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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 31, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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fors have control of the glo flf information. melissa: she's control over the flow of information and power, she wants to run facebook. david: maybe silicon valley is more powerful these days. >> i am confident we're moving in the right direct. today vice chairman kim and i discussed our country become together and take advantage of the unique opportunity our leaders created. our two countries face a pivotal moment in our relationship. which it could be nothing short of tragic, working together the people of united states and north korea can create a future designed by friendship and collaboration, not mistrust, fear and threats. if the talks are successful it will be historical. liz: white house saying a nuclear deal with north korea may take more than one summit meeting with kim jong-un.
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president reportedly receive a personal letter from north korean leader tomorrow, we'll bring you the latest. >> top republican paul ryan and crekevin brady and others not hy with the president's new tariffs. president pardoning conservative filmmaker today. considering pardon for martha stewart, and illinois governor blagojevich. all this as first daughter is subjected to a shocking liangelo ball attack and. >> shock could attack. we have money, politics, we deliver. i am elizabeth mac mcdonald. the "evening edit" starts right now.
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>> dow ended 24415, trade dispute fears are reignited. all 3 indices ended in positive territory for may. >> pamay. -- pompeo met with kim jong-un's right hand man today. >> right that is what secretary of state saying. adam. >> not saying on or off, he says that administration hopes that summit, scheduled for june 12, will take place. still in words of the secretary, a long way to go. they said they made progress. vice chairman of north korea regime, that is kim young chol of the here negotiates with our secretary of state, tomorrow with pompeo they will travel to washington d.c., go to white
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house, he will preisn't a letter from -- present a letter from kim jong-un to president trump. the details of that letter, we don't know. but we're told they are making progress. one of the issues that secretary says is a absolute is denuclearizization of the korean peninsula, some of the allies could south korea, japan, others in asia have expressed concern what happens if u.s. withdraws or draws down military present, i asked that question to secretary of state. >> there is no daylight between the south korean, japanese and the united states, with respect to our approach to how we resolve this issue with respect to north korea. i have spoken to my counterparts there i have spoken to president moon, we understand their concerns. we understand the risks that could be posed to them.
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and an agreement we reached will provide an outcome that each those countries can sign on to as well. reporter: engine is not reving but rumbling you hears are that of a potential summit june 12, tuna, cording to secretary pompeo, much is with north koreans it would be nothing short of tragic to let this opportunity go to waste. >> all right. thank you adam. >> bringing in republican representative ralph norman. trump said today maybe things not everything gets done in one meeting, maybe a second or third, maybe none. this feelings like it is still up in the air. >> i think it is. one thing he does not negotiate in media, i think one of his greatest strengths are he will pullback from the table if is
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not denuclearization of north korea. they have met a match in president trump someone that understands president trump is not doing this for optics, he is doing it to get the job done, keep the country safe. as well as north korea. liz: north korea guy, kim young chol he played a central role in sinking of navy warship, and sony hack. he was on u.s. sanctions list. your take on having kim young chol right now in negotiations? >> well, he is not a sunday schoolteacher. he is someone, you know what you get whether you deal with him, they pick out who they send to meet with secretary pompeo. you know, the great part about what is happening in this country, people on our side, pompeo, the president, who can match them. and we're not pollyannish with
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who we are dealing with. if there is a deal to be made, i think it will be. if it is just for se surface on part of north korean, then no. it may happen later othere is no magic june 12 date that critical. maybe late june or august, if does does not happen it would be for the best. liz: what is acceptable. >> denuclearize. you are dealing with a dictatorship, a regime that murders innocent, men, children, women. to leave them the leaders who are unstable with our country at risk, south korea at risk. we're not going to do that. it is monumental, fact they are willing to sit down. >> that is a great point.
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>> when has that happened? it has not, it is because of sanctions that this president put on, he does not move the line, the goal post, he says what he means and means what he says. >> president is considering pardoning martha stewart, and rob blagojevich. he was sent to prison for corruption charges, what message does this send? >> well, blagojevich, he spent 14 years in jail. 150 to 180 thousand cost in prison, is he a threat to the people he was before? i think probably he served his time. and good to let him out. to jesus that was suspect in the beginning, he was charged in first place. so i trust the president's judgment on this. martha stewart, same way, i think she probably made amends, will be an asset to society
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rather than incarcerated as blagojevich was. liz: martha stewart, served 5 months in prison for obstructing justice, that was over that inside are trading case. former fbi director comey was prosecutor who charged stewart back then. is there any significance of that? >> well, i think comey has shown that what he is about. i don't trust his judgment. whether on a particular merits of the cases he tried or prosecuted, i don't know the details. but, comey pretty much has been a let down from day one. with his book. which i think is inaccuracies for what i am hearing on capitol hill. you know fact that he prosecuted made it here about to you real blagojevich's time in prison, he has made amends?
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there were serious corruption charges taking political bribes for legislation in office, go ahead. >> they were, and you talk with people that knew him, serve with him. he was pretty egotivity call -- e-- he prkl probably thought itd never happen to him, he was above the law in his case, i think there is a time that you can get out, and serve society, i think for him to make the same mistakes again, would be rare. particularly with time he served. liz: congressman we love having you on, come back soon. >> thank you. liz: president trump arrives at dallas, love field airport, headed to a hotel there, and acontinue aattend an even with , he met with family members and
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community leaders affected by santa fe high school shooting. >> to this story. tariffs. white house tradedvis advisory r navarro telling fox business. >> this is about national security, president trump has said, and correct on this, without an aluminum/steel industry we don't have a country, we have 15 countries in aluminum space, and 20 in steel space who send a flood of imports in. other country should respect our sovereignty and right of this president to defend this country to have an aluminum/steel industry, and the country should acknowledge they are the ones who also run large trade surpluses with this country at the expense of jobs here in america. liz: bring in money manager
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michael lee, a big fight breaking out in republican party, paul ryan and kevin brady do not like these tariffs, they worry that president is not being well advised that the tariffs will ruin a healthy economy before the midterms, your take? >> yeah, i take wilbur ross's opinion over anyone in congress when it comes to deal negotiations. lyli'll just leave that. the point of the tariffs are not to punish anyone but open other market, u.s. is freest and fairest trader in the world, what we're trying to do is allow country to make things in u.s. and sell them abroad, it is difficult when other country have different forms of tariffs on our goods that we're trying to sell abroad, we're trying to did is reduce tariffs elsewhere in world by putting tariffs on goods coming in tariffs are never a good thing.
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you can't bake a cake without breaking some eggs. liz: you really believe this is about fair trade. you believe it has been unfair to u.s. to this point? >> yeah, and part of that is intentional, it started in '50s after world war ii to help rebuild the rest of the world, now every time u.s. wants to put pressure on our allies, the chamber of commerce, free traders, you know zealot free traders pop in and say no. now you have someone who not in the back pocket of lobbying. these other country can either have some goods tariffed coming in or, open up their markets to u.s. companies, there are a lot of other things going on, in which could with particular with china, a massive trade imbalances with china, china is a massive net exporter, we are a net importer, we could put
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pressure on chinese government and economy, vis-a-vis tariffs. do you believe north korea would be at table negotiates with us without a threat in form of tariffs? liz: the argument for tariffs. our industrial manufacturing base has been decimated. wwe don't have a factory base. others would contend this is not the issue. others say you are alienating our allies in the process, we need the allies in time are of conflict of war. >> well, i would say that all of these allies, we have massive trade imbalanceses with them. meaning we buy far more from them, than they buy from us. we're trying to did is not hurt them, we're trying to get them to open their markets to us.
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>> a tricky move, michael lee, you are great, good to see you. >> thank you. liz: you see president, on the split screen, exiting air force one at dallas love field airport, he is in to speak with the santa fe high school students and teachers about the shooting there. >> let'set toour money. seesaw action today from tariff-related sell-off, major indiseses for may in the green. russell 2000 with best month in nearly two years, we go to nicole on fluke o nyse with latest. >> nasdaq, s&p sold off. on concerns over tariffs for
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canada, mexico and eu. we saw feel an steel and aluminm stocks mixed. and trals like caterpillar, and boeing, and retailers are lost out, dollar general had tough quarters, sears announcing they are closing more stores, 72 unprofit instores. their sales continue to slip. costco after the bell announcing 10% gain in same-store sales. we'll watch for that. for the month stocks higher across board. liz: a new report, president obama's netflix deal. did he get help from insiders at netflix tha close to his white house? >> and cnn, calling out kim kardashian, saying celebrities like kardashian does not belong in the white house, talking about prison reform.
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5:20 pm
time warner to denounce the crude comments saying language used last night is vial and vicious. the collective silence by left and media allies is appalling. they must demonstrate such explicit profanity about female members of this administration will not be condoned on the network. and they say, she has apologiz apologized. those words should not have been aired. it was our mistake too, we regret it. cbs owned by t time warner. let's spring in conservative review tv host, alley stuckey. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> should he they have cancel tt show.
5:21 pm
>> absolutely. if samantha was a trump supporter, her career would have been ended. but because she was criticizing someone in trump administration she kept her dog. i disagree with sarah sanders there has not been a collective silence, there is a defending of samantha b, saying comments she made compared to roseanne barr, which i think was also racist and vial, but compares samantha b comment to her they think that she was better it was okay it waexcusable, affirming samantha b 's right to free speech but not rose an, because she is a trump supporter. liz: it looks like we have jumped shark. are we expecting more of the same then apologies after the fact? >> i guess, you said, this was a
5:22 pm
scripped show -- scripted show, roseanne's sho tweet it was a sd it was a tweet. the scripted show, those were writers, others were involved she was reading off a teleprompter. it is a double standard. liz: jeff, ceo of time warner. disney's ceo bob said that roseanne does not represent disney's values. does that represent time warner's value? >> it does. that is why they done fully apologize. >> you are sayin they are okay with the use of that word?
5:23 pm
seems like it. >> it sure seems like it. they said they made a mistake, they took ownership for it but did not say, this is not what we really think, we don't promote sexism on the network. but they do. they said, hey, sorry. that is good enough. but whether someone -- liz: we don't hear that he called first daughter, toa apologize. i think have you a point. come back. are terrific, t. >>l let's get to nfl i did sig o penalize on field personnel including team members who do not stand and show respect for the flag during the national anthem. a new report said you can credit
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liz: new report out of "wall street journal" suggest this president trump's decision on nfl anthem flag protest, it helped lead to change to penalize players and other team personnel who kneel during will national anthem during the gam games. kaepernick claims, he has not been able to get hired by other teamings because of his launching of the anthem protest. league tv viewership dune aboutt 10% over ale, for a variety of reason. there are a lot of ways to
5:28 pm
watch. people did not like protests, with me now. former nfl super bowl champion, burgess owens, what is your take? >> thank you. i call this leadership. thank goodness american people voted for a leader who believes in the country and our metropolitan way. president trump drew a line. that is simply we live in the greatest country of history of mankind, it is time to stop the leftist move. and be thankful for who we are. i am thankful that we are having this conversation. we would not have this if hillary clinton had been in office. we are doing right thing, we will go the our young men. the most important thing, our responsibility as americans to make sure the next generation has more hope, faith and believe and tune in our country --
5:29 pm
opportunity in the country than previous one. our generation has fallen short. liz: kaepernick's grievance said it was an organizing force in collusion against him because of the president's relationship with various nfl owners, many have backed president trump, and jerry jones deposition, saying this a strong issue for me. tell everyone you cannot win this one, your reacted to this? >> this problem we have we teach our kids, he has no clue about the free market. people value or -- when people don't like you, american people dislike you because you are marxist, you are not going to get a job, our young men need to understand, you cannot protest to get a job, you either bring value, get fired and find something else to do. nfl is a corporation, they can
5:30 pm
determine when the value for their organization is. understand that most leftist organization, 49ers, are those who should be hiring them, they do they use abuse and discard, two young men, kaepernick and reed, they allowed them to develop this tarnished brand, and now they won't hire them like they would. that leftist owner with the 49ers. >> white house press secretary sanders calling out espn. >> president's point to hypocrisy in media saying that most horrible thing about this president, and nobody addresses it, where was bob ir igers apoly to christians in world for joy bay her calls christianity a
5:31 pm
mental illness, and kathy griffin going on a profane rant. on the president. after a video show with her holding president trump's decapitated head. and hiring keith olbermann after his tweets. -- again of president's family. this is a double standard that president speaking about, no one is defending the comments, they are inappropriate. liz: espn owned by disney, the stock dozened dead i -- stock in disney, end the day in the red. >> she is spot on, no one is defending roseanne barr's comments, leftist are bullies, they have gotten away with it, this whole pc thing that we've been doing for last 8 years and getting away with it we have a
5:32 pm
president that is. -- put left to same standard they put conservatives, to you get someone like samantha b with this language, fire her. if you did this in the correct way, everyone would have more civil conversations and be careful about what i treat and say, they know there are consensus. liz: burgess owens thank you. >> thank you. liz: new report obama ne netflix deal, did they get help from insider at netflix close on white house. >> jim acosta saying celebrity kim kardashian does not not belg in white house. my guest said that acosta did not have a problem with celebrities visited obama white house over si same issues, next.
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when this guy got a flat tire prescription free in the middle of the night.
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5:37 pm
celebrities talking with president obama about prison reform. let's go through why kim kardashian was there. the prison inmate that kim kardashian is trying to get help for. a single, poor, black mother, suffering life without parole. in jail for nonviolent drug offense, she delivered messages in between drug couriers. aclu said that case is wrong. and that she needs help. but jim acosta did not talk about it in his report there. >> i told charles payne last night, this is ridiculous, we live in country someone can go to jail longer for first nonviolent offense, than someone who raped a child, this is
5:38 pm
wrong. dikim kardashian, she has more followers than majority of people in the world, she can bring a reach many other experts, law professors, would never be able to bring, we put her mind and abilitying it with experts in the field we could make a difference, it is incredible what she is doing, really sad to see people being hypocritical and slamming her because she is going for president trump's help and she is kim kardashian, that is wrong. liz: what is behind media criticism, claims they are tolerant, but they are gatekeepers to who is acceptable to visit the white house, is it a real problem they don't like trump, they never thought he belonged in the white house. >> you may be on to somebody. i think acosta does everyone a disservice when he attacks a person who is visiting white
5:39 pm
house with a positive message. if someone can bring celebrity power to it, that is for better. acosta should be asking, watch what president does not what he says, jeff sessions is doubling down on increase sentences. liz: this was a personal attack on kim kardashian. checking celebrities visiting obama white house, george balloony -- clooney 7 times, and oprah winfrey 6 times, and all this netflix announcing a new deal for the obamas. saying that obama series will not have a political slant. netflix down a half percent. al, "new york times" "vanity fair" said it will have a political slant.
5:40 pm
about issues that obama dealt with in white house like climate change and healthcare there this is ay fro. >> it is a free market. >> what to you think about them saying there will be a political slant. >> it is misleading if it is a political show, it is a free market, if they want to give them money, they have to compete and win, if they think this is a good idea more power. it is a monetizing a of their time in the white house. liz: a good point, saying you should not allow conflicts like that. this is what happened in dc. if may play well with liberals here and overseas. will people want to binge wash it. >> people in washington height
5:41 pm
want to binge watch it. we'll see what ratings are,. liz: connection with netflix's wife was ambassador to the bahamas, and he and his wife raised over 600,000 for president obama's 2012 campaign, your thought? >> that is not necessarily bad or inappropriate, people have freedom it give their money where they want to, that does not bo -- boo either me about if you. liz: company many love to hate, america's largest private employer walmart. look at this offering workers college tuition. we have the details. by first msnbc star chris hayes claims a chunk of trump voters are racist. we bring in media research center tim graham, he is fired up over this one coming up.
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>> roseanne barr, speaks to a certain part of the president's base. part that trump harnessed with a focus on the racist, conspiracy theory. that first black president was a secret muslim from kenya. liz: fighting critics, saying a majority of president's voters are racist. roseanne barr's problem turned out to be she represented actual world view of a chufnl chunk ofp base. comcast closing the day in the red. bring in media research center
5:46 pm
director, tim graham. great to see you, what is your reaction? >> that is a big smear. look if the part where he said a then -- ough represents a big c. that is absurd. what is less absurd, when chris hayes within on memorial day week, and said he was uncomfortable using word hero to describe our war dead he represented a significant chunk of the obama voters, is that fair? >> that is a great point. really media deciding what news they think you should see. by the way. what was not pointed out president trump did get 8% of the black vote, 28% of hispanics, 27% of asians.
5:47 pm
what is your take in media going wall-to-wall on stories like the roseanne barr story with other stories to cover. >> i think there is a answer, this tweet was objectionable in the extreme. but these people love talking about race, not a mystery they all scheduled a an hour long ton hall meeting to talk about, their title, every day racism in america. they think that everyone in america is a racists, there is no time to discuss, i watched it how about farrakhan? how about people who think that you know how about anti-white racist? you know they are not taking time on that. so, it is in a just love, love talking about race, they love, love the idea that whites should feel guilty all of the time. liz: another msnbc star chris
5:48 pm
matthews, saying, republicans are all programs thmed the same. >> a cultural problem with republican party. >> they are told read "wall street journal," play golf and talk about pro sports, the men are programmed the same way. they are basically the same, you must play golf, not tennis, you must watch sports and discuss nfl and read "wall street journal." and believe the op-ed page. liz: meyer ar -- 4 out of 10 won read "wall street journal," and that more men read the economist. when do you make of that comment? >> this is gain why people -- even the guests on his show were smiling like you are such a goober. this morning, they said obama is
5:49 pm
two of those three, he golfs a lot, talks about sports a lot, and reads "wall street journal." these are supposed to be based, well facts would be good, research would be good, chris matthews does not do research. liz: what is happening to viewers? they get that constant stream of this kind of you know some critics say is poison with no facts and research. >> they think it is important, whatever news channel you are watching, you are actually getting facts or just getting opinions and then in is fact based opinions then like this that are just pulled out of then air. i think republicans are programmed to all read "wall street journal." that is a classic chris matthews, i didn't do research before i came on the show, type of quote. liz: ki tim graham thank you.
5:50 pm
>> thank you. liz: company that people love to hate, walmart. now offering college tuition. to employees for just a dollar a day. we bring on a guest, who will make case that it would never have happened without president trump's tax cuts, that is coming up. e some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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comcast business outmaneuver.
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liz: welcome back, the company people love to hate, walmart, heavily criticize for being cheap, and stink -- stinky on wages and benefits, they are offering college tuition and more for workers, if they pay $1
5:54 pm
a day for it, they offer it to part time, full time salaries employees, checking in walmart down about 2%. bring back panel. al and madison. al? >> i think this is great. if they want to offer their employees and reinvest in their workers that is fantastic. even though it will cost them some money that money is coming back in spades the workers will be better educated and committed and loyal to company. liz: madison, i think you would say tax cuts are behind this. >> i remember a few months ago, people argued with me saying that companies will never reinvest in their workers. well look at what they are doing, i am so excited, i have a cause thaicousin that works at , this is great.
5:55 pm
liz: you are making point that other media are missing, walmart and other company see how hard it is to find and keep good workers, they are investing in good workers, it reduces their cost down the road. here is msnbc saying that tax cut, companies are not giving that money back, now you see it. >> like i said, this good. only comment would be, i wish more companies would do it, i wish we could have tied tax cut in a targeted way, if you want cuts you have to do some of these things, we would have universal benefits to workers. liz: that is a story, because cigna. said every dollar we invested in our work education and we retrained those worker its saved
5:56 pm
us money. >> right, i wish more companies would do it, i think they will, walmart is one of the leading companies. i think we'll see smaller companies following lead on this, or other large companies, employees will happy it will be great for the economy. liz: all right, we have to run thank you so much, we appreciate your time. >> good to be with you. liz: come back soon, we'll be right back, don't go away. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like r rst day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018.
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liz: the administration and some in the republican party. house speaker paul ryan says he's not happy about the latest around rivers on steel and aluminum imports. president trump firing back tweeting two words, fair trade.
6:00 pm
we are staying on that develop for you. maria will break it down on jobs and america at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. thank you for watching. charles payne is here now with making money. charles: more signs of a booming economy playing up big time. consumer spending accelerated posting the biggest gain in five months. i'll give you all the details behind that. highly anticipated talks revised in singapore. the talks are going on. we'll update you on the details of these meetings as they come through. we'll talk about the prospect of a so-called trade war. now with the nation's closest allies after we hit them with fresh tariffs. the allies firing back after the


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