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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 30, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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you may end up where you are heading. that's it for us tonight. see you tomorrow night. good night from new york. very . lou: good evening our top story, special counsel flailing in dem's dismay on full display. robert mueller intent on using attorney general sessions in a poorly considered effort to go after president trump, building a certain to fail argument of be on vehiclobstructtion of justich has nothing to do with russia collusion and with president trump. we take up the sorry state of the witch-hunt with victoria and gregg jarrett. congressional rinos determined
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to save their seats and skins by sacrificing seats and skins of conservatives and mainstream republicans, and rinos and leaders landed on amnesty for illegal immigrants. kevin mccarthy said they are working on a daca deal, disaster at border, and at midterms no concern of theirs as long as wall street, koch brothers, and chamber of commerce keep their money flowing, tennessee congressman diane black among your guests, she will talk about the fight to fund the border wall. her means of funding the border wall. fake news in caught in the fact again. "new york times" busted for lying about massive crowd at president trump's nashville rally this time, president trump gets a rare gift in return.
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we'll tell you all about it, here tonight. >> this feels like before our election, this is a big crowd of people. a lot of people. a lot of people. with bad weather. and bad everything. and still coming in. lou: top story, robert mueller desperate to keep presidential subversion mission going and republicans have developed -- rino republicans developed a strange frame of schizophrenia. with credibility of his all democrat dem teams shredded and dems and deep state warning him not ton to interfere in midterm, mueller focused on taking farce he leads to new levels, obstruction of justice, mueller knows he has zero chance of indicting a and a sitting pres.
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he has come up with a new direction for his confused investigation, focusing on a meeting between president trump and his attorney general, in which president asked session to reconsider his recusal in russia case. even tray gow trey gowdy admittt sessions never should have taken the attorney general job if he intended to recuse himself. but as it the rino way, gowdy found a quick way to return to his form, and defend fbi action in planning a spy in trump presidential campaign. >> i am more convinced that the fbi did what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got, and it has nothing to do with donald trump. lou: if you can believe that?
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a extraordinary piece of reasoning. here to sort it out victoria. when i saw trey gowdy say that, i was stunned. because even by his standards, that is confused. it is absurd, and it is contradicted and contravened by history. >> well, as i understand it, they done see documents, they just got a briefing, to rely on a briefing, i don't trust nothing until i see the documents, i don't know why he is out spewing this stuff. he sunds incred i thinkcredible. he also says if president does not have anything to hide, he should just sit down with mueller, give me a break, he and speaking like someone who has never been an attorney, and he has not. let me tell you about "scooter"
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libby. he came in to the grand jury said exrchtiox and a jawrnallis, and he got indicted. i am going to quote jim comey about this. if a prosecutor does not know his case in a year, he should be fired, because he is incompetent. it has been a year, mr. mueller, it should be over. lou: you are right, but this goes beyond, thatting all of us, media, right or left oh, whatever. is all of us following this, citizens by tens of millions, watching their president being pursued persecuted, when there is on its face just nothing to the case what so ever. and not only been a year for special counsel but that case is built on almost a year of investigation by the fbi.
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everyone knows there is nothing thereby the admission of chairman of the senate intelligence committee, by the report of the house intelligence committee. and the somewhere counsel him -- special counsel himself come forward with nothing in scope of the mission. >> let me add, trey gowdy was an assistance attorney in south carolina, but he does not know main justice, i do. i know what cartwheels, and angst that everyone went through to even hop open an investigatin against a member of congress. i can tell you to open this. within months of the election had to go to attorney general if not the white house, this is not done lightly in department of justice, trey gowdy does not
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know diddley squat about what rules are for opening an investigation into a presidential campaign. lou: and gowdy is a lame duck, almost likely is job hunting out there. i mean the man is confused just in his own narrative. let's turn to that narrative. that people would want a spy planted in a presidential campaign if there were russian meddling, don't you think it would be we had a president in president obama who did nothing. and best we could tell cia knew not a thing about what the russians were doing.
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>> here is proper protocol, they should have gone to the presidential campaign, told them they were fearful that russians are trying to infiltrate, and ask for their support. they did not do that. why? they were busy making up evidence to frame the president. that is what they were doing. that is what this is all about. talking about it for 6 months now the brazen plot to frame president trump the then presidential candidate. >> you are right. but all of this now understand that -- understood that american people and special counsel goes on. and we now are watching the dems and deep state in washington in particular, divide over the issue of whether there was a spy in the campaign or an informant, as if that is different, the narrative is now turned, they
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were trying to protect the trump campaign. not and watch out for russians, even as they do not do a thing as far as we know in the investigation of the russian offensive largely a cyber offensive, again the united states. states. >> one reason they say, general flynn got $45,000 for a speech paid for by russia, well bill clinton got a half million dollars for a speech to russia, where were they then? lou: and that speaking fee, and almost 145 million dollars to coffers of clinton foundation by any, any reasoning of any kind of honesty, there was of
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connection, a pay for play with uranium one and mueller -- >> he was fbi director at the time. >> yeah, here we go -- we're supposed to pretend this makings sense? is there not at large, in this country any spirit that says, when confronted by lies and crimes that have been committed, and dereliction of duty of failure to intercede in the u.s. election there was not a single person in intelligence community. they were so sure of trump's collusion with russia. but they could not figure out what was happening in real-time.
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could not mount a counter offensive? that is stunning. >> here again is where trey gowdy is off track, he said let investigation take it where it needs to go. no, president has to be president, he has been harmed by this since first day he took office. he cannot make a decision about russia without having it second guessed because of the russian collusion, he has to make decisions about russia. barack obama did. he was doing reset that failed. and president still has to deal with russia and foreign leaders. they read the papers, they have to say, is he going to be here next year at-this-point, that takessa away his leverage, it has to stop. lou: it is the purpose of the special counsel of democratic party and the deep state. which is to subvert this administration. and they if they have their way will not stop. with this special counsel
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witch-hunt. >> this is ridiculous. lou: well, i have not talked to an attorney who i respect, that thinks there is any possibility of prosecuting a president for be on vehiclobstruction of justo form. >> they could, yes, if they said destroy evidence. but, you have to willfully interfere with process of justice by threatening a witness, i am reading it, influences or empiedin impedinga witness, when impeding did president asking attorney general to unrecuse himself? lou: it does not go to the intent. >> this is embarrassing legally, embarrassing that mueller does not know better. lou: and powerfully there has never been a president either, ever indicted for be on vehiclef
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justice. >> you can't indict a sitting president, so there. lou: nope, another problem with this special counsel. all right victoria, great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. lou: still ahead, even dems are warning the mueller team to not meddle in midterms. they are great. we'll have more -- they are late, we'll have more on the fake witch-hunt. it is real, but fake mueller phony witch-hunt, how is that? legal analyst gregg jarrett coppertone sport. proven to protect street skaters and freestylers. stops up to 97% uv. lasts through heat. through sweat. coppertone. proven to protect. we always came through for our customers. from day one,
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lou: some dems are warning somewhere counsel mule -- special counsel mueller to not mess around with midterm elections. >> i would expect if there will be bombshell announcements out of mueller investigation, we'll see them in next two months, and no big announcement in weeks leading to the midterm. >> that is what you are calling for? to be clear? >> yeah, i think yes, i believe
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it is important special counsel avoid any major announcement in months before midterm election. lou: i misspoke, senator couldn't--gregg jarrett, authorw book, the russia hoax. now for preorder everywhere you go. preorder such wonderful products as your books. >> thank you. lou: we recommend highly. >> thank you. lou: start with "new york times," where do we go? "new york times" and desperate, mueller must really be desperate if he thinks that scolding attorney general over his wrongful recusal is somehow obstruction of justice, under the law, it requiring a corrupt purpose, as victoria pointed out. altering a document, scolding
11:19 pm
our ag because he was dumb in relies on wrong regulation in his recusal is not obstruction of justice, this just under scores what a colossal waste of taxpayer money that mueller is costing us. lou: we know many of the facts that are fundamental to special counsel appointed. for example rod rosenstein, there is no question about his conflict. the series of co -- conflicts he had whether it pertained on mueller or special counsel. the country understands the corruption, the abjects, profound corruption. the top 5 officials of the fbi are gone. why are we supposed to pretend,
11:20 pm
any in in media pretend this is a perfectly rational process in history why president of united states -- where president of united states, donald trump being persecute the by the deep state and the democratic party. >> americans are now beginning to realize that the president is the victim not the villain. there was never any evidence of a crime to justify criminal investigation. no legitimate intelligence to justify counter intelligence investigation. americans are turning against robert mueller and james comey. latest poll, majority of americans believe this this investigation is politically motivated and americans are right, it is. >> no question about it let's turn to jeff sessions, president saying today, point-blank, one of many things that we love the president for. said straight forwardly, i don't care what you call it i wish i had chosen a different man to be or woman to be the attorney
11:21 pm
general of the united states certainly, my gosh, when you look at jeff sessions has done in way he has done about it. anyone in the right mind would say, who have i didn't here watching him perform? or not. >> i call him a feckless attorney general, that is generous assessment of his skills, he has no skills, the president is rightfully angry, because jeff sessions while he was standing there taking oath of office, knew that he would be recusing himself, he testified before congress, that very next morning he met with the officials at the department of justice to put in motion his recusal. against he relied on wrong regulation. but he betrayed the president, he was the not honest, he could -- should have told president trump, here is what i am thinking about doing, president would have said, hold on this
11:22 pm
important investigation, you neeneed to be no control, let's look at law. they would have concluded i don't have to recuse myself in a counter intelligence probe, only i criminal case, it was not a criminal case. this is a severe betrayal of president of united states, no wonder he is angry, i would be doubley angry. lou: this president, is measured. shown patience. and he still is assailed from 360 degrees from every quarter in this country, even though he has a rising approval rating. and a base that is so under standed by national left wing media it is absurd. but this is really cold comfort because we're watching a president who could do so much, if unfettered by these little
11:23 pm
left wing, deep state, gnomes, who inhabit much of washington. >> the democrats i think are running scared about this mueller probe. they are beginning to realize the boomerang affect. unless you have senator warner saying it needs to end this year, no kidding? lou: clever. so clever, he has to be cackling tcacklinghimself at old boy sche right now, as hing ise suggesteo wrap it up. anyway, i am more upset with richard burr. >> two peas in a pod. lou: that is a nice word, gregg jarrett, thank you. >> thank you. lou: appreciate it. >> vote in our poll, do you believe netflix will pay a price for partisan payoff to former president and first lady?
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just asking. cast your vote on twitter, follow he on twitter, and on facebook and instagram. up next president trump holding a massive rally last night in nashville: fake news media got caught, lying through their teeth. we'll tell you the really good news in this fake news. >> ed rollins and michael goodwin joining me here next, stay with us. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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lou: you are going to love this. fake news "new york times" caught lying about the crowd size in nashville last night. president trump called them out with his tweet. he says the corrupt "new york
11:29 pm
times" estimated the crowd at a thousand people. when in fact it was many times that number and the arena was rockin'. "new york times" reporter julie davis did recant. she said my estimate was way off. we corrected our story to reflect the fire marshal's estimate of 5,500. when we get it wrong, we say so. the president's campaign putting up their own report estimating a crowd of 8,000 strong. we are going right here with a thousand. don't you love the fact that ed rollins and michael goodwin are both with us tonight on this historic occasion. the "new york times"? the "new york times" admitted
11:30 pm
they were wrong and wronged the president. michael: i'm an alumnus of the "new york times" and on days like this i don't tell anybody. lou: if you are sitting in that crowd estimating. how can you be so wrong unless it's part of what you want. you want it to be a smaller crowd. that's the clear implication when you are so far off. lou: i think he's wrong. demean and disparage. that's the purpose of the left-wing media in this country. they think they are serving some higher purpose, namely, hillary clinton. there is still embed in these people an absolute disgust for the craft and tenets of this craft, and there has been an absolute commitment to furthering the interest of the left-wing ideology.
11:31 pm
ed: they can't understand how someone like donald trump could be elected president. lou: think about that. which one of these idiots in the national left-wing media or white house press corp would be able to carry his books to school. he's smarter than they are, he's been more successful. who do they think they are? ed: they totally underestimate the public. she ran a crummy campaign, he ran a great campaign. she spent 10 times more money than he did. she inherited the obama campaign and couldn't implement his structure and he won it square and fair and they are still complain being it two years later. lou: she ran a crooked campaign. the entire democratic party was
11:32 pm
led by crooked cheating. what do you call debbie wasserman-schultz? >> she had the fbi and the obama white house on her side. lou: i mean they drained his blood. we could see it happening before our eyes. michael: you asked who do these people think they are? the "new york times," they think they are the elite of the country who should pick the president of the united states. after the "new york times" editorial board met with john kasich, they came out and said we thought that should be the republican nominee. they have never endorsed a republican nominee for president but they want to pick the republican nominee. ed: they picked president kerry and president gore. they never endorsed a
11:33 pm
republican. michael: not since dwight eisenhower. lou: president obama, they put $50 million, it looks like a payoff. the only thing they knew was politics. what would be the point of bringing them on with $50 million in company money. >> netflix has become an obama administration hopping off point. he said it won't be political but that's what he said about obamacare, too. lou: we wouldn't take obama's word for it.
11:34 pm
ed: netflix is an ongoing money make machine and it's going to get damaged by this. lou: do you think people will boycott it? do you think anyone will go to their account and disengage from the dvd and streaming service? ed: i think it could happen. lou: i know some people who do that. i know some people. up next, things are looking up for the historic june 12 summit. that summit between president trump and kim jong-un. we'll have the latest for you. dr. sebastian gorka is here next. we'll talk the summit and commies *. do of any our intelligence agencies actually work?
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11:39 pm
singapore and the korean dmz. joining us, dr. sebastian gorka. let's start with these talks moving ahead. the white house making it clear, if they can and the conditions are right, that means basically assurances of denuclearization, according to some template the administration has, that june 12 meeting they think can still happen. >> it looks as if things are back on track and knowing who we have in the white house, john bolton, pompeo at state and mattis at defense. this won't be anary fairy piece of paper, an airy fairy piece of
11:40 pm
paper. they will have to clean up their sites. lou: i don't think anyone has illusions about this administration having any kinship to the previous administration. there is this issue percolating with china whether it be the reaction to u.s. ships and freedom of navigation in the south china sea where there be trade talks that mnuchin led to the verge of disaster which had been rescued, it appears. but we are looking at 301 actions by the administration against some of the imports. that's in abeyance until the 15th of june. further penalties can ensue. tariffs. so we are seeing some real tough
11:41 pm
talk coming as well from the chinese leadership. what do you make of the strains and prospects and potential import to the overall relationship with china? >> well, i learned rapidly when i was in the white house. once you have the clearance and read the reports, there is only one strategic threat we face today and that's china. the president came around to that view and he takes it seriously. that's why we have the 301 investigation and the tariffs. the challenge is the u.s. business elite, especially in the silicon valley. these people have facilitated the rights of china. apple and google go there and give away their i.p. they are undermining the u.s. national security. this is an educational process
11:42 pm
as much as a national security one. and we need the private sector to get on board with the president's message that china cannot be aloud displace us -- can not be allowed to displace us economically or militarily. lou: u.s. manufacturing which includes some of our most of elite companies, rarified expertise and products, that is boeing having to compel transfers of i.p. in order to sell aircraft to china. and the list goes on. all sorts of deals like that which the president to his great credit has identified and is trying to reverse. but with a congress whose leadership is bought and paid for by the koch brothers, the business round table and the chamber of commerce, it's difficult at wall street for the
11:43 pm
president to carry his message through. today the president dealing with that very issue remembering clearly. bob iger walked off one of his industry councils taking a shot at him. bad bloond appropriately show which he needed help and people like iger were part of the problem, not the solution. >> it's the different between short termism or make your shareholders happy at the next quarterly bleetding or the interest of the national large. the chinese having a long-term approach. lou: there is a simple word for the problem. that's multi-national when it applies to businesses. they had better be american
11:44 pm
businesses operating globally. dr. sebastian gorka, good to have you with us. president trump calls out the left-wing national media for hypocritical treatment of roseanne barr. we'll have the story straight ahead. yes, it goes on. it took guts to start my business. but as it grew bigger and bigger, it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps!
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what's in your wallet?
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lou: president trump accusing abc of a double standard after the network canceled its hit show "roseanne" after her controversial and racist tweet. howard kurtz with our report. reporter: everyone has an opinion about the cancellation of the roseanne barr show. the president tweeted that disney ceo bob iger called valerie jarrett to let her know abc does not tolerate comments like that. this followed a bizarre sweet storm in which barr ripped her
11:49 pm
critics and blamed a sleep medication. that prompted the drug's manufacturer to declare, racism is not a side effect of any sanofi medication. twitter can be a treacherous tool for anyone in public life. cnn fired pro actual contributor for tweeting the nazi salute. but espn took no action against jamil hill. nbc did not.
11:50 pm
yesterday's unproven charge that robert mueller is meddling with the mid-terms. by also punches back against vicious criticism. twitter erupts so angrily that offenders can lose their jobs and reputations within hours. as roseanne barr just learned, even have tv's most of popular show doesn't protect you. lou: the dow jones industrials up over 300 points. volume on the big board pick up 3.5 billion shares. a remind tore listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. rinos claim her this close to
11:51 pm
getting an illegal alien amnesty bill on the house floor. diane black joins us here next. it's time for the semi-annual sale with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you effortlessly comfortable. and snoring.... does your bed do that? don't miss the final days of our semi-annual sale save up to $700 on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends sunday.
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even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro. lou: platoons of rinos in the house are pushing for amnesty.
11:55 pm
kevin mccarthy tells fox news the gop is very close to bringing an immigration bill to the house that would include some kind of daca deal. party leaders oppose the idea we are told, but what if they are forced to do it? wouldn't that be terrible? then they could line up with their business round table, the chamber of commerce, the koch brothers. joining us is an outstanding republican congressman from tennessee. she is also the chair of the house commerce committee. do you like the word rino? >> i do like it. that's what they are. lou: we have a viewer named wanda. ed rollins is concerned about the use of the term rino.
11:56 pm
so wanda suggested instead of rino, because he was looking for some way to avoid it. she suggests opossums and armadillos. she says she prefers opossums. i don't think we have got it yet, wanda. but let's see what the congressman says. you want to go with rino or armadillo? >> i will stick with the rino. the acronip is exactly -- the acronym is exactly what it is. lou: you have an idea to raise the money and build the wall. >> that's right. we have been talking about building this wall. past administrations continue to say yes we are going to build this wall, by the doesn't get
11:57 pm
funded. we'll jump-start this by having a dedicated fund within the treasury where the american people will have an opportunity too send their -- to send their money in. it was done with the washington monument. there was a lack of completion and people around the country said we want to have it finished. you can go to the washington monument and see the plaques dedicated who put the money. we know it won't fund the entire wall. we want to get crowd funding going. this gives us the opportunity to say send your money into a dedicated fund. lou: i love the idea. i only have one question. how long will it take? >> if we were only to crowd fund it would probably take quite some time. whatever we are able to get from
11:58 pm
congress to put the money there. lou: can i ask you this? you are the chair of the budget committee. you have got a republican leadership in the house and senate. they are both rinos as we know, i won't ask you to comment on that. it might create unease for you. but it does create more than unease for the american people it's a national security issue, the president proposed it. and what the house sent to this president was no funding for the wall whatsoever. not a time. not a time for the wall. than is still no money to build the wall. >> that's because we have to deal with the democrats. unfortunately -- lou: what's the point of having a republican party or electing you people at all? >> that's what i say.
11:59 pm
if the senate doesn't change their filibuster rules we'll continue to have to deal with this. lou: this is the house. >> we have talked about funding for a long time. we put that out there and we send it over to the senate. the senate is our stopper with so many of these bills. lou: can we get rid of mitch mcconnell? then we work on ryan? >> we send congressmen over to the senate and they get frustrated. we would be able to get a lot more done if they had a simple majority like the constitution calls for. very frustrating. lou: thank you very much, diane black, good to see you. tonight's quote of the evening, attorney general jeff sessions, if you do not change direction
12:00 am
you may end up where you are heading. that's it for us tonight. see you tomorrow night. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: roseanne barr started a national dumpster fire with her racially charged tweet and today the smoke blew all the way to the white house where the president accused abc of having a double standard. he said bob iger called valerie jarrett to let her know abc does not tolerate comment like those. gee, he never called president trump to apologize for the horrible statement made and said about me on abc. maybe i just didn't get the call.


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