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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 4, 2018 6:00am-8:59am EDT

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device makers, including apple and samsung. this raise a new privacy surrounding the company. icahn says the industry faces scrutiny over censorship. house intelligence committee chairman has a big warning for big tech on "sunday morning futures" with maria yesterday. >> i would hope that they just don' get involved in politics and docents are conservatives and republicans. if they continue to do it, we have to move to hearings on these issues. dagen: we take a closer look straight ahead. commerce secretary wilbur ross returning from china with no deals. it comes as our allies ramp up their threats and criticism, threats of retaliation overs deal in aluminum tariffs. the rising cost of oil set to hit flyers. american airlines warning that it is going to raise airfares. we take a look at whether this
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is the beginning of a broader trend. former president bill clinton offering his take on the impeachment debate. proceedings will be in full swing if democrats were in the white house. surprise celebrity appearance at marjory stoneman douglas high school graduation. jimmy fallon with a heartfelt commencement speech honoring the vet and said the shooting in parkland, florida. plus, space that's launching overnight. but it's not all success is the announces a delay of two is space tourism plan. all of that is so much more coming out. fox news contributor cat tenses here. i thank you for getting up so early for us. the engine partner kevin kelly and li carter. local one and all. can't wait to hear what you have to say about this facebook story. i wanted to use a little bit on what's coming up also.
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joining us unwanted with maria, the office of management and budget direct their mick mulvaney. marsha blackburn and fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. don't miss any of those. they spoke on the defensive once again this morning. this time after investigation by "the new york times" reveals the scope of data sharing deals with the social media giant struck with at least 60 device makers, including apple, amazon, microsoft over the last decade. according to the times come in the partnership allowed them to access user's personal data as well as information of their friends, even if they specifically walk facebook i'm sharing the information with third parties. defending data sharing is consistent with its privacy policies. officials are not aware of any abuse by these companies had kevin kelly, your take on this
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report. to be clear at the cambridge analytic a scandal in which they spoke was doing from 2007 past 24 at team, they weting app developers access the data of friends of friends. this is different. this is device makers. until this report by "the new york times," we had no idea they were up to this in such a broad scale. >> one of the concerning issues of this goes against a 2011 decreed they had with the ftc. part of the problem we have here is this went against peo opted into, say you cannot share my information with third parties. so this facebook in a sense trying to say the same, we are not going against the decrees and peoples privacy. the big issue is also security. any time that facebook allows
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your data information, friends of friends, anyway it can be pulled out through a third-party third party that you haven't given access to. their security at risk in the implications. this is a par for the course for facebook here their mottoas always been things they haven't cared about. that is inconsistent with their modus operandi year-over-year, especially with affiliate marketing to taking and pings in rubles. across the board they don't want to be held accountable. dagen: but the app developers can facebook end the policy in 2014 and started winding it down. with these device makers like phone makers, amazon, apple, but very, microsoft and samsu. most reminffect the face that started winding them down in april. >> i just don't know when there's good news coming out about facebook. a bad story in another bad story. whilst do they share information
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with. a lot of times you set your privacy settings a certain way and you assume it won't be shared. now my phone company knows more about men i thought and i even s melf continuing to use facebook anymore. i barely use it as its. dan: it does raise a lot of concerns because so much information is stored. very private information is stored on the actual phone and raises issues about how much of the information circulating between facebook and all of these device makers. some device makers could retrieve personal information from users friends who believed they had barred any sharing. it's really astonishing. kat: i don't even use facebook messenger anymore because now i'm concerned to redo my messages and sharing their messages. dagen: i don't use it at all either. i have it installed just in case. >> the overarching day we are tiptoeing around is that this is going to lead to regulation.
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we've given them enough leash to regulate themselves. there can hamper us, restrict desk, but they are stamping on our right in their privacy and that is a big thing. this will lead toegulation.weee. so, the regulators really need to come around to figure what they're going to do about it is europ is going to actually do worse regulations that could actually impeded. >> your raises the issue of basically losing market share or facebook. for you, which of these social media platforms to use the most? i've almost stopped using ce. kat: i almost entirely use twitter in instagram. i only use facebook for some family members i keep in touch with on facebook. some of them are on there. back to the regulation thing, one thing that concerns me is the night make it harder for competitors to start their own app. i would love to see an
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alternative to facebook at this point because so many bad things that come out about it. dagen: speaking of regulation, but to move onto the warning for silicon valley again from capitol hill. this is in the wake of google listings not via some asn ideology just days ahead of the state's primary election. house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes says that the search giant another big technology companies could face hearings from lawmakers. >> it is for their -- a new searches on that doesn't censor conservatives. there is a free-market solution here somebody can come be with google. if they can, ultimately we are looking that are looking up monopolies and that brings him that brings in a whole another set of circumstances as are these companies, facebook, twitter, google, apple, et cetera, are they monopolies should they be reined in? i would hope that they just
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don't get involved in politics and don't censor conservatives and republicans. but if they continue to do it, we have to move to hearings on these issue >> again, the threat of regulation, but these tech companies can't get out of their owway. the fact that google would think it was okay whether there was an algorithm or not doesn't matter because again, it raises political bias. >> absolutely. they would never see anything like that on a liberal or democrat party. there is a biased towards liberals and democrats on the search engines. the fact that nazism just makes me roll my eyes so hard that they are just going to get lost in the back of my head. i'm so sick of seeing things like that. dagen: we need new veggies for the disgust that we feel. >> i think it is really important that we talk about this because we go to google. we go to these places because
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you think it is goin be fair. i'm going to put up a search of opal, then what we don't realize is within google, within the algorithms they are, that there is alreadys. we also have to learn and people don't realize how much people pay to get to top of the fold and how much information is manipulated. >> be were actually cited search queries for hillary clinton. this was completely uncovered. i'm twitter there were certain things that were trending for hillary clinton and not for donald trump. so you saw this bias play out in this goes back to federal elec cmitts. it goes back to the ftc. and now we are talking about breaking up companies to celebrating separating u2 from google, chatter is happening. >> pro quick, do you think this concerned is factored into
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facebook stock? >> that's why you've seen it or not because the advertising is still going that way in digital advertising in its current 30% year-over-year. it is hard to get out of get out of deliver advertisers will spend money elsewhere. dagen: as a race at this way. the cambridge analytics story can say it ended in 24th team. this is old. but you know what that is stored in "the new york times" only started rolling it back in april so i didn't just end. again, the users did not know about us will be interesting to watch that stop today. moving to trade really quickly. showing no signs of backing down for imposing tariffs despite pushback from our allies, u.s. allies inhina. >> the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly unacceptable. >> i regard this more of the family quarrel. this is a trade dispute if you
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will. it can be solved in mr. trudeau, i think she's in, but the point is we have to protect ourselves. all we are doing here, all the president is doing is defending the national security sovereignty economic security from the flood of imports. dagen: i will go to lead on this first week of this is interesting language. it's just a family quarrel. this is also a national security issue, stooges called canada threats because of steel. i've got a lot to say about that. >> this comes down to messaging to the american people. one of the things i've been watching lately is how independent they are reacting, especially going into the midterm elections because it's not necessarily accounted for in all the primaries. independence right now are really vocalizing that they are nervous and scared about what is happening with trade.
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there is a huge fear of pulling out of nafta, which i talked about yesterday at maria's show. a huge fear of getting into a trade war and this could have an impact on the economy. going into the midterms right now, making these kinds of taffs were people will feel it in their pocket books. it is a very, very risky endeavor on the part of the administration. >> people vote with their pocket book essentially. if this ends up affecting an economy negatively and making people have less money or pay what is essentially a tax on many goods, they will not be a big fan of that. dagen: steel prices are already up 40% this year already. about 50% in the last year. steel prices have been climbing. higher prices puts pressure on businesses in the country that use steel. again, where do you source that? are you going to pass along those close to your customers?
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are you going to cut jobs and wages? this is a huge looming issue that we just dumped on top of the american people in business. >> that the biggest issue we are having, but at the same time canada has enacted policies when it comes to dairy, poultry, especially timber. they are trying to address all these issues and modernize not that. the negotiations have actually gone anywhere. we passed the deadlines. >> we shall see. a very nice way of putting now. >> it is the retaliation we are hearing about from canada, mexico and americanize targeting those very bad states. pain at the pump and in the skies. by american airlines is warning about price hikes that oil prices remain high and other airlines are react to them. president bill clinton says the right now is because he's not a
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dagen: breaking news right now. russian president vladimir putin inviting kim jong un to his country. good morning, cheryl.
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>> russian media reporting 500 putin has invited the north korean leader to travel to russia this fall. the foreign minister circuit foreign minister circuit lab prof reportedly passed the invitation to kim jong un value is visiting pyongyang. but once came to attend eastern economicforum, which is held every year. we shall see what happens there. another headline for you. at least 25 people are dead, 20 wounded following a volcanic eruption in guatemala yesterday. the second time this year, nearly six miles into the air. reports say that 3000 people have been evacuated from their homes. meanwhile, the kilauea volcano in hawaii continues to rage on leaving some residents now stranded. the escape route has been cut off by lava and that's what them with no power, no reception,
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landmines or water. authorities plan to airlift people out of the lava continues to spread and three people were airlifted out of a remote area near the volcano. well, microsoft reportedly agreed that it might pay up to 5 billion. this of course would bolster microsoft's programming tools as is trying to move towards building more open source software. he was poking about $200 million in annual subscription revenue. the deals could be announced as early asoday. shares of microsoft higher in the premarket, up almost 1%. those are headlines we are following. putin and kim jong un. not even sure what to say about that. back to you. dagen: interference by food and in tted stat once again. >> good for microsoft? >> you're starting to see the transition from steve homer has
6:19 am
really op the partnerships including with other apps to have open source and abroad on users in the hybrid cloud which is growing 90% quarter over quarter. soybean, they really transition to an open up the country. the hardware business now going to the service company. >> the cloud computing business is a big grower as well. >> and they've gone in assisted prescription model for their own software. if you think about microsoft word, all the processing has been unbelievable. the transition has been phenomenal. especially if you think about the boondoggles they had with trying to do their own cell phones commences to and hardware. >> it is fascinating to watch the turnaround of the company could've been a relevant if they were careful. >> that is what apple is trying to do with recurring revenues
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dreams. >> the conference starting today. >> i love that your rep on the news. dagen: you we out of breath when you came in here earlier this morning. it does not get heard. coming up, a graduation surprised when jimmy fallon for the class of 28 team as the school celebrates the memory of those lost in that school shooting earlier this year. by then 2020. by former vice president joe biden is willing to put his hat in the rain and wind. he'll make up his mind. ♪ man: i got scar tissue there.
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driving oil prices not only giving consumers at the gas pump. one airline says ticket prices are set to go up due to higher fuel costs. the price of crude oil is 40% higher than it was one year ago. joining me now, price futures group analyst fox business contrir phil flynn always fired up bright and early. the warning comes from american airlines doug parker. what you think of this and will it be the first of many? >> i think it may be. a lot of these airlines verse four bus tour, making record profits. $38 billion in profits and they didn't think oil prices might not ever go well. all of the oil prices have gone. a lot of the not prepared for this because they believed in this lower for longer mantra and
6:25 am
they were attached correctly. i don't think the prices will go up right away, but this was a strong signal if oil prices stay where they are and they probably will, more than likely wee those prices for tickets go out. >> phil, kevin kelly here. opec is actually trying to figure out the whole production conundrum. you think they will open up their spigot and bring more output onto the market and actually help stabilize oil prices and put a cap on the run-up we've seen recently? >> kevin, great question. last week we hear from saudi arabia and russia basically signaling to the market they were ready to raise production may be by 1 million barrels of oil a day. as soon as they said that, the price of oil dropped 8% in a couple of days. i think it scared the cartel out of them to be honest with you. i think they might have second thoughts because today, the
6:26 am
weekend basically said they mightaise pduction but they were very solid about that. they will be very price sensitive before they make the final decision. >> they are not necessarily going to have higher prices. that doesn't necessarily mean higher fares. i've been reading about people saying they are going to start charging for carry-on bags and other kinds of things you do think it might going to fees rather than fares? >> i think it is. the last time they put on tickets that may be a possibility. overall, we saw a report from the international air transport association that basically said that their profits are going to be down by 12% from the record that they set last year. that is a huge drop going into dollars. because of the competitive nature of airlines they will keep those ticket prices down. but eventually, if prices stay
6:27 am
high, eventually they will pass the cost on. >> in terms of what people will be paying out the pump this summer, are your estimates coming down recently with crude oil? >> i think they have slightly. the national averas about 295. we do expect another run-up in price before the fourth of july which is difficult. right now we haven't hit the $3 a gallon area. the gasoline prices come an era of low gasoline prices are over. even if prices go down, they will stay where they are right now. there is a very strong global economy. demand is strong. the other thing i'm concerned about is the cost of diesel. the truckers have really been feeling this price increase. gasoline prices are $2.95 peer-to-peer tracker page $3.21 a gallon mainly because the light oil in the u.s. doesn't produce a lot of diesel fuel and they are tighter than gasoline.
6:28 am
>> the higher freight costs filters through to other businesses just as one example. again, the rising prices are filtering through the economy and will show up in ways we might not expect. great to see you. thank you so much. phil flynn in chicago. bill clinton's eyebrow raising take on impeachment. the only reason president trump is facing impeachment hearings right now is because he's not a democrat. hooked on your smartphone many of us are. apples set to reveal new software to help you kick your screen addiction. [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for our customers.
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in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. monday june 4th, top stories 6:30 a.m. eastern. markets extending gains, futures pointing to rally at open. this after stocks rallied on friday following the better than expected job's report and it was a blockbuster. 219 points with the dow gained on friday. global markets following
6:32 am
america's lead, going -- starting the new week in europe we have buying across the board, nearly a 1% gain on the ftse 100 in england. in asia overnight, same story. we have strong global markets with both the nikkei and japan and the hang seng and hong kong gaining more than 1%. former president bill clinton weighing on the impeachment debate surrounding president trump. >> i think if roles were reversed, if there were a democrat president, most people in washington believe that impeachment hearings would have begun already. dagen: celebrity surprise of marjorie stoneman douglas, jimmy fallon giving emotional commencement address after the shooting earlier this year. another strike in las vegas, culinary union reportedly making a deal with mgm, we will have
6:33 am
those details and apple looking to address the growing issue of phone addiction. details on the announcements we are expecting from the worldwide developers conference. spacex launchingte overnit but it's not all success. the company annouin aelay to its space tourism plans. but to our top story this half hour, president bill clinton, former president arguing that impeachment would have already started if a democrat was the commander in chief during the current investigation on meddling by russia into the election. here is what president clinton said during an interview on cbs yesterday. >> i think they have tried by in large to cover this investigation based on the facts. i think if roles were reversed, now, this is me just talking based on my experience, if there were a democrat president and
6:34 am
the facts were present, most people i know in washington believe impeachment hearings would have begun already. dagen: jng us ohio senate minority leader executive and residence caprie, along with massachusetts u.s. candidate jeff, jeff back in 1999 the senate vote today acquit president clinton of both articles of impeachment. what is your take on this that he raises the issue now? >> it's hard to believe that president clinton is making this amount after he was given such a pass whether it was white whitewater or travel gate. so very ironic that he would be making accusations. dagen: caprie, i look at it fm this point of view, hillary clinton has not been campaigning in midterm elections, she did
6:35 am
endorse governor cuomo in new york recently and president clinton has been largely absent but he kind of comes out with this whopper and i say that because the special counsel investigation is still ongoing, we don't have a report delivered and he says this, that impeachment proceedings would have been start. >> president clinton, he has gone through this before personally, his wife loss, a little bit of maybe a bad taste in his mouth, if you will, over the whole impeachment thing. i think that he's gone through this before and i think that the only point frankly that i think president clinton is making is that if it was a democratic president and republican congress maybe it would have been done and vice versa, look, there's a lot of concern if the democrats take back the house that they could start the impeachment process. so unfortunately what has happened with impeachment is it's become a political hammer more than legal proceeding and
6:36 am
that's a problem. dagen: given what his impeachment proceedings on president clinton what they were related to, it was kind of curious that he wasn't pressed on his thoughts on the me too movement even what rse issue of senator said about president clinton, that he should have resigned and we have commentary on him recently, but your take on that because if you'reoing to talk about impeachment, list talk about all of it, caprie. >> you know, i think we also need to put some context into this interview, apparently bill clinton wrote some sort of political thriller with john patterson, he's doing interviews as part of book tour. sure, i've always said, you have to be equitable in the conversations whether democrat or republican, if you're going to have the conversations surrounding this, then, sure, be fair and have a conversation about the reasons behind
6:37 am
impeachment which we are not just monica lewinsky but frankly about lying as part of a deposition. dagen: but it was related to the lewinsky affairs. the charges were directly related to that. >> right, of course, of course. the clintons frankly and i say this as democrat and i love bill clinton as president, i was not really crazy about hillary clinton, but the clintons are part of the past and we need to move forward and redefine the democratic party and stop continuing to go back and relitigate things from the 1990's, we need to move forward. dagen: president clinton also weighed in on the mainstream media bias allegations when president obama was in office. listen to this. >> they did treat him differently than other democrats and republicans because they -- >> why? >> the political press. you know, i don't know. they liked him.
6:38 am
and they liked having first african-american president and he was a good president, i think. dagen: i want to get your thoughts on this, jeff, because, again, he's -- he's weighing in on some of very serious topics. he definitely seems upset about the way that he was treated toward the end of his presidency, whether it was impeachment proceeding and the big picture, does this help helps and hurt democrats going into november? >> well, i will say that bill clinton is absolutely right that president obama was given a pass on many things as well. fast and furious, benghazi which was a combination of hillary clinton and president obama's administration. the press seemed to continually ignore and white-wash all that was going on there. at the same time donald trump can't seem to catch a break, doj, the fbi, the irs of weponized against conservatives for the last i don't know how many years and all of this pointing to, you know, collusion within the government, trying to
6:39 am
keep republicans from having any success so i think, again, bill clinton needs to probably moderate conversation about, you know, unfairness and talk about the fact that even president trump is being treated unfairly. dagen: caprie, i did want to point out that president clinton was asked about saying he should resign and his response, it was all over the place, you know she's living in a different context than many reasons and i disagree with her during the interview, we just didn't play the clip. >> what is he going to say? what does someone say to that? kristin is angling to run for president in 2020 and certainly he wanted to capture on that me too movement and take a stand, but what is president clinton going to say, yeah, i should have resigned? he's in a tough spot. the conversation that we are having here why is president
6:40 am
clinton not having honest of a dialogue as people are maybe hoping from him. dan: well, felipe called kristin a hypocrite. pain that's one word he could have used. joe biden isn't ruling a 2020 bid. biden's team is outlining what his campaign could look like and would likely decide by the end of the year if he will run. this is according to by nbc news, caprie, reaction to this? >> we need to move forward and we need to have new blood into the democratic party. i come from a state from ohio, a guy like joe biden connects with my people, straight shooter, and while he is old, so is president trump, i think that joe biden
6:41 am
regrets not running in 2016, a lot of, could have, should have there. i think he has a better shot than some of the progressive names like elizabeth warren and the like. it's not my ideal sittion, but, you know, if joe biden does run he would be somebody that i would support because i think he could connect with those trump crossover democrats. dagen: jeff, he's certainly somebody who can talk to people who don't live on the east coast and major cities and basically los angeles and san francisco. he does know how to talk to every man and every woman. >> yeah, no, dagen, it was interesting, my opponent elizabeth warren was in ohio a few weeks ago stumping for governor's candidate because she's trying to greece the kids for 2020 run obviously. showing that joe biden is thinking that he has a chance of running is a good example of why elizabeth warren has no chance to becoming nominee of 2020. he's done nothing for
6:42 am
massachusetts, no credits, nothing to take credit for. now she's basically wanting reelection so she could spend 2 years doing nothing for massachusetts, that's why i'm running this race so people know they have a show versus someone who doesn't have a chance to run in 2020. dagen:aprie, good to see you as always. >> thank you. dagen: thanks for coming on. workers striking a deal with another las vegas casino days after threat of mass 2006 walkout. details on plan ahead. another success ff falcon 9 but major setback for spacex intergalactic plan, more on the failure to launch coming up
6:43 am
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dagen: surprise speech for stoneman douglas high school graduates. cheryl casone has the details, cheryl. cheryl: yeah, dagen. rprise commencement speaker was late night host jimmy fallon. >> you won't be classmates. you'll be -- [inaudible] [laughter] >> remember that it gets better. choose to move forward. don't let anything stop. cheryl: quite a moment. fallon with comic relief and heart felt message of hope to students. graduation coming months after the shoing in parkland that left 17 people dead, 4 students killed would have graduated yesterday. well, a crisis for mgm resorts, has raised labor agreement with union, mgm in approving
6:47 am
contracts with union workers avoiding what could have been a major disruption in business as game 5 t sey cup finals are returning to vegas and employees celebrating. details not disclosed but casino workers have been asking for increase in wages and benefits for the last several weeks. finally this, another successful launch overnight for spacex, the rocket carrying a massive communication satellite, this is going to bring data and broadband services to asia, australia and the middle east taking off. falcon 9's 11th launch this year. meanwhile more news, elon musk space tourism is being put on hold, mission to fly tourists around the moon will not likely happen until 2019 due to technical and production problems. next year, okay. most previously said he hope today launch the first test flights by the end of this year, next year going to the moon,
6:48 am
dagen, or so he says, i don't know, back to you. dagen: might want to worry about the car company. [laughter] >> energy. dagen: we are going to the moon but electric car, inexpensive electric car. cheryl: model 3. dagen: thank you, cheryl. kicking your start phone addiction with help from apple, the tech giant expected to reveal big news today about the latest software update that could help you reduce your screen time. how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs.
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dagen: attention iphone addicts, apple is reportedly unveiling
6:52 am
new software to help consumers digitally detox, according to published reports the feature is called digital health and will help users limit their screen this comes as the th giant will hold annual worldwide developers conference in san josé today and outline its software strategy for the next year. joining me now is expert, futurist ceo of tech savvy and make change work for you. scott, scott, apple changed the smartphone industry and now they are helping tools creating tools to help break iphone habit, why are they doing this now? >> well, as you might imagine apple has sold billions of devices, people love these things, the question is how the heck do we get them off them, companies like google on android devices have introduced wellness tools so only natural fit for apple to cut down on people
6:53 am
addictions, app that is will prevent you from accessing your favorite applications during the day at work, so maybe you can break the candy crush saga addiction a little bit. kevin: scott, aren't we moving away from this with the proliferation with virtual assistance that we are having, home pods, aren't people moving away from using their actual device and starting to use other devices or other things and apple is actually behind in that regard, their virtual assistance siri has lost way to alexa, that where we are headed? >> we are seeing people splitting time between different screens and as you pointed out on device that is don't have a screen, siri and home pod, at developers conference you can hear apple talk a little bit about what the future of siri is going to hold.
6:54 am
they need to need to talk about integrations from different devices from speakers to headphones and even cars and perhaps open up the platform, the siri platform so that they can create applications and new uses for it but they definitely are playing catch-up and people are using more devices across the board. should be exciting day in terms of news. lee: it did seem that apple was ahead of the curb, model, whenever i had a client they said i want to be more like apple as far as innovation goes. seems like they are falling behind in launches, more bugs, do you think they will make abig announcement that will help create a vision for the future? >> i think absolutely you're going to see apple paint a picture of what's coming next. i wouldn't count them out of the game at any time as we have seen in timeless times in the past they bounce back. some of the big surprise reveals may surround the introduction of apple tv as video streaming
6:55 am
service, more like hulu and netflix, one to have buzzes that everybody is talking about the fact that maybe pretty soon you'll be able to run i phone and apps on mac computers, integrating computers and smart phones going forward and will touch on siri and privacy issues unlike companies like google and apple, apple is more in the business of selling hardware and not users data. dagen: let me raise an issue with you, scott, there's a big story that "the new york times" reported investigative story that facebook gave device makers deep access to data on users and friends and one of those named is apple. so apple has been quite pias about not selling information, protecting your information if you're customer, willing to take information on individuals if it's coming through another company.
6:56 am
tim cook has gone after facebook and zuckerberg has pushed back on that. it raises issue of a little bit of hypocrisy at apple. >> well, who knows what the heck is going on behind closed doors. it's not necessarily about selling information to marketers. ave services like siri that are powered by artificial intelligence and the more data you have on users the smarter and better the services get. apple is extensive users of people's personal private data as may companies may be. in some cases it may be the pop calling the kettle. dagen: wall street journal also had a story about a new level of security on your business trip, scott, what do you make of that in terms of the iion maybe of your employer in tracking your -- tracking your movements when you're traveling for work? >> well, there's duty of care. you have to keep in mind any time a business sends you out on
6:57 am
a trip, they are taking risk, ave a responsibility to exercise reasonable care in terms of knowing where you are, information on the areas in which you'll be traveling and also provide emergency relief. we live in an increasing unpredictable world so people have bigger concerns as well to worry about, they are worried about terrorism, crime, more natural disasters so only natural step forward that more companies would be tracking information and introducing new policies. dagen: i hope any apple tv is better than the amazon i've got which basically blew over the weekend, thank you for that, scott, mark 5g 00 days in office for president trump, ike to his budget director when we come back.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
those we love is an act of mutuality. we can help with the financial ones. learn more or find an advisor at good morning i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. starting the week on an upbeat note. we have a rally on our hands. in europe we had agreed off the board. in asia overnight it's the exact same story.
7:01 am
here at home returns from china. they ramp up the threats of retaliation. peter navarro standing firm on the need for these tariffs. the president is good to defend this country. he is stating that for them now. the reaction from capitol hill straightahead. facebook under fire. the social media giant gave themhe device makers. the power to pardon. present trumps personal lawyer sparking a major debate over whether president trump can
7:02 am
pardon himself. getting into the subscription game. how it will work coming up. and lebron james he wasn't the only person i can report he is wearing full-length trousers. i thought that trend went out over a year ago. i was actually talking to my sum my buddies over the weekend about that short suit situation. it was a quick fad for a hot second.
7:03 am
the summer as is the no sock summer. we need more og's. i like the bright colored socks. and the host of varney and company. you don't wanto m any of those gentlemen. standing tall on trade. showing no signs of backing down from imposing tariffs. on our allies. despite the pushback from those very allies. in china. the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite
7:04 am
frankly insult is unacceptable. it's a trade dispute if you well. i can be solved. i think he will be overreacting. all we're doing here and all the president is doing is defending this country's national security sovereignty and economic security from the flood of imports. currently running for the senate. always a pleasure to see you. our republicans though. if you're running for reelection in the house. and running for office in november aren't they worried about the impact on their constituents on the voters about the tariffs in the retaliation that could happen. we are watching it very closely. of course we know that the intention is to punish bad actors and not the american
7:05 am
consumers. wed in tennessee they use a tremendous amount of sheet aluminum we have already imposed tariffs on those. were talking to them every day. and were waiting to see exactly what's can happen what exemptions are going to take place. and how this is gonnaome down. we are in the conversation talking to commerce and trade and still trying to work through this. i know the president's goal is to bring jobs back on shore. and that's why it's so important.
7:06 am
because of theo manufacturers. and what you do not want to do is to take a step that is going to end up having them charge more. also disadvantaged trade is something that it has given us some concern. talking about bad actors. and particularly europe. that's the one thing a lot of people can get their have around. as the real bad actor in terms of stealing our intellectual property and demanding that they hand over their technology in order to do business in china we ought to
7:07 am
be locking arms with those allies. protect the union all of the other the other jobs in the state of the consumers. i was talking for someone that works in the space in the manufacturing space. and there is a particular sheet aluminum that they use that is not manufactured in the u.s. that is in the central product. in the product that they manufacture. then you are running the price up.
7:08 am
they need to be dealt with. i know the secretary is working. trying to get some concens there. i think the runts from canada go into effect july the first. in the red states and republican districts. soeans our tennessee products. we have connell mcshane on a soybean farm in iowa. it's very obvious what the retaliation is meant to go after. have business owners in your district. have they been calling your office and what the heck is going on. we are talking with them about what specific impact would be on them and that's it you want to know.
7:09 am
so what are talking you're talking with the administration how about this. what is a the impact going to be. i sat down and met with farmers in tennessee. they are concerned about it because the tax cuts are working. some of them are adding production. and they want to keep the focus on growth and productivity. and their concern as let's not do anything let's look at what's getting good to continue with a ready supply train. the products we can sell. and generate more jobs and economic activity.
7:10 am
we are going to watch this very closely. and continue conversations with constituents and other policies. can they assure you and your constituents and the american people who are can be hurt by this. that there is a going to be any pain where they say this is pain you need to deal with. we will see what their conversations are going to entail. what were gonna do is to arrive at a spot where we can say this is can have an impact this is not going to.
7:11 am
i want to move on to north korea. >> the country and shaking up the top mily brass. they had been reportedly removed from their posts. and now there are reports that the russian president has invited kim jong tos -- to russia. the g-7 business and québec. then he has to go to singapore for that. they are giving america something to talk about. i think everybody is now wanting a summit. the good thing is north korea is at the table. this is a situation that has
7:12 am
investors because it's languished for decades. secretary pompeo who is really was really doing a tremendous job. forgetting him to the table and for having these discussions in trying to bring an end to this conflict. that i think is to be applauded. >> facebook is on the defense of this morning. the report details the scope of its data sharing deals. according to the times partnership gave the companies access to users personal data as well as information of their friends even if they specifically blocked facebook from sharing their information from third parties. facebook said we ended that in
7:13 am
2014 but not this. they only started dialing this back in april. this is why we had been on all of these edge providers. we need to head privacy legislation. everybody has privacy standards. this segment of the virtual space is zero privacy standards. that's what we need why we need the data security bill. opt in and decide what of your identifying information. you are able to target ads in discriminate. indiscriminately. basically what happened with
7:14 am
facebook is in the false. when are they can be held accountable. it is the bundle of information you should be able to protect the virtual you. or without your consent. they share you. they are doing it without your consent. that's why we need to pass the legislation. coming up power of the pardon. the president probably could pardon himself if needed in the russia probe. the new to be ahead. lebron james stirring things
7:15 am
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so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. >> new studies suggest that last may be more when it comes to trading -- treating cancer.
7:18 am
one of the biggest studies that we've seen in particular with breast cancer .-ellipsis talk about this. the federally funded study this is now suggesting that many women with early stage breast cancer could safely skip chemotherapy after this. also the cost of all that. many patients with advanced kidney cancer could avoid kidney removal surgery and then instead of take a new drug. with annual meeting. a lot of big news coming at that meeting. ticket flight is still off-line after a massive data breach. a hacker stole the date of more data more than 26 million customers. ticket flight has not paid the hacker's ransom and then confirmed some data was exposed but the credit card numbers were not.
7:19 am
an anonymous fan and has a forked over a lot of cash to have lunch with warren buffett. the winning bid edit in no charity auction have $3.3 million. believe it or not though. this is not the record. one person paid nearly three half million dollars and it benefits the glide church in san francisco. an organization that offers three meals and healthcare and services to low income people and that in the same for cisco cisco bay area. thank you so much cheryl. hoping to wrap things up for a subscription service.
7:20 am
hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power dependability award for its midsize car-the chevy malibu. i forgot. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award for its light-duty truck the chevy silverado. oh, and since the chevy equinox and traverse also won
7:21 am
chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award across cars, trucks and suvs-three years in a row. phew. third time's the charm...
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7:23 am
presidential power at the molar investigation continues. trump lawyer rudy giuliani weighing in on just how much power the commander-in-chief has when it comes to ending the probe. is that the argument here. any federal investigation. that's pretty clear. he's asking in the theoretical
7:24 am
sense now. it could lead to impeachment. if you terminated an investigation of himself. it can lead to all sorts of things. also telling the huffington post that t could have a former fbiames call me director shot in the oval office. impeachment would have to be the first step. the senior judicial analyst. much to talk about we will start with the last one. the comment about having james comey shot is just plain wrong under the law. the president is in immune from the rigors of prosecution during the time he is in office. as to not to take him away from the presidential duties. but he is not immune from being charged. and in the case of a crime of violence he is not immune from being arrested. this is more extreme than when president nixon once said if
7:25 am
the president does it it means it's not a lick illegal. that would remove president from the context of law. we were talking during the break. they are throwing gasoline on fire. and it's either because his client the president likes cass or because he and his legal team had decided the best way to undermine bob mueller is to make incendiary and extreme statements about presidential power and shove them in mueller's face. i don't think it's can work. the argument in favor of it is the pardoning powers are supposed to be absolute without check. the argument against it is they say you can't be a judge in your own case. the rule of law is embedded in the constitution. i don't know which way that
7:26 am
would go. in my view it's a dangerous thing but the question to him. it's a dangerous thing for him to be discussing the very concept that the president in order to avoid complaint with the law. it would rub most americans even people that like him as i do the wrong way. let's turn to the controversy around present trump. the trump supporterall spy gate. taking on his colleague. watch this. he believes that he has been told by the department of justice on several occasions that mister trump is not target. but what i keep going back to. wait a second. we know that the trump campaign was the reason that they opened up the counterintelligence investigation.
7:27 am
two issues here. but did use elsewhere. subject r entity or group. that is being investigated by the government to see if the subject committed a crime. you can go from a subject to a target like that. second, this is dangerous and we've been talking about this for a long time. congressman gaudi and nunez saw the raw intelligence fbi documents that you and i can't see. i'm a lawyer and i'm in x prosecutor. the fbi behaved appropriately. there is no undercover person in the trump campaign as he
7:28 am
claimed. he said i looked at the same document and wouldn't quite put it that way. it would then draw their own political narratives from it. >> do you think anything will actually happen with this. if there truly was an undercover fbi agent tended to be a republican operative. when you had known. he made his way into the campaign. they would have needed to get a search warrant to get that. every time he is there. he is seen and listening to what's going on. if they got the search where i would like to see what they told a federal judge in order to get the judge to sign the warrant. if they do this without a search warrant they committed serious and great violations but there is no evidence who saw the documents and told me
7:29 am
the nonclassified parts of what he saw. there is zero evidence that this happened. >> can the president just release all of these documents? >> know they are in the possession of bob and justice. at the dtment of it's highly unusual and almost unheard of for documents in a criminal investigation to be released to the potential defendant no matter who he is before the charges had even been filed. they are looking into whether or not the fbi violated the doj regulations and the matter in which it conducted that hillary clinton e-mail investigation. that report my dear before the fourth of july. they moved the testimony to next week. i think it's now scheduled
7:30 am
think is june 11. where the inspector general is present trump marking 500 days in office with an economi tail went. we are live with office of management and budget director mick mulvaney. hello fresh is saying hello to your neighborhood alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level.
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walk him back. i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern. starting the week on the up no. 135-point gain gains across the board. have you started this monday. after a major stock rally on friday following that much better than expected jobs report. starting this new week in europe. we have buying in english --dash like england make england and france. it was green galore. the four major markets.
7:34 am
his agenda has followed the message that he sent. we must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries. in destroyed our jobs. protection will lead to great prosperity and strength. and what it means for your checkbook. your family your livelihood. looking to bring smiles to the workers. deta on the fight for 15 ahead. the automaker is set to launch its service next year. with the highlights from my
7:35 am
saints game. he wasn't alone. they are launching a line of candles. a major milestone for president trump. and looking back he has taken action on many of the key issues that he brought up. january 202017 will be remembered as the day that the people became the rulers of this nation again. the forgotten men and women of our country. will be forgotten no longer. every decision on trade on foreign affairs will be made
7:36 am
to benefit american workers and american families. america will start winning again and winning like never before. on friday we saw the strength of the economy under president trump. that again was an acceleration of the job growth that we've seen in the last year about hundred 90,000 jobs with the monthly average the comments on where the economy is the atlanta fed estimated in the second quarter we could be growing at close to 5% with the american economy can do
7:37 am
they can just let them. the numbers that they're talk about. the numbers that they're actually seen they're actually better than we anticipated. much better than we were left under the freedom. we could never get can never get back to 3% growth. everybody who supposedly knew what was happening said the country was simply not capable of growing at 3%. they actually believe that to be false. the american economy is much stronger than people realize. we think we have changed the fundamental structure. we've gotten rid of the stuff that's on the books. the structural changes that we change that we do think is sustainable. >> the argument for making of the corporate the corporate
7:38 am
tax cuts permanent. and they're catching heat from democrats about that. but the argument as you create certainty. they know next year and year after that. this is what the tate is going to be. and hiring decisions. at the same time now that you have the tariffs that were introduced on steel and aluminum. we have retaliatory measures. we are in this trade that introduces uncertainty. it seems like the administration just snapped their fingers and i have heard from manufacturers and others that export to canada and
7:39 am
mexico in europe that that is a very jarring and unnerving thing and they are very worried about their businesses. >> here's what i say to folks. everything the president has done up until now has been with one goal in mind. you heard him give his speech at his eggnog ration. we will reclaim the american economy. and everything that he has done up to this point. has been aimed at that one direction. the trade policy is the same thing. do you have to break some eggs to make an omelette. you cannot actually ask other countries to treat as better and expect us to do it. that is not the way that the world works. in the trade policy is part and parcel of that. will it be as quick to show results. we are dealing with foreign countries. and everything is aimed in the same direction. i hope the they give the president credit for that.
7:40 am
when it comes to talking to people about helping american families that's what the trade policies are doing. there is no question. and i think anybody watching e show could make an argument that it's the same that should be in place today. we would update the agreement with nafta and improve their relations. that's what this is all about. so the tariffs on steel and aluminum will hurt and sent prices up. they're there up a 40% just this year so far. it will hurt businesses that use steel and aluminum potentially here in the united states and that you talk about all of the other manufacturers that could face tariffs when they export goods to these other nations. can you say to them ultimately this is better for the united states but your business and your family potentially will
7:41 am
get hurt in the interim. can you say that. and as evidence. they can look at everything else that this administration has done. if you're watching the show this morning and wondering has the president changed, this is just part and parcel and what you're trying to accomplish. everything else that he has done has been good for your business. good for the folks that work there. and the families. they take that money home to. i hope folks give the president some credit for the actions he's artie taken. look at what he's done. there is the proof that what he's doing is good. they will face short-term pain in the process. that is the way the world works when it comes to international affairs and trade policy. in the long-term america workers and families are going to be better off. we believe that is what is driving everything that we do and in fact it's driven everything that we've done since we've been here.
7:42 am
i noticed the president was tweeting over the weekend with the trade deficit he was tweeting about it and talking about the use of the frayed -- phrase trade war. that's our national debt. with this omnibus spending bill that was signed into law we are now facing 1 trillion-dollar budget deficits every year. what are we gonna do about that. what are you guys get into about that to fix it other than growing the economy faster which again at least in the short one seems to be working. >> there's only two things that you can do to solve that problem. the other thing to do is to take in more. he is concerned about the amount of money that we are spending. with congress not been able to reduce spending very dramatically. how do you grow the economy.
7:43 am
the government takes in more money in taxes. in a healthy american economy or people are where people are making more the government takes in more revenue. we saw some really good first science. on the receipts that we took in in april. we are seeing some really good signs. and some benefits starting to pay off. we will continue to focus on growing the economy not because it makes you more money but because it makes the government more money as well. thank you so much. mick mulvaney budget director for president donald trump into the white house. coming up the fight for 15 at the happiest place on earth.
7:44 am
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allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife. >> disney offering a 15-dollar minimum weight to wage to the theme park employees. disney plans to raise its minimum wage from ten to $15 an hour by the year 200021. they will discuss that company's latest offer. some say that it has new roles
7:48 am
about how they would get paid for things like overtime, holidays and if that would change how their schedules are made. the story will continue. they are down about 8% this year. they are launching a subscription program. it will allow drivers to use vehicles for monthly fees. it comes of course as they are looking to expand a jeep brand. the subscription service is scheduled to be launched sometime next year they are lower in the premarket down about 2%. more competition is ramping up in the ever-growing meal kit business. hello fresh is going to start selling kits and supermarket chains.
7:49 am
just last month they will begin selling their kids in cosco. there is a theme obviously on that. a1 steak sauce. has got the perfect gift for any father out there. scented candles. three different fragrances. and now has a smoky you smell without actually having to fire up the grill. shares are up 26% a limited support ply of the state candles. his dad getting an a1 candle. i think that's gross.
7:50 am
but you're from the midwest. it's not like the smell of meat is bad. i think maybe my cat would like it actually. i hated my close. i would just rather have firewood or something like that. coming up a gm executive driving the pace car. at the detroit brand -- grand prix. it looks easy doesn't it snap. nobody was hurt. but again they have to clean the debris off the track. will shea that cringe where the moment again and again. it's all coming up. [music playing] (vo) from day one,
7:51 am
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7:54 am
steph curry in the golden state warriors are two wins away from another nba championship. what a show last night. it was a record-ing three party hosted by steph curry. after being pushed over time. the warriors set the tone early in game two. they made their first seven shots while kevin durant scored. the basketballs fell through felt through the net like soft crumpets. he sank nine three-pointers. he scored 33. fifty-three's for the final quarter. golden state wins 122-one 03.
7:55 am
game three wins in cleveland. lebron james not the only one who wore shorts. the warriors draymond green. the detroit grand prix was delayed yesterday. valued at $123,000 being driven by mark royce and executive vice president at general motors in the passenger seat was mark sanders his airbag deployed both were taken to the infield and checked out and all good to go. look at alex rodriguez. he is not making a comeback he was broadcasting the red sox game through espn last night. a little game of catch. he throws it right back to him.
7:56 am
fun time back and forth in the crowd. just like they did in the world series. jennifer lopez also there at the game. she is underrated. she can sing, she can dance she can act. but her choice and men, for someone who is so unpopular. his rating has been soaring and he actually doesn't text and drive when he is driving in the cars. they were not texting but driving on a race racetrack is really hard. didn't have the safety mechanisms and that corvette that they do in the actual
7:57 am
even the pace cart car doesn't have the same safety measures that they do. have you seen the pace car crashing? >> i have gone around the daytona track in the pace car they only let former racecar drivers drive the car. who knew. thank you jared. good to see you. the rising cost of oil and how it could impact airline ticket prices. america is warning about price hike details. jardiance asked:
7:58 am
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dagen: good morning, everybody. i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. monday june 4 top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern. markets extending gains from friday 128-point gain on the dow futures, trade worries? not showing up in the market. stocks rally on friday following that much better-than-expected jobs' report. unemployment rate falling again, at 18-year low, we had 219-point gain on the blue chips, that green is now showing up in europe we have begins a across the board to report to start this week in europe. same story in asia overnight, all four major markets there gaining this monday. facebook under fire, new
8:01 am
report from "new york times," says the social media giant gave users data to device makers apple samsung waiving ste down nearly 1 1/2% in premarket trading. this comes as tech being industry is facing scrutiny over censorship not just facebook, house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes has a warning for big texting on sunday sunday. >> would i hope that they just don't g involved in politics don't sensor of critics republicans if they continue to do it we have to move to hearings on this issue. >> a closer look straight ahead. trade turmoil commerce secretary wilbur ross returns from china with no deal comes as our allies ramp up threats of retaliation over our steel and aluminum tariffs, breaking news overnight a shooting on a football field, five people
8:02 am
shot including a pregnant woman, had to have emergency c-section we have latest from texas. plus scare in the sky a flight forced to make emergency landing after the plane windshield cracked. . a warning from american airlines ticket prices could go higher as that airline faces higher fuel costs, former president bill clinton offering his take on the basement debate he says proceedings would be full swing for impeachment if a democrat was in office, all of that so much more coming up this morning, fox news contributor cat is here benchmark managing partner kevin kelley, and lee carter. good morning. >> one hour left can't wait to get to all of that president clinton not helping the democrats. >> can i just say something about markets wufrnts strong market action this morning saw strengthen in friday session is because manufacturing
8:03 am
numbers exceed expectations, i mean we are well into expansion numbers i mean supposed to get 57 print on the pmi manufacturing, we got 58 number. dagen: exponent if -- except front page global economic growth optimism digit you have global manufacturing nine-month low built aic dry index that shipping measure peaked last copper prices falling warning flares. >> there are some on global side especially emanating out of europe so europe is really weighing down the global economy, so stre with political discourse the problem that you are having is not here in the u.s. where 25% world gdp still strengthening, and so i think that is a good thing. . >> let's move to took privacy story privacy in any skrurnt amid a new report this is from "new york times," that
8:04 am
facebook gave phone makers device makers apple and samsung, access user dat blake burman on this in washington, d.c., with more good morning. >> good morning to you as t namese apple, out the blackberry samsung microsoft amazon a handful of roughly 60 device makers took shared data with according to knewl knew report from "new york times" the partnerships according to the to the report allowed for use of like buttons address books loid for facebook to access the data of users friends without their explicit consent in posting in response to the times article facebook defending itself saying partners signed agreements prevented took information used for any purpose than to recreate facebook life experiences partners could not integrate with devices without
8:05 am
user permission. >> congressman devin nunes was warning tech companies reaching into political arena and whether or not companies need to be regulated. >> that brings in aholly another set of cires are these companies facebook, twitter google apple are they monopolies should they be reined in i would hope we don't have to go there. >> opensf door to even more questions about facebook, dagen and user privacy mark zuckerberg was testifying on capitol hill this issue was not publicly known then, so it was not raised either. dagen: thank you for that blake burman in washington, for us. turning to trade tensions the trump administration, showing no signs of backing down, after imposing sweeping tariffs on aluminum and steel imports, from canada mexico and european union, late last week, despite swift pushback from america's allies.
8:06 am
>> the national security issue is not about canada, or china, or turkey or any other country that sends us aluminum or steel national security issue is a flood of imports from 20 countries that are putting our aluminum and steel businesses out of business so the national security issue is you basically us looking outward defending ourselves against that flood of imports so that these industries can -- >> joining us president ceo of magna gas focused on five-billion-dollar metal cutting market. some of america's closest allies calling these tariffs insulting, unacceptable threatening retaliation lining up tariffs on goods we extort to nationss like canada mexico europe how are these tariffs going to impact your business? >> well -- we are profile companies that definitely
8:07 am
benefit from sales, nga a molecule industry industrial gas sector we have created industrial gas thats unique, developed here in yu replace to cut and form met aal if this economy with respect to to metal aluminum starts taking off more than it has we will definitely benefit not alone. >> how do you -- face shareholders talk about growth forward the volatility around the sanctions and your cash flow and managing shareholder expectations because this may be a temporal situation that only happens for a few quarters. >> well, that is a good question, and at the end of the day our customers are not going to stop welding not stop building not stop producing
8:08 am
automobiles just because cost of welding goes up 10%. i think it is something that -- if you aty as whole i mean, in -- unemployment down 18-year low, back orders 14-year high, industry really isn't that afraid about these tariff on the whole in my opinion. >> industry not necessarily concerned but a lot of individuals out there are, because we just heard, and dagen, dagen's interview said there is short term pain for consumers might have impact on jobs do you think it is going to have an back on individuals. >> i think if you look at -- six pack up a few pennies automobile by price go positive up 40 dollars. i honestly don't think going to have a huge impact on other consumers, frankly i think it is all hype. >> not just it is not just a six, a pack of beer and
8:09 am
automobile it is everything that follows, it is also, the retaliatory tariffs from all other nations, they administration is looking at -- automobile tariffs so if you want to buy akia, that kia you might go up several thousand dollars in cost thes sum total again you are admiting consumer prices are going to go up, peter navarro was on this show when tariff were first announced, before ever implemented, saying don't worry your head 6 pack of beer not g that much again, it effect the entire supplier chain as well so hes manufacturers are left wondering how they are going to source their materials. >> yes i think that is true there is a risk for some retaliatory tariff but tariff mechanisms are used every day by every country in the world 50% products imported in united states subject to some
8:10 am
sort of a tariff, now not 25% usually much lower i think average is 2 1/2%, retaliatory tariffs are a concern but hopeful trump will this as sort of a negotiations tool to avoid that. >> do you have any sense have you talked to anybody in the administration, at all, do you have a sense of -- when we might have more certainty on that? no. i have not i know that my customers suppliers kind of rolling with it prices are going up. for aluminum and steel but, again, in our sector, we are not going to stop building justly because something goes up a few pennies. dagen: thank you for many here tak care,. >> my pleasure. >> coming up president bill clinton ramp rumping up ret arguing impeachment hearings would have started there if a democrat was commander in chief ahead a crude awaken
8:11 am
american airlines warning consumers they might face higher ticket prices if if price still a high. ♪ ♪ ♪ how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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i'm your phone,istle text alert. stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? >> at least five people including a pregnant woman shot at a football game in texas, last night, cheryl casone was the details, cheryl. cheryl: right, the pregnant
8:14 am
woman was shot in the chest had emergency c-section baby reportedly is okay. but the woman herself in critical condition. this morning, now this happened after two people opened fir at a football game it happened in south dallas injured at least three women two men, the motive for the shooting unclear at this point, police are searching for the suspects in this. well jordan prime minister has resigned, after several days of protests in that country, al jazeera reporting king abdullah asked prime minister to step down, recent demonstrations over tax increases biggest in years police fire tear gas blocked roads now the result of these protests really erupted in jordan, as you can see, on your screen. >> american airlines flight to make emergency landing after
8:15 am
its willed shield was shattering by aailstorm one passenger able to get this picture showed you can see the excessive damage to the nose of the plane luckily flight landed safeliy no injured reported american airlines warning continued rise in oil prices could result in higher ticket prices for the passengers this summer, spike in prices resulting in somber forecast for global airline profits in general. according to the international air transport association the industry, is expected to post a 33.8-billion-dollar profit this year but that is down 12%, from pre fore this, of course, due largely to rising fuel costs for the airline, and may oil reached 730 bucks per barrel for the first time in four years. now at 65.52 but, again, higher prices if they continue through summer in particular airline can only hedge so much they can maybe hedge 60%, 70%
8:16 am
not whole incof enchilada ticket may get prizier all the good news. >> thank you, president bill clinton, speaking out, why former president arguing impeachment hearings would have already started if a democrat was commander in chief. tensions bubble over trade, ahead of president trump attending g meeting in canada. we are breaking down, the tussle ahead. ♪ ♪
8:17 am
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8:20 am
dagen: a different kind of double standard, about former president bill clinton claiming if a democrat was in office, impeachment proceedings would have already been happening. >> i think they have tried by and large to cover this investigation. i thk it is -- if role were reversed now this is me just talking but based on my experience, if there were apple democratic president most people in washington believe impeachment hearings would have been done already. >> tming up with author james patterson you saw him for a spy thriller a fibering fictitious spy thriller. >> what do you make of clinton comments. >> i think totally wrong i think that if the rolls were reverse first degree republicans really were a democrat i don't think there would be an investigation, at
8:21 am
all, to be you know quite frank, and you know what the push comments bothered me most at it the end saying media covered this fairly, based in llort of things like that i think totally off base i think it is clear that a lot of members of the media are active par 'tispants in investigations not recorders of history like bill clinton seems to think they are. >> why is bill clinton talking? i mean do you really think that having him out there is something that helps democrats? do you think that it could actually be doing harm. >> i think could potentially be doing harm in same interview when he was asked if he has ever apologize to monica lewinsky throughout 20 years ample opportunity to do so he said he hadn't. you know so i think, you know, having out there rehashing a
8:22 am
lot of same things i think reminds everyone what happened 20 years ago, how not great things were and how for democrats and --. >> you throw in hillary clinton who -- can't get away from a microphone, like a magnet, that whatid she say one recent speech she gave the last couple weeks i am not over it! >> no kidding. >> should have been a tightly of her book. [laughter] >> yeah i definitely agree i think that honestly, you know it is time to accept the lessons of 2016, on both sides of the aisle except that both parties are radically different now than they were three years ago, it is not the same political environment of america, really feels like every day we are rehashing the same thing or rehashing november 2016 all over again, i think it will be great if people would take the lessons away from that, and move along, and do what they need
8:23 am
to do. >> one of the things i am curious about i know they covered, apologized to monica lewinsky -- this president was known to be or may be if we were to look at in it context of how would be perceived today behavior in the #metoo movement all of that we were talking about this earlier it is astound youing that wasn't brought up in this interview why do you think that was? i think it was not brought up because i think that bill clinton gets a free pass along a lot of members of the media you are absolutely right it is time to revisit what happened to monica patient zero in all of this, you know today's more than media all things like that, i definitely think that her story needs to be retold revisited, and -- you know i think that the fact that they didn't ask him that gave him a free pass on that, goes to show you that the media definitely has a download standard, and that it is af roles were reversed things would not at all be the same. dagen: i point to the fact
8:24 am
town and community rao invited monica lewinsky to this event disinvited her, once bill clinton agreed to show up. and then tried to like offer her little chickts to get her to avoid talking aboutt shows you why maybe not a whole party but that man still gets a free pass from a lot of people. >> yeah, absolutely, i mean, you know, i guess in today's environment even -- #metoo movement certain victims of sexual abuse getting elevated above others it is really sad our country is so politically divided to the point that that is a political issue, as well, right? and that if you are a victim, of a certain man you are going to get marginali pushed to side if victim of another man, going to be wall-to-wall coverage of this same thing, right that -- disparity in and offis not fair we should not have a double standard when it
8:25 am
comes to women who have sifford at hands of powerful -- >> kevin kelley here, i think the kind of looming situation about bill clinton or hillary rodham clinton keep going out to talk about themselves, what happened in november 2016, is overshadowing the democrat especially going into this midterm elections do you think the clintons are doing counterproductive to helping democrats in the elections coming up. >> yeah absolutely, i mean i think very clear that the base of the democratic party moved past clintons i think would behoove democratic party if they picked up on that queue say okay ipt is very clear our voters do not like these people let's move on figure out what they do like who they do want to see on theticket, coming forward who they do want to see on tv and what issues that they actually do care about, it is very clear that democrats honestly don't care about many of the fact oxygens factions of the
8:26 am
people. >> spy political thriller, that president clinton worked on, with james patterson involves cyberhe is peonage a traitor in the white house is this a commentary according to clinton? based on what said about division in this country? >> yeah, i definitely think it could be a not so subtle you know -- what is going on, you know, i personally am kind of tired of if i can shun alized stories because i feel saturated with coverage of this i don't think that the things that i enjoy for fiction pleasure reading need to have this as well personally that is how i feel about it. dagen: good to see you. >> al, last week haseen i don't know how getting the graen gasoline to keep it
8:27 am
going. >> good to see you president trump tweeting this morning, this is my 500th day in office, and we have complished a lot. many believe more than any president in the first 500 days. that otherwise cat's. >> he list what's he accomplished massive tax and regulation cuts military, about lower crime illegal immigration stronger boards best economy jobs ever much more repad repeal replace done savings of o trillion dolls excep for one person but getting done anywayed very mandate gone greet less expensive plans will be announced this month, drug prices coming down. >> so way -- tweets the way he
8:28 am
speaks makes me laugh. >> many believe -- >> but ever -- >> he did leave the wall out. >> -- there was no wall funding for the most part replacement fencing funding no restrictions on sanctuary cities in that spending bill so again -- but i will quote ed rollins he said 2020 bumper sticker should be promises made promises kept that is a lot whether you agree with the president or not, he has gotten -- >> yeah. >> -- health care don't go backwards. >> they have got to come up with a plan. >> they have to come up with a plan. >> premium increases are going to get announced, in october. >> that is right. >> before people going to the polls. >> get something done democrats -- >> you don't want nancy pelosi as speaker of the house. >> no. >> certainly not. >> coming up, dell reported quarterly earnings before the
8:29 am
bell enumerating revenue expectations we will break down those numbers ahead plus high stakes in the soybean industry a live look with connell mcshane on the farm the impact of the tariffs tussle between u.s. and china on the farming community, next. ain't no cover charge ♪ ♪ ♪ it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018.
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8:32 am
,. >> dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo monday, june 4 your top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern, markets still gaining 139 point gain dow futures right now. we're looking at a nice rally to start this new week, this after stocks rallied on friday, after that much better-than-expected jobs' report, again to point that out, job growth accelerated last month from where it has been on average in the last 12 months a few credible in economic expansion rolling on for more than nine years, are global markets following gains look at england france german we have gains across the board there, and in asia overnight, it is the same story. buying galore all four markets major markets in asia up this monday. of them nevertheless trade turmoil commerce secretary wilbur ross returns from china
8:33 am
no deal as allies ramp up the threat of retaliation over steel and aluminum tariffs white house trade policy director navarro firm on need for tariffs. >> all the president is doing is defending this country, national security sovereignty economics security from flood of imports. dagen: we look at applications for business about markets targeting a gas tax a battle looming in california over a 12 cent hike, about how it could impact the midterms as voters there head to the polls tomorrow. amazon in focus one analyst raising target to 2000 dollars a share. . where does it put the company in the race to wld be trillion? against apple? we will tell you dell rising premarket better-than-expected revenue details, later this hour. the shth at aing tariffs u.s.
8:34 am
allies criticizing the trump administration over latest round of tariffs ahead of the g-7 summit later this week in québec canada, farmers among hardest hit because of tariffs so far connell mcshane in ogden ia with the latest details. >> hey. reporter: it is interesting try to make this c to life as much as we can you talk about trade talks over the weekend we come out to to the soybean farm beautiful part of iowa getting down to show you the rows of soybeans being grown the idea when you think trade with china, look at rows won't be had for harve until september why so low to the ground one out of every three rows of soybeans we are looking at go from united states, to china, eventually but this is numbers wise works out to about 12 billion dollars a year. so we talk about trade tensions in united states, they are -- in iowa, introduce you to ron hecht with us a
8:35 am
farmer in iowa on president advisory council. >> in beijing month or ago tournament telling us that some orders for later in the year had stopped for soybeans coming from united states how is your business impacted by all this trade talk trade tensions. >> the tries of soy beijings has gone up since talks started buyers around the rest of the world are stepping up, and buying more soybeans than they were so we've so far we've had a price increase. >> how does business work in other words, this time of year not normally the chinese buying from united states right comes later in the year. >> right, china, is a seasonal buyer they buy from uni states about six months a year, during our harvest time then buy about six months a year from south america. >> brazil, argentina the final point what is your big worry in all of this could should he shift some buying not bras i
8:36 am
willians are a teenians how do you see thing paying out. >> absolutely so far so good everything has been fine but if they shift purchases during normal purchasing time, from u.s., which is starting in september, that could be a problem for us, and that is when we might feel price impact. >> so you are watching trade talks like the rest of us we will be talking to folks out here throughout the day that is the idea watching like all of us, watching it obviously a little bit more intentionally because this is their livelihood 12 billion dollar a year bess. >> connell i am cures to ask ron something can you just -- is he making any changes in the way he is managing his farm at all? has he made any is he changing -- you might already know that. reporter: it is interesting we've talked a little bit off camera dagen asking you a quick answer ron if you are making changes in the way you areanaging yourarm because of this? i know tough to anticipate what is next. >> not really making any changes, but i am being about
8:37 am
wore watchful what is going on in the marketing. no changes are called for yet, actually nothing has happened. so far. there is a chance that as a result of negotiations, it will actually be helpful for u.s. and china soybean trade hard to know which way to jump right now a o. >> final point chinese already charge tax 16% tariff on coy bea soybeans to united states threat to make 25i9 people like ron hope may be 16 goes lower they may come out the on top by the time this is all done but right now they don't know. dagen: i said when you were talk you go do neshl reporting i will say that to your face connell mcshane, in iowa. >> thank you. >> take care, catch connell all day, actually for the next few days in iowa. rhetoric over trump tariffs heading up over the weekend with canada prime minister justin trudeau calling the president move an
8:38 am
intellectuality larry kudlow saying we must put america first. >> i think he itself overreacting i don't want to get in the middle of that as a friend and ally united states nobody denies that we have to protect ourselves. >>. dagen: larry kudlow said this is like a family squabble a feud more about tiff over tariffs, jack mcintyre, to be clear friday today, there is no worry showing up in the stock market here athome >> that is correct, because we to me u.s. economy is going well strong employment report, like the risk from strayed standpoint is it going to escalate i think markets keying off kudlow and mnuchin versus navarro lighthizer so long as the case i think the equity market will do okay.
8:39 am
>> jack one of the interesting things kevin kelley here one interesting thing a theme for the markets the rising rate environment we touched 3.1510-year treasury int didn't want intraday base what is your worries for fixed income are they going to be exacerbated given trade talks what is happening with ballooning deficit with -- as well as bunch of other -- central things like are going to be happening the next decade where we have to issue tons of debt? >> yeah, that is a great point. you know the back end of that, about the -- budget deficit increasing trade deficit, they ultimate that should be weaker or drive u.s. dollar lower, to me is part of the solution would help may be alleviate trade sensation in there. >> i think some not worried from fixed income investor standpoint i don't see a lot
8:40 am
of inflation pressures building as fed is going to go slow i think kind of given as you road map so yields are going to drift higher, but not to the point where it is going to derail the u.s. economy. >> there is a front-page story in thell street journal," today, talking about global economic the growth story globally, the fading. dimming markets optimism the headline global manufacturing index there nine-month low baltic dry index, measure of shipping costs down 22% since peak last month, copper prices, also down, can the u.s. keep growing at a clip that atlanta fed thinks this quarter is going to be 4.8% growth whichraordinary can we keep growing at that understood kind of pays if the rest of the world is showing. >> i am not sure we are going to print 4% in the u.s. but so i think -- if you look at china, and u.s. combine those those are two big obviously
8:41 am
economies data is still coming in better than expected that is why i take the other side of that article because i think global economy still on soli fting yet q1 was sort of a little bit slower i suspect we many see a little uptick in growth i don't see global inventory overhanging the key is corporate sector capex i suspect will we will see a kaex cycle tying in trade sensations creates uncertainty in a business community, and if it accelerates corporate might not build up capex to degree sensations i this i the global very solid footing. >> a survey from national association of business economics shows many worried about a recession, by 2020 your take on that report? again, we're american nine years into this expansion. that would be that would be -- a recession by 2020 would be
8:42 am
expansion of 12 years what is your take again to introduce the worry of tariffs what that will do to busines younow prices, and business activity here in the u.s. >> right, so i don't think expansion has to die of old age, the one characteristic as you pointed out long prey slow expansion, so it is not strong but it is long. but you are right, there is risk from on the trade standpoint, clearly, if this sclai escalates into trade war brings the next recession if i am right about capex kind of coming to the forefront -- and inflation not getting out of hand, because you knowhe fed obviously ends upending a lot of expansions and if inflation remains tame the fed won't do this time around. so it is a possibility. it is you know 18 months away,
8:43 am
but i don't think it has to happen. >> thank you jack good to see you, jack mcintyre president continues to tweet this morning, writing this, as has been stated by numerous legal scholars i have the absolutely right to pardon myself, but why would i do that when i have done nothing wrong? in the meantime, the never ending witch hunt led by 13 very angry coninflicted democrats a others continues into midterms, he tweeted this again, mr. president, are you watching "mornings with maria"? china already charges tax 16% on soybeans canada has all sorts of trade barriers on our agricultural products, not acceptable. that is exactly what connell mcshane was you tooking about with that soybean farmer could go to 25% the u.s. threat but could it go lower than 16%? hmm, we will be right back. >> welcome back to ennis canal court report for fox business.
8:44 am
it was a great day for red, white and blue roland-garros two american women fst time in careers. >> to punch ticket into elite 8 u.s. open champion took 11 games of the match to wrap up the impressive win in under an hour. earlier, took care of business against romania to set up a quarterfinal meeting with kuznetsova. >> four aces at flushing meadows serena williams sharapova renewed arrivalry. ♪
8:45 am
♪ no matter when you retire, your income doesn't have to. see how lincoln can help ensure you still have income every month of your retirement, guaranteed, at
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8:47 am
dagen: president tweeting this morning, u.s. made such
8:48 am
bad trade deal over so many years that we can only win. shares of dell up 2% this morning, after beating first quarter renue expectations, nicole petallides at it new york stock exchange, with much more. >> good monday morning day ago enthat is right watching dow up this morning after revenue wowed wall street stock up 2% so they saw pc shipments on rise products overall, saw increase 22% that is the mother he loadhe load. >> this is where they saw increase 22% service revenue gained a winning quarter stock over 52 weeks up 24% then amazon, watching amazon we have positive comments from humphrey, the analyst there puts 2000 dollar price target this is the fourth time this year that heuped his price
8:49 am
target he is liking private labels of the company would include amazon echo seshlt elements nutritional supplements, when will it get to trillion-dollar market cap that beat out apple to do so if you want to see amazon in trillion-dollar market cap it would have to trade at 2060.89 not here yet but five record closes in a row looking at sixth this morning, nicole petallides. >> google in hot water, now some are calling for a probe of the tech company in the wake of google lifting not ideology of the california republican party -- >> the host of "varney & company," stuart varney. >> strong stuff i would say when you bandying about labels nazis, called bigot stamped across picture part of the google picture the moment, i
8:50 am
think it is one of the reasons, why google is underperforming the other technical stocks you may notice recently microsoft passed google in terms of overall market value that was a surprise. and a lot of things going on as well, remember the 60 minutes piece one week ago, where you emerged google is watching you noknows everything about you who is watching google representative devin nunes says you are operating like a monopoly keep going to like this we are having hearings into you that is interesting a real threat to -- to google's business forward profitability going forward, i think they are pressing for breakup of the company something to watch, because big tech is so powerful just asking the politicians to rein them in. >> they have gotten away with a lot in recent years, we just
8:51 am
sat back did nothing. >> true. >> great to see you -- >> you, to. >> always, my -- a.m. to noon monday through friday, stuart varney, "varney & company," you are can't miss a moment coming up a fight over california's 12 cent gas tax, live to orange county california where a midterm battle to repeal the gas tax is brewing. ♪ california dreamin', i thought you were going to stay ♪ ♪ ♪ how do you win at business? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level.
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yeah. dagen: midterm battle over california 12 cent gas taxing is brewing, we are live in orange county california, with the very latest hhillary. >> dagen democrats tell me pathway to the majority in november runs through california, they are targeting 10 seats from the state four orange county but national republicans say 12 cent tax gas tax increase at pump state democrats pushed through is going to pump the brakes on their road to victory in enforce republicans say it is energizing their base. >> there is a lot of energy on republican side, people want to talk about how democrats are enthused i don't see democrats matching in the streets over paying upwards of $5 a gallon for gasoline i think going to resonate with voters not just now but as well as in the fall. reporter: voters fired up over gas tax issue one state sthor facing recall vote to kick him
8:56 am
out of office for voting for tax the at a democratic congressional campaign committee are convinced voters are not worried about rising trappings costs weighing who to support for con instead are focused on what is happening in d.c. >> i think that when voters are going to polls this week issues that they are thinking about voting for congress are the issues that they are seeing come out of washington. reporter: there is one tax democrat say voters worried about gop tax plan that they say has hit voters in california the hardest, california republican leadership says democrats in state are to blame for the high taxes. >> i think there is a collective democrat strategy to blame washington, d.c., and don don for all of the ills in california the fact of the matter the democrats own california they had total control over seven years don't want to take credit for their record here. reporter: dagen this 52-billion-dollar tax plan to
8:57 am
push cars off road gop hopes will push democrats off the ballot in about november. dagen: thank you hillary, in orange county, california, coming up final thoughts on our all-stars we will be right back. ♪ you captan't go home hometown by ♪ ♪ . .
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dagen: hug to kevin kelly, lee carter, so much to talk about trade, these markets are loving what's coming out of washington so far. that does it for maria bartiromo, varney & compa is up right now. stuart, is all yours, sir. stuart: we are off and running this monday morning. looks like following on of last week. our allies are united on this. they don't like taxes imposed on them and they have put it directly to the president at the g7 meeting. as for china, they are warning us on trade as well. we have threatened to impose tariffs mid-june, they are saying don't do it. it's trump versus the rest of the world on trade this monday morning. look at this, stock market rally this monday morning despite the trade war talk, despite the media obsession with robert mueller, the dow will be up triple digits and yet again it is the big-name tech sto


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