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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 31, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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month. so far for fractional moves. yesterday's big rally market snapped a three-game losing streak yesterday shaking up the political uncertainty as well as on trade or down dusters of 300 points yesterday. s&p was up almost one and a quarter%. in europe, mixed performances take a look. the dax in germany is lower. gains across the board with the strength on wall street preaching hate composite bounced back one and three quarters of a percent. president trump said to make good on a trade threat. the white house expected to hit the european union but tariffs on steel and aluminum. the exemption ends this week are details on what comes next. secretary of state mike pompeo begin a serious meeting with north korean officials last night. the white house is optimistic about the singapore summit.
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we are preparing an expected to take place on june 12. >> the key issues to get the summit on track. roseanne planning a comeback saying that she may tighten the firing. the white house seems the media over bias. all the comments coming out. tesla's model three from consumer reports. how the software of state has the magazine during the huge turn on tesla. peyton manning take into the fairway with tiger woods in revealing from his playing days. all the stories coming out. join and talk all about it, did admit towel. 32 advice to heal an economic adviser to president obama for fox news contributor, barbara wilkins here. in fox news contributor connell mcshane. >> good morning. >> good morning. maria: welcome back. a lot going on in terms of trade the markets. dagen, good to see you.
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dagen: again, unintended consequences of a trade fight with natalie pickard china, but allies, too. it will take months and months for it to bear out in terms of manufacturers that use steel and aluminum. i argue that it's going to hit the red states and trump voters harder than the blue states >> retaliation that will carry with it as they move forward with these. >> transcoder states. >> again with china, yet to be resolved. this is just the beginning of the negotiation if you're in the white house. maybe you're looking at it from the outside. the immediate effect on soybean farmers in the united state.
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china is a communist government. they turn on farmers and manufacturers here in the united states quicker than we can because we are in an open economy run by the error. >> the europeans are allies in the idea and the kudlow talks about the trade coalition of the willing and things like that. a lot of people think of china's the bad guy in all of this, we should be ganging up on them as opposed to really picking a fight with the europeans. >> listen, we've been speaking about what is considered. it's good to be tough on trade in a tough negotiator. that being said, trade was not good for anyone. maria: so far, not a major reaction. a lot of news, ceo critic of russian president vladimir putin is with us this morning.
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we will get his story coming out. ambassador to the u.n., former presidential candidate bill richardson. presidential campaign director of strategic communications adrian elrod is here. former trump campaign manager in lewandowski president and ceo, corey lewandowski as well. we take it off right here with his french trade tensions to repair the trump administration reportedly plan to hit the e.u. with aluminum and kill terrorists according to "the wall street journal." the exemption supposed to happen in this week aired an official announcement could come as early as today threatening to retaliate with tariffs have a doughnut products like motorcycles, jeans, bourbon. talking about the escalation. you think this will flare up. >> it is flaring up. if china is your enemy in terms of trade and you want to get on
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technology intellectual property , demand from china that american companies doing business there must hand over their technology. a new lock arms with your allies. the locker rooms with the european union and canada and mexico and take on china because we are more powerful is a large group than as an individual. that's not what is happening. we have uncertainty in terms of trade and tariffs for steel and aluminum with canada, mexico and our china in the whole thing looks like a big mass quite frankly. you've already seen research done by "the wall street journal." slower job growth since the steel and aluminum tariffs were announced. slower job growth in the top 10 steel cities in this country. but for those times seeing declines in jobs. higher prices will hurt demand in steel makers are already pulling back. >> a pretty interesting piece in
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the journal going to protectionism being done in his view the wrong way by this president. i don't know if there are right ways to do it, but he says tariffs are better than quotas, for example. he also said there are bad actors in this and if you're going after the bad there's, let's do it, go after china. you suppose that would be a common enemy to european countries that have issues with the chinese as well it would be like to work with us. canada, mexico, what have you. >> i thought the broader strategy was about china. but now these exemptions are facing this deadline. the exemptions will be lifted. obviously not just about china. >> i see two different paths to the one with the e.u. adult vegas bar. i would get our trans-atlantic treaty back in schedule and start doing trade with 60% of the world we should figure out how we trade with it.
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with respect to what you are saying, if quote, unquote, the enemy is china. i was on the president's export council which was bipartisan, all corporations. most of them landing right are certainly against regulation pro-business. the reason tpp existed to really go after china, the 11 nations part of it brought the largest trading partners to attack china. the best way to compete with china's major trading with everyone around them so they don't dominate. i hope that coming in upcoming there's rumors that present trends administration wants to get tpp back on. the best path to compete with china. dagen: president trump has had outside when he hired larry kudlow, he told larry kudlow, look at tpp becoming part of it. it's a very, very tall hurdle to
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do. he has said that out loud. >> we did a great job in talking generally when it was coming out. especially the democratic conventions in philadelphia where there was huge signs and protesters and to push hillary clinton to the left so you no tpp and it was really the guy does any trade deal, quote, unquote is a bad deal. though this conversation that they were met with the strategic alternative to china. none of that was brought up at this time. all of this one did ask it about free trade being bad for jobs in the u.s. >> what's fascinating is everyone got pushed to the left were pushed to the right. as to populace or to national. if you really look at it, trade promotion authority passed to give the president the ability to do executive orders on trade
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at 51 votes. maria: we have a deadline coming up in terms of the north korean summit. maybe the president is waiting to see what takes place in terms of north korea before they get any hard decisions in terms of china. secretary of state mike ang pao said to meet with the north korean official in new york this morning. this would be a second high-level talk. the sox are determining whether the summit between president trump and kim jong un set for june 12th will proceed. north korea's nuclear arsenal. white house press secretary sarah sanders and what she said about that sticking point. >> the conversation is going to be focused on denuclearization of the peninsula but the ongoing conversations taking place now will be centered on as well as the summit that would take place in singapore. we are going to continue as long as that is part of the discussion.
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maria: up until now, and feels like china has been helpful in getting north korea to the table. do you think the summit happens? >> i hope it happens. i hope there is some sort of terms set and events. you will not settle the terms in advance and do not actually pre-agree on denuclearization and what's frozen in what we're doing with military. there will be a negotiation. i hope there's a summit because the start of diplomacy is a good thing. it certainly has to be with some preconditions. maria: to reboot the north koreans that they will beat the nuclear rest? >> complete irreversible denuclearization not happening. i think that if you've got john bolton as your national security advisor, that is what is going to be pushing the president. that's the line. that's the line that you draw. complete disarmament. >> have to do a better job of defining what the goals are and what denuclearization is.
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that said, the president does that do good by calling off the summit at the time he did to give himself the time to reset the terms, which pompeii was trying to do right now. >> this goes back to the issue of the tariffs and trade policy in the united states. tram supporters will say this is the art of the deal he's negotiating. in the main term it does hurt higher than makes business decisions a lot more difficult for businesses from the pacific to the atlantic in the united states. >> a lot happening this morning. coming up, roseanne's tweet storm. she's considering fighting the cancellation of her hit show. the white house called out why her father. all of those coming out. the model three tessa getting a new review from consumer reports. details right after this break. back in a minute.
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>> arcus or five this morning. the smb lure, but the nasdaq higher by a fraction this morning. the manhunt underway considered armed and dangerous preacher persona with headlines now. >> at $12,000 reward being
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offered on the run in tennessee right now. his girlfriend, erica caster mouse has been arrested and charged with murder. in his patrol car after responding to a 9-1-1 call about a suspicious vehicle. in berlin before becoming a deputy leaves behind a wife and daughter. the federal reserve reporting duties the volcker rule. they replace overly complex and inefficient requirements for divorce in one set of requirements. this is all part of the trump administration's efforts to loosen financial regulations. the volcker rule a key part of dodd-frank to reduce the likelihood of another financial crisis. consumer reports has reversed its decision.
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after not getting a recommendation at all. tesla repaired the model three break with a quick wire list software update directly addressing consumer reports of concern. elon musk is not happy with the initial review of the model three and had tested an early production car. shares of tesla are down 9% so far this year. car owners everywhere would love to not have to go to the dealer. >> a lot of debate about tesla continues. you have crashes and now it's turned around. >> show spray. the technology is pretty cool for lack of a better term. if you could just all of a sudden have your car fixed and upgraded like you do your phone with a software upgrade, i know their others, but that is interesting. >> as much revolution in the office at your.
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>> the question with tesla is how much cash they are burning but that bit of disconnect with the markets down 9%. the markets are obtained% year-to-date. >> i've never seen a ceo be as hostile as elon musk. the press help yourself cars. >> he does have the best analyst calls. >> he said they were boneheads last fall. when we come back from a grand jury indictment for harvey weinstein. the executive one step closer to trial for his alleged crime. warren buffett putting the brakes on uber. why he walked away from investing $3 billion from the
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6:22 am
first degree for forcible acts against two women in 2004 in 2013. accountability, they've accused the 66 or other misconduct. weinstein's lawyer said political pressure made an indictment unavoidable and says this, quote. he intends to enter a plea of not guilty and vigorously defend against unsupported allegations that he strongly denies. he was informally moved to dismiss the indictment and proceed to trial. we expect mr. weinstein to be acquitted. one of harvey weinstein's accusers released a statement saying that mr. weinstein's attorney called casting couch behavior when it was actually a sex crime. in movement doesn't indict a
6:23 am
grand jury now on the most serious charges once and could face up to 25 years in prison. just unbelievable case as it unfolds the casting couch is okay. maria: how does this send? what do you think? >> sounds to me like someone's going to jail. dagen: depends on the court house with wednesday's surrendered at the precinct. a lot of it will depend if one's deeds other accusers or dozens. these trials involving these two big guns and how many. that was the difference in the bill cosby case between the first trial in the conviction in the second trial. >> like in a trail of depend on the evidence of what they can present the trial. only the better defense than saying it's politically motivated, which is what they
6:24 am
come out with now. it may or may not be. under a lot of political pressure for not doing so in 2015. there's political pressure but they'll need a much better defense that the prosecution is the evidence they claim to have in this case is. >> interesting 70% towards accountability. >> look, so far to go en masse and never had in mind who would just be following so closely on this thing. >> is there a timetable for when this even begins? >> i cannot answer for you, but a lot of people would like to see this happen quickly because it's a long time coming. dagen: quick justice would happen if there is a plea deal in with so many that is coming out from every woman in this country and around the world would demand to get a lot of jail time if they ever think about cutting a deal with them. his defense attorneys said harvey weinstein didn't invent the casting couch, that he wants
6:25 am
to get paid and is not going to cut a deal. >> 66 years old. for better or worse going to fight the senate trial they would think. >> it's clear he still delusional. wanted to make a documentary. thank you. coming up for a fight, roseanne is now treating up a storm again, hinting that she will battle abc after her show was canceled for the racist reprint president speaking about the alleged media. as the nba final tipoff coming make he goes back in time with lebron james. the origin of its instrument chosen one. back in a minute. for our custo. it's how we earned your trust.
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maria: welcome back, happy thursday, thank you for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday may 31st, top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. searching for direction this morning, futures pointing to mix open. dow industrials have worsen 21 points but the other major averages are tractionly moving. final trading day of the month. all indices on track, markets snapped a 3-day losing streak yesterday shaking up the political uncertainty in italy
6:29 am
on trade. s&p was also higher by 1 and a quarter percent and nasdaq up almost 1%. in europe this morning mixed performance. dax index in germany is lower by 65 points. in asia taking cue from wall street. best performer in china. roseanne is firing back this morning. she's considering fighting her firing by abc. the white house has taken on the media. >> the president calling the media bias. no one is defending what she said. the president pointed to the hypocrisy in the media saying the most horrible things about the president and nobody addresses it. maria: we have the latest on the controversy and reaction from the right and left coming up. legendary investor warren buffet, wide-sharing giant said
6:30 am
not so fast. details on deal that never happened. heroic win championship and one rescuing a couple after it rolled over. oh, my goodness, wait till you see details there. lebron james, new ad ahead of nba championship highlighting the story of chosen one tattoo, peyton manning taken to fairway, all the stories coming up this morning. top story half an hour, comedian roseanne may not be backing down. you guys make me feel like fighting back. i will examine all of my options carefully and get back to you. abc top-rated reboot abruptly canceled following barr's racist tweet. barr has since apologized to
6:31 am
jarrett has been condemned on social media. president trump weighed on twitter slamming disney bob iger for hypocrisy. bob iger called valerie jarrett. he never called donald j. trump. maybe i just didn't get the call. white house press secretary sarah sanders echoed the president's sentiments yesterday. >> where was bob iger's apology for jamele hill calling him white supremacist. where was the apology for kathy griffin going on a profane rant against the president on the view after a photo showed her holding president trump's decapitated head? and where was the apology from bob iger for espn hiring keith after tweets attacking the president as a nazi and even
6:32 am
expanding role after the attack against the president's family, this is a double standard that the president is speaking about. no one is defending comment, they're inappropriate but that's the point that he was making. maria: joining me to talk more about that former hillary clinton strategists and democratic strategists adrienne elrod. president and ceo coauthor let trump be trump, corey lewandowski. your take on roseanne? >> abc made the right decision. comments that she made were racist comments about valerie, i don't know why abc put show in the first place given the fact
6:33 am
she's made racist comments and other high-profile figures, why abc had her on the first place, they certainly made the right decision in taking swift action to remove the show. maria: it was swift action, the show was canceled and the president was making comments in his tweets, corey, in terms of what he's calling a double standard, your thoughts? >> well, absolutely double standard, not only did they fire roseanne for comments and when you look at what keith has said or done, accused the president of being a nazi, the most egregious to say about someone, keith accused the president of being nazi and tieing him to horrific history of world history and not keith didn't get a new job but promoted to espn and when it comes to president and vice president and the abuse from abc news and abc family
6:34 am
there was no apology from bob iger, not to the vice president of the united states and not to the president of the united states and but he felt compelled to apologize to valerie jarett, there's double standard. maria: all true, right? >> i think you mentioned kathy griffin and the trusteeser as well. a lot is coming from the top, the fact that the president has made sexist comments about senator warren, locked her up on hillary clinton in multiple rallies, if he wants to media to treat him well he needs to be careful about the comments that come out of his own mouth. maria: go ahead. >> how do you say that about the attack on vice president pence and the attack on christianity that joy had from the view? how is that relevant, how can that be condone and the only reason that joe called and apologized because she was outcry, she wasn't suspended or
6:35 am
fired when she made disgusting comments about vice president? how can you hold the same president to the vice president? >> again, i'm certainly not going to defend the comments that some of these people have made on television, but, again, this comes from the top, we need to restore civility in the entire discussion that also comes from the president of the united states. maria: let me move on because roseanne is blaming ambien. part-time of all races, religions and nationality work while all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of medication. she's saying she was on ambien and that was the catalyst for the tweet. what do you think? >> yeah, i don't think you can blame ambien for a lot of
6:36 am
things. i don't think you can blame ambien for racism. >> she has apologized for tweets, no one is trying to condone what she has said or done and if she was on ambien, she shouldn't have been tweeted and never said terrible things but more importantly there cannot be double standard when it's against conservatives and against the liberals and the difference here is bob iger has put line in the sand, it's okay to call the president a nazi, no accountability, you'll be promoted to abc, those are the value that is we condone and to me that's disgusting. maria: you're right. the whole story roseanne barr and tweets has opened broad discussion of conservative thought in media. i spoke to kevin mccarthy. >> do we know if the conservative message is getting out in news feed because that's on doubt after what we saw.
6:37 am
we have the first amendment. if it's conservative, they are thinkings second thought offense whether that could be moved forward and that's wrong. maria: look, we've heard from mark zuckerberg, he testified but some of these ore companies and their ceo's need to come to speak to congress as well. it feels like this is going to be a catalyst for even more regulation on the tech sector, adrienne, your thoughts? >> there's a big difference between spousing conservative beliefs and spousing liberal progressive beliefs versus saying things that are no place for racism. maria: two different discussions for sure. what i'm zeroing in here is the fact that we are seeing social media get scrutinized in terms of how they are treating conservative talk, conservative conversation and corey, it feels
6:38 am
like we have hit a tipping point and we will see congress zero in on this and perhaps put down the hammer on new regulation somewhere within tech. >> well, the concern of bill maher, no firing, no disciplinary action, when keith -- kathy griffin or joy from the view say things about conservatives there's no outcry or affirmative action, no firing or suspension. roseanne said something about former staffer of the white house and what she said was disgusting an not appropriate but you can't have two separate sets of rules. companies have rules need to have across the board for everybody. maria: putting aside the racism and what took place with roseanne and all the other that is you mentioned keith, et cetera, i'm just talking about
6:39 am
conservative conversation, conservative speakers and that's really what kevin mccarthy was addressing, the fact that you are seeing an effort to silence some people and some voices and as a result we could see congress ramp up regulation or minimum hold hearings on this to actually look at social media and whether or not it's fair. >> well, maria diamond and silk is a perfect example, censorship for being african american and talking about conservative values is very clear, they testified in front of congress and there was no answer from the tech companies who said that they silenced diamond and silk, there was no reasonable answer of why they did that and, again, congress should look into this and find out if there's bias against conservatives and if there are there should be accountability. maria: good to see you both, adrienne and corey lewandowsky. urgent evacuations in hawaii
6:40 am
after lava races in two neighborhoods. people don't leave soon, they'll be no escape. football heros on and off the field, wins championship in idaho and on a ride home rescues a car victim. amazing pictures. back in a minute right here. six in the morning. she thought it was a fire. it was worse. a sinkhole opened up under our museum. eight priceless corvettes had plunged into it. chubb was there within hours. they helped make sure it was safe. we had everyone we needed to get our museum back up and running, and we opened the next day.
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if i knew you were gonna run the table i wouldn't have invited you over. call (866) 285-1934. act now to take advantage of commission-free trades for 90 days, plus get up to an $800 cash bonus when you open and fund a new account. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, the latest now from hawaii, fast-moving lava forking more evacuations on the big island and urgent warning to residents. cheryl casone with all the details and headlines, cheryl. cheryl: we continue to watch
6:44 am
what's unfolding, molten rock is moving so quickly that's covering the length of 6 football fields per hour. cut off major evacuation route and heading towards another. residents are refuse to go leave and will soon have no way out if they do not leave. more than 75 homes have been destroyed since the volcano's initial eruption four weeks ago and scientists say there's no sign the volcano will stop any time soon. "the new york times" correcting article that said that only 1,000 people attended president trump's rally in tennessee, local fire marshal estimated 5500 and president trump tweeted about it. the failing and corrupt new york times estimated the crowd last night at 1,000 people when, in fact, it was many times that number and the arena was rocking, this is the way they demean an disparage, they are very dishonest people who don't
6:45 am
get me and never did. the times reporter responded with this tweet, president at real donald trump is correct about crowd, my estimate was off, 5500 people, when we get it wrong, we say so. all right, maybe the media is getting this one wrong too. first lady melania trump dismissing conspiracy theories over absence from public eye, i see the media working overtime speculating where i am and what i'm doing, rest assured i'm here at white house with my family feeling great and working hard on behalf of children and the american people. all right. well, warren buffet trying to buy a stake in uber. earlier this year buffet reportedly offered to invest $3 billion in the company but the two sides couldn't agree on terms. well, the offer reportedly happened after softbank made its own multibillion dollar investment in uber.
6:46 am
buffet has struggled to find sizable attractive buys, the company piled up more than $100 billion in cash. uber is planning to go public next year, one to have biggest ipo's ever maria, all the cash and where to put it, i have a few ideas. maria: i can't believe we are talking about the size of crowds still but the correction from new york times on the size of the president's rally was obviously wrong. the correction was needed because they -- they said the wrong number again. what do you think, dagen? dagen: i think that sometimes that they don't correct things when they get wrong because the way that they portrayed the comments that president trump made about the ms-13 gang when he called them animals, "the new york times" stories did not make that distinction, certainly not in the headline of the story that they wrote and last time i checked, they didn't correct it, ap corrected it and they tried
6:47 am
to dance around it but he was clearly talking about violent gang members who the head people and beat innocent americans to death with baseball bats, just to name some of of the -- again, the charge of bias when it comes to the new york times is perfectly fair. maria: well, obviously. they had to make the correction. when she says when we get it wrong we fix it, well, actually not. we will take a break, when we come back peyton manning teamed up tiger woods, the details of secret snap counts from playing days like tiger, tiger, back in a minute. how do you win at business?
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because the time to think about tomorrow is today. maria: welcome back, here we go again, nba finals begins tonight. jared max with preview. jared: tonight in oakland, california, we have seen the movie before, lebron james playing in nba finals in eighth straight season, fourth straight year for cavaliers and the other with miami. steph curry won last year. cavaliers won finals in 2016, cavaliers are now the most lop-sided underdog, golden state favorite. check out the new nike commercial with lebron james, set in 2002 getting chosen one tattoo in las vegas. >> if you say so.
6:52 am
♪ ♪ jared: the young chosen one tattooed, 43 seasons in nhl, washington capitals never won but this changed last night in las vegas. scored his first ever stanley goal. 2 minutes the play, vegas trying to tie the score, 3, amazing save, capitals win 3-2. caps would go home from vegas as most would feel, broke even. omaha, omaha. fans at the memorial yelled omaha because peyton manning was
6:53 am
playing with tiger woods. now before he yelled omaha as snap count he use today yell tiger, or phil, now manage i think said snap it on one or snap it on 2 for so in years, tiger was one and phil was 2, tiger always liked that manning. i think he would like the fact that phil was on 2. check out the next story of heroism. 13 and under football team didn't only win spring football tournament in bay area, they helped save a couple who had been an accident on i-95 in oregon, players and coaches rescued a couple that had been trapped inside a van that had overturn and went to raise the vehicle and were able to pull the woman stuck inside and pull the fellow, him like a superman scene and made like nothing and kind of went on. >> wow. young kids. jared: yeah. >> max, 8 in a row, lebron has
6:54 am
been 9. if he goes 3 and 6, are you one that gives him credit for playing in 9 straight or hit him that he's 3 and 6? >> he has done this is truly amazing. i never got to see bill russell play. >> russell won 11 out of 13. that's different. >> he's been underdog in 7 out of 9. >> when they debate jordan versus lebron, the question is jordan 6-0, he went 3 and 6, my view is i'd rather view guy that goes 9 in a row than none. jared: then he start today win, leb roin didn't need that -- for me lebron is better than michael jordan. dagen: if you're from the south michael jordan started becoming michael jordan when he was in law school. i will leave it at that.
6:55 am
>> maybe game-winning shot. maria: both incredible. jared max, catch jared sports reforts in fox news headlines 24/7 or siriusxm 115. crippling the strip, thousands of las vegas casino workers may walk off the job in just a few hours, very latest coming out of vegas next hour mornings with maria back here, back in a moment. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. fidelity. i can do more to lower my a1c. and i can do it with what's already within me.
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6:58 am
>> maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, may 31st. your top stories right now. futures pointing to a mixed opening at the start of trading this morning, very much a flat session. dow industrials down 133, the nasdaq is up 7. today is the final trading day of the month. all three indices on track for a mixed performance at the start. this after yesterday's big rally. shaking off the political uncertainty in italy and worries over trade, the dow industrials were up 306 points, s&p 500 was up 34 and the nasdaq up almost 1%, higher by 66 points. in europe this morning mixed performances to report.
6:59 am
fq and the cac up fractionally and the dax index is down fractionally. in asia gains across the board, best performer china, shanghai composite up 1.75%. the white house reportedly expected to hit the european union with tariffs on steel and aluminum as the exemptions expire this week, tomorrow, what it means for americans coming up. a massive strike is looming in las vegas this morning. casinos are facing a deadline in hours to reach a deal with workers. the strike could cost millions. a new benefit for walmart workers, the retailer will pay college tuition. the details on the offer from walmart coming up. and then there's this, roseanne already planning a comeback, saying she might fight this firing. the white house slammed the mainstream media over bias, the comments coming up. a different kind of kim summit to report, kim kardashian meets with president trump yesterday, focused on prison reform. the new york post headline this
7:00 am
morning reads trump meets rump. we've got the cover to show you. all those stories coming up this morning. joining me this morning, dagen mcdowell, robert wolf and consistent he'lconnell mcshane. >> it was an honor to cover the kim kardashian arrival yesterday. that was celebrity television, the -- excellent television, the two of us. >> maria: you were questioning the headline. >> dagen: there's a word i'm covering up with my two fingers, trump meets rump. i saw a tweet from another journalist who doesn't work for the fox news channel saying this is sexist, she's trying to do shgood. she is trying to do good. the woman made her fortune based on her backside. of course, the new york post will make light of it and fun of it. can we grow a sense of humor in this country and stop with the manufactured outrage and just chuck he'll.
7:01 am
i wish i -- chuckle. i wish i could sell a sense of humor. get upset about something else. it's kim kardashian. she's rich and has a big behind. that's how she got rich. >> i know what conversations to get in and not get in. i'm waiting for ed. i'll be in the next conversation. >> maria: what about prison reform? it was a serious topic. >> there's a woman that's been in jail for 21 years, in federal prison, in jail for life without the possibility of parole. kim and others i guess this went viral, this story, have adopted this story to essentially say that the punishment doesn't fit the crime. that is a serious discussion. >> prison reform is one of the most bipartisan issues we have in our country today, both sides want change. you had rand paul and corey booker, a bunch on the right and left side. >> dagen: this is about a
7:02 am
celebrity who came famous because of a sex tape, she's famous because of a sex tape and she goes to the white house and somebody wants to make a joke about it and everybody is up in arms. by the way, kim did go have dinner with jared and ivanka and apparently there are photos of it. >> what did they have? >> dagen: i don't know. >> rump steak. >> maria: we have a big show coming up. we're speaking with the ceo of hermitage capital. bill browder was arrested in spain, a ruling from russia. we'll find out exactly what went on with bill browder many he will join us from the london studios this morning, coming up. plus, bill richardson is here and stuart varney weighs in as well. stay with us, a big hour coming up. we want to kick off with global markets. there was a wild ride yesterday triggered by political uncertainty in italy.
7:03 am
joining us right now is eyardani. this week george soros said the european union is facing threats because of italy's challenge which will lead to another financial collapse, similar to what we saw in 2006-7. you say? >> i think it's premature to come to that conclusion. italian politics have always been very hard to predict. we've been trying to follow it and the more i read about it, the more confused i get about where this is all heading. >> maria: what is your take on the global economy today? >> the global economy looks pretty good. the u.s. economy is doing well. i watch commodity prices and commodity prices are holding up awfully well. i don't think the price of oil would be this strong if it wasn't for the fact that the global economy is doing quite well. >> maria: does that cut into things. there is a narrative that the consumer is slowing down, that we're not seeing as robust activity that you would expect. >> i think the increase oil prices, gasoline prices is going
7:04 am
to take something away from the tax windfall. you look at consumer confidence, it looks pretty strong. the employment numbers i think are still pretty good. >> to take a step back on two issues we've been talking about, one on the italian situation, do you think there's a 25% chance that we have kind of a fracturing of the euro? >> i think the euro's going to survive this. mario dragi said he will do whatever it takes. i think the reason the markets are actually rebounding here or at least yesterday, can't do more than day by day, is there's the perception that now the e.c.b. is less likely to move to normalized monetary policy any time soon, which is another way of saying raise interest rates. of course, the fed may also be concerned about the global implications of all this and continue to gradually raise interest rates. >> the second thing that we spent a lot of the first hour is
7:05 am
tariffs, trade wars, e.u., china. what's your perspective on where this whole idea of where it's going with trade and the volatility it's causing the markets. >> maria: we know that the exemptions are finishing, the deadline's up tomorrow. there are new developments, u.s. reportedly going to announce that the tariffs on the european union go into effect after these exemptions end. >> we have government by deal making. what we're not used to is deal making has been kind of public. usually a lot of these things get done behind closed doors. the shouting occurs behind closed doors. this president makes things public. the stock market kind of understands this. it's zigging and zagging side ways. i think the issues will get resolved. i don't think donald trump trua protectionist. i think he's a deal maker. >> if we were having this conversation a month ago, two
7:06 am
months ago, the market would -- it used to react to the headlines right away. now it's pretty much nothing today, even though if you had this headline, my point is, two months ago you would see a sell-off in futures. >> engineers talk about annoys to signal ratio here. the signal is earnings. earnings are extremely strong. the global economy is doing well. commodity prices are hanging in there. that's what the market is focusing on. everything else is turning out to be noise. one day it's bearish. the next day it's bullish. i think the market is kind of -- >> dagen: the reason in the past you would want to keep these kind of negotiations and fights, if you will, behind closed doors is because when you introduce that kind of uncertainty into the business community, businesses stop making decisions if they don't know how much their steel is going to cost or where they're going to source it from. >> that's a very good point. >> dagen: they stop hiring. they slow production. you have farmers across this country, whether they grow
7:07 am
soybeans or ginsing, they don't know what will happen with china retaliating. you have europe, china, mexico, the threat of automobile day%, thatariffs, that would send up e cost of a kia. >> those are great points. we'll continue to see the markets move sideways, maybe less volatile over time. the underlying fundamentals will continue to shine through. you could go point by point as you've gone with these issues, but i think overall the economy continues to perform well simply because the u.s. economy is creating jobs and the global economy is doing fine. >> maria: so far, the business sector has been the stronger part of the economic issue, businesses change behavior because they started spending after sitting on cash for so many years. >> i think we can't dismiss the fact that tax reform worked
7:08 am
rather substantially, $2 trillion is coming back as repatriated earnings. companies may hold off on some of the extras. they continue with their business. you don't just stop doing business because of the noise. >> maria: preview the jobs report for us, the may job reports coming out tomorrow, economists are looking for 188,000 jobs added to the economy in the month of may, unemployment rate expected to hold steady at 3.9%. is that in line with what you're thinking? >> that's in line what i'm thinking. we have frictional unemployment. there's a geographical issue. it's a skills issue. but i think the economy would hire a lot more if in fact we could find the people that we need to hire. >> maria: there's a real labor shortage. >> there's a real labor shortage or a mismatch, geographic and skills related. >> maria: what do you worry about, ed? >> i do worry about all the
7:09 am
issues that we've been discussing. >> maria: so like trade, trade is the big issue. >> trade's a big issue. again, i think a lot of this is just deal making, just we haven't seen it this loud. >> that would be the worry. if the president is a protectionist -- you said he's not -- that would be the worst. >> i think he's more like reagan on trade than hoover. >> maria: do you want to put new money to work in stocks right here? >> i think every now and then, like a couple days ago we got opportunities to buy things cheaper, even in europe, some of the banks that sold off, sold off incredibly. they're doing very well. >> just on gdp, where do you see future growth? and where are you on gdp for 2018? >> i think i like to look at gdp on a gea year over year basis, t takes care of seasonal issues we have. it's been growing at 2.5% on a year over year basis.
7:10 am
i don't know that we can do 3% sustainably, i don't think we have the labor force for it. i think it's the same old, same old. >> aren't you concerned on deficits if we're at 2.5% after the tax cuts? >> i'm not worried about it yet. impact based rather than faith based in my economic analysis. the market doesn't seem to be concerned about it just yet. i'll be concerned about it when i see clear signs that the market is reacting to deficit concerns. right now the market's not doing that because inflation remains extraordinarily low. europe can't get the inflation rate up to 2%, japan can't get it up there. we're at 2% and may very well moderate from there. >> we've been in the markets a long time. when you have low rates and you're forced to go into the markets, there's a risk on play that's been happening. >> yes. >> then we know that that doesn't necessarily dictate where the economy is. the markets don't dictate the economy. >> no, but they're part and par l sell of it. in other words -- parcel of it. in other words, there's a feedback mechanism. i look at some of these revenue
7:11 am
data that the treasury publishes every single month and the revenues are coming in pretty strong because people have had capital gains in the stock market. >> dagen: especially in the blue states. how about that, because of the tax cuts. >> maria: maybe it wasn't armageddon after all, maybe it wasn't crumbs at afte after all. maybe it had a positive impact. >> thank you so much. >> maria: stay with us for our coverage of jobs in america tomorrow, 8:00 a.m. eastern we'll have the jobs numbers and check market reaction. we'll identify where are the jobs today. ed, great to see you. coming up, president trump will travel to texas this morning as part of a fund raising swing. he'll meet with santa fe high school's shooting victims. kevin cork has the latest at the white house. >> reporter: the president will take on the all too familiar role of comforter in chief as he makes his way to the lone star state today, making his way to
7:12 am
texas to say hello and to comfort the families of that devastating shooting at santa fe high school. 10 people were killed. the white house telling us this morning the president will once again revisit the conversation about best pathways forward to ensure the safety and security of america's school children during that stop there in texas. over in new york, secretary of state mike pompeo met with north korean officials yesterday. the two men trying to do their part to salvage the june 12th summit in singapore between president trump and kim jong un. the meeting appears now to be moving toward fruition but don't forget this. the three ds always apply, diplomacy, dialogue and deliverables. if they can work it out, the meeting will happen. by the way, mr. pompeo offered this in a tweet. he said we are committed to the complete verifyable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. sarah sanders added this.
7:13 am
>> we also have reports back from the dmz, the u.s. delegation led by ambassador son kim met with north korean officials earlier today and their talks will continue. so far, the readout from these meetings has been positive and will continue to move forward. >> reporter: no press briefing to report today but we will certainly pass along the president's remarks when he gets to texas. back to you. >> maria: thank you so much. we'll be watching that. kevin cork at the white house. coming up, thousands of vegas casino workers could walk off the job this morning for the first time in decades. we are watching it and breaking down the negotiations. the union estimates a strike could cost resorts over $10 million a day. that's next. then reality star kim kardashian visits president trump at the white house yesterday to discuss prison reform. the new york post headline this morning describes the meeting at trump meets rump. details on the other kim summit, coming up.
7:14 am
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don't sweat your booking. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. >> maria: welcome back. the clock is ticking in vegas as tens of thousands of casino workers in las vegas are ready to walk a off the job. cheryl casone has the details. >> cheryl: what's happening in vegas won't stay in vegas. the contracts of 50,000 workers employed at 34 different casinos
7:17 am
in las vegas are set to expire at mi midnight tonight. the resort operators would lose more than $10 million a day combined if the workers go on strike. mgm resorts and caesars said they expect to agree on new contracts before the strike is called. stay tuned. shares of mgm are down 6% this year, shares of caesars are down 3%. there is the stock on your screen. well, officials in florida are trying to figure out how a crane tipped over while workers were installing power poles. two people including the crane operator were injured. two homes had significant damage because as you can see, they took a big hit. this happened just north of fort lauderdale. power was knocked out at the area. officials say it's amazing that more people weren't injured in this freak accident. well, walmart wants to send its workers to college. the company is going to subsidize division for workers as it looks to attract and
7:18 am
retain talent in what's become a very tight labor market. employees must contribute $1 per day to their tuition, 365 days a year and study either business or supply chain management at one of three colleges. they're going to have the option of taking classes online. they'll get time to study during evenings and week ends. shares of walmart down about 17% so far this year but $1 a day and walmart will help you go to college. pretty good deal. finally there is this. one furry classmate is getting the same treatment as all other students at a florida elementary school. this is linda. she's a service dog. she is in the school year book. she helps out an 11-year-old student with spy tha spina bifi. linda also lets other students pet her when they get anxious or nervous during tests. she will be back next year to help her buddies heading into middle school. >> maria: i love that shot.
7:19 am
i love her year book shot. >> cheryl: i love the school for doing this, for honoring the animal that means to much to the kids. >> dagen: i was walking down the street, and i knew these dogs were ex service dogs, they were with veterans that ptsd and they're retired. i made contact with them and it ended with me essentially laying on the sidewalk and having these dogs snuggle with me. the owner was like yeah, that's what they do. >> maria: really sweet. i love that school for doing that. coming up, roseanne looks to make a comeback, hinting she may fight the firing. how president trump is responding after abc canceled the namesake show. burger king creating a new menu item ahead of national donut day. the internet's reaction to the fast food chain's first flame grilled donut ever. back in a minute. ♪ we can't stop and we won't
7:20 am
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7:23 am
we're pleased that this was one step in a journey. it was a foundational step, really anchored on reinforcing the heritage of the company around this concept of the third place, a place that's not your home and not your work but a place that creates a warm, welcoming environment and a sense of belonging for all. so we're pleased with the step we took. >> maria: that was starbucks' ceo kevin johnson yesterday speaking with me about moving forward following the coffee chain closing 8,000 stores for anti-bias training. joining us now is congress of racial equality leader, niger
7:24 am
innis. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, maria. >> maria: was it the right move for starbucks? >> well, it was a move that was made. i don't sit on the board of starbucks. i can't say that i was thrilled with the coverage of this phenomenon, but i was pleased with your interview. it was a pretty thorough and intense interview that you had with him and one of the issues that came up that we get reminded of is that mr. johnson runs a community, if you will, that's not just here in the united states, but all around the world. there's starbucks i suspect on every continent and certainly in the biggest cities around the world. i wonder if these standards that he's going to impose and that the board of directors are going to impose on the folk here in
7:25 am
the united states starbucks also will be imposed in other parts around the world. is hong kong going to have to be concerned about its religious minorities and other ethnic minorities. the united states is not the only state that has the struggle. i would say that the united states has gone a far longer way in addressing the struggle of race than any other country in the history of the world as quickly. by the way, that's not my brilliance. that's something i had the pleasure and honor of learning at the foot of roy innis, civil rights icon. >> maria: he talked about the economy, tax reform, growth in china. china is very important for starbucks by the way, to getting his take on how he performed in china was important t to me. he also talked about the most recent deal with nestle. >> the economy in the u.s. is
7:26 am
doing well. unemployment is at a low. our business last quarter grew something like 14% top line and big part of that was the acquisition we made of our joint venture in east china. east china and the u.s. are two big growth engines and we're continuing to streamline the company and focus much more on our core business, which is our retail business. we took a portion of the funds from tax reform and we invested in our partners in the form of wage and benefits. we enhanced the family leave benefits and a number of other things that we felt were the right thing to do for starbucks and the right thing to do for our partners. we're at 3800 stores across main deland china. we increased the new store growth to 600 stores a year. we've been in china a long time. we have a great set of partners in china, starbucks partners in our stores. we create a wonderful experience for our chinese customers and
7:27 am
we're committed. it's a market that we think has decades of growth ahead. the global coffee alliance with nestle was a significant step as part of our strategy to streamline the company and focus on core value drivers. we built a wonderful business in north america around consumer packaged goods and food services, selling starbucks coffee in grocery stores, mass merchants, for example. that's just in the u.s. so what our relationship with nestle will allow us to do that globally. >> maria: he spoke about china because it's real important to the company, robert. >> first of all, i just want to say one of your best interviews, it was really great, timely, really covered so many different facets. i think johnson and schwartz are a great tag team, she and chairman. they have two desires, to be a global company and to be the employer of choice and to do that you have to make sure customers that come in feel great about the product they're get, no matter where they are. i think they're taking strides
7:28 am
to do that. whether they immediately did the right thing or not, i think they did. and i think with respect to what they're doing organically, we talk about all the time is it better to buy back stocks or is it good to give wages and skills and things like that. it seems to me that organic growth is really working for starbucks. >> maria: it sure is. they like to get ahead of some of the social issues. niger, your thoughts? >> well, i think it is a global community. it's a global company. and it's going to be interesting to see how they deal with these types of issues, social issues and where they have stores in other parts of the world. my namesake is niger, so africa is very important to me and i'm curious as to how they are
7:29 am
operating there in terms of that global -- that part of the global community. i think it's a dot, dot, dot, maria on this. >> i remember i was running ubs we were in 25 plus countries. you have to be local in nature. business takes place locally. i agree with niger. you have to make sure you have the right people and the right customs to fit locally. >> maria: 14% growth year over year, that was an impressive number. let me ask about president trump calling out abc following the cancellation of roseanne over the racist twitter comment. sarah sanders weighed in on what she's calling a double standard in the mainstream media. watch this. i have to get your reaction. >> the president was calling out the media bias, no one's defending what she said. the president is the president of all americans and he's focused on doing what is best for our country. you can see that in the actions that he's taken. >> maria: roseanne also spoke out on twitter. she hinted out eyeing a comeback. your take on all of this?
7:30 am
>> i don't know that that comeback is going to come to fruition. i think roseanne made a bad, sloppy mistake on her part and that iger, mr. iger made a wise decision by ending the program. but the president is also right to talk about the mainstream media and the hypocrisy when it comes to what some are allowed to do and others are not allowed to do. and there's no question, i mean -- >> dagen: it's dagen mcdowell. the president also mentioned that bob iger called valerie jarrett to apologize but he never called -- he referred to himself in the third person, never called president trump to apologize for the horrible statements made and said about me on abc. this is a president who does not dispense apologies to anybody, really, for anything he says, so
7:31 am
for him to question bob iger not calling him to apologize was a little rich. >> i don't know about that, dagen. i think that he was right to be concerned about his treatment by the mainstream press during his presidency and -- >> dagen: i'm talking about the apology. this president doesn't apologize. i think the mccain family is waiting for an apology. >> maria: you're right, he doesn't apologize. but niger's also right. there's an incredible amount of bias against donald trump in the media. let's not donees around -- dance around it. it's true. >> dagen: it's indie indies in . we need to talk about what samantha bee said on her show. >> maria: it's the reality.
7:32 am
it's not going away. >> it's not going away. i think there are some solutions out there. stay tuned. >> maria: thanks for joining us this morning, sir. >> thank you. >> maria: we'll be right back. into retirement. and market volatility isn't top of mind. that's because they have a shield annuity from brighthouse financial, which allows them to take advantage of growth opportunities in up markets, while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so they're less concerned with market volatility and can focus more on the things they're passionate about. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife. never owned a business.e term "small business," there's nothing small about it. are your hours small? what about your reputation, is that small? when you own your own thing, it's huge. your partnerships, even bigger. with dell small business technology advisors you'll get
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the one-on-one partnership you need to grow your business. because the only one who decides how big your business can be, is you. the dell vostro 15 laptop, with 7th gen intel® core™ processors.
7:34 am
>> maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, may 31st. your top stories right now. markets down just a fraction on
7:35 am
the dow and up for most of the averages. we're flirting with flat openings this morning, futures pointing to a mixed opening for the broader averages. dollar tree misses estimates this morning with their earnings. you see that on the screen in terms of earnings for the quarter, as well as revenue a miss on dollar tree. all three indices on track to end the month higher. this is the final trading day of the month after stocks bounced back yesterday from a three-day route as fears of instability in italy faded. the dow was up 306 points yesterday, the s&p was up 34 and the nasdaq was up 65. in europe this morning, the major indices are mixed. the fq is up 23 and the cac up 9, the dax down 61. in asia overnight, markets were higher with the best performers in ey asia. breaking news this morning, right now general motors securing an investment from soft bank. soft bank's vision fund will
7:36 am
invest more than $2 billion in gm cruise. the stock is ra rallying rallyie news. jamie dimon taking home wall street's biggest paycheck. find out how much he made last year. silicon valley's aapology tour runs on, why saying sorry to keep customers seems to be the latest trend in technology. plus, the buzz about kim kardashian's white house visit on prison reform coming up this morning. plus, how not to park a $200,000 porsche, the details on a bizarre crash that crushed the convertible. these not good. plus hiring a housekeeper may soon be a thing of the past, how robots of the future will help around the house. all those stories coming up. the top story this half hour, big technology racking up big bills on apologies.
7:37 am
they're trying to win back the customer base. joining us to talk about this is scott steinburg. good to see you, thank you for joining us. >> it's my pleasure. these days, seems like tech is not the topic and trust is. it's about connecting with customers in an authentic way. and when you make a boo-boo, you've got to get in front of the issue. it's classic crisis management at a high tech pace. >> maria: that is what you're seeing and you like what you're seeing, the apology tour. >> i can't say i like what i'm seeing and having to apologize for big mistakes -- >> maria: they're handling it well. >> they're handling it better and better. these crisis management ads that you see on tv can cost about $20 million to $30 million. it's about 20 times what it used to. more importantly will be the actions they follow up the words with. >> dagen: here's the issue i have with --
7:38 am
>> go ahead. after you. >> dagen: i actually raised this, if you watch the show every day, robert, i raised this issue earlier this week because i was binge watching shows on hulu over the weekend and i saw that youtubee uber ad0 times. every commercial break it would air the ad over and over again. who is doing the ad buying for the companies? the volume they're showing the ads in, you say what else did the company do that i didn't even know about that they're apologizing so much. >> that's the issue. that's you haven't seen so many of these. these ads have been around for decades. once upon a time corporate america didn't want to admi take responsibility. they're trying to get out there and send a message they're doing better to rebuild the trust.
7:39 am
as you point out when you watch real housewives, that's not what you want to see. >> dagen: how do you know what i'm watching? >> i've seen the ad myself. >> i was watching the latest season of vanderpump rules. >> is the facebook ad believable when people are watching it that often and they read the news, do you think it's believable? >> public trust has beene been d at this point. it has to be backed up by actions. they need to take the steps to make sure the platform is protecting our privacy. they're making less and less data available to marketers and third party. they have to prove themselves and regain the trust. >> maria: let's talk trends, make your home like jetsons, hiring robots to do dreaded chores may not be too far in the future. m.i.t. came out with a virtual homemade, gps tracking lawn
7:40 am
mower sales are up and flippy the hamburger chef may come to a grill near you as well. tell us how you see the future with robots in our day-to-day lives. >> they'll be part of our day-to-day lives, they'll be in the workplace. we see them in warehouses across america, they're dropping off packages, pulling information, we see roombas in households across america. there are social robots that keep people company, keep your mood up and more and more going forward you'll see humans interacting with robots. now if i could convince one to clean my house effectively. >> maria: i'm looking at this a little skeptically. it's nice to see the technology do so much for us. we'll be so unproductive. we have sneakers that tie themselves. you don't even tie your own shoes. >> if we're smart enough, the theory is we would do other things that make us more productive, if we don't have to do those things manufactur.
7:41 am
>> maria: like what. >> i don't have any idea. >> if you look at it for a workforce standpoint, robots will do the tedious tasks. >> maria: that's what connell's saying. >> you can buy artificial intelligence routines on open marketplaces online that can help you handle customer service. very soon you'll be chatting with people on websites. you won't realize they're computers. it's not a person. >> maria: does it negatively impact humanity. >> whenever you lean too heavily on technology as you see with social media, we're not as able to community -- communicate as effectively as we have before. i think using technology we can work alongside it to be more effective and at the same time if you come home after a long day it's nice when your robot butler brings you a martini. >> dagen: you raise a brilliant issue. if you use robots to do these chores, these daily chores, how are you spending that extra
7:42 am
time? are you sitting on your sofa, taking selfies? and then air brushing them? i'm referring to myself, air brushing the selfies or are you donating your time to an animal shelter or are you taking care of relatives? how are you taking that freedom and using it to the best advantage? >> the one thing i would sarks adoption of all this -- would say is adoption of all this technology is slower than we're predicting. we have a drone company, we're looking at virtual reality, augmented reality, a.i., all of this is in the early stages. the frontier space, we call the jetsons, they're not coming around the corner. it's not coming around the corner but it is coming. >> what's the time frame? you're talking bouts 15, 20 years -- about 15, 20 years down the line. >> maria: i think it's less than that. >> people are talking about autonomy with driverless cars and drones and airplanes. there will be phases that it
7:43 am
takes place. >> we actually are seeing fleets and convoys of trucks that are self-driving. one master truck steers the others down the road. we're probably seven to 10 years out from mass adoption. from toys to everyday household items we're seeing tech integrated. we're in the early phases. >> maria: the cost of this will come way down. it's probably expensive to have a robot doing all this stuff but over time -- this will get chear and more acceptable for more people. >> absolutely. the computer brains that powers it, you can mix and match it, you can grab it off the shelf, it costs less and less. as the cost of the actual components, the metals, the robots themselves goes down, you're going to see them adopted in more and more places and more applications. like i said, if i can get one to hang out with me and watch football, all the better. >> maria: scott steinberg, good to see you. thank you for joining us. coming up, a meeting of epic proportions, kim ca kardashian
7:44 am
visits president trump at the white house yesterday to discuss prison reform, details on the other kim summit, next. and then a different type of donut, check this out, how you can order the fast food chain's first flame-grilled donut ever. back in a minute. ♪
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7:47 am
>> maria: jamie dimon, he's getting the biggest ceo paycheck. cheryl casone has the details. >> cheryl: jamie dimon is ranked as the highest ranked banking ceo in the past three years. the median pay for 43 ceos $12 million, with the top five well above that. larry fink is second. james goreman is rounding out
7:48 am
the top three. kim kardashian visiting the white house to make a case for president trump on behalf of a woman serving a life sentence for a first-time drug offense. kardashian has been urging the president to pardon the 63-year-old, alice johnson, who has spent more than two decades behind bars. the new york post being slammed by some critics over the cover that says trump meets rump. yayou talked about this. this valet may have to look for another job. he drove this porsche underneath another car. he was reportedly embarrassed and shocked by what was happening. but he was okay. believe it or not, he was okay. finally, check this out, burger king celebrating tomorrow's national donut day with the new whopper donut. it's the first flame-grilled donut ever. it has a free middle slider. the whopper donut only available
7:49 am
tomorrow at five locations in boston, miami, l.a., salt lake city and a right here in new york city. we're loving it. back to you. >> maria: is it a burger or a donut? >> cheryl: it's a combination. >> maria: coming up, fashion in the palm of your hand, i'm speaking with the ceo of posh mark about how the app is changing how consumers buy and sell clothing. back in a minute. ♪ we are living in a material world and i am a material girl. ♪ you know that we are living in a material world and i am a material girl. [music playing] (vo) from day one,
7:50 am
we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018.
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7:52 am
♪ my momma told me you better shop around. ♪ >> maria: welcome back. designer looks without the
7:53 am
designer prices, posh mark has become the leading social marketplace for fashion with huge growth over the last year. joining us now to talk about it is posh mark's ceo and founder, mannish shodra. explain how this works. >> you take any item you want to sell and quickly take a photo and we provide everything around shipping, payments, everything, you sell it and you get the money, you get 80% of whatever you sell. if you sell it for $100, you get $80 in your pocket. it's kind of like a social network. people follow you and look at you. it alotion yo allows you to selg from big designer names to also stuff that nobody has heard of. one out of two items we sell is actually apparel, not just accessories. >> you're almost like a stylist.
7:54 am
>> we call our sellers seller stylists. >> maria: people will find someone they like the way they dress and you have a community you created. there's over 4 million people in this community. >> people are not just styling items from their closets and their boutiques. they're styling it from other people's boutiques. we have 14 billion items curated and styled every day. you can discover someone else from your look and your perspective. >> the real real also sells for lack of a better phrase used clothing or previously owned clothing, designer names. what they do, because they take the inventory in, one of the bigger issues is people trying to sell fake stuff. they try to sell fake designer goods. how do you prevent that if you're not really the middleman where you take possession of the clothing or items?
7:55 am
>> we provide two things. for lower priced items we provide protection so if you have any problems we give you full refund. for higher price items we have the item first shipped to us. we authenticate it and ship it out. >> what's the difference between high price and not high price? >> $500 and higher is higher price and 500 is lower price. >> what is new versus new. >> 70% comes from closets. 30% is new or designed by our community. we have people designing clothes and selling it on posh mark as well. our top seller is doing over 1hold in sales, creating their own fashion line. >> maria: that's incredible. that person is just selling all his or her own things? >> h yes. >> maria: and generating the revenue. >> she is. she's the mother of two kids in dallas. she has built out the next tori bur shall. burch. she is designing her own clothes and selling them.
7:56 am
>> maria: you secured millions of dollars in funding of you announced a milestone in terms of distributing the money to your sellers. how are you using the funding? >> we raised $160 million. we raised $87 million last fall. the big focus for us is international expansion. today one in 30 women in america have their closets on posh mark and one in five men are joining the site almost every day. our seller stylist community has grown to 4 million sellers and we believe the next frontier is taking this proposition global. >> maria: what an interesting concept. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> maria: we'll be watching the growth story. the president is souping off this morning on -- sounding off this morning on the roseanne controversy. he says iger, where is my call of apology. you and abc have offended millions of people and i demand a response. how is brian ross doing? he tanked the market with an abc lie, yet no apology. double standard.
7:57 am
we talked about this earlier. >> dagen: i've got megan mccain's phone number, mr. president, if you would like to call her and apologize to the whole family. >> maria: we'll take a break on that note. still ahead, tesla fixes the braking system in the model 3 after a poor review from consumer reports. the new strategy for the electric automaker, right here, next hour of "mornings with maria," back in a minute. ♪ you can't always get what you want. ♪ you can't always get what you want. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning. thanks for joining us this morning happy thursday to you i am maria bartiromo. thursday may 31 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, markets are searching for direction, but not firmly in positive territory futures indicating a gain start of trading even the about fractional 15 points higher on dow s&p 500 up 2 and one half nasdaq up 8 and a quarter right now it is the final trading day of the month, all three indices on track for fractional gains the start of trading, this after a rally yesterday it happened three do a losing streak shaked off political insurgent in italy dow one and a quarter% higher in europe mix poms ft 100 up 32 points almost one half of a percent cac quarante up a third of a percent 16 points higher the dax down a third of a percent 44 points lower in joirment, in asia overnight gains across the board think a a like shanghai composite up wonder and three quarters in hang
8:01 am
seng hong kong up one 1/3% president trump set to make good on a trade threat, the white house reportedly expected to hit european union with tariffs on steel, aluminum those exemptions end tomorrow eu ready to retaliate germany angela merkel says belonging is unitbloc united if u.s. goes with this move. >> pompeo a series of meetings with top north korean official main point of contention the nuclear arsenal. >> their conversation is going to be focused on the nuclearization of the peninsula continues as long as that is part of the discussion going to continue to shoot for june 12. >> what to expect ahead of this morning's th meeting right now key issues to keep the summit on track some expected june 12 in singapore, more doors closing, struggling retailer shuddering nearly 100 more stores down another
8:02 am
3 1/2% right now in premarket we've got details there in retailers taking a dive do already general do already tree a hit after both missed earnings expectations, dollar tree shares down almost 8% right now, dollar general, down 7%, issue consumer reporting reverse recommending tesla model three after the carmaker fixed braking issues about wireless how tesla is training technicians, that stock down half% right now stories this thursday morning to break it down fox business neck dagen mcdowell 3 2 adviser ceo, robert wolf, connell mcshane good to see you -- >> good morning. >> interesting morning. >> -- we're talking apologies everything else interesting market not reacting much to trade stuff, on earlier said a lot of noise but people may be
8:03 am
would have reacted too early now look at it as quote/unquote noise. >> merkel comments i don't know if new or not new pretty strong comments, that. maria: united they will retaliate. >> -- positive about the broader economy, said not impacting look what we saw today, a dollar general, dollar tree stocking are plummeting down 7 and will% on upset about you know, spending in consumer. >> maria what i thought was really interesting i would respectfully disagree on the protectionist part what i thought was interesting was how he said he thinks growth will be around 2 1/2%, not as great -- by any means most people would not be happy with 2 1/2%. maria: they want three. >> so that that to me is an interesting you know, view and i would say relatively bearish where we think economy is going for second half of the year. >> he w-- was bullish said thin
8:04 am
going very well -- but you are right on growth he said 2 1/2% he felt was a good number but we are talking about -- >> talking all the time -- >>. dagen: i was going to say with dollar stores, one theme could be people trading up, and not as economically strapped so if shopping somewhere else not shopping at the super discount stores that is good news for the economy, discuss a a lot of retailers have come in with good numbers look what macy's was able to do recent quarter. maria: you are right the question about consumer, he stephanie pomboy brought it up joins us tomorrow a big jobs special tomorrow for coverage from jobs number tomorrow. >> first quarter you have actually the lowest in five years on consumer spending. maria: lowest in in five years absolutely right by get to top story this is -- the summit, secretary of state mike pompeo to meet with sr., north korean official in new york city next hour, this would be second day, of high
8:05 am
level talks aimed at determining when summit between president trump and kim jong-un set for june 12 will proceed, the main point between two north korea nuclear arsenal former u.s. socioambassador to united nations former new mexico governor bill richardson a pleasure to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank you, mar. >> so of you been in talks with north koreans, so we want to get your take on this, what are they like as he negotiators what can this president do and expect from if north koreans, in terms of negotiation? well, i am encouraged by the fact that secretary pompeo, and north korea's top guy next to kim jong-un have been meeting. this means, that kim jong-un is beginning of this is highest priority in other words, summit being reinstated the good thing that i saw is that they had dinner last night pompeo and north
8:06 am
koreans, you make deals with north koreans i have been there eight times made deals with them over informal settings dinner walking together you don't do it across negotiating tables so that is encouraging and i can bet you that the north korean oddlyed ordered steak and lobster i think encouraging there are other meetings in the dmz with policy people, i think this summit is a go, the issue is going to be whether june 12, the big issue is denuclearization the pace timetables inspections i maintain maria north koreans will not go to full denuclearization they have got 60 nuclear weapons i mean going to take a long time that is going to take lot of inspections and time tables. but you know they are narrowing the gap, and the developments lately i think are encouraging. >> why do you think kim jong-un is willing kim jong-un is willing to come to the
8:07 am
negotiating table what can u.s. actual give them, and do you think he is he is worried about the sanctions, and wants a better economy? what is his motivation? >> well, his motivation is one he doesn't want to get knocked off. >> there you go. >> yep, yep. >> number two, number two he wants sanctions relief that is mainly china. three, he wants a peace treat with south korea and united states so that he can negotiate perhaps a reduction in u.s. military presence, in south korea and japan, lastly, what has been emerging that he wants a modernize his economy his compromise i in shatters terrible shape doesn't want foreign aid wants some kient of private sector development i think that is his big gamble he trades in if nuclear weapons for economic prosperity and growth that is only the u.s. and european union and asian countries that can provide that, so this is the grand bargain i they he
8:08 am
wants but most importantly he wants security, he wants to stay in power, he wants to be the big player this is why this summit i think is gotten reacted kim jong-un doesn't want to lose the opportunity to meet with president of the united states this has pen a long time goal they finally got it. maria: wow this is incredible, so we're going to watch this i want to switch gears ask you about trade, stand by, governor we want to turn to the white house president trump is headed to texas today as his administration reportedly plans to impose those aluminum and steel tariffs, on the european union blake burman covering story at the white house blake we know exemptions are going away this week decline up. reporter: drinan tonight whether or not to extended commemorations or wipe them way as relates to the european union, canada and mexico, that is sort of of painting a picture for you maria how this is played out in the last 24 hours, one source telling me this morning 7:00 last night, decision had not been
8:09 am
finalized yesterday very fluid different soirs joking with me a while ago earlier this morning when hasn't president's trade policy been fluid there are multiple reports out this morning, that -- the president, the white house has decided to get rid of the sxems as relates to steel plum canada and mexico wilbur ross saying pocket it is to up european union to decide if it wants to take retaliatory measures next question how will president react, you saw his reaction when china decided to retaliate, if there is an escalation will be because eu would have decided to retaliate the president top economic adviser larry kudlow as you know free-trader he last night described the president as is one as relates to all of this is trying to shake up the status quo. >> president trump is change agent trying to change a
8:10 am
number of things you know including unfair and illegal trading practices, he wants the u.s. to be treated fairly he wants reciprocity. . reporter: president trump will be headed out from white house 20, 30 minutes' time to houston area will visit with those impacted by the deadly santa fe high school shooting from this month killed 8 students 10 people in total. maria: blake, maybing maybing at the white house back to bill richardson still with me governor what do you make of the move to perhaps, end these exemptions, and put those tariffs in place on eu countries? >> well, you know, a trade war is possible now, i don't know why the president keeps shifting gears on this, i supported him when he targeted china, steel and aluminum, because of their unfair trade practices but now to go to europe? this means the europeans are going to retaliate against us our motorcycles bourbon blue jeans canada and mexico
8:11 am
negotiations at crucial point this may blow up nafta i don't understand why doing this at a time when north korean summit is so important we need international support, from the asians europeans, we've got tariffs now planned for japan, and south korea. maria: maybe it is about nafta right governor maybe he is using this as leverage, in his nafta negotiations? the fact that we haven't had a new nafta deal tells you there is obviously real pushback. >> yeah, it is going to cause medics cannes canadians may walk off nafta is good for us, it is especially, for er earn agriculture and to toss it away, you know, get a reaction from the mexicans the mexicans have a presidential election, july 1. this is going to affect the presidential election, perhaps getting a candidate elected that is not as pro-u.s. as we've had in the past so this is not good, i can't support
8:12 am
this. >> all right. we will be watching, the developments as exemptions end tonight governor it is go aed to see you thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> bill richardson joining us the president tweeting about rush probe what he just said cup mainstream media working overtime not to mention infiltration of people spies informants do my campaign surveillance much he goes on to right this not that it matters but i never fired jim comey because of russia, the cup main tax reform media loved to push that narrative they know it is not true. . >> the president talking about all this this morning we are taking a short break come back update you you on tesla updatinging breaking system in model 3 after a review from consumer reports new strategy for electricity automaker series closing nearly 100 more stores down 9%, the discounters dollar general
8:13 am
dollar tree down 8%, tough day for some retailers. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ every day ♪ here to stay ♪ it can detect a threat using ai, and respond 60 times faster. it lets you know where your data lives, down to the very server. it keeps your insights from prying eyes, so they're used by no one else but you. it is... the cloud. the ibm cloud. the cloud that's built for all your apps. ai ready. secure to the core. the ibm cloud is the cloud for smarter business.
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8:15 am
browder. >>. maria: well back series closing 72 more stores nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange watching blow-up this morning, in terms of retail, good morning.
8:16 am
>> no down the, good morning, maria. . so we are taking a look at several retailers this morning, that are under pressure, starting with series down 8. % they seara additionally 72 about nonprofitble stores company continues to struggling numbers shrinking 26 quarters in a row ceo saying we have a challenging first quarter remain focused on improving our financial performance, and enhancing our liquidity they have been trying to sell off, the kenmore appliance brand struggling kmart sears. >> two discount retailers dollar general dollar trade under pressure down you can see dollar tree down 8% dollar general down 6 1/2% both missed they both talked about weather picture one bright spot for dollar general steady
8:17 am
demands for food overall these discounters have misses across the board you can see the stocks are suffering this morning back to you. maria: all right. thank you so much nicole petallides, about connell mcshane you have breaking news from blake burman white house. >> latest note i guess adds to blake's reporting few minutes ago from senior white house fish steel, aluminum tariffs exception will be removed from european canada mexico decision announced shortly confirmed interesting we have been talking about it having all morning, a bold move. maria: it is. >> a bold move, probably would have bet against -- >> that they would have done it. maria: you thought paying poker. >> i thought playing poker i don't think right move i think to continue to negotiate with allies i think the deals to be done you have to iterate trade deals i don't think you go to that step you know. maria: see what big kahuna is china stealing our
8:18 am
intellectual property forcing transfer of technology, they came out with a statement the white house did earlier this week, to try to combat that, we will see how successful they are in combating it. dagen: won't be able to lock on with allies now to fight china it is interesting with canada mexico also being in the mix, because canada i think represents more than 40% of steel imports into the united states so this -- >> steel coming from -- dagen: the biggest importer into u.s. way above china, but this goes back to the issue of what does it do to jobs, in those steels consuming industries versus whether it helps this steel pressuring community -- as i pointed out, largest steel cities in this country have had slower job growth, since the steel tariffs were announced in march, than the rest of the country. >> one of the things i think interesting i'm not sure what to make of this but how this is playing out in terms of nafta where you talk to people doesn't seem that close to it,
8:19 am
a deal, there, in canada upset about it yesterday but the impression i get that lighthizer is really leading seen more protection i have the tendencies within administration leading charge on nafta negotiations where treasury secretary mnuchin steam leading charge on chinese negotiations. >> or was. >> so two separate approaches there on -- and i don't know how much is leading to what we're seeing in the -- dagen: there are a lot of republicans have to be sitting back going couldn't you have waited to do this until after midterms. >> true listen i think we don't like to use the word trade wars lightly, right we have been using it i think just -- every time tariffs comes up but if there is a retaliation per merkel comments this morning, the trade war that is not good -- >> what did -- trade war on hold. dagen: it wasn't on hold they took the break off we are
8:20 am
rolling along now. >> sarah sanders said it has on hold forever, but -- >> again, any maneuver by this administration they catch people off guard, if you are in negotiations with someone, and then, and then you rescind what they just have been told, that becomes a problem. maria: that part is. >> driven by that part may be on purpose for whatever it is worth that is how the president, i mean the one driving all this right there is not some sort of i don't think some so after meeting behind scenes a strategy coming my impression the president driving from top. maria: surabsolutely right since confirmation in white house, i want to see that exemptions go away -- no reaction, no reaction, okay, no reaction. incredible. >> a break when we come back combating the war on terror deals on new marine strike killed more than 70 taliban leaders in afghanistan wait till you see this, i am suth
8:21 am
down with bill browder 10 minutes time how high profile critic ofrun president vladimir putin is doing following his arrest in spain developments about that so-called murder in russia, back in a minute. brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife. running a small business is demanding. and that's why small business owners need more. like internet that's up to the challenge. the gig-speed network from comcast business gives you more. with speeds up to 20 times faster than the average. that means powering more devices, more video conferencing, and more downloads in seconds, not minutes. get fast internet and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more per month. comcast is building america's
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8:25 am
this is a localized effect this attack success shows our intelligence surveillance reconnaissance work being the taliban leaders six different provinces in afghanistan made sufficiently attack our intelligence surveillance reconnaissance doing very well also says we probably have pretty good human intelligence in that area to conduct this type of this level of an attack, there is going to need to be more right now, the strategy has been, shifting to do more air attacks shifting to go after the financial centers influence for taliban throughout the country in the province where poppy is grown, so this is where a lot of financial engine for the taliban is, so that is kind of the focus for this attack but i think the bottom line more troops you see more contact you are going to see with enemy, the more you are going
8:26 am
to see taliban leaders killed, the issue, though, is that when you kill taliban leaders more pop up it is like a game of whack-a-mole a sustained effort general talked about efforts to have peace takes between afghan government and taliban important the taliban is interested in having those peace talks, the problem is from what i have heard from people on the ground, people working in afghanistan recently, is that it is kind of like herding cats because of factions within taliban trying to bring all together bring them to consensus very challenging. maria: the president made comments in april regarding sale of military equipment to allies. >> we have stepped up our evident not only with respect to japan but other allies. that when they order military equipment from us, we will get it taken care of they will get equipment rapidly. >> your take on this selling
8:27 am
highly valued military technological abroad ento allies. >> for one thing something we do one of our tools of foreign policy, and diplomacy when we work with allies we want them to have the tools they need, to about able to defend their country what we've seen particularly with drones is that when countries including our allies, can't get the technology that we have available, they are going to other countries going to places like china, and that is the last thing we want to see right now is countries that are our allies, being influenced and having that relationship with china instead of us a lot of technology, has become available through commercial commends so this is this -- sort of kills two birds with one stone, and one way improves our economic partnerships with other countries, it decreases some barriers to trade also, gives our allies the ability to use the technology, that we have available, and it increases our flufz instead of giving to other countries like china. >> is it the same quality high-tech -- that you are getting in china that you are
8:28 am
getting in u.s.? >> well, we certainly have those capabilities i think when we are the ones providing that type of technology to other kinds we have more control over what specifically they are getting, depending on way we do sales we have foreign mill seals program, where we can watch more end-to-end. maria: ask -- i asked because this is another angle of the china story right now about trade, about -- china doing well, but china is using its gains economically to military complex klein's military has become a lot more sophisticated party because was technology. >> china can use technology it provides to other kinds, for example, type of drones, to then exploit information they collect using those drones. >> robert you've got a drone company let's talk about that. i am not getting into military aspect but i think in
8:29 am
commercial aspect, there is no question, i mean dji is 85% of the market in united states, so there is no question that the drone technology china is at the for in front essentially this has been concerns about privatization, and what they do with the information. so -- you know, we're going down that slipperyslope i think the truth is they have the best craft when you think of boeing lockheed you think more militarized when you think of commercial use, you know china has literally got that to perfection. >> how did that happen? >> it happened partly because of transfer of technology that is what i am saying to you, the intel committee right now house intel committee devin nunes investigating china for many reasons they are buying up spots on sea level across the world setting up military complexes there across the world not just in china so what is the answer to -- how did it get do you agree with
8:30 am
that. >> the truth is they are spending incredible amount of money in r and d, and that is where. >> doing it themselves? >> well i am not saying -- but. maria: not doing it themselves. >> there is absolutely no question that we should be, as tough as we can, with respect to intellectual property and privacy, i actually think we should change regulation allow companies to sue okay, you know governments for taking the intellectual property spending. maria: i agree i agree. >> but a whole different topic. >> the huge issue white house came out with a statement they did earlier this week i don't know if it is actually about incredib enforceable stealing applying to economy military. >> something president trump has been on top of from the beginning of his administration. >> thank you so much leah gabrielle sitting down with bill browder how high profile critic of erupt.
8:31 am
>> vladimir putin is going. >> the model three after pulling from consumer reports we take i under the hood next. >> welcome back to tennis chaem court report specialing presentation fox business. american women led way day four roland garros, in paris u.s. open champion took care of business against magalina. >> -- over an hour to but win in the books. >> while americans winning this paris a little bit of france took over the empire state building iconic manhattan landmark lit up in colors of the french flag to celebrate the 2018 edition of
8:32 am
roland-garros very cool. >> wall-to-wall live coverage clay court continues thursday 5:00 a.m. eastern. how do you win at business? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at i'm all-business when i, travel... start winning today. even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges.
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning thanks so much for joining us. i'ma. thursday may 31 top stories right now 8:30 -- 8:34 east coast investors on edge this morning, futures near flatline, the dow industrials have turned around, because personal income and spending
8:35 am
just hit wires, spend heing up 6/6/10 of a percent income rising 3/10% personal income spending hitting tape an inflation number was up 2/10% pce, markets higher have turned negative, dow industrials down 13 points s&p 500 down three-quarters of one point just a fractional move, nonetheless a reversal nasdaq up just by one point, in europe this morning, mixed performances to look at action ft 100 up a third of a percent as cac quarante in paris the dax index in germany down a third of a percent 46 points lower in asia overnight gains across the board strong session on the heels of big day yesterday, on wall street, we are waiting on may jobs' report that is due out tomorrow, at this time, economists calling for 188,000 jobs added to economy last month, in the month of may rather, with the unemployment rate holding steady 3.9% we are looking at a key issue
8:36 am
facing employers finding skilled workers, something administration says not seeing. >> you say to managers when they say i am sure you have heard it i have heard a lot i can't find the people to you the in jobs i have available. >> is that about training? >> i think some of it is training. but -- i -- i am not doing that from the companies i speak to -- >> tune in tomorrow for our jobs in america special, 8:00 a.m. eastern, tomorrow right here, we identify where the jobs are, and take a look at that tight labor force, that is happening now. tesla, seal of approval from consumer reports update has manager a u-turn we show you how done stock down one and a quarter percent premarket, free but fighting outspoken critic of rufrp president vice president shrimp bill browder-overed yesterday released in spain the international investor in
8:37 am
custody on a russian interpol arrest warrant live tweeted ordeal until freed good news spanish national police released he moo after interpol general second in leon advised them not to honor the new rod notice the 6th time that russia has abused interpol in my case, browder claims he has been target of russian government for shining a light on multimillion-dollar corruption ask scheme telling aed involving vice president bill broward, good to see you thanks for joining us. >> great to be here. >> bill you and i go back many years, for many years, we have been talking about what has taken place in russia, and really what has happened to you. over the years we will get back to the history in a minute tell us yesterday what happened bill. >> well, i was in spain yesterday to meet with the senior intcorruption prosecutor in spain --
8:38 am
anticorruption. >> we found money connected to my lawyer in cellophane i was going to provide in evidence spain for that at 9:40 a.m. in the morning two police officers from the spanish national police knocked on my hotel door they asked more identification, i showed it to them, they confirmed that i was who they were looking for said mr. browder you are under arrest they took me to ploigs in back of police car sirens blaigdz blue lights on i get to police station being processed if police station, they make some coincidentquiries to int-- make coincident inquireries somebody said we can't arrest this guy he is being targeted by putin this is a politically motivated arrest warrant they canceled it i was let go 90 minutes into ordeal able to come back to london without any trouble. the irony is that normally
8:39 am
when you are on one of these interpol arrest warrants it is three to six months to get free because i live tweeted whole thing resolved in two hours. >> you did right thing shine a light on show it everybody what is going on, that obviously helped you, some people may not have that opportunity to do that but you obviously had been targeted for many years i want to remind you as magnitsky act but before that take is back, bill you were one point, the leading investor in russia, you were leading investor traveling to moscow what happened when you got to the border they said you cannot come here you have to go home tell us what happened. >> well, so just background i was largest foreign investor in about russia became that being a share holyer activist exposinging corruption that upset powers that be referring to that incident, this was in 2005 november 132005 flying back to russia after living
8:40 am
there 10 years passport control instead of processing my passport four heavilied armed borrowedure guards grabbed me marched me to basement of airport put me in detention cell kept me there 15 hours next day put me on aeroflot flight to london declared me national security i had a history of troubles with russia starting with that, and ending with what happened yesterday in madrid. >> you hired a lawyer mr. magnitsky. >> so basically after kicked out my offices raided by police i hired smartest lawyer i knew in russia sergey magnitsky 35-year-old lawyer working for american law firm i had him investigate what was going on discovered the reason for raid to steel a bunch of money that we had paid in taxes, to the russian government, from the russian government 230 million dollars, he discovered it
8:41 am
exposed it and named names testified against people, and some of the people he testified against about five weeks after testimony came to his home on 24th november 2008 he-overed him put him in pretrial detention he was tortured for 358 days in detention until he was killed at age of 37 on november 16, 2009. i made it my mission since he was murdered to get justice for him put aside all commercial activities, focused for last 8 half years on justice for sergey nag mag. >> how the magnitsky act came about tell us what magnitsky act is so and you connect dots you were there in spain as a result of all of this tell us about magnitsky act. >> the magnitsky act basically vladimir putin wasn't going to give justice in russia as we said how do we get justice outside of russia, we said these guys did it for money they did it for 230 million
8:42 am
dollars, they killed sergey for 230 million dollars, and those people don't keep that in russia they keep it in west let's freeze assets ban visas i took this to united states congress in 2010, and in 2012 magnitsky act was passed bipartisan 92 to 4 in senate 89 in house of representatives now rolled out across the world seven countries including uk where i sit right now last week, i was in spain, working on magnitsky just campaign, yesterday, when i was arrested and this was the 6th interpol arrest warrant russia issues for me in retaliation for my justice campaign. >> incredible story showing your tweet right now when you were sitting in back of spanish police car going to police station on same day of your yefrlt record of alleged murder of rufrn journalist a critic aappeared at news
8:43 am
conference he was live with helpful ukrainian authorities faked death so he could cat of the russian forces plotting to kill him you are obviously still a target of vladimir putin. >> so let me talk about -- miles. >> the guy who was supposedlyly killed i was heartbroken another putin critic had been killed, i learned about that tuesday night so i was completely up lifted to a learn he ras alive had not been killed, and contrary to what people are saying, i think that anything that they did with ukrainians did to catch people going to kill him a big success they flushed them out they funny the contract killers arrested them instead of having one more putin critic dead instead we have a potential murderr of putin critic in jail big suck. >> what are you doing. >> carry on with head held
8:44 am
high in campaign for justice. >> even carry on but you may be arrested you may be thrown in jail if you go back to moscow are you planning on going back to moscow. >> if i go back to moscow i will spend 18 years in jail i have been sentenced to 18 years, in object s-- in absentia bogus charges from vladimir putin. what happens if they try to catch you -- >> i got to be careful where i attractively only the go to countries that have rule of law spain is an example spain, they were trying to abuse the spanish system in in interpol two ours later i was free i wouldn't go to turkey i won't go to dubai thailand they don't have proper rule of law but countries that have good rule of law i'm i am reasonably protected. >> are you only did they hurt you in any way in jail. >> no, not at all they were very you know, i wasn't happy with them treating me like a criminal but they were gentle
8:45 am
professional in their arrest. >> stay with us we will be right back. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018. my secret visitors. hallucinations and delusions.
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. maria: well back, a shifting gears for tesla consumer reports putting decision on tesla model three in reverse after company updated antilock braking algorithm will recognize model nine days after magazine found big flaws in the emergency braking system hillary vaughn in los angeles with a closer look at tesla's manufacturing training program hillary good morning to you. reporter: hey. good morning, everybody. maria tesla is training technicians for future of transportation, they just graduated first class this spring in north carolina a week ago 12 california college students finished special program called start to recruit train students at local colleges so they are ready to service tesla incoming fleet of all
8:49 am
electricity cars tesla says they are ramping up production of budget friendly model 3 and hoping it goes mainstream so boosting ranks of technicians ready to help troubleshoot something if something goes wrong techs more high-tech than mechanic. >> this is what is different about our technicians they are learning the computer skills and mechanical skill vie voluntarily tame skills not normally offered in any program out there. reporter: also don't have to get hands too dirty a lot of problems can be fixed remotely, the students say they are learning a lot more than they normally would these programs are going to pop up, all across the u.s.. maria. >> thank you so much, in los angeles. early in l.a. warren buffett reportedly offering to invest 3 billion dollars in uber yearly this year to weigh in host of "varney & company" stuart varney good morning to you. >> good morning a couple points should be made about this buffett interest in uber.
8:50 am
okay, it didn't go anywhere, but first and foremost, this is buffett normally doesn't touch technology investments, trying to put three billion into a technology investment. that tells me a lot about uber. they really are a transformative company great future despite all pr problems in the recent past. and i think the idea that buffett is prepared to put three billion into uber, is a real shot in the arm for uber when it comes to do its ipo i can't imagine a better supporter more popular supporter than warren buffett all this is real good for uber. maria: he hasn't -- he was late to the game but caught up with uber. >> he did. maria: certain apple. >> he did. maria: we will see you in 10 minutes thank you so much "varney & company" top of the hour after "mornings with maria" join stuart and his guests coming up first summer job season almost here cheryl casone has details on the plaza cheryl.
8:51 am
cheryl: . >> -- the jobs -- we're going to talk about it. ♪ we have got a problem. a few problems actually. we've got aging roadways, aging power grids, ...aging everything. we also have the age-old problem of bias in the workplace. really... never heard of it. the question is... who's going to fix all of this? an actor? probably not. but you know who can solve it? business.
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8:55 am
say, this is ceo of fruita bowl. >> a alternative for restaurants specialize kiawah fruit all kinds of good stuff. >> you are looking for 3500 plus employees for summer what do you tell kids that draw them in to work for i a to have you market out there. >> definitely we have so much fun there everyone big family, call fruita family that help bring people in fun environment, and we have so much fun there,. >> we should say you are 25-year-old ceo of company youngest i inviewed club pi pilates, that is it. >> the largest network of premium studios in the world over 400 locations open. >> and how do you get people to work at club pilates
8:56 am
besides telling them they have a great beach body if they work at company. >> al looking for great people to work, are, searching all the time a great training program one of the best in the industry. >> all right -- corporate -- another company this is tesla, who doesn't want to work with dogs and companies kittens everybody why should people work here? >> in pet stroo i people that come to work are passionate about pets they feel a crazy about pets like we are, so it is a finish work environment, and honestly we get people that really seek us out for employment because they lot of the opportunity to spend the days petting dogs talking to pet parents. >> we have pet loving folks on our show, on "mornings with maria" who is this again quick. >> lilly, hello lilly how are you welcome to live television on national basis, all right. let's talk to next company this is experimat.
8:57 am
>> -- >> right absolutely, so we were just named as one of entrepreneurs top 10 hottest franchises for 201 part of united franchise enfranchising 32 years looking for folks for the summer. >> last but not alleviate, mac and cheese of course a food company to look this is -- dan die for mac and cheese. >> billed your own concept -- salads, with sandwiches. >> mac and cheese this is the summer job i wish i had having i wouldn't be on the beach afterwards. oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement.
8:58 am
we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. . .
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maria: have a great day, thanks for joining us. varney & company begins right now. stuart, over to you. stuart: good morning, maria, and good morning, everyone. trump versus iger, game on. this is a fight. the president versus the disney chief. it started after robert iger fired roseanne barr. iger had not fired other abc people who had insulted the president and he offered no apology to the president either. now this morning, this from the presidential twitter account. iger, where is my call of apology, you and abc have offended millions of people and they are demanding a response, how is b


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