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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 2, 2018 1:00am-2:00am EDT

1:00 am i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] our balance in the region. that's very important as we approach. lou: good evening. our top stories. president trump says the singapore summit is on after hosting north korea's top diplomat at the white house. president trump says parole progress is being made. but the president cautions everyone, that june 12 sing more summit could be only the first of many meetings to be cold between the two leaders. >> they want it. we think it' important. and we would be making a mistake if we didn't have it. we'll have a relationship and it will start on june 12.
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lou: we'll take up the president's efforts to denuclearize the korean peninsula. how about that trump economy? just keeps getting stronger and stronger. the latest job numbers show unemployment at an 18-year low. and that has dimms and rinos running scared five months ahead of the mid-term eve likses. those establishment rinos mcconnell and ryan are in tears that president trump just keeps winning and winning. we take up the political implications with the dean himself. the mundane and the inane working tirelessly to support the profane. foul mouthed samantha bee holding on to her job while rosian bar is ousted. diamond and silk here to talk
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about the efforts of hollywood, the national left-evening media and corp pratt america to see you excellence conservatives. our top story, president trump says the june 12 singapore summit with kim jong-un is back on. president trump made the announcement after his historic meeting with kim jong-un's envoy kim yong chol at the white house. reporter: i think it will be a very successful meeting. that's what we heard from president trump at the conclusion of today's meeting with north korea yanl officials. he told to us pack our bags, the meeting is on, the summit is opposite for june 12 in singapore. this was a rare gathering at the white house between leaders from washington and pyongyang. the first time in two decades a top oh frights hermit kingdom
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has come here. what began as an expected delivery of a letter morphed into a 80-minute discussion on security and sanctions and a whole lot more. the president was asked about might he do something about sanctions and what about the maximum pressure campaign. the president said a lot. but he warned everybody to tamp down expectations, because this is only a first step. president trump: june 12 we'll be in singapore. i never said it happens in one meeting. you are talking about years hostility and years of problems and hatred between so many different nations. but i think you will have a positive result. reporter: the u.s. has to be somebody were this pending summit with the north koreans. we have seen them say all the right things previously. they made a number of promises
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only to break them. i don't have to go far back in history. i can take back to pictures we have from october, 2000. remember the meeting the north koreans had with then president bill clinton. unfortunately for us and the entire world, you see where that got us because the north koreans reneged on the deal. so say the folks at the white house. as you can imagine, we are eager to get a readout of that letter. as soon as i get one, i promise i will pass it on to you. lou: kevin, we await your update. joining me now to take upped the declaration by the president that there will be a june 12 sum tonight singapore. dr. sebastian gorka. former strategist to president trump. president trump is not only it
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appears accomplishing the impossible, but doing so at an unprecedented speed. warp speed. the summit will begin fit is to happen on the 12th, 11 days from tonight. wow! >> it's pretty stunning. remember how diplomacy has taken place before the age of trump. the meetings in vienna and geneva would have take and year and a half to get back on track. lou: it would have taken two weeks just for kerry to get his bicycles to singapore. >> the president announces the cancellation. but it's a tough letter. he says it's important to all of us. if you want to send me a letter,
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write me a letter. within days that letter is hand delivered. the president walks out and says, let's do this. we have never seen this before in diplomacy. it's stunning. lou: percolating along the way is the foundation work of a lot of career diplomats working to get this on exactly the right footing and see that conditions that the president laid out are met every step of the way preceding that summit. the president while being cautious seems also very assured that the north koreans are meeting the markers at least to this point? >> i have to say he's got the right man heading the state department. to have somebody running and reforming the cia for over a year who made these connection to the highest levels of that regime, then transform over,
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move to the state department to become the chief negotiator, he knows where the problems are. he noafts about weapons regimes and inspection re jeements. lou: i think you would agree there is no one in this administration who knows more about the state department, our history and international relations. and with the north koreans and every other country in the world than john bolton, the national security advisor. and i think it's interesting we haven't seen hide nor hair of ambassador bolton. he's work in trenches and laying the ground work and doing everything he to be assure this president's success. >> he and his brand-new chief of staff fred fleitz. they know exactly the games north korea played the last 30 years. they know exactly what to look for. i'm sure they are working hand
1:08 am
in glove with mike posm pay oh and his team. if this summit happens, it will be a serious regime they put in place. lou: it's an exciting prospect for the world, and it should be exciting for kim jong-un and the north koreans. like the scorpion and the tortoise, nature is a strong element to overcome. we'll see whether this president will determine whether that scorpion can overcome its nature. sebastian gorka, good to have you with us thank you so much. up next. today's jobs numbers so good the dimms can't stand it. ed rollins on the mid-term, the numbers. the trump economy, the dimms, the deep state and the left are
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trumpian. unemployment at an 18-year low. 3.8%. but nancy pelosi says more jobs don't matter to families hit with soaring new costs. whatever that means. her amazingly inane comment coming from the same out of touch democratic leader who called the trump tax cuts crumbs. joining us tonight, the dean himself, ed rollins. director of the reagan quite house. ed: i thought it was most of appropriate for the former speak tore say low unemployment in 18 years. the lowest ever for african-americans was irrelevant. because we need to get the unemployment and high taxes back up there again and every republican ought to tie their
1:14 am
democratic opponent around her. this is what she said, do you stand by her or denounce her today. lou: the rinos will be echoing everything nancy pelosi is saying. ed: our former speaker john boehner was popping off with a bloody mary by his side. lou: that was nancy pelosi. coming up with that. ed: there is no republican party, it is trump's party. boehner and those guys ought to understand that. lou: boehner want it to be owned by the chamber of commerce and wall street and the business round table. ed: he wants to drink wine every day and live the good life. lou: paul ryan wants to be freed of that burden. paul ryan you should know, just
1:15 am
yesterday, he just doesn't agree with this trump tariff business. one where president trump is the only force working to balance trading relationships around the globe. it's what the international monetary fund should be talking about and working toward, the world bank and every world leader. instead only donald trump has the guts and the vision to be working toward that balancing of international relations. ed: you asked me every times going into the mid-terms. we should do very well now. this low unemployment rate with job costs going up in the sense of wages. lou: paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, and every one of those republicans running for reelection. ed: unemployment reached almost
1:16 am
11% under ronald reagan. we have this low low unemployment rate and it will go down further as the tax bill takes effect. my sense is it's nothing but a positive. lou: this is nancy pelosi with a bloody mary. but it is your pal, john boehner. he's holding what? he's got to have a cigarette. ed: he's in a public building. there is probably a law. lou: that's what former speakers. and paul ryan was his personal choice to replace him. ed: condemning trump all day. that's what the speech is about. it's trump's party. not the republican party anymore. lou: the president announcing
1:17 am
kim jong-un and he will be meeting in singapore as things stand right now on the 12th. that's 11 days away. and i mean people are scattering and getting ready to meet the pressure on them for the first 12 days and on hip and kim jong-un. ed: the president having canceled it, and then having been briefed. he'll be far better prepared in the sense they know what trump wants now. lou: you sounds like one of those guys he replaced. this man came into office and people talked about him being presidential. that as a faint echo of that. if this president hasn't showed people he's prepared. ed: you misinterpreted my word. i said it's a positive thing for the president having canceled
1:18 am
it. they are prepared for his positions he's going to take. lou: i did misunderstand. ed: you always misinterpret. you cut me off before i finish my thought. i'm an old man and it takes me a while to get out my thoughts. i mumble and you can't hear. we have been around for a long time and agree with most of stuff. lou: ed rollins, the dean himself and still giving instruction. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you think the dems, the deep state and the left are trembling at the prospect president trump is large in american history books? cast your vote on twitter
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@loudobbs. like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. even rinos are calling for deputy general rod rosenstein to recuse himself. we take it up right after these messages. we'll be right back. ♪
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lou: rino senator rind i graham jumping on the rod rosenstein bandwagon. south carolina republican orion oh asked rosenstein to recuse if he considers himself to be a potential witness in the russian investigation. but graham is no ally of president trump with it comes to the mueller witch hunt. he accused president trump of having a blind spot on russia.
1:24 am
he said firing mueller would be the end of the trump presidency. then he introduced legislation to protect mueller from being fired. obama's attorney general eric holder saying president trump's pardons are a plot against the russian investigation. oh, man. holder says his pet parrot, robert mueller will not be thwarted by pardons like the one president trump yesterday gave to conservative activist dinesh d'souza. holder was deputy a.g. when clinton pardoned marc rich. clinton was very nice and brought him home from switzerland safe and warm.
1:25 am
we don't know the exact price tag for that. joining us, byron york, tammy bruce. rosenstein recusal. senator graham asked so nicely, do you think you ought to recuse yourself? he declared trump -- the man is a little bewildering to say the least. >> it's a politician's move. he's doing things that kind please everyone that artificially establish his own independence. but it to some degree has more impact when you have a guy with the background he has suggesting to rosen tine because of his role within this framework that maybe he should step away. that's a very good question. >> this is something people observing this case have been
1:26 am
talking about for a long time. if the firing of james comey is a big thing. exhibit a. in a case of alleged obstruction of justice from the president. how can rod rosenstein investigate that investigation. he was up to his neck. he wrote a memo justifying it. the question is, how could he stay in control of the mueller investigation if that's a big thing. >> how could he be the one to select robert mueller if they have a personal and professional relationship that went back 0 years. the man is conflicted on so many levels. and everyone is walking around washington, d.c. only in washington could this happen, pretend they are unaware of all of these conflicts day by day that exist between rosenstein, the pegs counsel, the president, and the to be general, who by the way is -- he
1:27 am
is purer and cassandra. and absolutely the driven snow, jeff sessions, because he recused himself from life, it appears. tammy: all of these people have been involved intimately in the nature of what the swamp has been doing for generations, if you will. you have a department of justice trying to act as though everything is fine. and every day brings up the facts of the matter that people have been i don't want to say colluding, bud involved in the nature of what the president has been trying to fight. the corruption in this framework. and the senators, the doj bureaucracy. the corrupt tax. what they are complaining about the pardons the president is giving, they may want him to be generous with those pardons. they want -- they would want that.
1:28 am
but a lot of people didn't know exactly how deep the stink went in the government or that trump would even be i kind and willing to find it. this is i think what the problem is for many of them. lou: byron, does it trike you as odd, they are not immensely gifted people, ryan or mcconnell. but certainly they are beginning to perceive the talents and the gifts of president trump even as they closely examine their own deficiencies. wouldn't you think? yet they will not stand up with this president against this obviously patently corrupt special counsel. >> i think they began to get an idea of some of his gifts on november 8 of 2016. it does -- the role of congress is very big, especially right now, in the house. because you have been talking about representative devin
1:29 am
nunes, chairman of the intelligence committee trying to get information out of the justice department and fbi. if it's just a chairman trying to do this, february issues a subpoena. the fbi and justice department can blow him off and not do it. but if the speaker of the house says, i'm behind this, the house of representatives means this. honor the subpoena, then they are going to have to do something. lou: when you say devin nunes to me, guys, i see a guy charging up out of the trenches, heavy gunfire, artillery, machine guns, everything around him. and a battalion behind him still in the trenches, and ryan leading the way in the trenches saying good luck, rather than having anything to do with supporting him, giving him covering fire. doing a bloody thing to support
1:30 am
him on nunes and his efforts and that his house intel committee to get to the truth. frankly, i think he should be charged for dereliction. >> if you remember back to the memo, remember the membership oh that devin nunes released which was based on a lot of information. some of that stuff they had gotten because ryan stood up behind them and accused the justice department of quote stonewalling the house. lou: that's a naughty word. >> it meant that they got the information and the memo meant something. you know the part about them using -- lou: they have gotten 7,000 documents since last fall. they have not gotten the unredacted origination memo of the special counsel. even though twice the justice department said they would deliver it. that's what they have got
1:31 am
knowledge. where have the american people heard that powerful strong independent courageous voice of paul ryan? they haven't heard a squeak out of the man. >> the fact that we got the information that the justice department used the dossier to get the fisa warrant. that's something they got. they will get this origination memo and they will get more about the informant here. but it's very hard. >> we needed to give in advance of whatever report the i.g. is going to release. he ever does, supposedly it's coming up next week. we hoped this week. to think that his --'s the one who found the text between strzok and page or we wouldn't know much about this to begin
1:32 am
with. devin nunes was pushing hard. it's either the o.i.g. and reports from his office or devin nunes and the intelligence committee that had the guts to stand up. tammy: it will be drip by drip. you have lisa page resigning. you have people panicking, the actual charges against mccabe. it will be like kilauea. starting slow with some vents coming up now and then, then it begins to move and it won't be able to be stopped. that's what they are afraid of. that's what i think this will become. even if the obstruction. it's so awful, it will have to happen. lou: i hope you are right. byron, you will get the last word here. i am sitting here watching this thing and i am not convinced that anyone in congress beyond the intel committee has the guts
1:33 am
to stand up against this stonewalling department of justice and fbi. and i mow that no one in the u.s. senate does. >> i will say imu -- i will saye other player in this. that's the president of the united states. maybe he doesn't indisimnatalie declassify a bunch of stuff. but the president of the united states can tell his justice department to comply with a house subpoena. lou: it would and hell of a lot easier if he had somebody with courage and principle in the senate majority leaders role or that of the house speaker. >> it would indeed. lou: up next, president trump weighs in on samantha bee -- did you know who samantha bee was until her vulgar mouth spewed?
1:34 am
disgusting comments. and the television network that won't fire her. diamond and silk, they are going to join us tonight. next in fact on the national left-wing media double standard. we are coming right back. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. - [voiceover] this is an urgent message from the international fellowship of christians and jews. there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union.
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lou: samantha bee has apologized
1:38 am
for her re present hencible comment about first daughter ivanka trump. but the president is wondering why the left-wing show host has been given a free pass by the national left-wing media. asking why aren't they firing no talent samantha bee for the horrible language used on her low rating show? a total double standard, but that's okay, we are wing and will be doing so for a long time to come. joining me, social media stars, diamond and silk. it's always great to see you. i wish you could be here every night. this samantha bee thing. apparently there is a vested interest here somebody trying to exploit the trump phenomenon and not mention the president's name. >> it's backfiring in her face.
1:39 am
she should be fired. if abc was able to take roseanne's show away from her because of a tweet she apologized for. tbs should drop her as well. using vile and derogatory names against the first nam family has got to stop. this is hitch critical. if this would have been -- this is hypocritical. if this would have been a conservative, all it isers would have pulled out. >> this was and the mistake. it was preplanned and preedited. lou: her ratings are down 50%. >> get rid of the show if your ratings are down. but don't call the first family or ivanka montreal derogatory -a
1:40 am
trump a derogatory name to get attention. lou: trump has the power to drive rating in the network. fit would be indicating to hear a bunch of economists get together and find out how much he has add to the economy just in media power. websites across the board. >> across the board. that's right. lou: some of those words i can't figure out. well, anyway. roseanne. she got a raw deal it seems to me. she said something utterly repugnant and racist. but they shot her before she could even take stock and
1:41 am
inventory of her failing. >> it was a joke that went bad. she deleted the tweet, and apologized for it. that should have bent end of it. when you have the left wing pushing the narrative, she is racist. she used the word monkey. you know black people calm us coons and monkeys. racism is not one-sided. we have to look at both sides when we talk about racism it's note just when a white person says something to a black person. it could be black people throwing racist words at other black people. lou: we have been having this conversation for a long time. it surprises me when someone like roseanne quowms nonsense. she said she was driven by
1:42 am
ambien. i happen to think the drug company has gotten a lot of heat for it. i thought when they said whatever the side effects and there are many to ambien, racism is not one of them. >> i wish that we would stop dividing ourselves based on our skill color and start you fighting in ourselves based on we are americans. >> this is the united states, not the divided states, and there is only one race, the human race. >> he's bringing us all togetherring. look at the economy. he doesn't waiver. he doesn't back down, and we love him. lou: i have to say, he's doing a hell of a job. we were going to do a list of the accomplishments tonight, and frankly we didn't have time to list the accomplishments of this
1:43 am
president as he leads up to the mid-term election. this would and star wars scroll. >> our president has done more, president trump has done north year and a half he has been in office than obama did in 8 years. lou: we have to give him credit for the obama years because he's not only made all of these historic issues and unprecedented achievements the best since fdr. but he unwound 8 years of obama. he's got it going the other way. diamond and silk you have always got it going the right way. thank you so much. chit-chat tour. >> we'll be in california in july, get your tickets at diamond and we think we can turn california red. lou: mission accepted.
1:44 am
that will be a mission accomplished for sure. up next the trump economy is roaring. we'll take a closer look at the record-setting jobs numbers next. did i say thank you, diamond and sill can? don't forget to go to diamond don't forget to go to diamond and man: i got scar tissue there. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story. every scar tells a story, and you can tell a lot more stories when your truck is a chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road.
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lou: the trump economy continues to roar thanks to the president's america first agenda. fox business' deirdre bolton with our full report. dierdre: this is a stand youout report and the u.s. economy hit a record. the unemployment rate fell to an 18-year low. the economy added 223,000 new jobs. american employers hired the most of workers in healthcare by a clear margin followed by retail and professional services. construction, leisure and hospitality round out the categories. the unemployment rate for african-americans fell to a new low, 5.9%. the lowest since 972.
1:49 am
the data points indicating an easier start for recent college graduates. job openings are at a two-decade high. companies say once they find talent they have to pay more to keep valuable employees on board. month on month, year and year, wage growth was 4% higher than forecast. when the federal reserve meets on june 12 and 13, they will raise rates as forecast. but economists say the economy is strong enough to take the hike. lou: those people hiring people, having to pay more money, the poor darlings. who would have thought they would have to race wages. the burdens of being on wall street and the business round table and the chamber.
1:50 am
love it. absolutely love it, thank you, president trump. on wall street, stocks closing higher. the dow gaining 219 points. the nasdaq up 112. the dow losing a half% on the week. s & p gained a half percent. more than a hundred bheeg sheenists agreed to unionize. listen to my reports coast to coast on the eighth salem radio network. pastor robert jess res jess ress next. stay with us. stay with us. we'll be right back.
1:51 am
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lou: president trump has already proven himself to be an historic leader, a tough negotiator during this short time in the white house. but he's also shown hepathy for those in need or help. >> her family, when people met the family, they saw what an incredible person she was. we weren't going to bring you
1:55 am
up. but i looked at you in the audience and said you have to come up because you are representing something so important. most of of you have been through a lot, more than you ever thought humanly possible. all i can say is we are fighting hard for you and we'll not stop. lou: joining me now, robert jeffress, the pastor of the first baptist church of dallas. that's my fast it image, perhaps -- mapsif -- that's my e image of perhaps entire trump
1:56 am
era. but the left-wing media hasn't been sharing a lot of those moments. >> no, because it doesn't fit the caricature they are trying to portray the president as. he's one of the toughest people i have ever met and he's one of the kindest i have seen as well. hugging that little boy from indiana at the signing ceremony. the way he dealt yesterday with the victims of the santa fe shootings. i talked to people who were in the room with him. they said you can't believe how compassionate he was. we saw that even in his dealings with kim jong-un. he talked about the horrible letter he received from kim jong-un threatening to sear us on the battlefield. but he respond with a letter with the right mix of toughness
1:57 am
and graciousness and it brought kim jong-un back to the negotiating table. lou: we also have a president who had to contend with more vitriol, more vulgarity and viciousness than any chief executive in the history of this country. and he's done so first and foremost with strength and resolve. and often giving far better than he got. but this is a president who is dealing with such sanctimonious self-righteous hypocrisy, and the different standard all together than any other president has had to endure from the national media. >> let's say it like it is. no president has had as' crap thrown at them every day as president trump has. but he keeps going on.
1:58 am
last night we were at this gathering. i had a chance to speak, then he came on to speak. he told me to send his greetings to the great lou dobbs. he loves you and he loves this program. but i have never seen a president more enthusiastically received as he was last night because of all the positive things going on. he talked about everything you talked about about the economy, north korea, iran, conservative judges being appointed. it's never been going this well. i said in my remarks. 60% of americans believe this country is going in the right direction. that's the highest level since 2007. on thing that will change that direction is if we let the democrats take the house. they will be hell bent on impeding his agenda or
1:59 am
impeaching the president. lou: you have the president's predecessor leading a shadow government working in the shadows to subvert his administration. by the way, president obama is no better at subversion than was at governance. it's a stunning thing to watch. it's also amazing the number of people who now are sort of scratching their heads and saying i know the left and the dems and the deep state are arrayed against this president. but aren't they smart enough at some point? and the good news is they are not. >> i think we need to follow the president's example. he's concentrating on the positive things that are happening. last night when i listened to him. i choked up, teared up about all
2:00 am
the great things happening. i thanked god he's given us a president who is intent on protecting the security and freedom of >> an underwater strange inheritance. >> we've had this in the family since 1899. >> their world's an oyster. >> do you want to try and shuck >> i would. it's all about the shuck. >> but their biz is belly-up. >> they pretty much said this oyster-planting business is over. >> they want to revive it. >> a couple drinks make anything sound good. >> so, will they sink... >> we looked at our debt for the first time, like, "whoa. it's, like, $350,000". >> ...or float? >> okay, here we go. come to mama. ♪ [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby, in virginia, drivin


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