved the members of the senate especially. liz: colonel you are in texas where this horrific school
5:25 pm
shooting happened. the school seems to have done everything right to protect their students. what's your reaction to what happened what needs to be done? >> well, first and foremost condolences go out to the families of those who lost their loved ones and all those that are going to be affected. the most important thing we have to ask ourselves was how was this 17-year-old shooter able to get into the hallways of the school with weapons? did he go through the normal entry point or did he find some other way to get in? so we've got to make sure that we cutoff these accesses and we've got to continue to find out more about him and we'll see if there were any other indicators or warnings there, but i think that the parents have to be held responsible for the fact that he was able to take their weapons out of the house, illegally, and that's what he used in this shooting. liz: colonel alan west good to see you sir. leasure. liz: well one year later and special counsel robert mueller has no announced any findings, rudy giuliani who is on the trump legal team says it is time
5:26 pm
to end the probe. we've got details coming up, and probe francis lashing out at capitalism in another sweeping critique of global finance. he again called the love of money the devil and more, we have that debate coming up.
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liz: welcome back pope frances again condemning capitalism saying things like tax havens help recycle dirty money, from the maffia and he also talked about predatory speculators and he also talked about credit derivatives like credit default swaps or "economic cannibalism" saying the world's financial systems and markets need more regulation and the pope has talked about having one global regulate or to rule them all and with me now is wall street journal editorial page deputy editor dan henninger. great to see you dan. >> great to be with you liz. liz: your reaction? >> well it's fascinating to see the pope is taking on credit
5:30 pm
default swaps. that is something i don't think the vatican has dipped into any time recently. you know, the pope frances spent his entire life in after again tina. it's kind of ironic since argentina is at this moment negotiating with the international monetary fund for a bailout. argentina is not capitalism, it was corporatism and it was a bad influence think on francis' view of how money is used. liz: here is the point. the pope is talking about the love of money as the devil, but capitalism has lifted a billion people out of poverty since 199e world bank and the pope is still not criticizing about the love of money enjoyed by socialistic dictators like north korea, venezuela and cuba. your reaction there. you still have to criticize that >> well referring to the money is kind of an argument that's beside the point. i mean, human beings have been using money since adam and eve left the garden of eden.
5:31 pm
liz: you're talking about it's not about money itself but about the love of money is the problem , right? >> well market forces, competition, and you're right, it has lifted, china, socialistic country, communist country, finally figured out the model simply was keeping billion s of chinese in poverty. he opened up the country to market capitalism a former market capitalism, raised the well being of hundreds of millions of chinese. now the problem today is i think the pope should be talking about we do live in a modern economy, a lot of quantification which people at the top are making a lot of money and pulling away from people at the bottom. liz: let's get to what's going on in a socialistic dictatorship the pope is yet to criticize like he has talked a little bit about it but not in this recent critique. the venezuelan election is coming up on sunday. there is indications that president nicholas maduro is dropping a little bit in the
5:32 pm
polls, losing control of his military this is his achilles heel the wall street journal did a story about a thousand lower- level soldiers have deflected, have left the militarynd dan the way it is it's this pyramid of corption the high-rankingommanders in the military run the oil and they run the gold and mining operations, right? >> well that's right. they benefit from it but the country is really not producing much revenue any more. venezuela is one of the saddest stories in the world and it's our southern neighbor people are starving down there. bear in mind though, liz, about 3 million people have fled from venezuela. now that would be the best people they've got that's the middle class, the upper middle class, professionals, people with brains they've left the poorest most desperate people behind. venezuelan government they've got the guns and also you've got a lot of cuban intelligence in there, holding down, suppressing anybody that speaks up.
5:33 pm
liz: do you think the trump white house slaps even tougher sanctions on venezuela if maduro wins on sunday? >> i think they might. we'll see if it's a fair election, but you know, you've just got to wish the people of venezuela the best. no one has suffered more than that country has, and maduro has no intention whatsoever of changing course. liz: it's so painful dan henninger thank you so much for coming on great insights there love having you on the show. now, this story for you nancy pelosi wrong again. this time, again misunderstanding president trump he made comments about ms13 gang members pelosi though you won't believe the rhetoric she's delivering on this topic, you won't believe what she said that's coming up but first that's a bombshell about an fbi spy that was planted in the trump campaign, the new york times did report at least one government informant met several times the trump campaign advisor s including carter page as part of the russia probe. we're staying on that story for you we've got the latest
5:34 pm
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liz: to this story the president 's attorney rudy giuliani still not saying if and when the president will be interviewed by robert mueller, telling fox news that president trump wants to come forward and tell the truth, but guiliani's worried about a fair hearing. mueller's last night to complete his probe is supposedly talking to trump, so the pressure is on.
5:38 pm
this as new questions arise after a new york times report says at least one government informant met several times with the trump campaign advisors including carter page as part of the russia probe. president trump tweeting today, "reports are there was indeed at least one fbi representative implanted into my campaign. it took place very early on and long before the phony russia hoax" and let's take it up with republican congressman of arizona he is representative andy biggs. good to see you congressman. so, is there any indication to date from anyone at the fbi or in u.s. intelligence that there was domestic political spying done in the trumpampaig >> well they don't want to call it domestic spying and they don't want to admit to anything just yet, but it's out there that they placed a basically an undercover agent into the trump campaign, and that's spying on
5:39 pm
actually a political candidate and his campaign. that's pretty egregious, pretty serious stuff there. liz: it sounds like if all this is true the voters should be concerned that the obama white house may have been spying with no crime charge right? because now we have the cbs poll , sir, that says the slim majority 53% of people think the mueller probe is politically motivated that's up from 48% in december. yeah, and there's reason to think that because the same team that mr. mueller has put together to investigate president trump and as you say without any criminal charges, they're just investigating mr. trump, president trump, that's the same team that exonerated hillary clinton right before they started, before the fbi opened up that investigation where they did implant. liz: do you think there should be more outrage about this because separate from all that we do have the justice department inspector general is to come out with his report about the work on hillary clinton's campaign but we are a
5:40 pm
country that is very generous and it can be forgiving. if there is domestic political spying on political rivals, that's never, that's unheard of in the united states at least that we know of and it's wrong. your take on that? >> i think you're exactly right this is the biggest scandal of perhaps our lifetime perhaps in the country. think about it watergate took down a president because some people he didn't even authorize broke into the opposing party's campaign headquarters and he covered that up. what you have going on here is actual and active attempts to affect the outcome of an election by the highest police office in the nation and the law office of the nation. liz: and there was no crime charged is the point. yeah, no crime. liz: the mueller probe the iran contra probes and all of that took seven years, the clinton era scandals took four years. i mean, and i think now you're calling on mueller to resign. that's going to create a fire
5:41 pm
storm if he is forced to resign your reaction to all of that? >> well he needs to resign. it gets back to what we're talking about. there's no basis here, he's beyond his scope and out of his channel and out of his lane, and his time has expired. he himself has said that there was not one vote changed. i don't know if he said it but that's what comey and these others have said, there'sot one vote that was changed by russian participati a there was russian participation. we understand that. they need to be prosecuted. liz: what do you mean there's russia participation? >> well they've said that the russians were actually doing social media in our campaign and election but that didn't have any affect on the outcome of the election so he's beyond that and now he's indicting, he indicted proving that you can indict a ham sandwich actually a russian company that doesn't even exist. he is out of bounds. he's out of his lane and he needs to resign. liz: congressman andy biggs good to have you on sir come back soon. >> good to be with you liz.
5:42 pm
liz: next up democrat nancy pelosi capitalizing on president trump again this time twisting his attack on ms13 gang members. find out what nancy pelosi is saying now, plus, a new report claims the president personally trying to get the u.s. postal service to double the shipping rates it charges amazon. what's the back story here we'll bring it to you next. brad's been looking forward to this all week, but how will his denture cope with... a steak. luckily for brad, this isn't a worry because he's discovered super poligrip. it holds his denture tight and helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy the tastiest of t-bones. super poligrip, helping you enjoy the foods you love. [muswe were built on it. (vo) we know the value of trust.
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and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleedinin the or severe liver problems. slow heart rhythm has been reported. tell your doctor about bleeding new or unexpected shortness of breath any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. if you recently had a heart attack, ask your doctor if brilinta is right for you. my heart is worth brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. liz: a new report indicates president trump personally tried to get the u.s. postal service to double the shipping rates it charges to e-commerce giant amazon and other companies this potentially part of the ongoing war with the owner of the washington post and amazon ceo jeff bezos. amazon stock recently hitting session lows after the report, closing the day in the red down a half a point, or $7 let's bring in democrat strategist eric schiffer. eric is this retaliation, is the
5:46 pm
president exacting revenge on jeff bezos? >> well, a couple things. number one i'm not a democratic strategist. liz: yes i thought i said that wrong. i was wondering forgive me. >> it's okay i've been insulted worse and i'm just kidding obviously. i think, you know it's interesting, liz. this is a fascinating one. amazon has been benefiting from u.s. post office that is run incredibly bad and they have been undercharging for these services for a long time, in fact, by law, they have to sell whatever services they have at least their cost, and this current service that they're selling the amazon is actually below their cost and the reason behind that is the costs were set back when this is almost 10 years ago when in fact their costs now have increased as a
5:47 pm
whe,'m talng about fixed costs, significantly, and so it's based upon a setting that was done some 10-15 years ago and it's absolutely below cost. liz: so you think the president is right? >> i think the president is right absolutely he's right. liz: todd to eric's point and we reported this u.s. postal service gets about 15 billion in loans from the u.s. taxpayer via the treasury right and it would be insolvent do you think it should charge more? >> well look there's a little bit of controversy here because the u.s. postal service even though they are losing just tons and tons of money, they're actually making profit or revenue, a gain on the package delivery side in part because of the amazon service, so there's concern in some circles even within the administration that if they end up doing this it's going to hurt the postal service even more but look they've been, look trump and business os have been feuding for years now remember when he wanted to send trump into outer space with the exploratory rocket business, so
5:48 pm
i'm not really surprised that this is they're feuding back and forth here. liz: do you think the president should be getting in at this level and telling the postal service what to do? he's also talking about the creation of a task force. this postal service to your point, eric has been a problem for some time. other countries have privatized their postal service your reaction? >> i think absolutely. look the president is doing everything connell: with what he promised the american people with what he promised the base who elected him, which is that he was going to clean-up the swamp fix things make it more efficient we're wasting opportunity. incredible opportunity. amazon would absolutely pay more and so would many more, because it still would be below what they're having to pay wither services, and in fact t post office they know it and to do it and not do something about it to me, it's crazy and i think that
5:49 pm
what you do is you start with the law and the president can push this issue and focus on the fact they're undercharging based upon what the law is with the u.s. postal service. liz: i like you two are respectful of each other's differences and you didn't talk over each other and you're coming back after the break. good stuff eric and todd you'll be with us shortly let's get to this next story coming up. it's not just the media democrat nancy pelosi also taking president trump out of context, misquoting him, going after the president for calling ms13 gang members animals. critics are saying it sounds like she's defending this violent gang and you won't believe the country that is talking like nancy pelosi and chuck schumer here going after president trump. the panel is back with their take, next.
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liz: we're going to get to this story president trump being misquoted by the media, he was referring to ms13 gang members when he used the term animals at that round table discussion with the california officials opposed to the state sanctuary policies and now some foreign leaders weighing in look at this, the foreign minister of mexico saying "president trump, referred to some immigrants that perhaps being criminal gangs in mind, i don't know as animals not as persons" in the opinion of the mexican government this is absolutely unacceptable. let's get to eric and todd back again and eric i'm sorry you're a washington times contributor first to todd. what do you make of all of that what mexico is saying? >> well a, who cares what mexico thinks and b, i want to talk about the mainstream media for just a second and i addressed this on my radio show. look the only thing worse than being a cnn pundit is being an ignorant cnn pundit or a flat out lier and that's exactly what they're doing literally misrepresenting what the president said.
5:54 pm
liz: it wasn't just cnn. >> then you've got the democrat s, nancy pelosi among them, and look they're going out there taking any opportunity they can to go after and attack this president, destroy this president, and it's absolutely unacceptable. liz: you know, to todd's point eric house minority leader nancy pelosi tried to make political hey out of this but critics say she comes off as trying to defend ms13. let's listen. >> when the president of the united states says about un documented immigrants these aren't people, these are animals , you have to wonder, does he not believe in the dignity and worth of every person? liz: you know, eric, its been said that animals don't do to other animals what ms13 gang members have done. your reaction? >> well, i think nancy pelosi acts as if she just got a big donation from ms13. these are killers.
5:55 pm
she knows better. she knows exactly what the president meant in his comments. he clarified them and she's trying to twist i and make it about all immigrants and that's not what he was referring to. ms13 cuts people's arms and legs off. they put children into prostitution. they kill children. tell a parent that's had their child killed by ms13 that they're okay, that these are not animals in the way that they acted and behaved. nancy pelosi is clueless and frankly, donald trump is pointing out what needs to be pointed out which are the fact that we need to take out these groups. they shouldn't be in america. they should be outside of america. liz: you know nancy pelosi really wants to be house speaker again, todd so you know, your reaction to nancy pelosi weigh ing in here and also chuck schumer saying the president, misquoting the president as well you know, i really wish that nancy pelosi and the democrats had as much compassion for the
5:56 pm
families of those whose loved ones have been killed by illegal s on american soil as she does for ms13. i don't seem to recall nancy pelosi and the democrats showing that much compassion to the family of kate steinley, gunned down and murdered on american soil by an illegal alien so going back to this point the president was referring to ms13 gang members and for the mainstream media for the democrats to come out and say do you know what? we're just going to misrepresent what the president said just for the hell of it, it's ridiculous. liz: eric and todd you're terrific on tonights show hope you have a good weekend thank you for coming on. you too liz. liz: we'll be right back. don't go away.
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or abnormal bleeding. before starting, tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. learn all you can to help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. liz: preside trump ordering u.s. flags to fly at half-staff as a mark of respect for the victims of the texas shooting
6:00 pm
today. the suspect's arraignment is expected in a few minutes at the top of the hour. we hope you have a good weekend. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: president trump pushing for bipartisan prison reform, promising to break this quote vicious cycle. meanwhile the gunman opening fire on students in texas this morning. another tragic school shooting taking the lives of 10 students and faculty. we are going to have more details for you. we begin with the escalating economic war with china. i say we are getting close to a trade deal. the


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