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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 6, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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othersism t. david: to be criticized for that isics rathat-- extraordinary. melissa: interesting stuff, we are glad he joined us today. david: evening ed is starts right now. liz: there is secretary of state mike pompeo. all sides on move, secretary of state met with foreign minister of japan about next week's summit. we'll bring you any details, new details on why china wants a deal. a new blockbuster g.o.p. senate report, based on never before seen e-mails, white house under barack obama secretly tried to help iran evade u.s. sanctions to get u.s. dollars. even trying to pressure u.s. banks in the process. this as obama officials are
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charged with misleading and deceiving congress, saying that, it would block iran from doing that. trying to get u.s. dollars, you will not believe how else obama white house allegedly tried to help iran, it involves e enron. big news on trump economy there are more job openings and jobless workers to fill them, money and politics, we deliver debate behind tomorrow's headlines, the "evening edit" starts right no right now. liz: first, dow ending up 346. look at this, 25146. surging more than 300 as j.p. morgan and goldman sachs led banks higher.
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but first secretary of state pompeo with japanese foreign minister ahead of next week's historic summit with north korea. edward lawrence is in dc with details. reporter: we could add one more fact the japanese prime minister will meet with president trump tomorrow, today the foreign minister told secretary of state pompeo that japan does not want to be passed over when it comes to deals made in asia, japanese are concerned if u.s. makes a deal with north korea, china or anyone else in the region, they may be left out, today president trump touting how much work his secretary of state is doing in the region. >> secretary michael pompeo, we're keeping him very busy, so busy you are going to be flying, a lot of flying, but what a job have you done we appreciate it thank you very were. reporter: japanese looking at
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words of secretary of state, whether he talked about north korea, and one thing he said, we will address threat to united states, that has japanese concerned, they believe there might be a deal work out with north korea where missile will be removed but keeping in place the smaller range missiles, that could strike japan. it should be an interesting conversation tomorrow. liz: a, edward, bringing in mike huckabee. your reaction? >> donald trump is doing what he does best, keeping everyone off balance, making them wonder what is the next move, the goal is to make sure they are ready to come to the table and renegotiate some of deal it is so u.s. gets treated better, i don't understand why anyone is upset about that, he is doing what he said he was going to do, people are not used to politicians
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doing that. liz: critics say there summit could chance, president trump is not the man to do it. >> it could. there is no doubt. there is no guarantee it would happen, or go well. but we're further along than we were under any president perhaps in the last 70 years with the pressure that has been put on north korea making it necessary for them to do something else, their people will start to death. and why they need to come to the table. liz: we have been reporting that north korea, the size of the economy is half of the size of vermont. we know there is sideline stuff going on, dennis rodman may show up in singapore ahead of the summit. your reacted to what is being reported and not being reported, officials indicate china wants a
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deal for trade missioneds with nort-- north korea. >> north korea is like a swarm of mosquitoes, thig they are not great players in scheme of themes but they are irritating enough to make everyone uncom uncomfort able. there is no upside to letting kim jong-un continue to develop nuclear weapons, but every bit of a down side, no matter what people think of do donald trump personally, i think there is a lot of cheering for president trump as he goes to the summit, and hope he is successful. democrats with wine all they want, but if this president is successful in bringing an end to 70-year-old war, they have to stand up and applaud.
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it will kill them, there might be a swarm of ambulances on capitol hill because of all cardiac problem. >> i think a lot of credit to the president, whoats style is unconventional, but it is working and to pompeo who is proving, to be on the same pain with the president with foreign policy. liz: cnn reporting there was a testy phone call between president trump and canada's trudeau. the story leaked out that president invoked war of 1812, saying, didn't you burn down the white house, president now is buying mocked for saying that? >> well two things, consider
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will source, cnn, they are not still ar when it comes to getting things right, you wonder who was their source, this is see phone call between two world leaders, did cnn tap their phones. liz: we don't know. what it means that president trump is going to find something else to do after his aid the years as president, other than a history professions or at -- >> a respect said that obama white house helped island try to get u.s. dollars and access the banking system, pressuring two u.s. banks and oman . report is a that obama officials misled congress, telling congress that iran would be
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barred from doing all that. trying to access banking system, but remember whether u.s. officials promised there would never happen. melissa: news and as it appears in u.s. -- they are not true. >> we have a full u.s. embargo on iran that prohibits transfers of funds through u.s. >> iran will continu continuinge denied access to the world's largest market. >> we have above -- bank of america, and goldman sachs, ending the day in the green. one obama official said that obamaez from secretary jack lew would reach out and engage a u.s. bank, if they refused to
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help, secretary of state john kerry will call them, which will drive the bank nuts, your reaction. liz: >> if it did happen. it seems it did, then there are people who need to be fitted for orange jumpsuits, this is a breaking of the law, intentional, deliberate attempt to break the law and mislead the american people as well asly to congress, and violate the law whether it diagrams to banking and business with the irans, it is breaking it and lying about it. plane we need to have mueller turn his attention to something serious. liz: did they purger themselves before congress? >> absolutely, they say something, they know it not to
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be true. this was not a mistake. i get that, but this is an intentional attempt to mislead congress, and lie to them, they knew congress would never approve violating saptions thatt were part of u.s. law at the time. liz: your reaction to trying to help iran access u.s. banking system. >> there was no oversight going on from senate, bob corker was a part of the iranian deal, he is as last couple of days, been hammering president trump about trade issues, i wonder, senator, you know, if you were talking about you have to do your duty as a senator and push back on president, how come you done
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push back on president obama on these iranian deals, including the use of german banks, and violating our own sanction agreements? i don't understand why bob corker gave obama a hug and is giving president trump a kick in the back side. liz: we'll stay on the story, we're going to revisit it later in the hour, governor thank you so much for coming on, we appreciate your insights. >> thank you, liz. liz: to your money, all 3 major indices ended in green. finished record highs, local apple and microsoft powering ahead, to nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest. reporter: end of the day, rally was under way, dow back above 25,000, dow jumped 346. nasdaq new high, russell 2000, new high again.
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we're seeing highs across the board on dow jones average, we saw boeing helping to leaded way, and records as well, as trade fears are quelled at the moment, look at airline, they are flat, big story that airlines will raise ticket prices as fuel costs rise. they finished mixed. liz: all right. thank you nicole. >> look at this story, cnn contributor, article ryan now -- april ryan backtracking after claiming that president trump was booed at yesterday's white house event. details coming up. >> and big news on trump economy, now more job openings and unemployed workerred to fill them, we bring in swiss america chairman here. and that big blue wave in
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>> voters will have a real choice in november, a governor who'll stand up to donald trump, mark my words, i have never backed down from a fight. >> be careful lawyer newsom -- mr. newsom for what you wish for, it wasn't donald trump who made california the highest tax state in the country. it was gavin newsom and the democrats. liz: the big blue wave in
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california not that big. democrat did not win everything they went after, trump back republican businessman john cox came in second place in race to be california next governor, not all races have been called. so far out of 53 house races in california, tel democrat slut ot out of one -- democrat slut out of one, republican out of 10. and we won't hear final result for house today, democrats were not able to get to 4 house seats that republican control, they were targets 10 competitive seats in the california. it all key to democrats regaining control of the house, in november, they need 23 house seats to do that let's bridg brn doug collins, it looks like democrats will have a candidate.
5:18 pm
that hillary won. but they wanted 10, what do you think of the mixed victory. >> not sure you would call it a victory, most have well a democrat and a republican in it what is amazing millions of dollars they spent to get one of their candidates in. you look at perspective, it sort of fizzled out, in those 4 states where aren' republican tt was higher. last night was a good -- we have governor candidate, with a republican and democrat at top of the ticket. liz: do you see california slightly turning toward republican, arging that is good for economy policy, congressman be fair, president trump did not cam main in california, he was not there. ly did tweet out, it was a great night for republicans, even fake
5:19 pm
news cnn said that trump impact was big, bigger than they thought possible. so much for the big blue wave. here is the thing, what if president trump goes in there and campaigns in california? >> i think in many ways he has, trump economy is one thing that is turning there, six quarters of economy growth with plore mos in california they are dealing with taxes and high property value, issues they found last night, viewers need to know a democrat state senator was recalled and replaced by a republican over the gas tax. there is something that they are tired of, they see the rest of country prospering, they' in on the action. >>ly get to this story. outgoing starbucking chairman howard schultz, does look like he is running for public office, now blasting democrats for alienating voters by getting pulled too far left with the party,ly is taking aim at bernie
5:20 pm
sanders. and -- he is taking aim at bernie sanders and liz warren wing, it concerns ple me so plae voicemanyvoices in democrat pare going left, i say to myself, how are we going to pay ther for the things, it is not realistic, will democrat party listen? it is not our partner's democrat party, howard schultz saying, they are promising magic ponies and unicorns, economic growth didn't la happen under obama. >> amazing when happened when a businessman speaks truth. it will be amaze figure they let that go, and not attack them, this not way that place works, well, is built on strong individualism, they say, government have you a place but
5:21 pm
we have a place,lly is stating what we have been stating. you can't pay for everything. you have a starbucks, today, we remember d-day, i was in iraq a few years ago they provided coffee for our troops, he understands i can't go to the left, people don't understand the values of well,. >> congress plan great to see, sir, come back soon. >> thank you, liz. liz: back to senate investigation report about obama administration allegedly helping iran try to get access to u.s. financial system, violation of sanctions we have more detail, but first big news about president trump economy, now more job openings and jobless pesm topeople to fill them, chrh is coming up next.
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liz: there are more job openings and unemployed workers to fill them awardin award according tor department, more baby boomers are still working past age of 65. they are not retiring, let's bring in swiss america trading chair chris smith. your reaction? >> look the atlanta fed other day said we could see 4% growth. and name me an economists before donald trump took the office that would have said we could expect 2% growth, no less 3%, they say 1% is the new norm.
5:26 pm
now woo these numbers, whether we have more jobs than we have people to fill them, which is first time since 2000 when we tracked number, it is all the way to 1970 if you look at the data. this is unbelievable, wages will start increasing, people are going back to work. confidence that this president has brought back to this economy and the average american sun precedented -- is unprecedented, i don't think he is getting nearly the recognition he deserves, if he walked across the potomac river tomorrow, they claim he does not how on swim, he has brought gate confidence. liz: nancy pelosi she is in a permanent apermanent am state o.
5:27 pm
>> in all due respect to miss pelosi, she really should retire, she is saying things now that are laughable and rubbish. look at the data, i am preaching to the choir with you. we start social security and take taxes out in 1937, we well 16 workers paying in for every one worker taking a benefit out, today we're down to 2.8 workers paying for one recipient. social security needs huge reforms, if tax cut did that, and then why was anyone hurting, politician spend too much money in a lot of areas we don't need to spend money in. >> democrats and republicans have been, the house on is fire,
5:28 pm
they are still smoking in bed, i don't know why you would blame tax cuts that does not square. kellyanne conway having a big fight with cnn, saying, you are missing the story, it is hurting your ratings. >> i am not talking about the economy, i am on cnn. >> talk about it the jobs number came in. how good they are. >> that good, he is a smart guy, i am glad you had him on, respectfully you should have screening graphics about lowest unemployment rate ever for african-americans, and hispanics and teens ever, and women, this not helping cnn your ratings are way down, i hit a nir nerve, you like to say lie and president's name in the same sentence, this not benefiting you, you are not
5:29 pm
getting new viewers who want to hear this junk. liz: greg. >> such an you a an unfair fight great for ratings, it makes cnn look already foolish than they already are. presidents create environment with job growth can occur or attract this president has -- she is right, lowest black unemployment in history, and lowest hispanic unemployment lowest female unemployment in 21 years for all these womens groups not paying attention, 3. 8% unemployment and we have 6.7 million more jobs to fill. we could virtually be i would have to do the math but 2% unemployment that would be up heard of, this president deserves credit for saying, i
5:30 pm
lowered taxes from 35% corporate tax rate to 21%, and that not a positive. >> give me a break, lowered regulation, taken handcuffs off of business and encouraging people to work, what more do we want. liz: i hear. let's get to this white house economic advisory or larry kudlow, telling fox business, tax cuts 2. injury. >0. >> we're there. they are there. i don't want to get into the timing of it, but some of the tax cuts should permanent and there may be additional things to savings accounts. i don't' to let the cat out of bag. liz: talking retirement savings,
5:31 pm
but tax cut 2.0, your reaction. >> that is great, i don't think you could cut taxes enough to make me happy a tax cut create growth, i know that left wants to play partisan politics, identity politics and pit rich against poor, but this is san old song -- this is an old song. liz: do people believe it? >> a certain faction, they keep getting elected. we would love too have you back on. >> thank you. liz: coming up on this story, cnn contributor april ryan backtracking after claiming president trump was booed at an event at white house yesterday. >> more development out about that g.o.p. senate investigation
5:32 pm
report that says that obama administration gave iran or tried to give iran access to u.s. financial system, we bridge in former george w. bush senior reacted about details after this. ♪ expedia® ♪ touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. up to 90% of those with moderate to severe psoriasis had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. most people were still clearer after one year. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.
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misled congress. but obama white house allegedly did secretly try to help iran violate sanctions trying to get u.s. dollars, pressuring two u.s. banks in the process, and a bank in oman, they would get a slap on the wrist for violating certain terms o of the deal. bring in former brad blak blake, your reaction? >> the dispierration, president obama wanted a deal badly, worse than the iranians wanted a deal with the united states and allies, if anything, it should show our allies what intent was of president obama and real intent of the iranians to wash
5:37 pm
cash, launder cash, not to build roads, schools and bridges in iran but to support groups like hezbollah. liz: this is scary, doing shadowed diplomacy like this to this degree and level, they are finding and slamming u.s. banks over financial collapse, strong arming two banks to get in on this. here is an e-mail from obama official said jack lew, and john kerry could be used to pressure the two u.s. banks. what is going on? >> what it is, it is clear violation of law to skirt sanctions. also an attempt at bamboozling congress, telling them, this is not what we're doing, when it is what they are doing. liz: they are acting above the law. >> no question. liz: stunning. i am sorry, we have so much to talk to you, we want your reacted to this, in report, says
5:38 pm
that snab back sanctions would not tak take place, remember oba said it would take place, now report said in a secret meeting urd official -- it would not enforce snap back sanctions, but remember when president obama said this. >> iran violates the agreement over next decade, all of the sanctions can snab back into place. we won't need support of other members of u.n. security counting, america can trigger snap back on our own. liz: okay, this report said, told iranian officials that 95 percent of time, you get a slap on the wrist, no snap back seantion. seantio -- sanction. >> the president and his administration at the time were not dealing in the interest of
5:39 pm
the u.s., they are dealing in interest of iran. liz: republican senator portman said these findings prove obama white house were desperate for a deal. >> they were desperate to get a deal, on one hand they said that iranians were not getting access to american financial system, but then they grant iran a license to allow them to take some of the funds. liz: so cash that iran would have gotten through the white house under obama, are considered terror organization -- this is stunning. >> this is why president trump has nixed if deal. liz: he is getting criticized for that. >> of course, he is being a leader, and telling our allies, you have allowed yourself to be bamboozled. it is not standing any more, for
5:40 pm
the first time in a long time we have a president who is willing to stand on principle and rule of law. liz: fallout of this? >> i think congress has an obligation, to do their oversight, and tell american people what happened. and then if necessary, turn it on justice department, to do whatever is necessary on their end to make sure they are brought to justice if laws were broken. liz: good stuff, thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: cnn contributor april ryan backtracking after claiming president trump was booed at yesterday's white house event. >> mark zuckerberg under fire again, facebook gave chinese companies including a big telecommunications giant there, somewhere access to your data. we're on that story coming up. bring in veteran fighter pilot
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liz: facebook in hot water again, mark zuckerberg, saying it handed american user data to chinese smartphone maker, and other companies got access too, u.s. intelligence agent describe wa way as a security threat, facebook operating data sharing partnership with 4 chinese denies makers, checking stock down almost 1%. welcome to the show, what do you think. >> they have in-- created the greatest spy tool, the intelligence community has encouraged people not to use their devices this company was
5:45 pm
started a former chinese army person, soldier who started this company, and if you look at chinese companies, and technology nothing is developed in china right now. this is a scary situation because, you know the damage has been done, facebook, if you are looking at me, wondering what i am thinking, facebook would know, they know what you like, you don't like, people you care bwhat things you care about. everything that a spy would want to know about someone to then exploit them. liz: people send messages on facebook. and i don't know, chinese looking at your messages? >> i think that scary thing, you have to understand how spying works. there are two ways there is marketing, if you want to be exploited by people who spy who you are to market.
5:46 pm
then real spy game, that china plays, they want to know who a person is, who motivates them, they want to get in their head, old traditional spying one way of trade craft is to understand who they are as a person, and be able to get in their head, now facebook creates a tool, and the backdoor where the chinese can essentially get in your head. >> that soundses spooky. >> it is. i don't think you can trust any technology. liz: it has not stopped users. even though the watts up guys saying get off facebook. >> it depends on what level of risk you are willing to take, why would you like at my information.
5:47 pm
liz: bloomberg accusing google of walking away from u.s. security, in an op-ed, saying google's decision to not renew a contract with pentagon fo i-t - >> were you surprised by bloomberg saying this. >> i think that he is making a solid point. the people that i know who are still in community, say this is project maven we're talking about, a tool that uses machine learning software to interpret video images. liz: to better do --
5:48 pm
>> right. liz: so you don' kill civilians. >> it helps you see if someone is holding a weapon or a soda bottle. people are always afraid, drones will do all of the work, artificial intelligence will do kills on targets, in is always a human brain in the kill chain. to think that drones will do it for us is not the case. liz: other thing microsoft, ibm, they could step in. china and russia are they moving ahead in this technology? >> they are, china created a strategic support force, that combined their intelligence, surveillance and reco reconnaise
5:49 pm
under one umbrella. now it is great power competition, the country, they are developing this technology. i will tell you, another company will probably step in. liz: probably. big contract. >> leah great stuff, thank you. come back soon? to this story, cnn contribute oar april ryan backtracking after claiming this president trump was booed at an event the white house yesterday, he was not booed. two, down, back up!
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liz: cnn contributor april ryan backtracking after claiming president trump was booed at a
5:53 pm
white house even yesterday, he said, breaking, reporter on south lawn have confirmed that donald trump was heckleed and booed when he came out to celebrate america, and she had to correct herself tweeting, reporters are rewatching, they found a heckler in the crowd, asked questions of president trump, the heckler of booed. the boos were for the heckler. bringing in brit mchenry. >> good for her for correcting it, reporters are rewatching it. my question is, you are the reporter, you should get accurate information you can't just callously tweet about something, you are not covering a football game or local community, this is the white house press corps, april ryan also shared an article from the root claiming that maybe the trump administration is involve
5:54 pm
innesex trafficking. there is not some troll on the internet, this a cnn contributor with over 336,000 followers, she has been irresponsible with her twitter account, and clearly biased. but she will claim she is the victim in the white house press briefing. liz: critics brought up another example of her bias, this sound bite. >> what about stepping down. >> no, i think that is a ridiculous question. >> mr. president, are you a racist. liz: what do you ask these typings of loaded questions? are you really expecting an answer. >> i think she want to jim acosta school of reporting, where it is me, me, me in white house, this is rude, and overstepping your bounds this is
5:55 pm
why people voted for trump to have unmayor adclaims of racism, a large portion of the country support standing for anthem to shout that unsolicited is not what she it be doing. she to electric a look at herseu want to go into opinion and commentary fine, get into, that but she is a reporter. liz: she did not bake a pecan pie. remember that? >> they will attack sarah huckabee sanders at all costs, she is doing a incredible job, the correspondent dinner is proof, she tried to take the high road, show up, what did they do, they demeaned her appearance, and called hear a liar. good for sarah huckabee sanders.
5:56 pm
liz: i wish i had a slice. i can't bake. cnn can choose whatever they want to report on, but the policy issues as well. viewers want to see all starts of stories. >> i think cnn has realized they can't get total viewership, like fox, they can't pander to liberals like mcircumstanc msnbs attack trump. what is going on happen moving forward, she is not helping. liz: i would like a cherry pie next time. >> i will bring one. liz: a new report on what is happening at border, thousands of illegals crossing, they were apprehended last month, we'll bring in the details, next.
5:57 pm
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liz: a new government report
6:00 pm
shows for the third month in a row, 50,000 illegal border crosses were apprehended. it's an increase of 160% versus may 2017. charles: stocks rallied for the fourth day. the dow and s. & p. finishing at three-month highs. facebook confirming it did share user data with high-tech firms racing con -- raising concerns about them keeping the information safe. the president commute be the sentence of grandmother alice johnson.

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