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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 31, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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do with donald trump. and that did not get nearly enough attention as it should. lou: that's on trey gowdy. jason, thanks so much. mark, appreciate it. join us tomorrow night. good night from new york. kennedy: a news alert. a major development in the nuclear stand standoff. the communist regime's notorious spy chief will the deliver a letter tomorrow written by kim jong-un. and it could mean the june 12 summit is back on. the vice chair of the central committee kim yong chol met with mike pompeo. it's the highest ranking meeting with the nort north koreaians io
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decades. >> make no mistake about it. president trump, this administration understands how hard this problem is. there is a long history where north korea viewed its nuclear program as providing the security it needs for the regime. the problem is to come to an undergo to convince the north koreans of what president trump has said. i believe there is a path for them to come to a point where they have not come before. kennedy: he's suggesting the june 12 summit could be the first in a series of meetings. president trump hopefully we'll have a meeting on the 12th. maybe it won't all get done in one meeting. maybe there will and second or third. or maybe we'll have none.
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but it unless good hands. that we can fell you. kennedy: we want to trust the president and we want it to work out. but what is the hold-up. the president said point way there will be lasting peace is if kim jong-un gives up is a fluke jar weapons. does the letter mean we are stepping away from a nuclear apocalypse? gordon chang is with me. we want this to work. there have been so many moving parts and a lot of unpredictability. what do you think that letter signifies to the president and what do you think it says? >> i don't think the letter says i'm going to give up all my nukes and you can inspect me til
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kingdom comes. they promised quote-unquote denuclearization. but when trump and kim meet, kim gets a big win because he solidifies his regime. those pictures of kim and trump will be seen for decades if the regime survivors. kennedy: you are right, this very well could be -- although this an interesting presidency and busy presidency, and the news cycle works so quickly, this could be a defining moment. that meeting -- nowadays we only pause for a moment and wait for the next crisis. but there is something significant about this. for those who doubt the president and feared we were on the brink of a third world war. what do you they will those people about this process and how do we get the most of out of
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it? >> i think we get the most of out of this by doing what president trump has done before. hold the threat of force over them and cut off the flow of money to the regime. during president trump's presidency we have had the flow of international cash to north korea decline by 50%. that's good, but we need it another 40% down. the cia says the north koreans will never give up their nukes. kennedy: what is the up side for them? is there enough of an up side? the way his far it and grandfather -- his father and grandfather have ruled is with complete control. >> they do not want free market.
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when the president tweets this could be a prosperous nation, that's not what they want. they have survived because the people are destitute. kim jong-un looks at china and he doesn't like what he sees. i think we'll have to try to make north koreans prosperous. kennedy: when he looks at someone like moammar qaddafi he doesn't like what he sees. when he doesn't have control and society is now longing for mobility and prosperity, he doesn't have weapons to hold over their hands. >> he needs money to buy the loyalty of senior regime members. if he doesn't have the cash, he's out.
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you give up your nukes, you survive. you don't give up your nukes, we'll cut you down so fast so far you won't have the money to keep everything together. that's the deal that has to be put to him. i hope president trump will do that. i sort of assume that's what john bolton would do. i'm sort of optimistic, but i want to make sure the administration doesn't let the pressure up. kennedy: we have a lot of transparency in this country. shows like this don't exist in north korea. where we challenge our leaders. what do we know about those senior leaders in north korea? do they want this peace process to work out? is their love and admiration for kim jong-un waning? >> i think it's waning? we heard news of a big shake-up
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in the military. a guy who was there since february. it's a suggestion that kim jong-un doesn't control the military as well as he controls the security services. kennedy: you talked about the conventional military. those are the guns you you point at people's heads to get them to do what you want. everybody knows you are not going blow anyone else up with a nuke. but when you are talking about tanks and rpgs, they have got that, and that is much more powerful than a man who is about to neuter himself by giving up his nukes. >> kim is in a tough position. he has something called the economic prosperity plus the world's most of destructive weapons. if he gives up those weapons
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he's cutting his own legitimacy. he's in a bind because he knows the administration is going to put a lot of pressure on him. he knows what his generals don't want him to do. there is no way out for him. kennedy: that's part of the conversation we haven't been hearing often. but thank you so much for bringing this to light. president trump appears to have kicked off a pardoning spree and his critics are not so happy by the. what a surprise. after he announced plans to pardon filmmaker dinesh d'souza, the tweet, the president has the right to pardon. but difficult sousa intentionally broke the law.
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he apologized for his conduct and the judge found no unfairness. he also suggested he might pardon martha stewart and former illinois governor rod blagojevich. those two titans of tv also intersected with the president on the "apprentice." let me take it to my jailhouse rocking party. noelle nikpour. and basil michael is back. how are democrats and those on the left taking word not only
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the difficult sousa pardon, but others as well. in your setup one of the key elements is donald trump knew these individuals because they were on his show or entertainment. if i pair that with some of the others, dinesh difficul d'souzas going to pardon them he likes them politically. it's a message to those held up in the mueller investigation. say what you want, i'll take care of it after the fact. kennedy: i think there is some signaling going on here. he does have the power of the pardon, he knows that. that's something he confers with his attorneys about. but it's not just signaling. he's definitely trolling left.
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what brought this on? out of nowhere. he gave out a browpon for pardons. he got a hot stock tip from martha stewart and made a few bucks on the side. i love the "idea of him doing that. the only one who stands to benefit is blagojevich. kennedy: a lot of times with presidential pardons we don't necessarily get an explanation. oftentimes they say the -- save the best and most of for last. for his most of recent predecessors, this president has pardoned far more people than george w. bush or clinton at this point in their
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administration. >> he's dictating the narrative for the media. it was mueller and russia. now it's switched to all these people they are pardoning. the total narrative of what people are talking about in the media. is he going to pardon? we better look at their background. i think we just learned how smart president trump is. if he wakes up, this came out of nowhere. and all of a sudden he changed the spin on what today's news is. kennedy: with a lot of these reporters they follow the narrative the president gives them. and i don't want to hear them complaining. they are taking the bait. he's fishing. one of those scams you get. former speaker of the house john boehner had an interesting take on president trump and the gop today speaking at a political
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conference in michigan. he said there is no republican party, there is a trump party, the republican party is taking a nap somewhere. man a thought bubble he said as i would like to, the bloody mary thing is true. he was sipping one on stage. boehner did go on to say that some of the things the president is doing are good from a republican standpoint. and boehner has been golf buddies the president for years. but isn't boehner partly responsible for what he was railing against snow was speaker of the house and he was in charge of the gop when it splintered into the tea party which ultimately led to the rise of president trump. so does the former speaker's criticism ring a little hollow? it's interesting. people who are no longer in
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power feel free to speak their minds. you know. >> that's true. i could have used a scotch right here. interestingly enough, i'm not trying to defend republicans. but i would argue it's not his party yet. if we were to see more trump-like candidates get elected, then i would say yes. kennedy: is the democratic party president obama's party? >> i don't see why not. isn't it great to have such phenomenal leaders? kennedy: bernie will be 79 on election day.
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>> put a bench next to a shuffleboard court. ken there are is nothing wrong our golden americans. >> the republican party should be trump's party because he's getting things done. boehner was the face of ineptitude. kennedy: the party hated him. >> i think that's why trump was golfing buddies with him. he's lining the morning has been divorced five times giving you have re-relationship device. but i think to the point of trump taking over the party, if they were smart, he would. the issues that matter to people on the ground. voters care about things getting done in terms of national security and the economy. >> it looks like it's incoming the gold encrusted elephant that
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represents donald trump. i guess what i'm trying to say is the establishment was the old gray elephant and that was the brand of the gop. when you have an incoming president surround in gold, it's taking over the brand of the republican party. but they voted for you and that's what they wanted. the brand is change and it is the party of donald trump. boehner was right. but it's a good thing where voters are concerned. kennedy: i think there are so many republicans still resist and the to the president and they try to figure out how to undo his administration. and those people's names are mike and mother pence. dennis miller is here. we'll be talking all about samantha bee and her nasty comments about ivanka trump.
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kennedy: a potentially explosive new development in the russia investigation that could under might entire mueller investigation. former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe reportedly wrote a secret memo last spring about the firing of his good friend and mentor james comey. he reportedly claims president trump asked deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to mention russia in a different memo explaining yes fired comey. trump lashed out saying not that it matters. i never fired comey because of russia. here is why it could be so important. the president's lawyers argued rosenstein's involvement in
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firing comey proiflts wasn't an effort to obstruct justice. and it's a major pillar of robert mueller's case. here to break it down. mollie hemingway. thank goodness for your ability to cut through the crap like a hot knife through delicious butter. mollie: there is so much going on including andrew mccabe or someone close to him is leaking the memo he leaked before. thrieght media and it was an unauthorized leak. he's not the most of trustworthy individual. but it's interesting he wrote this memo and it's interesting they are aiming for an obstruction issue. this an acknowledgment the treasonous collusion issue is
8:23 pm
not panning out so well. donald trump keeps not obstructing the russia probe. when he made that tweet a year ago when he gave the interview to lester holt he specifically mentioned russia. he said he was frustrated that james comey was privately saying donald trump was not under investigation but publicly suggesting he was under investigation and he was frustrated with that j. edgar hoover approach to the fbi. he said he knew the probe would lobly be extended because of the firing, but he thought i'm was so bad for the american people, he had to do it. kennedy: he was, and he has proven that through his book tour. as i said time and time again hillary clinton would have done the same thing. james comey was bound to be fired.
8:24 pm
he was not long for the fbi world. we have to get past that. what is interesting here though is rosenstein. rosenstein is overseeing the mueller investigation. he is determining the parameters because jeff sessions completely recused himself of everything except for popping up like whack-a-mole then he disappears. are thre there conflicts with rosenstein mollie hemingway i jokingly call rosenstein the attorney general. is mccabe trying to get rosenstein to recuse himself? i don't know. but it's a very complicated story. "the washington post" reported that james comey was interviewed as part of a criminal probe related to andrew mccabe leak and lying about those leaks.
8:25 pm
as people start facing jail time and penalties, i think we'll see lots of interesting stories being thrown about between the many players fired, removed from their positions or resigned under pressure. kennedy: at one point they had close personal and professional relationships. we have already seen cracks in their armor. and we have seen how mccabe and comey have publicly turned on each other. this is something you pointed out, there sure are a lot of outstanding facts that we don't have. mollie: whether it's internal investigations or congressional oversight which is having trouble getting information from the department of jeus justice. or media types who should be interested in what was going on with an fbi that seemed out of control. maybe they had good reasons for what they did. we need answers.
8:26 pm
we need som to see the facts for ourselves. kennedy: mollie, thank you so much. president trump announced tariffs against canada, mexico and the e.u. edward lawrence this washington with more details. reporter: a lot of republicans are sounding off on this. the house ways and means committee kevin brady says tariffs are hitting the wrong target. mexico, canada and europe are not the problem, china is. republican senator ben sasse says this is wrong. he says make america great again
8:27 pm
should not be make america 1929 again. it seems in the short term we are going into a strayed consider mish with canada, mexico and the european union. and the tariffs are being used to push the negotiations. justin trudeau says this is not just a blip in their country temperatures relationship with us. >> the argument that canadian steel in american armored cars and canadian aluminum in american fighter jets could somehow be a national security risk becomes even more absurd when one tries to apply it to cars or car parts made in canada. reporter: canada matching tariffs coming into their country. but they are also putting tariffs on other items like
8:28 pm
sleeping bags, yogurt, inflatable boats. the white house here standing firm. >> these other countries should respect our sovereignty and the right of this president to defend this country to have an aluminum and steel industry. and these countries should acknowledge they are the ones who run a large trade surplus with this country at the expense of jobs here in america. reporter: mexico and the european union put retaliatory trade tariffs on u.s. products. kennedy: edward, i love every word of it. samantha bee's latest celebrity is back peddling after saying something stupid. will she get away with an apology or go the way of roseanne barr. that's next. [music playing] (vo) from day one,
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kennedy: how many scalps are enough. there is an addiction to collecting digital scalps and the mob on people who say bad
8:33 pm
stuff. roseanne crossed the line with her racist ambien rant. racism isn't funny. and she paid with her head despite her apology. kathy griffin said the president torched her career with the help of the secret service. samantha bee is the most of vile word available. but you don't see the same level of outrage over her malicious name calling and she'll most of likely wait out the storm hunkered in the tbs bunker. when does social media portrait
8:34 pm
your true ugly intentions. why do some people get a pass and some other get tainted with gallons of the crowd's vitriol. part of it is to defend people from the same tribe while demonizing the other side for the exact same thing. we may be on different sides of an oozing chasm. but we can't have it both ways. either lives are ruined and heads will roll or we develop thicker skin and accept the apologies of dumbies even when we despise their words. samantha bee has said sorry for using a word we can't repeat on this program.
8:35 pm
so far tbs is standing by her. but with situations like this and roseanne barr, what should we do, punish everybody or punish nobody. joining me now, he has quite a social barometer of his own. it is dennis miller. so nice to see you again. >> evening, kennedy. i had a brutal guy. i had a canadian guy repossess my inflatable boat. kennedy: never trust the maple syrup swilling freaks. this is something we grapple with. when someone upsets your sensibilities, you get so mad you want to get a bunch of friend together and get them fired. that seems like proper retribution.
8:36 pm
but we can't do that with everybody. so what should we be doing here in the case of roseanne barr and samantha bee who arguably did something even worse. >> you know, i usually agree with you. but i don't agree it has to be one way or the other. roseanne will be whacked. i guess they are going to try -- they are taking her show off cable. it's a great tragedy. albeit, you can't say that. roseanne. i knew she was whacked the moment i heard it. i think samantha bee will keep her show. so when you say it has to be one way other other, it doesn't. keith obermann got hired the day before roseanne got fired. keith obermann called michelle malkin a mashed up bag of meat with lipstick. he just got hired by abc.
8:37 pm
bob iger is in the presidency business. he wants to move on and i'm sure he wants to be the president. and this is a gesture that will probably advance him at least on that side. i think what they are missing is when they don't fire obermann or don't fire bee, i think they can do that all they want. but i'm pretty sure trump is re-elected already. there are a lot of people who note the inequities. they don't fight it on a day-to-day basis. so they zip their lip and go into the booth where it's a silent ballot. kennedy: instead asking for reciprocity, what do you think about the other option which is developing a thicker skin? >> it's never going to happen. twitter has aloud us to come together as one and realize
8:38 pm
there was never any reason for to us come together as one. never have lives been more chronicled than on twitter. it's just what it is. they won in a way by losing. all decorum, all bounds of etiquette, all historical precedents are gone. i think the price they will pay for that is trump is going to be president for the next 6 1/2 years. kennedy: depending on if the economic climate stays the same and continues to get better, i think you are right. there are some variables in play. but i get mad when people say, it's twitter. it's no big deal when the person they agree with says something. but i think it was racist. i think she completely crossed
8:39 pm
the line. she knows better than that. she may be 65, but she knows the statements she puts out, regardless of the condition she is in are going to come back and bite her. that's the problem when you push boundaries. >> she made a mistake. twitter is like the copiedling behind the billboard in the old movies waiting for someone to speed. with the camera on the red light they take your plate and you could be screwed. a few weeks ago i put up something on the correspondents dinner. i said i am going to look into it and write something hateful by wednesday. i got savaged. i didn't go home and think i shouldn't have got after and. it's the wild west. don't walk out on the treat with a gun strapped by your side and
8:40 pm
look for mobility. if you use twitter to advance your career, and if she was doing ambien it's crazy because it came back to bite her. i like roseanne, i am not willing to ask for her to be kicked off the planet. but they had to whack her. eat obermann and samantha bee. i wonder who the writer was who came up with the word feckless. kennedy: it's a great word. you never fail me, dennis. thanks for being here, dennis. >> i should i stay or should i go. kennedy: come back to new york.
8:41 pm
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kennedy: i love getting delirious with you. the first lady has not been seen in public for three weeks. she is denying anything is amiss. she said rest assure i'm at the white house with my family feeling great, and working hard on behalf of children and the american people. some conspiracy theorists say she didn't write that and it looks like something the president would write. the party panel is back. >> first of all, i don't think it's anybody's business where
8:46 pm
she is. obviously she went into the hospital. she had something going won her kidney and that's personal. she is home recuperating. leave her be. now we have all these theories, wonder what she is doing. whatever, this is where people take things too far. she just got released. she is at home. that's it. leave her be. >> i think she is in the white house trying to figure out if it'it'sian yanny or laurel. but i'm so jealous of these people who have the free time in their lives to even care about this. i don't know where my wife has been the last three weeks let alone the president's. kennedy: she is with melania, they are having a great time. people are intrigued by the
8:47 pm
first lady. we don't know her as well as we have known other first layeredies and w -- known othert ladies. >> i hope she is okay and i hope she is recuperating. i don't think it's my business to find out what she is doing. kennedy: do you think jennifer aniston is having brad's baby? sharon stone would have been hotter. >> golden girls gone wild. kennedy: yaj! what a great time thank you for being here. "topical storm" is next.
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kennedy: a fire broke out inside a trophy case at the new york mets stadium. the shocked baseball fans grabbed an extinguisher because this is the "topical storm." topic number one. there it is. we begin in detroit, michigan
8:52 pm
where the baseball season is going to the birds. this canada goose fine to comerica park during last night's game and stayed on the field for 10 minutes. if you are wondering why nobody could catch him, you haven't been watching the tigers. it decided to fly off but slammed into the scoreboard and fell right into a woman. she was thrilled because she always wanted to catch a foul. it injured its right wing during the crash. he's luck why it's fixable or he would have had papa john's surgery and ending up as a topping is pretty sad. he's a trump supporter. topic number two.
8:53 pm
boehner was just in michigan. let's head down to mesquite, texas. officer winston bowen is a favorite in the community. and he's also a boxer. when a kid challenges him to fight, he laced up his glors and took him to sunday school. both of these guys knew how to box. he started out strong. topic number three. while the rest of hollywood was using social media to get themselves fired this week, tom cruise took to instagram to make some positive headlines. top gun 2 has officially started production. headlines nonetheless. the actor posted this photo
8:54 pm
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and you made this a phenomenal week. thank you for your kindness. even the viewers who were not so kind. follow me on twitter and instagram, email i'll see you in my dreams. >> that's a redwood? >> it's several redwood trees. >> mysterious, incredible. believe it or not. >> you might see something like this in "lord of the rings" or "game of thrones." >> this is natural? >> of course. mother nature can only do this. >> but when life and limb's at risk...omeone could have gotten hurt.verybody in it. >> ...can they work without a net? >> that gives you the direction of where it's gonna fall... hopefully. >> the stress that you go through, the mayhem, the sleepless nights -- we have to do it. that's part of the fun. ♪ [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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