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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 21, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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it. you're not buying at highs of the year. [closing bell rings] that is why pat kaisar invited back. he gives us idea. dow on pace for the fourth straight record close. the dow around 25,000 mark. 11 points above it. that will do it for the "claman countdown." melissa: stocks surging as trade send shuns beginning to ease between the u.s. and china. still off the session highs, but huge gain in the s&p 500. nasdaq also in the green. it is a new record close for the russell 2000. fourth in a row. i'm melissa francis. happy monday. david: happy monday, thank you for joining me for my daughter's wedding over the weekend. we'll tell you about that later. i'm david asman. glad you could join us after the bell. first what else we're covering very busy hour. toning down the rhetoric on tough trade talk in china. markets soaring on comments from treasury secretary steve
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mnuchin, but there are conflicting reports now on what was actually agreed to. a live update from d.c. meanwhile investigating the investigators. president trump meeting right now with the head of the fbi and deputy attorney general after ordering an investigation into reports that an fbi informant that was embedded in his campaign. "wall street journal" kimberly strassel, that is a name i'm sure you know. she has been at the forefront covering the russian investigation. she will be live coming up. former arkansas governor mike huckabee what needs to happen right now. a tough new strategy against iran. secretary of state mike pompeo delivering his first major address since taking office as secretary of state, unveiling a new plan that he warns could involve the strongest sanctions in history. melissa: back to the markets. the dow soaring today, nearly erasing all of its losses since president trump's tariff announcement on march 1st. nicole petallides is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole, is that what it was all
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about today? >> without a doubt. first of all secretary steve enough enough -- steve mnuchin, had traders putting back the 25,000-dollar hat. we're, we had been up 371. held on to solid gains, despite late-day selling on general electric. the optimism is here. they bought just about everything. leaders, boeing, united technologies, caterpillar, industrials helping to lead the way. boeing and caterpillar accounted for more than 100 dow points. then a selloff on our own charlie gasparino reporting there may be a dividend cut. despite a merger today, selling off some of the assets they need to, still gather some more cash, you can see the stock is up about 2%.
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still holding on to some. gains and still one of the dow leaders. then starbucks, we started out early this morning, there is a new policy, no long every vague after backlash from what happened in april and pr mishap, they're saying every one is welcome at star bush, regardless if you bought anything. you can use our bathrooms. wait. a clarification. this is what they say. drug use and sleeping is unacceptable. it is clarifying the guest policy. so don't do those two things. otherwise you're welcome to use the bathroom. look at oil, moved above $72 a barrel. oil surges, moved to 3 1/2 year highs. first settle above 72 bucks. back to you guys. melissa: fascinating. i don't know about the starbucks things. david and i are rolling their eyes. david, a trade war truce of sorts. treasury secretary steve mnuchin saying the trade war is on hold but there had been conflicting reports exactly was agreed to. edward lawrence live in d.c.
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clear things up if you can? reporter: we'll try to clear it up as we're also weeding through this there is a framework to the deal. negotiations took a huge step forward here in the d.c. area. it is very carefully moving towards an agreement here. now within the framework china has agreed to buy more u.s. products, thus, reducing the trade deficit. now specifically talking about agricultural and energy products, a meaningful increase there in those exports. now the chinese will ad amendments to their laws to strengthen cooperation, protect intellectual property of companies. also in this framework is the encouraging two-way investment, to strive for a fair and level playing field. >> it's a framework agreement. its an agreement secretary ross has to go over to turn it into a signed piece of paper with companies. as i described this is not a government to government purchase order but we have an agreement with them as to what will be executed.
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reporter: the president already tweeting out some successes here saying, pointing out on twitter saying that under a deal, potential deal with china they will purchase from our great american farmers, practically as much as our farmers can produce. still some critics say that the chinese did not agree to a specific number and the terms of the framework are fairly vague. that's why commerce secretary wilbur ross will be going over to china next week to try to work out the details on this plan and again the devil is going to be in the details because we know that the chinese live in that fine print. so secretary ross will try to work that out. melissa: that is a good line. david: thank god, we have a deal-maker as president. edward, thank you. melissa, appreciate. >> let's bring in today's panel. adam lashinsky from fortune. he is fox news contributor. liz peek from the "fiscal times." dan henninger, "wall street journal" and the fox news contributor. dan, "art of the deal," that is all i have to say.
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what do you think? >> i didn't read the book cover to cover, somewhere in there must be the phrase declare victory and go home. melissa: yeah, why not. >> kind of sounds like what they have done with this china agreement. the devil will be in the details. as someone told "the wall street journal," anytime you take $150 billion of tears h tariffs off the table, the market will react postively. melissa: liz what do you think? >> i think we're in the midst of a negotiation. melissa: totally. >> there will be ups and downs. we can't possibly eliminate the tariffs on china goods and leave them with the eu and other countries this is baby steps. we're happy they're getting together on the biggest issue which is the deficit to the trump administration. but it is not over. melissa: adam, to me, the panic out of fat the, oh, my gosh, we're starting a trade war, that wasn't true. the victory some might declare today. not accurate either. it is about a deal, back and
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forth, back and forth that will live and die 50500 times before it is finally settled. what do you think? >> we're more or less in agreement. the panic was totally justified it if we take the president at its word, the administration at its word there would be a trade war, there was good reason to be panicked. i won't comment whether it's a good idea to take them at their word. we learned there won't be a trade war. of course that's good. that is where we were two months ago. we're no further forward on problems we need to solve. business is very happy because business didn't want a trade war to begin with. melissa: dan, apparently adam is one of those people when he goes to buy a car he believes the sticker price they have on the window and he agrees to pay whatever is up front because we're taking everybody at their word at the start of a negotiation. are you like that, dan? >> i'm not. i doubt that adam is either. look, this president is a realist. he has a lot on his table, such that impending negotiation in
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singapore with kim jong-un, which he needs the china's help. he also has got the iran deal going as you are going to discuss later. the president recognizes he needs a success and it will take a longer time than this to negotiate a trade deal with china. let's get on to the north korea details. david: one thing that is happening, job market optimism is rising under president trump. 67% of americans say now is a very good time to find a quality job, marking the highest percentage in 17 years. liz, we're basically at full employment right now. "the wall street journal" had a terrific piece about a week 1/2 ago showing that there are as many job applicants as there are john openings. that is the first time that has opened in my lifetime. that is a pretty good thing, is it not? >> the optimism is a great thing and the current status of the job market but let's us not forget in february or march, 300,000 people come back into the job market just months after
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a piece was written authoritativelily that couldn't happen. i think still a lot of people are on the sidelines and the best thing about this optimism surge people will be attracted to go look for a job. all the people out there looking and gave up, they're not even counted in unemployment numbers. so i think it is terrific. i think there are more workers that will respond to that. david: adam, i think, i won't name any numbers, but i think i'm older than you, and i do remember in the late 1970s there was this one philosophy club of rome others came out with, called the limits to growth and the idea was we're never going to grow enough to have full employment again. everything -- we were beginning to get into that kind of doom saying at the end of the obama administration and now you look at what's happened with employment, i'm amazed but i'm not surprised. what about you? >> well, first of all i think you say your daughter got married. congratulations. david: thank you so much. >> that is quite a life
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milestone. david: it is. >> in terms of doom saying depends who you are talking to. the numbers i remember unemployment has been ticking down for several years now in the united states including toward the end of the obama administration and employment was growing. we were in a economic expansion and multiyear bull run in the stock market. i agree things are good, and getting better for years, now. david: but dan, we never had growth in the obama administration any year over 3%, which was, i think first time that happened since the great depression and you did hear -- >> we haven't yet either. david: they were in favor of obama, basically get used to it, we'll never grow gait guns again. >> apropos "gallup poll," good job, bad job numbers, exempt as adam suggests at the very end. we're in a very strong growth period. david, this has political implications for november that generic number, democrats versus
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republicans is down to four. it used to be 16. david: wow. >> i think there will be a correlation here between a strengthening economy and people's views who they want to have control congress in november. david: dan, thanks to you, again for coming to -- half of the people on the show, it is such a pleasure to thank people live on television, thank you for being at my daughter's wedding. thank you, adam and liz. wish you could have been there, we thank you for being here. adam, dan, liz, good to see. >> california with another battle against the trump administration, with the first state to offer full health coverage to illegal many my grants costing tax payers in the state billions of dollars more per year. orange county supervisor, michelle steele sound off. david: getting tough on iran. secretary of state mike pompeo unveiling a new strategy he warns could involve the strongest sanctions in history of anytime, anywhere. we're live at the state department for details. melissa: investigating the
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investigators. the president demanding that the doj get answers whether the fbi spied on his election campaign. he is meeting with the head of the fbi and the deputy attorney general right now as we speak. kimberly strassel has been covering this extensively for "the wall street journal" and she'll join us next. >> if any of that is true, if they ran a spy ring or an informant ring and they were paying people within the trump campaign, if any of that is true, that is an absolute red line. ♪ you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
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i will. no. make that the password: "you_stillóhave_toóvisit_us." that's a good one. seems a bit long, but okay... set a memorable wifi password with xfinity my account. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. david: president trump meeting right now with fbi director christopher wray and deputy ag rod rest -- rosenstein.
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after reports after a informant in the trump campaign. blake burman with the very latest. hi, blake. reporter: david, this meeting began 3:00, an hour 15 minutes ago. not entirely sure if this is on going a short time ago. in any event a high-profile meeting, no doubt about it. sitting down with fbi director chris wray, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who oversees the special counsel. we're told the director of intelligence dan coats also in this meeting. and it is likely the white house chief of staff john kelly and white house counsel don mcgahn is in there as well. this was a regularly scheduled meeting, something that had been on the books. of course the president sent out a tweet demanding that the department of justice looking whether or not the fbi had an informant within his campaign in 2016. a senior white house official say that would absolutely come up during this meeting.
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the vice president mike pence sat down with martha maccallum before this 3:00 meeting and this was his take on the whole situation. >> with the revelations that our campaign may have been the subject of surveillance by the fbi the president i think is grateful that the department of justice is going to have the inspector general look into it and determine and insure that there was no surveillance done for political purposes against our campaign. i think it would be very troubling to millions of americans if that took place but, we're very confident that as the inspector general has been doing their work looking at the conduct of the fbi during that period that by adding their focus to this that we'll get to the bottom of it because the american people have a right to know. reporter: the president tweeted over the weekend, quote, if the fbi or doj was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another campaign that is a really big deal.
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only the release or review of documents that the house intelligence committee is asking for can give the conclusive answers, drain the swamp. by the way, rudy giuliani, the president's outside attorney in the special counsel investigation, telling fox news over the weekend that robert mueller, he says told him that if mueller could interview the president by mid-july, then that portion of the probe could be wrapped up, according to giuliani, by september 1st. david. david: a negotiating point. again "the art of the deal" at work. blake, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: here is kim strassel "wall street journal" editorial board member and fox news contributor. we're so excited to have you on the show today because you're the one who uncovered this first. >> thank you. melissa: that really brought out this idea there was someone in the trump campaign that seemed to be an informant of some type and sort of started the ball rolling asking these questions. what do you think of where it has gone and where it is today?
4:19 pm
>> look i think it is important that the president is now aware of this. and what this meeting is doing and what he tweeted over the weekend get to two very important parts going forward if we want to know the whole situation. one is indeed, having the inspector general of the department of justice look at this. they were already doing a probe into whether or not fisa or fbi committed any fisa abuse. now they will look at this spying claim. but the other one is finally getting the department of justice, if it is possible, to hand over documents to intelligence committee chairman devin nunez who really does get the credit for starting this a couple weeks ago with his inquiry into the department of justice. melissa: yeah. what do you think of this? i mean, so the defense that we've heard today from the other side and over the weekend, i'm sure you heard it from the democrats side has been, okay, so the fbi had somebody that they were, you know, was doing work for them anyway, who happened to bump up against people who are connected to the
4:20 pm
trump campaign, who were already doing things that were very suspicious, so it is no surprise that these two people would bump up against each other? >> okay. so the amount of deflection that has been going on here trying to minimize what is in fact the news, that former fbi heads were spying on a presidential campaign. it is extraordinary. people think, it is not spying, it is just an informant. oh, they just bumped up. this was a source in the fbi and cia. it was directly tasked and going to gather information on the trump campaign and reporting it back to law enforcement. that is called spying. it's a big deal. i can't think of anytime in modern memory anything like this happened before. so my advice people should treat this with the gravity it deserves. there is no way to minimize what happened here. >> so people say we have to know what was going on.
4:21 pm
that we're about suspicion in the first place. some will say maybe nothing and this was just about spying. will we ever know that? is there any way to know for sure, was there already nefarious activity that attracted attention? or can we prove definitely that wasn't the case and this was really straight-up spying? will anyone be satisfied at the end of this basically? >> i think that there are anticipates and they're contained within the department of justice and it is why it is so important that those records be handed over because look, at this point we have received numerous different stories about how this got started. so some say it was because of george papdopoulus and overheard conversation in a london bar. some say because of the dossier. there are documents there that explain this. there is also information i think probably about what happened in the spring and summer that the fbi and the department of justice have not been honest about. they haven't given us a full
4:22 pm
picture. if the house intelligence committee can get these i think we finally could get answers. melissa: what do i of the editorial board on friday, and president trumbullly flopped into the center of it with his tweet. do you think the tweet focuses investigation or do you think it muddies waters? >> as with so many things, having the president aware of this information information and having people in his white house take steps to make sure that congressional subpoenas are complied with, that's all good, that is always a separate is rat question whether or not the president is prudent in some of his tweets that throws out there. melissa: well, kim strassel, please stay on it. we watch for everything that you put out. you have been so determined on this one, really making progress. great work. >> thank you. melissa: thanks for coming on. david: just for those people who don't want to miss kim strassel, every friday on editorial page
4:23 pm
of "the wall street journal." one of the first places i go on fridays. melissa: absolutely. if you follow her on twitter you know what is coming out and what's new. it is big news. people pay attention to it. it is worth watching all the time. david: best investigators in the country. new details emerging from friday's horrific high school shooting. we have an update from santa fe, texas, after the break. also she is not done yet. many wish shy were. hillary clinton taking the stage saying president trump is endangering democracy. will her blame game ever end? >> a russian hat. if you can't beat em, join them! ♪ until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong.
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with dell small businessout your technology advisors you get the one-on-one partnership you need to grow your business. the dell vostro 15 laptop. contact a dell advisor today. melissa: a community in mourning as santa fe, texas, continues to recover from friday's high school mass shooting. stay lawmakers search for a way to make sure this doesn't happen
4:27 pm
again. how many times have we heard that? here is more from texas is casey stiegel. casey. reporter: melissa, this morning we had a moment of silence across the state of texas as ordered by governor greg abbott. and at 10:00 local time every one stopped what they were doing at other schools, at businesses, pausing to honor the memory of those 10 lives cut short on this campus last friday during first period art class. also, yesterday another big moment as the santa fe high school seniors went on and held their baccalaureate ceremony at a baptist church down the road from the crime scene. the class of 2018 was just two weeks away from the end of the school year and graduation. now they're preparing to bury eight of their classmates and two teachers. substitute teacher sinned yaw tis dale, was looking for --
4:28 pm
cynthia tisday, was looking to retirement and she never made it home. sabika sheikh, for eprin exchange student from pakistan. 20 days shy. she wanted to be a diplomat. her her memorial service was attended by houston's mayor, the host family, dozens of friends she made in her time in texas. >> she was so in her faith and her country. she always had good things to say about everybody. she loved her family. couldn't wait to see them. she loved them. and she -- [inaudible] reporter: meantime the 17-year-old accused gunman remains behind bars, being held on no bond and according to court paperwork, he has not only
4:29 pm
confessed to the shooting but went into detail saying that he spared people that he liked. melissa. >> oh, casey, thank you. david: meanwhile health care for illegal immigrants. california's latest effort to help illegals and how that could bankrupt taxpayers. >> plus new questions following reports of an fbi informant spying on the trump campaign. where was former president obama? mike huckabee, former arkansas governor, sounding off on this coming next. ♪ (siren wailing)
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david: so where in the world was president obama? "wall street journal" op-ed by james freeman asking why we haven't heard from the former president amid reports on an fbi informant spying on the campaign. president trump giving a nod to the journal piece saying it poses a very good question. we have someone maybe with some answer, former arkansas governor mike huckabee and fox news contributor. do you think president obama was in any way involved with the russia trump investigation before president trump took over? >> i think it is very likely that he was and we certainly need to know. i don't want to presume that is the case but let me call your attention to something, david, that really correlates to what james freeman wrote in the journal. it was very evident by the reports that came out of the
4:34 pm
congressional committee that within the fbi they had already been talking to carter page and papdopoulus. they knew there was some potential. they discussed whether or not to go tell donald trump. you might have some people in your campaign that are not the best of folks. they may be colluding with russians. you might not want to be aware of this. they discussed this. and here is what they decided according to the congressional report, they decided not to tell donald trump. i got to ask, david, why hasn't somebody brought this important truth out, by not telling donald trump, they essentially were hoping that there was collusion. they could have ended the whole russian thing right there if they went to donald trump, he said okay, i will get rid of these guys. they never took it to him and specifically decided not to. that decision had to be made all the way to the top, loretta lynch, james comey or barack obama. david: but we do have another little bit of information which is that peter struck and lisa page, these are the two fbi
4:35 pm
folks. peter strzok was very much involved with the whole process involving the russia investigation and hillary too, he is the one that interviewed hillary clinton for the email scandal but they were virulently anti-trump. they wrote about it in their texts. they also wrote on september 2016 back and forth to each other saying that president obama wants to know what we are doing. what do you think they meant by that? >> i think they meant exactly what they thought. they never thought these texts would see the light of day. they assumed hillary would be elected. they never thought anybody would investigate them. there are more things than that that really do bring some serious questions as to how high up in the administration it went. and i think with, one thing we know, there was collusion, david. let me correct you. there was collusion. but it was collusion that was happening with inside the fbi
4:36 pm
and informants that were planted inside the trump campaign. this is a direct threat to you are entire system of government. when you have the government that has decided it is going to play the game on behalf of one side or the other and that is clearly what happened. david: well, and we still don't know what started the investigation in the first place. whether it was the papdopoulus meeting with an australian where he got drunk and talked about russians or whether in fact it was the trump dossier before that or whatever. do you think that it was a legitimate concern on the part of the fbi and maybe president obama and others about russian interference in our election? or was it a blatant attempt to spy on the trump campaign by his competitors? >> let me be blunt. it was a blatant attempt to spy. i will tell you why. i want to repeat again. if they were really concerned that russia was somehow infecting the trump campaign, they would have gone to the candidate, donald trump, they
4:37 pm
would have gone to his chief of staff, they would have gone to someone, but most likely to trump himself and said, sir, we have indications that there are people inside your camp that are really doing some dirty dealing, and you need to be aware of them. by not telling him that they let it go on and until they could get the fisa warrant and take it to a new level and surveil the campaign and individuals. this thing stinks to high heaven. some day we have to get to the bottom of it. david: they are giving me a wrap. how do we get to the bottom of this? how does the president, does the precedent reveal everything by releasing information. melissa, you have breaking news on this? melissa: yeah. white house says the justice department, according to reuters, the inspector general is expanding the investigation to include any irregularities with the federal bureau of investigation and department of
4:38 pm
justice tactics concerning the trump campaign. even more interestingly that the white house chief of staff kelly to set up a meeting with fbi, justice, the intelligence community and congressional leaders to review information related to fbi tactics during the 2016 campaign. they will sit down and review all of that information together. david: governor, we have to remind folks, if they didn't know, the president could release all this information with the stroke of a pen. melissa: right. david: he has the power to release the fisa warrants, he has the power to release all of this. do you think he should? >> yes. to quote jesus, you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. david: how do we top that? can't get better than jesus for a quote. thank you, governor, for responding to the breaking news. melissa: that is the point, the second part means they will all sit down and look at that together. he can reveal all the information by declassifying it. he can look at it, anyway, it will be interesting.
4:39 pm
the strongest sanctions in history on iran after pulling out of the nuclear deal. the trump administration is laying out a new strategy for the regime. >> we will apply unprecedented financial pressure on iranian regime. iran will be forced to make a choice, either force to keep its economy on life-support at home or stop its fights abroad. it will have the no have resources to do both. shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife.
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david: countering iran. secretary of state mike pompeo announcing the trump administration's new strategy for dealing with the islamic republic in the wake of the%'s decision to pull out of the nuclear deal. here at the state department is our own rich edson with more. reporter: good afternoon, david. the policy is to economically punish and isolate iran. the trump administration borrowing a page from their north korea policy they're calling it the same thing.
4:43 pm
they are calling it a pressure campaign to isolate iran in this case to try to get it to change its behavior. >> sting of sanctions will be painful if the regime does not change its course from the unaccept ann and unproductive path it has chosen to one that joins the league of nations. these will indeed end up being the strongest sanctions in history when we are come -- complete. reporter: secretary pompeo warned european companies doing business with iran that president trump will penalize them if they continue do with the business. permanently getting rid of its nuclear work, providing international inspectors, unqualified access, halting the ballistic missile program, releasing detained americans and those held from other countries and inding support for middle east militant groups. if iran does so, secretary pompeo says the united states is i will willing to suspend sanctions, give iran access to advanced technology and give
4:44 pm
iran a chance to modernize its economy. they will work with the european allies with the ultimate goal securing a treaty with iran. in response to this iran's foreign minister tweeted, quote, u.s. diplomacy scam is regression to old habits. delusioned by fails policies and corrupt special interests t repeats the same wrong choices and thus reap the same ill rewards. iran is working with partners for post-u.s.-jppoa solutions. they are working with an international coalition to -- david: i'm getting a sense that zarif does not agree with mike pompeo. reporter: we asked him a follow up question. we'll let you know when he does. melissa: rebecca heinrich is senior fellow at the hudson institute. thank you for joining us. the obama administration approach was this idea we're going to sort of get money into
4:45 pm
the country and liberate them with coca-cola and apple products and that would turn the tide. people thought westernizing the country with money would work. unfortunately none of the people got the money. instead iranian leaders used it to buy more weapons and sort of bully the whole entire neighborhood and fund terror and all kinds of good stuff. now the idea is, what we're going to do, we'll apply pressure on every front where their behavior is unacceptable, whether it is not just nukes but its is also ballistic missiles, support of terrorist organizations around the world and u.s. citizens that they hold. do you think there is support for the full press like this out there in the rest of the world? >> well, you know, we're going to have to get it there because leading up to 2014 when the obama administration began pursuing this, going into the end of the negotiations with iran, they released all of this pressure that had been bipartisan pressure that the
4:46 pm
united states had worked to gain with our allies, to build pressure against the iranians. all that was squandered in hose that the regime, moderate forces, so-called moderate forces that weren't really moderate would take hold and reform. that is not what happened. since the iran deal was in place, the regime has been more aggressive. there have been more pal lined activities. support for terrorism has gone up. iranian regime supported assad in syria. so they had this opportunity to make the reforms. they didn't do it. president trump gave them opportunity and opportunity to get the europeans to fix the deal where they could. they couldn't do it. now secretary pompeo, laid out a great, bold, courageous comprehensive strategy to isolate the regime to try to force change because we have the iran deal now behind us. now we get forward with the comprehensive strategy. melissa: so on one side you have the uk and you have the french and germans who are benefiting from more trade an they're super sad about not maybe possibly not having that extra business that
4:47 pm
they really need for their economies. on the other side of that we're told you have those who have been the victims of this increased aggression from iran, where they have gotten the money and put it into weapons and they feel like they can be the regional hedgemon. so they have been lobbing bombs into saudi arabia. they have been really beats up on israel and all the gulf states together are more fed up than ever before with being run over and shot at by the iranians. does that balance out somehow to have more, you know, sympathetic ears in the middle east? >> the united states has to pursue, number one, primarily, what is in the best interests of the united states and american security. regardless what the western europeans think about the deal, or what they think they need because of their own trade, their own economy, president trump has to look to assess the threats. this deal enabled and emboldened the iranian regime. it hurt the iranian people we
4:48 pm
want to help because of the change. you have to move forward to make the best decision for the american people. you raise a good point. there is this myth all of our allies are mad at us, and it isolates the united states. nothing could be further from the truth. a few countries would be upset because they wanted the trade and financial boost. you look at all the countries harmed by the iranian deal. if the israelis and saudis were safe by the deal they would support it. melissa: they no better. >> look at those with biggest bull's-eye on their back. melissa: closest neighbors. rebecca, thank you. >> thanks. david: breaking news at this hour, the white house giving insight into this afternoon's meeting with the doj and the fbi. saying that the justice department inspector general will be expanding their probe to look at irregularities between the fbi and doj surrounding possible spying during the trump campaign during the 2016
4:49 pm
election. president's chief of staff john kelly is setting up a meeting with the fbi and doj along with congressional leaders and the intel community to review the classified information. of course the president can look at anything he wants. melissa: he knows what is there, what isn't. they will sit down to look at it together. interesting to see what we see after that. david: three or four tweets over the weekend, imagine how many more we'll get what he sees. melissa: there you go. david: billionses more taxpayer dollars for illegal immigrants. how california legislators are out to spend more and defy the trump administration at the same time. ♪ most people come to la with big dreams. ♪ we came with big appetites. with expedia, you could book a flight, hotel, car, and activity all in one place.
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4:53 pm
full health care to illegal immigrants already california taxpayers, look at this, they pay $260 billion for health care out of 367. this is going to add a lot more to that figure. joining me to discuss this is michelle steel, orange county supervisor. so, supervisor, can californians afford to do this? >> well, you know what? in california has 1.5 trillion in debt and on the top of it, that we have $258 billion unfunded pension liability. we're talking about two big unions we're talking about, like public employees union and teachers union. only that, $258 billion. how are you going to add more money for health care coverage for illegals? i mean this is almost like obnoxious. david: it is extraordinary. now 27, i think i have got these numbers right, 27% of state spending goes to medi-cal.
4:54 pm
that is the state version of medicare or medicaid. this will push it way above 30%. we're talking billions of dollars. now the state came out said it will only add 3 billion. i think it will be a lot more than that to the budget, right? >> you know what? actually in 2015 they passed under 18 illegal immigrants they can get the coverage. they say it will cost only $182 million. it ended up costing $280 million. almost double that. when they say it is 3 approximately dollars you don't know how much it will cost. talking about 1.2 million people. you know what? they are pushing it way too far. david: my, the other point is, that this is going to be a huge magnet for all of the illegal immigrants, not only waiting to come into the united states but you may have illegal immigrants from other states as far as away as illinois or maybe new york saying, everything is free in california, we're going to go
4:55 pm
there. this might double or triple the illegal immigrants already in california? >> how about not from other states but how about other countries? you know you are getting welfare benefits. you have free health care coverage. and then you can hide because the government is protecting these people even if they commit crime. it will be utopia for illegal immigrants. they will all come in from outside of the world, not just inside of united states but how about the other side of the world? they all want to come in. everything is free here. david: calfornians must recognize their state is becoming kind of a joke for illegality, if it wasn't so serious it would be a joke, whether you're talking sanctuary state or this new measure, we only have 10 seconds is there a growing revolt against what the legislators are doing? >> yes, we do, because we have more than 10 counties, they actually voted for resolution or
4:56 pm
introducing for ordinances against sanctuary state. so we are going for anti-sanctuary. more than 41 cities as of now. we are pushing it and we're going to make sure this will be overturned. david: supervisor michelle steel, please come back and see us again. fascinating to talk with you. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you for inviting me today. melissa: the blame game tour make as stop at yale. hillary clinton is still not over losing the white house and she is taking another swipe at president trump. it is very surprising. ♪
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learn more at >> i see looking out at you that you are following the tradition of over the top hats. so i brought a hat too. a russian hat. i mean, if you can't beat
5:00 pm
them, join them. david: i think she joined them a while ago with the clinton foundation. but she said president trump is a full fledged crisis in our democracy. i mean, really? melissa: yeah, there you go. amazing. that does it. . liz: president trump just wrapping up a meeting with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and christopher ray after the president ordered the justice department to investigate whether the fbi spied on the trump campaign for a political purposes. we've got the breaking details and the experts on that. stocks soaring today after the white house announced a trade war on hold. and mike pompeo threatening to crush iran with top sanctions in history. we're going to tell you exactly what that means and why the experts saying why oil will not spike higher, even as the white house announces new sanctions on venezuela. politics, money, we cover the facts on tomorrow's headlines. i'm elizabeth


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