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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 31, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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you may end up where you are heading. that's it for us tonight. see you tomorrow night. good night from new york. >> to get growth, to get more american experts, to get reciprocity trade deals with china, it will help american jobs, health employment. >> i'm good. gerri: breaking news this morning as the trade deadline looms for u.s. trading partners at "the wall street journal" reported that trump administration will slash tariffs on aluminum and steel. cheryl: stocks broke a three-day losing streak. the dow up over 300 points yesterday. gerri: how will stocks react today with the news of a possible trade work?
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the dow up 18. the s&p 500 up just one, nasdaq up 10. cheryl: stocks of the inherent hopes italy will resolve the problem. germany a different story. german carmakers under pressure and raising fears of a trade war with the united states. the dax and the negative down 25 points. >> asia stocks in the greater the shanghai composite of 2% of the hong kong hang seng up 1.3%. a revolution for the godot industry. tesla fixes the break on all of its model three cars wirelessly. no trip to the dealer necessary. "fbn:am" starts right now. gerri: at his side to 1:00 a.m.
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in new york on thursday, may 31st. i'm gerri willis and for lauren simonetti. cheryl: i'm cheryl casone. fixing the car wirelessly. can a lot of companies do that? can we have that everywhere? gerri: breaking news this morning for the trump administration planning to go ahead with tariffs on steel and aluminum as the two sides are too failed to reach an agreement before tomorrow's deadline. >> good morning, jerry and cheryl. we will know what happened by friday on steel and aluminum terrorists the u.s. is meant to put in place. the european union will retaliate if the tariffs go into place. the trade representative is meeting with the secretary of commerce, also meeting later on today in a trilateral meeting with japan and the united states. the u.s. trade representative. terrorists will affect on friday in mexico and canada.
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mexico signaled it's ready to make concessions. the canadian minister says they are ready and prepared to take appropriate action to protect their workers. they were supposed to be a trade meeting yesterday with the trade minister in the u.s. trade representative put canadians went home with a possible tariffs of 25% on chinese technology coming into the united states as well as restrictions on chinese investment in u.s. technology that china wants to have here. the only word you can come up with is the chinese are afraid about this in ahead of the next trade meeting supposed to happen in china in beijing on june 2nd with the commerce secretary. >> we are ready for anything the chinese state wants to do in response to a legitimate defense of her intellectual property and technology. in terms of this issue, this issue has united america. senator schumer and senator rubio saying exactly the same thing.
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we need to defend the crown jewels. >> the tough trade talk has rocked the country to the table to modernize or in some cases come up with new agreements and see if the deals can get done. back to you. trying to secretary of state mike ang pao will meet with top kim jong -- kim yong chol today for an expected summit between president trump and kim jong un. a 90 minute private dinner last night after the dinner. secretary pompeo treated good working dinner with kim yong chol in new york tonight. state, corn and cheese on the menu. gerri: while the white house is committed to next month summit the possibility of shifting the day. >> we are preparing and expect that to take place and will be ready on june 12th in the nod if it takes place on july 12.
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>> the differences between north korea and the u.s. remain quite significant. statement of local rural stops remaking trading by spherical is to replace overly complex and inefficient requirements with a more streamlined set of requirements. part of the trump administration's efforts to loosen financial regulations. a key part of the dodd-frank law congress approved legislation rolling back. >> tesla back in consumer reports good graces after making a revolutionary fix to its model three. train to tracee carrasco has that story and some other headlines. >> consumer reports reversed its decision yesterday and endorse
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the model three sedan after not getting a recommendation a quick wireless software update. elon musk was not happy with the initial review. instead, an early production car. >> probably been doing this for a long time? a new report from automotive news service via chrysler will eventually phase out the brand in the united states. report says the company will unveil its five-year plan tomorrow, which will include possibly ending sales in the u.s. with chrysler sticking to domestic operations only. three i. will only sell vehicles in europe, brazil and other foreign markets.
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trade three drag queens at the annual meeting. what's going on? >> a mix of people outside protesting. dozens of people showed up to protest outside of the annual shareholder meeting in seattle yesterday for a number of reasons. this invention to drag queens urging amazon stability second headquarter nsa with strong laws to target for amazon cargo upset over inadequate staffing levels. instead of meeting a shareholder has just raised those about quote coming from for the company, ringing up the attacks and concerns of antitrust regulators may investigate the influence. this type of scrutiny was inevitable. >> the protesting amazon is an intricate part of our lives, our personal lives, daily lives. gerri: every bit of it. that's for sure. cheryl: well, facebook announcing plans to build a massive data center in eagle
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mountain, utah set the public city. in 2020 to write hundreds of industrial jobs to the area as facebook invests $100 million in local infrastructure. it plans to power the entire facility with renewable energy. gerri: coca-cola's history is being shaken out. a local distilleries is claiming that invented the original recipe and now wants recognition. according to locals, the spanish drink was invented by founders of the distilleries back in 1885. the founders traveled to philadelphia to market the drink in one year later put coca-cola on the market. people say this is not the first time they've heard claims like this in the company sees it as a source of pride. in our family called it coke cola. trade to coke, love that stuff.
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despite hollywood movie local harvey weinstein indicted by a jury in new york. what is next in the legal battle. this is a really bizarre story. they show up at a news conference about his own murder. we will explain that one. taking a look at futures hit the dow was up about five points. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust.
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the cure to darkness is light. the cure to stigma is love. and the cure to disease is treatment. join us as we walk into the dawn of a new day. together, we are stronger than addiction. together, we are shatterproof. rise up. learn more at >> welcome back. let's get you caught up on what's happening right now. check the u.s. futures pit at second next day, next morning. dow industrial average up to come s&p 500 down marginally. an intense manhunt for a popular considered armed and dangerous. a $12,000 reward offered for stephen wickens who's on the run in tennessee. his girlfriend, arrested and charged with murder.
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dickson county sheriff's deputy daniel baker found dead in his patrol car after responding to a 9-1-1 call about a suspicious vehicle. baker was a marine before becoming a deputy. he leaves behind a wife and daughter. bad story there. harvey weinstein formally indicted on charges. turn himself in last week and was released on bail. he will plead not guilty. if convicted on the most serious charges, weinstein could face up to 25 years in prison. listen to this. a fascinating story. a russian journalist is back from the dead. pacheco was murdered in kiev on tuesday but turned up alive at a press conference yesterday. they said they had faked his death is part of a plan to stop the russian attempt on his life and expose those behind it. that's the way it works there.
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that's what's happening now. amazing, right? >> survived. that story is so crazy. a crazy couple of sessions for the market. global markets for now calmed down amid debris during the political crisis in italy. populist parties making an 11 hour push to form a coalition to avoid early elections that would have been july. the dow gained more than 300 points yesterday. as you can see from the futures today up slightly. also, reports that the u.s. is moving ahead with tariffs on european steel and aluminum to rattle the markets again. jerry smith that could be my group. good morning. let's start with this trade war. are we now out of the woods of a full-blown trade war are we about to walk into those words
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and kind of hinting that we may start to impose on particular. this could certainly escalate from steel and aluminum across the board. by trump wants to bring the e.u. into this. i understand china may be from the intellectual property aspect. now, on the flipside, trump has the quintessential fire ready and person. talks a big game up front. we've seen everything from china to north korea and then ends back then. i hope it's the latter. it's the former and this escalates, zero. cheryl: you've got this new news that we may actually learn today about these terrorists from the u.s. senate is looking more and more likely if you look at "the wall street journal." you also have the situation that
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china. that is not resolved. in the new post about nafta, which continues to be in jeopardy and once again further apart on nafta. this is precarious for an investor as they navigate what their portfolios going to look like this year? >> mainly it is noise. i don't think the administration wants a trade war with anyone. they will certainly have some skirmishes here to test their boundaries. gdp growth will be solid in the u.s. here in the second quarter. corporate earnings have been good goodwill at double digit in s&p 500. i think investors should filter out the noise and focus on earnings and capital appreciation in their portfolios. >> you wonder if the fed will be our best friend over the next few months because they've kind of given us very temperate moderate language about rate
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hikes. >> vote, i totally agree. the economy is in good shape. earnings are in good shape, but maybe i'm being a bit pessimistic. the recent report on the steel and aluminum terrorists can cause a decline in gdp by 21%. that is just steel and aluminum. i guess maybe i'm always looking for that next black swan. so far, things are good. as we've seen what i thought was a small thing but the italian bond market, down almost 500 points. the market is, you know, kind of on a real tight rope right now. >> we are generating. that's true. the volatility has kind of reflect dead right now we are kind of, this temporary spikes. we are okay right now. let me turn it over to italy. right now that was a very -- a
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pretty big fallout on concerns about a movement in italy. not a big surprise to have gone through this with the u.k. we really blinked as investors. we did certainly take gary's point. maybe there is a black swan event i was lurking out there investors don't know when it will be or when it can come. they see bad news and especially amplified by programs you will trade for similarly synthesize the newsletter and make decisions on the backend. >> calmer heads will prevail on the investment side. not sure the political side. thank you trait appreciated. >> smarter decisions on the backend. makes sense to me. heavy rains and flash flooding leads to a state of emergency in north carolina. more rain expected around the country is the leftovers from alberto move around the country.
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gerri: residents refusing to lose will soon have no way out. more than 75 homes destroyed since the volcano's initial eruption for weeks ago.
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scientists say there were no signs the kilauea volcano will stop anytime soon. cheryl: extreme weather on the mainland continues as north carolina has declared a state of emergency. thousands of people having to flee their homes with extreme flooding and mud slides caused by alberto slamming this day. some neighborhoods completely underwater. two people died after their home collapsed marking the fourth weather-related death. look at this. the russian water so strong it swept away a 33,000-pound dump truck. massive mudslides shutting down several major roads. cheryl: amazing. the rain expected to continue for most of the country today. >> foxy major outages janice dean at her forecasts. >> hi, ladies. it's going to be warm across the south today. 70 in chicago, cooler air behind
5:24 am
the frontal system on the move. but remains in alberta was across the great lakes. still going to say the threat for showers and thunderstorms across florida. parts of the southeast upwards again the midwest. here's your future raider and we have a new storm system moving out of the rockies the look of his attentional for severe storms. not only the northern rockies and northern plains, large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and threats for flash flooding again today for the afternoon and evening. really hot across the southern portion of the country. 88 in kansas city. the storms will start to fire this afternoon. still unsettled across the eastern seaboard of the storm coming out of the rockies. it'll be hot for much of the south and central u.s. we have records in minneapolis over the last couple of days remaining hot heading into the weekend. back to you, ladies.
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cheryl: janice, thank you had >> you got it. cheryl: legendary investor warren buffet offering $3 billion. a tight labor market. wal-mart gets creative to keep its employees happy. we are going to tell you what they are doing. looking at futures come a pretty quiet open after the volatile week we've had printed out daca in the premarket. s&p is up one, nasdaq up eight and a quarter. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ jardiance asked: when it comes to managing your type 2 diabetes, what matters to you? you got a1c, heart, diet, and exercise. slide 'em up or slide 'em down. so let's see. for most of you, it's lower a1c. but only a few of you
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cheryl: breaking this morning.
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president trump versatile attorney rudy giuliani urging robert mueller to wrap up his russian investigation by september to avoid meddling with the midterms. further issues can influence the election. gerri: stocks break a three-day losing streak as a political crisis in italy could be resolved without impacting the european union. the dow up over 300 points. cheryl: how're stocks going to react to a possible trade war as washington plans to impose steel and aluminum terrace across the pond. look at the dow, s&p and nasdaq slightly higher for once. the dow 14, s&p up one and a quarter. >> in europe comes stocks open slightly higher on hopes italy will resolve local problems. german car makers under and raising fears of a trade war. mixed impact there. dax down, ftse higher. >> in asia comes stocks actually all they are. shanghai composite of 2% in hong
5:30 am
kong the hang seng up 1.3%. >> wal-mart offering employees a college education. how much the employees are required to pay for the program, "fbn:am" continues right now. cheryl: 538 in new york. good morning, everybody. i'm cheryl casone. gerri: unnamed gerri willis. big news coming about cardio, but you can be offered education. cheryl: companies really stepping it up. stories later on, but we first focus on politics. the march of the mid-terms continues messaging for democrats and republicans now into focus. what do they care the most part and sheared away in his former bombing campaign regional direct
5:31 am
your robyn biro and state republican senator john down. guys, good morning. we have robin, an example of what pete or care about. but to show you the most recent poll to give you a sense of what the american public is saying. what matters most. the russian investigation, tax cuts, trade work, north korea and immigration. these are the mainstream issues being battered about by voters right now. but don't you think that we are getting a little bit tired of the russian investigation. >> i sure do. democratic senator mark warner actually agrees. he cautioned that americans could get tired of this. i believe that they are. he also said we need to wrap this up before the end of the year before we lose. i couldn't agree more. i'm finally starting to get my party back after so long that we've been lacking messaging for
5:32 am
the dnc. they are starting to get it and starting to talk about health care. the fact that two thirds of the recipients are trump supporters and their premiums have skyrocketed and giving it a death joke since he couldn't give repeal and replace. we'll let that to the list of things americans care about because it's hitting them in their wallet. cheryl: robin, i want to stay on that. we are hearing more and more democrats are going to move away and focus on health care. it's not a right strategy? overall, the american consumer, person, resident is doing a lot better. wages have moved higher. companies are hiring offering more benefits. we talked about wal-mart offering college education. don't the democrats need to focus on that a little bit more? >> they vote with their wallets. their premiums have tripled because of doing away with subsidies. you know, that hurts them at
5:33 am
home. it affects their ability to pay bills, buy groceries. we will be hitting on that is one thing. they do care about the russian investigation. we've got to get this wrapped up. i've just got to say. gerri: the president agrees with that. what could be a threat to the republicans. if you look at democrats would've won in primaries and state races in recent months, actually, a lot of them moving towards president trump. thinking about heidi heitkamp from new hampshire. conor lamb of pennsylvania. these are people of the web are moderate to take on the track message, which frankly used to be in the old days at democrats message. they were about labor, they were about unions. president trump has taken that away from him. >> winning is contagious. everyone's having fun winning under trunk, it the negative unemployment. 6 million jobs looking for
5:34 am
workers. north korea further than they've ever been because we have the negotiator in chief that is going around the world changing everything and democrats are getting on board the trunk plan. so it is a beautiful thing. >> i'm not so sure it is. if you look at the states, that could be a problem for republicans in more moderate areas where democrats can actually take hold. >> eyecatcher pointed democrats are rising up and finally some candidates are pivoting from their hard luck candidates that they been fielding that nancy pelosi and the maxine waters of the world. their policies are being returned to the democrats are rising. with the democrats looking at facing as he put it on your graphic, losing in the generic ballot from 11 points from their 13% are nine points in a 13%
5:35 am
down to 4%. the message is done. nobody likes it. it's awfully late for them to find a message. if their message seems to be bernie sanders socialized medicine for all and free college for all and i hope they keep pushing that socialist message and that these blue dogs i think we see in california and other places, blue dogs will not do well. >> robin just telling us they will go to the health care mantra. thank you for joining us. we are going to have this discussion several more times i'm sure. thanks, guys. gerri: new reports and warren buffett is really big on uber. cheryl: tracee carrasco has not story and more headlines. >> warren buffett offered to invest $3 billion into goober, but the two sides couldn't agree on the terms. this reportedly happened after
5:36 am
multibillion dollars investment from softbank. still looking for that ipo in 2019. >> a bad day yesterday for bill gross the bond fund manager. >> janice henderson took a 3% had on tuesday, which is a big loss in just one day following markets. the fund that they would pay to their italian counterparts. but instead, german prices jump sending the political turmoil in italy over the weekend. >> talk about wal-mart. they are taking a stake in education for employees. love the story. cannot wal-mart wants to help pay for employees to go to college. employees will have to contribute 1 dollar per day for 365 days every year towards their education as long as they are enrolled and wal-mart will cover the rest.
5:37 am
employees able to enroll in the university of florida in gainesville branding universe in irvine, california and nebraska. they have the option of taking classes online with the flexibility during the weekend, evenings. great deals there. they want to keep their employees. >> starbucks did something very similar within arizona university. tracey, thank you. >> twenty-first century fox is putting the pressure on comcast for the company scheduling at july 10th bidding for shareholders to vote on the $52 billion sale of key assets to disney. they will have to act fast to come up with an offer to undercut disney. announcing last week in new baden has been lining up finance team. twentieth century fox is the parent company of the fox business network. >> suing abc and its parent company disney which sparks the
5:38 am
battle and the labor department is set to release the may jobs report tomorrow. what you can expect for that report. stock index futures right now kind of a split decision. the dow down three points. nasdaq up six by five. s&p 500 you don't see very often flat. you are watching trainspotting. -- "fbn:am" ar dave coulier...! [laughing] what year is it? as long as stuff gets lost in the couch, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> welcome back. caught up on what's happening now. looking at stock market futures on this thursday. this trunk are opening up a match. s&p up by 1.5 end at 10 and a quarter buried about italy kind is tempered down this morning. but his signing for the right to try out, president trump says companies will soon be slashing prices. >> johanson big news. i think we will have some of the big companies in two weeks they're going to announce because of what we did. they are going to announce voluntary massive drops in prices. >> president trump unveils his administration's plan to lower prescription drug races. michael jackson's suing abc and its parent company disney after
5:42 am
documentary last week. properly used jackson song, movie clips and music video. a representative said it was a piece of journalism and do not infringe on his estate rights. get this. hillary clinton said she could be the ceo of any company, she would choose face the secret went on to say this book is the biggest platform in the world than most americans get their news true or not from facebook. there's the irony in that one. over to you. >> i guess some people do. thomas jobs report expected to show the economy still strong as president trump tout the job growth. >> we created 3.3 million new jobs since election day. unemployment is at its lowest level since the turn of the
5:43 am
century. >> comdex is the ceo of them play bridge, which is the largest specialty staffing firm in the country. great to have you on. thanks for coming in. thinking about the jobs report consensus estimate. the numbers we see right now, 185,000 jobs created in may. the rate to stand pat at 3.9%. last semester purpose a bit of a disappointment. job creation must then expect it coming tomorrow morning. >> the way we ultimately look at this and continue to look as job growth has been great this year. we get great exposure because we read 500 different locations. i expect a strong result of the job growth. her dominantly by the fact you've got six points 6 million job openings up last month.
5:44 am
labor is extremely hard to find right now. the historical low. we've got to find a way to encourage people to come back in the job market. >> at number slowly getting better. shockingly below trend over time. but the job that you do in the administration as you know crying about job growth. treasury secretary mnuchin told her on maria bartiromo that there is no worker shortage. >> what he said the managers and i'm sure you've heard it a lot. i can't find people to put in jobs they have available. it's not about training? >> i think some of it is training. i'm not hearing that from the companies they speak to. >> not doing it for the companies they speak to. do you agree with mnuchin and
5:45 am
where the shortages if they exist? >> every company we deal with over 11,000 different clients on a weekly basis than we paid 85,090,000 people every week. the job availability is the tightest it's ever been. the skills gap is also putting the drain on the opportunity to fill these jobs. if you talk to any manufacturer, anyone in logistics or transportation come to find out they do have a challenge filling those jobs and they do have an opportunity to put more people to work. we don't have enough of the people to get out there. >> we talked earlier in the show about wal-mart announcing in another company stepping up here. you started your own program to train workers and just to get some insight on this. keeping all kinds of training in
5:46 am
arizona, georgia all over the country. why did you do this and what are the categories of workers in particular that are in shortage? >> the primary reason we've done this is to create a value opposition to the central level individuals to show them how they can improve their work life and ultimately gain a skill which can ultimately result in better pay. better pay would ultimately drive in the skill shortage is alive and well in america today. we partnered with one of the largest online training institutions and would offer this free to every one of our associate. it's given them the opportunity with the biggest skills we see that relate to the automation happen in the workplace today. the microsoft office is a big course being taken by many.
5:47 am
over 10,000 people enrolled already. that's been done and gestured at 10 months adding almost a thousand tickets a month. >> i have to tidy up, this is really surprising. a lot of demand for employers out there. thank you for talking to us about it. we appreciate your time. cheryl: coming up, the washington capitals put on a show of their own last night. jerry mack says highlight. we've been loving watching this. a major baseball game. we will show you where he ended up. that's their string. down 17. up four and a quarter.
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gerri: welcome back. nba finals begin in oakland, california. game two of the stanley cup final. cheryl: how did it all turn out? has this been fun to watch. >> watchmen capitals is something most of us would feel fortunate to accomplish on a trip to vegas. the golden knights from the opening game of the stanley cup finals. o. scott restate first-ever stanley cup in 13 of the playoffs. they were up three to late third period. alex had open that the cats break even in vegas.
5:52 am
they will host game number three saturday. for the 80, lebron james playing in the nba finals. for straight match up between lebron and the cavaliers against south korea in the golden state warriors. golden state won last year as well as in 2015. >> golden state is one of the best games i've ever played in the best teams that's ever been assembled. >> to rand paul paymaster with the finals mvp. lebron, warriors, most lopsided favor in 16 years. tonight, lone warrior a 13-point favorite. the cavs are unsure about kevin love recovering from a concussion. average of 300 wins. milestone wednesday. struck out 12 orioles in eight innings. nationals have a six-game winning streak with his 18th
5:53 am
home run. jd martinez for the major league lead. first in the nfl used. did you see that to set the tigers game? a goose entertain fans during the rain delay. nobody could see to catch the bird. one hop off the scoreboard. he was okay. duck, duck goose comes to an end. they brought them out. tigers let everybody know that doc was okay. angels manager mike sociality pet duck when he was a kid. he said it looked like it was trying to get up for a while. gerri: i saw the little club on its way in. >> you did. cheryl: thank you very much. catch jared sports reports fox news headlines 24 sevenths sirius xm channel 115.
5:54 am
gerri: coming up, trade war with europe. our traders react team? we'll go live to london. this is no ordinary coffee. it's single-origin kenyan coffee from the nyeri highlands, 6,000 feet above sea level. but how do you really know that the beans journeyed to the port of mombasa and across the pacific? that you can trust they're 100% authentic? ibm blockchain. a smart way to track every step, ensuring this coffee did indeed come from 6,000 feet above sea level. and not a foot lower. ♪ ♪ where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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>> europe braces for a trade war. again, go to london. scott, does the salt lake into the pie already?
5:57 am
>> it's baked into the pie already. even if something goes into effect we can come up with a solution tomorrow or even next monday. caught in the crosshairs between what donald trump wants to do. something can get sorted out within the next seven days. privacy regulations went into effect last friday. i don't even need to answer the question that will force companies to be more attentive about what is important. this is how companies do business. wilbur ross addressing the concern. >> i do one of what the viewers, but another european regulation that went into effect the beginning of this year.
5:58 am
basically europe being europe is squashing businessmen make it harder for things to get done and it's not very helpful. at the end of the day it's funny. i subscribe to the "chicago tribune" because i'm from chicago. i didn't e-mail i can look at. if a dialog to "chicago tribune" because i'm coming from the u.k. site, it won't let me in. it's crazy. there's still so much work to be done. it is europe being europe. i've been getting e-mails from all kinds of companies saying do you want to be part of our site, can we send you e-mails. i think what is so surprising that so many american companies are intact date. it isn't just the big tech firms. this is a very big deal across the board. >> from their google account to facebook account to whatever firm may hold your ip address or
5:59 am
even your e-mail address command they are sending out policies and how they handle information. don't let and equifax happen again. at the same time we had the pros and the cons and that killed american commerce. and the compliance becker. i've had to do with this the last four months and it's been a nightmare. there's pros and cons. >> thank you for that. good to see you. thank you for watching "fbn:am." over to maria bartiromo. >> hither come the ladies. good morning to you. happy thursday, everybody. thanks for joining us. i maria bartiromo. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast beard take a look at futures pointed to a mixed open for stocks today very close to the flat line. the investors done six. s&p 500 exactly were closed yesterday and the nasdaq up for the final trading day of the month. so far for fractional moves.
6:00 am
yesterday's big rally market snapped a three-game losing streak yesterday shaking up the political uncertainty as well as on trade or down dusters of 300 points yesterday. s&p was up almost one and a quarter%. in europe, mixed performances take a look. the dax in germany is lower. gains across the board with the strength on wall street preaching hate composite bounced back one and three quarters of a percent. president trump said to make good on a trade threat. the white house expected to hit the european union but tariffs on steel and aluminum. the exemption ends this week are details on what comes next. secretary of state mike pompeo begin a serious meeting with north korean officials last night. the white house is optimistic about the singapore


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