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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 23, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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amount of time to vacate requiring a common law amount of six months. the judge sided with the parents ordering michael's evision. but guess what? after the court appearance, he went back home. they can't get rid of him. >> they can't. here's "the evening edit." >> other criminals to infiltrate our communities and democrats in congress refuse to close these loopholes, including the disgraceful practice known as catch-and-release. you catch them, you write up a little piece of paper that's meaningless and then you release them, and they go all throughout the country, and they're supposed to come back for trials. they never come back. liz: president trump showing republicans how to do it. he's blasting ms-13 gang members today at an immigration event at long island and taking
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a swipe at nancy pelosi for trying to defend them. we're going to bring you the details. now to this story secretary of state mike pompeo telling us the u.s.-north korea summit is still on. the u.s. will demand north korea take irreversible action on nukes before it gets economic relief. the trump campaign spying story, the media saying trump is engaging in a conspiracy theory but we have a former top obama official admitting yes, there was spying! we've got the latest. politics, money, we cover the facts behind tomorrow's headlines. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. . liz: let's get to your money first. the dow finishing the day up 52 points higher, ending at 24, 886. stocks reversing losses after
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no shocker surprise from the federal reserve. it's going stick to planned rate hikes this year even if inflation goes above its target 2% rate. we're going to get more on your money in just a second. president trump meeting with law enforcement and local leaders on long island, new york today talking about shutting loopholes in our laws that let violent ms-13 gang members run rampant and commit brutal acts of murder, rape and more. federal authorities have arrested nearly 800 ms-13 gang members nationwide last year. numerous cities have joined the trump administration's lawsuit targeting so-called sanctuary policies that shelter criminal illegals. since the president took office, his administration deported more than 6,000 gang members, though it's not clear how many were ms-13. let's bring in jackson county, texas sheriff andy lauderback.
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why do the loopholes en exist? >> been a long time coming d something that texas law enfoement and law enforcement across the nation has dealt with for many years. ms-13 is a transnational gang. call them what you want, animals, psychopaths, brutal savage killers. it's something we've been dealing with for a very long time. couldn't be happier to hear the type of rhetoric coming from the president on this subject. liz: the most captivating profound moment at the president's state of the union address was when he turned to the four parents two, husbands and wives. sitting in his box. they had lost their children. they were slaughtered on long island by this brutal ms-13 gang. and you know, sheriff, they've been wreaking havoc on long island for years, more than two dozen people killed over the last three years. i want your reaction to the president doubling down on his
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recent comments describing this gang. let's watch. >> i noticed recently where democrats, nancy pelosi, as an example, are trying to defend ms-13 gang members. i call them animals the other day, and i was met with rebuke. they said they're people. they're not people. these are animals. and we have to be very, very tough. [applause] . liz: the media incorrectly said the president was calling immigrants animals. let's watch that. >> the president of the united states saying these are not people, they're animals. it is a disgusting way to talk about human beings. >> he does things like call immigrants animals. >> he was talking about ms-13. good enough? >> no, not good enough. it is a very slippery slope when you start dehumanizing people this way.
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it's what the nazis did. liz: your reaction? >> there's no slippery slope here. ms-13 savage killers, animals, i'm not sure they're criminals. we need to do everything we can to stop them, put them in prison, deport them. democrats, republicans need to come together and unify this. this is what we've been complaining about for years. 2012-14 on the unaccompanied minors that came into the country, that's the resurgence of ms-13 that we're seeing now. that's the problem we have. unless we can get this under control and it's going to require law enforcement, federal, state, local partnering, working together to get this back in a manageable state. the headquarters on alvarado street for ms-13 in los angeles, strongholds in every major city here in texas and across this nation, violent killers. really happy to hear what's
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going on in the process. liz: should the media show with graphic warnings ahead of time exactly what these brutalities look like? i've seen the images. they're horrific. >> they are horrific. and whether or not they're shown. what is it going to take for this country to understand that we have to sur our borders or else we're going to suffer this. what do our citizens say in this country about this? why can't we get this done? stop criminal aliens in this country. why can't we come together and protect our own citizens here. that's the message. whether it takes, you know, the media portraying the acts of brutality, the burn victims, the beheadings, the different things that are common practice with a violent transnational gang, in our country, for one purpose, extortionism is a major issue for them. and i find it so odd that as
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they came as unaccompanied minors fleeing violence only to become gang members in the united states. liz: sheriff, i hear what you're saying, finish your thought. >> well, let's get something done. let's work together and get it done. liz: democrat nancy pelosi did attack the president for the use of that word animal saying it's dehumanizing ms-13 gang members, they are human beings. here's white house press secretary sarah sanders firing back. >> ms-13 has done heinous acts. it took an animal to stab a man 100 times and decapitate him and rip his heart out. took an animal to beat a woman they were sex traffking 28 times indenting part of her body, and animal to kidnap, drug and rape a 16-year-old girl. frankly, i think the term animal doesn't go far enough. liz: we have this story, sir, an ms-13 gang member, unfortunate irony, his name is
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animal. he's been sentenced to 40 years in prison for stabbing to death a 15-year-old in massachusetts. talk to us about the press secretary's words there. >> i think they're appropriate. as far as nancy pelosi, you know, i don't know if disconnected, delusional? i'm not sure why you would take that pro. i don't understand that approach. liz: you know, sheriff -- >> and i applaud what say are sanders did and how she clarified what we're dealing with in this country. liz: sheriff, quickly, you have dealt personally with ms-13? >> yes, yes, recently we had two ms-13 members identified on 5 in jackson county, in houston. liz: we want to have you back ogreat stuff there. thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: an 18-wheel trailer truck packed full of 92 illegal immigrants stopped at a traffic light in texas less than 50
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miles north of the border with mexico. the illegals taken to area hospitals suffering from dehydration, t driver and passenger now in custody. let's bring in texas republican brian babin. good to see you, congressman. >> good to be with you, liz. liz: this is the scary angle about the story. people bringing illegals into this country, they're taking advantage of trade routes. in other words, this is an area of the country where there is a lot of trade going back with u.s. and mexico. 18-wheeler trucks. what's your reaction to that part of the story? >> for years, we had an open porous border. this is another piece of evidence that we've got to secure our border, and you know in your previous segment talking about ms-13, these were people that came in as unaccompanied minors, and here we've got an ms-13 problem. some of the most ghastly crimes i've heard of in my life, comparable with isis, but we've got a problem down there of
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unaccompanied minors being kidnapped and used as pawns because of the family the way the abuse is inflicted upon our immigration system. these groups of people can come in and claim families when in reality they're not. we have to secure the border and this is exactly why i think president trump is sending the national guard down there, and what he said about ms-13, i couldn't agree with more. liz: to your point. the president has said time and again that ms-13 gang members prey upon immigrant communities and immigrant communities don't want it. they don't like it. here's the president calling out house minority leader democrat nancy pelosi for her comments about the ms-13 gang. let's listen. >> if democrats ever gained power, they would try to put up the taxes. so many things. open those borders. they don't want walls.
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nancy pelosi came out in favor of ms-13. that's the first time i've heard that. she wants them to be treated with respect, as do other democrats. that's not going to be happening. liz: all right, let's clarify. that nancy pelosi did not come out in favor of ms-13. she's just questioning the use of the word animals, calling them animals, saying we should believe in the dignity and worth of every person. speak to that. >> a good example is the ms-13 creep, 23-year-old that murder murdered a 15-year-old in massachusetts. his name was animal. they're self-identifying. it's just incredible the way the left or the democrats and some of the mainstream media runs and tries to deceive the return people and paraphrase and confuse them. that's not what president trump was talking about -- he was not talking about all immigrants. he was talking about ms-13.
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he's declared war on ms-13, and i am totally in favor of that. we've got to get these people locked up, off the streets and deported. liz: it's unclear why public safety is being politicized because according to the "new york times," these are the facts that the "new york times" and others are reporting, thousands of federal inmates in the united states are illegal immigrants and one in five inmates are foreign born. what's your reaction to that? >> just what i've been saying for years, liz. we have got to secure the borders, get rid of sanctuary cities. we've got to fight back against these politicians. liz: but congressman, why has nothing been done to shut the deadly catch-and-release loopholes. what's with the foot dragging there. even europe and canada are cracking down bigtime on criminal illegals. we know canada has a merit-based system for immigration. why the loopholes?
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how can they still exist? how come congress isn't doing anything about it? >> liz, i can tell you there are a bunch of us that want to do something, have wanted to for years, and we, for whatever reason, we passed some immigration and it goes down the hall, and doesn't get through the senate and can't get it out of the committee in the house. believe me, it is the number one issue in my district. we have criminal activity. we've got just overwhelming numbers coming into our schools and overwhelming our law enforcement agencies. liz: you sound really frustrated, congressman. are you frustrated? >> i'm really frustrated. this is a huge issue for me and many of my colleagues and again with my constituents. we've got to do something and this is why i wrote an op-ed just the other day that talked about how critical it was for us not to just grant amnesty to a bunch of daca people, and not secure the border. we have to have -- and then to
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have -- and in this petition they've been signing saying this is what president trump wants. president trump will only do a daca deal if there is border security. if we get rid of chain migration, e-verify and stop catch-and-release and the other things that are there. stop people at the border and keep the people safe. liz: congressman babin, come back. >> thank you, liz. liz: if you have a fatal disease, and all else fails, you will be able to try unproven experimental non-fda approved drugs according to the federal law. a victory for president trump? president trump talked about doing this in his state of the union address. he's personally called on lawmakers to send this measure to his desk. let's get to your money and check stocks bouncing back today. major averages closing in the
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green. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the very latest. nicole? reporter: a reversal today, had been down over 165 points, finished in the green, right around the session highs. dow jones industrial average up 52 point, a quarter of a percent. the nasdaq, the s&p, the russell all in the green. we did hear from the fed. you're likely to see a rate hike in june and later in the year. mixed bag talking about strength in the job market with concerns pertaining to trade. general electric a different story there, differences in dividend, there may be a dividend cut, and with that the stock tumbled 7.25%, and with that the biggest sell-off in more than nine years. netflix new high, tiffany new high. back to you. liz: thanks, nicole. next up congressional investigators set to meet with the justice department and the fbi tomorrow to look at classified documents to get to the bottom of that story about the fbi allegedly spying on the trump campaign.
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chuck schumer and nancy pelosi say that democrats should be invited. that's coming up. but first, the historic summit between president trump and kim jong sun still on track. north korea is getting ready to destroy one of its biggest nuclear testing sites in special ceremony. but is there more going on behind the scenes? we've got the details, coming up. [music playing] (vo) from day one,
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that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. . liz: welcome back. secretary of state mike pompeo telling congress the u.s.-north korea summit is still on, but
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that the white house will demand north korea take irreversible action on its nukes before it gets any economic relief. let's get a former navy expert here, it's leah gabriel. is this the right course? >> i think north korea essentially needs to have a better economic relationship with the rest of the world, so i think that's important to north korea. liz: will this work? do you think this will work? >> what's going to work with north korea is very questionable because you can't trust kim jong-un's actions. i think that when you look at thim and i look at him from intelligence operative perspective, he's ego driven and driven to protect the power of his country. it's to be determined that the point but the u.s. is moving in positive direction. and the way we're moving forward with the maximum pressure campaign with getting rid of the iran nuclear deal and moving forward in that way.
5:21 pm
liz: the military is starving, economy is smaller than the honduras and that's the size of togo. so we let them keep one nuclear weapon? what is acceptable to the u.s. side of it? >> if you listen to people like john bolton, keep anything nuclear weapon is unacceptable. that's always been our stance. the united states. liz: we don't know if north korea will agree to that, right? >> of course, we don't. and quite honestly, i don't know that north korea will be honest. what we're hearing from secretary of state pompeo is we're going to have to have absolute verification. today the journalists are seeing, allegedly, these testing areas being blown up but inspectors aren't allowed in. we don't know, we're not going to have a positive assessment. liz: that's the point, north korea is blowing up biggest nuclear test site, bringing in international journalists but not military inspectors to see if they really did it, and the question is, is north korea going to be allowed to destroy evidence here, right? >> that's a great question.
5:22 pm
the question is, is north korea destroying evidence, or a major pr campaign by kim jong-un right now, for a lot of reasons. liz: do you think they're destroying evidence? >> that was the first thing that came to mind, probably destroying evidence and spinning it as making a concession. but on the world stage when you look at world politics, sometimes it's the way things look that matters, and when you see kim jong-un destroying this site, it does look good for the u.s., looks as though maximum pressure campaign is working. there's a positive there. liz: but the weapons, the nukes are so powerful, setting off earthquakes, swarms into china. and now this, there was an interesting editorial in the "wall street journal," north korea and the iran deal, it is linked in this sense. that is if the white house let the iran deal stand, north korea could come back and say, you know what? we want to take 15 years to develop nukes. we want to develop ballistic missiles. we will not let inspectors into our military sites.
5:23 pm
so that's a pretty logical way that kim jong-un could look at it. trump had to get rid of the iran deal because of north korea, right? >> it's a valid argument and goes beyond. that also because iran basically used the deal to get all this money and use that money to mettle in places like syria and iraq and yemen to continue arming terrorist organizations and then to continue ballistic missile testing. so the iran deal, what we saw whether you liked it or not when it was signed is it empowered iran. it's important for our country to send a message to north korea. that's not going to happen right now. liz: interesting stuff. lea gabrielle, love having you on. to get a democrat re-elected and protect obama's legacy? congressional investigators want to find that out and more when they meet with the justice department and the fbi. will chuck schumer and nancy
5:24 pm
pelosi let them meet without any democrats? we'll get into the story. despite positive news about the china trade deal talk, members of congress pushing back against the breaks given to china's phone maker zte saying it's a national security issue, saying the military technology is at stake. we're going to explain that next.
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other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. . liz: trade victory for the deal maker in chief, president trump. china cutting import tariff on u.s. cars from 15%. imported vehicles, look at this of up to 25%. president trump is still teasing that big news will be coming for the car industry, saying u.s. carmakers and autoworkers will be happy with the talk over nafta. despite the positive news there is growing opposition in
5:28 pm
congress over that zte deal citing national security issues. with me now, the former undersecretary of commerce for trade at the u.s. department of commerce. good to see you, stefan. >> good to be back. liz: what's the story, what is the end game for the president? it's unclear about the president's strategy here. >> well, as it relates to reduced tariffs that china has just announced which will start on july 1st, that is a good concession. but frankly, liz, the benefit of that will endure much more to the europeans and asians because bmw, mercedes and toyota are the largest foreign exporters of cars to china. while ford does exporting, they have plans to produce cars in china and tesla will benefit a bit, but the japanese and germans are the ones that will benefit most from that. liz: what's the back story behind the 25% tax on imported cars? trump is tweeting today our
5:29 pm
trade deal with china is moving along nicely but have to use a different structure in that this will be too hard to get done and verify results after completion. now there is the 25% tax on cars coming in. what's the endgame here? >> section 232 that the president used for metals. liz: we don't care about that. what's the end game? >> who knows what's the endgame. it's an expansive view of the law where he's trying to get foreigners to produce more of their cars in the united states, and obviously employ american workers to do that. my fear is a backlash from the europeans and asians if he were to follow through on that. liz: you are such a terrific expert. is this going after germany and japan? in other words, saying you got to keep manufacturing base here in the united states. not going to be able to import them. if you do, you will be hit with the 25%, right? >> if i was still on my job, i would focus the president on
5:30 pm
the big fight, which is china and not the europeans, china is creating a global problem, and what i would try to be persuading him, we need allies and friends to help us and need a global solution to deal with the global problem. i'm not sure picking a fight with the europeans and asian allies and friends is a timely maneuver at this point. >> i wish we had more time with you, stefan, we want to have you back on. will you come back on? >> i look forward to it. liz: great expertise there. amazon selling facial-recogntition technology to police departments. what it can do and why some say it is a big privacy risk to you. but first to what president trump is now calling spy-gate. a former top obama official admitting, yes, there was spying. we'll show you what he said, and you won't believe it. that's coming up. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics,
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. >> when they look at the documents, i think people are going to see a lot of bad things happen. i hope it's not so, because if it is, there's never been anything like it in the history of our country. i hope -- if you look at clapper, he sort of admitted they had spies in the campaign yesterday, inadvertently, but i hope it's not true, but it looks like it is. liz: to the spying scandal, the debate is this. did the obama administration legitimately use an informant to spy on the trump campaign
5:35 pm
because of probable cause about russian interference, or is the democrat watergate unfolding before our eyes? did the obama white house use russian meddling as a pretext and excuse to sic spies on the trump campaign to entrap his aides and protect his legacy. now set to meet with the justice department and the fbi tomorrow to see classified documents about all. this senate minority leader chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi say democrats should be at the meeting, it should be bipartisan not a partisan meeting. republican congressman matt gaetz agrees. >> why weren't any democrats invited to the meeting tomorrow to review this intelligence, should they have been? >> yeah, they definitely should have been. look, we need to be bipartisan about this, and i think it would be a lot more credible of a process if we were more inclusive. more members of congress outside of the intelligence community ought to be able to
5:36 pm
participate in the discussion and debate about what kind of country we want to have. liz: remember the umbridge, the uproar on march 2017 here, had been wiretapped before the election? former national intelligence director james clapper said yes. now here's james clapper today doing a 180 on the view? >> was the fbi spying on trump's campaign? >> no, they were not. they were spying on -- a term i don't particularly like, on what the russians were doing, trying to understand were the russians infiltrating, trying to gain access and leverage. >> why doesn't he like that? he should be happy about that. >> he should be. liz: there was spying going on. president trump reacting this morning tweeting -- let's get reaction from the host of fox news hit show "the
5:37 pm
next revolution" steve hilton. okay, clapper admitting there was u.s. spying on russians, so what did obama know and when did he know it? >> that's right. that's one of the many questions we need answers to. first of all, i don't know why we should believe what james clapper said on spying. he was caught lying to congress about spying on the american people. what's interesting about all of this, when you hear the way, when they come out of the shadows, people like james clapper and john brennan and james comey when they are out of the shadows and on cable tv, running around, giving people their opinions, it's quite clear they cannot stand donald trump, and therefore, there are real grounds for thinking that that attitude, that anti-trump attitude they are displaying for all the world to see was informing their decisions prior to 2016 and during the transition when the idea to them of a trump presidency was unthinkable and unacceptable. so we need to know whether they acted on that.
5:38 pm
liz: president trump tweeting this morning -- i mean that's the point, steve, this informant, if there was collusion, wouldn't that informant have reported it? so was that informant there to entrap or protect? that's what we need to get to the bottom of, right? >> we exactly need to get to the bottom of it. just as it's quite right we should get to the bottom of russian meddling because that's an attack on our country, we also need to get to the bottom of deep state meddling of the permanent bureaucracy mettling in the election campaign. that is just as unacceptable. you will never get satisfaction from the american people broadly this is put to rest until you have an equivalent investigation of what the bureaucracy did in the 2016
5:39 pm
campaign, just as much as about what the russians did. liz: right, and this question too:obama call cavally when president clinton got money from moscow and the pay clinton scandals, and where is robert mueller on the russian indictment of the hacking of the dnc servers? >> that's exactly right. you can go beyond that and the way which the obama administration itself favored putin and didn't stand up to his aggression. and you can ask questions about all those sorts of connections. uranium one and, et cetera, et cetera. there may be nothing to it but that's exactly what is said on the other side, there may be no russian collusion but have to get to the bottom of it on both sides if justice is seen to be done. liz: today president trump calling an informant not a spy,
5:40 pm
saying there is no deep state conspiracy, it is just few bad apples. separate from that, we have former fbi director james comey tweeting out defense of a secret informant saying -- and continuing saying -- okay. steve, it feels like comey is playing 3-d chess again with the use of the term confidential sources, bringing up grandkids to bolster his argument. i want to get to your reaction of comey's use of language. this is the same guy who argued about the use of the word leak
5:41 pm
about his memo. disputing it wasn't a leak. remember all that? so i want you to get use of his language here. >> exactly. it is exactly what we've come to expect of james comey, this incredibly smug, arrogant, condescending, patronizing tone. he is holier than thou, above everybody else. he's the guardian of the nation's morals and ethics, evugh there are plenty of grounds to suspect he lied, he broke the law. he did things wrong. write the way through this not just in relation to trump but prior with the clinton investigation and floats above it all. that's why people look at this aghast and say we can't believe these establishment figures, we can't trust them anymore. they've become so partisan and so self-serving and comey is the absolute worst. liz: and by the way, james clapper as a footnote said spying during a campaign is a legitimate activity.
5:42 pm
steve hilton, we love having you on. >> thanks liz. liz: tune into "the next revolution" on the fox news channel sundays at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. united airlines up in arms protesting they want more money and more. will they get it? the details next. amazon in a firestorm over your privacy, selling facial-recogntition technology to police departments across the country. what does that mean for you? that's coming up.
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. liz: united airline workers not happy with their company. airline food workers protesting at the annual meeting in chicago today. let's get to jeff flock with the latest. he's on the ground at this protest. jeff? reporter: i was earlier today, liz, as a matter of fact. you know united airlines has 87,000 workers nationwide. and 80% of the them, the vast
5:46 pm
majority are unionized. not the people that make the meals. maybe that's why the meals taste so bad. i'm not sure, but they were protesting today, trying to form a union, be allowed to organize about 76% of them actually voted to allow a union election, but united and the ceo oscar munoz are pushing back against. that organizing wasn't fair, appealed to the federal government and asked them to step in and rule on it. united surround pressure because of rising jet fuel prices, as are all airlines, and munoz today made news saying they would not impose a fuel surcharge, but he did say that market forces are pushing fares higher and said in fact we're already seeing it. i leave you perhaps with united stock, they haven't done well, down 10 or 11%. most of the airlines are down, one exception is delta, up the
5:47 pm
same amount over the course of a year. see if the union comes in and if the food quality improves. liz: i love that you're on the story, jeff, you're always bringing great details. good to see you. amazon a new firestorm over your privacy, selling facial-recogntition technology to police departments across the country. the aclu and more than 40 consumer and civil rights groups fighting back. here's the thing, nobody knew that amazon was doing this, this technology can be used in crowds at stadiums to department stores. but here's the problem. bad guys can get ahold of it. and we know there have been bad guys in police departments just like every kind of operation. they can just use the technology. the aclu worried that this could be used to track protest groups is more. take a quick check of amazon stock, closing the day in the green. get to the federalist bre payton. is this a scary breach of privacy happening? . >> i think it is.
5:48 pm
perfectly reasonable to feel creeped out and alarmed by this technology. certainly, am i happy this will enable -- on the one hand i'm happy this will enable police officers to findndt down criminals or individuals residing in this country illegally who are potentially a threat to our society, in terms of a criminal level, right? but at the same time, this technology could be used to round up political dissidents at a time not so in the distant future. i definitely think that we should be alarmed by this, i think that we should be pushing back against amazon's use of being willing to sell this willy-nilly to the government. i definitely think we should constantly be trying to foia and investigate and make sure the government is using it for good and not just at-will, not just random and not influenced by bad actors to use this to do bad things. liz: the aclu brings up the point the government could use the technology to easily build
5:49 pm
the system to automate the identification and tracking of anybody. maybe the irs can get ahold of it. who knows? who is going to regulate this? >> yeah, i mean that's a question, and here's a lot of unanswered questions about this right now. you know, the irs definitely, that's the concern. would the government potentially use this to round up and jail political dissidents, that is definitely concerning. i'm a first generation american, my family left argentina in the mid 60s because it was so politically tumultuous at that time and people were disappearing because they said the wrong things about the government, right? i definitely think there needs to be a lot of oversight about the technology and i think that as americans, we've become soft when it comes to privacy, when it comes to fourth amendment violations. i'm definitely guilty of this. how often am i fine with google having all of my information? how do i not seek out when google willy-nilly hands over
5:50 pm
that information to the government when the government winks at google and says we have a good reason to be looking at. this how often am i quiet and complicit in all of that? every day, to a degree. i definitely think that's alarming and scary and should be talking about it and asking questions. liz: bre payton, i didn't know that about your background, interesting stuff, bre. love having you on. come back soon. >> of course, will do. liz: democrats coming up with midterm strategy. they're planning to impeach trump, nancy pelosi wants to take back power as house speaker. we'll bring in the political power panel to take that up next. i got scar tissue there. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. two bulls were fighting, hit the truck. another ding, another scratch, another chapter in the story. chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road.
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liz: look who's here, we welcome antoine and first to you, gianno, what do you think of the strategy? >> i think democrats are picking out the curtains way before time, if you look the the poll numbers, show them winning by double digits from a generic ballot just months ago up by one percentage point. democrats are running on no message outside ever let's impeach trump and raise taxes and i think this is problematic for them in every way. so hoping antoine isn't on to defend that. liz: tell us your thoughts.
5:55 pm
democrats like doug jones didn't run on impeachment. go ahead, take it on? >> with all due respect to my dear friend on the other side, i think he's absolutely wrong. what i know and democrats i talked to and the ones i worked with they have a message for the midterms, while that may be a policy or political prescription for some, i don't think that represents the party as a whole. liz: tell us what it represents, antoine? >> yeah. >> doug jones ran on is what conor lamb ran on and democrats up and down the belt ran on. access to quality affordable health care is there. and quality of life for people all around the country improves, we want to make sure in places like flint, michigan where african-americans do not have clean and running water. we want to make sure those things are okay. reduce gun violence and come up with reasonable commonsense gun reform measures. >> i haven't heard much of that. liz: listen to gianno. go ahead, gianno. >> here's the thing, you
5:56 pm
mentioned doug jones who ran against a very challenge republican candidate. i don't think that's one of the best examples that can you trot out. >> i can give you another one. liz: antoine? go ahead, finish your point quickly and give antoine the final word. >> one thing they had in common is wasn't spending their time bashing the president. that changed the landscape. liz: antoine, go ahead, final word. running out of time. final word. >> you will see different messages from different people, but you can't dispute the fact that democrats up and down the belt have been winning races in places by trump won by 20 or 30 points, have a message obviously connecting with the voters. liz: i want you guys back, you are terrific together. gianno and antoine, good stuff. we're going to be right back. don't go away.
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6:00 pm
and the justice department briefing lawmakers on the information they requested. we'll be covering that story for you tomorrow, too. look who's here. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: it's a big day for brick and mortar. the tiffany's julie maker crushed the first quarter expectations. an amazing intraday reversal from the bottom to the top. on long island. president trump doubling down on his comments labeling the savage ms-13 gang animals.

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