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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 29, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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should go to? tammy: absolutely. the president loves the country and he's going to approach everyone i think the same way. charles: you are looking live at nashville, tennessee. marsha blackburn has president trump to help her out. here is lou. lou: our top stories tonight. president trump in deal-making mode, keeping global opponents off balance and putting america first. the white house says the respective summit with kim jong-un could be back on the table as the top north korean enjoy arrives back in the united states to meet with the secretary of state. china threatening new sanctions on $50 billion of imports from china, upping the stakes on trade negotiations by imposing a so-called 301. we have the latest on this to
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chinese talks. peter navarro and gordon chang to talk about the showdown with north korea and china. also the trump agenda building up ahead of the mid-term elections. a new stream of legislative victories you won't hear about in the left-wing national media that could be driving the republican insush jones. and ed rollins weighs in. our top story. president trump turning up the heat on china, putting pressure on beijing to address the massive trade imbalance it even joitd united states for decade. this coming within weeks of the imposition of tariffs if the chinese don't act. the administration said by june 15 it will finalize tariffs on
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$50 billion of imports from china. the penalty is on 1,300 product categories. it could go as high as 25%. and by the end of next month the united states would impose historic restrictions on chinese investment to combat intellectual property theft that costs the united states $600 billion a year unless the united states and china can reach a trade deal in 2 1/2 weeks. our next guest continue to the fight against china's trade practices. joining us is peter navarro, top trade advisor to the president. good to have you with us. i know you are doing well. the imposition of 301. this administration has done
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more with the 301s than the previous administration con tell plated through its two terms in office. lou: we'll insist upon it. >> this president is tough as nails on trade and national security. this investigation combines those two things. hairs what we -- here is what we know. chain a steals our ask intellectual property and forces the transfer of that technology from american companies on chinese soil trying get access to the markets. it requires companies in silicon valley and evade our export control laws. here is the thing. lou: it is being adjudicated
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before the world trade organization. this audience here heard the reports on that. >> let's understand why these tariffs -- lou: i'm going to ask the questions here, peter and i will seek answers from you. i feel somewhat irrelevant if you ask both the questions and provide answers. >> go ahead. lou: let's start with $50 billion. you are talking about a trade relationship that is over $600 billion in the trade relationship between the two countries. these are peanuts. this is knee nuts. so what -- this is peanuts. so what will be the impact of these 301ks if we get to june 15 and there is no deal? >> the purpose is to stop china from stealing the crown jewels of our technology. lou: too late. the trade war.
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>> the purpose of the tariffs targeted at the china 2025 industries, artificial intelligence and robotics. it to defend our industries that engage in research and development. china had has a predatory model where they come in and try to steal them from us. the purpose of the tariffs, and investment restrictions are to prevent china from buying those companies we nurture here. this 301 investigation focuses solely on technology. it's not a bargaining chip. whatever deal might be made, this is not a bargaining chip. these tariffs will be put into place to protect and defend our technologies. we have another problem with the $500 billion worth of trade
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exports china send to us. that's where the deal making need to be done. but this is not bargaining chips, lou. this will happen june 15. the president is strong and tough and resolute on that. he promised this during the campaign than is a straight line between here, the 301 investigation he ordered, the results of that 301 investigation and the decision he made today to impose those tariffs and restrictions. lou: the zte accommodation to president xi? >> i want to continue to be clear about this. lou: if you continue to be clear we'll have a wonderful evening. >> zte is a law enforcement issue, not my lane. lou: a national security issue. >> indeed it is. secretary mnuchin and wilbur ross are the ones to talk about on that issue.
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that's not something i can talk about because of that. lou: okay. so you don't think that the sanctions should be handled as simply a national security issue rather than a response in trade. the president obviously reacted as if it were a trade issue. he's making a personal exemption for zte despite 7 years of violating u.s. sanctions with north korea and iran. >> i fully understand that, lou, but i'm under directions. it's a law enforcement issue. lou: who told you it was a law enforcement issue it's a national security issue. how do you separate national security from international trade with a communist country that is right now being very provocative when we carry our freedom of navigation missions,
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the u.s. navy does, in the south china sea. this is become a rather brittle matter, isn't it? >> the fedom of navigation issue i front and center. china is building these large islands, artificial islands. lou: militarizing them. >> the u.s. navy is worried about that. the philippines and vietnam. this is what china is doing in the south china sea. lou: when you make the distinction with law enforcement, i find that curious. as a man who has written about trade with china and understands the national security implications, i would think you would be more vociferous on this. >> i don't mind you pressing on this, and if i weren't part of the administration and under orders, this is a law
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enforcement issue, i would be free to express my views. but this is a law enforcement issue being dealt with by the department of justice and the district court. wilbur ross and steve mnuchin would be the commenters on this. they have gone up to capitol hill to comment on this. lou: they have also gone to beijing and come back with an interesting but checkered result. we are sitting here talking about 301s and the administration's decision to impose punishment ebb as it's being adjudicated before the world trade organization which some would consider to be a further ambiguity given this administration has not been particularly supportive of the idea of turning over sovereignty to the wto. >> there is on one issue the 301 is involved in with the wto.
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what china does as part of their coercion and aggression, they force american companies to license -- it's licensing. take qualcomm had a chip -- lou: i understand you want to run out the time. by want you to know, you already succeeded and we appreciate your efforts and look forward to talking with you the next time. you take care of yourself. peter navarro. president trump says robert mueller's 13 angry democrats are plotting to subvert our mid-term elections. we are coming right back. it took guts to start my business.
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lou: president trump voicing his concern that dems will use the russian witch hunt to subvert republican candidates in the mid-term elections. he tweeted the 13 angry democrats plus the people who worked 8 years for obama working on the rigged russia witch hunt will be meddling with the mid-term elections especially
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now that republicans are taking the lead in the polls. there was no collusion except for the democrats. chris farrell, good to have you with us. i think if president trump weren't focused on the witch hunt, the 13 angry democrats, that he just provides such an important perspective for everyone including the left-wing national media, don't you think? >> he's his own best spokesperson. in a tweet he can nail the topic in a way no one else is capable of doing. and so i encourage him to continue to communicate that fashion because that message has to be heard loud and clear. lou: you will not be disappointed in his commitment to tweeting. that's my strong belief. >> always notice judge comes out with a crazy opinion about his
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twitter account. lou: somebody ought to tell the judge to go to hell. judge, you can go to hell. that's ridiculous. >> thank you, lou. lou: you are welcome. it's absurd. let's turn to mueller. the man has so far as i can determine right now, no judgment, no integrity, and no prospect really of doing any better in either category over the course of whatever life the special counsel has. do you want to put ford a different perspective on it? >> i will echo what you are saying. but the important thing is that the gross number of conflicts of interest and disqualifying either alignments or previous contacts of his staff, we have documented number two, weissmann communicating with sally yates,
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this overwrought congratulations on his part. he's disqualified at face value from holding office. lou: isn't there someone independently who can assert to the special counsel, around sorry son of a gun and you need to either improve your conduct and do the right thing here, the right thing of course would be to disband his merry band of left-wing -- acros. why can't we find some voice with the power to do that. with the standing. i mentioned the aba. why can't there be someone with the standing whether professional or national regard who has the voice and the
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command of the media to say, enough already. >> the canons of judicious ethics say even the appearance of impropriety is enough for an officer of the court to be disqualified. mueller walking in the door with the staff he assembled, the appearance of impropriety and conflict of interest and disqualification has been screaming. you could have the so-called leadership of the house and senate apply pressure. obviously the president is an effective communicator. rudy giuliani stepped up and hs been impressive. lou: an individual or an entity, i just think the president talks about fake news. he brand them so aptly.
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there has to be a brand waiting for the judicial system this country. the legal profession. what this means is there isn't enough conscience sitting in those courtrooms and those benches and in the legal profession itself. alan dershowitz comes to mind. jonathan turley, georgetown law professor. there are a handful of people who stood tall in these moments and berated a legal profession and judiciary that is bringing almost as much -- you can argue the degrees -- but a commensurate amount of shame to themselves as the journalism community in this country. >> the long-term consciouses of that, it's enormously corrosive
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to the people's trust and the justice system. people don't believe in the fbi anymore. if you go into a court, even if there is disagreements in philosophy, you will get a fair shake by an even-tempered judiciously balanced person. people don't believe in that anymore. and the consequences for the country are grave. lou: if special counsel were going to mess with this president further in any way, i think there would be an uproar in this country that would bored on civil disobedience. i really do. the courts are a sham. the legal profession has disgraced itself. this is just different's stunning moment in history when there is such an absence of integrity in the courts, the
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judiciary, in the legal profession. the fbi and the justice department are hollow institutions at this point. >> the problem is it will get worse. this spygate fiasco is going to unravel and all the details about strzok and page and mccabe, all the others -- there will be three senior officials testifying next week who retired from the fbi. there will be revelations about what is called undisclosed participation in u.s. organizations which is in violation of an executive order. all -- and as this deinvolves and gets worse it will -- as this devolves and gets worse, you will see the credibility department of justice and the fbi driven further into the ground. lou: it looks close to rock bottom to me.
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rod rosenstein, jeff sessions. what do you say about these people? they haveisgrachemselves and continue to do so almost daily. >> i'm very disappointed in mr. sessions. he's awol. and i think mr. rosenstein -- here is another guy who is complicit. he's right in the middle of it with respect to mueller and all the staff there. the notion that the guy who recommended the firing of comey is appointing a special counsel. lou: no one seems to even blush that they are unable to do so and refuse to do so as they stonewall the congress and oversight committees. they do so without shame. great shame they possess. thanks for being with us. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you think special counsel
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mueller and his 13 angry democrats are a far bigger threat to our elections than anyone in russia? cast four vote on twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook and instagram @loudobbstonight. the summit between president trump and kim jong-un could still happen. we'll take that up when we continue. we'll be right back. ♪ with expedia you could book a flight, hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪
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it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving! lpped the white house still expects a meeting between to take place, although it may not take place as originally planned on june 12th. secretary of state mike pompeo will meet with the top north korean official in new york tomorrow trying to revive planning for the peace summit with, directly with the kim regime. joining us tonight, north korea and china expert, gordon chang.
7:28 pm
good to have you. what does it mean when kim jong-un sends his top spy master and often the perceived right-hand man to the united states to make things happen? >> i think it's a sign of seriousness. they wouldn't send him here until they wanted to make a deal. he teas taking instructions that are unacceptable to us but at least they're sending a high enough level official. because this guy has been around for decades. and although nobody has the trust of kim jong-un, nonetheless, if anyone were to be able to negotiate, it would be him. lou: he has also had sanctions placed against him personally. he is the nefarious head of the north korean secret service, along with other infamous, if you will credits to his name.
7:29 pm
it's a strange choice it seems to me but perhaps an apt one for what has been the bloodiest regime on the planet. >> he was been involved in a number of incidences, including the sony hack in 2014. he had indirect involvement in the sinking of the south korean freighter in march 2010, 46 killed. there's a lot of blood on this man's hands, as you expect. a senior official, involved in everything close to the. of the regime. clearly he's going to be a bad actor. lou: a bad actor apparently with a central role in the negotiations. just how soon do you think we'll see this have some sort of impact to reveal what the chinese view is, that is xi jinping is the master behind all of this for the north koreans. what is your sense of where the chinese are right now? >> right now the chinese are
7:30 pm
violating u.n. sanctions openly. just 10, 1ours ago we learned from japanes media that the japanese spoed a chinese ves until international waters transferring something to a north korean ship. now ship-to-ship transfers international waters are sanctioned by the u.n. clearly china is up to no good there. they're supporting the north korean economy so that kim doesn't have to deal with us. and president trump at some point is going to have to deal with the chinese, especially if we don't get a good arrangement with north korea, because if we don't get a good one, it's because of beijing. lou: i was listening to peter navarro, the president's trade counsel director. he basically didn't want to talk about trade, even though he's -- and he wanted to dismiss 301 is a law enforcement issue rather than a national security -- i can understand a lot of this if we were saying that it's national security. but he was talking about law
7:31 pm
enforcement. when in fact national security underpins everything that we're doing with the chinese, with the north koreans, obviously. even our allies in europe. national security is the fundamental motivation here for the united states in all trade. >> that's absolutely critical. every discussion we have with the chinese these days becomes a national security one, especially trade. the chinese are using trade to undermine u.s. national security. the chinese don't separate it out saying we have trade with the united nations. no. it's all part of the same conversation for beijing. we should treat it as the same way. lou: and we did for years. the clinton administration is actually when there was first a decoupling, a significant decoupling as it turned out. satellite technology transferred. this is long before the older trade organization industry on e part of the chinese. we were watching half a trillion
7:32 pm
dollars, $600 billion a year being stolen by the cnese in one for or anotherut in terms of outright espionage and theft in this country. >> we have to impose clause on that. this is something that we've known about administration in and out. and the trump administration is trying to do something about it. i think they should be doing more but nonetheless, we're getting started. lou: it is a start but it's troubling when you hear a representative of this administration, or frankly it's troubling to watch the mess mnuchin, the treasury secretary, negotiations in beijing. it's troubling when yun hear peter navarro start talking about law enforcement as the way to dodge the fundamental issues of the rebalancing that the administration to its immense credit has begun. >> and treasury secretary mnuchin doesn't understand what you just mentioned, how everything is a national
7:33 pm
security issue. 301 tariffs, no big deal. this is a wrong view of the u.s. relations with beijing. lou: fortunately and to the credit of the administration, a guided missile and destroyer cruiser in the south china seas making certain that is there is freedom of navigation as they carry out their maneuvers over the past week, much to the consternation of the chinese who have a bit of a fit over ill all. great to see you, gordan. things for being with us. up next, left wing globalist and billionaire george soros joins us to advance their open border agenda. we'll have that and much more. byron york joins us here next, straight ahead.
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lou: the italian president denying democracy, blocking the appointment of an economy minister by the country's new populist coalition. appointing an interim leader so called until new elections could be held. meanwhile, leftist billionaire george soros is dumping millions of dollars into a push for a new brexit vote in britain within the next year, trying to overcome there a legitimate election and a decision that
7:38 pm
should be within just months of being implementable. joining us tonight is by yon york, fox business contributor. byron, let's go to the deep state and the silly people who make it up. all of washington seems, if you will, a twitter over chuck schumer telling the national left-wing media -- and they put it -- he put it in really stark terms, that -- saying they should not use the term spygate. they should not refer to the quote unquote unknown person or persons in the trump administration sent there by president obama's administration as spies but rather, i guess he would be a suitably impressed if they would only use informant. i have never heard so much poppycock around the parsing
7:39 pm
that is so admired by the left, between the two words spy and informant. have you? >> no. and i think the republicans in the house intelligence committee would be happy to use the term if they would hand over the documents, the information about this. and i think the whole spy/informant debate is not very enlightening. the key thing is there's so much we still don't know about the time line of when this informant was recruited, when did he form his relationship with the fbi, what did he do on their behalf. we know that he contacted three people in the trump campaign, carter page, sam clo vus and then george papadopoulos. we've had some information about what went on. i've spent a lot of time talking to sam recently. but there's so much we don't know here. and whether to call it a spy or
7:40 pm
inforinformant doesn't give us e answers. lou: can one argue the point. a good anglo saxen word spy, let's use it. sent there to spy, reporting back what he or she was spying upon to masters who are in -- well, they are called spy masters, are they know? why is there such a reticence and why the world is chuck schumer so comfortable giving direction to the complicit left-wing national media. shouldn't there be a little veil between himself and the so-called independent press? >> remember, schumer is the man who said you mess with the intelligence community, they have sing ways from sunday of getting back at you. lou: right. >> he's well versed in these things. but here again -- lou: well-versed or well-informed. >> could be. i have no problem with using the word spy. but informant is a good word
7:41 pm
too. the whole thing was this person clearly contacted members of the trump campaign on behalf of the fbi, was reporting back, seemed to be talking to some members as a way to get to other members, then bringing up the whole question of hillary clinton's deleted e-mails. was he planting information in this is really serious stuff and it's very difficult to find out what's going on. lou: it is serious. but it is also revealing in all sorts of ways, the discussion between informant and spy, when both clapper and comey really acknowledge by their comments that there was a spy or informant, if you prefer, in the midst of the campaign. we know there was an unmasking that led to surveillance. we know that there were phony
7:42 pm
fisa attestations signed by current leaders of the fbi. it goes on and on. there is enough overwhelming evidence of i don't think doing on the part of the leadership of the fbi and the department of justice for everyone to say, let's get to the bottom of this. the congress of the united states will not assert itself because its leadership in the form of mcconnell and ryan haven't got the guts to do so. and the president is going to be soon forced to make a very big decision, and that is whether or not to get rid of these corrupt and awful people who make up the leadership of both the department and the agency. don't you agree? >> well, another issue here is the whole question of another special counsel. and you and i have discussed it and it's been widely discussed in republican circles, whether this is necessary or not because there is going to be an inspector general investigation of this.
7:43 pm
you know, we're expecting to hear in the next few days the results of the inspector general's investigation into the hillary clinton investigation. but there's one now going about trump-russia. but we're not going to find out about that for a long time and we all know the limitations of inspectors general lou: byron, doesn't it strike you that when we as a nation are willing to accept two years of investigation from a special counsel which is the justice department after all, and the fbi, the two most corrupt intit entities involved in this days cushiondiscussion, we as a natit two years while they acknowledge that they have produced no evidence of quote unquote collusion and next sending agents to easy rail, talking all sorts of nonsense, getting focused on porn stars. this is a disgusting and utterly abhorrent special counsel and
7:44 pm
everyone associated should be, i think, mightily ashamed. you get the last quick word. >> the solutions for this are often political and i do think that we could hear some sort of verdict from voters this november, whether they're tired of this stuff. we're already seeing a decline in confidence in robert mueller in polls. we're seeing a declining number of people say -- agree with the idea that he is being fair in all of thi there is a bit of a tide change right now and it could -- you could see more of it in november. lou: you know the y idea that we have to wait until november because we have leaders that don't have the guts or the principle to stand up and say enough is enough. that in and of itself is a verdict of its own. byron york, great to have you with us. thanks so much. be sure to vote in the poll. the question, do you think special counsel mueller and his sp angry democrats are a far bigger threat to the midterm elections than anyone in russia? cast your vote on twitter
7:45 pm
@loudobbs. up next, abc cancels roseanne for her tweets. we'll take that up here next. we'll be right back.
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lou: abc today cancels smash hit roseanne after a series of controversial tweets by roseanne barr. fox news media correspondent howard kurtz has the latest for us. >> roseanne barr had been on top of the world. her resurrected show featuring her as a pro-trump housewife, a huge hit for abc. >> how could you have voted for him, roseanne. >> he talked about jobs, jackie. said he would shake things up. >> look at roseanne, i called her yesterday. look at her rating. >> but hours ago in the blink of a tweet, abc canceled roseanne over the star's ugly comments about valley jarrett, comments the network called abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values. the offending tweet said if muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby, equals vj. but at first barr did not back off. when twitter users called the
7:50 pm
line racist, barr responded that muslims are not a race. she later tweeted she had been making a joke before saying this, i apologize to valerie jarrett and all americans. i'm truly sorry about the joke. but the outrage mounted. wanda psychs said she would not be returning next season. barr's talent agently dropped her. many other comedian comedians he survive offensive jokes. steven colbert make a remark about trump open lod mere putin. wanda psychs herself called rush rush. ththis prompted the ceo of disny to say there was only one thing
7:51 pm
to do here and that was the right thing. they acted with stunning swiftness to protect its brand. in this hyper polarized twitter era, a network's reputation can be tarnished as quickly as a top star can self destruct, howard kurtz, fox news. lou: so there it is. doing the right thing. but not the right thing when it comes to lots of others on the left. comedian michelle wolf has a new netflix series despite her vile, vicious and continuous attacks against white house press secretary sarah sanders. alec baldwin still appears on "saturday nightlife" and johnny deposit quote unquote joking about killing the president, starring in four movie this year. on wall street, the dow down 400 points, the s&p down 31, the
7:52 pm
nasdaq down 37. volume on the big board 3.7 billion shares. and the reason for this selloff, that of course what's being called the soft coups in italy and concerns that italy is headed to big trouble and may well take the eurozone with it. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, coast to coast on the salem radio network and up next, the dean, ed rollins, he joins me here next to take up what has been a busy day in politics. nasty stuff. that's next. imln e of the night, so he got home safe.
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lou: joining us now, the dean himself, ed rollins, former white house political director under ronald reagan, fox news contributor. great to have you here. >> thank you. nice to be here. lou: i got to ask you, peter navarro, the director of the president's trade council, the man supposed to be talking about trade didn't want to talk about trade tonight. >> i was astonished that he said this was investigative or judicial or what have you. trade is trade. lou: law enforcement. >> what's law enforcement? who does law enforcement with china? defense departments? state? you know at the end of the day -- lou: it's national security. he didn't want to say the words national security. >> we need to be aggressive and i think the reality is i don't know what's going on. there's too many people talking and too many issues getting out
7:57 pm
there. if i was the president of the united states and i had been told in my campaign there was a spy, someone paid for by the cia or fbi or what have you, i would say tomorrow or first thing monday morning, there are 20 seats in the cabinet room, 17 agencies, every single guy and gal come in here, i want you to ll m what y know what went on last year. let's get to the bottom of this thing. i'm the chief executive officer. i'm entitled to know what goes on. was there a spy on my campaign. let's get to the bottom of this ping. and do it in front of your peers and all raise your hand, tell me what went on. and you know, because this thing has dragged on a year. lou: two years. two years. >> it's rumor and innuendo. lou: and the spying started long ago. >> and how do you stop it if you don't know what went on. that's what happened with 9/11. 9/11 a bunch of people didn't talk to each other.
7:58 pm
and the whole idea is these guys would sit down -- lou: we scared up homeland security. >> dan coates is supposed to be in charge of it. everybody is supposed to report to him and they report to the president. threat's get to the bottom of this thing. lou: here's the other thing about the group of people. i also would like to know one thing. if there was meddling in the 2016 election, why didn't one of you people find out well in advance of its occurrence because that's what you do, you spy, and you mount counter intelligence and why didn't you do something about that meddling before the november election of 2016? >2016 ? and they did. you know what else they haven't done anything about? they can't do anything about cyberattacks. everybody figures if they keep their mouths shut, people with steal billion billions of dollam this country every year. we're watching china take half a trillion dollars out of the country. >> we spend $80 billion on
7:59 pm
intelligence gathering. that's what we know. lou: an informed number but not necessarily the right number. >> the president has a right to know. these people work for him. he's the chief executive of the government. let's get this over as quickly as we can. they haven't found anything on him. let's get it done and get it cleared up. lou: what about this leaking, you know, reports that mercedes schlapp was identified as the most aggressive leak ner the white house. they don't even mind people know whog the leakers are, i guess. >> i have never seen a white house -- i've been on three or four of them, 50 years in washington, i've never seen one leak like this one. and the psident promised he's going to fire some peopl and he needs to do that. if she's one of them, she'll be dragged in front of him and -- lou: it's amazing. it's truly an amazing time that we're witnessing, a president who is doing so much -- and i
8:00 pm
mean he can't even count op the support of his own people. >> being undercut every day. lou: that's it for us tonight. please tune in tomorrow. we'll have congressman diane black. good night from new york. kennedy: all right. president trump set to take the stage at a make america great again rally in nashville, tennessee. that's happening at any moment and i comes just hours after abc canceled their hit show "roseanne" over a few tweets that many deemed quite racist. will the president address the roseanne controversy as he did address her on twitter after her ratings boom when the reboot reaired for the first time. he's reportedly voiced support for the show. roseanne says she's a big fan of the president and we will soon know exactly whether or not he's going


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