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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 5, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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think something is safe. liz: gene says it is not. [closing bell rings] dow snapping a two-day win streak? it looks so. david: dow struggling for gains being down 100 points earlier in the day. it did come up, looks like we're in the red for about 10. green for the s&p. it is all about the nasdaq ending a the a new record close for second day in a row. russell 2000, small and mid-sized stocks, closing at new record high. hi, everybody, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis this is "after the bell." we have more on the big market movers. here is what else we're covering in this very busy hour. the race is on. crucial primaries are currently underway in eight states across the country. the victors could shift balance of power in washington. how outcome will impact the
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wallet. historic summit and president trump and kim jong-un, is now one week away. new details where the prions ctand. fashion icon is found dead in her new york city apartment. the latest on kate spade's apparent suicide. >> first, back to the markets. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. nicole, for the mom eve though the dow is down, tech can't be slowed down at all. >> it can not. in fact all-time highs. with some of them to tell you about. we know a a lot of our viewers at home have some of these in their portfolios. the dow not able to squeeze out a gain. you see it down 13 points. nasdaq, s&p and russell all to the upside. the russell 2000, obviously the small caps have been a star, another all-time high there. look at nasdaq. record for the nasdaq, 7637 is the level where we closed, as technology leads the way and you can see that the nasdaq is a clear winner there. much as we talk about tech, check it out. apple, amazon, microsoft,
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netflix, all in record territory. everybody is now talking about will apple be the trillion dollar company. so right now, at 193.31, it is about 50 million away from that. we'll watch for that as well. then here is look at twitter. twitter is going into the s&p 500 on thursday morning. the stock jumped 5.25%. portfolio managers have to mimic exactly what goes into the s&p 500. they're buying it up. this will replace monsanto which has 53 billion-dollar deal with bayer. last but not least a quick look at tesla which is issuing refunds for model 3s. still pumping them out. a big shareholder meeting at well. here is look down five 1/2 dollars. david: still under 300. nicole, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: nasdaq climbing to a new record close as tech companies are in the spotlight over privacy concerns. let's bring in today's market
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panel. gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum capital management. fox news contributor. lenore hawkins from themeitica research. gary what do you think about this? >> apple growing in the mid-teens when you're a trillion dollar company, these are gargantuan numbers and they're getting paid up for. it is not just them. a lot of mid-sized companies are growing 50 to 100% and right now this second in the sweet spot. i think there is more to go. when you look at the dow which is lagging, something like a ge in it, doing so poorly, market paying up for great stuff. paying down for bad stuff right now. melissa: lenore, where would you put facebook in all of that? there are so much privacy concerns. they keep getting hammered one story after another. tech is roaring higher. who knows if people on the site
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even care? >> two things are going on, if you look over the past year, momentum trading has totally outperformed any kind of value investing. whatever has been going up is what people are going into. you have where "fang" stocks are outperforming the s&p by about 30% over the past year. here is something that worries me when you look at facebook. a friend of mine was hiking in bhutan a little while ago. looking at secret service for the king, the guy said take the picture, don't put it on facebook. my girlfriend said you're not on facebook. he looked at her, you're kidding me, you're not on facebook? when you have secret service in bhutan are saying you're crazy not to be on facebook, i worry about how much user growth is left. melissa: user growth, gary, does that worry you? >> longer term. i'm reading all over the place, millenials are not joining in, they're going elsewhere. without a doubt as they get
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bigger, the growth rate will grow slow. if they grow 25 to 30%, half o what they're doing that is a pretty darn good number. keep in mind all these companies are on a relative basis very expensive, markets sometimes do notontinu for the growth rates. david: we'll move away from bhutan for the moment, to geto the white house taughting a strong economy. economic advisor kevinassett stealing the spotlight at the press briefing as president trump holding an event following cancellation of the philadelphia eagles super bowl celebration at the white house. you probably heard something about that. blake berman with all the details. reporter: first at a white house press briefing, we were given, eight pages, kevin hassett the president of the national economic council was there to tout the economy if first 500 days of the trump presidency. not to bore you with charts and graphs, boil it down, his
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message was gdp growth outpaced last year of the obama presidency. small business sentiment as high as it ever has been. employment fig are good as they have been for five decades. many, including many republicans worry that the president's message on trade and potential policies on trade could set many of that, off to the side. hassett telling me their models suggest otherwise. >> if you model a future where everybody else reduces trade barriers to ours that is massively good for thelobal economy and massively good for the u.s. economy. reporter: the president focusing his ati on the decision to is invite the philadelphia eagles from the super bowl presentation. white house says eagles players were overwhelmingly not going to show. called their mood a political stunt. the president was flanked on south lawn for u.s. army marine bands and what the white house calls a celebration of america. >> we proudly stand for our
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glorious nation under god. reporter: as you know, there has been a debate, a lot of attention about kneeling during the nationalnthem. nfl players doing so. howeveralcolm jenkins, one of the team leaders for the eagles points out a simple google search, none of the eagles players dealt during any of the games. he adds this, similar google search, show you how many great things the players on this team are doing and continue to do on daily basis is. instead the decision was made to lie and paint the picture that these players are anti-american, and anti-flag and anti-military. he says we will fight for impacted citizens and give a voice to those who never had one. this as you know was a major issue all across this country during the nfl season, reigniting once again today here at white house and on the south david. david: hitting bottom line of the nfl as well. blake, thank you very much. let's move over to china. there is a big question out
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there now. is china about to cry uncle? the nation offering to buy almost $70 billion worth of u.s. goods if the trump administration drops the president's proposed tariffs. so, gar i think this is why the market stopp freaking out about trade war is that, it appears we're right in the middle of a deal? >> look, let's hope so. i am one that believes that if this continues on for a while, and we get into a you know what match back and forth, it will be a headwind for the economy and for sure, affect markets also. it is good to see china coming around a little bit. but i think all parties will have to come around. you know, we're a little bit on harsher side with rhetoric and with tariffs. we're hoping cooler heads do prevail because nothing good happens if this thing, you know, grows larger. david: lenore, the fact that right now, the only person who
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seems to -- lenore. lenore's satellite went down. i just throw it to you, gary, a final question what is happening, you look what is happening in italy and spain. those countries are a mess. mexico is about to ele a os socialist who hates capitalism of any kind. so it looks like the only players this are mexico and the united states right now? >> yeah. well, i think canada is involved also. david: canada as well. >> italy -- yeah, i was in italy the last 10 days. don't blink, there may be a new government from the one last week. leave no doubt, a lot of these countries are basket cases. i worry abo this guy who will probably win in mexico, about as left of socialism. something that we have to watch, a very, very closely because we need capitalism around the world. that is what always worked. socialism has always failed. david: i know. i know. temptation people go to believe it or not. >> amazing.
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david: gary, thank you very much. lenore somewhere in the universe. thank you as well. unfortunatly her satellite went down. melissa: we have a crucial update on social secured and medicare. board of trustees releasing very significant report this afternoon, outlining how long these funds will last. edward lawrence live at the white house to brick this down us. edward. reporter: here is the summary of that report. it should say some bad news inside. let's start with social security, because a lot of folksuire social security to live on going forward, the combined social security fund will run out of money in 2034. if you break them up the disability insurance fund will be out of money in032. that is four years earlier, later than projected by last year's report. now some people, administration officials say, that is because improved outlookre fewer people are applying for disability in 2017. and the awards that they're getting or money that they need is fewer. now the second fund, old age and
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survivor insurance will be depleted in 2034. that is one year earlier than before. administration officials say because of tax cuts that went into effect in the trustees report also found for the first time since 1982, the amount of mon coming into social security is less than the amount of money they are paying out of social security. and that starts from now going forward. now all of these social security numbers are important because of this survey,t just put out. that survey shows 61% of the americans don't even know how much money they need to retire on. 19 million americans say that they never plan to retire. in part because of cost of living. on the medicar side, there are two main fund. hospital insurance trust fund will run out of money in 2026. that is three years earlier than first reported. now senior administration officials sayhat is because in part the tax cuts but also removing individual mandate. they say there are fewer people now who are getting health
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insurance. some of those folks are going to the hospital. that fund is paying out more. supplemental medical insurance trust fund which includes part b t d will be adequately fund for the next 10 years but i can tell you the cost there continue to grow. democrats putting out a statement. nancy pelosi saying this is the gop tax scam massive unpaid giveaway to the wealthiest 1% and big corporations, have gravelyndermined the future of medicare and social security and now republicans want american seniors to pay the bill. now at the moment nobody is asking anyone to spend more renior administration officials say that down the road, at least 10, 15 years, we may have to make some changes to these funds. back to you. melissa: oh, all right, edward, thank you. yeah we'll solve that problem, david if. david: it is a problem right now the fact that $60 billion a year is wasted on fraud and abuse by the system.
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$60 billion of your hard-earned money is wasted on medicare every year. it is a baduation. me ira putting the world on notice. the new warning to european nations how it is putting tehran on the path to obtaining nuclear weapons. melissa: plus it is biggest primary day of the year with voters inhttes ming voices heard. the first polls in less than four years. it is california that could be the most pivotal. a live update from the golden state. kayleigh mcenany from the republican national committee, how the blue wave that was supposed to hit in november, is calming down and wry democrats. ♪ great question. forservice brokerage like ours, that's tough to do. schwab does it. next question. do you offer a satisfaction guarantee? a what now? a satisfaction guarantee. like schwab does. man: (scoffing)
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changi that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. melissa: primary races underway
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across the country. voters in eight states are hitting polls with tax cuts and trade among k issues. what is at stake i california? fox business's hillary vaughn is live in orange county with the latest. hillary? >> hey, melissa. democrats said california is key to their big strategy to take over the house in november but there could be a problem in one district. they are targeting income -- incumbent republican congressman dana rohrabacher. but with california's jungle primary top two systems there could be two republicans heading to the general election, not one republican, not one democrat, completely locking democrats off the ballot. i'm here with one of rohrabacher es republican challengers, baurgh. typically it is not good for challenging republicans but you say it is key to keeping seat.
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>> dana rohrabacher hassed three bills in 30 years. hasn't passed a bill in 14 yes. head him vulneble. they planned on spending millions of dollars in the fall to beat him. if i'm on first or second spot in the ballot, democrats are completely locked out of this district. we take one seat off the table and deny him the chance for majority. >> you are a good friends with rohrabacher. he spoke with him over the weekend. his advantage over you, he has he doesn't think you can get the job done in d.c. because you will be a freshman congressman coming in november. what is your take on that? >> dana has proven 30 years in congress and senority doesn't allow to you get the job done. he hasn't passed a bill in 14 years. i have a track record getting job done. i was republican leader in the state legislature. i was republican chairman here for 10 years. we solved a lot of props. i kno how t work across the aisle. i know how to build coalitions, to how to get things done.
4:19 pm
dana spends time to traveling europe and other places. taken 172 trips in those 30 years. i think i'm a much better person to get the job done. reporter: last question for you, the reason democrats are targeting thi seat because they voted for hillary clinton in 2016, so they they have they have an opening here. are you worried abo potentially changing demographic, it becomes more blue and may not have advantage if you get on the ballot in november? >> i'm not worried about that in the 48th congressional district. in orange county it turned a little more democratic in last couple decade. this district is very republican district. no way if two republicans are there, the democrats don't have a chance at all. reporter: thank you so much for joining us, scott. melissa, voting is underway. poles don't close for several hours. absentee vote something also huge here. we'll wait for the returns to come in. again democrats watching this district in particularly very closely to see if they're going to make it on the ballot in november. melissa? melissa: interesting stuff.
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hillary, thank you. david: it is indeed. here is kayigh mcenany, rnc spokesperson. thank you for joining us. talk about california first of all. it is an incredible state. hard to imagine this is the state ronald reagan came from. out of the 54 congressional seats, only 14, 14 are held by republicans. 39 are held by democrats. they want to increase their lead. i mean they want to bring the republicans down to zero. how are they doing? particularly republicans, do they have any hope of holding on to at least those 14? >> you're right to point out the importance of california. nancy pelosi has said if we take back the house, that path runs through california and she is right. whittling down the narrow hold republicans have on those 14 seats. we're encouraged. we think we can win here. tonight is big. we can't overstate importance. if we shut out congressional races, rohrabacher's seat,
4:21 pm
royce's seat and issa's former seat. if we do that, democrats don't have a shot on at least three seats. puts them farther away to get 24 seats they need to take over the house. david: there seems to be a he have with, i'm not talking about a blue wave, there seems to be a ve against stat discuss quote in california, the status quo is left, going further left. sanctuary law is beginning to divide california. every day there seems to be a new city opposing the government, the liberal government on this particular issue. is that going to work in your favor? >> no doubt about it. you know you look and we see that kevin delione, author of the sanctuary state legislation, he was right there at number two in the senate seat. primary, dianne feinstein holds the seat, looks like a democrat would rise out shut out the republican, likely would still happen. republican has long shot getting into that seat. author of the sanctuary
4:22 pm
legislation has fallen in the polls. that is noteworthy. when you consider the fact a dozen localities rising up against the state government saying we don't want to have that in california. david: one of the first people to mention sanctuary cities, in 1970's, she came out against the sanctuary state law. the tide is turning on thatise. turn to the east coast, the one you and i are on now in new jersey and move over to the other house, the senate, where senator bob menendez, long-time democratic senator is in some real trouble. he may aually, democrats thought they were going to maybe even take over the u.s. senate. if he is out in new jersey, i don't think they have a chance, do they? >> yeah. if he is out in new jersey, we're talking a very good night for republicans in november. because that is not one of our target seats. we're looking at 10 seats that president trump won those states and their democratic senators defending those seats. bob menendez's seat was not one of them.
4:23 pm
if we can knock him out, a poll came out 46% of the voters were undecided and republican candidate, potential republican candidate is fewntd, wenock him out we could expanding majorities, potentially breaking through a filibuster in the senate. david: one thing holding back democrats, if you talk to a lot of democrats are theons. not only hillary clinton but legacy of bill clinton. recently he had trouble once again with issue keeps haunting him always has, his tub with women. are we finally at the end of the chin tore -- clinton era? after we say that they come back. what do you think? >> every time hillary makes rather unfortunate comment for her party i think that might be the end. then here comes bill clinton. doesn't seem we're anywhere close to the end. to republicans that is very good day. as long as nancy pelosi is face of the party. david: can't imagine them coming
4:24 pm
back from this one. thank you, kayleigh. >> thank you, david. melissa: president just tweeting, historic recision cke we proposed would cut $15 billion in wasteful spending. we're getting our government back on track. trump going on to t quote, imagine how much wasteful spending we would save if we didn't have chuck and nancy standing in our way? for years democrats in congress depleted our military, and busted our budgets on needless spending to what end? no more. david: new development in robert mueller's probe. what the special counsel is accusing former campaign man paul manafort of doing. shock following passing the death of designer kate spade. we have latest details coming up on that.
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dead in her new york city apartment. what looks very much like a suicide. fox business's susan li in the newsroom with all the details. susan? reporter: recognizable name in fashion passing away. latest we know, the new york liricanigner kate spade in her new york apartment in apparent suicide. she was discovered by her housekeeper, found her hanging by a red scarf, tied to a doorknob. her husband was at the scene. whereabouts of her teenage daughter still unknown. kate spade was successful fashion entrepreneur, selling branded clothing and shoes that really spans the globe. she is most remembered for handbags which she introduced back in the at time women, wanted simple, functional, professional bag to carry around the city. kate spade was one of the first designers to put her own label outside of the bags she was selling. she was accessory designer of the year in 1998 according to the cfta.
4:29 pm
should be pointed out kate sold out of her company. she sold her company in 1999, selling it to neiman marcus group. the company changed hands several times over the years. most recently being bought by the group that owns coach and stuart weitzman brands. te's death has been rippling throughout the business and fashion world. kate spade, the lable that she started herself tweeting this morning, saying ke spade, visionary founder of our brand has passed. our thoughts are with her family at this incredibly heart-breaking te. we honor all the buty she brought into this world. ivanka trump tweeting, kate spade's pass something painful reminder that we never truly know another's pain or burden they're carrying. if you're struggling with depression, contemplating suicide, please seek help. kate spade was 5 a years old. david: in the prime of her life. susan, thank you very much. melissa: all kate spade
4:30 pm
dead at 55. we'll have more after this. [music playing] (vo) from day one,
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we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018. melissa: history in the making. plan continues for president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un to meet first time in one week. secretary of state mike pompeo meeting with the singapore foreign minister in preparation for next week's historic summit. joining me now, lieutenant colonel daniel davis.
4:34 pm
he is a retired oust army colonel. thank you so much. what do you think went on this that meeting today? what do they have to prepare for? what are they asking singapore to do? >> yeah, they have a whole host of things that they're wanting. sof them are mundane, simple things, like making sure that everything is set up in the right way, follows, diplomatic protocol. some things are more serious, major security setup, that sort of thing, but the other thing, robly -- probably most important things discussions go on with state department and white house officials and awith north korean counterparts to set up the stage, that the summit can come off with effective outcome for the united states. melissa: i mean the fact that they had such a clear back channel or behind the scenes conversation ahead of this meeting when you saw the meeting go on at the white house and other one here in new york with kim jong-un's number two man gives you the indication they're
4:35 pm
pretty serious about trying to get as much dialogue out of the way before the actual meeting, doesn't it? >> it does. that is so important, with these kinds of meetings. because the last thing you want is for the two heads of state to get there. one of them is surprised. find something they're not expecting, that could have all kind of negative ramifications. more things they get knocked out before, more communicating with staffs, what they're requirements are, where they might be willing to entertain some differences, and i think what you're going to find, that will come through as some sort of an out come i think both can probably say this is the successful beginning after process which president trump tweeted earlier today. and i think that is exactly what you're going to see. melissa: at same time there are a lot of other interesting signals. you have bashar al-assad, depending which report you're looking at trying to have some sort of meeting with kim jong-un or maybe kim jong-un initiated it depending where you're looking, and also getting rid of his three top leaders, who knows
4:36 pm
what they were saying, why they had to go. what do you make of those signals? >> those are not surprising. the first one is not surprising with bashar al-assad. there is very clear pattern since the owe -- olympics of kim jong-un trying to show as responsible leader as head of state, doing diplomatic innings, wants to keep thathere wants to broaden his appeal across the board. three generals that have been replaced, certainly some concern, looks like kim is trying to firm up his command of all the people he has under him. melissa: meanwhile iran says they plan to tell u.n. that they will boost their uranium enrichment just in case the iran deal president trump pulled out of early may fails completely. is this a threat to the world? do you think that they mean it? do you think it makes people nervous? is this what you would expect? >> well at least from what
4:37 pm
ayatollah khomeni said today, he will give notice to the u.n. tomorrow, iaea, about reprocessing within the confines of the jcpoa. apparently they had some room. it hadn't bee m noteally a change. definitely not a strategic threat or even a military threat to the united states. it is not welcome but something we're definitely not concerned about militarily. melissa: interesting. lieutenant colonel, thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. melissa: meanwhile, i don't know if you saw this yesterday. this is one of the most startling story to me. israel using a meme from the hit movie, mean girls, to respond to a threatening tweet iran's top leader this is what iran said. our stance against israel is the same stance we have always taken. israel is a malignant cancerous tumor in the west asian region that has to be removed and eradicated. it is possible and it will
4:38 pm
happen. so they, you know, send off this fire. the embassy of israel, at first thought they had been hacked respond with the meme, from ""mean girls"," she says w are you so obsessed with me? for hours, they had to have been being had. can't be real. they haven't denied it was really in their tweet. it has been out there for 24 hours. lots of people have seen it. david: the old horror movies, talking during the break, best way to get rid after ghost is just to laugh at them. eventually they go away. melissa: not sure that will work with iran. david: just, don take everything iran says seriously because they are, a lot of blow hard over there. melissa: why are you so obsessed with me? david: exactly. melissa: all right. david: new allegations from special counsel robert mueller's never ending it seems, russian investigation. the latest charges against paul manafort. congressman louie gohmert is here.
4:39 pm
he is a member of the house judiciary committee and he is going to sound off
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melissa: breaking news, guatemala's disaster agency issuing a evacuation order for towns surrounding volcano of fire that killed at l the agencyng of increased volcanic activity in the area. david: bet that is a safe bet. tampering with witnesses. this is what special counsel robert mueller accusing forr trump campaign manager paul manafort of doing while under house arrest. manafort's hearing is set for next friday. republican congressman louie gohmert is on the house judiciary committee. he was a judge before he became congressman. >> been a prosecutor too. david: the main issue, congressman, where discuss mueller stop? so many these going after, as
4:43 pm
nothing to do so far as we can tell with the scope of his investigation. >> right. david: i don't think we have yet to see the scope memo. >> we haven't yet. we need to because he is so far off the farm. this is ridiculous. this is the kind of thing a bully, a blow hard a mean guy, all of which mueller is, would useo to intimidate people. we're told, gee, the witness seems a little scared after getting a message from manafort. i don't know manafort. i would probably never want to hang around with him, not my kind of guy, but the fact is mueller is a bully. any innocent person in america has got to be scared as long as mueller has any law enforcement authority. it is a scary thing. tampering with a witness -- david: let me go back for a second. i don't want to get too m into the weeds. >> this is ridiculous though.
4:44 pm
david: i understand. there is a lot of weeds, as a former judge, when you were a judge sitting on the bench you must have seen prosecutors trying to make a big name for themselves. i know mueller has a distinguished career. he is an older gentleman in his 70 but doesn't that -- >> he destroyed a lot of innocent people. he destroyed -- david: seems like he is on a mission to get the president come hell or high water. am i wrong? >> that is exactly. that is his mode of operation. he has done it repeatedly. he wanted to destroy stephen hatfield, who had nothing to do with anthrax. he destroyed his life. he wanted to keep people in prison that his fbi agents had framed in boston. so he kept writing letters, keep them in prison, even though everybody knew they had been framed. his mode of thinking if i dislike you, then i need to find something to try you for because, i don't like you and because i'm holy, you must be a bad person.
4:45 pm
david: congressman, we're a nation of laws. >> exactly. david: not of men. >> exactly. and mueller is out side the law. david: there are certain guideles and restrictions that prosecutors have to go through. >> you betcha. david: that is why we have to see what his scope is. if he has gone beyond his scope we -- >> you're actually right. the guy is off the charts. he has to be reined in. rosenstein certainly will not do it, they worked together with weissmann to kill the russia investigationt least, temporarily. so that hillary could make sure the uranium got sold and they could get the 145 million. david: right. >> so he has other motivations let me tell you --oing on. david:re not going to know whether he is going far beyond what he was supposed to do. >> witnesses -- he brings up this baloney you can't contact a witness. that is wrong. read 1512. manafort would never be able to
4:46 pm
readt beyond a reasonable doubt. he didn't try to kill, he didn't try to intimidate. he didn't try to harass. he sent a message this is more blow hard. david: congressman, if i can, the inspector general is about to issue a report. we thought he was about to issue a report. it keeps getting delayed.ident e dela at is taking so long with the inspector general report on "crooked hillary" and slippery james comey? numerous delays. hope report is not being changed and made weaker. so many horrible things to tell. the public has a right to know, transparency. do you have any reason to believe there is a deliberate effort to withhold or delay this report? >> i am sure that every friend that mueller and comey and rosenstein have been putting pressure on the ig to soft pedal, back up, and so i don't have a lot of faith it is going to be as good as it should be,
4:47 pm
and that's why the rest of us that have positions of authority need to make sure that we bear down on mueller. he is violating laws. he has violating we need to bring him back within the realm of the rule of law. david: finally, how do we get hold, how cuts public get a chance to see whether he has extended himself beyond his reach and get to look at the scope memo? >> well i think we could do something in the house to vote to just stop him having even a dime to spend until shows us what his authorization is. you got even some republican knuckleheads in the senate, just down the hall here, who are ngo, no, we need to him do his job. what is his job, for heaven's sakes? we need to find that out. the senate needs to wake up. mayb ty will wake up in august when they're up here. we can find out exactly what the course and scope of mueller's -- david: nice to know.
4:48 pm
tradition of people in the house, hating the people in the senate lives ons doesn't it? congressman? >> i don't hate them. i just want them to do their job lawlesess.ueller on his he is way out. there he has done too much damage to too many innocent people. this needs to stop. david: congressman louie gohmert. thank you. >> bet. melissa: school is out for summer but not on capitol hill. mitch mcconnell canceling traditional summer break for the senate. more what he says needs to be taken care of. that is next. i'm very proud of the fact
4:49 pm
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>> oh, no, congress has to go to work. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell making a harsh announcement today, stating
4:52 pm
quote, due to historic obstruction by senate democrats of president's nominees and goal of passing appropriations bills prior to the end of fiscal year, in other words, their job, the august recess has been canceled. senators should expect to remain in session, in august, to pass legislation including appropriations bills and to make additional progress onhe ident's nominees. here now to react is chad burger, fox news senior capitol hill producer. was there weeping and crying and gnashing of teeth or how received? >> some folks are not sure this will actually happen. jeff flake, republican senator from arizona said, you heard me talk about this before, the idea of jet fumes here in the building. they might work out a deal beforehand because everybody wants to get out of dodge. at endf the day people thi this is political stunt by mitch mcconnell. democrats certainly think that the idea keeping democrats who are have to campaign for their senate seats off the field. bill nelson, democratic senator from florida, he represents a
4:53 pm
swing state. it is competitive election he faces against rick scott, republican governor there. he says this is bald faced political stunt by mitch mcconnell. now why doesn't thatec republican senators? look at the map. you have 33 seats up. 24 are occupied b democrats, nine by republicans. nine seats held by republicans are in republican turf like utah and wyoming and places like that. the seats that the democrats have are in places like florida, like ohio, like west virginia where it is very competitive. if you keep senators tied down here in washington, they can't go out and campaign. even cory gardner, the republican senator from colorado, who chairs the committee that is in charge of getting republicans elected to senate, parades at august fairs, county fairs will be a lot shorter because you will not have politicians there. melissa: yeah, right. the also the fact they haven't done their work. that is a little something also. you say a lot of the questions surrounds the october recess, will that get canceled? >> well, there is some people
4:54 pm
who think that could be more critical because then you're right up against midterm elections and will, if you have this energy to keep people here, will it be evenore severe in keep in mind, when they have to have those appropriations bills done to fund government, the deadline is september 30th. so you might have that drift over into october a little bit. but, mitch mcconnell is right. they do need to plow through judges at rate democrats with holding things, they make them burn all of this clock, days and days on each nomination if you're complying with senate rules, it does take a lot of time. this could be a shot across the bow of the democrats, to say let's work this out. keep in mind this decision is being made in early june, not to just before the august recess. last year mcconnell said we'll keep you here for two weeks. he made that decision in mid-july. we were here abo parts of four days in august. so there is a chance to work this out. indeed. people got very scared about that. melissa: and how about those primaries today in eight states in they're being closely
4:55 pm
watched. will it affect balance of power. what are the thoughts there? >> we will know a lot tonight in california. california is pivotal in the effort for democrats to win the house back. need to win a to 25 seats depending on the math ere. e nine competieats inifor this so important? well california use what is we call a jungle primary. they take the top two vote-getters tonight, whether two democrats, republicans or a democrat and republican. there is so much democratic enthusiasm where they flooded the zone, gotten on to the ballot in some races, that could actually dilute the support for the top of the ticket. in other words you get two republicans in seats that otherwise should be democratic. so we should know do night if the democrats do very well in these race, then democrats do have a chance reclaiming the house. if they do poorly, that's bad. this is a bit of a proxy war for two california political leaders, kevin mccarthy, who is majority leader, wants to be speaker in the next congress, and nancy pelosi wants to be
4:56 pm
speaker in the next congress. tonight that will portend a lot of their political futures. melissa: chad pergram, thank you so much. appreciate it. david: all we're ask to do is their job, right? melissa: don't get me started. david: well the show might go on. abc's been kicking around the idea of another "roseanne" reboot but can "roseanne" survive without roseanne? good question. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. d that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my biness inps! what's in yourallet?
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5:00 pm
watching for roseanne. melissa: maybe they can recapture some of the back and forth. david: i hope they get their jobs back. ning edit" starts now.for us, >> angle over thaksin shinawatra -- the gas tax increase, and the cost of living is changing california to republicans. >> democrats are focused a bunch of seats in california. >> a couple seats tomorrow morning democrats will wake up with no democrat in the race. >> america is not giv up on their grand experiment we launched 2 half years ago. liz: primary night in 8 states, voters set to show us what in a really care about. what is on their minds, set the stage for midterms. if is a make or break night for democrats in


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