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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 24, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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she is such a blessing to fox news and fox business. i'm glad you all could appreciate some of that by those clips. >> really inspirational. she came back better than before. that does it for us. "the evening edit" starts right now. >> based on the recent statement of north korea, i have decided to terminate the planned summit in singapore on june 12th. i believe this is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world. our very strong sanctions by far the strongest sanctions ever imposed and maximum pressure campaign will continue as it has been continuing. hopefully positive things will be taking place with respect to the future of north korea. but if they don't, we are more
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ready than we have ever been before. >> the world reacts to president trump cancelling the summit with north korea. we bring you the details and show you what the president won, what he got so far, and whether talks could restart? the dow seasawed to the downside and retreated on the news after the president called to reign in north korea. and critics in force, democrats nancy pelosi and chuck schumer blasting the president. the mistakes they're making in their attacks and how they're criticized? and show you the other president who won big time doing exactly what trump did. politics, money, we cover the facts ahead of tomorrow's headlines. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. . liz: let's get to your money, the dow finishing down 75 minutes to end at 24,811.
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down triple digits on the canceled north korean summit retrace, regain losses. tech giants microsoft and netflix hitting record highs. netflix temporarily today, its market value higher than walt disney, a fraction of disney's profits. it was the last straw. the president pulling out of the summit with kim jong-un after north korea's foreign vice minister threatened a nuclear showdown with the u.s., steadily ratcheting the hostility on that side of the nce. take it to blake burman live fromhe white house with the latest. reporter: hi, there liz, the president convened national security team for a meeting earlier this morning. the president spoke with mike pence, the secretary of state, mike pompeo and john bolton and president trump then dictated the letter that was addressed directly to the north korean
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dictator, kim jong-un. the president called off the june 12 summit scheduled between the two leaders, called out north korea for having, quote, tremendous anger and open hostility. the president was complimentary in certain parts of north korea saying they didn't have a, quote, warm dialogue between the two in the last weeks and months, however afterwards, speaking before the cameras, the president directed this warning to north korea. >> i've spoken to general mattis and the joint chiefs and military which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the world, that has been greatly enhanced recently, as you all know. is ready if necessary. reporter: south korea's president moon jae-in was here at the white house two days ago strategizing with president trump for the upcoming session. he called the president's decision today regrettable and president moon said he was
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perplexed. the democratic leader in the house nancy pelosi contends that the president was not prepared. >> clearly he didn't know what he was getting into and now he's walking away with it. in this chumy, palsy-walesy winner. kim jong-un is the winner. reporter: the white house official is painting a much different picture saying north korea broke several promises. among them both sides were supposed to meet in singapore to hash out logistics, and the north koreans, we're told, never showed up. overnight, a top adviser to the north korean dictator called vice president pence a political dummy. that senior white house official described that as, quote, one of several pretty odd judgment calls. white house officials say language like that from north korea is nothing new. instead, they point to the statement which north korea said there could be a, quote, nuclear to nuclear showdown that ended up being, if not the
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last straw, certainly one of the final tipping points, liz. liz: blake burman, great to see you. reporter: you bet, liz. liz: more on president trump's letter to north korea, did have diplomatic overtones saying -- here's the president again warning north korea about america's military might. >> no matter what happens and what we do, we will never, ever compromise the safety and security of the united states of america. want to make that statement feel very, very strongly about it. our military, as you know, has been greatly enhanced. we'll soon be at a level that
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it's never been before. liz: let's bring in a top military expert, retired lieutenant general jerry blakely. good to be with you, general. >> good to be with you, liz. liz: your reaction? >> dictator kim jong-un, who is not prepared to go into a serious negotiation. i think reality has set in. he realizes he was not prepared. he doesn't understand donald trump. he can't predict donald trump, and the other thing is that we see here that the chinese have intervened here and asked kim to back away from this, and not to move quite so quickly. their ultimate fear is a unified korea. liz: whose ultimate fear? >> china's ultimate fear, yes. liz: okay. also the debate in the media, general, john bolton, vice president pence brought up the cash for weapons libya model to overthrow and murder libya's leader muammar qaddafi and kim
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jong-un got spooked by that. or north korea to blame because they canceled the summit with south korea? got hostile and belligerent threatening nuclear war. who's to blame here? >> i don't know that you can say that anybody's to blame, other than the fact that i don't think kim ever took this very seriously. he certainly went through the motions. he released our hostages. he made overtures, but i think that was all for public affairs benefits, and i think the reality is he never actually decided that he wanted to go into a serious negotiation on giving up his nuclear program, and now, if it is true that his people didn't show up in singapore, to meet with mike pompeo's team, it should be blatantly obvious, he did not want to go through with this. liz: nancy pelosi out in force criticizing the president, general. saying trump was not prepared. white house officials saying
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noko didn't show up to be prepared for the meeting. let's listen to what nancy pelosi is saying. >> this takes preparation. this takes knowledge. this takes judgment, and clearly, it takes preparation, which the president didn't make. it's clear he didn't know what he was getting into, and now he's walking away from it. liz: general, is pelosi saying our career military and intelligence veterans are unprepared? we're talking mattis, pompeo and kelly. and pompeo has been around since the reagan administration. north korea would not have a nuke. >> no, that's exactly right. and i would question what's her expertise her now, and what gives her the experience to speak in terms of preparedness for negotiation? look, she doesn't know what trump and his team have done. i doubt seriously if they've briefed her on it or invited her to the white house. i think that the reality is that trump has been working
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this very hard and i know mike pompeo has, and i think that with the days that they would have had left, they would have doubled their efforts even to be ready when they met with kim jong-un. >> so this is no longer about photo-op diplomacy or brinksmanship where north korea can make threats or get preemptive concessions and take the money and run anymore as the "wall street journal" said today. we're in a new era of how trump is going to do it. and by the way, general, speak to this, ronald reagan walked away from gorbachev and the soviet union collapsed three years later, right? >> exactly right. and reagan walked away because he didn't get what he knew was in the best interest of the united states and walked away from it. and you're absolutely right. soviet union disintegrated. look, kim is making a huge mistake here if he thinks that donald trump is going to fall prey to his public affairs and
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his nonsense. you can't trick donald trump. that's just plain and simple. he built an empire being able to negotiate with people. so i think that kim is make a mistake but i think that kim surround a lot of pressure from china on this. liz: general, we love having you on. thank you for your service to our country. >> thank you very much. liz: china, this is a big game of 3-d chess we're talking about. china factors in big in the north korea summit story. here's what the president has gotten so far. china cut tariffs on u.s. cars from 15% from 25%. the president got the release of three hostages from north korea. north korea claims they have blown up biggest nuclear test site, already heavily damaged. another one can still be used. and look at this. a chinese telecom giant zte lost $2 billion in revenue since sanctions were slapped on it last month by the white
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house. let's bring in the expert, gordon chang, author of the coming collapse of china. gordon, great to have you on. what's next? what's the lay of the land going forward? tell us. >> the white house is very concerned that you're going to see a lot of chinese investment into north korea. in other words, to support the north korean economy. that would give kim thelity to defy the will of the united states and the international community, and so i think that what's next after that is the united states has to certainly put sanctions on north korea much more severe than they are now. but also go after the big power sponsors, russia and china. until we do that, i think beijing is going to be mischief making here, it is really going to be a villain. liz: there is talk the white house could ratchet up further sanctions on north korea. they're tight right now and what we're seeing out of the united nations, gordon is this push to get oil-trading companies to shut down all business, all oil imports into
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north korea. will that work? >> it certainly would. you know, in the first two weeks of this month, in the northern part of north korea, gas and diesel prices have dropped dramatically. only reason is the chinese pumping more oil through the friendship pipeline. we've got to stop that. you know, china right now is a maligned influence. i think that after that second summit between xi jinping and kim jong-un, the north korean attitude changed, as president trump said on tuesday, during his meeting with moon jae-in, the south korean president. so we have to go after the source of the problem, which is not north korea, but is really china. liz: all right, gordon chang, thank you so much, great insight. love to have you back on. >> thanks, liz. liz: swift reaction in the markets to the north korean news. the dow in seasaw and whipsaw action. investors poured into safe havens like gold and treasury but triple-digit losses. to nicole petallides on the
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floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest. nicole? reporter: selling on wall street. we did come up off the lose of the day, but the selling came when president trump announced that the summit with north korea was off for now. dow dropped as low as 280 points but finished 75 points to the downside. the s&p 500 down 5. and the nasdaq pull back over one point. gold in fact moved higher. treasury moved higher. stocks, oil, dollar lower. taking a look at movers on wall street, ge, nike, mcdonald's winners. exxon, chevron and johnson & johnson. defense stocks got a nice pop and all-time high from microsoft and netflix. back to you. liz: great to see you, nicole. thank you so much. what is going to happen next with china? the deal maker in chief. all eyes on this story is coming up. and to this story -- as the president ramps up his
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pressure on what he calls the, quote, spy-gate controversy. the justice department and the fbi giving the house and senate lawmakers a look at secret classified russia probe documents today. what came out of that? who was there? we'll have the details next for you, don't go away. [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018.
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5:18 pm
stake here. edward lawrence is live on capitol hill with the latest. edward? reporter: the second meeting, two meetings today, the second over whether an informant was placed inside the trump campaign, happened here in congress. the democrats were part of both meetings. giving the briefing was a director of the fbi christopher wray. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and director of national intelligence dan coats, the white house chief of staff john kelly and emmet flood made remarks before the meeting but did not stay for those meetings. presenters laid out whatever information they had on if there was an informant placed within the trump campaign as early as 2016. >> there are serious questions that need to be answered and from my standpoint, the top priority of this iestigation is to revea exactly what happened so we can restore confidence in the fbi and the department of justice. reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi said the meetings were a bad idea because you
5:19 pm
have to protect sources and methods. adam schiff, a democrat on the house side summed up the democrats' feelings. >> nothing we heard today was changed our view that there is no evidence to support any allegation that the fbi or any intelligence agency placed a spy in the trump campaign, or otherwise failed to follow appropriate procedures and protocols. reporter: former director of national intelligence, james clapper, denies that a spy was planted in the campaign, but adds that the fbi was trying to figure out what the russians were doing, not spy on the president. large dollars were paid to the spy far beyond normal. starting to look like one of the biggest political scandals in u.s. history. spy-gate, a terrible thing. republicans and democrats saw the same information today, it's not likely, liz, but see if they come with the same conclusions. liz: see if there are any
5:20 pm
leaks, too. thank you so much for coming on, edward. great to see you again. reporter: with more on the meetings, former bush 43 adviser brad blakeman and former pollster and fox news contributor doug schulman. it's either a democrat, watergate or necessary move to protect the u.s. voting system from russia based on probable cause. what do you say? >> if you're the victim of an informant. it's a spy within your ranks and of course if you're the government it's a source and informant. certain questions have to be asked and answered by the government, number one. who concocted this, who approved it, what was the payment, what was the duration, what was the purpose? these are questions that yet to be answered. but i can tell you this, the first and foremost obligation of the government is to protect americans and not to protect russians. and if anything they should have tipped off the trump administration as to what the russians were trying to attempt
5:21 pm
against them, this is a debacle and i have to believe in the highest echelons of the obama administration, they had to know and approve this, but this stinks to high heaven. liz: that's the point that brad just made. if there was information funneled off to the obamas, and the way the democrats are portraying this in james clapper and james comey is this is telescoped down only to find out information about russia meddling. we don't know that, we don't know what the informant picked up and is talking to a trump adviser, right? >> we don't know the full scope of what the informant, i guess, professor halper learned, we know he tried to curry favor with carter page. we know he made $3,000 and asked papadopoulos to do a report, but there are a lot of the questions, i see it like you do, liz. we don't really know -- >> it's trust but don't verify,
5:22 pm
trust us. >> i don't trust them but not ready to conclude it's spy-gate. we need a lot more information, and the question you asked and brad spoke to is who in the obama administration knew? did they sign off? liz: did obama know? >> it's a fair question. i think we should get an answer. liz: i'd like both your reactions to the "new york times" reporting what doug essentially encapsulated so beautifully. here's what the "new york times" said -- . liz: first to you, brad, have you ever seen anything like this, in your being an expert and watching presidential campaigns, have you heard of this? >> no, never heard of this type of government intervention, if the shoe were othe other foot and found theovernment was intervening in the hillary campaign, there would be hell to pay. and the democrats would be requesting special counsels and prosecutions. look, there isn't even this
5:23 pm
kind of dirty shenanigans going on within campaigns, putting spies or infiltrators in other campaigns. those days are long gone. but for the government do it? no. it's better than that. >> i've never heard of it. and here's the other thing, i've known enough in campaigns, when i get funny calls or e-mails, i say no. with people like papadopoulos and carter page and perhaps others, they were so unsophisticated and certainly outside the mainstream of unsophisticated campaign, they didn't know to smell a rat when a rat may well have been present. liz: the president surrounded himself with not great guys. >> he didn't have the people he should have had, because he was a fresh face, he didn't have the right infrastructure. liz: where are the mueller indictments for the russians who allegedly hacked into the dnc server. we haven't seen that either, right, brad? >> we have not.
5:24 pm
this is a problem. it's selective prosecution, and doug and i have been around long enough to know if there was any collusion there there, it would have leaked long ago, you can't keep a secret in this town. liz: someone must have seen something from mueller on the dnc server. >> i'm not ready to say the whole thing is a witch-hunt, not ready to say spy-gate, the worst thing that's happened. let's get his report, vault it and go from there and give him time to finish his job. liz: to get to the bottom of everything. >> get to the bottom of everything. liz: iran-contra lasted seven years. >> i know. liz: thank you so much. president trump calling him a terrible and corrupt leader who inflicted great pain. guess who trump is talking about? we're going to bring you the answer coming up next. also democrats schumer and nancy pelosi and senator menendez ridiculing the
5:25 pm
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. liz: president trump, the deal maker in chief, playing hardball with nafta, considering increasing tariffs on cars coming into the country to 25%, that's ten times the 2.5% level now. it's a big stick to get what he wants. let's take a check of the automaker stocks. toyota, nissan, hyundai, all taking hits today, closing in the red. fox business jeff flock, he's at a car dealership in illinois with the report, jeff? reporter: a bunch of german car dealers. this is a mercedes here, audi down the road here and a big new porsche dealership opening up across the street, as soon as they get it done. a lot of pushback today, pierre trudeau, the canadian prime
5:29 pm
minister saying i'm even more trying to figure out where a possible national security concern is? that's the president's pretext for opening the investigation and potentially imposing tariffs. but trudeau actually echoing what trump supporters suggested today, this is all negotiation about nafta. he said, quote, we know this is very much linked to ongoing negotiations around moving forward on nafta. so maybe this is all just a lot of talk. in the offchance it's not just talk, where do the cars come from? i point out they come mainly from nafta countries, that would be canada and mexico. most of the imports of the u.s. from those countries but most of those are u.s. cars from u.s. automakers just being made into nafta countries. japan, germany and korea also on there. indeed the president would point out we import a whole lot more cars, about three times as many as we export from the u.s. he doesn't like that deficit but republican lawmakers
5:30 pm
pushing back against the president including rodger williams, the republican congressman from texas, he says and i quote him now, there are world vehicles these days, the parts are made everywhere and put together somewhere, if we impose a tariff, it's going to push up prices on u.s. families buying cars. maybe it's a lot of talk, we'll see where it leads, and right now in car dealership land, they're a little worried. liz? liz: interesting report. we love having you on, jeff, great, great reporting, come back soon. reporter: good to see you, liz. liz: democrats chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and now bob menendez ripping into the president over cancelling north korea's summit. the president botched a major diplomatic opportunity. >> the art of diplomacy is a lot harder than "the art of the deal." the reality is it's amazing that the administration might be shocked that north korea is acting as north korea might
5:31 pm
very well normally act. and while we applaud robust diplomatic efforts to try to denuclearize the korean peninsula, many of us were deeply concerned that the lack of deep preparation that is necessary before such a summit is even agreed to, was not taking place, and now we see the consequences of that. liz: let's take it up with dan henninger, your reaction to this? >> talk about the politics what's going on here. but first establish as a basic fact two things. north korea has a long-range ballistic missile, the quaidong 15 which can reach the american mainland. two, he has nuclear devices, and all he needs to do is eventually attach that device to the missile, get it to re-enter the atmosphere, and the united states is at imminent threat. this is not like trade negotiations, it's much more than that. the president gets the
5:32 pm
opportunity to talk to kim jong-un about this, puts that in motion. the north koreans bad faith pull back, and the summit doesn't happen. now, why is it not possible for a democrat like senator menendez or schumer to at least say in a bipartisan fashion, well, he made an effort. we all want to get to the goal line here with north korea. we're sorry it didn't work out. instead, since the day of the inauguration last year, the democrats decided no matter what the subject, it is total wall to wall resistance. liz: you're saying now that the democrats are playing politics with our public safety. >> you remember the old saying, politics stops the the water's edge. with the trump presidency and the democrats, there is no water's edge, they will oppose anything he does. liz: menendez and pelosi are making like mattis and kelly and pompeo are unprepared. these are military intelligence experts. nancy pelosi making fun of the
5:33 pm
president's decision, listen to the sound bite. >> we got the president's letter. the copy of the president's letter, chumming up, kind of like a valentine. asking global recognition and regard. he's the big winner. when i got this letter from the president saying okay, never mind, he must be having a giggle fit. liz: a giggle fit. breath taking serious that north korea has a missile that can hit the u.s. >> what the democrats like nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are focused on like a laser are the november elections, and the idea's been if they resist trump, mimic trump, that they will take him down and they'll take back the house. look, trump's approval rating has been rising. the generic ballot, democrats versus republicans, is down to three for the democrats and the reuters poll, it favors the republicans. so why are they persisting in a
5:34 pm
strategy here even on north korea that seems to be causing them -- costing them public support. liz: pelosi and schumer have been around since the reagan era. not so state of the art with the approach. we'll have more after the break. don't go away.
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dray, when he was younger, he loved to smile; and we knew he would need braces because his teeth were coming in funny. this is the picture that was on the front page of the newspaper. all you can notice is the braces! then, once he got to michigan state, he broke the retainer! my bottom teeth, they were really crooked, and i just wasn't
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getting braces again. then i discovered smiledirectclub. it's easy to just grab it and go and i can change it on the road. i did photoshoots with my aligners in and you can't see them. a smile is a first impression, that's why i think having a great smile is so important. . liz: president trump today taking aim at former fbi director james comey, implying that there might be members of the fbi now willing to come forward and criticize james comey. tweeting out --
5:38 pm
it is james comey that trump was talking about when he said this comey was a terrible and corrupt leader who inflicted great pain on the fbi #spygate. the fbi spied on his campaign advisers during the campaign in 2016, warning against, quote, lying about the fbi's work. let's take it up with katrina pierson trump 2020 senior adviser. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> your reaction to this fight? >> look, it's quite obvious that something is going on here, and a lot of this falls in the definition of the word spy. if you are secretly collecting information and reporting that information, that makes you a spy. and what we're hearing now through many reports is this is something that potentially happened in the campaign, not
5:39 pm
only once, not twice but possibly three times, individuals approach members or people on the periphery of the trump campaign to either extract information or in a worst-case scenario, plant information. liz: katrina, you were there during the campaign, were you aware of this? was anybody aware of this? >> no, not at all. liz: did you see the academic coming around? >> not at all. that's why you see confusion among those of us part of the campaign not knowing who george papadopoulos was, never heard of carter page, they were on the periphery. what's in question now and why you see clapper and brennan and comey now throwing a huge fit is because the president is calling everyone out on what looks very, very disturbing, considering the time line is now off. james comey said the investigation started in july. who was then approaching people like papadopoulos and sam clovis and caputo during the months of march, april and may? something doesn't fit here and hopefully get to the bottom of it because it does sound
5:40 pm
criminal in nature. liz: where does this informant story go from here? the one side said it was legit to put informant on campaign due to fears about russian meddling. the other side said no, this is unprecedented. this is domestic spying on political rival to get a democrat in office to protect obama's legacy. where does this go from here? >> should go back to the beginning, and that's one of the things that the house intelligence committee is asking for. they want to see the documents that launched the investigation because the timeline is extremely off. and i think that's where we're going to determine whether or not this was warranted. they're saying there might have been contacts between russian individuals and the trump campaign, so far that has turned out to not be true in the collusion story line, but where was that information coming from? the united states government had to receive information from somewhere, from some entity so they can start unmasking united states citizens and literally spying on americans and we know that the fisa court was lied
5:41 pm
to. if this was a legitimate operation to find out information, why did they lie to the fisa court to continue spying illegally if that's the case. liz: you know, it's interesting to watch the reaction of james comey, john brennan, james clapper, as more information comes out, they're becoming more active in what they are saying in the media. what was your take on seeing james clapper making appearance on the tv show "the view"? that seemed out of place. >> it was out of place. they're trying control the narrative and failing miserably because james clapper changed the story. you will recall, no, there was no spying on the campaign and now saying, well, we had to because we had this information. you can't have it both ways. something is definitely wrong in the situation. i think we need to find out not only who was spying on the trump campaign but why, and if this information was foreign intelligence, where exactly does it come from? liz: thank you, katrina, good to see you. >> thank you.
5:42 pm
liz: the president signing into law the biggest rollback of the crisis-era banking rules called dodd-frank. the measure did -- the president did today, he rolled back all of these restrictions on the little guys, the smaller banks but not the biggest banks. it passes bipartisan support, the president signed it into law, now there's talk the regional banks, the little guys could make more loans helping the economy grow, maybe these regionals could merge. now this story, disgraced movie mogul and producer harvey weinstein reportedly expected to surrender to authorities tomorrow to face criminal charges in connection with an attack on a student actress. now more than 50 women have accused harvey weinstein of sexual assault, harassment and rape. weinstein denied any wrongdoing. the nfl taking a stand, literally. how thely, the fans and players are all responding to now they
5:43 pm
have to stand during the anthem. the president too is weighing in on this. also this story, president trump talked a lot about fake news, now billionaire entrepreneur elon musk is saying the same thing, after a slew of bad headlines has hit his company. his solution? he wants a new report card website that will rank the media based on their credibility. we've got the details coming up. oh, and there's the closing bell. (sighs) i hate missing out missing out after hours. not anymore, td ameritrade lets you trade select securities 24 hours a day, five days a week. that's amazing. it's a pretty big deal. so i can trade all night long? ♪ ♪ all night long... is that lionel richie? let's reopen the market. mr. richie, would you ring the 24/5 bell? sure can, jim. ♪ trade 24/5, with td ameritrade. ♪
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. liz: you know how the president talks about fake news? look who else is talking about fake news. the hypocrisy of big media companies about how they cover his car crashes, he's saying they get it dead wrong all the time. and look what musk is talking about. he wants to start a website which gets this, would let the public, you, give a report card on journalists. musk going so far as to poll
5:47 pm
twitter followers on whether he should launch it. they responded nearly 9 out of 10 said yes, we support what you want to do elon musk. let the public give report card grades to journalists and reporters. musk invents a lot of things, maybe he'll do it. i'm bringing in al mudder and kristen teague. you like this idea? >> i think it could be phenomenally successful. everything he does makes news and everything that he says holds weight, so to see him take on the mainstream media, i say more power to him, he has a point that a lot of journalists today are in the business of getting clicks and eyeballs. liz: what did he say was wrong about the crash of the woman who drove her tesla into the back of a fire truck? >> she broke her ankle, that's not great, but it was front
5:48 pm
page story. he was making the point that every year there are 40,000 fatal car crashes and one woman breaks her ankle in a tesla crash, he has a point. liz: elon musk is saying listen you don't relinquish control of the car when you sit in a tesla self-driving vehicle, you are supposed to have one hand on the wheel. he's saying reporters are missing that angle and the critic of a ceo of a publicly traded company shouldn't be acting like this? >> he's taking a page out of the president's playbook and bashing the media. elon musk wants to build the hyperloop train. wants to build rockets into outer space. how does he want to do it? without the heavy hand of regulation. he's always in the white house, he bash the media to take the attention away from facts that
5:49 pm
are on the playing field and wants to tilt that playing field in his favor in terms of competitors. liz: what do you think, al makes important point there? >> the bigger point beyond tesla, this is about the media. elon musk is sending a message that resonates with so many americans. that's what we saw in the 2016 election. donald trump did the same thing, and cnn, nbc, cnbc, all these outlets, they've deteriorated into these sensationalized left-wing hornets nests and great to have someone call them out on this. "gallup" did a poll that showed the majority of americans do not trust the mainstream media and seeing that translate into the ratings. nickelodeon is beating cnn. liz: nickelodeon? wow! al, final words? >> i direct your viewers to elon musk's terrible recent earnings call. that's why he's attacking the media, he doesn't like what they're saying about the bad things happening at his company. >> i love this panel. so much good information.
5:50 pm
kristen and al, want to have you back, love having you on. >> thank you. liz: we're going to bring you this story. kneeling during the national anthem not an option anymore if you're an nfl player. we'll tell you the new rules and what the president has to say about it all. that's coming up. cool. i want to show you guys three chevy suv's. the first one is called the trax, great for when you move in together. -ahhh! and this is the chevy equinox, perfect for when you two have your first kid. give me some time... okay. this is the traverse... for when you have your five kids, two dogs and one cat. whoa! five? uhhh... it's the chevy memorial day sales event! get an additional $750 on these select models. that's on top of most other offers! find new roads at your local chevy dealer. we always came through for our customers. from day one, it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you.
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. >> i don't think people should be staying in locker rooms. it's good, you have to stand proudly for the national anthem. or you shouldn't be playing, you shouldn't be there. maybe you shouldn't be in the country. liz: president trump strongly criticizing nfl anthem protesters. this, as the team owners put in place new policies requiring all field personnel, including players have got to stand now during the national anthem. the nfl has been facing a
5:54 pm
backlash since the recent announcement that the teams will be fined if their players kneel during the anthem. let's bring in rnc spokesperson kayleigh mcenany to react. great to see you, love having you on. >> great to see you. liz: we know the president is being patriotic here. is he taking it a bit too far saying players who kneel shouldn't be in the country? >> not in the slightest. president trump cares deeply about military men and women and president obama made mention of the fact that the anthem is tied to these men and women who have served our country. he said in 2016, this is president trump, that colin kaepernick has the right to kneel, according to president obama, but it might not be the best way to go because he said our military men and women are very proud of that anthem and his message will get lost. that was president obama. president trump takes personal offense when you don't stand for the men and women who died to make this country free. liz: you know, some of the analysts, i've seen on espn,
5:55 pm
those who support the anthem protests say we're not disrespecting the flag, we're just making a statement. what do you say to that? >> can you make a statement another way. the nice thing about professional sports, there are a whole lot of rules. in mlb, you are not allowed to make neon. make a statement by wearing neon, you don't have to violate the united symbol of our country. find another way to protest. message is lost, tied up what brings the country together, that's the anthem. liz: kayleigh, you wonder if this goes away, the players can stay in the locker room and protest. come the fall, maybe the anthem protest dies away. what do you think? >> for the nfl's sake, they better hope it does. one of the things i love that president trump said is the people made this happen, and the people really did make this happen. you look at the ratings of the nfl, they were down 9.7% liz, and 50% of the people who stopped watching stopped watching because of the anthem.
5:56 pm
best thing that could happen for nfl football is for this to die down and go away. maybe they will get back some of the viewers. >> i think that was a jd power survey. this anthem protest came at the worst possible time for the nfl when there was a saturation of places where you can get the football games beside on network tv and you can get it streaming, right? came at the worst time. >> for sure, a confluence of factors for why ratings were already going down and the anthem protest was the cherry on top. people who watch the nfl are patriotic. a lot of them lean right, and you're going to make them mad. sure fire way to make tmad is not standing for that flag. liz: kayleigh mcenany love having you on. we're going to be right back. don't go away.
5:57 pm
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6:00 pm
graduation. be sure to turn in to ""varney and company"." i'm part of the company tomorrow. thank you for having us in your home. thank you for watching. charles payne is here with making money. charles: more evidence the economy is booming. being led by a manufacturing renaissance no one said could happen. there is a lot of other things happening here. of course, the market is coming back nicely. john kelly at the white house holding back-to-back meetings with key intelligence officials, lawmakers, including democrats regarding spygate. the president released a statement he'll not meet with kim jong-un in singapore next month.

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