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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 4, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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away, so that we can say we everything we had when it came to trying to solve this diplomatically and get this out of the way and go back to the pressure campaign. charles: thank you both very very much we'll see exactly what happens now here is lou. lou: good evening everybody. our top stories, a supreme court victory for religious freedom, the high court ruling that a colorado baker should not be penalized for staying true to his religious beliefs. we take up the implications of the high court ruling, legal analyst greg jarod among our guests 500 days of greatness and awesome winning. president trump hits a major milestone in his presidency with an unsurpassed record of success that has rhinos and obstruction it'ses dems and the national left wing media tail spun. we'll discuss the unstopable trump agenda with the dean, ed
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rollins and new york post columnist michael goodwin, and bill clinton's book tour taking the former president places he didn't want to revisit. >> you are giving one side and -- >> i'm not trying to present a side. >> no, no, you asked me if i agreed and the answer is no i don't. nobody wants to ask you these questions because of the way you formulate the questions. lou: and there he goes. if you've forgotten just how much fun a clinton can have while the media melts down we'll have the very latest for you on a very old story. the clintons and monica, yes, the saga goes on. our top story tonight, the supreme court today supporting religious freedom and ruling in favor of the colorado banker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. he refused he said because of his religious beliefs. fox news chief legal correspondent shannon breem with
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our report. >> justice kennedy held the tolerance is a two way street and jack phillips was not tolerated by the civil rights commission of colorado. >> the legal team for colorado baker jack phillips is celebrat ing today, after a 7-2 sueme court opinion holding phillips never got a fair shake, when he was sued by a gay couple after declining to create a custom cake in celebration of their same sex wedding. for the majority, justice kennedy noted that at least one of the colorado commissioners who heard the original complaint likened phillips explanation and religious beliefs to those who supported slavery and the holocaust. this sentiment is inappropriate for commission charged with the sol employee responsibility of fair and neutral enforcement of colorado's anti-discrimination law. kennedy pointed out that a number of the commissioner's statements implied "that religious beliefs and persons are less than fully welcome in colorado's business community." but kennedy himself noted that
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the broader legal issues in this dispute are far from settled, and must be done so with tolerance for both sides, leaving lgbt advocates with mixed feelings. we're certainly disappointed that the supreme court found in this narrow set of circumstances in favor of the baker, but what's important here is the supreme court in no way undermined our nation's civil rights laws. >> the couple at the center of the case, charlie craig, and dave mullens say "today's decision means our fight against discrimination and unfair treatment will continue. we will continue fighting until no one does." and justice ginsberg's descent she found it irrelevant that phillips sold cakes and cookies to gay and lesbian cookies adding, i see no reason why the comments of one or two commissioners should be taken to overcome phillips refusal to sell a wedding cake to craig and
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mullens. >> both sides agreed to's opinion did not settle the underlying issues. later this week the justices will privately consider whether or not to hear the case of a washington state florist who declined when a long time customer of hers asked her to do flowers for his same sex ceremony. we'll see. lou back to you. lou: and it goes on, shannon bre em, thank you very much. the u.s. supreme court today also sided with the trump adminitration in a critical case , the high court, unanimous ly rejected a lower court decision that allowed an illegal immigrant teen to receive an abortion last year. the stock market today rallied up nearly 200 points technology leading the way apple and microsoft hitting all-time highs apple held its annual worldwide developers conference today as its stock hit that new all-time high, and the company previewing new features like group, face time and emojis that look like the user called me emojis
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and microsoft buying software platform get hub for $7.5 billion. president trump today addressed his right pardon himself in the ongoing probe conducted by special counsel robert mueller, the witch hunt, if you will, and as the president said, as has been stated by numerous legal scholars, i have the absolute right to pardon myself but why would i do that when i've done nothing wrong? in the meantime the never-ending witch hunt led by 13 very angry and conflicted democrats and others continues into the mid-terms. the president's attorney rudy giuliani talking about the president's constitutional right to pardon himself, but claiming he has no plans to research the president's rights. >> he has no intention of pardoning himself. >> it would be an open question i think it would probably get answered by gosh that's what the constitution says and if you want to change it change it. lou: but yeah, georgetown
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university law professor jonathan turley says the constitution is clear. he said to fox news, "the language of article two is qui plicit in giving the president a pardon power over federal offences with the only exception related to impeachments. donald trump can certainly make a good faith case for the right to self-pardon." our first guest tonight to discuss the explosive report on the fbi investigation into russia collusion, the agency appearing to violated its own rules, when using informants before a formal investigation was ever launched, joining us here tonight, john sol eman, opinion contributor for the hill it's great to have you with us john, the fbi violating its own rules, you know, it is a new context, it is a new offense but it's apparently a long list of offences just waiting to be explored here. >> well you know the boroughs have a great history of solving
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a lot of great crime and also some black eyes at different times in our country. i think i have some breaking news for you though tonight lou just before i walked in here i just found out that the intelligence chief for the fbi is going to be on capitol hill tomorrow for the first time to answer questions about both the hillary clinton e-mail case, he oversaw that, and the russia trump case which he also oversaw he was peter strzok's boss so the guy with all of the text messages and tomorrow is going to be a pivotal day and congress will learn a lot of new information during the interview s. lou: the inference i'm drawing is that he is going to be speaking candidly about his employer, the fbi and those who were running the agency during at >> yeah, he was one of them an assistant director and assistant director for counterintelligence so he's very high up had all birds eye view of everything that went on in both of these investigations even questions like james comey, did anyone in the fbi no he was sharing
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classified memos with his lawyer s those are the sort of things that get asked tomorrow. lou: sharing classified memos with his lawyers, a special employment relationship with one of them at the f let me ask you, as we continue this discussion. >> sure. lou: do you believe that the fbi will soon recover from this you referred to a black eye that seems somewhat to me diminished and less profound than perhaps the damage that i see in that agency? >> yeah, listen, they recovered from 9/11 if you remember i did a lot of the reporting 15-16 years ago about what the fbi knew and dropped the ball before the worst trist attack in american history. they'll come back there's lots of good people there that care including people that talked to me about the concerns they have in the russia case and it'll come back stronger but right now there's still a lot of accounting. we don't even know the nature of the black eye, we're still learning.
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we know there was actions by these informants before think was a formal investigation. we don't know whether they were controlled or not so until we get all of the facts in place i don't think the fbi can o, address what it did wrong and try to correct what it did wrong until we know everything on the table, transparency has always been one of the bureau's toughest issues. lou: and talking about the problems of their own making the corruption within the leadership itself we learn now the department of justice, inspector general report has been deferred another week. >> yes. lou: the judiciary committee putting off that hearing, and this goes on and on. it is one form of slow walking lebe very clear. if this agency has not learned how to produce a report after a thorough investigation in under a year, there's something terribly terribly wrong that tier me ates the entire agency in my opinion. yours? >> yeah, the ig did its work right and its been sitting in its review process and every week we hear it's coming out and gets kicked down the road not
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uncommon when there's classified information people are arguing over what can be released publicly and remain redacted but i do expect it's going to come out i know it's more than 400 pages that means the a lot to talk about james comey if there's 400 pages in that report lou: absolutely and speaking of walking, i meanhe expression is synonymous with rod rosenstein and the leaders the department ofce. we don't even mention jeff sessions name any more because he's not even a head. he is in the halls of justice. your thoughts about rosenstein and the ways in which congress can once again assert its oversight responsibilities and they are responsibilities laid out in the authorities of the constitution but they are fundamentally responsibilit >> yeah, listen i talked to a lot of people in the justice department even people that like rod are and he's clearly a witness if robert mueller is investigating obstruction the
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president firing comey and we have the right to do so if he's investigating that rod rosenstein wrote the memo he has to be a witness how can a witness with a conflict of interest still be in charge of the investigation. that's one of the issues when i talk to my sources in the bureau comes up all of the time. lou: let me ask you this as we p here because you and i have not talked about this. i'd like to get a sense from you what would happen if mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and others in the republicans party stood up and said to the special counsel and to the country, this is over. this special counsel is done. almost a year investigation by the fbi of the ghost-like suggestion of collusion on the part of this administration, when everything that has been turned up in the investigation by first the fbi, the the special counsel investigation for more than a year now that has supplied enough, and for whom the fbi investigation was a
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foundation, nothing has been turned up that suggests anything but democratic collusion, democratic crimes, crimes of corruption within the leadership bi and the justice department. not a single single men of president trump. >> or in the 500th day of t trump's presidency and not a public piece of evidence that says there was collusion. i think something impornt will happen soon when this ig report comes out if it lays out the wrongdoing or mistakes that james comey made at the fbi it's going to affirm the president and quite frankly rod rosenstein 's memo the decision to fire comey and that makes it look a lot less like obstruction and much more like a personnel performance issue and that's something that changes the dialogue. i'd keep an eye on that and this thing is winding down on some fronts. you look at the questions that the presidents lawyers were given not a single one about collusion with russia that's a sign that robert mueller doesn't think there's much there. lou: well, and that robert mueller joins the i believe the
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vast majority of americans at this point. john we thank you for being with us as always. thank you very much. thanks, lou. lou: we appreciate it. up next, china trade talks stall ing as tensions rise in the south china sea, we'll have a full report, and two volcanic eruptions destroying both guatemala and hawaiian real estate we'll have the latest for you here next. for my constipation, my doctor recommended
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lou: defense secretary james mattis in singapore ahead of the upcoming summit with north korea this weekend, and general mattis warnin china aut i arming military expansi in the south china sea. >> despite china's claim to the country, the placement of these weapon systems is tied directly to military use for the purposes of intimidation and coercion. it cls into question china's broader goals. lou: and trade talks between the united states and china have broken down, hitting an impasse over the weekend and the latest round of negotiations that round ended with no agreement of course the united states poised to slap tariffs on $50 billion of chinese goods, steel and aluminum tariffs have already been enacted against canada, mexico and the european union.
7:18 pm
fox news white house correspondent kevin corke has the latest for us. >> these tariffs, they're purely defensive in nature, they're designed basically to bring these industries back to life guess what from day one those tariffs were announced they're lurking. >> lurking say white house officials to restore american commerce and enhance u.s. national security. indeed the president's twitter feed has consistently had the unfairness of the tariffs adding by the time i finish trade talks , that will change. massive trade deficits no longer the united states has the world 's largest trade deficit. its been that way since 1975. with an $811.2 billion gap in 2017 alone, nearly half of that, 37billion, thanks to china. but from the united kingdom to beijing from ottawa to mexico city the tough talk on tariffs is sparking fears that a global trade war is imminent. today, british prime minister theresa may told president in a
7:19 pm
phone call that u.s. tariffs on eu steel were unjustified and deeply disappointing. mexico filed a complaint against the u.s. with the world trade organization. china warned that increased tariffs would force it to renig on a promise to reduce its trade surplus and canadian officials stung by fees on steel and aluminum due to national security concerns have proposed $16 billion in retrompe l'oeil yeah tori tariffs. >> the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting and unacceptable. >> some experts think the president tosses strategy is well-intentioned but goes a bit too far. >> in some respects the presid right but the answer to that is not to throw up barriers on our side. it's to work to expand access broad and lower tariffs across the globe. >> house speaker paul ryan made no secret of his opposition to the new tariffs meanwhile majority leader kevin mccarthy says the president is merely
7:20 pm
doing all he can to battle for free and fair trade on be half of the american people a debate that wiloeat up as we make our way to the g7 in canada later this week. lou? lou: thank you very much, kevin corke from the white house, and by the way, this, it's extraordinary what this president is doing on the 500th day of his administration. he is the only world leader fighting for balanced international trade relations. not the international monetary fund, the world bank, the bank of international settlements of the european union, no, none of them. just this populous president talking about balancing international capital flows and trade systems. amazing. guatemala's volcano erupted this weekend blasting boulders and ash, thousands of feet into the air that volcanickish stretching out over a 12-mile radius, more than 60 people have been killed more than 3,000 people have
7:21 pm
evacuated from their homes as rivers and lava are spreading from volcano fuego. lava has been flowing from hawaii's kilauea volcano for a month now, lava overrunning more than 100 homes on the big island thousands of people evacuated when lava fissures opened up following kilauea's eruption a month ago. coming up here next, the kremlin cozying up to north korea just a week away from that singapore summit. is that a coincidence? is that a coincidence? or is there still there? we'll take it up with general jack keane here next stay with us we'll be right back. [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction.
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lavrov. putin ally bashar al-assad also planning to make aisit to north korea. joining us tonight. fox news senior strategic analyst general jack keane. what is pew continue playing at here? -- what is putin playing at here? >> he looks at the united states as his strategic opponent. here it's a fact we know, lou, we have sources telling us that putin, despite the fact he was a signatory to the back door sanctions. lou: when you describe putin wanting to be an obstructionist.
7:27 pm
it sounds like he's on a par with chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. but he's doing more than simply obstructing and trying to move an agenda in a different direction. he's playing a petty game. particularly when we are talking about a nuclear power trying to create obstacles and problems for the trump doctrine. >> rest assured, foreign minister lavrov, he didn't tell kim jong-un make sure you give up your nuclear weapons. he told them not to give up anything. i'm convinced of it. why? because they are opposed to u.s. policy. he does not want a win for the united states on a global stage,
7:28 pm
denuclearizing north korea and taking down those missile systems. and the united states receiving the global accolades that would come to the united states as a result. putin doesn't want any part of that. lou: for decades going back to the end of the korean war, 1953, both china and russia and the united states, all three powers have a two-korea peninsula strategy that now is unwinding before our very eyes, or at least showing signs of unnding potentially given the singapore summit. this will create strains and reassessment and realignment, point? >> it definitely will for putin and president xi. they know they are dealing with a different american president,
7:29 pm
and that's why they are making the adjustments their making. our relationship with russia has never been lower than it has been right now. as soon as they do putin's malign and aggressive behavior. why is the relationship so bad? because the trump administration called them out on it. we are pushing back on it and getting our allies organize. but all that said, it's good for them look each other in the eye and start talking about those issues face to face. lou: singapore summit will be the test of that with kim jong-un and the president of the united states. you still think it will come on? >> i think it will happen unless some untold thing will torpedo it. i think we'll make progress on
7:30 pm
the likely strategic agreement. where are your nukes. how much do you have? we have to know all of that if we are going to have a verification process and be able inspect those over a period of time. i think the president's time frame is reasonable. i want to do this in 2 1/2 years. i don't want to pass this on to my successor the way it was passed on to me. lou: i can't wait to see how president trump manages this negotiation. it's going to be an extraordinary historical moment. general jack keane. great to have you with us. thanks. coming up here next. about-face. abc executives trying to reboot again. we'll bring you that. there is just one thing missing
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that puts the focus john goodman's character. this comes after roseanne was fired from her show with her name after a racist tweet. california and new york proving liberal lunacy isn't confined to just no, no, no. a new option is available on their birth certificate. adults could categorize themselves as x which very seldom takes place in the first week of life. the attorney general of california said that state will no longer allow state travel to oklahoma homa.
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the book "the russia mosquitoes," gregg jarrett. how are you? >> i'm well. buy two of them, buy five of them. lou: i'm afraid greggg is going to get even greedier. let's start w the scotus rulingding in favor of the barrack and against people telling him what he cannot do in his religion which is what effectively it amounts to. gregg: this was the inevitable collusion. let's call it collision between religious rights and gay and lesbian rights. and the court dodged it. they ruled narrowly and said he didn't get a fair hearing before
7:37 pm
the civil rights commission. but there is another case coming up in a couple days. and i think scotus will take it and there is allow them to rule more directly on the issue. lou: this is what i love about your racket -- excuse me, legal profession. here is the deal. if you walked into a baker and said he did not like republicans or conservatives and wasn't going to bake you a cake or buy you any service. that's his right or her right. i don't think i would object to that. you have got to -- a marketplace mp. why would i expect to have it my way rather than it's their joint, their business, whether they shall operating 0 business or not. gregg: the law is an elastic
7:38 pm
expanding constitution. and it gets interpreted and reinterpreted. now the latest interpretation is tolerance is a two-way street. it's not just we have to be tolerant to gay and lesbian people. we have to be tolerant of people with firmly held religious beliefs. lou: they are a protected group as far as i can see. the law doesn't tell me i can go out and say i want this this or this come hell or high water. gregg: he was selling his goods to everybody regardless of their preference. and so the court interestingly, one of the justices said that's irrelevant. no, it's incredibly relevant that he was selling everything. he just would not make one particular cushio -- custom cakr
7:39 pm
this couple. lou: i need to understand that. i read it, too. what's the point? it's a custom cake that requires him toertain thi he doesn't want to do those certain things for a gay couple. whomever it would be. i don't see where there is some way in which you can decide to impinge on a person's private property. >> he puts portraits on the cakes. and that's custom made. so the point is that he will sell anything in his store except for something that is custom made. and he has the right based on religious beliefs to say sorry, i can't do this. the supreme court upheld it but with a condition. they said, well, you didn't get a fair hearing. what if he got a fair hearing.
7:40 pm
then what would the supreme court's ruling be? >> they would say his rights would be diminished based on a different level of a hearing. this is the kind of nonsense that drives lay people nuts. gregg: as a lawyer it drives me crazy. the supreme court didn't have the courage to rule on the merits. lou: that is what result? you are not comfortable with this outcome. gregg: i would prefer they give a full-throated defense of religious rights. to say there is no exception. it's not the question of a fair hearing or unfair hearing. but there is another case coming up, a nri. if they take that case and they actually address the issues as i think they are required to do as nine supreme court justices.
7:41 pm
then maybe we'll get a good result. lou: to me it looks like the constitution is pretty clear. you talk about it as elastic and evolving. the interpretations that we watch the supreme court district courts through appellate and the supreme court torture reason and comen common sense in order to get to a conclusion that fits the political impulse of the moment is disgusting. gregg: there is a reason our founders put freedom of religion, and free press for a reason. lou: let's turn very quickly to the president's attorney, rudy giuliani. opening up this thing about
7:42 pm
pardons. the president -- i just knew as soon as rudy said it, we'll be hearing pardons for a while. to the president's great credit, you have to look at things like this the way he handles them. there would have been a little moaning, one would think in the white house. but the president is a man given to inspiration and political brilliance when he says he doesn't want to be a politician. he's out the next day talking about by gosh, i have got the right to pardon myself if i ever do anything wrong. >> heak lemonade out of lemons. that's what he was doing out of rudy's comment. it was speculation and it was unnecessary. lou: does anybody speculate about what would happen if suddenly the congress of the united states and the senate had a moment of lucidity and guts
7:43 pm
and said it's over. mueller, pack your bags, get those 13 democrats out here, we are shutting her down. gregg: that would require intelligence and there is little of that. lou: i was just going for a transition moment. gregg: the constitution is silent on whether the president can pardon himself. the founders left that to us. an assistant attorney general said you can't do that. and what does she know. 1974. what in the world does she know? lou: sometimes we lose gregg when he gets down these important evolutions, and you create a tree and branch for all
7:44 pm
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lou: former president clinton spending the last few days peddling his book and picking fights with media members who dare question his relationship with monica lewinsky. >> i did not talk to her. i never talked to her. but i did say publicly on more than one occasion that i was sorry. that's very different. the apology was token. >> you hear the trump supporters saying the press slobbered over president obama, he could do no bronx wrong. >> it was the political press.
7:49 pm
they liked him. and they liked having the first african-american president. politics has always been a contact sport. it's tough business. if you are a quarterback in pro football, you can't complain when you get sacked. i don't know if i could win any kind of a race today because of that. >> do you think differently or feel more responsibility? >> i felt terrible then. >> did you ever apologize? >> not yet. >> i don't think anybody believes i got out of that free. i left the white house $16 million in debt. lou: that was james patterson sitting quite embarrassed next
7:50 pm
to him. bill clinton learned $2.4 million for his memoir. nod not bad. do you thinkuld be cheering for bill clinton to continue his book tour all the way through the mid-terms? stocks closing higher. the dow up 178 points. new record high. volume on the big -- big board. shares of facebook down after reports they gave out user data. howard schultz stepping down as starbucks executive chairman. 40 years at the company.
7:51 pm
mcdonald's says it will add self-service kiosks to its stores over the next two years. 500 days of wing for the trump administration. 500 days of victories for america. we take it up with edrollins, they are next. stay with us. me safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. up to 90% of those with moderate to severe psoriasis had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. most people were still clearer after one year. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz.
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lou: today marks the president's
7:55 pm
500th day in office. since inauguration day he pushed his america first agenda and accomplished more than any other modern american president. the dow jones closing at 28,814. a 25% increase. the unemployment rate, down a whole percentage point. that's amazing. gdp growth rising significantly. and we are expecting just over just about 5% growth in the second quarter. that's some sort of performance. ed rol rollins and michael goodn join us. both are fox news contributors.
7:56 pm
ed, let's talk about 500 days. there are all sorts of watershed moments and benchmarks. this is remarkable what he's done. i can't think of a president perhaps who has done as much as quickly as he has. ed: consideri when he came into office there were so many cynics who said he couldn't function. he turned the country without and rebuilt the military. he's viewed as a serious leader on the world stage. he made it all work. lou: angela merkel and theresa may and the u.k. they can't stand it. she and putin are trying to figure out what in the world hit the world stage that they thought they were going to be dominating.
7:57 pm
this president with adam shifs and chuck schumer's running around like the little precious wannabes they are. though can't even carry this guy's golf bag. >> the impact on the world, not just because of the president's policies trying to force nato members to pay their fair share. lou: not so radical a thought now. the president was pretty smart. michael: the political ramifications in all these countries. you see thee of pop nation where people feel emboldened to say we are not going to put up with this bureaucracy that's doesn't serve the working class. i think what president trump is doing is sending ramifications across the globe. lou: i think that's absolutely right. this is a battle royal.
7:58 pm
we watch mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, that's a replex and re -- a rea reflex and reactio. ed: he'll go down as the working man's president. every single day, every single thing he has done is to benefit working people. not the wall street types. but the guy who wants to work across the country in factories, 's makg it a better place for them. lou: and for all of us. your life is better, historically low unemployment for blacks and hispanics. he said he'll be the president of all americans and he meant business. that's the way he's operating. >> that number 3.8%
7:59 pm
unemployment. there was a time when people thought that wasn't achievable. think i engine is still revving up. lou: the discharge petition for daca. is that going to come to fruition and destroy the republicanr is it going to be stopped. ed: it needs to be stopped. the president said he'll veto the bill. michael: i'm surprised it's gotten this close. i'm surprised ryan hasn't taken a stand to support it or stop it. lou: he's work for k street, the chamber of commerce round table and the koch brothers. michael: you might as well turn the house over to democrats if you let this happen.
8:00 pm
ed rollins, good to see you. michael goodwin. 500 days and counting under president trump. whon the end you are not measured by how much you undertake, but how much you finally accomplish. kennedy: president trump coming out swinging against the mueller investigation, blasting it as unconstitutional. because as he claims, he's not guilty of anything. but his critics are accuse him of believing he is above the law after the president tweeted this. as has been stated by numerous they will scholars, i have the solute right to pardon myself. but why would i do that when i have done nothing wrong? the president's newest attorney, rudy giuliani echoed


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