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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 21, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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curious person, planted in the trump campaign in the fall of 2016. so much we don't know. this much we do. the administration is not letting go of this. trish regan to take you through the next hour. dow up 320 points. trish: thank you, neil. we'll get to questions. breaking rally up, 321. wall street cheering the administration progress with china on trade. perhaps breathing a sigh of relief. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." ♪ wall street has been so worried about a trade war, right? that dominated so many conversations. today as we basically stick with the status quo while negotiations continue, you got investors saying huh, it will not be that bad. treasury secretary steve mnuchin saying the trade war with china
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is now quote, on hold. both sides agreeing to temporary truce, with the u.s. agreeing to delay tariffs and chain promising to more of our products. critics say it is too darn vague and is china calling our bluff? we have intel. gordon chang is here coming up. the president demands that the justice department investigate a alleged plot to spy on the trump campaign in 2016. that is something unbelievable you would see in a spy movie. dr. sebastian gorka will weigh in on all of that before us. new secretary of state mike pompeo getting tough with iran and threatening the rogue nation with the strongest sanctions in history. will it work? in light of what is going on with china, is our word going to mean what we need it to mean? to the floor of the new york
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stock exchange. nicole petallides is going. >> treasury secretary steve mnuchin saying saying that the e wars are on hold. with that the market is buying up just about everything. you can see the dow jones industrial average up 305 points. had been up 371. a big surge here across the board. up is .2%. raising concerns about tariffs and worries about march 1st. russell, new high there. taking a look at dow leaders. we're seeing names such as nike, new high. boeing and caterpillar tacking on 120 points those two along. ge, among other industrials, best performing group, we would put ge in there. that would be honeywell, united technologies, honeywell. you can see these are all higher
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general electric merging on the -- it surges. it is in a bull market territory up 22% from the 52-week lows. last but not least, a touch on oil, which moves to the highest levels in 3 1/2 years. there it is at 72.28 a big move there as well. if you had done sell in may, go away, you would have lost on all gains of this month. the dow is up 3.8% this month. back to you. trish: where is this thing heading? edward lawrence in washington.
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reporter: it is creeping forward. treasury secretary steve mnuchin says we have a framework for a deal with china. under this framework the chinese agreed they would buy more with u.s. products thus reducing the deficit. it includes a meaningful increase in agriculture and energy exports and other items from the u.s. the chinese will add amendments to their laws to strengthen cooperation to protect intellectual property of companies. the deal creates two-way investment and strives to create a fair, level playing field. these talks will continue in china next week. commerce secretary wilbur ross will be the representative for the u.s. >> for the moment it is kind of at the 40,000-foot level. this is not a definitive agreement. this is what we hope will be a path forward. if it doesn't work, the tariffs will go into effect. so nothing's been lost at all. reporter: but for now the president's economic advisor, larry kudlow, also friend of yours, says that the u.s. and
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suspended or paused, put on hold the tariffs that they were planning to put in place. >> we haven't really defined the period. it is great. >> period past the midterm. >> that i can't give you what this period means. such is diplomacy. can't answer that? >> you just don't know. >> i don't think any deadlines have been set. reporter: talkses in the u.s. were a huge step forward when the delegation went to china there to give their list of wants to the chinese t appears or seeps we're moving cautiously forward. a member of the chinese delegation told me last week they're optimistic a deal could be made. trish? trish: thank you very much, edward. we'll see if our guests as optimistic. joining me on set, author of, the coming collapse of china," gordon chang. and we have lindsey piegza.
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you're not as excited as administration. what is missing from the basic framework? i would put in this framework don't you need to start with a basic frame work? >> there is a lot we don't know. this could turn out good. the thing i'm concerned about, we heard promises more, we'll bay more goods, we'll protect intellectual property, we'll create this level playing field and it hasn't worked in the past, and the reason is it is nice to think we could have cooperative discussions with china, over the course of decades the only time the chinese move when there are real costs on them. remember, trish, these guys are stealing hundreds of billions of dollars of intellectual property each year. somewhere between 225 and 600 bp bp -- billion dollars. that means all this delay works to their advantage. look at chinese state media past couple days. they're ecstatic about it. if they're ecstatic, that means we have to be concerned. trish: that's a good point.
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lindsey, i don't have a problem with the whole trade deficit concept, hey, if we want to buy a ton of stuff from china, so be it, we buy a ton of stuff from china. what i do have a problem with is the idea we buy stuff and we don't charge a tariff but vice versa doesn't work that way. so anything that goes over there is at a competitive disadvantage because they're slapping all kind of tariffs on it. and i kind of think that ought to be really front and center. to ford done's point, i don't think the media would be so psyched over there in china if in fact this was working the other way knowing it is state-controlled media. >> absolutely. to your first point it is a very symbiotic relationship between the american consumer which loves cheap goods from overseas but just as much, china loves the idea that america is buying the cheap goods. each side needs the other to keep this going. the trump administration made it clear they want a level playing
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field, a fair trade relationship. that is not what we have now. it is frustrating we're going through these negotiations for months now, and we have come out with only a broad framework. as god done points out we don't have chinese government committing to protect intellectual property and what level they are willing to do reduce the deficit. trish: gordon, this so-called truce what are we losing in this truce? >> we're losing time. but obviously if we're getting something in return that would be great. trish: are we getting any leverage? >> i don't think so because there, you know, there is a lot of things going on but the really concerns me is that china has these industrial policies, made in china 2025. their 13-five-year plan. these things continue while we talk. we do lose a little bit on that. we have not relaxed sanctions on zte, that embattled chinese telecom equipment-maker and that is real leverage. on the other hand qualcomm is
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getting hurt, because they're not getting approval, which should get their approval for their acquisition of nxp, the semiconductor company from the netherlands so that is hurting our american companies. trish: looking at issue of globalism overall, did we make a mistake allowing china to become as economically successful and powerful as it has? nixon in china, the whole idea, open china up, make it a member of the world economy, put it on the world stage and everybody will get along hunky-dory and yet we're realizing that is not entirely true. and it represents more of a threat. so did we make a mistake? >> we certainly made a mistake when we allowed china into the wto, world trade organization in 2001. they don't believe in compare sieve advantage if you have a big trader with mercantilist predatorysis, by the way china is getting works over past five
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years. it disrupts everything. countries like united states need to go outside the wto to protect itself. that means the global architecture is at risk. wto agreement is not a suicide pact and that is what it is turning out to be for juice lindsey, you have to play nice into the sandbox. if one of the players not playing nice at all and throwing sand at the other why would you play in that sandbox? i get china is valuable to us and valuable to our corporations but at some point doesn't the federal government need to step in and say what is valuable to america the country, fast forward to our future? >> there is a question of national security. we want to be very careful shipping all of our manufacturing base overseas. certainly when we talk about the potential shifting to a war-time economy we want to have access to that materials production, that goods production, there is a national security component we need to take into account.
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going back to your previous question, in terms of did we make a mistake allowing china to grow? i think we made more of a mistake shifting our entire economy to service-based economy and forgoing that manufacturing base which is key to keeping us competitive in the global marketplace. trish: well, i guess then that gets us to the question of globalism itself because if you're in a global economy you are given certain comparative advantages, you're going to move to the cheapest labor source and you will lose those manufacturing jobs. we could talk about this all day. it is fascinating, really interesting stuff. let's not forget how much an effect it has on everybody's individual lives. gordon, lindsey, thank you very, very much. the president is demanding, every one, that the department of justice find out who the heck in the fbi did infiltrate his 2016 election campaign. former deputy assistant to president donald trump,
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sebastian gorka, is joining me. he may have some ideas. he's next.
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trish: breaking news right now. president trump meets with fbi director christopher wray and deputy attorney general rod
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rosenstein. near the top. hour. that meeting happens as the president demand answers following reports that our justice department may have infiltrated and even surveiled the trump campaign during the 2016 election. former deputy assistant to president trump, dr. sebastian gorka is here. he will weigh in on this bombshell revelation straight ahead. first to breaking news. blake burman has more from the white house on this meeting. hi, there, blake. reporter: trish, i'm told the meeting between the fbi director chris wray and deputy attorney general rosenstein will have 3:00 this afternoon. it will not only be those three in the room. national intelligence director dan coats will be there. and talking about a meeting of this magnitude, chief of staff john kelly and white house counsel done mcgahn will there as well. this is regularly scheduled meeting an doesn't have to do
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with the tweet when president trump demanded that the justice department find out whether the fbi had a spy in his campaign. issue of will likely come up. as for the tweet, whether or not it will come up, leave that for your imagination i guess. as for devin nunez, he of course is the head of the house intelligence committee. he is the one pushing for the deep of justice to release more information on this possible informant. nunez told maria over the weekend if the fbi had an informant communicating with or inside the trump campaign, then that, he says, would cross a red line. >> if any of that is true this is a red line in this country. you can't do this to political campaigns. this was done, according to them this was done in the spring, before the counterintelligence investigation was even open. if that's true, we need to know about it. reporter: the president tweeted over the weekend quote, if the fbi or doj was infiltrating a
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campaign for benefit of another campaign that is a really big deal. only the release or review of documents from the house intelligence committee, also senate judiciary is asking for, can give the conclusive answers, drain the swamp. now this morning at a swearing-in ceremony for the new cia chief between ma haspel the president made it a point to point out nunez in the crowd. watch here. >> very courageous man, he is courageous, congressman devin nunez. thank you very much, devin for being here. appreciate it. reporter: a courageous man he says of nunez. by the way, trish, rudy giuliani telling fox over the weekend he says robert mueller told him if mueller is able to interview the president by mid-july he could have the probe that at least relates to russia collusion, jim comey, and issues affiliated with that, wrapped up by september 1st. a lot of possibilities and ifs there. we know this timeline has changed. speaking of timelines, 42
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minutes from now the president, rod rosenstein, chris wray here at the white house and others. trish? trish: everybody has a lot of questions as do we. thank you very much, blake. i do want to point out we're not revealing identity or suspected identity of this person because that would be perhaps a security concern. so with that in mind i want to go right now to fox news national security strategist and former deputy assistant to president trump, dr. sebastian gorka. and, dr. gorka, before we go down the path how bad this is and we will go down that path, to me this is outrageous, idea of potentially one administration could have somebody in on a campaign informing that administration's fbi of the inner workings of the campaign. let me qualify this however, by saying if indeed there was reason to believe the russians were trying to infiltrate the trump campaign, and by the way, they may have been doing the same thing with the hillary
2:20 pm
campaign, so if indeed you believed this, then, to cut the fbi, dare i say with you, a little bit of slack, then it might make sense to have an intelligence asset somewhere there, provided, again, let me qualify this because my concern it was politically-motivated and not motivated for actual security reasons, but if indeed there was a security concern, you might have an asset, you might have it in both campaigns, especially given the clinton foundation work and how much money it was receiving from all kind of governments all over the world. your thoughts? >> russian meddling in other people's democratic elections is not new, trish. trish: right. >> anybody who says it's new has no sense of history and has been asleep since 1917. but this is something else. this is, this is something qualitatively different. if the accusations turn out to
2:21 pm
be true about this asset, this mole, or, what now seems to be the case, multiple fbi assets, this will be the first time ever, in american history that one administration put covert assets for political purposes into the other party's campaign, to undermine and to potentially frame the candidate of that party. trish: doctor, you're assuming it is for political purposes. >> what is the predicate crime? trish: well, necessarily, if they legitimately had their concerns, i'm just creating -- they might legitimately say -- i would have encouraged them to do the same on the other side again, knowing that the russians were trying to infiltrate us. >> let me give you an example, let me give you an example. would you think it would be okay if somebody said, hey, russians often undermine journalists or
2:22 pm
exploit journalists. let's target trish regan's family and let's find somebody who can get a job inside of her family or get close to her family because who knows, there are bad guys out there. trish: that analogy doesn't make sense to me, forgive me. >> right. that is the point. trish: you're talking about someone's personal life verse campaign, doctor. >> trish, trish, it is the same thing. you can not put assets covertly unless you have suspicion of a crime being committed. trish: and at the did. they had that suspicion. they had the fisa warrant. blah, blah. i don't agree. i will qualify all this by saying look i hear you. my concern is you got indeed some kind of deep state on your hand. however, if it were done in the right way, i'm just trying to understand why they might have done it, then, dr. gorka, they may have been trying to gather
2:23 pm
intelligence in order to figure out what the heck the russians were doing. >> if that were true, trish, you wouldn't have john brennan threatening the house speaker today. you wouldn't have him threatening mitch mcconnell. you wouldn't have the former cia director threatening a sitting a president. if this is all aboveboard, if they had concrete evidence that there were russian agents inside the trump campaign undermining our democracy, then john brennan wouldn't be "howling at the moon" the way he is now. to quote the bard, the lady death protest too much. john brennan is clearly guilty of doing things that are unconstitutional, as is clapper, as is comey -- trish: your conclusion is entirely political. >> totally. trish: watergate times 10 or 1000? >> absolutely. if this was all aboveboard,
2:24 pm
then, john brennan wouldn't be screeching on twitter, he would be going to the president saying, mr. president, we had x, y, z russian assets that were identified in your campaign and that's why we did what we did. he would have nothing to hide. he would have a predicated crime. trish: that is a valid point. i mean i guess i'm making the point if we're too assume that the russians are out there meddling and by the way, dr. gorka, we know that they did and we know that they do. >> sure. trish: by the way i think we do a little of the same ourselves, right? that is the way the world works. there is -- >> but there is a big difference. trish: go ahead. >> there is a big difference. we have fourth amendment rights in in country. trish: right. >> just because there are bad guys out there doesn't mean you can trample across everybody's constitutional rights, say, well, you know there might be a threat, therefore let's penetrate intelligence assets into the other campaign's headquarters or hillary, doesn't matter. you're not allowed to do that in
2:25 pm
america. you can't say, well it's possibly a threat, therefore we're just going to blanket penetrate your private organization. that is illegal. trish: how do you protect the country? what does the president knee to do, because he needs to be way out in front of this in '18 and 2020, to make sure this does not happen again? how do you make sure the russians stay on the sidelines along with anybody else looking at us? >> three things. number one, all of the individuals that are trying to cover up corruption right now need to be stripped of their security clearances. the idea clapper can work for cnn or msnbc, with his clearances, brennan, hillary, these individuals still have their clearances. why? strip them right now, mr. trump. you have the authority to do it. secondly, we have to have a new, i don't like special counsels.
2:26 pm
they are an unguided missile. i would like a team created of individuals from the fbi and doj who have nothing to do with the swamp. get away from the infected barrel. go to a clean peril. go out to the midwest. go out and find agents from the no connections with the swamp. create a team, bring them here, to investigate potential abuse of power and political targeting of donald trump's campaign right now. and all of the documents pertaining to operation crossfire hurricane must be declassified by the president. he can do that at the strokes of a pen. remove anything that refers to assets and agents but declassify them now, so we can disinfect the rot. trish: i'm getting a wrap from the control room, as he sits down and meets with rose 10 stein and meets withway, would you say those three things and anything else, dr. gorka?
2:27 pm
>> i'd talk to wray, basically according to my contacts has been hiding out in his office since he was appointed. president has to say, do your job, or choose the route of resignation. similarly rod rosenstein has to remove himself, he was busom-buddies from the white house and escorted robert mueller for fbi director. these people need to do the honorable thing to step up to the plate or resign. trish: good advice from you, dr. gorka. good to see you. >> thank you. trish: we're watching a nice rally, up 302. up 1.25. there is hope we may get to some kind of agreement. in his first major speech as secretary of state, mike pompeo is warning iran that the u.s. will crush it through economic sanctions and military pressure if the country doesn't change.
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trish: all right, every one, secretary of state mike pompeo is saying that the u.s. will impose the strongest sanctions in history against the iranian leadership. pompeo laying out the u.s. strategy for iran now that the president pulled out out of the5 nuclear deal. he is saying that relief from sanctions will only come when washington actually sees tangible shifts in iran's behavior. >> the sting of sanctions will be painful if the regime does not change its course from the unacceptable and unproductive path it has chosen to one that rejoins the league of nations. these will indeed end up being the strongest sanctions in history when we are complete. we're open to new steps, with not only our allies and partners with iran as well but only if iran is willing to make major changes. as president trump said two
2:33 pm
weeks ago he is ready, willing, able to negotiate a new deal. but the deal is not the objective. our goal is to protect the american people. trish: his iranian counterpart tweeting just moments ago in response, u.s. diplomacy sham is merely a regression to old habits imprisoned by delusions and failed policies dictated by corrupt special interests. repeats the same wrong choices and will thus reap the same ill rewards. iran is working with partners for post-u.s. solutions. from florida, we have lieutenant colonel allen west. >> good to be with you. trish: kind of aggressive is statement from the iranians. look, i think pompeo left the door open just as the president did but there is an expectation they need not to be a security threat in the region and currently we have not been satisfied they're not, nor has
2:34 pm
israel. so where do we go now. >> trish, mike pompeo made the great case and he talked about all the things iran has been doing under the jcpoa, the joint comprehensive plan of action. support to the houthi rebels who are firing ballistic missiles into riyadh airport in saudi arabia. talking about their expansion into syria and how they're helping and assisting hezbollah and propping up the assad regime and helping the quds force which is a terror organization. this agreement did not end their nuclear program. it just delayed an eventuality, their breakout time for 10 to 15 years. we've not seen any compliant behavior from iran. the statement from their foreign minister, that is just absolute blather. trish: so where does this go? you look at all those european countries doing business with iran.
2:35 pm
i can't imagine they are going to be able to continue doing business with us if they're doing business with the iranians, if we're going to hold the world to these sanctions, sir. so with that in mind, are we able, even if it is somewhat inadvertently, to inflict a certain amount of pressure on iran right now, economically? >> well, you know, mike pompeo was the top of his class at west point and one of the things they teach professional military officers are the four elements of national power. dime theory. diplomatic, informational, military and economic. we're using diplomatic and economic pressure against iran and we'll use the diplomatic pressure with european countries such as england, france and germany. they have to ask themselves are they will to be prop up the number one sponsor of islamic state terror in the world? especially if they see themselves as victims of islamic terrorism. to include a company like boeing
2:36 pm
which is going to be selling aircraft to iran which they are using to transport the iranian revolutionary guards corps and quds force which are terrorist organizations. >> gets us back to globalism again and not everything is hunky-dory when it comes to globalism. your first allegiance should be to your country before your customers. so for a company like boeing, they're going to have to, they say they're going to be fine but you have to consider all of these things and i think it is going to have some pretty big international effects. when it is all said and done, colonel, does it get us what we want? >> i think it gets us what we want. trish: a more muted iran? >> we do want a more muted iran. you see unrest happening inside of iran. billions of dollars we sent to iran is not used for betterment of quality of life of iranian citizens. they're using to export more terrorism and be more of a regional hedgemonnic dominant power. so i think now we're putting
2:37 pm
pressure on the mullahs, which is something we had prior to the jcpoa. for whatever reason the obama administration lifted those sanctions and allowed them to continue to survive and proliferate their tyranny. trish: colonel west, awfully good to have you here. thank you. >> my pleasure. thank you so much, trish. trish: i'm happy to report, we have a rally on our hands today. nice way to kick off the week. we're off the highs of the session. up 263 points. boeing says it will be absolutely fine in all this despite some of these iran concerns. it is trading up $11.17 actually now, leading the dow higher. >> meanwhile hillary clinton using a college commencement address to share this speech, it is still not over, not over losing the 2016 election to donald trump. she hasn't moved on. but you know who hasn't also moved? on the media, the mainstream media that is. we have howie kurtz next.
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trish: you know it's tough you run for president and you don't win, i get it. but at some point you kind of need to let it go, right? we all have to move on in life. not everything works out perfectly. apparently hillary clinton can not still get over her 2016 loss. watch. >> no, i'm not over it. [laughter]. i still think about the 2016 election. i still regret the mistakes i made. i still think understanding what happened in a weird and wild election in american history will help us defend our democracy in the future. >> all right. well, i guess who else can't seem to get over her losing? any surprise? it is the mainstream media. here with his analysis on the continued obsession with taking down donald trump by the mainstream media, the host of
2:43 pm
"media buzz," the author of media madness, howie currents the been a while. >> hey, trish, good to see you. trish: she is out there making the rounds, a few speeches here and there including the yale commencement. how do you interpret both what you heard her say, in terms of a little bit of a sore loss there and also how the media has treated her since she had lost? >> well, she regretted the mistakes she had made because during the longest book tour in recorded history, hillary clinton was always blaming her loss on the media, on jim comey, on wives who followed their husband's orders voting for donald trump. that got pretty tiresome. even democrats were cringing over that. now i have to say, every time she give as speech and makes a joke and has a few lines about 2016 that becomes the story because she is pinata for the right and those of us in the press like that storyline. trish: and there are many in the
2:44 pm
press that you know, feel badly, shall we say. they took it personally, that she didn't win and he actually won this thing but then you think about hot press is made up of. i compare and contrast with academia. we were looking with different stats a bit of a transition, segue, howie, looking at stats of commencement speeches, so far of 18 at top 100 colleges, 38 liberal folks, and three conservatives this was a disappointing number to me, because i like idea of diversity of thought. you ought to have just as many conservatives as you do liberals. i would think at a university of all places, you would want that, because again, the more ideas the better. but when you see the likes of nancy pelosi, hillary clinton, et cetera, what does it tell but the sort of next breed of journalists if you would being educated in these institutions?
2:45 pm
>> first tells me diversity in academia, not so much. separate from the commencement speeches when prominent conservatives supposed to speak on campus there is protests, sometimes they have to back out, all that is very sad day for free speech. i agree first six or eight months, a lot of the press was rooting for hillary to win. thought she won the popular vote, how trump could be president. as she helped pounding the drum, with help us from, i read liberal columnists said we need to move on. she needs to keep quiet. we need to hear more from the next generation of democratic leaders. i think she has worn out her welcome with the liberal media. trish: that is part of their own bias because who will take this party forward? he have the right to ask that if you continue to put hillary clinton as your spokes person,
2:46 pm
let them have cake is not playing well with pennsylvania voters. coming up, "mediabuzz" on fox news channel. every sunday 11:00 a.m. eastern. has the wedding between prince harry and meghan merkel woken up to irs scrutiny? you won't believe what the irs is getting its hands on. mgx minerals' disruptive technology can extract lithium - used for batteries from expired oil wells. mgx's new pilot plant aims to produce lithium-carbonate one hundred times faster than from conventional lithium brine. mgx minerals
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with td ameritrade®. trish: the dow up triple digits. we're off the highs of the session but still nice, nice increase there, 282. it is all amid news that the u.s. and china are putting a potential trade war on hold. whatever that means. joining me now to discuss on the floor of new york stock exchange, tim anderson. investment manager, managing director of tjm investments. good to see you. what do you make of all this, what you heard from wilbur ross on fox business here today, what you heard mnuchin say? i mean. are we any closer in your view to reaching some kind of an treatment that will be beneficial to us and china? >> sure we are because as long as they continue to have constructive talks with the high level trade representatives from china, that, it's just very likely that goes in a positive
2:51 pm
direction. even last week, when there was a little bit more negative banter than positive banter, the market shrugged a lot of it off. comments this morning and last night are being received very, very well. more impressive, last week we went through 3% on the 10-year pretty easily and, and the market is accepting it. trish: let's look at the 10-year today. we're still above 3% there. this is the yield on the 10-year treasury bond. you know, tim, we ought to be though, i mean, look, i realize there is concern and there is fear that interest rates keep many moving higher and speed away, like a runaway train, but tim, given that the good things we have going on fundamentally, doesn't it make sense we at least be above 3% on the 10-year? >> yes, it does. it makes a lot of sense and i think that the positive economic
2:52 pm
data that we've seen over the last 2 1/2 weeks just continues to give investors confidence that the macro economy will continue to improve you there the second half of the year. trish: i hope you're right. tim, good to see you. thank you so much. >> good to see you. trish: it was the wedding seen all over the world. you know my mother got my little kids up especially early just to watch it with them? this is the union between harry, prince harry and american actress meghan markle but here is the interesting thing. i guarranty you my mom and kids were not talking about this one, but has meghan markle just basically opened up her new in-laws to the irs? how the irs may get its hand in this british crown, next. ♪
2:53 pm
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>> nearly 30 million americans watched the wedding. a wedding that actually kind of opened up the royal family to some unwanted attention. i can tell you. i'm such a strange person because everybody is start to talk about the dress she is american. she is an affiliation there. she is american and so that means she is to comply to the
2:57 pm
foreign account tax act. there are few stipulations for her going forward. the person just report any income that she makes a broad or in the uk. any kind of personal account with $10,000 or more she has to report it. if her name is not on that. that's how the irs doesn't. also let's say you're the queen and you decide to load me some jewels or crown or anything like that and that's valued and a hundred thousand dollars i do mean megan markel well had to report that to the irs. you don't necessarily had to get taxed on it. the same thing with the runt
2:58 pm
--dash back rent. that could be reportable. their little stipulations. if you get some kind of income for being a royal than i would think somehow the u.s. has their hand in it. only if her name is attached to it. his income is kept in a trust. if anything the big question is as she can give up her u.s. citizenship. if you give that up it's gonna take three years to get residency. will they fast-track at sea can get rid of the u.s. citizenship. there's only one other country in the entire world like the united states that has you filed file taxes even though you don't live in the country and northeastern african
2:59 pm
country. there's no one else it does that. if you want to do the business abroad. even though they are making light -- income. and even on top of that. there is an exit tax. >> if you have a certain amount of wealth the chelated you're out of luck there gonna take half of everything. you that salary but she will get taxed. she will have an exit tax should she decide that. there is another issue.
3:00 pm
i never want to see her give it up. there is some economic and tax reasons to do so i'm still she still an american at heart. all right liz is going to take you to the nice rally that we head on our hands. liz, at least for the bowls. breaking is. under somewhat unprecedented circumstances at this very moment a major meeting is convenient and inside the white house. the participants president trump and deputy attorney. they spoke with multiple trump campaign officials. we are watching this very classy. the markets do not seem to be thrown o


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