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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 30, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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support of his own people. >> being undercut every day. lou: that's it for us tonight. please tune in tomorrow. we'll have congressman diane black. good night new york. kennedy: all right. president trump set to take the stage at a make america great again rally in nashville, tennessee. that's happening at any moment and i comes just hours after abc canceled their hit show "roseanne" over a few tweets that many deemed quite racist. will the president address the roseanne controversy as he did address her on twitter after her ratings boom when the reboot reaired for the first time. he's reportedly voiced support for the show. roseanne says she's a big fan of the president and we will soon know exactly whether or not he's going to address that tempest in
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a teapot. the rally is supposed to be a campaign stop to support marshal black burn. she may be called senator at some point because she's running to replace bob corker, he is retiring at the end of his term. but as we all know, the president rarely sticks to script, bless h his bones. so this could be a long fun night. the place is absolutely packed to the gills. 9,000 people. they have been waiting outside since 10:00 this morning, coming from far and wide, minnesota, california, so many people out there waiting to hear the president address this crowd. so could we also hear about roseanne, the status of the north korean talks, and the russia investigation, among other things? it's all going to start at any moment. the president is supposedly on time and this is going to be quite fun. it's only tuesday and look where we are. first up, fox news white house correspondent kevin cork
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is live at that rally in nashville. kevin, what should we expect from the president tonight? what do you know? reporter: can i just tell you, you really make television fun. i just love listening to you. you get the right vibe, the right spirit of being here. this is an opportunity for the president to say a lot of good things about a woman he knows very well, marsha black burn and a congressman that she feels would do great things for this state, the volunteer state. as a senator she is looking to replace bob corker, the outgoing senator. i get it. it's still five months away but you can never and i mean ever get enough support early when it comes to a very close race like this one. so the president is here tonight for this big rally in music city. by the way, he was here just a few months ago. we were here with him when he addressed the farm bureau over in march. and i got to tell you. he is loved in this town. as for marsha black burn, she could use his support.
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she's in a dog fight of a race. so the president hoping to expend a bit of political capital during his time tonight. and as you can well imagine, we suspect he'll go off script adds he certainly does. we're looking to bring it all to you live. kennedy: we've seen the president address big crowds in pro-trump states, parts of florida and west virginia. what is the mood like at that rally in nashville tonight? reporter: well, listen. one of the things that you always know when you come to a rally style event like this, you expect there to be great energy, right, in the room. you're going to get that. but i think you get a little more than just great energy here tonight. you get a president speaking with a purpose. he's talking about something very important. he's always wanting to use the opportunity to again bolster the successes of his campaign. we're not just talking about during the runup to the election. we're talking about the trump administration from day one has been making this promise of bringing back jobs, doing more for the manufacturing sector.
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that's very popular here in the volunteer state. so he's going to talk at length about that. and i suspect we'll also hear him spend a little bit of that political capital not just talking about marsha black burn but others here in the volunteer state. we're talking about precarious margins for the republicans in the senate and the house for that matter. so it's time to rally the troops and rally the base and we suspect, kennedy, he'll do plenty of that here tonight kb. kennedy: it's interesting because you always have the president walking very careful tight rope. and you know, although there is a great deal of spontaneity in these rallies, and that's what fans of political olympics tune in for, that's why he became, you know, such must see tv during the primaries. and some of the debates, was because you never knew what he was going to say. he's got a very careful set of plates that are spinning that he has to balance.
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of course he's got the political, he's got, not only the midterms to look forward to but he's trying to get marsha black burn from the house to the senate. he's also got foreign policy, he's got, you know, north korea, which that is not a certain victory. but things seem to have been playing -- "cats" in the background, which i don't know if you're pulling at my heartstrings, but i thank you for that. but in addition to foreign policy and the political, we also have the cultural. the president has inserted himself into culture and he has been accepted with open arms by roseanne who has now been quikd oukickedout of abc. reporter: i'm so glad you're astute musically. i'm not surprised by the way, having watch your career for quite a while. i knew you would know that. by the way, the music here tonight has been fantastic. better than the other rallies i have attended. let me just say this.
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as it relates to roseanne barr, keep this in mind. if, a big if, if his staff is on his game tonight, he won't touch it with a ten-foot pole. because there is no victory here in wading into those waters. h. anything you say can be misconstrued. kennedy: the stakes are high. they can't be misconstrued by north korea, as they have shown a fickleness and prickliness when it comes to comments made by nsa john bolton and you know the vice president echoing ambassador bolton's comments. i'm going to go to the party panel. we'll check back in with you. right now i want to check in with my shark-investeds party panel, a fox news contributor, jessica is here, joined by media director at campus reform, a
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critical organization in these trying times, and reason magazine editor in chief, runs the website she is one of the titans of liberty that we love having on the show. katherine malmaggie ward. welcome back. jessica as the democrat on the panel. >> is that what's happening here? kennedy: kind of. what are you most excited to see? do you want the president to make some big mistake. >> obviously. kennedy: -- are or you entertained when he goes off script and starts to freestyle. >> i'm moderately entertained by the freestyling. the stakes are a little higher at this moment with the impending north korea summit. we have an iran deal in process, hopefully with the european allies reworking that to make sure that everyone can be satisfied. and i think as far as the roseanne issue goes, that actually is a more tenuous line than usual for him to walk. i'm not saying it's shattersvillcharlottesville lev.
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but he needs to be careful to all of the sides, even the libertarian sides. not that i want to speak to you, we'll get to you. i feel it was a racist statement and she has made those in the past. so i think he should stay away from it, though i doubt that he will. kennedy: you don't think he will? >> no. this touches a cultural war moment, what he lives for. saying i think he condemns the network for being cowards in the face of the twitter sphorm. and i think that it's -- you know, it's great. now we've ruined "roseanne" we're ruined the nfl. everyone is scared, everyone is triggered and there is no way on god's earth that trump can stay away from it. kennedy: there's also -- you know, there's no one right reaction. we're going to talk about this later in the show if the president wraps up early.
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but starbucks closed 14,000,000 stores today to address their employees about racial discrimination. if you're the nfl, you're also trying to have it both ways. you're trying to apiece the players but also the fans who are sick of the kneeling. the president taking the stage, we're going to him as soon as his remarks begin. but right now we're speculating as to what he might talk about. because this is a very important night and so much that he can touch on. are we too easily offended? >> i think when it comes to something like roseanne, all she has to do is not tweet racist crap and she can keep her show and ratings. this is something that most people would agree is stupid. when it comes to being offended, people like starbucks shutting down the stores to apiece their base, i don't know who they're making happy. the regular starbucks folks are going to be yu upset about not having coffee. kennedy: you know what is going
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to happen? soccer moms hobnobbing and rubbing elboys with hobos who now have a great place with free wi-fi. >> this is always the place that starbucks is good for. the new aghora. it's the place that people came together to address issue. kennedy: the president is applauding which means he remarks are polished. >> maybe he's done. >> he's so good he doesn't have to say a word. kennedy: the president of the united states addressing the crowd at the national municipal auditorium, a packed house, 9,000 strong. lots of red. lots of red hats. keep america great. tag whatever you need. the president has it for you tonight. keep america great again. >> why not. he'll take it. [cheers & applause] .
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>> thank you. thank you. wow. oh do we love nashville. do we love tennessee. we love tennessee. thank you. what a crowd. what a crowd. i want to thank you. i want to thank trace adkins, he was incredible. and you know, trace won "the apprentice." trace is a winner. and i want to thank you very much, trace. that was fantastic. i'm thrilled to be here in the great state of tennessee and that's what it is. it is a great state. the heart of american music, and i mean incredible music. i love country music. and culture joined by thousands of hardworking american patrio
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patriots. so joining us this evening are many of your wonderful tennessee republican leaders. boy, this feels just like before our election. this is a big crowd of people. this is a lot of people. a lot of people. with bad weather and bad everything and they're still coming in. we love you. we love you. thank you. and we're producing for you. we're really producing. you know, people are saying that we made certain promises and i'm the only politician -- can you imagine the word politician. i never thought that was going to happen. i don't even like it. but i'm the only politician that produced more than i said i was going to produce and we're only one and a half years in.
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but before we begin, we have some great people, state republican party chairman has done an incredible job, scott golden. scott. and lieutenant governor randy mcnally. randy, thank you. thank you. thank you, randy. thank you, scott. from your house delegation we have david c ustof. where are you david? thank you david. scott dejar lay, the most beautiful name in politicians. . thank you. diane black. diane. where's diane. she's in a big race. good luck, diane. and jimmy duncan, right?
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jimmy. first time i met jimmy duncan i was in pennsylvania doing a speech with a good friend of his, lou bar let to, who is running for the senate in the great state of pennsylvania and i think he's going to do really well. he's an incredible guy. they're good friends. i was making a speech and jimmy duncan comes in -- i didn't know jimmy at the time. this is before the election. and tennessee has early voting, right? very early. and this is like three weeks before the election, and he comes up and he goes, you know, mr. trump -- see, then it wasn't mr. president. it was just mr. trump. he goes, you know, i've never seen anything like it. but i love the state of tennessee and those people were coming from the hills, from the valleys, from the mountains. they were coming from everywhere. he said, i've never seen anything like it. really early voting in
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tennessee. he said all i can say is you're going to win tennessee in a landslide, which we did. but he said, if the rest of the country is like tennessee, right, jimmy, if it's like tennessee, you're going to win this election very easily. but we all kept hearing, he can't get to 270. remember, you need 270 electoral college. there is no way to 270. and they were right. 306. right? there is no way to 270. i went to maine. i love maine. but i went there four times because i needed one, i had to find one because i believed the fake news. they were wrong. there they are right back there. they're fake. they are fake.
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look how many of them. look how many. oh, boy. that's a lot of people back there. that's a lot of people. fake news. we're also very grateful to be joined by senator lamar alexander. lamar? and senator bob corker. and finally the person we are all here tonight to support, the next united states senator from the great state of tennessee, a very, very early supporter of ours and a really wonderful woman. she loves your state. she loves your country. she's going to win.
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marsha black burn. blackburn. come up marsha, for a second. marsha. >> thank you so much, mr. president. we are absolutely thrilled that you are here, and i'm glad all of you are here. thank you for everything you've done to elect so many republicans and thank you for everything that you are doing for president donald trump. i've got to tell you, he has had an amazing 18 months.
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a supreme court justice, 40 federal judges, repealing record number of regulations, tax cuts, decreasing illegal immigration, standing up to china and north korea, defeating isis in syria. let me tell you, that is what you call getting the job done. and i'm going to tell you right now, tennessee needs a senator who is going to support president donald trump and i, i am going to be there to stand
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with president donald trump and take your tennessee values to washington, d.c. to fight with him to get the job done. thank you all so much. >> thank you, marsha. she's a great woman. she's a great woman. so we need marsha in the senate to continue the amazing progress and work that we've done over the last year and a half. there has never been an administration, and even some of our enemies are begrudgingly admitting this, that has done what we've done in the first year and a half. we've created 3.3 million new jobs since election day. now, if we would have said that
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before the election, that i'm going to create 3.3 million new jobs, we would never have survived the onslaught from the fake news. they would not have accepted it. they wouldn't have accepted it. they would have said there's in way you can do that. unemployment is at its lowest level since the turn of the century. now, you know, the actual number is 19 years, but i said, let's see, 19 years. that brings us into the last century. i love the sound of the turn of the century. so i said, let's not use 19. let's say the turn of the century. but that's a long time. african-american unemployment and hispanic american unemployment are at their lowest levels in history.
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in history. unemployment among women is at its lowest level in almost 20 years. and wages, for the first time in many many years are finally going up. wages are going up. i used to talk about it on the campaign trail. people were making less money, working two and three jobs, than they were making 20 years ago. well now it's going up, folks. what can i say. wages going up, and they're going up fast. the forgotten men and women of our country are no longer forgotten. they are forgotten no more. no more. we're reasserting american
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strength and confidence and talent. we have tremendous talent in this country. tremendous talent in this room. a big room. this stadium. this arena. we have tremendous talent and our talent and our strength is being respected again. prosperity is booming, optimisms winning. we're winning. we truly are making america great again. look at all of those hats. but most importantly, our country is respected again all over the world. we're not making apologies, we're not making excuses. we're respected again as a
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country. no more apologies. [ crowd chanting "usa" ]. but the keep the momentum going, to continue this incredible progress, to keep on winning, you have to vote republican in november. you see what's happening with the democrats. so marsha's very liberal democrat opponent, phil bred bredsen -- i never heard of this guy. who is he? who is he? he's an absolute total tool of chuck schumer. he's a tool of chuck schumer and of course the ms-13 lover nancy
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pelosi. she loves ms-13. can you imagine. remember, i said they're animals and she said, how dare you say that. how dare you say that. have you seen what they've done? have you seen what they're doing to us? and we're taking them out of our country by the thousands. out, out by the thousands. so phil was recruited by sheum tore run for the senate. he had to get pelosi's approval. can you believe this? and if bredsen were ever ever tt
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elected, he would do whatever chuck and nancy -- remember the term? chuck and nancy. they don't want the wall, they want open borders, they're more interested in taking care of criminals than they are in taking care of you. bredsen donated a lot of money to the campaigns of barack obama and hillary clinton. crooked hillary.
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how do you like the fact they hadhad people infiltrating our campaign. can you imagine? can you imagine? can you imagine people infiltrating our campaign. is there anybody in this big beautiful arena right now that's infiltrating our campaign. would you please raise your hand? that would take courage. no, look, you take a look at what's going on. never in the history of our country has something taken place like took place during this election. in all fairness, i'm no fan of crazy bernie sanders. i'm no fan. he got screwed.
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he did. crazy bernie. he still doesn't know what happened. he doesn't know. i saw him on television. i don't know what happened. me too. i thought he was winning. but it helps me because we were very very cautious and we worked hard. many, many speeches a day, that last month of campaigning. and some of the polls got it right but i see the crowds, crowds like this, i go one to another to another all over the country. she'd go there. the only way she fimmed up the irene that was to get jay z. and his language was so filthy that it made me like the most clean-cut human being on earth. he'd stand up there before those clouds -- and bthose crow,
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without musical instruments, i had much bigger crowds than he was drawing. but he would stand up before those crowds and he would use the f word and hillary would sit back, hey, i'm in trouble. i'm in trouble. please don't have him use that kind of language anywhere. and then he'd finish and everybody would leave. and she would be standing up making a speech to 400 people. but phil bredsen supported her. and he supported her ideas. he opposes the border wall. we need a wall. we're going to get the wall. we've already started doing it.
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so we have already started. we have a billion six in the last approval. remember this. we had to take care of our military, folks. okay? we had to take care of them. i got $700 billion for our military, and next year i have got $716 billion. and our enemies look at us much differently now than they looked at us two years ago. we also by the way -- very important to all of us.
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we got $6 billion, that's b, billion, 700b, billion. we got, that for opioids. bad stuff. you go to the hospital. you have a broken arm, you come out a drug adistrict this crap. we got $6 billion to help us with opioidsif you want strong . and again we started the wall. we have $1.6 billion for the wall. in san diego they came to us. they wanted the wall in california. i said don't give it to them because we lose a lot of energy.
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they wanted it so badly. they got tired of illegal immigrants walk across their front lawn. can you understand that? isn't that terrible? why shouldn't they have people walking through their living room. they wanted the wall. so i said, no, let's wait. then they said go ahead and build it, we got a good price. then we started the building and i had second thoughts because the governor of california who loves sanctuary cities, and other things, he didn't want the wall. but they were putting so much pressure i decided to then in the middle of doing it. nobody is crossing it easily. this is a real wall. you can't just scoot to the cop. what happened is -- scoot to the
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top. what happened tonight middle i had second thoughts. i said let's stop building the wall because we'll get more pressure put on this crazy governor where the taxes are high and the crime is high. other than that he's doing a fantastic job. i have property in california i don't care about anymore. when you do this job there is only one thing that matters. getting it done properly. who cares. you have property, big deal. so i said, let's stop building the wall. i said how much will it cost? i think half the rights contractors. i can smell a contractor, believe it or not. a lot of contractors in this room. so i said, find out how much it would cost to stop. the general said, sir, it wouldn't cost anything to stop.
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i said really, he said $7 million to stop. i said all right, keep building it. i am not going to stop it for that. we wanted to, we need about 700 miles of wall. we need 700 miles of wall, we are getting it, we have a lot of natural barriers that are better than any wall you could build. for those people i used to say, who is going to pay for the wall. and these guys all think, we finally have him because mexico said they are not going to pay for the wall. what does that mean? we are regore wh -- we are reneg nafta. we are having -- you remember, i said to season see, i said to every one -- i said to tennessee, i said to everyone,
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we have such a bad deal with mexico and canada. we lose with mexico over $100 billion a year with this crazy nafta deal. think of it. it's impossible. we lose $100 billion a year, and that doesn't include the billions of dollars of drugs we have in our country. that's not included. and it's destroying our youth. we are going to stop it and we have been stopping it. immigration is down. but x need border wall -- but we need border wall. we need a change in our laws. our laws are the worst of any country in the world. catch and release. you catch, you take their names and release. then they are supposed to show up to the court.
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the problem is they never show up. the democrats want to use it as a campaign issue. i keep saying i hope they do. the democrats are lousy politicians. they are lousy on policy. i happen to think them allowing open borders -- but they make it difficult. but them allowing open borders, that's a good issue for us. but the one thing they do, the one thing they do is they stick together. it's always like 48, 49, nobody leaves in the senate. they stick together. they always vote 100%. we need-more republicans. we are going to get the wall done anyway. mexico -- i don't want to cause a problem. i don't want to cause it. but in the end, in the end,
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mexico is going to pay for the wall. i am just telling you. i don't want to cause any problems. but in the end mexico is paying for the wall. they make all of this moppy and they do absolutely nothing to stop people from going through mexico from honduras and all these other countries that caravan all of this stuff. they do nothing to help us. nothing. they are going to pay for the wall, and they are going to enjoy the. okay? they will enjoy it. they do nothing for us. so if you want strong borders. and if you want not only that, we have to do something with the lottery. we have to do something with chain migration. we have a guy in new york a year ago, he ran over and killed 8 people.
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8 people. and nobody ever talks about the people who were injured. nobody talks about the people who were injured. well, about 12 are horribly injured. they lose an arm or leg. these are people running alongside of the hudson river which i know so well. they are running and this maniac takes his car and he knocked off as many people as he can. 8 people killed, many people badly injured. missing a leg, missing an arm. can you imagine. these are people different from from the sense they want to run. they want to run. they go and they work hard and want to look good. think come home because of -- they come home because of this maniac and others like them. look what's going on all or the world. look what's happening to europe. so they go and they take this
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stand. and he got here, and he's got 22 people that came in. his mother, his father, his uncle, brother, sister. you have got people come in for this one guy. that's called chain migration. people. and then of course you have the wonderful lottery system that was started by chuck schumer or tips referred to as crying chuck schumer. right? i know him for so many years. i know him from new york so well. crying chuck. he was so sad. he was crying. he was work those tears. he was trying so hard. he was trying so hard they weren't tears, it was sweat. so crying chuck wanted to have a
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lottery system. you pick people. let me ask you. so these countries sending people in, do you think they are sending us their finest? you think they are sending us -- he we get the lottery. so they put names -- and we pick the names and they come in and then we wonder why we have problems. we are not going to be a stupid country anymore. we stopped it. we are not going to be. cheer[cheers and applause] you can say what you want, by think border security and security in general is a great issue for the republican party. if you want the strong borders and crime to stop -- and by the way, as a country, we have it way down. then you look at a place like chicago, what the hell is that mayor doing?
12:40 am
we have crime is down in the country. but we need republicans and we need to get out and vote for marcia. if you want your communities to be safe, if you want your country to be safe, then you do must go out and get the democrats the hell out of office. there is no common sense. [cheers and applause] and we are going to defend our borders. and we are going to fight hard on crime. we are not going to let what's happened over the last long period of time it's been going on for a long time. we have borders down 40%. it's tough. their economy is doing so well more people try to get in so it makes it even tougher.
12:41 am
but the other thing is we are going to protect your second amendment. you won't have your second amendment if the democrats take over. you won't have a second amendment. you won't have a second amendment. [cheers and applause] so last week i visited a place where i essentially grew up to discuss the men a of -- discuss the menace of ms-13. this gang has transformed communities i know so well into blood-stained killing field, savagely murdering, raping and mutilating their victims. they want to cut people up into little pieces because it's more painful. then i have to listen to pelosi
12:42 am
and these people saying we have to respect them, they are human beings. they are not human beings. and this is why we call the bloodthirsty ms-13 gang members the name used last week. what was the name? animals. ms-13 takes advantage of glaring loopholes in our immigration laws to infiltrate our country. we are bringing them out by the thousands but they come in. we are bringing them out by the thousands. on long island we have guys in the border patrol and i.c.e. and women, fantastic women and tough and brave and strong. but we have the people in i.c.e. they go around and grab ms-13. and the beauty is, they are much tougher than these gang members. and they see these people and
12:43 am
throw them into the paddy wagons. and the towns. you have the same kind of communities where i grew up. but it's like they have been liberated from a war. it's like the enemy has been taken out and the people are dancing and waving and looking out their windows and they are tweefght i.c.e. people. those people are incredible, brave, tough people. they have been liberated. if you would have told me 30 years ago, 20 years ago that could hatch to long island, i -- that could happen to long island, i would have said, no way. but in the face of ms-13 and its threat, washington democrats voted against legislation to remove these criminal aliens. they voted against kate's law and voted in favor of sanctuary
12:44 am
cities that protect criminals. and they voted in favor of catch and release. okay? so democrats have opposed every common sense measure necessary to stop this horrendous scourge of crime to dismantle ms-13 and stop illegal immigration. that's why we have to go in november. you have to work wit with marsh. phil whatever the hell his name is will 100% vote against us every single time. i have democrats come up to me who say i love you president, i love the job you are doing. some of these states i won by 44 points.
12:45 am
they are actually saying good things. democrats running for office, many of them are saying great things about me. i think they are republicans. but here is the problem. they are not going to vote for us. no matter what they say, doesn't matter. the on thing that matters is will they raise their hand? they will never raise their hand. i'd told you, they are bad at everything, but they are good at sticking together. i give them respect for that. they are good at sticking together. it's the only thing they are good at. we support the rule of law and we support the heroes of law enforcement. thank you. and we defend our constitution. and we have confirmed -- we have gotten now through confirmation a record number of judges who
12:46 am
will interpret the constitution as written. as written. [cheers and applause] we have pride in our history. and we have respect for our great american flag. we put our hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance. put our hand on our hearts. and we always proudly stand for our national anthem. thank you. what's that all about? guide by the shared values we already accomplished more than anyone ever dreamed possible. a year and a half. that's all the it is. we have not let you down. i'll never let you down. we passed the largest tax cuts
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and reform in american history. larger than ronald reagan. many years ago. and you know when i got involved i said you have got to help me with this. why have you never been able to pass tax cuts? they said, sir, i don't know, just can't pass them. i said can i see a few of these bills from over the years? but it doesn't say tax cut. it said the tax reform act of 1994. tax reform. it says things -- what does reform mean? it might mean you pay more taxes. it didn't say cuts. so i meet with the politicians -- and they have been doing it much longer than
12:48 am
me. but we have common sense. i said wait a minute, when you pass the tax reform act of whatever year, nobody knows it's tax cuts. i think they do. we are going to give 350 million people an education. you have got to call it the tax cut act. [cheers and applause] and then they said -- good people, well meaning, they want to pass it -- kevin brady, a lot of great people. knowledgeable. they said, sir, what would you like to name it. i'm being serious about it. i want it to be called the tax cut cut cut cut plan. four cuts. and we all agreed that was a little bit hokie so we decided not to do that. but we call it the tax cut act. i don't say easy.
12:49 am
i don't say easy. then of course repeal and replace obamacare. go away. we had it done, folks. it was done. and then early in the morning somebody turned their in and the wrong direction. that cost our country a lot. that was a very, very, very terrible thing that happened that night. that cost our country $1 trillion in entitlement saving that nobody would have known. it would have given us a good healthcare plan and that cost us a lot. nobody knew that was going to happen because we had it done, repeal and replace. and the person that voted that way only talked repeal and replace. he campaigned on it. i'll tell you this.
12:50 am
we are coming up with great healthcare. our secretary of labor is coming out with a plan in two weeks. association plan. our secretary of health, alex acosta. i have my two alexs. they are coming out with plans that are phenomenal plans. and they will be out over the next four weeks. it will cover a tremendous amount of territory. plus in the tax cuts, what did we get? the individual mandate is out the window. that was the most of unpopular part of obamacare. so unconstitutional. that's where you have the privilege of paying a lot of money so you don't have to pay for healthcare because you are not going to get it.
12:51 am
so you pay not to have to pay for healthcare. hard in, you are not going to get healthcare. you pay for the privilege. he time i think of this, you pay for the privilege of not getting healthcare. great. that's a great one. that was an obama special. who would think of that? who would think of it. so we got rid of the individual mandate. we also got anwar in alaska in the tax cut plan. a friend of mine called and said it's amazing, anwar, he's in the oil business. successful guy. he said i can't below it. they have been trying to get anwar approved for years and years. i wasn't pushing it too hard base was more focused on the tax. he said is it true you are trying to get anwar?
12:52 am
i said who cares. why are you asking? he said every president, bush, bush, $7 trillion in the middle east, great investment. a lot of death and blood and money. horrible. bush, everybody tried to get. he said people have been trying to get that approved since ronald reagan. i said what about reagan? he tried also. he failed. when i heard that i said you have got to get anwar approved. and we got it approved. i never knew it was such a big deal. and the people of alaska who are great, they are work on it right now. they are moving along. last week we passed new landmark legislation to give choice to
12:53 am
our great veterans. it's going through, we are going to have it. it will be incredible. we are going for choice. haven't finished the process yet. but it's happening. choice. you know, before i knew too much about the va, i used to say, we are going to take care. these are our great people. they are in many cases in pretty rough shape. they would have to wait for a doctor for four weeks, 16 weeks, sometimes for months. they would go in the line for something that could be easily cured, and three months they haven't seen a doctor and they are terminally ill. i didn't know too much about it. i said you know they wait for the doctors, they can't get in. let them go to a private doctor look for business and let the government pay.
12:54 am
right? and i went to the so-called experts, and they said we have been trying to do that for years. i said so it's not an odd idea. they said we tried but we can't get it passed. we are close to getting it passed. choice. choice. for the va, our veterans, we got the va accountability act. you know what that is? we all love civil service, but the power that they have. couldn't get it. for years and decade they tried to get accountability so people wouldn't treat our vets badly. we have people who were terrible to our vets and you couldn't fire them. we had people who would steal
12:55 am
and they would catch them and you couldn't fire them. i had the va account buil accou. nobody thought i could get it through because of the unions and because of civil service which is very powerful. we got it through. i signed it a couple months ago. right? and now when somebody steals, or when some sicko hurts our great veterans, we look them in the eye and we say, jim, you are fired, get out of here, get out. and they are gone. they are gone. va accountability act. i'm proud of that. nobody talks about it. these guys never talk about it. they don't even talk about it. something good happens, they
12:56 am
don't want it. it's mostly good. they don't want to talk about it. this month like i promised during the campaign, the united states officially opened the american embassy in jerusalem. [cheers and applause] that's good. here is a quick story. i understand now why it was never approved by everybody that ran for office. every president, both parties in running. they said we are going to open the embassy in jerusalem.
12:57 am
we are going to recognize jerusalem as the capital. we are opening -- this was their campaign. the politicians. this is their campaign over and over. many presidents. but not one -- he goes, you are fired. they are not here -- but not one did it. and i thought that was terrible. you see them campaigning as one of their many points. but we are going to open the embassy in jerusalem over and or. now it comes time, one of them wins, they never did it. now i know why. two weeks out when people started to think that we are going to open up the embassy i was called by every leader in the world. don't do it, don't do it, we don't want it. and i understood. the pressure mott to open it was tremendous. and we did it, and we did the
12:58 am
right thing. [cheers and applause] and i will tell you a fast one. it was approved, i told the generals. john bolton is here someplace. y where is john bolton. the great john bolton. they think he's so nasty and so tough that i have to hold him back. okay? that's pretty great. he's doing a great job. you better get some rest because we have some pretty good negotiations coming. he's here with his daughter who lives in tennessee. so happy. i say i want to build it. we just got it approved. i want to build it.
12:59 am
and they said, yes, sir. i get the executive order, this beautiful piece of paper. even for my speech -- i haven't used it yet. it's so beautiful. leather. most of expensive leather money can buy' it probably costs $2,000. it's got the seal. remind me to take it when i believe, it's so beautiful. but i have this and i'm getting ready to sign it. i sign donald. i said what is this? sir -- i love these generals they are beth they are better fighters of war than negotiators of money. sir, this is the new embassy in israel. it's for your approval. the cost will be $1 billion. >> i said what? $1 billion? how can it cost $1 billion, a
1:00 am
one-story building. sir, we estimate the cost to be $1 billion. we are going to go out to buy land. - [voiceover] the following is a paid advertisement for credit secrets, sponsored by info up, llc. the product endorsers who appear have been compensated for their travel and lodging costs. all of the endorsers are actual enthusiastic and successful users of the credit secrets program. (warm music) - hi, i'm larry king. you know, you could be, through no fault of your own, one of the tens of millions of people in our country with a lower credit score than you deserve.


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