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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 6, 2018 5:00am-5:59am EDT

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"strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. >> it wasn't donald trump that passes sanctuary states. it wasn't california that was the highest staten the country. it was devin newsom and the democrats. cheryl:: republicans are hoping to win the governorship of california. while democrats are still looking for a blue way from last night's primaries to help them retake the u.s. house. all the latest server overnight primary results for you. tracee: technology stocks continued to lap the nasdaq to record highs. apple, amazon, microsoft hitting all-time highs yesterday.
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>> take a look at futures right now. looks like it will pit the dow was up 71 in the premarket. s&p of three, nasdaq up a .5. >> tech stocks push in a higher open for a european-style. all great across therd. caci bseven points the dax up by 54. >> asia stocks moving higher as well. the hang seng in hong kong up over half of a percent. new average after facebook confirmed a shared data with chinese firms flagged as national security threat. "fbn:am" starts right now. train 2501 am in new york. when they come in june 6. good morning and cheryl casone.
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tracee: good morning. i'm tracee carrasco went for lauren simonetti. trade you have to wonder facebook executives who are the questions above the bad news out there. the this morning. the breaking news there, california's attendant governor advancing to governor jerry brown. and the general primary. >> this is only the first half of the election calendar, but thanks to you the halftime score is looking very promising and the whole team is winning very big. cheryl: trump backed republican businessman john cox in the general election. >> we put a businessman in the white house. let's put a businessman in the governor'san mr. and ms. singh made it clear he wanted to run against me
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instead of another democrat. they told them in san jose, be ul whayou wish for. >> california senate primary, senator dianne feinstein advanced into november. kevin daly on in the general election. meanwhile, state senator who voted to raise gas taxes now expected t out of a job. more than 60% of voters favor recalling democratic senator josh newman after he voted last year to increase fuel and vehicle taxes and in jersey nary bob menendez becoming the party's nominee in the november election after defeating publisher lisa mccormack after his recent federal bribery trial ended with a hung jury.
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senator menendez will face by puking in the federal election. our political panel will join us in just a few minutes. also breaking this morning, some new developments in the trade dispute the train united states and china. china reportedly offering to buy $70 billion in u.s. goods, agricultural and energy to head off u.s. terrorists. of course this is synergy farm and products on their list. meanwhile, a preliminary agreement allowing telecom giant y usr. senator mark warner releasing a statement saying that these reports are accurate this is a huge missed date. dt poses a threat to national security. that's the unanimous conclusion of our intelligence communi no confirmation that a deal has been sig by cte or the u.s. commerce department.
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meanwhile, mexico has released its list of u.s. goods facing import tariffs after the u.s. left duties onexican steel and aluminum. still, u.s. port, cheese,rb, cried apples. >> the white house releasing more details between president trump and kim jong un. treating the venue for t singapore summit between protest . we thank our hosts for the hospitality. president trump talked with the north ahead of the summit have been positive. >> a lot of relationships coming along. very important couple of days.
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tracee: nba star dennis rodman reportedly pns tvisit ornext week. he made at least three trips between 2013 and 2014 and met with kim jong un. cheryl: fed by a esident than just donald trump. president trump now praising mitch mcconnell for keeping the senate in washington this summer after he canceled most of their august recess. the president trading overnight mitch mcconnell announced he will cancel the august recess. maybe they'll get something done other than acceptance of high crime and high taxes. we need orders security. the senate majority leader would keep democrats on the campaign trail community says there's too much work to be done but taxing the spending bill among other issues on the inter
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facebook under fire for how it handles the personal information of its users. the company confirming it has share data with at least four chinese companies one of them is the u.s. intelligence company considered naity threat. following a "new york times" report that facebook provided extensive user data to 60 device users. facebook says more than half of the partnership have been dating it will wind down its agreement with waway later this week. we'll talk to cybersecurity expert about but rescues her space. shares of facebook up more than 9% this year. >> tesla ceo sounding an optimistic note for the model three sedan. the electric vehicle for the mass market. >> probably get to 5000 a week with the current line, but with
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the third one i'm highly confident we can exceed the annual meeting with the shareholders rejected a proposal. some wanted to please put it then. ahead of the opening bell. pouring in for american fashion icon kate spade who was found dead in her new york apartment yesterday from an apparent suicide. the news of her death sending shockwaves around the world prompting heartfelt treats from fellow fashion designers, celebrities and fans alike. at the bottom of your screen right now, spade's brother-in-law come actor david spade paid tribute on instagram saying she was show sharp and quick on her feet, she could make me laugh so hard. i still can't believe it. it's a rough world out there.
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people, try to hang on. cheryl: we are learning the contents of the suicide note addressed in his 13-year-old daughter. i'll always lo y this inot your fault. family members say she struggled with depression for years here she was 55 years old. if you have thoughts of suicide, called the suicide prevention hotline. a lot more coming up. tracee: on a much lighter note, i have thursday nationwide guessing ge. between her announcement to chain said 460 years we've been at ihop. now we are flipping our name to ihop. find out what that could be. cheryl: already guessing what that is. international house for
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breakfast. speculation on media. please don't be ihop block chain. someone said international house of better. that is on twitter at fox business a.m. you know tracey and i are thinking. tracee: international house of baking. trying to tweet us right now but us know what you think. train to our ejector facebook confirmed a shared user data with chinese firm national security threat. the latest twist in the aftermath of the clinton e-mail investigation. the ousted deputy that wants to trade his testimony for immunity. u.s. stock index futures looking at the board.
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and kicking it up in the last few moments. s&p up for the premarket. not that that the weapon .5. here we go again. the headlines we are watching former deputy director is trying to strike immunity deal. enter mccabe asking chuck grassley for senate protection against prosecution at a congressional hearing on the handling of the e-mail investigation. we are now learning fbi computer struck. a larger role than originally thought. the espionage sheep detailing a meeting on capitol hill. chuck was devoted over and the trunk text messages sent to a coworker and mother. fox news has learned that kelly sadler is out of the white house and deferred departure was for arizona senator.
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sathererheard in a meeting talking about the opposition president trump saying that his opinion is irrelevant because he i.e. many ways. today marks the 74th anniversary of d-day. americans across the country will honor the thousands who fought and died in the battle of normandy. nearly 3000 americans were killed storming the beach in the team 44. one of the most pivotal moments in world war ii lady to the liberation of france and signaling the beginning to the end of the war in europe. that is what is happening now. over t you. tracee: is a talked about earlier facing new bombshell that it gave information to four chinese firms including waway is flagged as aurityt. hat this means for users in the company, let's
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bring security analyst barbara siciliano from hot hot shields. good morning. is this a violation of >> they've sold millions of bad to facebook data to chinese companies tells us that facebook does not care about anybody's privacy. from the very beginning it's been all about money and not at all about privacy. >> the datasharing was controlled. they had a manager. make sure it didn't end up on another company's server. to even trust facebook at this point? >> absolutely not. what happened with cambridge was just the tip of the iceberg. facebook expressing all this happening right now has been going on since with the chinese
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company since 2010. it's dead a decade of them not just leaking that data, the selling data to anyone what the weather. >> this is very different from cambridge analytic car. -- a. >> they can say that that they're allowing these companies, anybody as they need or want to to build their platforms overseas and ultimately that means direct access to our personal identifying information that ultimately can be used to build product to sell advertisingnd ultimately resulted in a compromise of our personal privacy. >> w mark zuckerberg come out and apologize for what happened at cambridge analytica. do do you think he's headed to capitol hill? >> he's not sorry. he's just sorry he got caught.
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he's probably going to be further scrutinized. the problem here is the horse is out of the barn. facebook stocks continues to rise because republicans are simply unaware and really they should not be unawarehat ve beening for over a decade that whatever you post on facebook come anytime you connect your address book, and other data will be used against you. >> what else to b used to protect ourselves? >> going forward, disconnect your address book. do not allow facebook to have action on tribe access to anything and everything you have on your mobile phone specifically. utilize the virtual private knotwork. you want to m of your data so that you essentially are exposing all your personal identifying information to government, foreign companies
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and so forth. >> a lot of good information. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. they may not be ready for this, but hurricane season is here is president trump will fight on how bad its expect it to be later today. meteorologist janice dean tracking one of the first experiments of the season as well as severe weather. taking a look at futures. another green kick off tor market. third day in a row. dow update on the free ma five an q you are watching "fbn:am." [music playing] (vo) from day one,
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cheryl: rescuers frantically searching for survivors after a volcano in guatemala are brought to rocket ash raining down villages as the debt toll rises to 75. fears of another explosion first in 3000 people to pack up and leave. brand-new video showing when the volcano first erupted. laws and ash rushing down the mountain of than 400 miles per hour, wiping out entire houses. >> president trump in first idea melania will visit fema had producedn waington d.c. for briefing on how to be prepared for this year's hurricanes using. you remember how destructive hurricane season was last year
5:24 am
when harvey, permit and marina devastated large parts of the southern united states and caribbean islands. this will also be the first public appea undergoing successful kidney surgery a few weeks ago. cheryl: before you had at the door, faxing and meteorologist janice dean here with the wednesday forecast. good morning to you. >> good morning, ladies. some showers and thunderstorms across the country. the last 24 hours of the potential for a cast of parts of the northeast as well as the plains along the gulf coast as far as severe storm goes, many large hail, damaging winds. again, i don't thi see a weather outbreak, but we certainly could be an isolated tornado or two in the areas of the two when it comes to severe weather in the springtime season. if you live in any of these areas you could see a watch or warning. here's your forecast today.
5:25 am
warm across t south and central u.s. 92 in kansas city. cooler than average across the northeast. 90 in miami with thuor and one of four in phoenix is still very warm ac the desert southwest with heat advisories in effect. ladies, that to you. >> thank you, janice. appreciate. was it a wave, flash trickle? what are the primary results? the november midterm elections. >> this is the only first path of the election calendar. it is looking very promising and the whole team is winning big. >> or what political panel will weigh in on the result in the end of an era for the miss america pageant. we'll explain when we come right
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back. taking a look at futures. they are back in back bay. looking at another strong opening for your market. s&p said six and a quarter, nasdaq up 14.5. you are watching "fbam." ♪ oh don't... it's early 90s sitcom star dave coulier...! [laughing] what year is it? as long as stuff gets lost in the couch, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. this is frank. sup! this is frank's favorite record. this is frank's dog. and this is frank's record shop. frank knowns northern soul,
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[texting keystrokes] [messege sent notification] >> it looks like voters will have a real choice this november between the governor who stands up to donald trump and a soldier is wearing california. >> california's democratic lieutenant governor will face republican businessman john cox is backed by president trump in a november election. we are going to all the latest on the primary results from california coming out. tracee: technology stocks
5:30 am
continued to light up the night asked to record highs. hitting all-time highs yesterday. ithis reag toinue? looks like it. take a look ates a galloping before come s&p up five or five and thnasdaq could have it third record close today if these numbers hdp. >> tech stocks also pushing a higher open for european stocks rechecking those numbers right now for the ftse up by 33 come the cac via lebanon and the dax 69 points. >> japan's nikkei of more than a quarter%. the hang seng in hong kong a pathf%. >> miss america saying goodbye to bikinis announcing it will no longer judge contestants on their appearance. transatlantic continues right now.
5:31 am
cheryl: 5:30 a.m. here in new york we went they come in june 6. and cheryl casone. tracee: in tracee carrasco for lauren simonetti. results are pouring in from a state primaries this morning, but all life on california with a gubernatorial seat up for grabs. both parties hoping to flip crucial house seats in november. >> chris jenkins live in d.c. to break it all down. good morning. >> you is what a nht i'll tell you. in california they call it the jungle because the top two candidates regardless of party in very crowded field and nowhere was it more fierce than in the gubernatorial race to mention. democrats hope to shift the battlefield that the gdp would not be denied. gavin newsom is increased advance the general election putting president trump front and center. >> voters will have a real choice this november between the
5:32 am
governor he's going to stand up to donald trump and if the soiering california. ma my words will never back down from a fight. reporter: republican john cox to the president risk of gop from being shut out. >> mr. newsom made it clear he wanted to run against the inside of another democrat. be careful what you wish for. let's send him the very first message of god is it wasn't donald trump who made california the highest taxed state in the country. it was gavin newsom and the democrats. reporter: writing a blue wave in california are in question too close to call at this hour is that the dog station like to regain control. but in no ways to democrats have a better shot than republican
5:33 am
held seats were quick than 12016 and one of those races in t 48 amid dana rohrabacher easily cut the first one. the top two democrats being challenged by a republican. they are on neck and neck around 50%. lucy would have been. those of where you want to keep your eyes on it. there were seven other states where voters cast ballots including alabama, iowa, mississippi, montana, new jersey, new mexico and south dakota. democratic incumbent senator bob menendez was so many trials came out and held on. one final note in california there were some errors in l.a. county. 108 and a apparently were not it wasome sort of error but no worries. voters votes will be counted.
5:34 am
>> they will take a while to get counted. thank you very much. a great recap for anyone what happened overnight. for more on this, lloyd mathis and then brought in by a row for senator mike lee. robin campaign direct her. good morning. not sure if either of you select. you both live for these night warnings. first, but talk about what happened in the governor's race. this wasn't exactly the blue wave because a republican is going up against gavin newsom. l.n' make it. what do you think of the first race? >> it's exactly what gavin newsom wanted to be honest. we are up for the fight. i'm kind of glad they've got the top two systems. i think that is fair and we are ready. the numbers are there. it'll all come down to her turns out to vote.
5:35 am
with donald trump having lost by 4 min votes in california, he got quite the edge, but good for republicans because having a republican on the ballot is going to really help protect the seven seas they are trying to hang onto. business executive said that is one story. let's move to what happened with dianne feinstein. she had a clear-cut path to the draco vista will never see her on the ballot come november. when it comes to house races besought especially in orange county, where you make of the results we are getting in this g? e tt the democrats didn't put themselves up liquids project date. >> i think it will still come down to kenya transition from running on a very liberal focus in the spring to really get into an agenda that everyone can get behind in the fall. robin rather mention the fact
5:36 am
that a republican will be on the gubernatorial ballot in november is a big deal. i will make it harder for seats they were hoping for in take back the house. the other thing that is a real challenge for democrats is they've also got to pay that beyond being against donald trump in blood out whether they actually for. that will be the key in the following make a difference between whether it is a blue wave or prop wash going into november. train to the democratspe $70 million. let's be honest, democratic party in the national basis made california if they want to win back the house come november. let's talk about dana rohrabacher for a second. a democratsha again. we are still trying to figure out who that's going to be because the vote again with those it. if you look at the different districts that i want to go through these with you. if you look at whether his
5:37 am
district 10 or 21 or 25. it looks like a pretty even split between these. seven gop held districts in play november.democratic side in there is a challenging these. absolutely. it is the most interesting part about this is where did -- they were spending their money because they have a lot riding on this. if they were to lose this particular races, the voters will be outraged and we can't afford that as a party. the results were still rolling in, but looking up to mistake for the party favorites. i'm not so sure how i feel about that. >> go ask you real quick. when it came to new jersey and bob menendez. boys, surprised or not surprised. we might not surprised.
5:38 am
he's proving very worthy with all of those trials and he'll continue to be in the senate. >> what does this say about new jersey? >> new jersey is basically a purple state. chris christie didn't do any favors. new jersey was a loser last night for republicans. train to thank you very much. appreciate it. >> a lot of good information. the nasdaq setting another record high. plus, miss america scrapping the swimsuit competition. but behind the major change? take a look at the boards are looking pretty good from the continued climb. dow futures at the ed, nasdaq up by 1255. you're watching "fbn:am." ♪ i joined tr 1,
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i am more than ready to work hard to get to that goal. i am living proof to never give up and i will never give up. tracee: welcome back. let's get you caught up and it's happening now. u.s. teachers looking at the board. dow futures up by 87 continuing decline. s&p. let's see if the nasdaq rally will continue today. miss america is scrapping its swimsuit competition and will no
5:42 am
longer be judging its contestants on their appearance. the revamped competition is being called miss america to play now and was encouraged by debris sent movement empowering women. undergoing changes as well. contestants will be jud what ty choose to wear but instead on their responses to ons. azon studiosas signed a deal with oscar-winning writer and their. amazon has the right -- working together for months and amazon has already committed to a tv show a documentary with pio appeepartmortation releasing ths wild video of a driver going in reverse. more than a mile long and lasted about four minutes. the department of transportation suggest the transmission went out and they had to make it to a
5:43 am
parking lot from the highway. that is what is happening now. the video is crazy. >> that is scary. wow. scary about your markets today. the nasdaq setting the second track record high yesterday. looking good this morning as well as futures up. not that features a 10-point type. technology stocks rally again despite a lot of negative headlines including policy issues. art hogan, chief market strategist. good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. how are you? the market is not going in reverse. in the right direction today. cheryl: first of talk with the technology rally. technology stocks are where you want to be right now because they're not affected by all this global trade war arguments, whatever you want to say that
5:44 am
the tech stocks are a safer bet right now. do you agree with that? >> you look at technology and it tends to be a bit agnostic with what's going on with tariffs and trade wars. the same is true for the rus 2000. when you think about current leadership and that gets a lot of headlines. quietly we see small caps and make all-time highs at the same time. you've got the russell 2022% revenue exposure internationally versus the s&p close to 47%. thus impacted by a stronger dollar and tariffs and certainly less impact to by the fact that they've got a lower tax rate in small cap the mid-and large-cap. true to original circuit of that indexes about it that's been various drawn. let's talk about the names resolve with the new all-time highs yesterday. apple, the outlook for iphone
5:45 am
coming in strong for apple to continue to watch namesake facebook which would get into in a second. in general, netflix, apple, with the same names in general. >> jiao, for 's ierting unfortunately apple flirting with a trillion dollars market cap that gives a lot of attention. netflix a significantly so that gets a lot of attention. in the nasdaq but underneath the surface of something like cisco. some of the old technology things are quietly moving. more of those four and five names with the ability to broaden out a little bit. we see annapolis couple weeks. >> really quick on facebook, now of course news they are sharing data, user data with phone companies in particular, highway
5:46 am
the national security concern. what do you make of all of that? inerms of keeping data safe. i don't know how many apologies to listen to until investors revolt to a certain extent. the last of the data breach a number onto the next one. with what facebook needs to do and it's going to be a bit of a head wind for a period of time. this reacted pretty well considering after the first day with more inquiry. i just don't think they are taking the data security seriously enough. >> factor, the premarket more than 1%. facebook is still a concern today. thank you for joining us. lebron james weighs ather
5:47 am
championship philadelphia eagles tuesday not to visit the white house. plus the list of top earning athletes jared max will tell you who made the cut next. u.s. stock index futures take a look right now. s&p 500 futures up by five and three quarters. u are watching "fbn:am." ♪ about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife. this scientist doesn't believe in luck. she believes in research. it can te more than 10 years to develop a single medication. and only 1 in 10,000 ever make it to market.
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across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver.
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trend through the continues. eagles didn't go to the white house now reporting to lebron.
5:51 am
nba champions walk over there. what is going on with these teams? >> i don't have the answer. i think what's going on a sports and politics appear to be gridlocked one day after the white house says it gets called out, lebron james spoke about what may potentially happen after the winner is crowned. >> no matter who wins the series, -- >> wars did not attend last year's championship and they've cleveland tonight.ey won't go. cavaliers down to do nothing in the nba finals have won the finals. eagles did not visit the white house yesterday. turns out they try to reschedule the visit even though a few players plan to attend. >> the eagles are the ones that try to change their commitment
5:52 am
after the 11th hour and we changed the ceremony to be a focus on celebrating our great country. >> tape government has abilities outliving lymphoma. higher during the off-season plans to continue to work as much as the treatment process will allow. "forbes" released its annual list of the top 100 paid athletes for the first time in three years. floyd mayweather takes the number one spot thanks to his $225 million payday against scott macgregor. mashers or becamehe first 10 game winner last night at only the fifth all-time to do this. immaculate innings for the second time in his career. nine pitches in three stakeouts.
5:53 am
that there is fortitude. it's hard to justify being the favorite to win saturday. go in for the crown he draws the coveted number one post and the odds are four to five. cheryl: i saw the owner in the interview. it's been decades since you seen a horse like this. >>t ended when americans are one in outlook said this is going to happen. train to jared coming thank you for a match. catch the sports reports on fox's headlines 24/7 sirius xm channel 115. coming up coming to the u.s. had the upper hand with china? we are going to london coming up. ♪ [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for our customers.
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someone is diagnosed with a inblood cancer. light the night brings together survivors and supporters to bring light to the darkness of cancer and to help fund life-saving research. our goal is a world without blood cancers, and we're lighting the path to cures. thdisceries in blood cancer research have led to break through treatments for many cancers and other serious diseases. help defeat the darkness of cancer! join light the night today. tracee: european investors keeping a close eye on the u.s. and china. michael houston, chief market analyst at cn the burqas joins us now. good morning. do you think the $70 billion in u.s. goods will head off u.s. tariffs? >> i think the markets they are looking at this morning why you see them push higher.
5:57 am
i would cauon getting too close up in this. obviously china and the u.s. they are talking about terrorists and the goods and but the u.s. and europeaunio are not talking. markets are forgetting about that. china and the u.s. is one element. u.s. and e.u. is another. we are getting a positive thought for european equities but there's still a usb element to this. cheryl: completely unresolved. that's a great point aboutnd u.. last week in italy, do you think they will be the european union? the president seems to want to go through with populism. >> yeah, that is where the italian government will heads with the e.u. in brussels.
5:58 am
i don't think there's any prospect of leaving the european union, but the politics of make things very interesting. you see that reflected in the italian markets. the ftse down in italian by neil.significantly higher. e art pressu to on the populace program. remains to. remains to see how play out over the course of the next two weeks. tracee: all right, thank you, michael. cheryl: thank you, michael. good to have you on the show. we now say good morning and welcome back to maria bartiromo. in my case, ladies. happy wednesday. maria bartiromo. top stories right now. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. markets rallied in futures pointed to double-digit move up 80 points. a third of a percent lightly off th levels of the moraftereak pee
5:59 am
yesterday of the nasdaq at a new record high for the second day in a row. nasdaq up onealf of a percent with the dow down 13 yes gains across the board. take a look. cac and dax higher right now. kids across the board as you can see fractional moves in the market in korea was closed for holiday. they spoke it with new privacy concerns. the shared user data with chinese technology companies including the united states government has accused state-sponsored spying. the backlash this morning. targeting trade with china. the admin is duration reaching tariff deal in chineseoods and tending a lifeline telecom giant zte. holding firm to renegotiate trade deals across the board. >> i think the president is pushing our trading partners.
6:00 am
the president wanted to make better deals and failed. train to the implications of these deals coming up. republicans present a shutout in california's governor's race. businessman john cox would take on the tenet governor knew some in november. he's taped across the country this morning. elon musk getting a vote of confidence that shareholders approve his dual role as chairman and chief executive. the company is not running on the cash contrary to speculation. more devastation in hawaii to report. hundreds of homes destroyed again by massive law will flow including the home of the island's mayor. president trump hosting an event at the white house without the eagles are the teams coach set to speak out today on all of out today i'm all about. giving a talk all all about it, dig in the towel. benchmark managing partner kevin kelly ms. lans


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