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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 30, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> being undercut every day. lou: that's it for us tonight. please tune in tomorrow. we'll have congressman diane black. good night from >> but to problem, the problem with the election come of the now covering up front, people are deciding this is the time to be afraid. cheryl: breaking this morning from italy's terminal causing a major selloff. is the stability of the eurozone in jeopardy? transfer the financial sector leaving the dow down nearly 400 points yesterday as the sector has its worst in more than a month. drink to u.s. stock market futures recovered a little bit. or so back and forth this morning. awful flows through the dow was up 74 right now. the s&p is up by seven, the nasdaq up 14.5.
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gerri: the yield of its largest point drop in two years. risky stocks for the safe haven of bonds. cheryl: stocks opening mostly lower. watching developments happening in italy. the cac is the one index in the red. gerri: stock fall to sharply pick the biggest loser in shanghai done to put my% of the kospi down nearly 2%. cheryl: hours after her show was canceled and she left writer, roseanne barr was back on twitter. the update to mr. renée. "fbn:am" starts right now. the good morning. 5:01 a.m. in new york on the economy 30th and gerri willis and for lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone pictures on
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twitter twitter, on twitter, apologizing. but not totally apologizing. gerri: a lot going on in the markets as they consider whether the e.u. can stay in business. it's a big question. drink you breaking news we want to bring to you. president trump holding a campaign style rally touting the booming u.s. economy. >> we've created 3.3 million new jobs since election day. unemployment is at its lowest level since the turn of the century. [cheers and applause] train to the president targeting mexico as he criticizes. >> we lose of mexico over 100 leading dollars a year with this crazy nafta deal. think of it. it's impossible. lose 100 billion a year and that
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doesn't include the billions of dollars of drugs that slow entire country. gerri: the president sending sending democratic candidates as well as house minority leader nancy pelosi. listen. >> phil robinson. i've never heard of this guy. who is he? he's an absolute total tool of chuck schumer. and of course, the ms-13 lover, nancy pelosi. gerri: after the big rally, the president scheduled to deliver remarks and participate in the sports and fitness day this afternoon. obviously, closely watching what is happening with the markets in the breaking news. voters in italy can head back to the polls as soon as july. the country continues its search for a new government after
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italy's president rejected an attempt to form a government by populist coalition that's very skeptical of the eurozone. that is raising concerns over whether the country would actually do not block of country. >> are important for our markets, too. one market watcher on american politics "after the bell." >> when you look at house and senate coming of roughly 11 times more people per person represented in the house and senate pain in the u.s. there's a lot of cooks in the kitchen putting their premiums out there. makes it harder to get things done. gerri: very italian. the lowest level since last july. let's take a look. 1.1. >> this is something i was watching what will happen with stability of the area. also what is happening with china right now. china is having to fight back as the u.s. announces it's moving
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forward with tariffs on chinese imports. the trump administration says it will press ahead with prescriptions on investment by chinese companies unless beijing addresses the intellectual property theft issue. the surprise decision comes weeks after the two countries agreed to look at china's trade surplus and avoid a trade war. gerri: real trade talks scheduled between commerce secretary wilbur ross and chinese officials to come on this site has traded pfizer coming peter navarro will be on morning to paris on 7:00 a.m. eastern. you'll not want to miss that. train to secretary of state mike pompeo is set to hold a meeting with the top north korean official here in new york ahead of an expected summit between president trump and kim jong un nick smith. gerri: blake burman at the white house with details. tamara cofman wittes the white
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house agree much for abolishing the possibility of a summit happening between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong un. terry sanders saying the united states continues to actively prepare for president trump's expected summit with leader kim in singapore. the president was equally as bullish on twitter, writing with a great team together with our talks with north korea. meetings are taking place regarding senate and more. the vice-chairman of the korea heading out to new york. solid response to my letter. thank you. kim yong chol is essentially kim jong un [inaudible conversations] man. he will meet with mike pompeo this week making it the most high profile meeting between the u.s. and north korea on u.s. soil in 18 years. june 12 continues to remain a target, but it's also a target that could site. >> the president has sent over two delegations, one for
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logistics and one from her diplomatic purposes on the ground, making logistic preparations for june 12. the president says it doesn't have been june 12, it could happen thereafter. >> the group in singapore is there to handle it just takes bob diplomats are meeting with their north korean counterparts at the dmz. back to you in new york. gerri: so much going on there. they may be too little too late for roseanne. the star proselytizing for the comments that cost her her show. dream to tracey carrasco has the headlines in the news making headlines. >> after announcing her departure from twitter, roseanne returned a little while later and played gambian cover prescription sleeping pill that led to the racist week yesterday. she also apologized without keith olbermann countries and
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ted trump, and about mike pence face did she apologize to other writers, cruise another actors who lost their job because of the show's cancellation. i just checked. she is still trading. replying to treat skin or retreating things. even at this hour. gerri: will talk about it later on in the show. tesla, another incident. >> another accident to tell you about. a test lead auto pilot mode. this time beard into a park police cruiser. you can see the pictures badly damaging both vehicles are the driver suffered minor injuries in response to the latest accident tesla issued a statement using autopilot drivers continuously reminded of their responsibility to keep their hands on the wheel and maintain control of the vehicle at all times. something interesting here. police said the exact same
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accident involving a tesla in autopilot in the same spot last year. very interesting man. >> tassel struggling. they've got a long ways to go on that. a great story about chick-fil-a appeared tamara cofman wittes hospitality professionals as they are called their posted makes $17 an hour at a sacramento california chick-fil-a. the raging california is $11 while employees currently make between $12.13. the franchise underwent to make sure employees have a livable wage. train to direct a chick-fil-a in high school i think bush is called a chicken girl. definitely not hospitality manager in high school. i still like their food by the way. we've got a lot more coming up. we continue to watch what is
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happening overseas. political turmoil overseas. was it an over reaction or is there more to come with the eurozone. we will talk about it. people in north carolina want to get out overnight while they are currently teetering on the brink of failure. remember we had the huge selloff yesterday, a triple digit loss of the doubt pointing higher on tuesday. the dog 92 in the premarket. nasdaq up 17 and three quarters. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife.
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fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018. >> welcome back to get you caught up on what's happening now. triple digit loss for the dow yesterday. reversal this morning. the dallas have a 96 points in the premarket. s&p up to 93 quarters. nasdaq up at 20. still worried about italy and some other issues. right now markets are pointing to a higher open on your wins day. officials in north carolina warning people to get out now. heavy rain from some tropical depression alberto is causing flash flooding the now there are concerns that lake, dam could fill in a minute.
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the mandatory evacuation has been issued for a resident living downstream of the leg. officials reported water is going to spill over the dam wall. this coming hours after the body of the missing national guardsman has been found. addison herman was killed after being soaked after being stopped after being stopped while trying to help rescue a woman in maryland. american flag was draped over his body as rescue crews pulled him from the river. charitable foundations are getting around rules to prevent insider dealing using complex exemptions. 10,000 private foundations checkboxes on the fiscal 2016 returns indicating they legally compensated insiders often for millions of dollars. one example antonio sanchez junior. 1.6 million to two sanchez family owned companies in 2016.
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a little bit of an outraged this morning. over to you. drink a little bit an outrage? a lot good. turmoil in italy giving markets in the u.s. and asia a major case of heartburn. investors concerning potential for another round of elections in july could be scheduled or they could be a referendum on whether italy remains the european union. anthony chan, chief economist at chase, cofounder and fbn contributor joining us now. i'll start with you. the major selloff yesterday as italy fails to form a government constitutional crisis here. the future of the european union in question. people were reacting heart. listen. do we have that sound? >> i think were going to go into a bear market.
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i think we'll see 25% to 30% haircut in this market. there will be selling. you cannot have increased debt and travel in the market will just ignore everything going on. >> some people saying we will enter a bear market as a result. the market looks like it poised above a little bit higher today. few expect recovery? >> i don't know about u.s. stocks if it's not far over here. you basically happens the rise of the five-star political group. that is basically if you have the international part of your 401(k), a lot more than u.s. stocks in recent days. our populism is little nationalist is sort of like the brexit thing. they need to be together in italy thinking they can go their own way and cut taxes and raise spending like america can't is not something investors want to
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see. they're a higher level of debt to gdp. a questionable situation. >> i'll put the question to you. do you think u.s. markets are overreacting? obviously, the situation in italy is touch and go. they may be voting as soon as july. europe's third-largest economy. you can see features right now turning around. this is around. is this something will trade on the rest of the summer? do you remember what happened with wright said today that the u.k. voted to get out of the e.u. something like 600 points on the dow and cap gains for a long, long time. >> i think you hit the nail on the head. the third-largest economy and we came from a period of stability where we have the elections in france and other elections that basically showed or demonstrated some sort of stability. and for the first time we see rumblings that maybe we will
5:18 am
have a new government. 64 governments in italy since world war ii. nonetheless, there's some instability and that is the reason why the market or react in the way they did. we saw it spilling over not building it to other european economies like portugal and spain where the credit market really solid deals going up and spreads between their bonds and german ones right now. esop icefishing italy. here in the united states, the treasury yield a sickly plunging down yesterday relative to what we've seen so far. i think i would say at first glance it was a bit of an overreaction. by this back we see today we are getting some of that back. gerri: gives you to be thankful for small favors the 10 year yield company to claim it for%. to get back to your point about
5:19 am
these two stories and what they are trying push for here. ultimately whatever they want to do on the ground in italy could end up blowing the european union. people saying today's italy were to pull out that would essentially be a knife in the heart of the e.u. and very few words, tell us the impact here for american investors. >> in the short run you can refinance your mortgage. a few days ago that didn't seem possible that the funds were going down. greece has a bunch smaller economy than italy and cause a lot of problems. european countries have been lower debt levels in recent years in italy wants to get off that path. it goes back in the direction of greece because panics a few years ago. the international markets where americans are done a lot right now. gerri: anthony and jonas, thank you so much today. italian politics, wow. thank you.
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cheryl: you thought it was exciting here in the u.s. 64 different -- amazing. cheryl: coming up, will focus on what's going on at home. the situation in hawaii continues to deteriorate. fast food mother has shut down parts of a major highway on the big island. janice dean has the fallout from tropical storm alberto. we want to take a local course that u.s. stock market futures. we were so affected by what was happening in italy yesterday. right now higher up in being 22, dallas 74, s&p at 725 and nasdaq up 14-point size. we'll be right back.
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cheryl: fast-moving lava continues to devastate the big island cutting down parts of highway 132. one of only two evacuation route. more than 20 homes in the kilauea volcano have been destroyed in the last two days along with major damage to power lines resulting in power outages across the area. officials urging residents to protect themselves from flying -- in class. scientists say it's not going to get any better any time soon. transfer the pictures so dramatic or brand of developers who will bring rain and flooding to part of the country this week. trained teaching is dean has what we can expect from the dorm. good morning. >> still watching what remains of alberto bringing heavy rainfall across portions the mid-mississippi, ohio river valley, tennessee river valley as well. there we go. here's her future radar. we will show you what happened
5:25 am
over the next couple days. whether across the northeast, great lakes where we have potential for severe storms that this is not alberto related. another system moving in towards the plains states. tornado reports yesterday across the central u.s. and severe threat jennifer parts of the rockies and planes for the great lakes are isolated tornadoes of potential for flash flooding as well. looking at 70 degrees in new york city. cloudy skies seen that removing them from what is left of alberto across the great lakes. it will remain hot across the southern plains. ladies, back to you. cheryl: thank you very much. appreciate it. gerri: coming up, the fallout from the cancellation of roseanne barr's reboot. what happens to the advertisers and what will be the political
5:26 am
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>> it might be a little too hasty to do it without quickly. >> they have to be accountable for what they say. i think it's good. >> breaking news this morning. mixed reaction to the sudden cancellation of roseanne hours after they canceled their show over racist creep paired roseanne barr is back on twitter. >> a global selloff in the
5:30 am
markets yesterday. the financial sector leaving the dow down 400 points yesterday. >> u.s. stock market futures recovering the lost market futures recovering the lost right now market futures were covering the loss rate out that the opening up 79 points. s&p up a .5, nasdaq up 17. train to welcome the yield on the ten-year treasury had its largest drop in two years as investors fled risky stocks for the relative safety of bonds. of course we are watching the tenure for you this morning. >> in europe after a tough day yesterday. stocks opened mostly lower watching developments in italy right now. mixed reaction there. that's what the dxf, but the cac 40s down. stocks down sharply. the biggest loser commissioning how down to .5% and the south korea kospi down nearly to .2%. and are you a prime number? amazon expanding its discount program at whole foods. now adding 12 additional states.
5:31 am
"fbn:am" starts right now. cheryl: 530 and many are good wednesday, may 30th. i'm cheryl casone. gerri: and gerri willis good good morning, everybody. cheryl: a big reagan story overnight hours after abc canceled her show over racist tree. roseanne barr is not going twitter. now she's apologizing. guys, did something unforgivable so do not defend me. who is 2:00 in the morning and i was ambient reading. it was the more they can do. i went too far and do not want it defended. i wish i made the mistake i wish i hadn't. don't defend it please. thank you. and that valerie jarrett, abc can in the conservative despite record ratings.
5:32 am
conservative commentator jenna alice. ladies, good morning. i want to start with you and what is going on at abc. look, they've had controversy at espn since jamel hill who called president trump a white supremacist. she was not even suspended. she finally went to another job that had nothing to do with what she did. but yet, roseanne barr makes this tweet and she suspended. is there a lesson i missing here? >> very important for tv networks had one of the things they are selling at this point is per in safety. but the issues going on to chile with facebook, the one thing tv has to rely from a business that is its ability to be safe for advertisers. abc didn't really have a choice here. going into the up front, which is the not work negotiating time
5:33 am
with advertisers, they knew this could lead to many advertisers boycotting the program and think it was a pretty smart business decision. >> i brought up the issue with jamel hill at espn. another abc employee. >> it's one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. [laughter] that's called mental illness about half correct. cheryl: she was attacking vice president over his face. >> this is a double standard. that's what happens with the measurable distance for, and virtue is based on a political preference and affiliation rather than the marchers. it was obviously offensive and vulgar, but so is joy behar is. in a society that faces the
5:34 am
consequences on the supposed political affiliation rather than saving we want to have the same consistent standard for all its people are really upset about. no one here is really defending roseanne. what a lot of people are more upset about is the cultural commentary to say if this is a liberal slamming christians and somehow got soaking abc will not punish that. but what if someone republican affiliated or a trump supporter, as soon as they say something offensive their consequent is an pose. society has to come back to his standard of object gives moral truths and make sure that we are actually for decency and what we can and can't say on twitter is more object to. drain to let me show you something else here. keith olbermann companies to be at msnbc coming out espn. look at what he actually put up. this is his book.
5:35 am
trump isn't just a scam artist. this is a psychopath. keith olbermann just got promoted at espn. again, abc, disney, espn. >> they also have the situation with black ash are they pulled an episode earlier this season over his taking any and some other issues. abc pulled the episode did they said that they thought it went too far. can you bear was upset about it in the slot of conversation and they made a decision on that one too also pulled the episode. they have been making decisions both ways here in different situations. cheryl: they certainly have. to your point, advertiser driven. they pulled the plug before any advertisers have the chance to do exactly the same over racist
5:36 am
tree. janine and jenna, thank you very much. appreciate it, guys. >> starbucks investors that the cost of the store closings. >> tracee carrasco without another headlines. >> howard schultz said they question the cost of the nationwide mandatory antivirus training, which said he compared it to the providing health care or solution help for employees. starbucks lost an estimated $12 million in revenue as a result of the closure. scholz defended the trade calling it an investment in our people in the long-term culture and values of starbucks. tranter wishes say that kevin johnson from the ceo of of starbucks will be invited to area exclusively this morning to talk about the day after and go through everything that the company has been through in the last several weeks. looking forward to.8:30 a.m. eastern time. amazon expanding the prime discount program.
5:37 am
>> renounced this a few weeks ago. charting today, amazon is expanded its discount on sale items to state that all whole foods stores. the discounts are available in arkansas, colorado, kansas, kansas city, missouri, louisiana, new mexico oklahoma, texas and utah. you can see it on your screen. nothing here in new york yet. but wait. gerri: got to say this exactly the whole foods, we call at whole paycheck coming needs is a discount. they are saying we should reboot >> this is in an attempt to stop a cyberattack a foreign government agent for launching against people in the u.s. do not wear could stop the router from working. collect information from the systems that run through it and possibly block network traffic.
5:38 am
train to try to do it they say. tracee, thank you. gerri: hard to ignore the fbi. kim kardashian then heading to the white house for a meeting with president trump and his son-in-law, jared kushner. many worried about the latest political crisis but political crisis but now it's affecting bank stocks. let's take a look at what the up and will be up about 55 on the dow. not quite as much as it was only minutes to go. the nasdaq up a. you are watching trained seven. -- "fbn:am." ♪ t, a little presentation.
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>> welcome back to the future caught up on what's happening now. markets after the triple digit selloff nearly 400-point loss yesterday for the dow up 65 right now in the premarket. s&p up six and a quarter. nasdaq up 11 points five. we'll see how the day goes today. israel warning it is on the brink of war with hamas fighters in gaza as missile sirens blared throughout the night. the israeli defense force says it hit 55 militant target in the gaza strip. the attack coming in response to 70 rockets and mortar bombs in southern israel.
5:42 am
during three israeli soldiers. embattled republican it would brighten his resigning amid a misconduct scandal and allegations of misuse of the charity donor list. the felony charge had been dropped. he was accused of threatening to release a photo of a woman if she revealed that they had an affair. he maintains he's done nothing illegal. kim kardashian and west will meet with jared kushner and president trump today to discuss prison reform and a possible pardon. kardashian plans to ask him to pardon alice johnson who's serving time for first-time drug offense. that is what is happening now. gerri: the s&p 500 and the dow had the biggest one-day drop since italy's political crisis sparked concerns about stability of the eurozone. always on u.s. banks hit hard
5:43 am
yesterday. will wright is joining me now. welcome to the show. that was the worst performance we've seen in some time. all 69 and the s&p 500 banking stocks fell. take no for that sector. is this just worries about the eurozone or is there something else going on here? >> is primarily worry about the eurozone, the yes there is something going on here as well which could be a much bigger effect there and that is 50 euros sound situation causes yields here to drop further than we saw big move yesterday, of course yields declining as opposed to yield rising is primarily the reason why the sox guided yesterday. >> rest about trains from jpmorgan chase, morgan stanley. the bank's second-quarter market revenue could be flat compared with a year ago and the wealth
5:44 am
management division says activity is slowing. is this somehow a bad time to be a bank? >> it was actually a pretty good time to be a bank up until some of these latest quarterly earnings reports. particularly with a rising interest rate environment, a lot of investors expected better results than thought in that kind of situation, banks would achieve a higher level of profitability and said a lot of investors moving back into the site there. some of the flat trading profits that were with ported were not great news and that is a function of the local volatility environment as well as the other reports of declining sector activity. >> you would think it would be a good time for the bank says interest rates have gone higher. they make more money on their loans. you know, that is good news for the banks. it pretty good regulatory client. this is the site are good for
5:45 am
individual investors alike to be. should they continue to invest? should they invest more at this time? >> people need to be cautious about financials at this stage. the view on financial is primarily determined by a view of rising interest rates. the latest episode we've seen from italy sparked a crisis of confidence in the short term about how many rate hikes the federal reserve will implement this year. of course if it's going to be lowered, the market expects another three rate hikes this year that's probably not good news for banks. investors need to remain cautious. do-not-call playing out of his prices yesterday. jpmorgan priced in for .3%, morgan stanley down five playmate. is there another sector you like better that people should be cautious as you say about the financial sector? >> from our days, when sector which continues to do very well
5:46 am
as commodities particularly in the back of italy we saw investors moving into safe haven asset such as treasury bonds and gold. we still like commodities as an asset class and gold that this kind of environment where we see heightened volatility and weakness in the dollar. train to lots of ideas for investors. thank you for coming out today. >> thank you. turning to serena williams had her first grand slam matches another. she delivered. jared max o'byrne assault the highlight. italy and political turmoil battle in the global stock markets. we will go to london to talk about what is next for the country in the european era. u.s. stock market futures dow up. we were up 102 right now. s&p is up 10. nasdaq up night team.
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>> you don't understand. don't go. cheryl: fans of the hash of the walking dead or dying because supports are up up to lose their biggest star. i speak as reporting into lincoln is a big lincoln is leaving the hit abc show after its ninth season. the actor wants to focus more on his movie career. the walking dead, one of the
5:51 am
talk shows has dipped in the ratings in recent e-zine says viewership has declined in some fans they made the just time to end the show on the note that it's on now. we shall see. gerri: never understood that. the new national anthem policy. cheryl: jared max with that story. >> good morning, cheryl. good morning, transfer. next tuesday, super bowl champions will visit president trump. chris vaughn, malcolm jenkins. an ally of the anthem protest movement as he held his fist in the outcome of both opposed the new policy on the anthem which mandates players who choose to be on the field for the end to that they stand for the anthem is there in the field. the nfl owners decision to make this change. they are afraid of the president. it is their right, but the clumsy world. it is real, but it's only going
5:52 am
to get messier. new york giants linebacker, popular player has beaten cancer from a strong community leader, member of the nfl association. is invited president trump to have a summit of sorts inside the new york giants locker room with players to discuss the anthem. this is he going to locker room, guys do every single race, demographic religious background. we are all just 18. how about president trump to come down here and see what locker room talk is really about. check out serena williams. first grand slam match since she became a mom in september. during the all-black striking red van. he was escaping. >> all the moms out there that attempt pregnancy and come back and try to be fierce in the middle of everything. that's what this represents an
5:53 am
it's exciting. you can't beat a cat suit, right? >> the catsuit made her feel like a superhero. great baseball game last night. the alc lasher led the yankees decided to. bottom of the ninth when the yankees brett gardner hit the game-tying two-run home run. so they go to extra innings. bottom of the 10th, labor torres, walkoff single. the red sox also have two games up on new york. cheryl: can recover to the catsuit for two seconds. >> and a woman is just kneeling down to serena williams ferber in the catsuit. that is hard to pull off even as a supermodel and she did. gerri: this is the thing now is for us with women. playing pregnant. i mean, think about that. this is a whole new level of how
5:54 am
women are participating these days. >> i have no personal experience. i don't know. cheryl: fox's segments 20 for seven. i'm going to let them out of this fund. sirius xm channel 115. investors are worried about the stability of the eurozone. we are going to london for that reaction. we will be right back. for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018.
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cheryl: stocks are mixed in europe this morning after italy's logical crisis triggered a global stock selloff yesterday. michael used and it seems the market joins us now. we have to ask the question here. could italy be the next brexit for the eurozone? >> yeah, that is a question a lot of people are asking. it's a little bit immature tooth are thinking along those lines. what has become apparent over the past 48 hours if there is a distinct anti-e.u. sentiment coursing through the veins of italian politics. unless the european union does something to do with that, there is a distinct probability that could have been. if you take the market share, it
5:58 am
accounts to 60% of the vote. that is replicated in the new election coming that will present a significant number of problems to the european union and its relationship with it. >> i'm calling it exited, round exit. i will take you to a totally different topic. the rehab hospital for people who say they are addicted to trading crypto currencies. are you a gambling expert? any particular truth to this? you hear about this in london? >> i was trading crypto currency in a different thin trading bull market. treated currencies are trading the dax, equally as volatile. i'm not sure what to make of this dory. ultimately it's a given that addiction but there is adding on
5:59 am
the stocks are betting on horses. i'm struggling to take the story seriously. i'm sure it's correct, but why is crypto currency different from any other form of treating a gambling. >> in all seriousness them it's been a stressful 24 hours for market participants in asia. it certainly has, michael. michael houston, thank you very much. appreciate the sympathy with the last story. gerri: rolling with that story, that was pro. time for maria bartiromo and morgan cytherea appeared >> thanks for joining us. thanks for being here on this wednesday. i am maria bartiromo and it is wednesday may 30th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. relief rally on wall street. features dancing up 113 points right now. s&p up half a percent of the nasdaq up 22 points. third of a percent higher. sharp sellouts to kick off the trade week for the dow and s&p 500 being their worst declined
6:00 am
yesterday since april is political uncertainty out of israel weighed on their market. the dow was down almost 400 points. 1.5%. the s&p down better than 1%. nasdaq down half a percent. the big move yesterday was the euro and we are seeing a 10 month low against the dollar. the year was up as you see there. stability as well across the world. st 100 up 12 points and down 25 and the dax up 52 points. in asia overnight, markets follow the u.s. lower. sharp declines across the board. shanghai composite down to .5% in china on new wording from the administration and tariffs on chinese goods. president trump touting his economic success. the commander-in-chief rallies support last night in nashville. especially when it comes to wages and jobs.


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