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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 8, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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in hong kong worst performer. shanghai composite in china down one and a third percent. the defense rest, the justice department announcing it will no longer stand up for may joe provisions in the affordable care act, what that means for obama's signature legislation. 14 million users affected after some of the private posts were made public. backlash this morning coming up. a vintage ferrari selling at auction, we will tell you the eye-popping price tag. big weekend at box office, ocean's 8 hitting theaters, we are looking at trend of sequels and remakes into the long weekend this weekend and we will check out ocean's 8, all the stories coming up friday morning and joining know talk about it fox business dagen mcdowell, fox news contributor rachel campos duffy and fox business contributor gary b. smith, good to see you this morning.
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>> nice to see you all, exciting times. i wish there was more in the news. maria: so much to talk about. rachel, welcome back. dagen: how indignant of you. [laughter] >> i'm hoping we can focus the three hours on the biggest news, the washington capitals. [applause] >> they didn't win in the 19 years i lived in dc, finally did it when i left but i'm glad they are up. maria: big news, a lot to talk about the stanley cup in washington. dagen: ovchkin said drink up. >> i called my husband last night and i said where are you, i'm in the cloak room, the game is on. everyone was watching. maria: a lot of interest. deputy press secretary shaw is joining the conversation.
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texas congressman jeb is with us this morning along with house republican chairwoman and washington congresswoman kathy rogers. we have a big there's hours ahead. don't miss a moment of it. a lot coming up. we want to kick it off with this, trade tensions are flurring up again. the white house says president trump will leave the group of 7 summit earlier than plan following day of back and forth between fellow world leaders about trade. the president taking jabs at both canada and france via twitter writing this. please tell prime minister trudeau and president macron that they are changing the u.s. massive tariffs and create nonmonetary barriers, the eu trade surplus with the u.s. is $151 billion, canada keeps our farmers and others out, look forward to seeing them tomorrow. it's going to be important meeting. he added this, prime minister trudeau is being indignant bringing the relationship that u.s. and canada have had over
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many years but he doesn't bring up the fact that they charge us up to 300% on dairy, hurting our farmers, killing our agriculture. president trump will now leave the summit early we are told, he's leaving tomorrow morning in route so singapore ahead of meeting with north korean leader kim jong un. these are the head lynning going into g7, dagen, anything getting resolved today, we will see about that in terms of the trade discussions, that's number one frankly. dagen: we started yesterday by saying the markets were not worried and didn't seem concern about the trade tensions between us and our greatest allies, well, this morning they do actually seem worry that that's -- that's the reason for for at least 169 point loss on dow few chiefs right now that people are pointing to, they are concerned. even people within the white house, even mick mulvaney who was on your program earlier this week admits that there's going to be short-term pain and either investors are going to have patience with the president and this administration as we try to
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come together with better trade deals or they're not and this morning they're impatient. maria: such a good interview with mick mulvaney, i wonder, did you get a sense from him that he thinks that these issues are going to impact economic growth because they are counting on economic growth for the next couple of years? dagen: they are beginning -- people within the administration are even kevin are acknowledging that this is going to shai a little bit off of growth. it does dove tail with what commerce secretary wilbur ross that it's going to be minimal impact in short run. we are not talking about giant dollar amounts, however, it impacts people's lives. when we talk about dairy farmers, that's the canadian tariff on dairy hurts but so does retaliatory tariff on like root grow ner wisconsin. >> very specific about where they are doing the tariffs because they know it payments
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elections in the way the congress -- and they are counting on economic growth not just in long term, they are word rolling into the midterms because they are running on that. maria: of course. >> in my state of wisconsin with dairy, the farmers are nervous, but they also and i did talk to my husband last night congressman sean duff any, they said they are nervous but they also believe he's doing long game. and canada has protectionist policies when it comes to dairy. >> i agree -- dagen: the reason i mention is because china threatened retaliatory and that is right in -- maria: big exports out of wisconsin. >> right in my town. >> i agree with rachel, though, when you say it's a long game, i use two words for all this downturn as you pointed out in the market, dagen, buying opportunity, you know why, every time we think trump has it wrong, i think he has it wrong on trade to be very honest with you, he has what they call in
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bridge and other card games, he ha has good card game, he has instinct to do what's right. you would think right up front ruffling the feathers of other countries in g7 is absolutely the wrong thing to do, he turns out to be the right thing to do because he's shaking things up. i would like no tariffs to be honest with you. i would like the other countries to -- maria: the way it is that the u.s. is at disadvantage. >> i don't, i think the more, cheaper products come into the country the better off we are. but the fact is he wants to reset the table in some way shape or form and i think that's good and i think that's why when stocks are down like this, i think it's time to buy. >> voters always said they want our presidents, leaders to think ahead, think about the long term. >> exactly. differently sometimes. >> but here we have it, makes people nervous but in the long run i think we may end up being better off.
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dagen: whether it's somebody who needs steel to operate their business or aluminum and even all the farmers who are potentially boat manufacturers in the united states, bourbon makers who are facing possible retaliatory tariffs, in the short run the steel and aluminum tariff help the few and hurt the many in terms of workers in the united states and -- maria: you think this is all by design in terms of impacting the very things that are made in trump country? >> absolutely. specifically target today district that is he won by 15, 16 and 20%. it's very clever on their part. by the way, i'm glad that during this entire thing we have a businessman president and not a community organizer president because these are dangerous times economically. dagen: i had an idea yesterday, i was just thinking about it that we are approaching historic summit with north korea, how did we get north korea to the table?
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very hard economic sanctions on that nation and tough talk even via twitter by our own president. we have tough talk. maria: and china, let's give china credit. dagen: tough talk and sanctions. >> that is is my point exactly. we have been treating north korea and china the same way for the past 50 years, trump decided to do something different. it's working. maria: well, look, we have record numbers on the economy and that's the worry here because president trump's handling of the economy is actually hitting new high. take a look at the numbers, this is according to latest fox news poll, finds 52% of registered voters approve of his handling of the economy while 41% disapprove. so your reaction to the numbers, gary, this is the kind of number that it's going to drive the gop in the midterm elections. >> exactly. always boils down to three things, household net worth i think is all-time high, we have unemployment at 3.8%. we have housing price that is
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have finally surpassed or peaked back in 2006, at the top of the housing crisis, people feel richer and have jobs, why wouldn't they love the economy right now? maria: does the trade issue cut into economic growth, that's the worry. dagen: it will slow it a little bit but the rationale will be now is the good time to do it because it prevents the economy from overheating potentially it might drive up prices which regularly would be inflation. one thing to note in terms of politically and we are going cover the story later, the justice has filed this -- defend obamacare, the affordable care act and they are going basically, they are trying to end the ban on insurers denying coverage and charging higher rates to people with preexisting conditions. that's a huge issue because up-ends the obamacare insurance market going right into the midterms and so this will introduce a lot of uncertainty politically and economically. >> i want to say on the numbers,
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the obama folks and the democrats have tried very hard to not give donald trump credit for these numbers. trying to say obama set the table, he got -- [laughter] >> when we were talking to people in january people were believing that, and now they believe their own family budgets, that they are going on vacation for the first time. maria: this administration put rollback in regulations. >> obama set the table and trump came in and changed all the linen, silver wear, plate settings and everything. [laughter] maria: what a week we have next week. the president says he's ready for this historic sit-down with kim jong un. it's happening this tuesday. watch. >> i think i'm very well prepared. i don't think i have to prepare very much. it's about attitude. it's about willingness to get things done but this isn't a question of preparation, it'll
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be more than a photo-op. it's a process. i don't think it's a one-meeting deal. it would be wonderful if it were. maria: the president just tweeted this on north korea, moments ago actually, obama, schumer and pelosi did nothing about north korea and now weak on crime, high-tax schumer is telling me what to do with the summit, the dems could never set up. schumer failed with north korea and iran, we do not need his advice. what about that? your expectations for the summit, rachel because it's true, it's not a new issue, north korea, and now you see the meeting set up, this is historic. >> it is historic and i think that the president -- by the way i don't think he said in the interview, he got a lot of criticism, we don't need preparation. he's not saying i'm not going to be prepared. it's not really so much about the preparation as this is a new game. maria: how do you prepare for the meeting? >> you want to know the history of what they've said before to know when they are lying.
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maria: his father said a lot of things and never -- >> never happened. but you have -- remember, you have bolton, pompeo and you've got the president. i feel really good about this and i feel if this could happen, boy, going into the midterms with a success like this is pretty huge. dagen: again, it's the manufacturerred outrage, one comment from the. he said what he said, of course, he will go sit down and to expect that a deal is going to get filled -- sealed up and delivered in a meeting that lasts a day or two, nobody is setting expectations that high. maria: that's what the president may said, this may take another meeting, if it goes well have kim jong un in mar a ago -- mar-a-lago. >> if obama got this far, he would have gotten a second nobel
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peace prize. maria: what was the first one for? no, really. >> for breathing. [laughter] >> for being alive. being obama. maria: leadership. we will take a quick break. when we come back, we have serious business to get to. killed in the line of duty, milwaukee police officer has died in a car crash while chasing a suspect, details on why this is especially hard for the wisconsin city. we will tell you about it when we come back from this short break. another setback for facebook, this time the social media company is blaming a software bug for making posts public even if users did not want them to be public. this is affect 1-g 4 million people, are you one of them? the new backlash this morning. back in a moment with that.
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6:17 am
he's recovering. james wolf, here he is, a veteran of the committee serving as security director for 29 years, he was arrested yesterday. he's expected to appear in court sometime today well, a new blow to obamacare, the justice department says it will no longer defend key parts of the affordable care act including the requirement that people have health insurance. the decision announced at filing in a federal courtroom. it's a rare departure from the justice department's practice of defending federal law in court but this comes, of course, after texas and other republican led states sued to strike down the entire law. and finally this, are you ready to suffer for the flu for
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$3,500, st. louis university are paying to expose to the virus, they are going to be put up in a hotel influenza. converted research suite on campus. scientists hope that will lead better -- i don't know. have fun on that one. maria: thank you. we will follow that. you're concerned about the obamacare issue, dagen mcdowell. dagen: a very big deal. obamacare prevents insurers from denying coverage with people with preexisting conditions and also prevents insurers from charging those people higher rates. this filing by the justice department in court is trying to strike down those protections for people with preexisting conditions. and it up-ends the insurance market at a time right now the month of june insurers are
6:19 am
setting prices for next year. they announce them largely in october, this was a huge, huge stick that president trump used when he was running for the presidency, but what it does is this court decision won't happen until early summer and late fall, so you have insurers that really don't know what to do and it is a huge runt. shows that that trump administration still is focused on dismantling obama and big parts of it. the question remains and maybe we will get an announcement. president trump has telegraphed this in recent weeks, they have to come up with a replacement. maria: what's the alternative. >> what the states have done, to take people who are very sick, put them in a different pool. bringing things back to state and away from centralized obamacare idea. dagen: you need the funding to do that.
6:20 am
repeal and replace passed in the house and failed in the senate had provisions for this. this is a big, big issue. maria: do they want to be making this change now going into midterm election? >> i think based on the court case the trump administration maybe didn't have a choice, but, again, this is their firing a shot across the bow and republican who is are running for reelection whether it's in the senate or particularly in the house all those house races, this would be the talk of the weekend. >> democrats have said they will make health care a big issue. maria: that is their issue. there's any message it's around health care otherwise there's not much of a message other than resist president trump. meanwhile the president is tweeting this morning, we want to bring you the tweet, he's talking about canada, canada charges the united states a 270% tariff on dairy products. 270%. they didn't tell you that, did they? not fair to our farmers. so here you have once again the president bushing back on -- on the tariffs and the fees that
6:21 am
our friends across the world charge us and for reasons for his tariffs, we will take a break, growing frustration, paul ryan is chiming in on the waiting game for the inspector general's report, what the house speaker is saying, back in a minute. sfx: muffled whistle text alert. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance,
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>> it shouldn't take a speaker of the house to have to get involved every one of these times to get the department of justice or any department in the executive branch to comply with congressional oversight requests. the sooner the department of
6:25 am
justice complies with all of our document requests which are legitimate document requests, the better this is going to be for everybody. and had they complied with the document requests earlier when we made them, we could have spared the country of all this drama. maria: house speaker paul ryan responding to question regarding congressional investigations showing frustration as inspector general gets ready to issue report on hillary clinton investigation. now we know it's a date. june 14th, the same day as president trump's birthday, by the way. hugo, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me, maria. maria: what's the word in terms of what we should expect from this report? >> it's a massive report, maria, 500 pages or so and i expect that it will expand greatly on the information that there is
6:26 am
about andy mccabe who has already been recommended for prosecution. it's probable that james comey, former fbi head and loretta lynch, attorney general, are going to come out looking -- not looking good here. i suspect that there will be others who are recommended for prosecution too. i think one of the things that's interesting here. the reporters are being delayed week after week after week, finally we got a date. one of the things the inspector general does is inform those people who are referred to in the report and who have sections of the report about them, about what's being said about them and he incorporates their reblies. the delay seem to indicate that there would be quite a few people that have been told they are in the report and he's been waiting for their replies and we are finally going to hear about what they say. maria: we have been trying to understand better how far up the line in terms of the obama administration this really goes, who did make the decisions in terms of oversight for the hillary clinton e-mail scandal
6:27 am
versus the trump investigation which we are awaiting for any evidence of collusion which never happened obviously, so you think loretta lynch will be tagged? >> exactly what will be said about her, i don't know. she had a meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac of an airport, you know, this is when -- when hillary clinton was being investigated, shelfs the one who had discussions with comey and they, you know, and several people in the -- senior people in the doj and fbi knew that he was not going to be charged with anything before she was interviewed about her emails. i think there's strong suspicion that political considerations were taken into account and influenced the way that these investigations were done which was highly improper. maria: right. i think they said that they were talking about grandkids. [laughter]
6:28 am
maria: and yoga schedules, that's right. let's switch gears, the president is sounding off on the obama administration with regard to dealings with iran as well. the president yesterday said this, the obama administration is now accused of trying to give iran secret access to financial system of the united states. this is totally illegal. perhaps we can get the 13 angry democrats to divert energy to this matter, quote, unquote, as comey would call it, investigate. what about that hugo, how much is actually known about how the obama administration was with iran? we were talking with james freeman from the wall street journal and basically what we learned it was the banks, two banks that said, no, pushing back on the obama administration saying, no, we are not going to get involved in this and we are not going to facilitate iran to get involved in our financial system. >> right, what happened was that the treasury did, in fact, issue licenses to allow money in, i
6:29 am
think, one bank moscow and the other in korea to use the american financial system to exchange the local currency through dollars into other currencies, but the banks didn't want anything. what this shows is not illegal. there's evidence that this -- these moves granting the licenses were used by the obama administration to show obama administration to go beyond what was required in the deal even though the defense by the obama administration now is that it needed to do these things for the deal. i don't think that's true. dagen: i wasn't illegal, we had secretary of state john kerry and all the other administration officials after the deal, they were across europe trying to encourage banks to do business
6:30 am
with iran to make that work. just to point out, hugo, we need to drive this point home. $100 billion in sanction's relief to iran, state sponsored of terror, pallets of cash to basically fund hezbollah and hamas and the huity rebels in yemen and cause terror on parts of this world, that's exactly what went on with this. >> you're exactly right. dagen: this is outline of what any deal with north korea does not need to look like. all it did -- we handed iran money and then just pushed down the road development of a nuclear weapon. again, the sunset, nuclear development kicks back in in 2025. >> hugo, maybe you can answer this, you used interesting words
6:31 am
that what they uncovered was improper, what they uncovered they shouldn't have done. are we ever going to get to some indictable offenses, yes, they haven't -- the past administration have done things they shouldn't have done, but, again, the american taxpayers are getting to the point, so what, every administration does that. maria: i don't know about that. >> i think that on this particular issue relating to iran i don't suppose there will be indictments but because there were licenses. jack lew, secretary deceived congress, language that had been prepared that if he was pushed on this issue, he was going to have to admit that the administration was making things easy for -- trying to make things easy for iran. even though he was pushed on this, he never even though he w pushed he didn't use that language. congress was left in the dark that the administration was
6:32 am
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maria: thanks for joining us. it is friday, june 8th. 6:34 on the east coast. donald trump's trade and tariffs headed to the g-7, just said looking forward to strengthening our unfair trade deals, straightening our unfair trade deals. of it doesn't happen we will come out better. first-time world leaders confront the president face-to-face since the us slapped tail -- tariffs on key allies like canada, mexico and the eu. uncertainty weighing on investors, futures indicating a loss, and our industrial said to be down 130 points. nasdaq down 1% after a mixed story, at the highest level. the nasdaq is down with the dow
6:36 am
up 95 points. the s&p down what third of 1%. the dax index in germany down 3 quarters of 1%. in asia declines across the board, worst performer was hong kong, hang seng index down 13/4%. following crumbs back to nancy pelosi, attacking donald trump again criticizing the country's nearly 18 year high in consumer confidence under donald trump's leadership. facebook facing a privacy glitch, 14 million users have been affected after some private posts were made public. \naganooching up. a vintage ferreri selling at auction. we will tell you about the price tag on that. female fronted oceans 8 hoping to make waves at the box
6:37 am
office. >> i just want to hold onto a job, make some friends. pay my bills. maria: a preview, summer sequels and reboots later this hour. our top story, new numbers could further intensify trade tensions between the united states and china. sign's trade surplus narrowed in may but the gap with the united states widened. the wall street journal's john hilsenrath. a mixed bag on china issue, not so good on trade numbers, back in business after striking a deal with the commerce department. what do you think? >> we haven't heard the end of this story. the attention turns to what is going on in congress, lawmakers trying to overturn it and asking questions about other
6:38 am
chinese suppliers. we have a story about lawmakers pressing google, the supplier, we haven't heard the end of this story. maria: what is your take on this new agreement to operate. dagen: the united states better get something good. maria: what does the us get? dagen: remains to be seen. this is the third chance because when it was found out, it was selling us technology, north korea and iran. the initial set, we can't the chinese government owns this
6:39 am
company. giving bonuses to those employees behind those deals, and giving them a lifeline. a million-dollar fine. the chinese government, and it is a ban from effectively banned from getting us government contracts. maria: we said it the last couple weeks, china buying more stuff does nothing to address the big and important issues that the economy faces, the best of intellectual property and transfer of technology. those are the issues business cares about and the economy cares about in the us, don't care how much more agricultural products china buys. >> can you fight intellectual theft with tariffs?
6:40 am
it seems -- maria: larry kudlow calls it a tool and that is fine to use tariffs as a tool but at the end of the day china is not admitting to the ip. how do you change something they won't admit they are doing? >> national security implication, communist china, they are a trading partner but also a geopolitical -- maria: xi jinping is dictator for life. he has the job for the rest of his life. what is the us getting for keeping the chinese government owns company in business? >> what the trump administration is trying to separate from the negotiations that are going on over intellectual property and overproduction of steel and aluminum and tariffs, two separate issues, the pres. had a one on one conversation with pres. xi jinping of china and
6:41 am
agreed to give the company another chance. one thing i would say in addition to this billion dollar fine, we are putting monetary in their companies. we are saying we have a better handle on what they are doing. it isn't directly related to the trade imbalances. maria: does it matter that we are monitoring, overseeing people who are on the board. that is something we are getting. dagen: they have lied to the us before and as someone who is an american who works in the commerce department, how closely will we supervise this company? the ownership structure is very convoluted and i keep hitting this, you talked to devon nunez of the house intelligence committee but this is one of the companies in which facebook is doing business under
6:42 am
investigation, the equipment is used to spy on or sabotaged -- there you go. maria: is it possible this issue is part of a deal you don't know about? >> is it playing into north korea, something china is doing on that in exchange for this. >> the bigger problem is even if we sat in in all their executive meetings, what about all the other companies? maria: i need your take on nancy pelosi who is back attacking donald trump on the economy. listen to this. >> unless we have an increase, very significant increase in wages, bigger paychecks, we will increase the frustration of america's families,
6:43 am
unemployment is down, what does that mean to me in my life? this is not just about the unemployment rate but wages rising in our country so that consumer confidence is restored and the economy will never reach its possibilities unless we increase confidence. maria: consumer confidence is at an 18 year high. that she not do that? >> the unemployment rate is down at its lowest level. we have not seen rates this low since the height of the tech boom and back to the late 1960s so the economy is in good shape, hard to argue against that. we are close to 4% in the second quarter and yesterday the fed released a report showing the wealth of american
6:44 am
households is an astonishing number that people need to hear. $100 trillion of net worth in american households, stock and real estate portfolios, this is a wealthy nation that is doing well. dagen: she makes my head hurt. i will say this with clenched teeth, so i don't use an expletive. if you care about putting money in people's pockets in their paychecks going up, you went to sign on to the tax cuts. not one democrat voted yes to the tax cuts. they have to explain that in november. >> wages have been rising. maria: totally. may be she doesn't actually know the numbers but is just talking politics. >> a politician, that is what
6:45 am
they do. they talk politics, spin the numbers. maria: thank you, have a great weekend, a big point about the wealth of this country. facebook is under fire, privacy settings of 14 million users changed to public without their knowledge. we will tell you what the social media giant is saying now. next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... start winning today. with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife. jardiance asked:
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6:48 am
maria: another day another blackeye for facebook. cheryl casone he with details on headlines. share mac some postings from up to 14 million users that were supposed to be private were made public after a software bug, that bug has now been fixed. the incident occurred in may. tech investor discussed the social network privacy scandals yesterday with you. >> the company have a motto
6:49 am
called move fast and break things, don't let anything get in the way of growth. it was move fast, break things, apologize and move on as if nothing has happened and that is what it is. maria: facebook shares a little more than 11/4% right now. the international monetary fund reaching a $15 billion dale out agreement, seeking a financing deal after a sharp devaluation from its current the peso down 25% against the dollar, the staff level agreement requires the approval of the imf executive board. deutsche bank way the merger with its rival commerce bank speaking with shareholders, the bank is downplaying, scaling back its investment banking
6:50 am
unit cutting thousands in the free market. it is down almost 3%. the 1963 ferrari that just sold at auction raked in $70 million making it the most expensive car in the world, david mcneil, the formats and cars. >> in a pickup truck. get down. thank you. overflowing with female star power oceans 8 should rise to the top of the box office and blonde is back, there is a date set for reese witherspoon to step back into her heels as allie woods.
6:51 am
summer sequels and reboots back in a minute. ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart ♪ hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power dependability award for its midsize car-the chevy malibu. i forgot. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award for its light-duty truck the chevy silverado. oh, and since the chevy equinox and traverse also won chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award across cars, trucks and suvs-three years in a row. phew. third time's the charm... in 1948... [sfx: bottle sounds on conveyor] one bottle at a time. today, we produce nearly 20 million cases a year. chubb has helped us grow for the past 30 years... they helped us prevent equipment problems during harvest and provided guidance when we started exporting internationally.
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6:54 am
>> the med will be hosting its annual ball and we are going to robin's blues not the ball itself. >> over $100 million. dagen: that was a clip from oceans 8 starring sandra bullock and cate blanchett, the latest version of sql debuting this weekend. great to see you, you said
6:55 am
let's make some waves. i kind of love it. critics are killing it, mixed reviews. they are missing the point. it is a light, fun movie, great cast, sandra bullock, rihanna, what more do they want? maria: can they beat the top performer solo:a star wars story? let's watch. it was the king of theaters. >> a tidal wave at the box office, so the crashing weekend to weekend, this will pool in, some estimates, $45 million, 2 $50 million, topping the previous ocean 8 movies held by
6:56 am
men. they have been up to $48 million apiece, this looks to pool in 48 plus. the women are beating the men. maria: reese witherspoon taking to twitter with an announcement, legally blonde iii take a look. >> what a great way to promote a movie. and grows $100 billion that the box office. taking on a trump like problem is part of the talk. maria: gets political. this is what i'm excited about. the remake of a star is born. lady gaga looks amazing. bradley cooper, they are there to gather.
6:57 am
let's watch it. >> do you write songs? >> i don't sing my own songs. >> why? >> i don't feel comfortable. >> what makes you feel comfortable? >> everyone told me the way i like the way i sound but not the way i look. >> i think you are beautiful. maria: she looks so good. stephanie. >> her big-screen debut. what people have been talking about, will she start singing? i have not seen evergreen all morning wrong. maria: you think it will be a big one. >> this is one people will be talking about. maria: have a great weekend. we will be right back. your mother's beauty department getting a new look next. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness.
6:58 am
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call (866) 285-1934. act now to take advantage of commission-free trades for 90 days, plus get up to an $800 cash bonus when you open and fund a new account. ♪ >> maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, june 8th. tensions are bubbling up over trade this morning. president trump and france's president exchanging a war of words on twitter before president trump leaves for the g-7 summit. we'll bring you that live, coming up this morning. the clash on trade weighing on investors, certainly. the futures indicating a decline at the start of trading, dow industrials expected to be down 150 points. the s&p 500 down a half a percent and the nasdaq down 1%. it was a mixed session yesterday on wall street. the dow was at its highest level in nearly three months a gain of
7:01 am
95 points at the close. the nasdaq, however, was weak. technology the weak spot, down three-quarters of a percent, 54 points lower. in europe this morning, declines across the board. the fq100 is down a half a percent, the dax index in germany down three-quarters of a percent and a cac in paris down a third of a percent. in asia overnight stocks were lower there as you can see, worst performers were in asia, the chang higa showdown over im, house republicans are battling over a visa program for so-called dreamers. they're throwing an immigration bill into chaos. paul ryan working to bridge the divide following the house gop meeting just yesterday. >> members on all sides of our conference are engaging directly to find a solution. this is a conversation that will continue and hopefully we can find a path that is consistent with the four pillars that the president laid out and avoids a
7:02 am
pointless discharge petition. >> maria: jeff henserlink will weigh in. new findings released on the tesla crash back in march. new details including information about the driver's actions. colin kaepernick is snapping back. why his lawyers will reportedly seek a federal subpoena for president trump and vice president mike pence in his case against the nfl. plus, the washington capitals win their first stanley cup championship ever. >> the words the d.c. fans have been t waiting to hear since 1974, the washington capitals are the 2018 stanley cup champions! >> maria: no wonder washington is so excited. the trendy way adidas is commemorating that victory, later this hour. joining us this morning, great
7:03 am
to see you. >> it's great to be here. i saw where trump is leaving for the g-7 in 30 minutes. he said he's already not going to go to the second day, right? didn't he say that. >> >> maria: it's going to go to singapore to get ready for kim jong un. >> he said in the tweet, if it happens, did he mean -- maybe he doesn't show at all. it seemed like when he was talking about that -- >> maria: i don't think that's what he meant. >> we hope the plane lands successfully. >> maria: he's going to leave early to go to the singapore meeting. >> dagen: we know what nancy pelosi means. she means she makes better decisions with mone your money n you make with your money. she did not sign onto the gop tax cuts. we can't point this out enough, that the u.s. household net worth hit $100 trillion. >> maria: that's a t, you should
7:04 am
said a t. >> dagen: $100 trillion in the united states, us household net worth. people are feeling it. the l poll numbers are going up. they feel great about the economy. nancy pelosi has her head struck somewhere. >> in one way i admire her. she sticks to message regardless of the facts. she just -- trump is bad, trump is bad. you will never hear any positive words. >> that's why the republicans having her. >> i guess so. >> maria: did she say we need consumer confidence up? consumer confidence is at an 18-year high right now. >> she complained about wages. wages are inching up as well. >> look at trump's approval rating, trump's approval rating keeps rising too. >> maria: we want to show you what's on the screen right now. verizon is changing ceos. it is names hans vesberg of
7:05 am
the -- it is naming hans vesberg as the ceo. this is beginning on august 1st. verizon shares are flat right now. our top story right now, a high stakes face-to-face, president trump is set to leave for the g-7 meeting in quebec, canada later this hour. it comes after he traded barbs with key allies over trade. the president just tweeted this. please tell the prime minister and president m macron they are charging massive tariffs. the trade surplus with the united states is $150 billion. presidenthe president is being l strong here. macron had strong words of his own. the american president may not mind being isolated but neither do we mind signing a six country agreement if need be because these six countries represent
7:06 am
values, they represent an economic market which has the weight of history behind it and which is now a true international force. that from emmanuel macron. joining me right now is texas congressman jeb henserling. thank you for joining us. we thought macron and the president were buddies, we thought they were good friends. look at the tweets back and forth. >> i think the bromance may be over. >> maria: what do you think about the trade story, congressman? i know that many people were worried about the aluminum and steel tariffs. are you one of them? >> i am one of them. i have two steel plants in my district back in east texas. i heard from both of them. they are concerned about what this is going to mean to their pricing, what ultimately this could mean to their workforce and so they're fearful. so again, trade is not a zero sum game and so i hope that the president proves brilliant in his strategy but we have to be
7:07 am
very careful not to cut off our nose to spite our face because for every one job in the production of either aluminum or steel, there's probably 20 jobs downstream in fabrication, like the ones in my district that are either fabricating steel buildings or fabricating steel shelfing, not to mention the impact on our consumers. and so the answer of course is obviously we want to export more but we don't want to import less. that hurts consumers and that also hurts american jobs. and so the president has to be very, very careful here. >> maria: i understand that. but right now we assume maybe it's a negotiating point. when you look at china, though, that's the different story. >> china is a very different story. >> maria: are you happy with the way the president has been pushing back on china that they're stealing our intellectual property. they're transferring technology from american companies to chinese companies. they won't even admit they're stealing.
7:08 am
what will we do about it. then there's a zte deal this morning. >> you have a lot there to unpack. china has absolutely abused all the trading rules that are acceptable in the world. china ought to be the true target here. they have indeed either through hook or crook taken our intellectual property. that has to stop. i fully support the president in standing up for that. so i'm very happy that in the house financial services committee we've recently passed a bill that would strengthen what is known as the sifius process, having to do with inbound foreign investment, direct foreign investment into the u.s., and using that as a tool to try to stop a lot of this theft of intellectual property and technology. so we're taking steps in the house. i know they passed a similar bill in the senate. i hope we can get something on the president's desk very soon. china is where the problem lies.
7:09 am
>> maria: maybe the aluminum and steel tariffs are part of that, part of pushing back on china, because a lot of the aluminum and steel is actually coming from chai. it's produced in china, even if it's coming through different countries. >> that's true. again, a lot of it is coming from canada and a lot of it is coming from the eu. it's done under section 232, which is about national defense. but again, what i don't understand is we're taking a less than 5% of our domestic steel and aluminum goes into national defense and then if you look at the membership of nato, it's almost identical to the member shiship of the e.u. i don't understand the argument that on one hand these are the closest allies that we fight with on the battle field but we some how don't trust them when it comes to steel and aluminum. i don't quite understand that argument. i would encourage the president
7:10 am
to focus on china but to also realize, again, that success is not necessarily measured by lowering the trade deficit. if you look at our periods of greatest economic prosperity, they coh coincide with the times we're running the largest trade deficit. what we have to concentrate on is exporting more, not necessarily importing less. this is the nation of the free. we ought to be free to import steel and aluminum if that's what american citizens choose to do. >> maria: the issue is the theft over intellectual property and the forced transfers. let me turn to the battle over the border. there's been back and forth about reaching an immigration deal. the key issue, giving visas to dreamers. it's throwing things into chaos. what's your position here. >> i'm encouraged. i participated in the republican conference meeting yesterday. again, there were some disparate
7:11 am
views. i think we're narrowing the windows. there is broad consensus, that number one, we have to control our borders, a nations that ceases to have borders seeses to be a nation. -- ceases to be a nation. there's strong feelings that that has to be done. if we're going to extend legalization status to the dreamers, and they make a very compelling case, we have to make sure we don't have a future class of those. we have to make sure there aren't parents in central america who put their children in harm, putting them on a train, to think that some how they'll be granted amnesty or legal status as well. we've got to solve the problem. there's a big difference between legalization and cutting into the citizenshi citizenship citi. i want to be a nation of immigrants, but i want them to be lee l ga legal i'm immigrant.
7:12 am
i want them to be economic assets, not economic liabilities. we need merit-based immigration. we need to control the border. and then allow the dreamers a legalization status that allows them to earn citizenship but not cut in line. that's contrary to the rule of law. it's not fair to the millions who came here legally. >> maria: of course many that's why i scratch my head about the back and forth with the democrats. why would we not want structure and legal immigration. why would we make this big fuss over the fact that we just want to see legal immigration? that's a whole conversation. we'll see where that develops. i have to ask about the obamacare news this morning. the justice department said it will no longer defend key parts of the affordable care act, including the requirement that people have health insurance. the decision, what's your reaction to this? is going to impact people with pre-existing conditions. >> i've always thought the problem was constitutionally
7:13 am
questionable on a good day. i'm still pulling out my hair from the original supreme court position that somehow found this legal. i haven't necessarily read the full legal briefs. but i think a very good case could be made. again, obamacare rests on a shaky constitutional foundation and it's bad public policy. again, there is so much that has to be done. there needs to be a reasonable transition to a system where people are allowed in a very competitive marketplace that protects people with pre-existing conditions but to get the health care that's right for them and their family and not have 140 different boards, commissions and new bureaucracies get in between somebody and their family doctor. all the promises that were made about obamacare have proven false to the american people. >> maria: i understand. do you want to make this change going into the midterm elections. >> listen, the rule of law is a foundational principle. if it's not legal, it's not
7:14 am
legal. and so the justice department is not compelled to defend a law they do not believe is legal, they do not believe is constitutional. again, i want to make sure that anything we do is gradual. you can't flip a switch here but you do have to transition to a better system because for the vast majority of people, obamacare is not working for them. maybe it works for some people but for most people they're paying a whole lot more to get a whole lot less. >> maria: it's very expensive, let's face it. good to see you, thanks so much. when we come back, tesla's troubles, new details on what the driver was doing moments before a fatal tesla crash back in march. the federal probe coming next. colin kaepernick's new target, why his lawyers are seeking a federal subpoena for president trump and vice president pence in his case against the nfl. the debate coming up. stay with us. ♪ [music playing] (vo) from day one,
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7:18 am
the national transportation safety board report says the driver's hands were on the wheel for only 34 of the last 60 seconds before impact and that the auto pilot was on at the time of this accident that happened back in march. the driver's family plans to sue tesla. they're claiming the auto pilot was defective and led to his death. shares of tes tesla are lower fractionally ahead of the opening bell. a change at the top of verizon to tell you about. as we told you a few minutes ago, the company names hans hansvesberg as the new chief executive. this will happen august 1st. he currently the chief technology officer. he joined the company last year. verizon shares are down 7% so far this year. and in the fast food wars, mcdonald's planning to eliminate a number of corporate jobs. they're going to cut layers of managers as part of its half billion dollar plan to shrink
7:19 am
add administrative costs. it's not clear how many jobs will be slashed. mcdonald's president said some employees will ultimately exit our system. shares of mcdonald's are lower in the premarket this morning. and then finally a little special treat for all of you this morning. burger king coming out with something a little fun. pretzel chicken fries. for a limited time only they're going to be serving these at all u.s. locations. burger king decided they would try them out. limited time means just for the next several weeks. they did bring us some on-set to try. between mcdonald's and burger king and starbucks with all the fancy drinks, the fast food companies are trying to come up with unique items to get people to come in, especially the younger generation to come in. these are pretzel chicken fries. >> maria: the pretzel is on top of the batter. >> cheryl: the brett tell is mix
7:20 am
-- pretzel is mixed in with the batter. did you try it? >> it's fantastic. >> it would have been perfect during pregnancy. they're so salty. the perfect pregnancy food. >> dagen: on another note, i want to give a big hoorah to matt and phil letten, the vegan brothers. they have a book out called "vodka is vegan." i have a copy of it. it's hilarious. it's full of salty language. but it's hilarious. >> i think i would recommend burger king to start serving beer with these because it would be really good. >> beer, this and the capitals, right there, nirvana. >> maria: there you go when we come back, the washington capitals winning their first stanley cup. how adidas is celebrating the nhl champs and how to get in on the action. this is not your mother's beauty
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> maria: welcome back. we had never said these words before, the washington capitals are stanley cup champions. jared max, sports history, jared. >> jared: president trump even tweeting about the victory this morning, writing congratulations to the washington capitals, for their great play and winning the stanley cup championship. the team captain was spectacular. d.c. is popping in many ways, what a trial.
7:25 am
district of columbia hadn't celebrated a major sports pro title since the redskins won super bowl xxvi, 26 years ago. there was a tied score, under eight minutes ago, until the capitals get a 4-3 lead and vegas would be unable to respond. >> the words, the d.c. fans have been waiting to hear since 1974, the washington capitals are the 2018 stanley cup champions! >> jared: it's not a dream. it's not a mirage as it was called on caps radio. ththe goldenknights, first majom in vegas. o.v. not the only emotional player on the capital. t.j. o.s.h.i., listen to him talk about his father who was diagnosed with alzheimer's six years ago and they celebrated on
7:26 am
the ice together. >> he doesn't remember a lot of stuff these days. this one will stick with him forever, you can guarantee that. >> jared: what a moment. congratulations to the washington capitals. what a season. you know what adidas stands for today, all day i dream about stanley cup sneakers. all the players will get these sneakers. they will also be sold to the public,, $200 apiece, limited basis. president trump, vice president pence reportedly expected to be subpoenaed by colin kaepernick's legal team in his case against the nfl. the team would have to convince an arbitrator that testimony from the commander in chief and vice president would impact his case. how do americans feel about the nfl these days? a new poll shows about 20% split between political affiliations, the largest gap between races. whites, only 38% favorable on the nfl, nonwhites, 53%.
7:27 am
three years since american pharaoh ended a spell without a triple crown. justify is the favorite to win the triple crown. post time, 6:37 eastern time. so congratulations to the washington capitals, a big night in sports. >> maria: it really was. jared, we have breaking news right now and it is quite serious. we want to get this to you. anthony bourdain is dead. he reportedly took his own life. he was 61 years old. cnn is reporting the gifted story teller and writer who took cnn viewers around the world has died. anthony bourdain hung himself in his hotel room in france. he was 61 years old, celebrity chef. we'll be right back. hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill.
7:28 am
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7:30 am
>> maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, june 8th. your top stories, 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. the buzz is all about trade as president trump comes face-to-face with world leaders this weekend at the g-7 summit. tensions continue to rise over tries thatariffs. we're awaiting the president's departure for quebec, canada. a possible trade war holding
7:31 am
investors back this morning. futures show a lower opening for the broader averages, dow industrials set to be down 115 points. the s&p 500 is also down one-half a percent and the nasdaq wit down almost 1%. yesterday not a bad day for the dow, ending at the highest level in nearly three months with a gain on the session of 95 points. shares of oil and gas companies helped offset declines in technology. the nasdaq was down sharply, down three-quarters of 1% yesterday or 54 points lower. in europe at this hour, take a look at the indices. you will see weakness across the board. the fq100 down 15 points, the cac in paris also down a fraction and the dax index in germany down two-thirds of a percent. in asia overnight, technology weighed on markets down there. shares lower across the board with the hang seng index in hong kong the worst performer. we have sad news to report this morning. cnn's anthony bourdain has been found dead in his hotel room in france.
7:32 am
cnn reports that anthony bourdain hanged himself. he was 61 years old. plus, scared straight, the white house launching a new opioid education campaign targeting young people. we'll bring it to you. saks fifth avenue is giving the beauty department a major makeover. we'll talk to the company's president about why this is more than just a cosmetic change. plus, country times says it will cover your kids' illegal lemonade stands. we have the details. all those stories coming up this morning. first there's this. president trump gearing up for the g-7 you summit in canada where evidence is expected to participate in tense trade talks with key allies. we have the latest from quebec city. mike, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. president trump never said he was taking this job to make friends. when he gets to canada he will find he's not popular among some of the other g-7 leaders. the friction is over tariffs that the u.s. is imposing on the e.u., mexico, and canada.
7:33 am
there was an unpleasant phone exchange between president trump and canada's prime minister followed by an unflattering press conference with france's president. president trump wrote please tell the prime minister and president macron they're charging massive tariffs. the surplus with is 1 50* billio$150 billion. the french president sent a tweet saying the american president may not mind being isolated but neither do we mind signing a six country agreement if need be because the six countries represent value, an economic market which has the weight of history behind it and which is a true international forcforce. that last reference to an agreement that is generally signed at the end of the summit. there is speculation we may not get an agreement from the summit at all. the president will leave the summit early saturday morning to get ready for singapore. >> maria: thank you so much. we'll be watching what comes out
7:34 am
of the summit, that's for sure. on the steel and aluminum tariffs, the key question is what effect will they have on american manufacturing and the american consumer. will it send prices higher? joining us is lou weiss the co-t of manufacturing talk radio. thank you for joining us. what's your take on this? do you think the tariffs affect manufacturing. >> absolutely. >> maria: how? >> mostly negative. there's one industry in the whole country that is enjoying the benefit and that's the steel industry. because once tariffs have gone into place, which they already have started on march 23rd, u.s. steel prices started rising to come up to the level where the tariff is. so they're happy. they keep raising prices. but everyone else, every other industry, aerospace, automotive, fabricated parts, appliances, they're all going to be paying more. and you know they're not paying more.
7:35 am
it's going to be -- >> maria: the consumers. this is an issue dagen has brought up time and time again, the fact that you're protecting one industry at the expense of so many others. >> dagen: you help t the few to hurt the many. that's one issue somebody was tweeting early this morning, can't wait to see dagen mcdowell's hair on fire about this issue. i go back to the steel tariffs under the bush administration. we found more jobs were destroyed by the tariffs than the total number of people employed in the steel industry. so it's not like i'm pulling this stuff out of where the sun don't shine. there is some evidence, and the bigger issue for the economy is the retaliation from these very allies that we've gone after, whether it's in farming, for example. >> maria: what do you think? >> canada, the u.k. and mexico are looking to increase tariffs on us for the same 10% to 25% on
7:36 am
the steel and aluminum. one fact to be concerned about is that no one's talking about the fact that there already was a tariff on aluminum. it was a 5% tariff. so it's not a 10 and 25. it's 15 and 25. >> maria: but what do you do? what do you do with these outsize gaps, the fact that when you look at autos in europe, we're charging them 2.5%. they're charging us 25%. so what do you do? >> i didn't say it's a fair deal. there's a better way than doing this, because the five times that they have done this it always fails. >> you have your quota on the manufacturing community because of your talk show and everything else. manufacturing is having a boom. but then you talk about the europe issue. where is the community of -- the manufacturing community on the president in light of what we're seeing right now? >> they're not happy.
7:37 am
they are not happy. business was going along way. the last year picked up, picked up, picked up and started coming near the end of the year there were concerns that this may happen and it has started. we keep track of numbers through the institute of supply management, how businesses are doing and how new orders and production and so on, and all that's doing great. the report came out less than -- on the first of the month. and all those numbers were great. but it's not reflecting the effect of the tariff yet. >> dagen: i want to point out one issue, because maria raised this. when we talk about the tariff on our auto imports into europe and the small levy on imports into the u.s., in the grand scheme of things there's an inequity there, there's inequality there beetherebut it's not that big oa problem, we'll create a bigger problem to solve something
7:38 am
that's little. 4% of cars that are sold in the united states come from germany every year. more cars are maid an made and n the united states by foreign manufacturer that are made and sold by gm, ford and dodge. >> maria: i think this is a negotiation. that's really what i think. i agree with you on the aluminum and steel issue. but i have to push back when it comes to china. because that's the real big kahoona. the fact they're stealing from us all the time, the i think i h wall property. >> -- intellectual property. >> some say it's taking the focus off of china. >> maria: that's true. >> and the fact that china, if you want to keep it in the steel and aluminum arena, they only represent 2% of our steel imports into this country. trump says it's no, it's a lie. >> maria: because of the overcapacity. it's going through a different country because they're
7:39 am
producing a lot. >> it comes through malaysia, it comes through a company called seattle logistics who does a trans shipment approach. it's not even significant proof because sus comes doesn'becausea handle on that. the bottom line is, the numbers are going to start being reflected i'd say within the next 60 days and there is going to be a negative impact. inflation has already started. minor, little upticks in the price index but it's going to happen. and now instead of the 230 jobs, 230,000 jobs we lost when mr. bush did history, they're now talking about 400,000. >> maria: wow. all right. these are some sobering numbers. lou, thank you very much. we'll take a break. when we come back, trying to stem the growing opioid crisis. details on the new initiative. officers in some communities
7:40 am
trying to drown out kids with lemonade stands. how kraft heinz is stepping up so no one rains on their parade. ♪
7:41 am
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>> maria: welcome back. now this, a woman visiting yellow stone national park gored by a bison, cheryl casone has the story. >> cheryl: this is crazy. the national park service says the 59-year-old woman was gored by the buy son yesterday after the crowd got too close to it and the bison charged the group. she was treated for a hip injury. she is in good condition right now. well, the white house launching
7:44 am
a strong ad campaign aim ad at warning young people about the dangers of opioids. >> i thought i had it under control. i didn't know it would be this addictive. i didn't know how far i'd go to get more. opioid dependence can happen after just five days. >> cheryl: remember, president trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency back in october. the federal government expected to spend a record $4.6 billion to fight the crisis this year with ads like that one you just saw. and then switching gears. kraft heinz is taking a stand for kids and it's putting its money where its mouth is. watch this. >> if you have a problem with your lemonade stand, the offices of country time legal aid are
7:45 am
ready to take a stand for you. >> tastes like justice. >> cheryl: this is real. kids who are fined for running a lemonade stand could apply for legal aid throughout the summer. kraft heinz says they will cover any lemonade stand related fees. i love this. shares of kraft heinz are down 25% so far this year. it's a grade ad. >> maria: have they been getting fined? >> yes, they get fined in some of the bigger cities because they say they don't have a permit. >> that's incredible. >> maria: all your kids have lemonade stands. >> it's the first chance they get to understand what it's like to be an entrepreneur. there's are liberals that want to kill it. good for country time. >> dagen: it's the kind of people who hate puppies and kittens who call the police on somebody's kids who are trying to sell lemonade. >> good for country time. i'm going to go make sure when
7:46 am
my kids do their lemonade stand, i'm make sure they buy country time. >> it's a win-win ad. it makes country time look great and it looks like they're doing -- and they are. they're doing a good thing. it's the perfect kind of advertising. >> it's about time that as a culture we start standing up for entrepreneurial captainly. which has -- capitalism which has been beaten down. >> dagen: how about standing against the jerks? let's outhow jerkiness in this country. >> maria: how ridiculous. don't they have other things to do. social security just tapped into their trust fund for the first time in 36 years. get on that. [ laughter ] coming up, saks fifth avenue's president will join us to discuss the company's beauty department shakeup and it is real a real shakeup. plus, we have a behind the scenes look at the department store's revamp. >> reporter: i'm working hard at the face gym.
7:47 am
i'm here at saks in new york city. coming up after the break, i'll tell you why this department store is making over its customer experience. that's next. ♪ i'm taking the greyhound on the hudson river line. ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind. tissue there. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story. every scar tells a story, and you can tell a lot more stories when your truck is a chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road.
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7:50 am
♪ the moment i wake up. ♪ before i put on my makeup. ♪ i say a little prayer for you. ♪ while combing my hair now -- >> maria: talk about a retail face lift. we are taking a closer look at why saks fifth avenue revamped their entire beauty department.
7:51 am
watch. >> reporter: saks fifth avenue opened their doors on september 15th, 1924 and became a department store empire with the company's flagship store in new york city evolving into an iconic retail space. saks fifth avenue is moving the beauty department to the second floor for the first time since the 1900s. the flew floor is expansive with 32,000 square feet of makeup, skin care and fragrance products. saks shoppers weighed in on whether they think the retail gamble will pay off. what do you think about the renovation, the fact that it's on the second floor. >> i'm not so sure about this. >> reporter: why is that? >> because it's on the second floor. >> i think it's brighter. >> reporter: with fierce competition online, saks fifth avenue is aiming to win back shoppers by adding new experiences that go beyond the typical makeup application. during my trip i tried eyebrow threading for the first time.
7:52 am
and then i hit the gym. the face gym. you're my trainer. i was put through the paces with the signature workout, an exercise routine that uses different tools to lift and tone my facial muscles. the new floor showcases over 100 brands. there are trained beauty consultants on-hand to help shoppers. with other retailers struggling to lure customers, many department stores are stepping up their game in the age of amazon. >> maria: christina is with us with saks fifth avenue's president, at the company's flagship store in new york city. christina. >> reporter: thank you, maria. mark, you're the president, you're taking over this role. can you tell me why you shifted everything to the second floor? is it all about the customer experience or is this just a way to combat the online retail shopping? >> this is part of a multiyear, multiphase project. the whole point of this was to create the ultimate oasis of
7:53 am
beauty for the luxury customer. that's why we moved it upstairs. >> reporter: we heard reports it was costing $250 million to renovate the store. >> sure. >> reporter: talking about the beauty department, downstairs you'll shift to leather goods. is that because of profit margins? is that a good avenue versus shoes, let's say. >> this whole thing was thought through. it's the sum of parts. we love leather goods. we love footwear. we love men's. we love beauty. it was about creating the ultimate way to circulate through the store and experience saks in total. >> reporter: saks is under the hudson's bay umbrella which is a canadian company, trades on the toronto stock exchange. how are the sales doing for the company? the earnings came out and same store sales, which is a common metric that a lot of investors look at, have been declining. what are we seeing for saks? >> we're seeing good things. as we reported, we were up 6% this last quarter. that makes four in a row on the positive side. so we feel like we have a great trajectory at saks.
7:54 am
>> reporter: we have saks, you're talking about the positive aspects of saks. lord and taylor is also under the same umbrella, hudson's bay announced they were closing 10 stores. what is saks doing differently that that's not the case? i haven't heard anything about closing stores. >> just thinking about what saks is doing, it's about the new luxury. we know we have to innovate, reinvent and reimagine how we go market with our customers at and at our stores. this is starting to take hold right now. >> reporter: you have the renovations with makeup. should there be any change toss the saks website pertaining to this makeup department? should we see any updated -- are you encouraging shoppers to buy goods online as well? >> we're encouraging shoppers to buy their goods from saks? of course. >> we love our stores. we believe in both. we believe in luxury. it's the ecosystem of both channels working together. what you're seeing here is we brought 58 new brands in with this renovation and you're going to see all of them or mostly all
7:55 am
of them either online already at or coming. and so it's really just about creating that kind of frictionless moment with the customer. >> reporter: off camera we briefly talked about being under your umbrella as well which is an online shopping site that was bought by hbc. and now that's being sold. can you tell me a little more about why that's happening. >> after a lot of consideration, we had to decide we wanted to focus on the businesses inside of saks and saks off fifth that will be able to drive growth as we go forward that simply was what the decision was all about. >> reporter: the store opens today. i'm going to throw it back to you, maria. >> maria: kiss christina thank you. a big change and making cosmetics its own floor. >> it said 85 complementary services. so for the woman who is willing to go to the second floor, 85 complimentary services and also
7:56 am
he talked about the sales in the stores not competing online. you go, try the product on in the store. you replenish it online. >> i heard a lot of troubling things, to be honest. same store sales are down. that is the key metric. he can say all he wants about revenues increasing, just open more stores. same store sales are down. i wonder in the background piece, they talked about estee lauder saying they're pushing the envelope on this. they rely on suppliers to pay a premium for that first floor. i'm wondering if that source of revenue dries up, i think this sounds in all due respect to mre titanic. >> maria: the consumer has been weaker. we know that. i don't know if it's a consumer issue or a saks fifth avenue issue. >> go to sephora, it's packed. >> or ulta, another one. >> dagen: this is a tourist destination, the store on fifth avenue. they need the high margin
7:57 am
products that the tourists buy. again, the tourists kind of fill up that space and you can't really move around. so if you put a lot of handbags down there, sunglasses, things they can pick up that are pretty high margin items, that's a smart move. >> maria: that's probably the move. that's the goal. thanks for that. still ad head, time off from work for you new pet parents. we'll tell you about paw-ternity leave next hour. "mornings with maria" continues. back in a minute. ♪ i'm going to be where the lights are shining on me. ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction.
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bourdain. . maria: good friday morning thanks so much for joinings i am maria bartiromo. happy friday, it is friday june 8 top story 8:00 a.m. on the east coast trade senses high president trump will make his way to québec for the g-7 meeting shortly he will take on key al relies over tariffs to leave white house shortly we will show you pictures when he does tough talk on global markets as well futures indicating a decline of start of trading this morning, i should point out well off the lows of the morning. dow industrials have been down about 120 points we are looking at decline of 80 points on dow, down 52 points on nasdaq, a mixed performance why i had the dow was up, hitting highest level nearly 3 months gains in energy, stocks, offsetting weakness in
8:01 am
technology the weakness hit nasdaq down 3/4 of a percent yesterday 54 point decline in europe declines across the board, as you can see, cac quarante in paris flipped into positive territory back-and-forth flat on the session the cac quarante in paris up 3 points the ft 100 down a point and dax index down 45 points, this is a complete he reversal the ft and dax were down much more we are seeing buying interest in last 20 minutes in u.s., and european markets we are off the lows in a big in big time, in asia overnight weakness across the board take a look worst hong kong hang seng down 1 3/4% mistake mistakeing introduce yous anthony bourdain dead at 61 years old the host diechd apparent suicide in paris, according to cnn. >> facebook facing a privacy glitch 14 million user factored after private posts were made public. apple under pressure says
8:02 am
company warned suppliers of a 20% decline in new component orders for the iphone fallout coming up as stock is down 1 1/4% hours minority nancy pelosi takes aim at president trump again. >> isn't just about unemployment rate it is about wages rising in our country. so that consumers confidence is restored, economy will never fully reach its -- possibilities unless we increase the confidence. maria: consumer confidence 18-year high, all stories coming up friday morning to talk all about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, news contributor remainel campos-duffy fox business are krshlth gary b. smith you have wonder if nancy pelosi understands economics what is going on. >> lack of understanding or lack have been just getting briefing notes each day?
8:03 am
to see consumer confidence you appointing out all time skwlie 18 years. >> household network all-time high -- increasing i am not sure what good numbers that she needs to see in order to say yeah economy is okay. >> why would i take is very from democrats case in point doesn't understand, republicans are very happy that she is still -- >> americans happy trump is with what trump is doing. maria: absolutely, obviously having an impact. dagen: 2000 dollar bonus, crumbs. >> crumbs. dagen: companies putting schmooze on. [laughter]. maria: going into midterm elections not going to work, not telling the truth. >> the point is does she know the numbers because if she knows them preaching this then she is well lying to the american people. maria: . >> no credibility on economy. >> we join with white house
8:04 am
principal deputy press secretary raj shaw washington congressman cathy mcmorris rogers host of "varney & company" stuart varney weighs in don't miss a moment a lot coming occupy kick off this hour, with this, president trump is leaving the white house this morning for g-7 summit in québec will meet with world leaders over controversial trade tariffs, blake burman live in canada this morning, with the very latest blake, good morning to you. reporter: maria, good morning to you from canadao friday morning into g-7 summit larry kudlow tried to down play the tensions saying hey look this is just a family quarterly th-- quarrel might be a family quarrel not sure this is a family going out for ice cream after dinner this evening, on the menu for president trump once he arrives he will meet with the french president emmanuel macron also meet with the canadian prime minister
8:05 am
trudeau they continues disdain macron tweeting yesterday the american president may not mind being isolated, but net do we niend a six country agreement if need be meaning not including the u.s. the president also sent out handful of responses on twitter wrote one point please tell prime minister trudeau and president macron that dhaerj charges massive requires the eu trade spluf 151 billion dollars, canada keeps our farmers others out, look forward to seeing them tomorrow. he had that tweet another said trudeau was being indignant the commerce second wilbur ross said look, second said don't blame us. >> their fault the tariffs went into effect about now they are trying have to somehow pretend that they are free traders, when they really are the most protectionist
8:06 am
people around on the planet. >> president trump running behind this morning set to leave white house any moment to come here for canada, by the way, he is cutting his trip short, a few hours expected to leave few his or early, tomorrow morning the white house says there is that other major meeting just a few days from now as well. in singapore, the reason. maria: sure is going to leave early just to go to singapore get there early for kim jong-un. >> wlaik blablake burman. >> white house principal deputy press secretary raj shaw thanks for joining us. >> what is the president expecting chances anything gets resolved at g-7 with regard to the tariffs. >> i don't want to set too many expectations i will echo what larry kudlow said and what secretary ross said that the president's position on
8:07 am
the steel, aluminum tariffs and dairy tariffs that cade i know government has united states, wants to see free, fair and reciprocal trade other countries allow for american exports and support american jobs, american workers, and have a free and fair and frankly level-playing field when we negotiate not just with countries that we have a more complex relationship request but also allies included eu, canada mexico many other countries. maria: isn't this going to send prices higher? we keep talking about implications of trade tariffs, obviously, it is going to ultimately impact thes consumer because when you look at tariffs on imports coming in, those producers are going to raise prices, forcing the price to go up is president worried these tariffs on aluminum and steel is going to cut into economic growth. >> we've had decades of policy that hasn't worked decades
8:08 am
other countries have taken advantage of united states tariff and nontariff barriers have done many things that put our workers our farmers our businesses at a disadvantage this president kind of screamed from rooftops during campaign as much afterwards that status quo can no longer be sustained taking actions confronting bad trade practices actually led to renegotiations in principal with u.s. south korea free trade agreement an ongoing back-and-forth with china we are trying to renegotiate nafta so the president is piece by piece to start fixing what has been a broken system worked against united states we have a several hundred-billion-dollar annual trade deficit with countries around the world, we are he hemorrhaging money president wants to in this cases that there may be short temperature hiccups long view to ensure
8:09 am
american products are respected overseas allowed to enter foreign markets as they are allowed to enter our markets. maria: he has said, that there could be short-term lane for long temperature solutions my question isn't bigger issue china, and the fact theft of intellectual property the forced transfer of technology what does deal with zte do for any of that? people today, businesses today, do not care if trade deficit with china is 375 billion or 200 billion dollars i recognize about the numbers look better, if he does a -- a more fair situation here, but the real issue is intellectual property theft and the forced transfer of technology what are we going to do about that. >> president has begun to confront china over forced intelligent transfers force of intellectual property why 301 tariffs have been proposed president has 50 billion dollars on table going to look at that come a few weeks from now, around, mid june, and the
8:10 am
president is going to potentially take action. you know we have been working back-and-forth with our chinese counterparts they are tough negotiations they have operated under status quo in which chinese companies and frankly the chinese government has been stealing american technology, has been you know, forcing -- >> they won't admit it. >> they won't admit it if you talk to any technology company in silicon valley cross the country they know what is going on the president has been confronting this issue we are going to work with chinese president has great relationship with president xi but protecting american intellectual property equity prosecutei -- protecting the investments many make in united states american companies from apple to oracle is essential. >> of course. >> we need to ensure in a you know those rights are protected so it is ongoing process, the president is raising it for the first time, this president raising issues
8:11 am
in a way that frankly previous presidents from both parties failed simply unwilling to raise, raise different issues. >> we know china has been helpful to extent when it comes to north korea. the president says he is ready for this historic sit-down with kim jong-un. it is happening this upcoming tuesday here is what he said yesterday. >> i think i am very well prepared, i don't think you have to prepare very much it is about attitude it is about willingness to get things done, but this is not a question of preparation it is a question whether people want it to happen i think it is a process i told you many times before i think not a one meeting deal it would be wonderful if it were. >> raj what the president is expecting? he said willing to invite north korean leader to white house if summit goes well? >> absolutely, look. if there is a willing ingestion on the north koreans they have expressed through secretary pompeo to denuclearize to put down their
8:12 am
arms and nuclear program open up to the west, and to you know south korea other countries, in the region, we think that is a historic opportunity the president is taking leadership on and sees it we think that if a summit in the united states, or meetings elsewhere around the world subsequent meetings, we think whatever is necessary to kind of meet willingness from north koreans to take action with actually action we are willing to take those steps. >> let's turn to the economy raj the president handling of the economy new high according to latest fox news poll finds 52% of registered voters approve of his handling of the economy, as house midnight leader nancy pelosi continues to downplay improving economy here is what she said yesterday. >> unless we have a increase very significant increase in in wages and -- paychecks, we are going to increase the frustration of america's families saying highway patrol
8:13 am
hooray unemployment is down you what does that mean to me and my life. >> this isn't just unemployment rate it is about -- wages rising in our country. so that consumer confidence is restored this is economy will never fully reach its -- possibilities unless we increase the consumer confidence. maria: raj i am not sure she knows consumer confidence at near 18-year high right now. >> fruit. >> she and colleagues going along with narrative that things not going well. >> i think what nancy pelosi was talking about was politics, it is not about economics, because, as you said, consumer confidence is at near two decade high, while unemployment is near two decade low african-americans veterans, female unemployment near historic lows, you have wages rising for the first time since 2006 everything about the economy all things are pointing toward prosperity
8:14 am
pointing toward higher wage pointing towards upward mobility for millions americans, i think you mentioned the top of the show, that -- household wealth new high, you know home prices rising there is so much good news out there, frankly nancy pelosi is not about politics -- trying to downplay significant economic gains if the health of this economy and policies of the previous administration worked as well you would have seen her praising the economy. >> by the way, what a switch from mitt romney right mitt romney once called donald trump quote a con man now republican senate candidate predicts i think president trump many will be renom naitsdz by my party easily rehe can elected solidly bases predictions on improving economy hike hooded democrats choose a candidate outside mainstream your reaction? i think he is right i think the president is leading us toward a safer freer more
8:15 am
prosperous country i think lives for americans going to be much better i think mitt romney is right. >> raj thanks so much. >> thank you raj shaw at the white house stay with us we'll be right back. stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor
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8:17 am
i'm relentless. and my doctor and i choose to treat my mbc with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. maria: apple reportedly issues a warning to suppliers cheryl casone with all the news. cheryl: maria we are watching, shares of apple, this morning, stock is trading lower premarket, the company reportedly asked companies
8:18 am
that make parts for the iphones to cut production about 20% japanese paper reported this that apple expects totally iphone shipments to fall to 80 million down from 100 million a year ago the stock down 1 1/2% premarket apple not commenting on this for now, but, again, we are watching the stock that is certainly under pressure ahead of your opening bell. well, sad breaking news to bring to you this morning, anthony bourdain is dead in apparent suicide this is according to cnn, announced this is death this morning he had been in france working on an episode of cnn show "parts unknown" bourdain found dead in a hotel room by o close friend eric. in a statement network saying love of great adventure new friends fine food drink remarkable stories of the world made him a unique storyteller his talents never
8:19 am
cease to amaze us we will miss him very much bourdain was just 61 years old. maria: a terrible story, and this week, we heard kate spade also killed herself dagen you have research from cdc suicide rates are up in every state but half the country. why why? >> suicide rates since 1999, 25 states up more than 30%, overall from 99 to 2016. the overall nationwide suicide rate has gone up 30%. so again, it is an call to action for everybody in this country to do more, in terms of making -- to -- there is the national suicide prevention lifeline i think that is one of the most incredible phone numbers, that everybody can have access to, and one -- we should point out that anthony bourdain leaves a
8:20 am
young daughter around 11 years of age kate spade also had a young daughter she left behind, i speak from personal experience on this, that for all those people who have ever had a loved one, a close friend, or family member who took their own life, this kind of national news you might not have ever known anthony bourdain or kate spied but it revives hurt guilty that goes who ranning a loved one takes their life a lot of people out there grieving, struggles to cope with the nice of anthony bourdain kate spade look out for them look out for them think about them because, again, the hurt, that people experience and the burden individuals carry for the rest of their lives when they have a loved one takes their own life indescribable and
8:21 am
insurmountable. >> one of three sick this isses rising alzheimer's drug overdose suicide rising, terrible, our thoughts with his family. we'll be right back. .
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
maria: facebook apologizing for a software glitch made millions user' private posts public on the floor of the new york stock exchange with details good morning. >> that is right facebook may have composed private, 14 million user to what they are calling a software glitch
8:25 am
basically user from private to public, and goes back to 10 days in month of may say they've fixed this software glitch, of course, this is a long stretch of -- pr for social media cambridge analytical, saying fobbing shared without consent some user data for hardware device makers apple, samsung down from 3%, hit a record -- a happy note taco bell division of yum brands is testing some taco bell cantinas a slushy pink boozy drink with tacos, who doesn't like free tacos getting on june 13, from two to 6 pm participating at locations maria back to promising taco bell said they would do if one from golden state warriors or cleveland cavs in nba finalize steals a
8:26 am
game from home tome happened with golden state warriors winning game three back to you. >> maria bartiromo congratulations. for being named one of the top three journalists followed by major ceos on twitter, this is according to rational 360 influencer index, get down, maria bartiromo. >> oh. >> -- 70% -- >> -- ceos follow her not just major ones, all of them do. >> thank you very much, i was pleased to see it, it was a study and 50 journalists. >> in wisconsin follow you -- >>. dagen: the fox follow you, plain english and you are completely in touch because your roots totally in touch with what american people are thinking about, how they feel, about their finances, health safety all of it. >> first journalististic call
8:27 am
after the election going to be a good economy. >> she called it they had not called the election yet. >> can i be my more fortunate to work with this woman every day? >> can i be more fortunate our guests love you so much all guests smart evident show on television my humble opinion. >> i was running late look at you like i know you are he feeling me. >> i know you are feeling me running -- >> we laughed at each other. >> great week, a lot of great guests fantastic news flow top moments from this week on "mornings with maria". >> if you see that the president is standing up for our country, i think that is going to help us in other trade deals, look we don't have enough trade deals with asian countries european countries hopeful this helps the president goes to expand our trade agreements around the world. >> o you have to break egg to say make omelet absolutely tough with people to get to
8:28 am
change in behavior slightly you cannot just ask other countries treat us better expect them to do it not the way the world looks with a look what he has done already the proof what he is doing good for the american economy. >> he increased cost 25% a quota o imposed you reached your quota he uncertainty in marketplace not good for us. >> back orders 14-year high industry really isn't that afraid about tariffs on a whole in my opinion we are not going to stop building because something goes up by a few pennies. >> every country when goish negotiates with us at disadvantage because of size of economy what trump says fine if i can negotiate one-on-one a better deal for america every time. >> they are not going to give up on sanctions that we have
8:29 am
in place, certainly. we can't do anything like that, until the actual dismantling of the nuclear program is under way and a commitment to continue it. >> to accept lessons of 2016 on both sides of the aisle every do a rehashing same thing rehashing november 2016 all over again, i think it will be great if people would containing a lessons away from that, and move along. >> every time a bell rings -- he gets in a plane every time in public democrats -- continue to treat this guy, with such kid he gloves when is last fiem you heard somebody on right given oh you didn't do so well yesterday would you like a do over. >> talking about a ball club stood up for every national anthem was hoping to see that team come together go to white house get across from my president have discussions. >> a brand problem, brand has become anti-american.
8:30 am
>> the brand neithers us to stand up stop pro testifying if to run win good news we would also a find available restroom near white house hard to do if you are in d.c.. >> if i can run for president surely anybody can right i wanted to beat you to it. >> taking the pays out of the trump page out of trump success story we have shown that americans are willing to vote for a successful businessman, here is a guy built so many stores you can see one of his stores from another one. >> we need to have privacy legislation -- it is likes wild west without your consent is they share you your view online. >> the practice, deny, deny, deny they have no idea what guys did had years to mess with data. >> money isn't about elective in life it is a necessary skill i am not saying sit down with spreadsheets have pocket protectors nines days give
8:31 am
them skills in a fun way. >> no pocket protector always need a pocket positive textor in jeans jacket. >> ihub -- >> root unify to anothery fresh and fruity. >> have a great week we are off the lows dow industrials down 60 points, that is a quarter of a percent lower this morning expecting a lower opening from nasdaq as well, down 43 points two-thirds of a percent, you like this marketing. >> i do i think remarkably good shape i woke up i think futures you kind of implied down almost 175. maria: right. >> looked like going to be this morning -- the market is showing a great deal of resiliency no matter what is thrown at it very positive. >> breaking news president trump speaking to reporters as left white house moments ago let's listen. >> -- maybe that is appropriate let's see -- he is a very dishonest man i have been saying it for a long
8:32 am
time. i think i did our country a great -- favor when i fired him, and we will see what happens we will see what the report says, but i guess just got announced coming out on june 14? so that will be maybe a nice birthday present who knows? >> are you -- >> we're going to deal with the unfair trade practices, if i look at what canada, mexico, european union, all of them have been doing to us for many, many decades we have to change it. they understand it is going to happen. >> what are you going to do if -- >> we are going to do very well, now, if we're unable to make deal we will terminate nafta have a better deal, if we are unable to make a deal, we will be a better off. right now, we are not going to live with the deals the way they are european union treats us very unfairly canada very
8:33 am
unfairly, mexico very unfairly with that being said i think we will probably very easily make a deal. >> go ahead. >> rp you serious with -- >> i didn't say that i said i have been preparing all my life. i always believe in preparation. but i have been preparing all my life. you know these one week preparations, they don't work just ask hillary what happened to her in debates. so -- i have been preparing for this all my life. and frankly it is just fake news if you run peter just a little bit longer the clip you would see i have been preparing all my life i said that, but, of course, you know the news doesn't pick that up because it is fake news. >> are you -- >> very interesting, that they -- very important leaker, so very interesting, i am getting information on it now it
8:34 am
happened last night. it could be a terroristific thii am a big, big believer in freedom of the press i am also a believer in classified information. >> to remain classified, that includes comey, and his band of thieves who leaked classified information all over the place. so i am a very big believer in freedom of the press but i am also a believer that you cannot leak classified information. >> do you have a reaction to -- i think very sad in fact, i want to extend to his family heart he felt condolences very shocking when i woke up this morning anthony bourdain is dead i enjoyed his show, he was quite a character, i will say, but so i just want to extend my condolences, also to the family of kate spade.
8:35 am
>> maybe you can call it anything you want it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter what you call it. if it used to be g-8 because russia was in it now russia is not in it. now i love our country. i have been russia's worst nightmare, if hilly got in i think putin is probably going man i wish hillary won because you see what i do, but with that being said, russia should be in this meeting why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting? i would recommend and it is up to them, but you been russia should be in the meeting it should be a part of it. you know whether you liked it or not, and it may not be politically correct but we have a world to run. and at the g-7 used to be g-8 they threw russia out they
8:36 am
should let russia come back in we should have russia at the negotiateing table. >> what? >> [inaudible] >> i may leave a little bit early depends on the timing i may leave a little bit early, it depends what happens here, look all these countries have been taking advantage of the united states on trade. you see where canada judges our dairy farmers 270% tariff, we don't charge them or if we do it is like a tiny percentage, so we have to we have to straighten it out. we have -- massive trade deficits with almost every country. we will straighten that out the, and i will tell you what if what i do it won't even be hard, in the end we will all get along but they understand they are trying to act like well we fought with you in wars they don't mention the
8:37 am
fact that they -- have trade barriers, against our farmers, they don't mention the fact that they are charging almost 300% tariffs when it straights out we will all be in love again. >> there will be more pardons, i thought alice was beautiful i thought jack johnson recommended by sill vester stallone great boxers i thought jack johnson was a great one, and speaking about somebody that you all know very well, i mean went through a lot, he wasn't very popular then -- wasn't very popular no, i am not thinking about o.j. but he is not only you could say o.j., but -- he is he was look. he was not very popular then, he certainly his memory very popular now i am thinking about mohamed hahamed ali and
8:38 am
but i am thinking about muhammad ali. >> in fact we're doing right now recommendations on frankly doing rpgs on mohamecommendatio muhammad ali. no -- i am not above the law i never want anybody to be above the law. but the pardons are very positive thing for a president. i think you see the way i am using them, yes, i do have an absolute right to pardon myself, but i will never have to do it because i didn't do anything wrong, everybody knows it. there has been no collusion, there has been no obstruction it is all made up fantasy a witch hunt no collusion no obstruction no nothing. now the democrats have had massive collusion massive obstruction and they can be investigated, we will see what
8:39 am
is happening, yeah? >> [inaudible] >> i haven't even thought about it. i haven't thought i haven't thought about any of it, it is certainly far too early to be thinking about that. >> mr. president? >> they haven't been convicted of anything there is nothing to pardon, it is far too early to be -- it is tar too early to be thinking about it. >> scott pruitt is doing a great job within the walls of the -- setting records outside -- being attacked by prez i am not saying he is blameless but we will see what happens. >> -- >> that is what i want to do we have 3,000 names, we are looking at them, out of 3,000 names many of those names really have been treated unfairly this is a group of
8:40 am
3,000 that we have assembled would i get more thrill parkedoning people known knows like alice i thought kim kardashian was great brought alice to my attention alice was so great, and -- the way she left that jail and the love she has with family, i mean to me that was better than any celebrity that i can pardon, so we are looking at it we are looking at literally thousands of names, of people that have come to our attention, that have been treated unfairly or where their sentence was far too long. . >> i didn't invite lebron james i didn't invite seth curry we're not going to invite either team but we are other teams that are coming we had alabama national champions clemson national champion new
8:41 am
england patriots we have bits purchasing penguins last year i think we will have the caps i mean we will see mytude if they want to be here greatest place on earth i am here if they don't want to be here i don't want them. >> -- [inaudible] >> if you look what paul ryan is saying it didn't come out that way the fact is, they had people in our campaign they had people doing things that have never been done in the history of this country. and it really is a disgrace frankly that stuff is just starting to come out. [inaudible question] . fire who in [inaudible question] we will see what happens. >> mountain mi-- mitt romney said you will find it easy to win again. >> mitt whether people love
8:42 am
him don't love him mitt romney is a straight shooter andrea that is very nice thing to say i pressuappreciate that. that is good. >> i love canada but they treat us very unfairly on trade very, very in fairly. you see the numbers. almost 300 percent on dairy they treat us very unfairly you guys going? you better get going peter we will leave without you. [inaudible question] . >> i would only do a deal if i get through congress i wouldn't do like obama did. and he was not able to get it through you know he tried to get it through the iran deal he tried to get it through congress, failed so just did it without. the which is why i was able to break it up so easy, and iran is now a different country they are not looking to mediterranean anymore. iran is now much different
8:43 am
kin, since i did since i saw that out iran is a much different country. >> i really do i supported gardner i know what he is doing looking at it i probable will end up supporting that yes. >> first lady is great right there! she has to she wanted to go, can't fly for one month doctors say, a big operation, that was close to a four-hour operation, and she is doing great. right there. you know what she is a great first lady. [inaudible question] . >> terrible. >> that is we will be talking to him but that is terrible, okay any other questions? >>
8:44 am
[inaudible question] . >> would say one of my lawyers incredible that you can break into a lawyer's office that is one thing i can say, and i think that was unfortunate to break into a lawyer's office not good practice. >> [inaudible question]. >> democrats this is a democrat bill the democrats can end end that quickly all they have to do is sit down with us negotiate a real bill that allows us to keep criminals out of this country it is very easy schumer complains but doesn't do anything schumer is a guy an object struckor can't do anything all he can do is obstruct all they have to do is call us a bill that gives great board safety i don't like children separated from parents i hate it that is democrat bill that we are enforcing we can change it in one day, all they have to do is come and see us.
8:45 am
[inaudible question] . >> i can't hear your question, too much competition, go ahead. >> you are not prepared, you i can't believe she is not prepared peter is shocked; right? we will bring it up we will bring it up. >> [inaudible question] . >> i have work i have about 15 boxes of work i will be able to work without being bothered by phone calls, where you people are writing fake stories about me we have to respond. now seriously i have a lot of work it is on the plane. >> are you worried about the things -- >> rudy is great, rudy is rudy, rudy is doing a very good job, actually. doing a very good -- >> [inaudible question] . >> he said what? >> he said that -- is not. >> i am not going to disagree
8:46 am
with him on that. [inaudible question] . >> i can't hear a word he said. >> -- invited north korea. >> no, he was not but i like dennis, a great -- when you think dennis was a great rebounder wasn't he relatively speaking that tall that tells you you know there is a rebounding a genius for that dennis rodman was a great rebounder one thing we are good about speaking of sports, though, the power to pardon is a beautiful thing. you got to get it right you got to get the right people i am looking at muhammad ali, but those are the famous people. and one way, easier people find it fascinating, but i want to do people that are in fairly treated, like an alice where she comes out and there is something beautiful what i am thinking to do we have a lot of people in the nfl in
8:47 am
particular but in sports leagues, they are not proud enough to stand for our national anthem i don't like that what i am going to do is i am going to say to them instead of talk it is all talk, talk, talk, we have a great country you should stand for our national anthem you should not go in a locker room when our national anthem is played. i am going to ask all of those people to recommend to me because that is what their protest is people that they think were unfairly treated by the justices i understand that i am going to ask them to remember to me people that were unfairly treated friends of theirs or people they know about, and i am going to take a look at those applications, and if i find in my committee finds that they are unfairly treated, then we will pardon them or at least let them out. >> oversight them to white house -- >> you know i don't have to do
8:48 am
that not looking to grandstand we got enough grandstanders in this town i'm just saying for the elaboration if they have people players athletics have friends of thinkers people they know about that have been unnarrowly treated by the system let me know. >> the pardon -- >> you know if you think about it, that is really that becomes the celebrity advocates but they know a lot of things we're not going to know. they've seen abuse unfairness if they have how do you like that idea david? >> [inaudible] >> i have absolutely right i don't have to do it never did anything wrong. you know that better than anybody. >> concerned about reporters keeping sources -- >> i think you have a double edge. reporters can't leak you cannot leak classified information. at the same time we need freedom of the press but you
8:49 am
cannot leak like hillary clinton did, like comey did you cannot leak classified information. if you look at the young sailor he went to jail over positive not classified a much lower level it is very unfair that he goes to jail and that comey is allowed to do it all over. very unfair, thank you much i will see you in canada. >> that was president trump obviously on his way now, to québec for the g-7, about he will stay there a day go on to singapore a lot of news that we just heard from president trump, dagen he said he is considering three -- 3,000 names in terms of people to pardon.
8:50 am
they've assembled a list of 3,000 also said muhammad ali was on that list. dagen: i ejudge napolitano about this is sentenced to jail for evadeings draft late 60s because of his religion cassius clay converted to islam supreme court overturned that decision against ali so i e-mailed would muhammad ali require a pardon that initial court decision was overturned, interesting question but he covered so much ground. maria: he did, trade, into the g-7 this is going to be -- first face-to-face meeting with our friend in canada mexico european union whether you agree or not you have to admit in this interview every other interview he looks like he is fighting for american industries, and that i think
8:51 am
he will get political credit for. >> exactly, the other thing is he is always brimming with confidence i wrote it down he said, about negotiations i have the is what i do won't be hard. >> bottom line. we'll be right back. stay with us. even heroes need incredible sleep. closing! introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed. the only bed that actually senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. and snoring? does your bed do that? experience the new sleep number 360 smart bed today and unleash your incredible, only at a sleep number store. disney pixar's incredibles 2, in theaters june fifteenth. i had a very minor fender bender tonight! in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness.
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maria: welcome back, president trump spoke moments ago, before legislated to g-7 summit in canada, said a lot of things, from pardon ong, looking at a list of 3,000 people to comments on trade. to economic growth, gary thoughts? >> well, i think you know trump understands one thing better than many other past presidents, in all these about negotiations he holds the cards. what he is willing to do that other presidents don't seem to is a brilliant negotiating
8:55 am
tactic willing to walk away if i don't get it fine i am going to go do my thing i think there is genius in that. >> there is he has uncertainty around him, people -- countries don't know what is going to happen next, you know what i remember is first time the president met president xi from china was in mar-a-lago i remember when i interviewed the president last april asked about that meeting told me about chocolate cake president xi eating delicious alcoholic late cake president said bay right now strikes on their way towards syria. >> exactly he told me that president xi stopped, asked translator to say it again, repeat it repeat it. and just continued eating his cake. few things about comments g-7 with g6 united against united states at this point particularly on trade, and tariffs among others, they are
8:56 am
allies of ours president trump said he thinks that you know used to be g-8 russia should be let back in, to g-7, well, they were cut out of the g 8 because they illegal invaded ukraine remind viewers of that in terms of muhammad ali being pardoned i emailed judge napolitano about this he said only point to pardon ali would be political fans would love it historical because -- should never have been prosecuted for political beliefs in the first place pardon ong man a legend like mommed a-- mommed ali passed away conviction turned by supreme court of united states has zero legal effect certainly sends a message to everybody whoed a mired ali. >> you said maria this is a wide-ranging interview pornography brought up in this they asked about -- giuliani comments that -- working in important gravy not
8:57 am
respectable occupation president responded i can't disagree with that i can't disagree with that either this isn't -- >> rudy doing a good job. >> and this whole conversation has put liberals on they are now defending pornography alternative to liberal press right now many pundits defending pornography as respectable institution talk about putting literals off-kilter defending ms-13 and pornography. >> we will be right back.
8:58 am
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what a show thanks ever been. great see you gary b. smyth rachel el, >> three words sunday morning pooch. >> on sunday. have a great weekend everybody. for being here. stuart take it away. >> are you ready for this trump versus the world and the action is about to begin. our president is taking his hardline on trade to the g7 summit he's actually on his way. there's already been exchange of tweets france's macron warning that america might be left out of the final, it has not g7 but g6 plus one. president trump not letting that go by without a response. he's going after the, quote, massive tariffs the years and canadians levee on us, and trump is leaving the summit early. he's flying off to singapore for the summit tomorrow morning. you could call that -- well a hostile trade environment -- investors not that concern


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