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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 31, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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and that did not get nearly enough attention as it should. lou: that's on trey gowdy. jason, thanks so much. mark, appreciate it. here is lou dobbs. lou: our top stories diplomatic drama, united states and north korea make a last-ditch effort to save singapore summit. secretary of state pompeo warning kim jong-un must make major concessions if he wants to sit with president trump on june 12. we take up the latest development with general jack keane. president trump keeping his promises putting american workers first on trade. much to chagrin of dems, rinos, round table, eu, and mexico, canada, "wall street journal" and the koch brothers.
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administration set to slap steel and alul -- aluminum tariffs tomorrow. and roseanne barr hints she may take legal action against abc. why roseanne may have a strong case, joining us gregg jarrett fox legal analyst. >> top story, high stakes meetings between u.s. and north korea, secretary of state pompeo meeting in new york city with kim young chol secretary pompeo calls talking successful, but stressing that north koreans must meet many more conditions before president trump will permit proposed june 12 sum tight go ahead. kim young chol and north korean delegation headed to washington d.c., he will meet with president trump and hand deliver a message from kim jong-un.
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joining us former army vice chief of staff. general jack keane. we seem to be watching a summit take shape. your thoughts about progress made and what must be done to meet possibly the june 12 summit target date. >> yes, i think what happening now is for first time, despite visits by secretary pompeo to korea and multiple discussions with his personal envoy, who is here now, and with nok nec nortn leader, i think about it now, and what pompeo said and president said, they were positive statements, i suspect they were talking about generalities, now we're talking specifics. you hear language that secretary pompeo using significant
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challenges, difficulties, find ways to kind of bridge our differences. what that means now is we have put on the table what we said we wanted, you know verify able denuclearization in a reasonable amount of time, i suspect they have come up with something considerably less. likely some aspirational aspect, maybe at best partial, and maybe something they want to do in phasing, i am just speculating. we have differences here now. this is where we should be, dealing with specifics before a summit meeting, the problem, this is getting on 12 june, as you know, we watched this world for a long time, before heads of state get together at a summit there are weeks of preparation in terms of formallizing the agenda and differences and can
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we resolve them. issue now can we resolve differences to a point where that can be some agreement dealing with denuclearization prior to june 12, that seems less likely. there are easy wins. you could agree to we'll end the war and armistice and have a peace treaty. we could bring families together from north korea and south korea, they have been separated, and agree you know to have security for the peninsula, but that does not get at the real issue. >> that sounds like an obamaesque summit if you will. think this how long it took for obama white house and president obama to give away $150 billion to assure a nuclear gift at the end of a 10 year waiting period.
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that is extraordinary to watch what happening here in the condensed amount of time, under this president. >> secretary kerry gave up leverage almost first negotiating meeting. you know he wanted to have on table, behavior, they said we're not coming, we should have said, we'll see you next year. president has real leverage here. kim jong-unment really wants the summit. i think that is what is in letter. he needs this summit more than united states and president. we have leverage, we should push that leverage even if it means to delay the summit to get concessions we need. lou: is there doubt in your mind that is what president trump is doing? because you say that, kim jong-un needs this. he has a smoldering hole in a
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mountain, that was a nuclear test site that has chinese scared to death. may not have north koreans scared to death, they live with their mortality every day in that dictatorship. but that is a very big deal to the chinese. what is their view. what do they expect to gain here and how will the interest of the united states, south korea, our allies in region, including japan, philippines, and china, lineup? >> here is what i think, on may 8, secret meeting with north korea leader and chinese president, after that meeting, remember, what happened tone changed. kim jong-un stopped talking about denuclearization, said maybe we won't. that is china getting involved in the process, resenting fact that north korea and united states were going to sit down and work out a deal, china
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inserted themselvings in that, likely slowing this process down. we know for a fact, lou, that china has eased up on some of the sanctions with north korea. why? to send a message to north korea. you are still beholden to us. and we can restat the sanctions anyway we want, i think that chinese are up to mischief. and i think that russians are in there now, making certain that kim jong-un knows, we're on your border, we're a player, and et cetera. but key player that kim jong-un has to deal with is president trump. that is say fact. south korea and japan, i believe south korea is -- they are left of center regime, i think that over some of the differences between north korea and united states he is the guy that said president trump will get the nobel peace prize, president moon said, that i think he was
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trying to get in president's head a little bit, japan, is really very close to the president. and they talk all of the time. lou: prime minister abe. >> right, he told president, i talked a couple weeks ago to his foreign ministry, in japan, and he telling president, stick to your guns, hold the line on what you need to accomplish. make sure not just denuclearization, but we have to get rid of ballistic missile, abe is concerned about that given proximity of japan to north korea. we wants medium range, and short range, all gone. and return of the people that north korea kidnapped as well. so, it good that president is getting that shoulder behind him, presiden president moon ist giving him that leverage, he just wants a deal. lou: i think moon and i see it,
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from behind this desk, moon is basically an inpedment. not only for u.s. but south korea. and he and i think perhaps useful tool for kim jong-un. but perhaps irrelevant to the outcome of the talks. at least as i said appears from this desk. let me ask, as we wrap up, geo military issues in region. with the united states principle imped meant -- imped ent and chinese expansionism and south china sea and islands they have completed militarizing, what are prospects for greater conflict? and perhaps something worse? >> yeah.
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the united states is designing a strategy to deal with this issue. it has been dorma dormant for ye we have permitted to let china run wild in western pacific. they have done, that they refer to it as gray zone, you are not shooting at anyone but you are grinding them down, and wearing them out in terms of navigation right, maritime rates, air zone rights and et cetera. tramp bellintrampling on their , interfering with their fishing rights, it has been going on for some time. we have to organize our allies and stand up to chinese, we're on a collision course with chinese economically, you know, that we fighting over trade deficits and tariffics. steestealing intellectual prope. and their geopolitical goals are significant, domination of the region, expulsion of u.s. in
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region, and replace u.s. as preimplement probe -- global power in the world. >> stomach to to that. and the guts. and the strategy. there is trump took -- doctorate has been working from day that president stepped into the office, if shows no signs of weakening. it will be a considerable prospect that will be pondered for a while, general good to have you with us. we appreciate the briefing, thank you. >> okay thank you, lou. lou: general jack keane, up next, slad shadow government ex, how barack obama used foreign leaders to subvert the trump presidency. see take it up with tom fenton
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lou: president obama has been trying to establish an anti-trump shadow different from almost the beginning of the trump administration.
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exposed now by one of his own cronies, a new book, former white house advisory or be ben rhodes details how president trump reached out to canada -- president obama reached out to canadian president trudeau and others, urging leader to fight against president trump and defend the values they share. joining us, tom fenton, judicial watch president. let's start with i guess preparing the battleground as some would say, for obama as a shadow president. create a shadow government, and create a international alliance to work against a sitting president. just how -- is that not illegal? >> well, you know according to the obama gang, who targeted
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general flynn with a logan act potential violation, i don't know why it wouldn't apply to president obama. undermining president of united states by working with foreign government leaders is very basis of logan act. but it just shows you how hypocritical president obama has been. when you have his minions going out there and ambushing general flynn, based on absurd notion that his contact with the russians and presidential transition may have violated logan act. and at the same time, his people know he is working out there with foreign leaders to undermine the president. this is par for the course for obama. he used stay agency of federal government to target president trump, no surprise he would take it to next level. lou: th the -- red -- of the let
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this acknowledge a spy is a spy. and the word informant is benign. this is a is time, every reasonable person should be taking their head, at laughable effort to parse when caught in lies and neff -- activities like spying on president and his campaign, this is somehow rationalization of illegal contact. >> spying we don't know it ended with the campaign. we believe based on the public reports that the individual who has been linked to spying was working in the trump administration or on the trump administration. trying to ensconce himself there this spying operation looks to
11:19 pm
me was targeted at candidate president trump but also president trump -- at candidate trump buttal president trump. lou: this is stunning we're having this conversation. >> and arginarguing with members of congress that this is normal. we have a bunch of water carriers in republican caucus. lou: i am naming names, trey gowdy is scri schizophrenic, hen the service of the establish. and the deep state. he is that. and i am delighted that congressman ron desantos, and a few handful of others, have stood up and called him out. calling his rationalization of putting a spy in trump ca campan absolute bolder dash.
11:20 pm
reporter: for congressman gowdy it has been protecting mueller, he understands that spygate goes to heart of the mueller investigation. >> and we have to hit the emron story with former democratic information technology aide, it is a case by itself. remember this was contemporaneous with spygate and on set of special counsel with russia collusion. we know that there had been an attacks on u.s. servers in u.s. house of representatives, democrats. and note not a thing has happet has been that prosecution has
11:21 pm
been halted, they know who did what, they have them all within -- they have been apprehended but not moved to trial and prosecution, why not? >> well, because this is about congress. about protecting democrats in congress, and republicans who -- lou: but the republicans control congress, they control the white house, they control the senate theoretically. >> republicans don't want anyone looking at their personnel practices. the democrats, they had the brothers gang working in was on the, not doing work but paid with taxpayer dollars. lou: they were entering servers without all thization - authorization, that goes on and on. >> actually, performing i-t services for the democrats, 40
11:22 pm
democrats at leave the, from pakistan. for months at a time. you know, we hear the russian hacked dnc, and democrats servers were pakistani doing the same thing? mueller investigating this? i doubt it. lou: and reason, why, i can't wait to get answer about why. we'll pursue it just as we know judicial watch is, and we thank you. and your organization, tom fenton thank you. >> you're welcome, thank you. lou: vote in our poll, do you think entertainment company, have an obligation to their audience and shareholders to hold their employees to same standards particularly when firing them. you know, roseanne barr. jimmy kimmel. various examples. cast your vote. we would like to hear from you, follow me on twitter, like my on facebook, and instragram, up
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lou: does it ever seem to you that president trump has done more than any other president in modern history in just 16 months? yep, me, too. he has done more than fdr, but almost rolled back all of his predecessor's executive orders and regulations. 16 months, and 8 years of obama is just about gone. more to do, but they are only tattered remnants of the slow
11:28 pm
and indolength years of the -- indolent years of the obama presidency. while i consider myself a work, mr. trump is in a league of his own. climbing on air force one to go to texas to console a community coping with the grief of another school shooting. pardoning jackson and dinesh difficult sowsa. and now he he's slapping tariffs on mexico and canada and the european union because they won't negotiate on nafta. one that would cause the world to catch its breath.
11:29 pm
just the kind of odds president trump has overcome throughout his extraordinary life. don't look now. suddenly you may have noticed the national left-wing media that there is suddenly no mention of a blue wave in the upcoming mid-terms. california dems fear they may lose a few key races they already put that their win columns. all the president is doing is leading and winning. and yes he keeps tweeting as well. if you are confused about what he's doing, about the massive trade deficit with china. and tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. well, just read the most of succinct policy statement a president has ever written. it reads. here is his tweet.
11:30 pm
fair trade, cleak exclamation m. like i said, this president is a marvel. president trump and his administration fighting for the historic summit with north korea. david eisenhower said i only have one yardstick that i test every major problem and that yardstick is, is it good for america? we are coming right back.
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so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018. lou: it's a shame to even bring up her name, comedian samantha bee apologizing to ivanka trump after calling her a vulgar word. she tweeted i would like to sincerely apologize to ivanka trump and my viewers for using an expletive to describe her last night. it was inappropriate and inexcusable. i crossed a line and i deeply regret it. tbs has taken no action against
11:35 pm
her. i wonder why they don't have a buzzer that says beep and you cut it out. roseanne barr who had a hit show canceled by abc after her racist rant hinting she may challenge the abc decision. tweeting to her fans, you guys make me feel like fighting back. the sitcom star makes the case she has been treated differently than other employees of disney. espn brought back keith obermann for a 6th time even though he called president trump all sorts of expletives and horrible words. and joy behar still has a job after she called vice president mike pence's faith a mental
11:36 pm
illness. and she didn't apologize until she was forced to. county illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump." gregg: the president today tweeted it out. he's look forward to the book. lou: we all are. now that you have the president pushing the book. now you have got to right, right? lou: where are the galley proofs? gregg: if you would like them, i will get them to you. you could right in advance of everybody else. lou: that would be a quid pro quo. gregg: and that would be unseemly. lou: i put my ordinary i shall in the first time i -- i put my
11:37 pm
order in the first time i pushed the book. does roseanne have a case? there are vast differences in the way in which abc and disney have treated entertainment talent that have gone off the rails. gregg: only the lawyers who drew up the contract would know. there is generally a morals clause. it's a wonderfully fungible term. and it means anything that abc and disney want it to mean in this particular case. if you engage in some act or behavior or utterrans that is -- utterance that is questionably i
11:38 pm
am moral. lou: that's more turpitude. gregg: they must have written her in such a way because she has a history of saying toxic things. i would say they wrote it in a way that gave them any cause to fire her. you would have made a great lawyer. you missed your calling. lou: i don't think so. i think we have plenty of doggone lawyers. gregg: but you are so right about a double standard. abc on her show, one of the writers wanda sykes sent out racial tweets. they didn't spank her for that. jimmy kimmel. the quintessential hypocrite.
11:39 pm
jimmy kimmel on comedy central dressed up in black face in one of the most of offensive skits i have ever seen. beyond that, there are all these skits that he did. in one case he's feigning a sexual act with women and making sexist remarks. it's okay for jimmy kimmel because he's a liberal and abc and disney like protecting liberals. but when a conservative does something, they are out. lou: there was a time you could screw up and make a mistake or misstatement. you -- hello? there you are. you talk to the camera or into a microphone for two to three hours at a time, you are going to say something stupid. she did that. but now it's a mortal offense.
11:40 pm
i am not sure what changed? gregg: there is no question what she tweeted was vile and offensive. but i think abc may have pulled the trigger too quickly. it's never a good idea to act precipitously and i think they did. if they had weighed the people i cited today, and add keith obermann to the list. abc disney rehired him for espn. but that's okay because he's a liberal. lou: espn is tanking. gregg: let's throw an obnoxious guy back up on the air so he be continue to be obnoxious. there are two word we didn't use
11:41 pm
tonight as we discussed world events. we didn't mention deep state. gregg: you said it, not me. lou: rino, mitt romney, he just can't get over president trump. president trump mr. romney. president trump. we'll talk about his latest we'll talk about his latest ridiculous comment with ed they appear out of nowhere. my secret visitors. hallucinations and delusions. the unknown parts of living with parkinson's. what plots they unfold, but only in my mind. over 50% of people with parkinson's
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lou: joining us tonight, the dean himself, ed rollins. fox business contributor, great american, great friend. isn't it fun to watch a president who outworked his predecessor in 16 months, and his predecessor has 8 years to actually do something. there is no comparison. i think of george w. bush or clinton. ed: and he's entertaining the country. he's the most of dominant entertainment figure for two years. there is not a day that goes by where you don't have something driven by his comments and agenda. i have never seen anything like it. nobody has ever dominated the
11:46 pm
game the way he has. for good or for bad. the bad aside, the good is what he's trying to push through. lou: what the hell is are you talking about. ed: i'm not talking about ending bad. i'm talking about the other side. lou: he's got a special counsel saying do your worst because i'm going to lay you out on your back. ed: take your best shot and i'm going to keep going. lou: at what point, there is surely that point. at what point does the american public, the president, the national left-wing media, perceive that this president is getting credit for everything he's doing and accomplishing. and the blame will be owned by the left, the deep state, the business round table, the
11:47 pm
chamber of commerce, wall street and the koch brothers. ed: i said when he first got elected he may turn out to be an historic president. but he may never get credit for it. there is a tuneup to the charges. there is a certain segment where we are a polarized society and he won't get the full measurement until he's out of office or elected to a second term. the drum bites not going to go -- the driewm beat is not -- the drum beat is not going to go away. if he gets re-elected and continues with an agenda that basically changes americans' lifestyle. lou: i think he'll punch their lights out and knock them on their butts. when he swings, he hits. think about what he's doing.
11:48 pm
he's going to get another nomination in the supreme court. he is going to get without question credit for this economy or blame, wherever we are in the cycle when the mid-terms get here or the subsequent 2020 election. there is a conspiracy of factors here that i believe where coming together that means he has profoundly turned the curve. ed: i can't tell you of any president, he made a bunch of promises and most of people didn't think he would keep the promises. dodd-frank, the tax bill. the supreme court. he changed the dynamics there with a superb young jiefort, gorsuch. and at the superior court level he's putting in extraordinary judges. lou: a third of the way through
11:49 pm
his first term and mitch mcconnell in the senate, the majority leader and chuck schumer the minority leader and the dems and deep state conspired to stop every other thing he needs to do. he has a huge number of appointments that need to be confirmed. he's fighting his own party and the fountain of the money, k street, and u.s. multi-nationals on wall street, and they are not going to pay for the trump revolution. ed: there are 25 senators up on the democratic side. 10 or 12 in the states he carried will change the dynamics dramatically. lou: stocks moved lower, the dow jones industrials down 52 points. vol on the big board picking.
11:50 pm
you. consumer spending rising 2.% in april. that's the biggest gain in five months. up next, a heartwarming scene at the white house that for some reason the main real left wing national media didn't show you as terminally ill patients getting another chance at extending their lives. we'll have more. and mark simone and jason we started making wine in 1948... [sfx: bottle sounds on conveyor] one bottle at a time. today, we produce nearly 20 million cases a year. chubb has helped us grow for the past 30 years... they helped us prevent equipment problems during harvest and provided guidance when we started exporting internationally. now we're working with them on cybersecurity. my grandfather taught me to make a wine
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mona! that smile. technology this convenient... could make history. what's in your wallet? lou: president trump had an avid admirer as was signing the right to try legislation yesterday at the white house. take a look at this. there is 8-year-old jordan mcclain of indiana waiting patiently for the president to notice him, and waiting him to finish signing the bill before getting a warm embrace from the chief executive. the internet has gone as you would expect. absolutely gaga over jordan ever since. joining us tonight, jason chaffetz, mark simone, great to have you both with us. jason, let's start with you. i didn't see that picture of the
11:55 pm
young man getting a presidential embrace in the mainstream media, did you? >> i kind of missed that one, lou. it's about one of the cutest things on a very important bill that america just loves. a sweet, tender moment, something that's important to every family in this country. the mainstream media, they are not going to give donald trump any break. they are not going to do it. >> it's stunning to see what the president does just naturally. president trump was always aloof. he was guarded. and george bush, i think considerably less so. but just to watch this president so comfortable in every setting with people. he obviously loves people. >> he spent his whole life talking to people. nobody relates to people better than him.
11:56 pm
he's a great father. look how his kids turned out, despite what samantha bee said. we had 17 hostages released since he was president. the media is trying to keep that quiet. lou: i love the way they cover the north korea summit. they act like they are all based in pyongyang. it's pitiful. what in the world would you advice this president to do? -- advise this president to do? >> the president just needs to keep doing what he's doing. america figured it out. fortunately they figured it out. i wake up every day happy hillary clinton is not the president of the united states. fortunately they figured it out before the election. if the election were held today,
11:57 pm
donald trump would win by even bigger numbers. i think the country gets it. they see the double standard in the national media and the jimmy kimmels of the world. but america has figured it out. lou: roseanne barr. she is apparently thinking about taking legal action against abc and didn't. >> she may well have a case there. look what she said. nobody should think that's acceptable in any way, shape or form. but the hypocrisy coming out. when they put keith obermann back on espn. at the same time they are doing this with roseanne barr it's absolutely a double standard. >> a great tweet from the president. where is my apology for what keith obermann and joy behar
11:58 pm
said. obermann was just hired by by disney after the most of vulgar beating in the world. >> keith obermann is one of the most of vulgar aggressive people. espn is supposed to be a place where you can get away from politics. now they are making it more political and liberal. and people like myself will tune it out and they will suffer the consequences. if i were their shareholders i would be frustrated with them. >> one of the paneled this week said the president is thin skinned. no one has ever taken this much fire. the fact that he keeps going is a miracle. lou: i cannot think of another single person in this country
11:59 pm
who could take the assault from every square, every direction, everybody degree in 360 degrees surrounding him, and still -- come on. give me another shot. that wasn't quite enough. here is one for me. let's turn quickly to trey gowdy. you know trey gowdy. he stepped in it big time saying the american people would be thrilled to have an fbi spy in a presidential campaign. what happened to your friend gowdy? what has he become? >> no. i have the greatest confidence in trey gowdy. there are two parts to what he said. lou: wait a minute. jason chaffetz says there are two parts. >> hold on, lou. the second part has nothing to do with donald trump.
12:00 am
and that did not get nearly enough attention as it should. lou: that's on trey gowdy. jason, thanks so much. mark, appreciate it.join us tom. good night from new york. kennedy: a news alert. a major development in the nuclear stand standoff. the communist regime's notorious spy chief will the deliver a letter tomorrow written by kim jong-un. and it could mean the june 12 summit is back on. the vice chair of the central committee kim yong chol met with mike pompeo. it's the highest ranking meeting with the nort north


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