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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 29, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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door-to-door in certain neighborhoods telling people to leave quickly, some are shockingly refusing to leave. unbelievable with all that, they won't go. melissa: that is it for us. the "evening edit" starts now. liz: dow down 391. amid political chaos in italy, potentially spain. this as north korea summit looks to be back on. pompeo to meet with a north korea top official in new york this week. we'll bring you latest breaking news. what deal white house may accept. president trump keeping media off balance, he continues to accomplish his agenda. we'll show you media scramble there and how hard it is for them to keep up-to-date with the criticism and strategy for the dems to fight back. also backlash growing against roseanne barr after her
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offensive tweet about valerie jarrett. >> politics and money, the facts behind tomorrow's headlines, "evening edit" starts right now. liz: the d closed down 400 points, ending day at 24361. and financials really dragging the dow down, morgan stanley and j.p. morgan leading bank stocks tumbling. responsible for a third of the decline. all 69 of s&p financials down today. nicole is live at floor of the new york stock exchange. reporter: noted it, we saw selling across board, dow jones average, lowest level down 505.
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it kicked off with political concerns in italy, concerns about antiestablishment elect there. and whether or not that government would move in and pull them right out of the euro. we saw currency move. the nasdaq to the down side, and s&p down 1.1%, russell has not been affected. a small move down. and the best performer of the four year-to-date. looking at laggards, j.p. morgan, you mentioned financials that accounted for about a third of the dow jones average loss, and j.p. morgan down 4.2%, selling of broad-based, the financials got hit hard. and the 10 year bond yele that finish -- yield that finished 2.78%. we saw 10 year bond yield below 50 day moving average.
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looking at them one more time, morgan stanley a big laggard there. and j.p. morgan put out some comments pertaining to revenue, markets going forward, relatively flat, spooking the market. and oil, has been selling five-days in a row, moves to lowest since april 17. 5 days is selling, not a streak like that since february. liz. liz: thank you nicole. >> more on dow sinking amid political chaos in italy, also china trade tensions, italy faces fresh election with new fears that this government may try to leave the european union. that sent italian bonds and stocks into a tailspin. spain too increases its voters going on polls, u.s. banks and financials getting hit hard.
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bringing in economic ben stein what is your take? >> great to see you, i think a wild over react the amount of, that united states does with italy and spain, that is trivial sum compared to total volume of business that u.s. does. bond and other financial assets from spain is a lot of money compared with what i'm spending for lurch today -- lunch today but not any meaningful financial metrics. i think this is a great over reacted, traders got to trade, fish got on fish. birds got on fly. liz: i love it. italy and the rest of europe need economic growth to pay for the mountain of debt, italy always in chaos, with 66 governments since world war ii. ben, italy is growing like crab grass, they cannot payoff that
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debt. >> but the problem -- that is true. i am delighted i live in los angeles not in rome. but this is all trivial for united states investors, unless you have an italy fund or a fund that focusing on italy and spain. yoyou are not in trouble. why the banks are taking a hit is a mystery to me, the banks are well capitalized they have a great deal of reserves, in very good shape. i don't see any reason for this financials to be hit the way they are, except. you and i make our living talking on television, actuallyy don't get paid, you make your living talking on television, traders make a living trading are they have to figure out something to trade about. liz: you know. amid that. global tensions. you know "wall street journal" is saying that this, investors are coming back home here to invest in united states u.s.
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invest oainvestor find there ise like home, strong u.s. corporate earnings and even russell 2000 near record highs, what do you think? >> i love u.s. business picture. we have had a incredibly strong economy. i am giving several speeches on itn next few weeks. we have not had an economy this strong in terms of labor and shortage of labor since world war ii. we have an acute shortage of labor that is a very strong sign for the economy. and it is going to change the whole picture of united states, people will no longer say, i don't have a job because i dent get a job -- because i can't get a job, there are plenty of job out there. that is data, big dat asmall data, any time you walk opportunity the street, here in los angeles or the desert where i live part of the time every restaurant, store tasing for
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help. liz: ben stein thank you for coming on. >> great to see you madame, thank you, thank you thank you. >> to north korea, it looks like summit is back on. power broken vice chairman of country, coming to new york city this week to meet with secretary of state pompeo. separately white house chief of staff and preadvance team are in singapore doing the summit logistics. we have a u.s. delegation meeting with north korea delegation at dmz . and pum trump will meet with japanese prime minister be a att the white house. we bring in former special ops intelligence officer, brett, good to see you. >> good evening. liz: if north korea summit is
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back on, that likely means that a deal is in the works, they would not be meeting without a deal, right? >> yeah absolutely right. i expect to see fi tweets come across my phone showing 100% this summit of june 12 will be on. we really have seen from the diplomatic side are a number of different parties all working together. there seems to be a concerted effort. pyongyang foreign minister regular travel to united nations assembly in new york but since 2000 have we seen someone this high profile to pay a visit. and the he is one of kim jong-un's most trusted advisers. liz: media getting it wrong again, saying that north korea played trump like a violin.
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north korea holds the cards. did you notice north korea's sudden, calmer, meeker after trump canceled. >> , he is a faster negotiator, we had a good idea of what north korea thought it is clear they want to make sure this summit happens, they want to negotiate, this is in their best interest. liz: north korea is in the weaker spot, economic collapse, plus, kim jong-un he wants this. he sees boost to his personal prestige he would be first north korea leader to talk directly with u.s. president, his father and grandfather nef never achied that. >> i hate this conversation of waiting for president to fail. especially with these talks this is just the beginning, we cannot put everything in this to one june 12 summit as if it is going
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to solve of the problems, this is the beginning of the process of denuclearize. liz: this is not a republican or democrat issue, this is a world safety issue, that is what analysts have been warning about. brett. what is the accept ai acceptablt trump will take? that north korea freezes its nuclear program, ends nuclear testing and permitted inspection? >> there are fundamental differences you know when you really define how both sides see denuclearize of the korean pen know sewell athat is the problem -- you know that is the problem, they are looking at this from a number of different angles, in intelligence, they are having a hard time deciding how many weapon that north korean have. how do you come to table with not really know how to fully denuclearize when their intelligence services conditiost decide on a number. he will have to convince kim
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jong-un it is best to give up the weapons, exphe that he can t and still preserve his regime. that is what he really wants in the end. liz: let's look at the top north korea official comes to new york city. he was the former head of north korea's spy agency. at closing ceremony of winter games he of in the same box at ivanka trump. they didn't speak. he would be highest ranking north korea official to visit u.s. in nearly two decades, this is a big deal. >> it is, he has served three different leaders in kim die do. -- dynasty. if you remember, sony hack.
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north korea were involved he was sanctioned by u.s. treasury, this is a bad man that is used to doing bad things to good people, also he was accused of being responsible for attack on a south korea navy ship that dill killed over 40 sailors, if is interesting, but i think that his talk with pompeo is a pretty serious events. almost as important president trump and kim jong-un's meeting. these are the guys that are whispering in their leader's ears, they will verify this in the end. liz: kellyanne con conway said t was president's cancellation letter that got things going again. >> this president, in that letter last week, i thought really got some kinetic energy going, folks saying this may not happen. and if you want it to happen, then we'll have to move. ever since then, north korea, south korea and united states
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have been making positive moves. liz: your reaction? >> this had to be done. people were toying with the president, they wanted to see where he stood. he was the willing to walk away. this is why this so fundamentally different with iran deal, with iran deal we were begging and pleading with them to come to the table. when they did it was not even worth the paper it was signed on. president understands important of this, and will define his presidency and a deal for the entire world. when he makes moves like that this is a strategy, a negotiation strategy. this -- you have to understand ththe background he comes from,e knows what he is doing, his move did work in the end. liz: brett thank you come back soon. >> thank you liz. liz: starbucks stores shut today for training after two black men were arrested for trespassing in a philadelphia starbucks store, stock end the day in the red.
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>> president trump is en route to a rally in nashville, beginning 8 p.m., we'll be all over that story, and bring it to you live. chinese president xi jinping will meet with iranian president rouhani next month, what is going with china? we'll bring in that analysis, and the debate coming up. i needed legal advice for my shop. that's when i remembered that my ex-ex- ex-boyfriend actually went to law school, so i called him. he didn't call me back!
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comcast business outmaneuver. liz: chinese president xi jinping reportedly will be meeting with irania iran presidt rouhani next month. >> u.s. warships sailed close to several disputed island in south china sea.
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a week ago u.s. disinvited china from rim of the pacific military exercises after it was found that china was ramping up its surface to air missile system on the island the. bringing in author gordon chang. we were talking about the break of there is no much going on. what is president xi jinping trying to do? take advantage of u.s. pulling out of the, ra iran deal. >> china and iran have always had a close relationship. china invested in gas and oil in iran. and iran nuclear weapon program is composed of chinese parts. through pakistan, and china selling material to iran surreptitiously. what sphwg on righ what is goin, we'll impose sanction on european companies doing business in iran. one is the french oil company total. and total has a big investment in an iranian gas field, largest
5:19 pm
gas field in the world. probably. what will happen if we dea don'e france an exemption, total will put out of iran field, that means chinese, the large oil company will take over the stake and beijing will have a bigger investment in iran's energy. chinese and russians compete for iran it gets complicated. >> what happens? >> that if makes it difficult for u.s. to really have our sanctions bite. you know we can deal with underan companies get -- european companies out of iran, but it bowl no would not -- it would not matter because chinese would just run in and take the place, u.s. needs to deal with china as well. we have the ability, the question is, if we have the political will and we have other
5:20 pm
disputes with china right now. liz: this is huge. you talk about china linking with iran. china is a big factor, you talked about this on different levels, militarily, north korea belligerent tone, the two big china energy companies positioned to takeover, iran's oil and gas field. give the lay of the ld. >> china and russia d compete for influence in middle east. one of the places is tehran. we're seeing iranian president, going to beijing, for shanghai corp operation organization that china, russia organization country in the central asia and middle east. and that will be important. who we're seeing china trying to establish links there. if they can do, that they can replace american i influence. liz: what can u.s. do with china then? >> well are all sorts of issues, we have impose costs for --
5:21 pm
>> is that why trump moved forward with $50 billion in tariffs, partly? >> that is my guess, this took everyone by surprise, announcement this morning u.s. would go ahead with tariffs of chinese goods. that is for violating you know intellectual property, stealing it bee had some cost on them, and president trump said, i don't like tariffs but this is the only way. that is why this took people by surprise, everyone assumed this general trade deal that people were putting together was not going to include the section 301 tariffs, the chinese were shocked. >> wow, unfolding, there is just so much every day with this story. we love having you on, to help us out with the great analysis. >> thank you. liz: remember this president trump said you know what you are getting sick of too much
5:22 pm
winning. who he has accomplished so far. how media has reported it. new democrat strategy against it. also growing backlash against roseanne barr, she tweeted out an offensive comment go obama official valerie jarrett, abc canceled her show, and there is more happening there we'll bring you the very latest, after this, don't go away. about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018. liz: welcome back, abc canceling roseanne barr's tv show after an offensive tweet she made. adam shapiro here with details. reporter: there is breaking news about this. right to valerie jarrett, taking part in a u town hall on racism,
5:26 pm
she said this should be a teaching moment, said, i am fine. i am welcome welcome worried --m worried about people out there, valerie jarrett calling this a teaching moment. >> you have seen roseanne, her show a hit in 1990s, it rebooted this year. only 9 episodes but highly rated and renewed by abc for 13 episodes in coming television season. but abc issued a statement, roseanne's twitter statement -- inconsistent with our values, we have canceled her show. from president of abc entitlement. thin the original tweet from roseanne barr. muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby, equals valerie jarrett. barr went on later to apologize, saying, i apologize to all
5:27 pm
americans and valerie, i am sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and look, i should have known better, my joke this was bad taste, that is just one of several things that roseanne barr had been tweeting about. there were comments about soros being a nazi and chelsea clinton mariclinmarried to one of soross when is incorrect. her talent agent, a fired her as well. liz: what a story, adam thank you. good to see you. here with reaction is william mcgern . with "wall street journal," and former speech write for president bush. >> this is bad taste, a lot of these celebrities are not known for good taste.
5:28 pm
i am roseanne doing a national an them, tasteless version. abc is saying we can't afford this part of our label. not much different from the nfl owners on the players. you are in entertainment statemy your customers are king. liz: hits show cast, now a lot of people out of work. >> that is the sad part, all others that had nothing to do with it have to find new jobs. >> this topic, president trump, his agenda is on the move in congress. here is what president has acomp blue chipped takoch blue chippe- thousands of manufacturing jobs, and ms-13 gang member crackdown, ending obama iran and cuba deal, the list goes on. your reaction to all he has done. >> i would add judicial
5:29 pm
appointment, not just gorsuch but appellate court, and regulatory role back, i think that is very important to the te economy. i think he has done a pretty good job. looking ahead, two big areas are immigration and obamacare. >> democrat strategy going into midterm, attack president trump for his inflammatory misleading statements and tweets. russia collusion story. also corruption. trump empire still doing deal making in the world. your reacted? >> you know, it may work. traditionally in midterms, you know, the opposing party gained seats it may work, they need 23 seat, on other hand, they are not really telling you what they would do, it is agenda less.
5:30 pm
they are betting a lot. liz: -- hating trump. >> i think that demographics are against him in senate, but -- the house? liz: impeach trump did not work for impeach bill clinton. democrats gained 5 seats. net 40 republican house seats for grabs and i think 20 democrat, 9 senate republican, and -- that is the lay of lapd. here is mitt romney, coming to the president's defense. >> do you think he is a role model? >> i don't think that i would point to president as a role model for my grand kids on basis of his personal style. he has departed in some cases from truth and attacked in a way this not appropriate. i believe his policies have been by and large a good deal better
5:31 pm
than i expected. president is right in my view, i will be him, he has exceeded by expectations with regards to tax policy, regulatory policy, public land policy. liz: you see that split, don't like him personally but you like his policy. >> people voted for donald trump they were not surprised with what they are getting, he living a very public life. liz: he has been saying fake news sent 70s. >> he has accomplished more, i was never a hillary person. i supported president trump. in election. i am not sure i thought high would win, he would win, he has done a lot more to make me happen than i thought. i think he has pretty good case. look, idea of a blue wave talking about this in january and february the way people were is just silly. a lot going on between now and then. liz: bill, thank you for coming on, you are terrific. >> thank you. liz: missouri governor,
5:32 pm
resigning. making a statement in governor was on the, live streaming it he faces an allegation he took a picture of a woman in a state of undress without her consent. and also extramarital affair and misuse of charity donor list. >> midterms just 5 months away. who wins control of congress? it is neck-and-neck. we have latest scoreboard on each side of the ay aisle straty coming up. liz: a big drugmaker hiding it knew its opioids were being abu bussed but -- abused but continued to aggressively push them to customers, details on, that don't go away. i feel a great deal of urgency...
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if i knew you were gonna run the table i wouldn't have invited you over. call (866) 285-1934. act now to take advantage of commission-free trades for 90 days, plus get up to an $800 cash bonus when you open and fund a new account. ♪ liz: to midterms just 5 months away. who wins control, in flux. republican representative tom garrett of virginia announcing he is not running for reelection this year, he will seek treatment for alcoholism. 40 republican house seats now sit vacant, versus 20. democrat seats. politic analyst weighing in, if you looked 6 months ago you would say it was doom's day for republican, we have gone from democrat heavy favorite to take house to something of a dead heat, maybe a thumb on the scale for republicans.
5:37 pm
with me now, political -- expert kristen tate. >> this year has seen a record number of g.o.p. lawmakers leaving capitol hill. but it looks unlikely that the democrats will be able to regain control. strategists on both sides are looking at 23 seats held by republican in district that hillary clinton won in 2016, and 12 by democrat where donald trump won in 2016, these seats are vulnerable to switch. the democrat problem is they fail to come up with a message that resonates with working class americans, it seems they are running on rolling back tax cuts and perceived hatred of president trump. liz: what is the democrat's growth strategy.
5:38 pm
attacking trump for -- what is their strategy for american people, how we're going to help your wallet? what do they have? >> democrat are suggesting that tax cut rolled back at highest echelons of earners put 50 billion toward education to the school, infrastructure, teach esand resources. and other thing idea that republicans try to make tax cut for consumers permanent before the election. or talk about a bill. problem health care costs are rising, 15% this year. and also gas prices are rising? liz: okay. but. we have a spending problem. >> i agree. liz: you tax upper bracket more? we have record jobless rates going down. 6.6 million job openings,
5:39 pm
democrats have a guaranteed job program, is that the policy that will work. >> i think that g.o.p. seeing that boost in popularity, because generalry speaking people are happy attacks cut did put -- the tax cuts did more money in the working american's pockets. the economy growth, is is reabove the. and how toxic leadership of today's democratic party has become, more closely tied midterm candidates are persevered to be with someone like nancy pelosi, worst they will do with former blue dog democrats who may have voted president trump in 2016, they feel today' democratic party has forgotten about them. liz: we'll be right back after the break. >> explosive bombshell report, one drugmaker knew the opioids re being abused but continued to push the drugs aggressively
5:40 pm
anyway. >> this story, u.s. and north korea summit may be back on track. media seems confused. should they attack trump for having the meeting or canceling it? we'll have that media scramble story for you coming up.
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> bombshell report, "new york times" report that drugmaker perdue pharma has been hiding fact it knew that its opioids are being abused. and continues to market them aggressively. fox business' susan lee with the report. >> right. new york time uncovered this confidential justice report. ing is that perdue pharma knew about wide abuse and addictstion to oxycontin, still marketed it
5:44 pm
as less addictive than say percocet or vicodin. the family that owns perdue pharma were made aware of the abuses and all internet chatter of the wide addictstion of oxy, oxy -- addiction much oxycontin, it caught up with perdu 2007 the largest cases again any pharmaceutical company with u.s. justice department. three he level executives pleaded guilty to misdemeanors. some say it was too lenient, if they have pushed for tougher charges, and a bigger settlement it could have marked a big
5:45 pm
change with the opioid crises that we're now dealing with. that u.s. president said ehas called to one of the national health crises that country faces. >> great reporting thank you, susan. >> thank you. liz: big fight over health care cost, drug prices, democrat want more government control. and trump white house said make it a more free market. show how much you pay for drugs over the years. we'll bring in fox news medical correspondent dr. mark siegel, you have an exclusive interview with medicare, medicaid head. she is taking on nancy pelosi, here is nancy pelosi attacking trump. trump has a weak plan, abandoned hard working families struggling with crisis of surging drug prices, president's proposal are a give away to big pharma, do
5:46 pm
nothing to hold wealthy drug companies accountable for price gouging. reporter: -- verma unveiled a new drug dashboard, they can see a list price of the drugs, they made that dashboard 3,000 drugs. you see which ones have gone up over last year, which are going up and which manufacturer responsible, zyrtec 20% up. liz: how would that lower the cost? >> what happened middle managers come in taken a bi a profit andt passed it to consumer, so the consumer pays high copays, and pay out of pocket. >> if everyone sees the trajectory of these individual
5:47 pm
drugs going up, they would say, wait a second, you are talking market press our to bring the prices down? once you see them? >> absolutely. enbrel costs $2700 a month. liz: what is that for. >> arthritis. but if a medicare patient senior said, look at that price. who is making that money. the profit, they find out it is the middle managers, they will ask government to help. the government is negotiating. liz: i see. they will take hits. >> right. more competition. more choice. vermarc said last year, they negotiated with hospitals and saved seniors 320 million on prescription drugs in hospitals. liz: do w we have a stand by frm
5:48 pm
verma . your sit down. talking about what doctor seigel is disclosing. >> transparency tool, an opportunity for patients and public to see what is going on with drug prices, we have gone from 70 drugs on dashboard to 3,000. you can see price increases year-over-year. and you can see when manufacturer it is. liz: if you start with drugs, you could do with hospitals, with doctor pricing. this is what republicans, saying we should be doing for years now. >> yes, i asked her, same point you made, now i know prices, now what? that is step one. now you know price, then we march in we negotiate for better prices, and also fda coming in more generics are being approved. you say mya costs much less.
5:49 pm
liz: a big deal. >> she talked about how president trump is saying, whether not selling to foreign countries at lower prices, the way we have been, that is ridiculous. you see germany comes in saying i amin going to buy the drugs bt i pay lower, and they say sure. we get hit. liz: we pay for the overseas consumers. >> we have seen that with president blocking other country from gouging us, that he will do that with prescription drug prices. liz: i love this story. >> patients less out of pocket key, seniors cannot afford. liz: it is tough, i tell you so tough with what going on with seniors this could revolutionize health care prices in hospitals and doctors not just drugs. >> using private forces, she has
5:50 pm
done this nin indiana. liz: interesting doctor siegel thank you. >> testimoncome back. liz: media scramble to criticized president trump often backfires. case in point north korea, our political panel will be all over that one next. y managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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5:54 pm
now that it looks like it's still on, they are scrambling. north korea did a 180. they had a softer rhetoric after trump canceled. your take, dan jel yell? >> i think what the media is reacting to -- liz: how do you know it's haphazard. we have military and intelligence veterans in the white house work on this daily. i don't think it's haphazard. i think they know what they are doing. they have been at it for decade. >> i only refer to the extreme rhetoric from both sides from early on and the fact that we haven't had an ambassador. i -- listening to bill clinton
5:55 pm
in 1984. kristin, it's not just trump that shows the dems to be wrong. so do the markets. even as oil prices were plunging, president trump's actions were bringing higher prices. >> president trump's decision the pull out of the iran deal hasead to higher oilrices. prices. >> the media and democrats will do anything, even lying to criticize donald trump. getting back to north korea. any progress we can make there would benefit the u.s. and the world. republicans and democrats should
5:56 pm
be cheering him on right now. but it seems like the media wants him to fail. we have seen the outlets that were traditionally beacons of journalistic integrity, as they become more flagrant in their anti-trump bias, they lose their influence. liz: this is not a republican or democrat issue, it's about safety. >> this is not just about americans, this is europeans and people in the pacific rim that would be an obvious target for kim jong-un. liz: good to have you on. come back soon. we'll be right back. i've always been about what's next.
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so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro. liz: president trump holding a rally in nashville, tennessee tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern
6:00 pm
time. fox business will be all over that. charles payne is coming up. he's here now with making money. charles: the major averages tumbling big time today as global elites continue to attempt to ignore the will of citizens in was political turmoil in italy where euro skeptics are the majority. abc is canceling their hit show "roseanne" following her racist tweets. this happened on the same day starbucks closed thousands of its stores to have anti-bias training. here to help break down all of these moving parts, adam shapiro.


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