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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 7, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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they are gone. >> we agree on that. lou: stop right here. mark, you get the right here's lou dobbs. keep it here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, president trump showing poise, compassion and strength on the world stage. warmly welcoming japanese prime minister shinzo abe at the white house ahead of the high stakes g7 meeting in canada and the sig singapore summit with kim jong-un. >> a lot of good factors lined up for north korea, giving it tremendous potential. it has tremendous potential because the people are great and we would certainly like to see normalization. lou: president trump insisting on denuclearization of north korea and tough tariffs for the
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european union, canada, mexico and cha that china. we take up the america first agenda tonight with wilbur ross. speaker paul ryan more than sold out. she shamelessly politically corrupt, public cli urging the rhinos and dems to dump their. tition to join together, hold hands and allow him to declare he's come up with a comprehensive solution crafting new immigration legislation. ryan will give rhinos and dems exactly what corporate masters have demanded all along, amnesty for illegal immigrants. >> when we had tough thorny issues, we have long conferences, people come and they express their views. you actually find there's more consensus than not and that help us legislate. a lot of the members are
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appreciative of the fact that we have the right kind of conversations happening. lou: what you've just heard, of course, is an abject lie. the ryan-led house of representatives hasn't had regular order nor debate, thoughtful long debate on any issue, let alone immigration. and tonight how the politically corrupt leadership on capitol hill is driving the crisis at the southern border. jessica vaughn from the center of immigration studies joins us and the day of reckoning could be near for the corrupt no forcs of the deep state. the release of the inspector general's report on the clinton e-mail scandal now set for next week and a senate hearing on doj and fbi corruption to follow the ig report within a matter of days. former federal prosecutor andrew mccarthy joining us tonight. we'll break down the latest on the biggest political scandal in american history. and we'll take up why speaker
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ryan's support of trey gowdy and his attack on the president couldn't have been more poorly timed our top story tonight, president trump enters a pivotal and historic period of his presidency as he projects his foreign policy vision on friends and foes alike. huddling with shinzo abe with whom he's devel lopped a close bond. president trump leaving no doubt that denuclearization is at the stotopof his agenda. but today he took time to highlight one of japan's principle concerns, the fate of 12 japanese citizens kidnapped by north korea, some who have been missing since the 1970s. >> i can speak first because i will tell you on the prime
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minister's behalf that he very much talked about abduction. it was pre-eminent in our conversations. he talked about it long and hard and passionately. lou: before the president can get to kim jong-un he has to deal with the recalls trait globalist g-7. those leaders await him this weekend in quebec with demands for open borders and parasitic trade arguments they've enjoyed fb decades. today the heads of two of the smallest economies, emanuel macron of france and justin trudeau of canada appeared jointly to threaten american jobs if president trump keeps up his tariffs. both so-called leaders supposed free traders issuing tariffs of their own in recent day as ten european union has responded to the trump talk of tariffs with 3 billion in duty on bikes and fishing boats. canada wants to tax $17 billion
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of u.s. goods including beer kegs and toilet paper. the trump administration reaching an agreement with zte, that telecom company will pay a $1 billion fine to the united states and the u.s. government will hold 400 million of zte's money in escrow as protection against future violations by zte. the company settling criminal and civil charges last year in connection of the violation of u.s. sanctions. zte also under the agreement required to change its entire board of directors and executive team within 30 days. our first guest tonight, unveiling that agreement today saying it imposes the most strict compliance that the united states has ever had on any foreign country. joining us tonight, wilbur ross. great to have you with us. and let's begin with the most controversial part of this, i
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believe, and that is the zte agreement, a national security offense on the part of zte and something, if you will, of a civil solution in the form of the monetary penalties. your thoughts. >> well, it's more than monetary penalties. part in part is in addition to the money, in addition to requiring a change in the board, and a change in the management, we have made them agree that they will adopt our code of compliance and pay for people we insert into the company to monitor that compliance. the people we put in will report jointly to the new board chair and to the department of commerce. that's an unprecedented amount of surveillance to put into a company. lou: it is, and in particular a
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chinese company. it's unheard of and almost unimaginable let alone unprecedented. the president - was is sis tent upon rescuing zte when he found out from president xi directly that some 88,000 people in china were losing their jobs. to what degree has this rescue been effective in keeping that company a going concern? >> well, they virtually shut down when we first put in the denial order, denial order is one that requires them not to be able to take technology from american companies, from qualcomm and their other vendors. lou: when you say take technology, we know that the chinese are stealing somewhere around half a trillion dollars
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in u.s. intellectual property every single year and have been doing so for decades. not always at that level but certainly over the course of that time, trillions of dollars. how comfortable are you, how comfortable is the president that that is at an end with china? >> well, i don't know that we've solved all of the problems of china. but i do think that we have changed the behavior of zte. because in addition to everything else, we retain the ability to shut them down if our monitors find that they do anything wrong in the future. lou: let me ask you this, because you're the man responsible here for the president's initiative and executing his policy. there is a great deal about communist china that makes this country uncomfortable. one is the front companies with which they run an espionage
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operation, a global espionage operation, but in particular in this country. the communist country of china. there is also an advantage, that is that president xi jinping is the man that leads every aspect of that society, economy and country can say if he and the president reach agreement, there will be no more espionage want the front companies will shut down, there will be no more theft in our universities open colleges, no for theft of u.s. and intellectual property. that will go a long ways toward making, as a national security agreement, possible to reach trade and economic agreements that will be mutually benl to bl to both countries, right? >> i agree with that. there are lots of structural changes that are needed so that we have an economy there that functions in a well-disciplined
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rule of order management fashion. lou: and g-7, the president has just heard from president emanuel macron of france saying that he would not want to -- actually threatening president trump and the united states with isolation at the g-7 meeting. this is an absurdity from a man who seemed to be doing everything he could at one point to be the president's friend and ally and now acting like some sort of upstart who's absolutely delusional. >> well i think it is delusional to think that you can shut out the united states. the united states is a multiple in size and a jie january tick multiple in military power to france. it's silly that he's taking the attack. the reason that we ended up putting the tariffs on the eu is
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largely that france led a decision that they wouldn't negotiate with us while the tariffs were pending. the tariffs on steele and aluminum. steel and aluminum. you know what their reward was for pushing the president that way? he imposed the tariffs. so now it's their own fault that the tariffs went into effect. now they're trying to somehow pretend that they are free traders when they really are the most protectionist people around on the planet. we are the closest to free trade of any big country in the world. lou: it's absolutely true, and france and germany, you know, germany is supreme amongst the memer call tealist, but it's absurd they would make these protests when in fact president
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trump the is the only world leader, and the leader of the free world talking about balancing international trade relationships, which should be the perspective and the value of the worbled bank, the monetary fund, the european central bank, the jeur european union yoursele leaders of germany, france and the g-7. >> absolutely right, lou. the problem is these countries are gotten away with murder for decades. other countries, especially the united states, have not pushed back. and any country's leadership, they'll naturally do whatever they can do to advance their country. lou: as the president acknowledged. he understands they're serving their own interest. it's time for the united states to be asserting itself interest and thank god we've dpt a president doing exactly that and a commerce secretary doing everything he can to execute the
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trump agenda. >> that's for sure. lou: it is great to see you. and much continued good luck. we appreciate it, mr. secretary. >> thank you, lou. lou: secretary of commerce, will lur ross. major new developments today concerning the justice department's inspector general report on the clinton e-mail scanned michael horowitz telling the senate judiciary committee it will be released june 14th. the long awaited ig report is finally at hand after numerous delays. horowitz saying he'll testify before that committee during a june 18 hearing on the report and a shocking story today concerning the justice department now investigating the senate intelligence committee over leaks of classified information. the senate intelligence committee described by many conservatives as the most corrupt committee on capitol hill, today passed a resolution
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authorizing the committee to provide the department of justice with the documents demanded by the department for the purpose of that investigation. ironically the intel committee is all too eager to provide document to the department of justice while the department refuses, refuses to honor the oversight authorities of congress refusing to provide the documents requested by those oversight committees. while few in the senate are as incompetent as intel chairman richard burr and as politically corrupt as the ranking member mark warner. the two men have produced nothing of substance of their one-year investigation except for, well, nonsensical and extraordinarily bizarre rhetoric about the russian collusion. of course it was warner who tried to talk to christopher steele, the former mi6 agent who manufactured the dossier to led to the witch hunt in the first
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justice department to act in the case of former democratic aide e land. the president tweeted this, our justice department must not let e land and debbie wasserman schultz off of the hook. thwe want to make a plea deal to hide what is on the server? where is the server? really bad. the gang of eight another briefing and access to fbi confidential source records monday or tuesday of next week. so they say. first requested by the house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes and now subject to a congressional subpoena. those records are expected to shed light on an fbi
11:20 pm
confidential source contacting trump campaign aides, at least three aides, in the early stages of the so-called russian-collusion case that turns out to be really a democratic shame and part of the biggest political scanned until this country's history. joining me now, andrew mccarthy, a former u.s. assistant attorney for new york and now national review contributing editor. great to have you with us. the gang of eight gets to look at some documents, so we're told. this is the same gang of eight led by paul ryan who agreed with trey gowdy that it's just fine if you call a spy and informant in the department of fbi and justice and put them in the presidential campaign of donald j. trump. >> i don't know how he can endorse what congressman gowdy had to say when he hasn't seen the documents yet. one guy hasn't seen the
11:21 pm
documents, the other guy says i agree with the guy who hasn't seen the documents yet. lou: this is a speaker who doesn't know much about facts but he clearly understands who his corporate masters are and will do whatever, ever they want done. >> well, the one thing i'll say about it is, i was heartened by the fact that chairman nunes says -- now this is all suppose dz to take place in the gang of eight briefing. he says, i don't need a briefing. i need the documents. and when i was a prosecutor, i didn't need an explanation for what the documents say. i can read the documents myself, thank you very much. show me the documents. that's what they need to see. lou: and on ryan himself, i mean this is a man who felt necessary to side with trey gowdy who has been on several sides of the same discussion himself. and ryan is a man who, frankly, is a lak lame duck who has litte
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political grasp and none of intelligence issues. and devin nunes has been an heroic figure in bringing to light all -- well, as much as possible of what the department of justice and fbi have been hiding. >> because what he's after is try to find out why all this happened. he eve had one of these washington things for the last three or four weeks, it seems that way, about whether it's a spy or informant. which to my mind is the silliess standards, this is one of the more silly discussions you've seen before because no matter how you slice it, what they used was a covert operative who they sent in to get information. you can call it a spy or a fink or a rat or an informant or what have you. and usually this is done by euphemism or hyperbole.
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but what we need to dmoa is why. know is why. we have a norm in this country that tin couple went administration is not supposed to use these awesome counter intelligence powers against its political opposition unless there's a really good reason. let's hear what the reason was. lou: the reason was -- logic leads you to one collusion. it's because barack obama, the president of the united states, wanted his intelligence heads of at least three agencies to spy for the purpose of political advantage in the election of 2016 for the candidate that he was supporting, one hillary rodham clinton. >> well there's a lot of evidence to up support that. we don't have all of it and nunes is quite right. we need to get the documents and answers an then make conclusive judgments on it. lou: if we weren't watching a counter truth operation led by suddenly now, the spea speaker e
11:24 pm
house himself against the president, i would be somewhat more constrained perhaps. but certainly not now with him in full attack on the president. let's turn to the issue of andrew mccabe, the number two guy fired at the fbi. this is a guy looking for immunity before the judiciary committee, you write as always eloquently in the national review, that it shouldn't happen at all. >> well, i'm semp thetic to the people who think it should happen because they're so tired of waiting on answers from the justice department and the fbi they say, let's get this guy in a chair in front of a national tv audience in a congressional hearing and if we have to give him immunity, fine, but let's get answers. if you give him immunity, even if it's just use immunity, they can't use what he says against him in another hearing, the effect makes it very complicated
11:25 pm
and sometimes impossible to prosecute him. when you have a guy who has been referred to the justice department for making false statements -- lou: andrew mccabe. >> let's see how the criminal prosecution goes. look what mueller has done in his investigation, right, when he's got guys who have lied to agents, he uses that as a hammer to get them to give him everything they have but under the auspices of a plea agreement where they have to cooperate. lou: there's something within me that resists the idea that robert mueller be held up as a model for anything. >> how about what is good for the goose kind of thing. lou: no. i'm full tilt disgusted with the conduct of robert mueller and his band of left-wing archangels that he's assembled to staff his investigation. but i'm thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with you. very quickly as we wrap up, your thoughts about what michael
11:26 pm
horowitz, the inspector general, what you expect. it is going to be a blockbuster that we're going to see from him on the 14th of june? disbli wouldn'>> i wouldn't sayr but in any experience, i've known horowitz for a long time, he's a straight shooter and i expect a report that will have a lot of information in it. lou: andrew mccarthy, great to have you here. thanks be sure to vote in the poll tonight. the question is, do you think french president emanuel macron has lost his mind as he threatens to isolate the united states at the g-7 summit? the little fellow, in my opinion, has -- well, i'll leave the answer to you. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram. up nects, some of the world's biggest technology names have a working relationship with an extreme left-wing group that targets conservatives and by the
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four big technology companies partnering with the left-wing activist group with a long history of lying and smearing conservatives and, well, taking a lot of federal money and coercing a lot of money. facebook, google, twitter and amazon, we learn have all partnered with the southern poverty law center around the reporting of the daily caller. all of that allowed those technology companies to, well, promote the southern poverty law certain and that in turn has allowed the southern poverty law center to have the power to designate who and who is not in hate groups. joining us tonight, ed rollins,
11:32 pm
former reagan white house political director, great american pac chairman, great friend and great american. >> thank you. just in case people don't know what that organization is, it's probably the most left-wing political organization in the country and has been forever. it's very active. where they put all of their operatives when they're not running campaigns. lou: and they've got a half a billion dollars they raised and no one knows where the money came from. some would say it came from the obama justice department as they were sending out fining to various friends of the obama administration. it turns out that the president doesn't have one friend that he thought was going to be a pretty good ally, and that's emanuel macron. he's on his way to quebec for the g-7 and many crown acts like he's about 8 feet tall and he's going to kick around the united states of th america. he's threatening the president
11:33 pm
with isolating the u.s. at the g-7. >> lot of luck with that one. i would be speaking german had we not gone to their rescue several times. lou: i think the dprench are frd to that. >> the think the french don't want a strong leader. they got what they want. but they've got to understand we're an important ally to them and they had better be careful crossing this president or he'll be crushed. lou: macron isn't a bright boy if he thinks this is the way to deal with president trump. that's unbelievable. it's not also -- speaking of weak leadership and people utterly delusional, paul ryan, i mean he looks like the complete -- well he looks like what he is, i'll put it that way, because my wife admonished me not to call names whatsoever. but there with are. you've got paul ryan under attack, everyone calling him out for the foolish ridiculous
11:34 pm
moronic decision to go against the president and back up trey gowndy who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. >> there's an old adage politics, never raise your own the speaker is going against the president -- lou: i wondered where in the hell are we going. >> i'm getting old. lou: i know the feeling, partner. you're in great company. >> and the reality is, this is the guy that should be the cheerleader. it's clear in the election on tuesday. we could lose the majority. and the only way to win the majority is if the leaders of the congress and the candidates of the congress wrap themselves around the president and the president's agenda. if you want to be the leader of this party and go out and be the critique, you're going to damage your own members. lou: this is the time to sign the contract to keep america great and line up with the president. >> absolutely. and while you're doing that, your idea last night of vacatin-
11:35 pm
lou: your idea. don't get confused. >> getting your republican members, give him two weeks to pack boxes -- lou: ed rollins last night saying there's a way to deal with this horrible excuse of leadership in speakership and that is for a congressman or congresswoman to sit there and introduce a motion to vacate the chair and get this thing settled and get him the heck out before it's too late for the party. i got to run. >> take care. lou: up next, betrayal, paul ryan and congressional rhinos dreaming up a new scheme to award amnesty to illegal immigrants and pretend it's all on the up and up as they really serve their corporate masters. stay tuned. we'll mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane.
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a two-hour closed door immigration meeting with congressional republicans today. the lame duck rhino more concerned with a process to dover whacover what he's reallyr his corporate masters, the establishment, rather that the prospect of actual open discussion. he wants to legalize, just like his masters, amnesty for a million or more illegals. >> you know one of the things that i don't like about this job is how things just flow up to
11:40 pm
leadership to make big decisions. how we too often centralize power around here. i'm happiest when the members, not the leaders, when the members are making policy decisions, going through the committee process. i'm happy that we've had this process on display this morning in our conference. lou: the technical term for what you just heard from ryan's mouth is pure bull. i mean he thinks he's selling that nonsense? he hasn't had regular order, he hasn't invited discussion or debate on legislation and he can barely get legislation through and by the way, he forgot the get a budget during his term as leader. with leadership like his, the lorepublicans don't need an opposition party. they have within their own ranks the seeds of descreuks and that will follow them into the election unless they get rid of this rhino lame duck and embrace
11:41 pm
the trump agenda. joining us tonight, jessica. great to see you. the numbers look terrible coming from the border right now. what in the world is going on? we have more border patrol agents, we have a president who has freed them up to do their jobs. what's happening? >> whole, one of the things that's happening is talk of amnesty. with this group, this rogue group of republicans kind of holding a gun to their leagues in the house republican caucus, hell bent on passing huge amnesty. we know from experience that's what's causing a lot of the infleution. influx. the other problem is there's still a catch and release policy where people can show up, especially with children, and ask for asylum and we don't send them back. we're letting caravans of people in here to the country to stay for an indefinite time. lou: and we understand and the
11:42 pm
border patrol agents understand they're being lied to by schooled and trained illegal immigrants who are playing the u.s. refugee system. i want to put up a full screen just to show folks how bad it's gotten at the border here in the month of may, border apprehensions of family units crossing the border illegally up 435%. minors, unaccompanied minors up 329%. i mean jessica, this thing is out of control and the chamber of commerce last night had the temerity to send out a letter basically adderring congress to push for daca amnesty and open borders. and among the demands from tom donahue and the chamber, permanent amnesty for daca recipients, ensure 50,000
11:43 pm
nondaca illegals retrain work authorizations, protect work authorizations for spouses and reject proposals to limit legal immigration. your reaction to the arrogance of the country's biggest business lobby who own, for example, speaker ryan and much of his leadership group. >> they got to have their cheap labor and they're willing to throw their money around to get it. and certainly right now this small group of republicans with the ta profl approval of ryan ag it. they're hold a gun to the head of the majority of the house and trying to force them into a deal that is not going to turn out well for the american people. and they can get away with it because for too long these members have done their bidding. and they're going to be trying -- they couldn't sell the majority of the caucus on the
11:44 pm
concepts for a bill. so everybody is waiting to hear the details which they won't release which is never a good scenario. lou: did you hear paul ryan talking about he likes it when things bubble up in the house from the rank and file, the great unwashed on capitol hill. >> that's not what is happening here. lou: of course it's not. i mean he's lying through his teeth. and selling that kind of nonsense to god only knows who because it isn't the american people. they've figured out who's doing what to them. jessica, it's great to have you with us as always. thanks so much. >> likewise. lou: up next, more on the shocking numbers of people trying to enter the country illegally and the efforts this administration is taking to stop them. stay with us. we're coming right back. so, what's new? we just switched to geico and got more. more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years.
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security reports illegal crossing at our southern borders surging last month as we just said, with more fox news national correspondent william lajeunesse in los angeles. reporter: how long has he been on the road? >> 22 days from honduras, traveling. >> a spike in illegal immigration, with numb new numbers from the department of
11:49 pm
homeland security showing border arrests almost triple a year ago. >> the men and women have been making the apprehensions. tights loopholes in the system that need to be fixed. >> illegal immigration is a mix of push and pull with poverty and violence in central america, increasing bloods shed in mexico helping drive the numbers. >> it's tes drugs coming across, it's the transnational criminal organizations that are work in the area. >> but the trump administration also blames poll factors, ruling requiring it to release children of three weeks in custody. the so-called asylum loophole allowing the families in live in the u.s. though most claims are rejected. and the u.s. can't immediately deport central american children. >> we're trying to inform congress and the public about how the structural loopholes affect our ability to secure the border. >> he's claiming that they were dropped off and crossed on their
11:50 pm
own. >> apprehensions among mexican and central american families are up 4 3w5% from a year ago and unaccompanied minors up 329%, may arrests are only up 5% over april. and similar to trends in 2013 and 2016. the difference is apprehensions early last year fell to all time near lows in the wake of president trump's election. it's too early to judge the president's anti-immigration policies by these numbers. since many immigrants were on their way before his pledge to prosecute adults' separate parents and children detained along the border. lou: wall street, dow up 96 points, s&p lost two, the nasdaq dropping 54 points, volume on the big board 3.6 billion shares. we're coming right back with much much more. stay with us. it's easy to think that all
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[sfx: bottle sounds on conveyor] one bottle at a time. today, we produce nearly 20 million cases a year. chubb has helped us grow for the past 30 years... they helped us prevent equipment problems during harvest and provided guidance when we started exporting internationally. now we're working with them on cybersecurity. my grandfather taught me to make a wine that over delivers. chubb, over delivers. lou: just when you thought it was safe to go in the water jeb bush rears his head. showing he has no idea what it
11:55 pm
takes to lose or win. he says this political environment right now, i'm not suited for. i'm a fish out of water. i can't imagine having. deep thinking from low energy. fox business contributor, rachel campos-duffy and radio personality, mark simone. why is he trolling the president of the united states. >> i think he's confused. he's a prestrum candidate. we are in a post-trump world. he doesn't understand what happened. here's what happened. all of our statesmen gentlemanly like statesmen -- anybody like mitt romney or jeb bush,.
11:56 pm
lou: low energy losers. >> the democrats ate them for lunch. jeb is right. he could not survive in this world. trump is a creature of the pop culture created by the left. he knows how to fight. he's a creator of business. lou: you are putting it down -- >> i'm not putting him down. lou: you said he's a creature of the pop culture. lou: 16 months in office he has done more than anyone in office. she is determined to filibuster. mark: i feel like a marriage counselor. donald trump is the most of successful man in history. conquers the business world. then he goes into television,
11:57 pm
number one show. then he's running for president, and jeb bush is the weakest man in the world saying i can't attack somebody else. >> donald trump knows how to win. lou: think where we would be if we had these numb skulls. mitt romney or jeb bush. none of these idiots for three decades could do anything near what he accomplished. even if those talks fall apart. it's extraordinary to me people aren't look to all he accomplished. lou: they should be on their hands and knees begging him to stay in office. >> i live in wisconsin and people appreciate promised made and promises kept.
11:58 pm
lou: how about a smart government? mark: how about a real negotiator? mitt romney would take the iran agreement over to kim jong-un and say sign this. >> i'm not disagreeing with you, lou. i am saying jeb has a point. lou: why do they feel like that. >> you are always so defensive with me. lou: i'm a sensitive guy. >> i must bring that out in you. lou: my wife gives me instructions at home or anywhere else we happen to be together. mark: i think it was the part about how great mitt romney was and paul ryan. lou: do you agree we have to get
11:59 pm
rid of paul ryan snow's an albatross. he's a big blackbird hanging around the republican party's necks. i have got two birds in there, an albatross and a duck. >> the comments he made about spygate made no sense. it makes no sense. mark: it's not a spy, it's an informant. james bond was an informant. lou: you have got to be excited to find out there is no spy according to the speaker of the house. the inspector general will be coming out with his report. we'll see the senate judiciary committee hold hearings. >> the republicans need to stick together and it's his job to keep them together. lou: do it now because otherwise
12:00 am
they are gone. >> we agree on that. lou: stop right here. mark, you get the right word. mark: i feel like vince mcmahon. lou: thank you both have much. good night. kennedy: north korea you are on notice. give up the nukes or face the full wrath of these united states. that's the word from the white house as president trump prepared for his landmark meeting with kim jong-un. the president made it clear he'll succeed where other presidents have fallen short. president trump: this should have been solved by many others.


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