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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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there are a lot of young kids that don't want the driver's license, they see that as a burden and this is a way to be fabulous. >> i'm not a young kid anymore, i've never own aid car in my life. this appeals to me. i might do it. >> there you go. "the evening edit" starts right now. >> we're going to have a great success. i don't think it will be in one meeting. i think it will take longer than that. this is something that should have been solved by other presidents, as i said before. long time ago this could have been solved in a lot less dangerous manner, but it wasn't, so i'll solve it and we'll get it done. liz: president trump speaking out today ahead of next week's historic summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. we've got the details and the media is really going after the summit right now. we bring that you debate. moments ago, secretary of state mike pompeo briefing the press about the summit, saying complete denuclearization of
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the entire peninsula is the only acceptable outcome. and if all goes well, president trump will invite kim jong-un to the white house. stunning disclosure. we've got details on that. and the senate mounting a big battle against trump's trade plan. bring that you fight and the analysis who will win. money, politics, we deliver the debate behind tomorrow's headlines. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. . liz: let's get to your money, shall we? the dow up 95 points at 25,241. the tech sector, though, stocks there sending the nasdaq lower. we have more on that in just a moment. but first, secretary of state mike pompeo giving more details about the historic summit that will take place next week between president trump and north korean leader kim
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jong-un. edward lawrence is in washington with the very latest. edward? reporter: liz, good evening. secretary of state mike pompeo talked with us moments after he briefed the president about north korea. he says actually that the secretary of state is going to go beijing after june 12 to update the chinese on exactly what happens during that summit. secretary of state mike pompeo says that unless there's complete denuclearization, the sanctions will remain in place. he goes onto they at the negotiating table, it doesn't matter who has the upper hand. >> it's not about who has the upper hand. it's about trying to find a way so the two sides can come to an understanding to get concrete steps, not just words that resolve this challenge. reporter: and pompeo says that the president is ready for the summit. he's been getting briefings every day on north korea for the past few months. the president coming out and saying he will walk away from the summit, if he believes that kim jong-un is not sincere about this meeting. however, the president saying
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if all goes well, there could be a meeting here at the white house with the north korean leader. liz? liz: thank you, edward. let's get reaction from the "wall street journal" dan henninger. dan, headlines crossing now and misquoting the president. president said i think i'm very well prepared. i don't think i have to prepare very much. media at nbc and cnn taking the second part of that. your reaction to the criticism there? >> i think the criticism is overstate. secretary pompeo said the president has been briefed. i think in large part, what the summit in singapore is about is president trump meeting face-to-face with kim jong-un and trying to size him up as somebody that whether we can do business with him. i mean, let's face it, liz, the only person in the all of north korea that is going to negotiate this deal is one guy, the dictator, kim jong-un, and i think the president has to try to figure out whether he is a serious person and whether he
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is serious. he's got to get a feel for the man. i believe that's exactly what the point of this summit is, and the president said there will be more meetings, if he concludes he can do business with kim jong-un. liz: dan, what do you think of the olive branch extended to kim jong-un? maybe a meeting, an unprecedented historic meeting at the white house. what was your reaction to that? >> liz, i think what the u.s. side is doing here is trying to go the extra mile. this is a very heavy lift. it may not work out. if it doesn't work out, they're going to have to go plan b, probably a military option in there somewhere. but i think that president trump and his team are trying to prove to the world they are doing all they can to avoid that military option, and that might include a visit to the white house. liz: dan, to the g7. the president does face a clash at g7 with canada, germany and others. germany's angela merkel warning about that. he still faces fights with
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congress over his trade agenda. here's the president tweeting, isn't it ironic getting ready to get on g7 in canada to fight for our country on trade. we have the worst trade deals ever made, then off to singapore to meet with north korea and the nuclear problem, but back home we have the 13 angry democrats pushing the witch-hunt. he's covering a lot of ground there. what was your reaction to that tweet? >> more than a lot of ground, liz. my reaction is this president has a lot on his plate. he's capable of filling up that plate. but i'm a little worried about the trade piece because he needs allies like south korea and japan to get anything done with north korea, and let us not forget, he has withdrawn from the iran nuclear deal, the europeans are upset about that, but he does need their help, going forward on that. i'm not sure you want to be in the middle of a very serious trade battle with those allies when you are trying to enlist their support on the huge
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issues of national security. now the good news might be that trade issues gets drawn out over a long period of time, and i think the president has got his eye on that north korea summit. as he said, he's going to quebec, doesn't want to waste a lot of time arguing up there about trade. liz: when it comes to the north korean summit, catch fox business live coverage of the historic meeting with kim jong-un. fbn will be on air all night long beginning with special edition of "lou dobbs tonight" at 7:00 p.m. eastern time on monday. back to this story. despite attacks from all sides, president trump is sticking with hard line on trade, getting deals done. the u.s. getting a deal with zte, a telecom provider. it hit the telecom giant with a $1 billion plus penalty and strict oversight with officials embedded at zte in exchange for ending sanctions against it. zte can buy components from
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u.s. smartphone parts suppliers. those stocks rallying on the news. look at that. semiconductors, qualcomm and more. let's get back to dan. president trump has had trade victory so far, if he hasn't acted, the u.s. wouldn't have gone the a trade deal with south korea over u.s. cars and trucks. and now china zte. so it looks like he is making progress there. >> does look like some progress, though i think you have to look at it indirectly especially zte deal. i think the main thing was the initial action to basically shut down zte for several weeks. because the agreement, i don't think, the idea that we're going to have chinese-speaking agents inside the company reporting back to commerce secretary wilbur ross. i just don't think that's going to have much teeth. but that did a lot of damage to zte. they lost a lot of business in the past two weeks, they're
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being sued by partners for lost services and i think what the message has been sent here to the chinese and to companies like zte that we can do damage to you if you don't try to play by the rules of the road. liz: and the thing with zte, hundreds of patent fights against zte for stealing technology around the world. zte is in the crosshairs, dan, with seven republicans and democrat senators including bob corker, marco rubio, chuck schumer. they're trying block president trump's metal tariffs in the eu, canada and mexico and the zte deal, and here's how they're doing it. sticking an amendment in the annual national defense authorization act, it must pass gislation, difficult for the president to veto. the president very angry about is move, dan. your reaction? >> i think it's going to be difficult for them to do this. if the president has a lot of -- any president has a lot of freedom to negotiate trade
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deals, and i think there's probably going to be -- there will be sentiment in the congress that they should be consulted with on something like this, but ultimately, i think, the president has to take the lead and negotiating trade agreements with our partners, and i don't think that's ultimately going to change, liz. >> the next case, to the border, to more than 50,000 arrests of illegal border crossers in may, that is the third month in a row. it's an increase of 160% versus the same time last year. this as the leader of house moderates say a tentative deal with conservatives has emerged in an 11th-hour attempt to help daca, young dreamer immigrants staying in the u.s. legally. dan, your take on this angle? >> if there is an agreement of merging, that's good news because this situation at the border liz is simply a fiasco. the idea they're arresting 50,000 people showing up at our border after all this time is
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just unacceptable. the only way to get around this is if you negotiate some sort of rationalization to our immigration laws that stops the flow of illegal immigrants into the united states. sets up a legal system so people can work here and go home after the work is over. if they reach an agreement on this, that will be good, the situation at the intrd really quite preposterous. liz: what do you make of the controversy of separating children from parents. jeff sessions said it's inhumane. is it enough of a deterrent to say we're going to detain both parent and child? you really need to separate them. >> it should, the idea that this would be a deterrent, that should work, because it's draconian. but it's not working. they just keep coming, and i think the only way can you stop these people from coming short of invading el salvador or honduras is to rationalize the
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immigration laws so that people can understand that if they work here, they're not going to be arrested, that they'll have something like an h2b visa and go back to the country they came from once the work is finished. other than that, this mess is just never going to stop. liz: and you know the mess has been decades in the making, dan. president trump inherited the mess. i think with children, they're not allowed to be detained for more than 20 days. that's a problem too, with the laws there. dan henninger, love having you on. >> good to be with you, liz. >> the dow ending about 100 points higher. tech stocks sending the nasdaq lower. susan li? reporter: we had a bit of a slack session on this thursday. dow managed to see gains 95 points off the session highs. the s&p finishing flat and the nasdaq closing off three day record winning run.
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a corporate story in the news headlines was starbucks raising the price of coffee by 10 to 20 cents of all brewed coffees in 8,000 stores across the country. on average paying a buck 95. $2.15 for a tall cup of coffee, that's the latest from the new york stock exchange. back to you. liz: thank you, suzanne. first facebook, now google's ties to chinese telecom huawei is raising alarms in congress. we've got the details on that fight. late night comedienne samantha bee did return to the air for weekly cbs show. she's apologizing again, sort of. we have the sound. but first, red state democrat senator joe manchin now saying he regrets supporting hillary clinton and he could support president trump in 2020. we're bringing in rnc spokesperson kayleigh mcenany. she's not surprised about this. her reaction to manchin's 180
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. >> you want to know why i'm supporting or many of us are supporting, because she cares, she cares. liz: more trouble for democrats as the midterms are five months away. red state democrat joe manchin says he regrets supporting hillary clinton and could support trump in 2020. telling politico, quote, endorsing her was a mistake, a mistake politically, i'm open to supporting the person who i think is best for my country and state. if his policies are best, i'll be right there. manchin faces a tough re-election race and president trump did win the state getting more than two-thirds of the vote. joining me now rnc spokesperson
5:17 pm
kayleigh mcenany. manchin is doing a 180. what did you think when you heard that? >> didn't surprise me. i find it particularly hypocritical for him to now do, this but across the board, claire mccaskill say hey, hillary clinton watch your words when talking about donald trump. she's a vulnerable red state democrat who supported hillary clinton in the election. we see jon tester cozying up to the president, now joe manchin. the fact is bottom line, red state democrats talk like they support donald trump but vote lock step with chuck schumer. liz: didn't vote for the tax cuts, joe manchin didn't and president trump actively campaigning against joe manchin. >> the democrats have a problem. if you look at your senator, he voted against. joe, he voted against. [booing] >> no, it was bad. i thought it would be helpful because he talk. grabs me, i grab him. he says hello, i say hello, but
5:18 pm
he votes against everything and voted against our tax cuts and that was bad, and he also voted against medical health and health care and that's bad, and we can't have it. liz: too little too late for joe manchin, what do you think? >> too little, too late. he voted against tax cuts as the president noted. he let the government shutdown for illegal immigrants, effectively funding for child health care. where was joe manchin on daca? on infrastructure? these are things he purportedly supports. he is not there for the president. liz: other news breaking today about the 102 utility companies lowers gas or electric or water rates because of corporate tax cuts. another headline that the democrats are blowing it. but now, kayleigh, we have joe
5:19 pm
manchin saying he urged hillary clinton in 2016 not to come to west virginia after she planned to put coal miners and coal companies out of business. remember this? let's listen. >> we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. liz: your reaction? >> that's incredible that he would support someone who is directly averse to the interests of the people and his state of west virginia who produces one-tenth of the nation's coal. bad news for joe manchin. liz: senate schumer saying this he has reached out to president obama for help in the midterms, saying i've asked him to be involved in certain ways, he's amenable. kayleigh, here's the thing, are we in for a november surprise again? remember in 2015 and 2016, the polls did not pick up on a potential trump victory, are we missing the stealth trend that won't admit that the economy is
5:20 pm
improving. trump approval ratings rising. republicans shrinking, is that a trend that's out there? >> definitely out there. with it the tide and the prospects of republicans keeping congress. if he wants to deploy obama, by all means, do it chuck. last time obama hit the campaign trail for hillary, didn't really help her. liz: the empty tank of policies in the democratic party. schumer said he does not know who the leader of the democrat party is. looks like another stealth trend, the weak leadership of the democrats. pelosi and schumer blocking up and comers and the moderates in the democrat party, kayleigh are basically shut out. i don't know if the leadership right now is strong enough to stop bernie sanders from yanking the party left. moderate democrats are left without a home out there in the country. >> they are because their version in congress, the blue dog democrat is extinct.
5:21 pm
this is the party of bernie sanders and nancy pelosi, if they are going pick bernie or nancy, they will not prevail in an election. liz: guys, let's tee up that bite with larry kudlow at the white house. what happened was larry kudlow was at a white house facing reporters, and the reporter was questioning about economic growth. play the sound bite. >> the best economy and jobs ever. >> unemployment as you know, a good story to tell, unemployment is not at an all-time low. gdp growth is not at an all-time high. while the economy is doing well, how should we read the president's words? hyperbole? should we not take him literally. >> it's factual. 3.8% unemployment rate is among the lowest on record. >> among, 2.5% in 1983. it is not the best ever. >> he's stating facts. facts stand on their own. i'm not going to quibble with
5:22 pm
you about such things. liz: kayleigh, almost like the media there was whoever that reporter was, was seeing chum in the water over economic growth. i didn't get it. go ahead, kayleigh? >> i don't think the american people do. this is historic african-american unemployment, historic low. the historic low for hispanic unemployment. this is a historic economy. i understand the media doesn't want to admit it. drives them nuts the president is succeeding despite their takedown effort, that's what you were seeing, a very angry reporter. liz: that's what we're reporting on the stealth going on in the media, could be a problem in the midterm. great to see you. samantha bee returned to air last night for weekly tbs show. she apologized again, we've got the sound. first facebook, now google, having problems because of its ties with chinese telecom firm
5:23 pm
huawei. it's raising alarms in congress. we're going to bring in daily caller news foundation editor in chief chris bedford, he says that's not the only problem with silicon valley. more after the break. for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018.
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. liz: more trouble in silicon valley, after congress questioned facebook about its data partnership with chinese electronic makers, members are now scrutinizing google's relationship with a chinese smartphone maker huawei technology. let's bring in daily caller news foundation editor in chief, chris bedford. lot of tech companies are getting in trouble here, chris. >> they are, and american senators and politicians as well as intelligence service are suspicious of these two major chinese companies that make cell phones and provide services for them. zte and huawei. they think they could potentially be arms for chinese ability to do espionage,
5:27 pm
perform espionage in american citizens. when we have the tech companies that have more of our data and private information than ever before, it's really cause for concern on capitol hill and they have to explain that. liz: you know, also let's get to the story. bring it up again, google still under fire for labelling a trump-supporting republican state senator as a bigot on a search screen. you will see the photo there. google under fire for a search result showing nazism as one of the ideologies as the california party. the material was incorrect and wasn't their fault. we haven't really seen an apology from google about these problems that keep popping up, chris? >> not much of one, and that politician got in touch with google and complained, they said to take it up with someone else. wasn't until the drudge report picked it up that it went anywhere. google keeps algorithms secret,
5:28 pm
of course because they have competition, because of that, we have to take their word for it on everything, and our report on the daily caller news foundation has shown that the little sunlight includes very hard left groups like the southern poverty law center that called christian bakers bigots, that called the woman who campaigns against female genital mutilation anti-muslim extremist. how they make the decisions are cause for concern and hide the rest from the public. liz: here's the problem, google and facebook dominate how people get their information, and the worries out there already that people out there not getting information reported correctly by the media, there's been numerous complaints about. that now it's the internet. zuckerberg, chris, in the past has made his opinion of president trump pretty clear. let's listen.
5:29 pm
>> i think rescinding daca is a particularly cruel and difficult decision to make. >> i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others, instead of building walls, we can help people build bridges. liz: okay, i mean, if you own the pipeline of information, and you can dominate the pipeline, you can shut down a debate by calling people names, right? and not having open debate. that's what's at issue here when it comes to how the viewer and the population is getting the debate information they need. >> it does, there's not a lot of ideological diversity at all in silicon valley, and not just that they don't know conservatives, they don't have conservative friends as if they often look at conservatives as knuckle-dragging bigots, stereo types what they've seen in old movies and reactionaries and bad people. this informs their viewpoint. difficult to convince people to
5:30 pm
give conservative point ofs view a fair shake when they think they're fighting against evil hitleresque threat. they have a crazy view what conservatives and the reblican party is, and the idea they're going to get a fair shake or conservative group will without having to step in or put a thumb down on the companies is misguided. liz: higher principle of debate of not name calling and say you don't like what the christian baker did. take it on principle, don't call me, and that's what conservatives have been facing. and let's be clear, the president has been accused of personally attacking and name calling as well. let's stop all of that and debate with the higher principles in mind. here's mark zuckerberg admitting to senator ted cruz about facebook's political bias. listen to this. >> there are a great many americans who i think are deeply concerned that facebook and other tech companies are engaged in a pervasive pattern
5:31 pm
of bias and political censorship. >> i understand where that is coming from. facebook and the tech industry are located in silicon valley which is an extremely left-leaning place. this is actually a concern that i have and try to root out in the company is make sure that we don't have any bias in the work that we do, and i think it is a fair concern. liz: okay, he just admitted to censorship and bias. your reaction. >> and he personally censored. he sent out a memo to facebook employees that say cut it out, writing all lives matter on the big expression board that they had at headquarters. back in the day, places like facebook and twitter could say listen, we're just a message board, not our fault what people post on the message board. we're an open forum for debate. they dispensed of that after hillary clinton lost the election, they crack down on what they deem to be outside the pail, not allowed to discuss, whether it's global warming skepticism or defense
5:32 pm
of christian values. now that they're trying to effect the debate as they are. >> chris bedford, thank you very much for coming on. >> thank you. liz: samantha bee returning to air last night for weekly show. she is apologizing again, sort of. we've got the sound. first a justice department watchdog reportedly finding james comey defied authority, basically was insubordinate when he ran the fbi. bringing in attorney harmy dillon to react after this. what is an act of mutuality? for a single mother, it's preparing her daughters for the curveballs life throws. ♪ and it's guarding a family weekend- letting calls go to voicemail. ♪
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fund a new account. ♪ . >> the inspector general is inspecting me, which i think this is a crazy thing to say, i encourage, i want that inspection, i want my story told because some of it is classified. if i did something wrong, i want to hear. that i don't think i did. i've been interviewed and i'm sure i'll be interviewed again. >> the justice department watchdog reportedly finding james comey defied authority and insubordinate as fbi director. multiple reports say a draft report explicitly used that word insubordinate to describe jim comey's behavior. no, fox, has not been able to independently verify this information, reportedly the report will come out next week, it has been a year in the making. let's bring in attorney harmeet
5:37 pm
dhillon, great to see you, thanks for come in. >> happy to be here, liz. liz: when will people say thank you, mr. president for firing james comey? your reaction to that? >> i think that many of us have been saying that already for quite awhile and the inspector general's report is expected to give support for that. i have many, many questions, if insubordination is the bottom line of what james comey did wrong, that's not very much. most of us think there's a lot more to the story than that. it's holier than a block of swiss cheese. today judicial watch came out with e-mails that are from their request for information about the tarmac meeting, and around that, it shows that the department of justice and fbi were talking about conclusions in the clinton e-mail investigation three months before its previously been known, and also that the fbi agents around that viewed their job as protecting a reputation
5:38 pm
of comey as opposed to doing right towards the united states, and so you know, we still don't know a lot. so we're reacting to rumors an leaks and as we know from washington t lks are within an agenda, so i reserve judgment on the conclusions until we see the actual report, today, which is the president's birthday, ironically. liz: it could -- this report could undermine and undercut the charge that the president obstructed justice when he fired james comey, right? that's what the report basically could support the president's choice in firing him that rod rosenstein said you should fire him, right? >> right, i think there's no doubt about that. you led in with a clip about comey look forward to the conclusions. the conclusions reflect poorly. even if that's all it is, reflect poorly on his judgment and what he did. he took the reins, grabbed authority from the attorney general without authorization and then he ignored
5:39 pm
high-ranking attorney general office instructions to not affect the outcome of the elections with his letter and seen on the book tour recently say things how he did not think highly of the attorney general and the way she conducted herself in this regard. certainly, there is plenty of grounds to fire somebody for any of those things but probably more to it than that. this is a year in the making, repeatedly delayed. you have to assume there's a lot more detail in that that reflects poorly as well. liz: loretta lynch is going to be caught in the crosshairs as well. harvard law professor alan dershowitz telling fox news he says someone leaked comey out of fear it would be edited in the last-minute. let's listen to his claim. >> number one, somebody leaked it because they're afraid it's going to get changed and want people like us to see the original, and i hope that horowitz holds onto the original draft to be questioned
5:40 pm
about it. second, it proves we never needed a special counsel. we have the inspector general. he is independent. he does a great job. all of this could have been done through the justice department. regular lawyers. you don't need to bring in a multimillion-dollar group of people with a target on the back of specific individuals. that's not the way justice should operate. >> i think he's contradicting himself because if the report gets changed at the last-minute and you don't need a special counsel, you might need a special counsel for his claim that dershowitz has no evidence of this, but what do you think of his claim? >> well, i respect professor dershowitz tremendously, but disagree with him in this regard because, number one, a number of different reasons somebody could leak something, to presocialize it with targets of the reports they have the story straight when the media starts asking questions. could be for a number of reasons. the other thing is this report only goes to the hillary
5:41 pm
clinton e-mail investigation drama. has a hard stop around the time of the election. it does not go into the russia investigation which is a subject of the, you know, the special counsel, and the inspector general, i'm sure it's an excellent report like we saw the detail in the mccabe report, they don't have prosecutorial ability. if conclusions were there that crimes were committed, going to be handed over to a prosecutor. i think he's talking about two separate things and conflating them in a way. liz: harmeet dhillon, great analysis, thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. liz: president trump calling into a probe into the report that the obama white house tried to give iran access to u.s. banks and misled congress about that and the snapback sanctions. we've got the debate and the details coming up. and this -- late night comedienne samantha bee returning to air last night for weekly tbs show, she sort of apologized. we're going to bring that to you, and a panel to react to the full sound, after this. >> it is a word i have used on
5:42 pm
the show many times hoping to reclaim it. this time i used it as an insult. i crossed the line. i regret itand i do apogize for that.
5:43 pm
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. >> let me just say one mother to another, do something about your dad's immigration practices, you feckless [ bleep ]. he listens to you! put on something tight and low cut until your father [ bleep ] and stop it. liz: late night comedienne samantha bee did return to air to apologize for that. she said that on her weekly tbs show. she talked about the vulgar female slur she used against the first daughter. she's saying she regrets it. advertisers upset. the car marketplace and insurance giant state farm pledging to stop advertising on the show. take a check at tbs parent
5:46 pm
company time warner closing in on the green. bring in trump 2020 campaign adviser madison and anousha. great to see you. >> good to be with you. liz: anusha, first to you, this is how samantha bee gave the apology. civility is just nice words. maybe we should worry more about the niceness of our actions. put the word we in there. felt like a half apology, your reaction? >> i think that samantha bee apologized and i accept her apology. what's important to remember is that word is disgusting, no justification for it, and i think that she addressed the controversy head-on. but the entire point of her segment was not to bring attention to the bad word or ivanka trump, it was to bring attention to the administration's current immigration practices at the border and how 11,000 kids are currently detained and separated from parents and that
5:47 pm
message was lost in the controversy over the segment and i don't think it should be lost again now that she's apologized. liz: we don't know if it's 11,000 kids and your point is well taken. the use of the word, that word distracted from her bringing up that controversy. madison, tbs says samantha bee will get more oversight. do you think that's going to happen? >> i hope so. if she cared about the message and the issue, she wouldn't have said what she said about ivanka trump. what she said was unacceptable. her apology, yeah, i don't think it was a full apology, it is what it is, i don't think it matters whether she apologizes or not. she said something like that about another woman. as women we need to stand up for other women even when we don't agree with them politically. i'm sure someone saw that they could have put an end to that before she put it on air. liz: in her apology, which i've read repeatedly.
5:48 pm
she made it like an either or proposition. she said we can worry about the nicest of our actions. it's not an either or proposition, we can worry about the niceness of our actions and not use the vulgar term. i'm not sure why she put the term and maybe we should all worry more. why we? she's the one who said it. >> that's true, it's our attention going on the wrong issue, and i think she's trying to -- >> whose fault is that -- >> if i could finish my point. >> sure. >> bring us back to what the original message and concern was. that segment was not supposed to be creating the uproar that it did. she apologized for that focusing on the policy changes that need to be made. liz: thank you so much for coming on. good to see you as well. president trump calling for a probe into reports that the obama white house tried to give iran access to u.s. banks and also basically draw back on the
5:49 pm
threat of snapback sanctions on iran. my next guest says the so-called scandal-free obama white house sure like to mislead the public and congress a lot. that's coming up. u totaled your. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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. >> the rumors and news that has appeared in the press that the u.s. is preparing to reinstate a u-turn authorization or to allow iran access to the u.s. is not true. >> prohibits transfers of funds through the united states. >> iran will continue to be denied access to the world's largest market. liz: whether knowingly or not, all of those obama officials misled congress. senate subcommittee on investigations report alleges that the obama white house secretly sought to give iran
5:53 pm
access to the u.s. financial system by sidestepping sanctions kept in place after the nuclear deal. despite repeatedly telling congress and the public it had no plans to do that. remember when the obama white house told people this -- let's bring in former speechwriter for george w. bush, "wall street journal" editorial board member phil mcgurn. we counted 20 scandals. let's show them -- your reaction to this sflpt. >> well, i think to the report specifically it's outrageous and part of a larger fraud of the iran deal where, it was presented as a treaty but made a runaround in the senate. everything was done to not follow the process, and now it's upended because it was so brittle. but i think there's a lot of
5:54 pm
scandals. fair to say in most administrations you're going to have scandals. it's human nature. this is a different category. so many of the scandals were manipulating or going around the rules as in this case, remember the comments ben rhodes said about iran getting the deal, how you can manipulate the press. liz: because they don't know, they're young reporters. here's donald trump saying today this is totally illegal, perhaps get the 13 angry democrats to divert energy to this manner as comey would call it. investigate. is it illegal? should there be an investigation. then they talked about the snapback sanctions, obama kept going on about snapback sanctions and turns out the 200 roadshows, the one in london treasury officials under obama, bill, were saying don't worry about snapback sanctions. >> this is the danger of a more or less compliant press that
5:55 pm
they didn't press him on it at the time of the iran deal. a lot of people looked the other way. liz: this makes you think what else is going on behind the scenes of the white house, right? >> with the fbi we're learning about it. we now have a deputy director of the fbi who may be under criminal indictments, and let's remember whatever mrs. clinton's culpabilities is, she took her entire e-mails off the grid because she didn't want someone looking at it. as someone who served in the white house, that's incredible. liz: and staying on the iran deal. what the obama white house was doing is normalize a jihadi regime that hates america and is brutal and supports her. >> it's a warning. liz: with cash, trying to give cash. >> it's a warning with trump on kim, president obama wanted a deal on the first day at any price and paid almost any price. liz: is he going to get in trouble for this report? >> i don't know if he's going to get in trouble but i think
5:56 pm
it's going to make the trump policy easier to effect. it's going to be an honest policy. trump administration said there are going to be deals, put them before the senate, argue about them openly and honestly. liz: like you're seeing trump's deals in realtime. with obama it's the shadows and side deals. >> in democracy and free society, process is as important as outcome, and the obama administration ran over process whenever they felt they needed to. liz: pen and phone. stunning. you can come in and talk about this. this is a major report. love having you on. >> thanks, liz. liz: we are days away from the historic summit in north korea. 'll have more on that after the break. don't go away. received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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liz: be sure to catch fox business' coverage of president
6:00 pm
trump's historic meeting with kim jong-un. then a midnight special report here on fox business. thank you for having us in your home. they continue to behave badly. tech stops getting hammers as investors are looking for value. congress is working on a new amnesty bill. a skyrocketing number of apprehensions at southern border. the trump administration is restoring the rule of law but it isn't helping. the g-6 plus 1, the 1 being

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