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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 31, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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affected in some areas. probably less so than the broader market. there will be winners and losers from the actions. [closing bell rings] small cap steel stocks will be beneficiaries? liz: thank you very much. a rick hodges, small-cap fund. we have big trade talk on "after the bell." david: another day, another swing in stocks. back in the red now, dow closing down 251 points. all major averages ending lower for the day but higher for the second month in a row. hi, everybody i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have more on big market movers. here is what else we're covering in this very busy hour. time's up. u.s. exemptions on steel and aluminum tariffs for europe and mexico and canada have now expired. reaction pouring in from across the globe. here at home with some of our closest trade partners threatening retaliation. the u.s. chamber of commerce now warning these tariffs will threaten millions of jobs.
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peter navarro, director of the national trade council, playing a big role in these discussions, he will respond from the white house in just a few minutes. moving in the right direction, secretary of state pompeo says progress has been made in today's meeting with a high-ranking north korean official. that is good news. we'll tell you what we know now. president making headlines pardoning conservative author dinesh d'souza. he is considering clemency for rod flag black and martha stewart. david: the dow tumbling over concerns about a trade war. we're ending the month in the green. nicole petallides standing by on the floor of new york stock exchange. one day up, next day way down, what is going on nicole? >> really interesting, we had the back and forth action on tuesday. we were down 391 points. worries about italy. traders tell me they were less worried about it. they were scooping up stocks. this story is a different one.
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it could be on going. that could be about tariffs, trade wars, we're looking at closest allies and our neighbors here with tariffs going into place tomorrow. unilateral tariffs. that would include canada, mexico and the european union. dow jones industrial average down 1%. only one stock was higher. you saw that one, that was visa. industrials and financials come under pressure. particularly industrials affected by tariffs, nails like caterpillar and boeing. for the month, the dow, nasdaq, s&p are all higher. in fact the dow up 1%. nasdaq up 5% for this month of may. and the russell has beaten them all, just for the month and also for the quarter. take a look at that. you can serious sell finished down today. see the russell finished down today. anything currency related or tariff related. here are the steel stocks and aluminum stocks. you can see a mixed bag.
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they have done particularly well. they benefit when companies are not able to send in their goods as easily. saw some of the other ones higher, u.s. steel gained. last but not least, a quick peek at sears. closing more unprofitable stores as sales continue to slip 26 quarters in a row. back to you. david: peter navarro will be on in a moment to talk about the tariffs. nicole, thank you. melissa. melissa: tariff talk igniting outrage from some of our closest allies. the trump administration slapping tariffs on steel and aluminum from european union and canada and mexico starting tomorrow. already listing goods it plans to target. damage will be equal what the u.s. is doing. let's go straight to edward lawrence. what it all means and how other nations are responding. edward. reporter: seems we're headed into a trade skirmish with the
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canada, mexico, and european union. the commerce secretary believes that all of this tariffs end result will be a greater trade deal with the european union. the president believes the trade talks are moving too slowly with the eu and nafta. these tariffs are designed to put pressure on all of the talks, as well as put america first. canadian prime minister justin trudeau addressed his country about the american tariffs. this is not just a blip in the relationship. >> the american administration has made a decision today that we deplore and obviously is going to lead to retaliatory measures as it must. but we regret that. we would much rather move together in partnership. reporter: the canadians matched the tariffs. impact of the u.s. tariffs on canada. putting 25% tariff on steel coming into canada and 10% on aluminum but also, adding 10% on other products like sleeping bags, yogurt, felt tippens and
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inflatable boats. the house ways and means committee kevin brady says tariffs are hitting wrong target. when it comes to unfairly traded steel and aluminum, mexico, canada is not the problem. china is. they retaliated against u.s. tariffs adding tariffs on u.s. products come into europe. the u.s. chamber of commerce tariffs have over all impact of affecting 2.6 american jobs. melissa. melissa: edward, thank you so much for that. david: here to respond on behalf of the trump administration, white house trade director peter navarro. we'll take questions with you on this i was surprised. world trade organization stats on countries around the world. europeans have tens of thousands of tariffs on u.s. products. not as though we're loading on something that they don't have against us. on the other hand people say we're close to full employment
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in the united states. we've got record growth going on here. we don't want to upset the applecart with these tariffs. how do you respond to that as maybe necessary some of these tariffs are, we're going great guns and you guys are slowing it down with this? >> david, you're certainly right this country has the lowest tariffs and non-tariff barriers in the world. countries and continents are taking advantage of it. europe, for example, when we try to sell them a car, tariff of 10%, plus 19% value-added tax in germany. 29% what we have 2.5%. maybe five to 10% sales tax, that is not fair but this particular action on steel and aluminum is not on unfair trade practices it is about national security. president trump has said, absolutely correct on this, without an aluminum, steel industry we don't have a country. all that we're trying to do here with the 232 tariffs is to provide our domestic industries
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an opportunity to earn a decent rate of return and invest in this country and guess what? we've seen that already. tomorrow there will be a ground-breaking for example in ashland, kentucky, on a new aluminum rolling mill. melissa: okay. >> what is great on that. hang on. this is beautiful thing. appalachia is heart of some of the poorest parts of this country. they will create new jobs starting $65,000 a year. melissa: peter, i hear you. i don't want to run out of time. i want to address what kevin bid day said, if you're trying to deal with an fair steel and aluminum, it is about china not about these countries. is it that china dumbs steel through our country through canada and mexico are or you targeting the wrong spot. >> i have great respect for kevin brady. a great american. did a great job on the tax plan. this is not bun fair trade. not about china. what we have 15 countries in the
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aluminum space and 20 in the steel space who basically are sending a flood of imports into this country. of course part of the problem is this huge overhang of overcapacity by china. but we've also got the same problem across other countries in the universe. so all we're doing here, and these other countries should respect two things. one they should respect our sovereignty the right of this president to defend this country to have an aluminum and steel industry. number two, these countries should acknowledge they are the ones running very large trade surpluses with this country at the expense of jobs here in america. melissa: but they're giving us cheap steel to build stuff we need. i think that is the biggest problem. we use it for everything. >> that is, look, we'll have cheap steel. we'll have plentiful steel. think about this, melissa. the day we announced the aluminum steve tariffs, century aluminum in hogsville, kentucky,
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announce 150 million-dollar modernization and expansion. u.s. steel announcedded reopening granite city, illinois. tomorrow we'll see aluminum rolling mill. we'll be rolling in steel, good pun there, but steel and aluminum made with american hands by american men, women, at good wages that will provide solid tax base to communities like in appalachia that have been ravaged by the forces of globalization. david: let me ask you about some of the successes you had and why this wasn't success dealing with mexico and canada. brazil, argue a, you came to terms. able to avoid same kind of tariffs with them. what were the sticking points with mexico and canada? >> i wouldn't say it was unsuccessful that happened. we imposed tariffs on aluminum and steel to many countries. david: brazil and south korea, why didn't it work for canada and mexico?
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>> they chose not to offer a reasonable quota and, and we had to put the tariffs on. see the problem here, david, is that, if you give any one country preferential treatment, then you will see two things happen. one, it there will be transshipments by the other countries to avoid the tariffs. two, you will see a significant increase in domestic production in those countries and flooding in. so we had to have the system in place. it is unfortunate that we couldn't come to an agreement with mexico, canada and europe but they will have the same tariffs in the interest of national security. david: mexico, they are, a lot of people think they're the most important trading partner we have not in terms of size, but right next door. there are all sorts of political implications with immigration. they have a leftist guy will probably win the presidency. this probably plays into his rhetoric. are you concerned about unintended consequences of this, playing into political instability on our southern border? >> look the consequences of this
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are, that we'll have more steel and aluminum made with american hands. we'll have more investment here in america and our partners around the world that we trade with are going to understand that this president, president donald j. trump, will make sure we have fair and reciprocal trade that defends this country in the national interest. that is all we're trying to do there. melissa: the price of all those things you're talking about will go up by definition. that will eat into the tax cuts you guys just created. >> not by definition because what happens, what you will see here, melissa is these new plants come online in the united states, you will see plenty of aluminum, steel around, it will be made by american hands. that is the difference. and by the way, this is economy under president trump is doing amazing. i mean -- melissa: that is why we wouldn't want to see it slowing down at all. we are all for moving economy. >> tariffs have been in place, tariffs in place since january, solar, dishwashers, steel,
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aluminum. economy is going great. melissa: i don't buy a lot of solar panels myself. >> shame on you. melissa: [laughter]. let me recover here for a second. that was pretty funny. what could they ever in exchange, that would take the tariffs off? it is about lowering tariffs on our steel going back in? what would be, what is the trade you're looking for there? >> that's a great question. deep in the weeds in economics the only difference between a tariff and a quota, with a tariff the united states gets money. with a quota, the foreign producers get the money. so that is what was in it for them. south korea saw the virtue of that. argentina saw the virtue of that we weren't able to reach any kind of accommodation with europe, canada or mexico but that's okay. we needed to do what we needed to do for national security purposes. and they're our allies yesterday. they are our allies tomorrow. they are our allies today.
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this president needs to do what we have to do to defend this country and to make american steel an american aluminum with american hands. david: peter navarro, thank you very much for taking the time. by the way as soon as you come up with invention of solar panels for apartments in manhattan we're in with you. >> you know, melissa, there are these new york tax credits for solar. melissa: i know. leed certified building. nothing works in those buildings. david: not made for apartments. melissa: there you go. >> have it run your lava lamp. melissa: there you go. david: good to see you, peter, thank you so much. samantha bee under fire about crude comments about ivanka trump. she and tbs are apologizing, but do the pollgys go far enough? we'll discuss it. melissa: secretary of state mike pompeo said progress has been made with a high-ranking north korean official. will there be a summit in couple weeks? what we now know.
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melissa: president trump promising to pardon conservative commentate are today niche d'souza and others, here with a lot of news from the white house is blake burman. what do you have for us today? reporter: one of those days. talking about it with my photographer a second ago. president trump is in texas. he will attend a couple fund-raisers in lone star state. he began meeting with the family members the deadly school shooting at santa fe high school earlier this month.
4:18 pm
president sitting down with family members. 10 people killed, eight of them students. aboard air force one, out of nowhere, news from about pardons came from the president. he told reporters that he was considering pardoning martha stewart and shortening the sentence of rod blagojevich. he was convicted of corruption charges and trying to sell president obama's senate seat. the president said of blagojevich, if you read his statement, there was a foolish statement. there was a lot of bravado. plenty of other politicians said a lot worse. he shouldn't have been put in jail. stewart as you remember was convicted securities fraud a decade ago. she ended up being convicted of lying about that action. both stewart and blagojevich both appeared on "the apprentice." she was also prosecuted in her
4:19 pm
case by one james comb m the president on air force one he would pardon dinesh d'souza. he said he made too many campaign contributions and but conservatives said he was prosecuted by the obama administration. d'souza, said, obama and his stooges tried to distinguish my american dream and destroyed my faith in america. thank you for fully destroying both. some contend the president is trying to send a different message. for example, the top democrat on the house intelligence committee adam schiff feels there is larger point. he wondered on twitter if the president is trying to send a message to michael cohen? president seeming to weigh in on "new york times" report that number two at the fbi andrew mccabe kept secret memos. the president seemed to weigh in, by righting on twitter, quote, not that it matters i never fired james comey because of russia. the corrupt mainstream media loves to keep pushing the narrative but they know it is not true. just a sampling over the
4:20 pm
white house. i didn't even mention north korea and tariffs, melissa. melissa: i never written myself a secret memo. i must be the only person not keeping side secret memos. reporter: hard enough to text and call people. melissa: i get myself in enough trouble. david: no memos, no solar panels. you're per rift. here is discuss this, andrew mccarthy, former district attorney for the southern district of new york. we'll talk about the pardons in a second, andy. you had a couple of different pieces called into question trey gowdy, all of a sudden despite all the anti-trump people at doj and particularly at the fbi, this emphasis that trey gowdy now has, and rest of the media, there was never an attempt to go after trump or find out what was happening in the trump campaign. this was all about russia. and had nothing to do at all with the trump campaign itself. in the articles you suggest you
4:21 pm
don't buy into that but is there any evidence for what trey gowdy has said? >> i really don't think so. i'm disappointed at somebody who admirers congressman gowdy. david, this really flies in the face of things testified to under oath by the fbi. congressman gowdy says this was about russia. it wasn't about trump. it wasn't about the campaign. we heard that from senator rubio as well. somebody else i admire. former fbi director comey has gotten up in congress on at least three separate occasions and said outright that the fbi had a counterintelligence investigation of russia's interference in the election and to extent, to which if any, the trump campaign coordinated in russia's attempt. david: so trey gowdy a aware of that testimony where they in fact said, quite openly, yes, this was an attempt to figure
4:22 pm
out what the trump campaign was doing? >> yes. to my knowledge he was in the room when comey gave the most important testimony which was, the testimony he gave on march 20th, 2017. that testimony, david, is particularly important because it really is, it sets or i should say, attorney general or deputy attorney general rosenstein used that testimony by comey to appoint mueller, the special counsel and device the, what i regard as the non-exist parameters of this investigation. david: trying to figure out what is in trey gowdy's head is impossible, we can't do that. some people thought it was because of the fact what he saw when he met with doj officials last week convinced him of that. the federalist says he didn't see anything last week. the documents were not presented to him. >> i don't want to try to read gowdy's mind except to say i think what he wants is what i want but we're both going about
4:23 pm
it in a different way. he's worried about the effect that the, that this investigation and everything that has been reported about it is having on these important institutions of our government, the justice department, the fbi. and two, i think only way you cure this by transparency getting to the bottom of what happens. david: you don't make things up. adam schiff came out with a comment last week saying essentially that the fbi followed all procedures and all protocols in terms of putting an informant or a spy into the trump campaign. putting one close to the trump campaign, trying to lure stuff out of them but i defy adam schiff to point to the page in the fbi protocols in which it talks about exactly you pout -- put an informant in a presidential campaign. there are no protocols for that. >> [inaudible] david, when i was investigating counterterrorism, let's say i put an informant in a mosque for
4:24 pm
no other reason than the people in there happen to be muslims. not that i had any reason to believe there were jihadist incitement going on or anything like that i think schiff would probably be the first person to say that i had violated people's first amendment rights. david: right. >> he really wouldn't care i followed to the letter all internal regulations how you use informants. david: andy, so sorry, they're giving me a wrap, i have to ask quickly, pardon of dinesh d'souza, and coming pardons of martha stewart and blago? >> pardoning of d'souza, is exactly what the framers had in mind. the president has to temper what is unjust result and d'souza's case was unjust result. david: thank you for being here. >> thanks, david. melissa: costco shares following after-hours. the wholesale retail chain with mixed third quarter results of the beating on earnings, short on revenue.
4:25 pm
same-store sales for the quarter were up more than 10%. david: near fears of a trade war. we talked to peter navarro on that. president trump imposing new tariffs on steel and aluminum from mexico, canada and europe. why critics are saying he is hitting the wrong target. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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i want to see. learn more at >> we'll be rolling in steel but it's going to be, good pun there, but it is going to be steel and aluminum made with american hand by american men, women, at good wages that will provide solid tax base to communities like in appalachia that have been ravaged by the forces of globalization. so this is all good. melissa: peter navarro, white house national trade council director defending the president's steel and aluminum tariffs this was just moments ago, outlining what he calls the positive effect the the tariffs will have on our economy. here to react, republican congressman eric paulsen from
4:29 pm
minnesota. he is on the ways and means subcommittee on trade. that was his explanation that you just heard when i asked, you know, what about the idea we put these tariffs on, people who buy anything made with steel and aluminum would pay more. that is how he responded to it. what do you think? >> this is the wrong response. president trump is wrong. the administration is wrong. this is not the right approach. we should be targeting tariffs on where the bad actors are in china. for instance. it is not on our allies. it is not on canada reciprocating with their own tariffs on our products which will hurt our american workers here at home. the irony we're hurting very people the president is intending to help of the as a national security threat we should focus on allied front together when we have issues like north korea and russia. this divides us. makes it problematic for our foreign policy. melissa: they counter there are already hundreds of tariffs on our products. every other country is doing
4:30 pm
this to us. they will not retaliate. they are already doing it. >> canada and mexico are not doing it. we have nafta in place, renegotiated nafta being modernized as we speak. we can have a new agreement putting forward. put this in their face, have retaliatory measures on trade war, that will hurt our consumers and hurt a lot of american manufacturers that depend on supply of steel. it will raise the price of american steel. at that is not good for our workers and projects here at home. melissa: they say they threatened these tariffs against a whole bunch of other countries. they caved. we have better deals in all those other places. these were the remainders who didn't agree to their terms. >> well, on these trade negotiations are ongoing and it doesn't make sense, again for the eu or for canada or for mexico, our allies to impose these type of broad-based tariffs that will blow back on us and backfire, hurt our own economy. we can and should be fighting bad actors. the china is one of those actors
4:31 pm
stealing intellectual property. they should be the target. we can do that on united front. we're mixing the message without a strategy that will realize the results that american workers are expecting to have. melissa: what would you say to do from here? what advice would you give from the president? drop it at this point? >> my advice, stay at the table working with our allies together on united front to engage china to find real solutions put pressure on them, hold them accountable. we should do that we should make sure working with canada and mexico, we're addressing some outgoing issues, outstanding issues on nafta. we could solve those separate rattily. that is separate issue on china and steel and aluminum. that is not an issue with north american friend. melissa: a lot of people say they bring steel through those other countries, china does but we'll see. congressman, thank you so much. >> thank you. david: moving in the right
4:32 pm
direction. secretary of state pompeo says progress has been made with meetings with north koreans. their top official has an invitation to the white house tomorrow. what's going to happen there? where things stand right now coming up. hi, i'm bob harper,
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4:36 pm
to keep summit between president trump and kim jong-un on track. i got that one. they're both making a trip to the white house. adam shapiro following these developments. adam, what can you tell us? reporter: well let's talk about what's going to happen next which this meeting in washington, d.c., with kim yong chol as you said tomorrow with president trump. he is going to accompany secretary of state mike pompeo to the white house to deliver this letter that was written by kim jong-un, the leader of north korea. what's in that letter we don't know but it was president trump's letter last week canceling the june 12th summit which seems to have set the ball in motion. where do we stand as of today? there have been negotiations when chol and pompeo and according to secretary pompeo, they have made progress, they have been productive. the administration hopes there is a summit on june 12th because they would like to go to this and remember, north korea
4:37 pm
has actually destroyed or claims to have destroyed parts of its nuclear testing facility but still maintains its nuclear arsenal. so the goal for the united states, is one, details of a potential summit for june 12th, but also total denuclearization of the korean peninsula. that would be the negotiations should the summit take place. we asked the secretary during a press conference, would this deal perhaps, include, withdrawal of u.s. military presence on the korean peninsula? here is how he responded. >> chinese are moving all around the world today. let's be clear. the risk of that is real, everywhere, not just in this particular space. we're keenly aware of it. i am confident that the things we're talking about with respect to north korea will not enhance the risk of that to any significant degree. we wouldn't do that to the south koreans, and japanese, two of our most important allies in the region. reporter: of course the secretary not going to discuss details of whatever the two
4:38 pm
leaders perhaps could work out at a summit. again the administration hoping that summit takes place june 12th. as i wrap up, the secretary said they made progress about negotiations for details of a summit, he said nothing short of tragic to let this opportunity to to waste. it is not a done deal yet that that the two leaders will meet june wealth. back to you. >> love to see the video. adam, thank you very much. david: we have michael o'hanlon from the brookings institution. i want to pick up what melissa is saying, two spy chiefs, one head of cia, one head of infamous spy agency in north korea, god knows how many deaths responsible for. they are shaking hands looking into each other's eyes, when i think of people like mike pompeo, john bolton, president trump himself, the north koreans have never seen a team leak this before. do you think they are less comfortable than they have ever
4:39 pm
been, more comfortable, what? >> that's a good question. i think that secretary pompeo has worked hard to build up a personal rapport, i don't want to say affection or friendship or bond but a pour. david: but there is an understanding, right? >> yes. i think therefore they're exercising very good diplomacy. even president trump, who's not accused by supporters or critics of being a diplomat. he has a style that helped coax kim into friendlier type of behavior. the letter that led to the cancellation of the summit or temporary cancellation of that week, even that letter held out some ways back into a more friendly engagement. david: the brillance of that letter -- >> they're doing a pretty good job on diplomacy front overall. david: the brilliance of the letter, it was hard to tell if we were really ticked off or a
4:40 pm
offering a friendly hand. they don't seem to understand -- they understood exactly what previous negotiating teams were like. they understood madeleine albright and the like, theyed into teams from the bush administration but they can't figure them out. >> we can't fick them out. as you know the couples we're talking about are both -- kims are both known killers. we're trying to decide if they want to turn over a new leaf. do they want a more humane country? the best possible deal with the least concessions? david: that is the -- >> something different to them than it does to us. so everybody is sort of sorting this through. i'm delighted to see all the conversations. that is the only way to make sense of it. i think it is very good conversations happening before the summit. what you don't want is a big disagreement at the summit. -- that is something to avoid. david: i know john bolton well. i talked to him many times both
4:41 pm
on screen and off. he doesn't think it is possible for kim jong-un or any of those guys to turn over another leave. he knows who they are. they will remain that way. the question whether they will denuclearize and pompeo was specific. denuclearization means all levels of the nuclear programs. do you think that's possible? >> well, by nuclear programs you mean the capabilities to produce more bombs and produce the highly-enriched uranium and plutonium, maybe yes. because they could keep the warheads and give up their programs. people will play semantic games like this. we'll have to see some kind of a compromise. i do not believe it is realistic to believe that the north koreans will give up all their nuclear bombs in one fell swoop at the beginning of this process but a lot of other things may be open for discussion and compromise. david: final question. if the north koreans demand part
4:42 pm
of denuclearization moving u.s. troops out of south korea, what do we do? do we accept that as condition or not? >> no, i don't think we can accept that because there are a lot of other aspects to the north korean threat that continue that scenario. the south korea, unified korea should have a chance to engage with us and decide if alliance is in their long-term interest. we can talk about arms control and reductions but complete withdrawal and end to the alliance, i don't think we should be open for that. david: i think you're right. michael, thank you very much for being here. we appreciate it. melissa: hillary clinton heading to silicon valley. why her next dream job may take her far from the white house. tesla training a new generation of techs still in college. the company is trying to get even still more students involved. ♪ they appear out of nowhere.
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david: student technicians specifically trained to service their cars are graduating. with that guaranteed jobs with the company. hillary vaughn joins us from l.a. with more on this, hi, hillary. reporter: david, that's right. tesla doesn't want any car mechanic working on their cars. they want high-tech car technicians working on their futuristic fleet. they work with local colleges to work with tex to learn the ins and outs of tesla's all-electric considers. >> this is what is different about our techinicans. they're learning computer skills and mechanical skills and high holtage skills normally not offered in any program out there. reporter: students a part of tesla's start-up program, don't get their hands dirty like you would in shop class. it is a little bit of engine mechanics but a lot about computer technology. they study battery architecture,
4:47 pm
charging technology, and become fluent in tesla's software. some of the troubleshoot something supercharged. students are working with 400-volts of electricity from tesla's car batteries. >> a lot of it that was different was just the whole electrical portion. you know, working with high voltage. i was terrified when i stirs started. i -- terrified when i started. working on h-ville and learning how to isolate the vehicle. there is that aspect. reporter: some of tesla's remote repairs can actually be fixed all over the internet. so these students are learning how to do that with tesla's existing system. 300,000 drivers are waiting to get behind their model 3. as more drivers hit the road they need more technicians to maintain them. that is what this program is all about. they're looking to expand across the country. david? david: good stuff. hillary, thank you very much. >> slamming a double standard, the mainstream media feeling the heat following inappropriate
4:48 pm
comments from another network comedienne. the parent company responds now. what this all means for business. we'll discuss it next. ♪ i got scar tissue there. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. two bulls were fighting, hit the truck. another ding, another scratch, another chapter in the story. chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road.
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melissa: damage control. comedienne samantha bee and tbs now apologizing for a vulgar insult she directed towards ivanka trump. now the white house is calling on tbs to cancel her show. this following abc's decision to cancel "roseanne" after the comedienne's inappropriate tweets about former obama official valerie 2018. here is rachel campos duffy. a conservative commentator and fox news contributor. how do you sort through all of this, rachel? what do you think? is there a comparison between these two? is it all gotten very crazy?
4:52 pm
what do you think? >> it is very crazy and look, as a conservative minority i've had horribly racist things thrown at me too. i think there is a frustration on the part of many conservatives about a double standard that they don't think that it is really about racism or sexism when these events happen. that is really about power and politics and that the left has been really effective in the past and in the present of using those tools, racism and sexism as really like a hammer on, to get what they want politically, and what's interesting in the moment that we're in now is conservatives are starting to do the same thing. samantha bee's show, she just lost a huge sponsor, "auto trader." if you read their tweet about, about disassociating themselves from the show, very clear there were people writing "auto trader" on the conservative saying, hey, you better do something about it. she lost that sponsor but she is
4:53 pm
still on air. in the case of roseanne, her show was canceled. the white house is doing something that a republican administration would have never done, wouldn't have been thinkable in the past, that is, they're weighing in on this, saying well, we want equal treatment if it is bad enough to cancel roseanne's show you should cancel the tbs "full frontal." melissa: is there equivalency though? that is what is kind of strange. when you're saying these are sort of the same things, it has the feeling, when the "me too" movement really picked up steam. all of sudden if there was even an accusation that person lost their career. i mean, not to say what was true and false whatever else, a lot of great things happened but it just had sort of an out of control mob feel. i wonder if now we're suddenly heading in that direction? they say what they didn't like about samantha bee she used a really obscene word that i don't think i ever used in my life.
4:54 pm
>> me either. melissa: in any context. she said it on television, maybe just as simple up to businesses to decide, are their customers offended? is that maybe the lens? >> sure. melissa: abc said this is broadcast television. what she said is abhorrent to a ton of people, let's cancel that. with samantha bee, a smaller audience, but tbs. that is basic cable. are they deciding that word is too vulgar or that sentiment towards the president's daughter is too vulgar for their customers? maybe that's the litmus test. i don't know? what do you think? i'm throwing stuff out there. you tell me what you think. >> look, we've got racism, we've got sexism. they're both hateful, right? hate is hate. i think, i don't know if we can split the baby. remember what roseanne said was on twitter. what samantha bee did was broadcast. her show is much more responsible in some ways for
4:55 pm
what they allow to be broadcast. tbs has taken responsibility in their apology. they said, you know, we're going to, you know, samantha bee apologized. we apologize too for allowing this to broadcast. we shouldn't have let that happen. melissa: great point. >> you're right. the marketplace is deciding. i think audience is saying, we want guardrails here, because it is also hateful and ugly and, none of us like this, right? melissa: it is. >> so i think the consumers that are responding on the part of samantha bee, and then you have consumers and executives responding on the part of abc. melissa: yeah. >> market will decide. but i think people are kind of getting sick and tired of both the vulgarness but also hypocrisy. it will be good for the goose, it better be good for the gander too. melissa: rachel campos duffy. thanks for coming on. always love it. melissa: good stuff. david: sick of the politics.
4:56 pm
jerry seinfeld never got into politics at all. melissa: do we have to do politics all the time? david: no. let's ban politics. we wouldn't have that much to do here. melissa: other than that -- david: speaking of politics hillary clinton may have finally found her calling. forget the white house. her next job application could be for a place a long way from the beltway. we'll tell you where coming next. ♪
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
>> if you could be a ceo of any company right now, what would you choose, and why? >> facebook, most people in our country get their news true or not from facebook. melissa: watch those words hillary clinton telling students she has her eye on facebook. sounds like for all of the wrong reason. david: what is it with her and harvard. she applauded social media giant
5:00 pm
fors have control of the glo flf information. melissa: she's control over the flow of information and power, she wants to run facebook. david: maybe silicon valley is more powerful these days. >> i am confident we're moving in the right direct. today vice chairman kim and i discussed our country become together and take advantage of the unique opportunity our leaders created. our two countries face a pivotal moment in our relationship. which it could be nothing short of tragic, working together the people of united states and north korea can create a future designed by friendship and collaboration, not mistrust, fear and threats. if the talks are successful it will be historical. liz: white house saying a nuclear deal with north korea may take more than one summit meeting with kim jong-un. president


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