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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 21, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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i mean, if you can't beat them, join them. david: i think she joined them a while ago with the clinton foundation. but she said president trump is a full fledged crisis in our democracy. i mean, really? melissa: yeah, there you go. amazing. that does it. . liz: president trump just wrapping up a meeting with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and christopher ray after the president ordered the justice department to investigate whether the fbi spied on the trump campaign for a political purposes. we've got the breaking details and the experts on that. stocks soaring today after the white house announced a trade war on hold. and mike pompeo threatening to crush iran with top sanctions in history. we're going to tell you exactly what that means and why the experts saying why oil will not spike higher, even as the white house announces new sanctions on venezuela. politics, money, we cover the facts on tomorrow's headlines.
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i'm elizabeth macdonald. the evening edit starts right now. ♪ ♪ . liz: ending the day at 25,013 after the u.s. did put that trade hold on war with china. we're going to get to that in a second but first, president trump just wrapping up a meeting with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and christopher ray at the white house. this after the justice department ordered the justice department to investigate the fbi. press secretary sarah sanders saying they are moving ahead. ed lawrence is live at the white house with details. edward. >> well, liz, right now we have the results of that meeting. now, based on the meeting from the white house, or according to the white house, they released this statement. saying the department of justice has asked the inspector general to expand its current investigation to include any regulators with the fbi's investigation or the
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department of justice tactics concerning the trump campaign. chief of staff john kelly said he will meet up a meeting with the fbi director and the doj, director of national intelligence, and congressional leaders to review classified information related to this. vice president mike pence said that we will get to the bottom of this situation and figure out if there was actually a spy placed in the trump campaign. >> we're very confident that as the inspector general has been doing their work, looking at the conduct of the fbi during that period that by adding their focus to this that we'll get to the bottom of it because the american people have a right to know. >> and democrats call this all smoke in mirrors trying for the trump administration trying to move attention away from the russia probe that's happening. listen senator schumer. >> as the reaction, the president does what he always does when faced with alarming
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news about conduct of his campaign and people in it. he kicks up dust. he tries to direct. that's all this demand for a counter investigation is. another distraction. >> now, over the weekend, the president and his personal attorney rudy giuliani said that they were informed that this russia probe could be wrapped up by september. that's if president trump sits down with robert mueller mid-july. liz: thank you. thanks for coming on. let's bring in one of the best judge napolitano. what do you think they discussed at the meeting. >> oh, boy, you don't want to be with the president when he's angry. so the president brings in the head of the fbi whom he appointed. the number person in the doj whom he appointed and said did your predecessor spy on my campaign and is there any legal basis for it? and if you can't answer those questions, cutting to the bottom of it? candidly when i heard about this over the weekend from seeing the president's tweets that we all saw, i thought we
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would get a full blown criminal investigation. instead, we're getting sort of a low-key inspector general investigation. what's that difference? criminal investigation, they are looking for crimes and looking for people who broke the law, even among their own number. the inspector general is looking for people who violated justice department regulations, not criminal laws. if he finds evidence of crimes, he refers it over to the criminal people. practical effect? takes months longer to get to the bottom of this. liz: yeah, who knows if people will show him the door. let's get to this story about the people spying on the trump campaign. >> okay. liz: the opposition of trump says that the president is attacking the rule of law. you know, that the leadership, fbi, and justice are all republicans, that mueller is a republican and comey is a republican. but that's all beside the point. the point is what was the sufficient basis to put spies on the trump campaign and when did obama know. >> well, i don't know when president obama knew, but i can speculate that it's hard to believe that if this happened, president obama did not know about it because it's
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such an extraordinary use of government power. if the fbi or doj put a mole into the trump campaign, that is the equivalent of a search and seizure under the fourth amendment. which means they would need a search warrant to do that. which means they would present evidence under oath to a federal judge about why this is the least risk means to address what they're trying to address in order to get the judge to sign the search warrant. that, i would like to see. if on the other hand if this mole -- and i'm go in quotes because we don't know if this person was a mole. we know who the person is, by the way. been asked not to mention the name even though the wall street journal used the name. if this from the intelligence community, which has appetite. this is not just obama. this goes all the way back to the fisa court 1978. a appetite for intelligence among innocent americans. if the origin of this is the
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intelligence community, they don't think they need a search warrant. they think they can spy on whoever they want. liz: that's the point. the american people believing that we investigate crimes, not people. but now we're investigating people without crimes charged. that's the problem. >> precisely because the intelligence community knows no bounce, and it will spy obscenities with any purpose political intelligence or criminal. . liz: so president trump quoting former secret service agent don who said quote former cia director john, he's panicking. he's disgraced himself, disgraced the country, disgraced the intelligence community. he's one man who's largely responsible for the destruction of america's fate in the intelligence community. firing back tweeting quote senator mcconnell, speaker ryan, if trump continues this disastrous path, you will bear responsibility for the harm done to the democracy. you do a great disservice to the nation and so on and so forth. again, so brennan is saying there was enough proof now of crimes committed on
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trump's campaign. but that's way before the campaign started. so, again, what is the sufficient basis to spy on trump and his campaign in the law. >> probable cause of crime is what the -- liz: they're allowed to do that. >> yes. probable cause of crime is what the standard is for the judge to sign a search warrant. a search warrant could be a capture every telephone call or a human being into the campaign. if a fbi agent goes into a mosque for somebody arrangement andan raving, you need a warrant for that. liz: understood. this, by the way, we're talking about the obama white house. they did targeting with the irs obama's local opponents and nonprofits. they spied on reporters. obama white house, they bent the rule of law. this is right in their wheelhouse to get probable cause to spy on a political opponent; right? >> well, let me see why john brennan was so exercised when
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he wrote that tweet because he was probably the coordinator of this spying, and he probably used foreign intelligence to commence it and then transferred it over to american intelligence and then passed it over to his boss in the left wing. liz: i mean, can you imagine a trump white house spying on a kamala harris campaign or cory booker campaign. >> no. could you imagine a george bush campaign spying on kamala harris. liz: or hillary clinton. right. >> if this happened and candidly the stuff about the mole i believe is speculation at this point. if it happened, it is a serious constitutional violation if the fbi sent him there without a warrant. if the fbi sent him there with a warrant as outrageous as it sounds, that's lawful. liz: okay. now let's get to the robert mueller probe because trump attorney rudy giuliani saying special counsel robert mueller has told president trump's legal team he should be able to wrap up the russia investigation by
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september 1st. if he's able to interview the president by mid-july. remember, the robert mueller probe, there was no crime charged but this got launched. we don't know what the evidence was to launch it. but there's probable cause. is there any indication what's going to go along with this for the date of the interview. >> no. i honestly think that rudy suggested if we give you the president, would you wrap up the obstruction of justice part of the investigation by september 1st? there's three investigations. obstruction of justice, russia, which i'll call conspiracy but our colleagues call collusion, and prepresidential financial crimes. what rudy was talking about over the weekend was just the obstruction of justice. but, look, if the government comes knocking and wants to talk to you, it's not to benefit you. it's to benefit the government. rudy and his colleagues should never permit the president to sit down and answer. liz: will mueller accept written answers from the president. >> no. because they will be written by giuliani's colleagues not by the
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president. liz: so precampaign financial crimes meaning what? >> mueller has 20 years of trump organization banking records with deutsche banc which was then mr. donald trump's financer of choice. whether there's criminal activity in there or not, we don't know. but mueller has it. liz: can you imagine? we're allowed to point to a special counsel to dig into your background before you run for the presidency. does that seem right to you. >> no. this is the reasons why justice scalia descended from upholding these special counsels. they have what they need to do to justify their existence irrespective. where is the special counsel in the is constitution. the answer? nowhere. liz: i mean, went on for seven years. >> 85, 88 million bucks. liz: yeah. and clinton, those lasted both of those terms; right?
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>> correct. liz: how long is this going to go on. >> we don't know when this is going to end. i will tell you one thing about mueller, though. this rumor, that rumor. it's not coming from him. his people have been tight-lipped about it. where we have learned about it is the white house or the witnesses who have testified before the grand jury and come out and told us what happened. robert mueller his professional comportment has been above. liz: what standards going forward have this go on. who would. the to run for the presidency ever again. >> that's a great question and i don't know what standards is set by this because we don't know how it's going to end. we don't know if it's going to end in a indictment, an impeachment, or a dud. it could be any one of those three or a combination of the t. liz: listen, make no mistake. we said it on this show. if russia was in any way involved in helping anybody get elected, that's wrong, and it should never happen again. we have been a year into this, and there's been no evidence of anything that went wrong. >> well, mueller does not have to prove the evidence whether there's an indictment or guilty plea. that's what he's been very
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good keeping close to his vest, even though that's very frustrating for those of us who want this to come to a conclusion. we know the russians tried to get involved because we know meetings between the russians and the trump campaign. we also know that 13 russians were indicted on the president himself. so there's some attempted russian involvement. what we don't know if there was a conspiracy, an agreement between the trump campaign to receive something of value from the russians. that's what mueller is looking for. we don't know if he found it. we find out. liz: yeah, we don't have any information on that yet. it's good to see you, judge. thank you so much for coming in. enlightening us. let's get to stock. u.s. china trade war fears fade. dow up, russell hitting near highs. let's get to nicole petallides in the thick of the action on the new york stock exchange. nicole. >> optimism on wall street across the board. dow, nasdaq, s&p on a new high
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as treasury secretary said the trade war between u.s. and china was put on hold. dow was up 1.2%. gaining about 300 points. boeing, united technologies, caterpillar helped lead the way. in fact, caterpillar and boeing tacked on more than 100 points. ge had a nice pop today as well. may have a deal on the docket. and then we take a look at starbucks. starbucks moves higher. they firefighter their policy. you can go into starbucks now and use the bathroom but no drug use or sleeping and tesla, new, high performance tesla model 78,000 bucks, but you will certainly be able to go faster. back to you. liz: thank you, nicole. coming up, secretary of state mike pompeo threatening to crush iran with national and military pressure. the strongest in history. will it work? we've got the details. and stocks soaring after that trade war in china put on hold. but what happens next? bringing in congressman doug collins to tell us. coming up. don't go away how do you win at business?
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>> the framework includes their agreement to substantially reduce the trade did he of sit by increasing their purchases of goods. we're putting the trade war on hold. so right now, we have agreed to put the tariffs on hold while we try to execute the framework. . liz: well, the dow did surge more than 350 points at its high today closing up more than 24,000 at the end up near 300 points. as secretary of steven mnuchin saying that that trade war with china on hold. the dow did recover nearly all losses that followed after president trump's tariffs announcement on march 1st. secretary wilbur ross called them quote a cocked pistol
5:18 pm
that is ready to be fired whenever it needs to be fired. >> at the moment, it's sort of at the 40,000 foot level. thiss not a definitive agreement. this is what we hope will be a path forward. if it doesn't work, the tariffs will go into effect. so nothing's been lost at all liz: president trump criticizing democrats tweeting today quote i ask senator chuck schumer why didn't obama and the democrats do something about this problem with trade with china? including intellectual property? they did nothing. with that being said, chuck and i have long agreed on this issue. fair trade plus with china will happen. with me now, republican rep doug collins. good to see you, sir. thank you so much for coming on the show. >> good to you with you, liz. liz: so we don't see the 300 billion that the president wanted cut -- we haven't heard anything from china on that and nothing on, you know, that intellectual property.
5:19 pm
and if you want a hand on it, that either. >> well, i think what's happening is something very unique. we have a president in the administration that puts america first and says we're going to negotiate from our strengths and understand, china, you're going to negotiate from yours as well. but at the end of the day this is not having one up over the other. we're going to have a deal that makes american companies feel good and american people do good and also benefit for chinese people. that's what trade does. liz: so wilbur ross saying those will be in effect if we don't get what we want. and here's president trump tweeting on how china will help u.s. farmers saying quote under our potential deal, they will buy from our great american farmers, practically as much as their farmers can produce, and also possibly the energy sector. so it looks like good stuff there; right? >> from an agricultural district, those are music to my ears. hearing our agricultural products overseas and secretary purdue has been a great job in doing that and promoting our products and in georgia, we're very proud of
5:20 pm
our agriculture products. we're not going to open up markets in agriculture while we give away intellectual product the other side. so these are things that's going to happen. and it's an excellent strategy called negotiating. the previous negotiation didn't understand that term. liz: let's talk about that strategy because we do have the summit still with north korea. how does that hold into up coming summit with north korea? the president tweeting on this saying quote china must continue to be held tight. word is recently the border has become much more porous. i want the deal with north korea to happen. north korea to be very successful but only after deciding. dialing back with the trade war on china sets up the korea deal; right? >> well, again, i think it's amazing watching a president who can do more than one thing at a time and doesn't go around the world saying america is too big and too bad. we're sorry and appeasing be everybody. this president and his trade
5:21 pm
negotiators are working at different levels on foreign policy and on the trade policy as we're looking to make sure china has a great deal of sway over north korea is still actively engaged there while at the same time working with our trading partners. this is the part of the negotiation that we're seeing -- the market's responding to it. you see the people responding to it. let's let this -- the president has taken nothing off the table, and that's why we should be pleased with it. liz: congressman, talk a little bit about president obama's quote apology tour. when he did that, how do you think that affected other countries and their trade positions with the u.s.? >> well, i think what it did is exactly what we saw around the country. the world was saying we're going to get what we want. the white house undoubtedly is ashamed of american products under president obama, so they're going to give in because they felt like we were getting the better deal around the world. this president has a different opinion. he says that america has great products, great workers, the best productivity, the best intellectual property. those are the kinds of things that we're going to take forward as positives for us
5:22 pm
and bring other countries along to say you bring your best, let's work out what is a win, win situation. that's something that's been going on in business for years. finally, we have a president who says this is what we're going to win for our workers and country while the others fight for their country. when you simply go around -- excuse me when you simply go around and apologize for everything, the people think they can take advantage of that. liz: and that was an anomaly in u.s. history to see a u.s. president like obama did. 12 times he apologized about the u.s. that was the abnormal thing; right? >> it was depressing, to be honest with you when america has been a light to the world. are we a perfect nation? no. but we are a nation that has provided freedom, hope, and encouragement to the world and stood up against terne and all the dictators of the world. we're the ones who stood up and invented the first to tight when others were going to try to dominate the world. this is what freedom means and this president understands this, the congress understands that, and we're going to continue to fight for that. liz: congressman doug collins. good to see you, sir. come back soon. >> always good to see you,
5:23 pm
liz. thank you. liz: republican about border security. saying here's the question. are the republicans going to capitalize on border security for the midterms? but first, secretary of state mike pompeo promising the strongest financial pressure in history on iran. he says it's going to crush iran if they don't get their act in order. that's next. >> we will apply unprecedented financial pressure on the iranian regime. the leaders in tehran will have no doubt about our serious. . and market volatility isn't top of mind. that's because they have a shield annuity from brighthouse financial, which allows them to take advantage of growth opportunities in up markets, while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so they're less concerned with market volatility and can focus more on the things they're passionate about. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife.
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liz: secretary of state mike pompeo saying that administration will crush iran through economic pressure and sanctions. market analysts over reacting warning that oil will spike to the $100 range. but. facts are when sanctuaries were
5:27 pm
in place against iran oil dropped to $26 a barrel by january 2015. u.s. is now pumping 5 times what iran exports, and saw sawed could step in -- saudi arabia could step in and handle the iranian oil. and iran sells oil to china. joining me now retiring marine gunnery sergeant, jesse jane duff. >> good to see you. liz: media was quick to condemn trump for backing out o of the deal, i would like your reaction. >> they are reacting and so it iran. already with a new threat. >> they are dismayed and bewildered, saying this america is arrogant. >> candidate trump promised to pull out of it, today president trump did.
5:28 pm
>> u.s. is essentially reneging on nuclear deal with iran. reporter: a chill that u.s. under president trump may not be a reliable partner any more. >> they have said to the rest of the world, we're not obeying an agreement we signed, and united states of america, under one administration can sign deals but not trusted by subsequents presidents. liz: your reaction? >> i am not surprised. they supported president obama's negotiation for this quote, en quote, deal. that u.s. people never benefited from, reason that european allies are upset they have vested interest, germany had 4 billion in trade with this deal, u.s. of at risk, iran will make a decision to continue to squander their resources in world, and impact people onboard or get onboard, and support what
5:29 pm
united states is trying to have peace in the region, we have hezbollah influence, which is destroying and killing lives every day. >> to your point, secretary of state calling out critics of president trump, saying that obama's white house gave iran billions of dollars. your reaction? >> it is 100% accurate, look at what is going on in syria, bashar al-assad has been supported by the iranians and russians, irans trying to sustain their shia influence, result of bill yones of dollar -- billions of dollars that have gone to iran. we know that pellets of cash have shown up, the revolutionary guard has squandered it.
5:30 pm
>> pompeo outlining a list of demands of iran. >> this sting of sanctions will be painful, regime does not change its course from path it has chosen to one that rejoins the league of nations. these will end up being strongest sanctions in history when we complete. liz: jes jesse you made an impot point. after the war, they are training with traffic helicopter, in germany they think that military spending is a fetish, but europe has enjoyed military might of u.s. to build a ricketty welfare state and do trade deals with iran. >> when you are profit off of world's largest state sponsored terroristin organization.
5:31 pm
european allies we have should be ashamed, german parts were found in some chemical bombs dropped in syria by the iranian bombs, they are sustaining this type of economy that suppressed people, germany of all nations to be ashamed knowing their own history, obliterating a people such as after world war ii, they have a moral responsibility to step up more than anyone with case of causing civil rights and rights of human beings to be decimated. >> to your point. back in 2012, europe had zero growth rate, it was not growing, they went in like a cannon shot to to trade deals, they have that huge welfare state so huge, their bonds traded and collapsed into negative territory. >> this is why we're ashamed looking at european partners
5:32 pm
gloating with money they have sucked in out of iran. we know that iran will kill again and again and again, back to 1983, marine bras were bombedy backed hezbollah, hundreds of peacekeeping forces were killed, murdered. largest death toll for u.s. marines since world war ii, oh, woiwojima, that a promise to bet the mullahs. and the american people have to fund this, not appropriate. liz: jesse jane duff thank you, great stuff, and thank you for your service. >> thank you, liz. liz: coming up, hillary clinton admitting she is not over the loss in the election. the joke she tried to run out there at the commencement speech
5:33 pm
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5:37 pm
border. for more on this, let's get to turning point united states senator, charlie kirk. what are you looking for? >> i think first, president is log to fulfill his campaign prome to secure border, more cooperation from bor states will be needed. they have been working with the president. but in mobilization of national guard it has been one step to get a coalition of border states and say we'll have a zero tolerance policy for illegal immigrants coming into the country, over last 20 years it has been both political parties that have allowed our borders to be open. you have seen amount of crimes, drugs and illegal guns coming across the border, wreaking havoc in the country. liz: your points lawyer taken --
5:38 pm
your points are well taken. but we know nancy pelosi is desperate to become house speaker against to impeach the president, try to drive the president's improval ratings into 20s, why are republicans bickering about border security, should they be capitalizing on this for midterms. >> a great irony i hear in washington, d.c. a lot of these republican leaders say we can't do anything before the midterms we don't want to lose our majorities, i say, if you do nothing, you will lose the majorities, that is a great irony, if a wall of being constructed and built, you would see base turn out at unbelievable record levels, this should be a 90-10 issue when argued properly, a nation is defined by its borders for those who want open borders like nancy pelosi she is putting foreign nationals ahead of the interest
5:39 pm
of american pol populist. >> that is the dirty open secret that democrats are looking for votes. here is the thing, getting back to republicans. president saying he will ask for money for border wall, but now republican diane black, she talking about crowdfunding raising money from american people to pay for the wall. this seems like cut and dry just campaign on the border wall, it is unclear why the republicans are so divided on it? why are they? >> i can't for the life of me figure out why, republicans continue to reauthorize 500 million a year to fund planned parenthood but not the wall? this is astonishing the aim of waste, fraud and abuse we have in our budget. we can't find 5 billion in 3 years for something that is necessary. do republican leaders' wall
5:40 pm
built, some yes, some no. this should be a defines issue, if i were president, i would shut down the government over this, if you are not taking an affiraffirmative stand. liz: that is a call there, charlie dirk, come back soon. >> thank you. liz: tougher sanction in white house. on venezuela after maduro was reelected. white house calling it a sham election, we have more on the chaos in venezuela after the break. >> no word from bernie sanders or elizabeth warren on massive destruction of lives down there. we'll get to it in just a second. great question. see, for a full service brokerage like ours, that's tough to do. schwab does it.
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liz: to collapse of socialism 7 venezuela white house hitting with more economic sanctions,
5:44 pm
blocking anyone in u.s. helping venezuela in bond markets or loan money or blocking venezuela from trying to sell-off state assets with help from u.s., white house called maduro's reelect a sham. population is starving amid wide spread corruption, 3 million people have left, will the white house do an economic blockade of venezuela oil industry. let's check oil. at end of the day up $72 a barrel. chief investment officer scott martin weighing in. scott, should we be worried about oil with venezuela? >> yeah, in a sense there is a lot of other country that have receivables due, based on that
5:45 pm
oil production. we could sanction and mix in whether financial transactions go through u.s. to say like china for example, that is when it gets more complex. but we have seen big rise in oil from pulling out of nuclear iran deal, other things in oil market that have been spiking price. it could affect oil prices, overseas, but in united states. liz: we forget our economic history, i am talking generally. remember oil prices dropped from $100 to $26. this was when the iran sanctions were still in place. right? >> yeah, that was an over shoot, we had a little bit of supply glut then, we were at an economy that was struggling. demand has come back, we found more oil in u.s. since then, but prices have gone up, that speaks to more product issues in u.s. than anything else.
5:46 pm
that has to get back on-line. >> that is the great point, you want oil prices at about $65 with incentive to drill. guess who owns big chunks of venezuela oil industry? china. so here is the thing, will trump administration blockade venezuela oil given the play with china. liz: how do you see oil prices reacting in trump does that. >> i wonder if this comes up at all with trade talks that are delicately ahead with china. they will have to write-off those receivables if we put sanctions and need other country to cooperate. the u.s. can put all sanctions on venezuela they want but it needs help from europe and other south american countries to make it go through.
5:47 pm
my outlook on oil, means oil prices, are going higher even if we negotiate. liz: with dollar shell ending -- bigger lead will be demand will be curtailed because of high prices. product could go up as well, that could keep a lid on prices. >> stay on collapse, talk about collapse in socialist venezuela, the back story there? maduro lit military commanders run oil and metal industries, that is why so hard to get him out, right? >> yeah, it is and a lot of the back step here's they have done in venezuela has been a joke, they have not followed through on a lot they have promised their people, and these days with such a tight grip on the country itself, leaders.
5:48 pm
it is hard to go in and put sanctions that don't hurt the venezuela people who are real victims, you can try to sanction the country, and economic impact the leaders, quote, unquote, people with the money, but we know it has been seen in the past it hurts common folk. liz: yes, important point. scott martin, come back soon. >> thank you. >> liz: hillary clinton at it again not letting go of her election ss, she made a joke at yale university commencement speech, that is next. more. more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. what's in your wallet? with dell small businessout your technology advisors you get the one-on-one partnership you need to grow your business. the dell vostro 15 laptop. contact a dell advisor today.
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liz: welcome back, hillary clinton bringing up her elect loss, taking jabs at president trump, wearing -- by wearing a russian hat.
5:52 pm
>> you are following the tradition much over the top hats. so i brought a hat too. a russian hat. if you can't beat them, join them. liz: our power panel joins in to react. good to see you. this is funny, your reaction to it? >> i think tha joke about hat oe harmless, but whatnot harmless hillary clinton going on a year long grievance tour blaming anyone but herself for losing the election. let's put shoe on other foot, imagine john mccain or mitt romney after losing their presidential bids went around blaming anyone but themselves on college campuses, i think that media would be laughing at them,
5:53 pm
i don't think they would be invited to speak to begin with. liz: da danielle, that is a good point, these students are about to start their lives, and hillary clinton talking about her election loss to them. >> i agree with kelsey, the hat was funny. i love it when people in power make fun of themselves. he did talk about regrets and her own mistakes. liz: point is bringing it up at anicom months am -- commencement address, you didn't see john mccain doing that, why did she do this. >> john mccain had different electoral circumstances, he did not win popular vote. liz: the point is that, is it appropriate in front of students at commencement. >> i have no problem, this is
5:54 pm
reality. they want to hear from her. liz: hillary clinton say here is a list, the 20 different things i blame my loss on. including getting rid of electoral college. >> interesting having hillary clinton give a commencement speech to students who about to go in world, and need to hear real life advice, the best advice is not to go blame other people who you face a hardship, it should be to grow from it. >> starbucks out trying to clarify what they are doing. by updating guest policy. starbucks put policy in place after two black men were arrested in philadelphia for trespassing without purchasing coffee, since then starbucks said they are opening bathrooms to everyone. even if they areot buying coffee, starbks now adding, if
5:55 pm
you are a nonpaying guest, you cannot do drugs or sleep in the restaurant, do they have to tell people they can't do drugs or sleep in the store? >> i would hope they didn't have to tell people, but i suspect it may have happened in past, they are trying too get ahead of terrible things that happened in philadelphia store, and create's policy, not so much for customers but own employs, if that situation arose again they know what to do. they have clear direction from starbucks. liz: they are trying to be socially sensitive, your reaction? we're getting a lot of comments out of starbucks. >> what happened to the two men was wrong, they should not have been escorted and handcuffd, but the problem with this story, is mass hysteria in response and over response. starbucks ceo actually met with the two men, they reached a
5:56 pm
financial settlement. undisclosed settlement, they offered him free college tuition. so, starbucks did take responsibility for this, justice. the two men got some sort of justice, and so i think, it creating in very broad policy that will be difficult to enforce. probably bad for their business. was not a good business decision. liz: kelsey, and danielle thank you so much appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. liz: we'll be right back, don't go away. while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from
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liz: in less than an hour, president trump will be holding a dinner at the white house with a group of governors to talk about immigration policies. tomorrow martha maccallum will
6:00 pm
sit down with vice president michael pence. he talked about north korea and the iran accusations. be sure to tune in to charles payne right nowith "making ne" charles: the trump administration announcing a pause on the looming trade war pap the stock market is up and america is starting to cheer in the polls. we see the major indices all higher including the dow back above 25,000. we want to begin with president trump meeting with fbi director chris questioner wray and deputy a.g. rod rosenstein after


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