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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 6, 2018 7:00pm-7:58pm EDT

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now. we have a phenomeright now whats these wars are being fought by less than 1% the country. it's all volunteer force and that's a buying deal. my father's generation, there was a dra les: got to there, sir. lou: good eveni every our top stories, paul ryan affirming his politic ambiguity andis his indefensible support of the establishment whose boots he loves to lick. the lame duck speaker today ceoidh the deep state and defy rea and decency as he did so, lining up ty gowdy saying there's no evidee a spy p campgn and later playing the open border globalists and he chose to pour sere uup0 n
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officials. >> i feel good a ersations we're having. our members are honest and sincere in trying to understand each owe he a big swath ofiews thin o i really do believe there's a sweet spo h sweet here. well, how long will republicans put up with this duck who seem intent on destroying the part the midterms. long will t p with him? i'll ask congressman matt gates if hs had eno of the > of the incoming inr s report, describing james comey as an out of control insubordinate hell bent on gtiis own way. the ig report only the first installmentn revealing all
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that is rot nn the justice department andhebi. the lying and leaking fired now begging for immunity but he'll testify on capitol hill. uestio will senator grassley protect the corrupt or serve the coren is saying the right things. >> we need to get to the bottom of what happened at the fbi during the comey years where apparently there was misconduct going on, which i think is really impugned the reputation of the finest lawcent we need to clear the air. and so i think giving mr. mccabe cover through lo clear the air and clear the corruption. president trump today called thgnorant andhe vile, the vileational left-wingmea inr vicious attacks on the first
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lady as she was recovering from her surgery. fake news and the nasty little kree tants who take it up >> our top story tonight, paul ryan sold out a long time ago and he's made it clear who owns him throughout his speakership. the lame duc anying of a rhino d establishment. today ryan undercutting the esident and changing the subject from the republican party str pry primary performance to his own disloyalty. in less than six minutes at br rhino ryan managed to defend the fectless trey gowdy, denying e evidence of spy g and t ak necessity for illegal immigrants that could well destroy the gop in the midterms. here he is.
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>> i think chairman gowdy's initial assessment is accurate. b we have some more digging to do. >> mr. spea mr. speaker, do you believe. >> i don't know the technical answer to that question but obviously he shouldn't n one is above the law. when we fix daca we want to fix it permanently so we don't have another daca down the world. we plan to have a conference wide conversation two o three hours tomorrow and that's what we should be doing, talking among ourselves so the majority can function. lou: a whole two or three hours deveeted to daca. speaker rya conduct at the twilight of his indistinguished career can be an effort to the established forces of the chamber of commerc the business round table and wall street. cuban born never trumper billionaire mike fernandez is threatening withhold all
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funding from republicans who won't back the daca dischargepe. he's even assembled open border mega donors to join him. you can see their names on your screen there, including joe rowe, david mcneill, dr. zachariah and coastal construction ceo tom murphy jr., sergio peno and bob dickinson, enrique sosa, a f the big money donors who own ryan and the rhinos who would destroy the gop. joining us congress from florida, congressman matt gates. good to have you with us. you have put out a very strong statement and i just want to read the first line. it is shameful to see house gop
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leadership emphasize support for fbi, doj intelligence collection on the trump campaign. that's about as straightforward as you can put it. e gust ask, why in the world have y putting up r conference putting up with a man who could do what he did today at that leadership briefing, which is change the subject from the success of the party and the primaries, the biggest primary night in this election cycle, and turn it to himself and turn it against the idea, the very idea that evidence matters in his judgment of whether or not there was a spy. it obviously doesn't in his case. >> lou, i've got on your show before and defended paul ryan en've agreed withim but there is no defense today for paul rya siding with the fbi and department of justice against those of us in the congress who are working for transparency and accountability.
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devi nunes has been asking for a year for the documents that go to the very heart of this trump-russia hoax. as we sit here today, lou, members of congress has not sent the documents that show why this investigation even began. but here's what we know. that australian diplomat, heliee thhhe atralian ambassador to the united states and that's how it got to the fbi and we found out that isn't true. so one liar gave information to ecause he's like thead to be head of the never trump movement ert the deep state and there's no way any criminal prosecution could be brought against this president based on the bias and mishandling of evidence. but instead of our speaker standing with us and putting the focus on the fbi's refusal to turn over documents so that we could perform our oversight duties, instead he was defending the fbi. and that's deeply frustrating to me and we need to speaker to be an institutionalist for the congress, not a defender of the
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deep state. an he is a defender of k street and wall street and the koch brothers. the has sold out. he's beenio sold o for years and we wanted to check the record. let me ask you. can you think of a time that the speaker has been compelled to say there's no evidence of collusion despite financing a one-year investigation by the fbi, almost a year, and more than a year of theeneral counsel? i can't remember a single time that he's stood up and defended the president and said there is no evidence whatsoever of collusion and that deeply troubles me. >> the house intelligence committee stood up saying there was no evidence of collusion, we need to speaker to do the same. another area, lou, is to have real accountability when it comes to the crimes of the clinicoon family anclinton fami. majority whip were mr. gowdy, mr. goodlatte all calling for a
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second special counsel and the silence from our speaker is deafening. speaker ryan needs to step up, join news a call for a second counsel and stop defending the fbi collection of evidence op the trump campaign when they renews to givrefuse to give us e investigation. we know that fbi b their procedures. bruce orr broke procedures when he didn't discloses that his wife had a moonlight job for fusion gps. rod rosenstein didn't discloses that christopher steele had been terminated by the fbi for lying. and yet asking a court to rely on his statements. we need stronger leadership from our speaker supporting the work of those fighting in the trenches to get real answers for the american people. lou: let me ask you, congressman, why in the world would your conference not say 's enough, mr. lame duck speaker, get the hell out of the
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office. you're going to send us to destruction in the midrm elections. this man doesn't have a plan. he doesn't have a sategy. he disunt raise money that any other speaker couldn't raise. he certainly is not a strategic thinker. he is anti-trump and has been so throughout. he is a disaster and the disaster is going to consume your party. do you not agree if he is locked in that speakership? >> you know i run in if more conservative circles of the house and i have never up to this point heard a single person hepeakerip.ving speaker today for the first time i was hearing colleagues say if speaker ryan won't stand with us in this fight over the essentials of our democracy, not weaponizing intelligence community against the presidential campaign, do we need to look at other choices. that remains a lingering question and you're starting to see more frustrations bubble to
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the top pa because we need that leadership. lou: great to have you with us. thanks so much. up next, president trump firing back at the fake news media who think, well, it's just fine toake aggressive cheap shots at the first lady she convalesces from surgery. that's about as appalling as the left-wing national media could ever get. no, it's exceeded itself before. we'll take that up and much more with t himse e rollins. and we'll also be talking about a very good night for the republican party in the primary polls, righter this. stay with us.
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lou: president trump has had to put up with a lot in his 16 months in office. today h slammed the left wing the first lady, melania trump. and today he tweeted this, the fake news media has been so unfair and vicious to my wife and our great first lady melania. during her recovery they ar dea to facelift to left the white house and me for new york or virginia to abuse. all fake. she's doing really well. four reporters spotted melania
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in the white house last week walking along to a meeting they never reported their sighting because it would have hurt the rave that he was living in a different part of orld werer whatever. fake news is really bad. this afternoon the first lady made her first public appearance at a fema briefing. the hurricane season was the subject and h is the president. >> she went through a little rough patch but she'soi great androud of her. she's done a fantastic job as first lady. people of our country love you. thank you, honey. lou: extraordinary. joining us tonight, ed rol roll, great america pac chairman. you've seen, as they say, a few things. >> i have. lou: to see melania trump, the first lady of this country, attacked as she has been by various elements in the national left-wing media, these are the
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lowest in the entire low life national left-wing media. >> anyone who has surgery, it takes week to recover. she had a minor surgery but in the hospital for a week. if she wants to sit ied for a month it's her prerogative. and at the end of the day i agree with the president. it's outrageous. lou: where the hell are people other than the president, other than the party saying you creeps stop what you're doing. stop it. >> people ought to start canceling the newspapers if they still he newspaper and to a certain extent start switching channels and start putting pressure on his people. the first lady has serve this well and effectively and the president did the right thing today. lou: she speaks five languages. she's intelligent, so classy. and filled with grace. good lord, what are they doing? >> well, they're doing everything they can to throw
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rocks at them and they can't succeed. she looked magnificent today and welcome back to the game which shs fully engaged in. lou: it is great to see her healthy and recovering. >> she looks fabulous. lou: and as we turn to the primaries last night, the biggest primary of this year, your thoughts on what the republicans demonstrated and what the president demonstrated. >> the president demonstrated he still has power. he took a noby person who moved to california, endorsed him in the california gubernatorial primary. lou: referring to john cox. >> john cox, got him in the race beating the former speaker for the second spot. and to a certain extent the other example was congresswoman roain blam.
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lou: couldn't get 50% of the vote. >> and will vi to fight to if bitter end. democrats got what they wanted. in california, it's a real battle. and the issue of ryan is you need someone who can lead the pac and he can't do it. if i was a member of congress, obviously i'm not -- lou: ryan comes out on this day. it had to be intentional and absolutely premeditated. to change the subject to attack the president and this self righteous crap, i'm justoing to call it what it is, where he says the president shouldn't do at. the president has said he's not going to do it because he hasn't done anything wrong. does ryan listen to anything. >> no he doesn't. lou: but his own bleating voice? >> he's got a staff around him who basically say mr. speaker, mr. speaker. i think it's important for us to have an expeeker at the point in time. as i was saying earlier, what they ought to do --
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lou: what in the worldhould theyo? >> tomrow in the conference, make a motion to vacate the chair. anybody has a right to do that. that's how they drove ryan out, the threat of that. and then you havee, a mandatory vote, 218 -- lou: you said ryan. you meant boehner. >> boehner. i mixed them lou: they're very much alike. hand picked. you would think they're synonymous and they are. >> republicans have to understand. they are in a war, a war like i've never seen. they can' can hold the congressd expand only if they have leadership and have someone that can lead them. lou: and affix themsves to president trump and his agenda. >> absolutely. lou: this is the reason they did as well as they did yesterday. it's the reason they can win and expand the number of seats rather than lose them, which is the historical imperative for the party in power in midterm elections. they can reverse that.
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>> and every single senate candidate, includingdale run in the key senate races are pledging support t president. i think we're going to pick up a couple of seats in the senate. we don't have strong leadership. u: what do you think the odds are, motion to vacate. will we hear that in the next week? i can't ubs why any republican wouldn't insist on removing. >> the idea that you have to anything other than goodlatte's bill -- lou: he's setting up amnesty. >> and he's lose control of it and we'll be stuck with something that the president will have to veto he will and it won't be good for the countr lou: he says he'll veto. this is a direct challenge. these idiots on k street are playing with the country's future. they don't give a damn about the american worker, the american
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people, american family, our middle class and ryan is owned by them. >> most affluent part of the country right now. lou: all right. ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: great idea. thanks for being here. >> it's been there since thomas jefferson. lou: be sure to vote no tonight's poll. do you think any republican who refuse to support the trump ulde voted then the midterm elections ? -l cast your vote on twitter@low dobbs up next, shocking developments involving national security violations, political coverup and the i.t. scandal linked to congress and congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, then the head of the democratic national committee. we'll take that up with the daily callers, luke psiak about a possible plea deal.
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really stay with us. we'll be right back. bln ing i buy.
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lou: debbie wasserman schultz disgraced information technology aide is set to strike a plea deal. a hearing has been set for july 3rd following seven delays in this case over the past six months alone. she faced conspiracy bank charge, transferring money from the c credit union to pakistan before trying to flee from the country. joining me now one of the reporters at the front of the story, luke rosiak joininggh us. and again, terrific reporting. this case is one of the most frustrating things to witness because it's inexplicable. the delays, the peculiar posture assumed by the prosecutors and
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the defendants in the case and the role of the former dnc head congresswoman debbie wasserman schult. >schultz. >> this is about rigging the 2016 election. there was a second hack that occurred the same week that dnc was breached. the house of representatives inspector general briefed authorities that there was an ongoing hack by pakistanis who the democrats hired as i.t. guys. ordinarily they would have been arrested on the bat obviously. but think about it, the russian that week, you know how tenuous it is, backed by nothing it is, you throw into the mix arrest of pakistanis hired by democrat and unvetted for a similar hack at the identical time, the narrative about russia would have been impossible to secure and that's all they care about, the narrative.
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lou: what's interesting about this, amongst the many things that are interesting, fascinating, intriguing and frustrating is where is the justice department now. why in the world are we hearing about this in jeff sessions. why aren't we hearing about it from republican-led justice department and where in the world is debbie wasserman schultz and how has she -- has she been imif given immunity? has he been corrupted by forcess dark and sinister in the deep state? what is going on? >> t happened ling of this case disproves the russian narrative. democrats don't care about hackin or foreign meddling. what they did in this case is to decide to knowingly allow the united states government to be hacked by pakistanis for six months until right after the election so they would peddle a phony russian narrative. they would go to any link to
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smear donald trump with this. but what the democrats did here is treason. they allowed the united states to continuous lie be hacked by these bad guys soould he russian narrave. you couldn't have it ways. if they arrested these gs i the. and it becomes ridiculous for the democrats. ol he once, shame on you, fool me ten times, shame on the democrats with their i.t. getting hacked again and a by extreme negligence. this would have bn the october surprise that would have ensured a victory by donald trump and the house of representatives withheld that knowledge from voters. lou: and debbie wasserman schuz at the forefront of it all, as the person who also made it possible because she was in charge for the russians, quote unquote, to hack the dnc servers and somehow convince the fbi
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that they should not bother the dnc with aittle matter of national security like having their servers hacked. everyone, by the way, when you heard luke say they were unvetted, not a single one of the 44 house democrats who hired these pakistani i.t. aides, not a one of them conducted conductd background checks on the folks running an goat employee scheme. and we're going to follow it and i would like, luke, if you would join us here to tell us what's going on with this case, a plea deal. are they trying once again -- they being this government anddn the justice department. sure they suld no would not be y to concealing and putting this thing so deep that it wouldn't see the light of day. >> no, they are. the doj under jeff sessions is covering up a scandal that
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exposes the entire russian narrative as a hoax. it is within jeff sessions power to charge the pack city anies with hacking congress and he has a list of witnesses and sbi is refusing to interview them. accept evidence from witnesses. the evidence in this -- lou: so. >> it's all -- they have all of the goods. it niece theve logs. this case is open and shut and jeff sessions is refusing to bring the charges. lou: thanks for your reporting and thanks for being with us and come back soon, please. >> thank you. lou: luk rosiak up next, volcanic blast leaving a trail of destruction in hawaii and guatemala. we'll have the report for you straight ahead. stay with us. we'll be right back. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient
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lou: the kilauea volcano lava destroying hundreds more homes in just one night. fox news correspondent jeff paul on the big island of hawaii with our report. reporter: the number of injuries from o seven, either lava or respiratory related. that is what the autties are oste sh sure on the big island. a riv of lava heading toward the coast where it's destroyed a
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coastal subdivision. these pictures really tell the story of how fast the lava is moving. the first is from sunday asavaoc but two days later, yesterday, the lava has now totally covered the bay, literally changing the shape of the coastline president at one point 117 homes were yed but in a day's hiem that number has tripled to hundreds mor >> it's like flood pouring out, covering everything in its path. just incredible what it's doing. looks like there's no stopping it. reporter: geologist say 4900-acres here on theislands l. so far no reported deaths. lou: thank you very much. jeff recall reporting from hawaii. well in guatemala, the death tall of the vo volcano eruptions risen to 75. 200 people are missing. seven communities have been evacuated. rescuers completing the arduous
7:38 pm
task of searching for the ash and rubble for people who arende deatl t rise significantly. the european union announcing it will impose tariffs on goods from u.s. in july. mexico and canada have issued counter warnings against the u.s. and putting tariffs on aluminum and steel. president trump considering ada instead of deals with mexico renegotiating nafta at all after the three countries reached an impasse. the european union and cand cano attend friday's g7 summit. presiden tre well in quebec ng now, republican mcdaniel.committee chair ronna great to have you with us. great tsee you. i'm going to start with first what we're witnessing. today speaker ryan single handedly changed theiscussion
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from the success of the republicans in t primaries to his rather, i think, idiotic and reallyporerks about both the prt and about daca and the general, just the general political atmo in ts country. what is his problem? >> well, i will tell you, i just went on a west coast swing and was in washington state and californiaoregon, not red states. and ery perso i met with said we need more republicans to support this president. and we want to see our republican leadership supporting this president. and there are a lot of things to bece with the informant that was -- the spy that was within the trump campaign. i'm going to usehe word spy. i think you're changing the severity of what happened. if somebody is in the campaign an they're reporting back to the fbi, they're spying. why didn't they inform the candidate, why didn't they go to
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donald trump. they're serious questions. and our voterst to see republican leadership stepping up asking about why this happened. and we've got to talk about our successes and we've got to be unified and supporting our president whose agenda is making people's lives better across this country and i see it and i feel it every single day as i travelround to state to state to state. lou: i think that frankly -- let me applaudt you've said because i think you're being direct, forthright and i commend you for it. it is not often that we have that kind of languag originating with t c either national committee and i just want to cheer you if i may one more time. >> thank you. lou: turning to these elections yesterday, the president -- those candidates he supported to a person all did well. >> they did. i mean john cox made it to the the president's endorsement.inlf
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that is huge for our house members in california who are going to be in competitive races that the democrats hav targeted to flip the majority, to have somebody at the top of the republan vnd that isovernor is beehe president engaged. and across the sphiet yesterday we saw republicans turning out in droves in six of the seven battleground house seats yesterday that the democrats were counting on to flip the house, more republicans turned out than democrats and the seventh one was just a little bit that the democrats turned out. that blue wave yesterday became a ripe because the tru agenda is working across this country on employment at a record low people are feeling better, wages are up and they want to see the comeback continue and they're not going to hand the nation over to the resist democrat pa of no. lo and that's i think being kind to that party. right now they have no agenda, they have frankly little to
7:42 pm
commend their party for anything. i mean nancy pelosi is talking taxes, bill clinton is talking history, personal history that he, i'm sure, would prefer to forget. and hillary clinton is still walking around in front of cameras and microphones asking what happened. it seems to me that the republican party should encourage them to continue on certainly through the midterms. >> yeah. i hope that bill clinton's book tour goes through the midterms. pelosi, i send her flowers every week. i want her right where she is. their vision is one of our country going back with regards. they want to raise taxes. they want to hurt average working americans and when you look at what has happened with the t cuts, with the derug las vegas, with wages up, with record unemployment, people are doing better because of president trump. and you knowt?'s going resonaten
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november when people go to vote because they're going to say that the republican party is fighting for me, they're lyng done. we're about democrats are about rhetoric. u: his language throughout the campaign of 2016 was memorable. but when he said he's going to be the president of all americans, he meant it. and when he look at these unemployment numbers for minorities, whether african-american, hispanic, this is an extraordinary moment in time because they're at all-time is delivering everyroesint w and every one of those folks in the house, where they want desperately to keep their majority, i can't even imagine why there would be any hesitation other than the fact they're rhinos rather than republicandemocrats attaching tp agenda. be sure to vote in tonight's
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poll. do you think any republican who refuses to support the trump agenda shod b out of office in the midterms? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. rruption.evelations fbi wee t update for you an latts involving james comey and andrew mccabe and be sure to jn me on tucker carlson tonight where we take up the dems and the rhino's efforts to, well, provide amnesty and an open border for justut the entire world, at least the problem mata world. stay with us. we'll be right back. polident is specifically designed to clean a denture.
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lou: op wall street stocks closed higher,h higher. the dow jones industrial is back above 25,000, as a matter of fact, the dow gang almost 350 points on the day, s&p up 24, nasdaq gained 51. volume on the big 3.6 billion shares. and the u.s. trade deficit falling to seven-month low in april. exports rising to a record high. airlinespoised to raise ticket costs and add fuel surcharges to coat rising oil prices. but they're not rising anymore. they're standing at least right now at $75 a barrel.
7:49 pm
a remi to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio nehe department of j inspector general's report putting james comey's leadership style under a criticism. the inspector general exploring whether comey went beyond his authorities in the july 2016 period when he was publicly discussing the clinton e-mail investigation andmending against criminal charges. a responsibility and authority that was that of his boss, attorney general loretta lynch, not the fbi director. congressional letters obtained by fox news show former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe, who worked directly under comey, now wants immunity if he's to testify on capitol hill. it's called use immunity and it means that mccabe's testimony couldn't be used against him in a criminal preus cushion.
7:50 pm
the npser general found that dnder oath, mode a criminal referral to the u.s. attorney in washington as a result. more on the daykillegations dep state corruption ahead. also a key trump adviser reportedly targeted in spygate. fox legal analyst gregg jarrett joins me here next. stay with us. we'll be right back. stop him. and neither will lower back pain. tes..
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against whooping cough. because dangers don't just exist in fairytales.
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lou: you heard the names clovis, papadopoulos and page. but there was person associated with the trump campaignted by the obama administration spy, and his name is steven miller. the spy sent to infiltrate the trump campaign accordingo the "daily caller." miller was invited to a university of cambridge event arranged by the obama spy, but he chose not to attend. joining me now fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. preorders as i underrepushing ye stratosphere before it even gets
7:55 pm
out. gregg gregg iout. trey as in traitor gowdy has seen no evidence of a spy in the trump campaign. gregg: they are playing a game of semantics and parsing words and it will be terrific end of the year when trey and ryan are gone. a spy is a secret or undercover agent. that's what this guy was. working for the fbi. deployed to insinuate himself into the campaign. if that ain't spying, i don't
7:56 pm
know what is. >> can we take look at the quick survey of some headline elements ofe of in the trump campaign? a cambridge professor out as an fbi spy. meeting with campaign aor carter page, sam clovis. the strzok-page text referring to oco nurks s lures. that's spies not in the continental united states. comey's house testimony confirming the existence of a classified investigation. former national intelligence director james clapper admitting the fbi ran informant on the
7:57 pm
campaign officials and it was quite a common occurrence. the obama justice department and the fbi used the steele dossier paid for by the democratic national committee and the ton campaign. that piece of fiction used to obtain fisa court warrants against carter page and presumably on thers under surveillance. >> that was spying, too. as well as collection of records undeknowns to carter page. this was a counter-intelligence investigation so they felt able to use spies in two different ways. for gowdy to say that term isno.
7:58 pm
well, mr. gowdy, it was a counter-intelligence investigation. lou: they are parsing their dpestles of the deep state but they are careless as hell when it comes to defend be the interests of the nation. they are both lame ducks and should get the hell out. >> i agree. and often what either one or th of say no sense. trey gowdy seems to be arguing that once the americans see the evidence, they will agree it was okay. i have got news for him. americans are already aghast and will be even more outraged when they learn that a spy was deployed in a presidential campaign violating every norm of history. lou: two quick questions. mccabe seeking immunity before the judiciary committee before
7:59 pm
testifying. surely grassley will not grant that >> if it's the only way to get to the truth, heht consider use immunity. here is the exc of letters today, this was the dance called the prover. where i -- the proffer. write suspect the witness mccabe will give them a preview of what he'll say. lou: i hope they do not. if they don't have the intelligence and resources and wherewithal to get to the truth without a sorry shape. secondly, i wanted to get to this issue of a woke. is that a cover-up by justice again? gregg: it is. your interview with luke is on target.
8:00 pm
this is a cover-up by debbie wasserman- democratsu: tonight'e evening, we'll have itomorrow night. tonight i join tucker carlson on his show in just moments on the fox news channel. kennedy: james comey, your day of reckoning is finally at hand. the question is will his old cronies at the doj have the cones to rock limb up. the report is he defied and weigh was insubordinate to his spearers. the abc report claims the interest spector general blasts former attorney general loretta lynchor her mishandling of the investigation into the


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