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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 8, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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they are angry at president targeting them on trade, when he should be targeting enemies. they put china that camp. they put russia in that camp. they don't put themselves in that camp. they're not all happy campers. but that is so far. to trish regan now. trish: i want to camping. neil: exactly. trish: president trump getting unusually cold, chilly reception at the annual g7 summit where meets with leaders from canada, japan, european union amid tension over trade. the president will meet with the traditional class photo happening from now. we'll look at that. it will be interesting to read the body language there between the likes of macron and merkel and president trump. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." ♪
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trish: canada and the european union appear united against president trump who is refusing to back down from his tough talk on trade. so will anything get done at the g7 summit? we'll have a live report from quebec, canada, straight ahead. we're days away from the north korean summit. the president is flying out to singapore straight from the g7. that is happening tomorrow morning. how is he preparing for big meet ing, historic meeting with kim jong-un. congressman matt gaetz is here. consumer confidence nearing 18 year highs, pretty nice, full steam ahead for our economy but someone apparently hasn't told nancy pelosi that, because she is saying these numbers don't matter. my intel on the dems led by pelosi next. but first, let's go back to the top story, president trump attending a very tense g7 summit in quebec, canada.
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blake burman is there with a whole lot more. everybody is waiting to see what the class photo is, body language, how they react together. any sense how tense it is getting? >> i'm not sure it will be a big hug to the president based on what we've seen. you never know, the president making headlines before the g7 even began. first off president trump showing of 50 minutes late today. because of that his first scheduled bilateral meeting with between emannuel macron. it never took place. it is possible it will be rescheduled later in the afternoon. the two met on sidelines according to video posted by the french president on his twitter account. you see them on the couch. macron said quote, pursuing conversation, keeping dialogue alive. now and sharing reaching out to promote the interests of the french people. macron, as you know, along with
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justin trudeau, canadian prime minister and others have been incredibly critical of the president over the last week, since the president and his administration instituted the steel and aluminum tariffs. but before coming here to canada earlier today. the president spoke to reporters and said our allies are not essentially victims who shouldn't shoulder none of the blame. listen here. >> they're trying to act like, well, we fought with you in the wars. they don't mention the fact that they have trade barriers against our farmers. they don't mention the fact that they're charging almost 300% tariffs. when it all straightens out, we'll all be in love again. reporter: president also saying that he feels this g 7 should expand back to the f 8. as you know, trish, russia was given the boot because of annexation of crimea. president trump earlier today said he feels vladmir putin should be here at the
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negotiating table. >> whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run, and in the g7, which used to be the g8, they threw russia out. they should let russia come back in. reporter: that has received a lot of criticism. republican senators among them, world diplomats among them. the top democrat in the senate, chuck schumer said this in a statement, writing quote, president trump is turning our foreign policy into an international joke, doing lasting damage to our country without any rhyme or reason. so he wants to expand this trish, back to the g8 format. some are thinking that this could end up being the g6 plus one as in, the six nations, u.s. as the outlyer because of trade. it will be an interesting 20 hours or so from now. the president is cutting his trip short, leaving early a few hours tomorrow. the white house is saying that this has to do with the fact
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that he has another big meeting up on his schedule, that half a world away in singapore. when you add it up, the president arriving late and leaving early fits into the whole notion here that there is a lot of tough issues to talk about on trade. trish? trish: thank you so much, blake burman. joining me on set our very own kristina partsinevelos, awith "the wall street journal" james freeman. good to have you here. trade is the biggie. you think about every recent president in history, i think the blame lies with all of them because none of them were willing to stick up for the principles that would have protected our industry, and i'm talking about tariffs because, it does not, i know you're not a big believer in tariffs, i get that, i'm not either. i would like zero percent for everyone but i'm not okay with china charging, 25% and us 2 1/2%. i just think we ought to level the playing field.
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no one has asked this of the world. how come? >> well, i mean i think a lot of it is, we look at meeting, family photo, this is family gathering in terms of democracies, the major market economies in the world. trish: so you let them take advantage of you? >> well i guess i would disagree on the objective here. sometimes it is a little confusing whether the president as you say is trying to protect u.s. industries i don't think that is the role of the government. we want to allow open competition. or, is it really to open other markets to our businesses. that's wonderful. if he can -- trish: is he going to open other markets to business, don't you want low tariffs in all those other markets? >> for sure. trish: so you can sell as many goods as possible? >> right. you don't want taxes on consumers here in the u.s. you don't want tariffs here. you don't want taxes over there. i think if you're hoping for out of these arguments a positive outcome i would say maybe just
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communicate the end saying we're all going to work on lowering tariffs around the world. trish: like, in other words, everyone needs -- we've been seth the example, kristina. we've been doing the right thing. we've said, we don't want to charge tariffs because it will hurt our consumers, but they are happy to penalize not only their consumers but u.s. corporations in the process. and so no one's asked anything different of them. now it's time. >> i agree that, yes, it's time for to us change the rates that are going on around the world when it comes to tariffs, however the tone that president trump is taking right now, it is my way or the highway, and that is making a lot of other countries angry. these relationships have been going on for quite some time, especially with canada. president trump incorrectly said that canada and united states, the united states has a deficit, a trade deficit. that is inaccurate. it was a trade surplus. he admitted on camera that he made that stat up. going forward i think it will potentially hurt a lot of jobs
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in the united states. not only will it cost us more. but it will hurt certain sectors including the auto sector. 156,000 jobs in texas alone are associated with nafta agreements. i to believe that is a big threat, the five-year sunset clause. companies won't want to invest if they know they have to renegotiate nafta five years from now. trish: uh-huh. well, you know look, what i would like to see is some kind of consistency from those in charge of our country that is looking out for us on a continue all basis. i china has a very long plan ahead. >> yep. trish: we have a four-year plan. we have a two-year plan, you're in congress. you get a six-year plan in the senate. if you're president, you're hoping you might get an eight-year plan. but we're playing for the here, now, as opposed to long term, distant future and i think as we think about the importance of
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here around now, we have to think where we are 30 years from now, james. nobody was thinking about that. >> by the way, we put a lot of tariffs and protections in for our industries too, let's get rid of them this. is the area where maybe also you can find some common ground with our friend at this meeting, let's focus on china. let's focus on encouraging them to embrace the rule of law. maybe that is a long shot. trish: don't steal our intellectual property, come on, please. >> for businesses in there a chance, don't force them to take on chinese partners when they shouldn't have to. so, i think that's possibility. but there is, i think there is a benefit to not having much of a plan from governments. i think china, the communist dictatorship, yes they can do long-term plans. a lot of them are going to be wrong. trish: i hear you. you have to be flexible. >> i can't stop smiling, you said we should be thinking long term. we're talking politicians right now. usually that long term is never in their sight. it is short term because of
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elections. trish: that is what i hate. >> it is unfortunate. going forward, i don't know how i feel, maybe you can weigh in, bilateral discussions with the individual countries, like with mexico, specifically with canada, as opposed to a nafta agreement with all three, that could take a lot more time, a lot more work. never could get done. i'm concerned about that going forward. then why hasn't president trump set up a meeting with theresa may in the uk? they're exiting "brexit" march 2019. that could be an opportunity to build relations with a country that is allowed to create a relationship with the united states, versus france, they're part of the eu they can not. >> why not. they probably would be amenable, uk, to a new deal with us but i think nafta has a lot of value. i think that is probably, given the timing here, we're about to get elections in mexico and possibly a left-winger getting elected. will not want to do any kind of deal with our president. time's awasting. trish: i have breaking news to
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get to. thank you both. special counsel robert mueller filed additional charges, against paul manafort. he accusing the president's former campaign chairman of obstructing justice. these new charges are coming as prosecutors accused manafort of tampering with witnesses. that whole saga goes on. president is heading to singapore with his big summit with kim jong-un. the president says he is not preparing a whole lot for that meeting, since really this is about attitude and willingness to get things done. of course you can imagine how happy that makes the media. not, right? they do not like the idea of him ever saying that part of this can be done on attitude. maybe your gut feeling, right? but if you think about some of the most successful presidents in history, it all comes down to
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your gut. if you think of the most successful people in life, they have the right instincts. you can read all you want. hillary clinton was prepared. you know who neverred looked at a poll, ed rollins told us, his campaign manager? ronald reagan. my next guest says the president knows exactly what he is doing here. here to explain, republican congressman from florida, member of house armed services committee, congressman matt gaetz. thank you for being here, congressman. i got a kick out of this this morning because i'm pretty well-educated. i read a lot. i've been in the news business a lot. i have covered a lot. but in my job it's important to understand the macro effect of everything, and you see some people that get so buried in the minutia, in the detail, in writing out, for example, every single question they want to ask you right now, that they don't even listen, congressman, to what you have to say. and i look at that, whether
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you're talking about reporting business, whether you're talking about an athlete, who is so concerned about everything he is doing in his golf swing, he winds up in knots, and can't hit the ball. whether you're talking about a politician, and i do think that hillary clinton suffered from this. she was so steeped in the minutia of everything she lost her sense of what was right, what was wrong and what was the best direction for the country. so congressman, when he says he is relying on his attitude, how much does attitude, how much does instinct play into the success of anyone? >> well, it is absolutely critical, trish. first, you're hired to be my knew golf coach. sounds like you have your head around what makes that a success. look what the media did to the obama administration. they didn't do as much foreign
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policy with north korea as dennis rodman and think got a pass through the media. how to break 70 years of war and conflict. how to create interpersonal trust with north korean leaders so we build a system for verifiable denuclearization on the korean peninsula. i was with the president as far as back in october, he was preparing, thinking, how we could sew together the korean peninsula after so much conflict and war. he is well prepared. to your point we don't need microanalysis of details. we need a wide ainge bell lens to identify the. as kellyanne said and others with the team of president trump and mr. pompeo and mr. bolton we may need more than one meeting to be get to the verifiable denuclearization we're demanding. >> congressman, one. reasons he was successful because he saw through all the layers. i think back to the night, i was in for our friend lou dobbs,
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shortly after 7:00 p.m. we got word, live on the show, that not only had an invitation extended to the president of the united states to meet with kim jong-un, the president accepted it on the spot. now when you think of how different that is, right, from anything anyone else would have done. you have to check with your secretary of state, who has to check with everyone at the state department, who has to go through a whole bunch of research to make sure this is the right move. he said, yeah, sure, i will meet with him. that is the sense of understanding a situation at a high enough level but still maintaining some sense of instinct. >> that is the key word, instinct. the president has key instincts. how to keep democrats on capitol hill so snarled around the economic gains we're making on the economy or foreign policy he is engager in chief. he is trying to insure we don't
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go to war with the korean peninsula. i'm on the armed services committee. i know the first days of war we would look like with north korea. anything we can do to avoid kinetic conflict, verify the path of denuclearization is critical. it is this president's instincts the american people trust. they saw the preparedness of hillary clinton but they never believed that preparedness would give better out comes. that is what they're sighing now. trish: applies to so many things in. not always the kid that is studying the most that necessarily becomes the ceo, but one that understands not just what they're studying but how to apply it into the world in which we live. and that is part of americans desire, congressman, to get rid of bureaucracy, get rid of layers and sense of leadership. >> vision and common sense. when i go back home to florida i
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hear from some folks. trish: i will jump in. i don't mean to talk over you. we have the photo-opportunity the biggie right now as we members of the g7, used to be the g8 until russia got the heave-ho because of crimea. you see them there. they will have the big photo-opportunity. they call it the class photo, the family photo where all of the world leaders will be standing together and one of the big questions we've been wondering about and, congressman gaetz, i don't know if you're still there, curious to have you weigh in. what will this be like? will there be any tension? i'm looking, seeing on the small screen, i think the president is talking to macron there. it looks as though things are okay. but i don't think he is the kind of guy, congressman that would necessarily let you know otherwise. >> well, you are seeing "the art of the deal" play out in real time.
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tough negotiation on behalf of american workers. what i know about this president he will stick to his guns. he will make sure at the end of all the trade discussion we have american economy put in first of america's policies and i'm sure proud of him. trish: the president is there, right in between the prime minister from canada, trudeau and of course angela merkel of germany. she has taken a lot of criticism of course because he has been demanding that germany pay what he calls, is their fair share when it comes to contributing to the u.n. of course he is also criticized her for allowing so many muslim migrants into their country which has been challenged with cultural and social ramifications of those loose borders. looks as though repositioning themselves. it is a beautiful, beautiful shot there, and i'm here with our resident canadian, from quebec herself, kristina partsinevelos. tell us a little bit about this
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location where they are. >> this is, i'm not saying in quebec way, not that far from quebec city, a beautiful, beautiful city right now. they're all staying in the area. this was, as you can see from the pictures, i can't say how beautiful. i have never been there. i've been to quebec city. i highly recommend going. what we did see, macron was walking up ahead with trudeau. they do have a bromance. it has been going on quite some time with the other leaders following behind. i was looking for any particular clues you could see. was there no handshake. trish: no. looked like they're all chummy. you wouldn't have known that president trump was out there calling trudeau, actually, macron, forgive me, right? do we have this tweet? show you what he is saying with the fellow members there of g7. he has taken some shots, shall we say at some members. do we have it guys? prime minister trudeau is being so indignant bringing up the
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relationship that the u.s. and canada have had for so many years. there you go. prime minister trudeau being so indignant, bringing up the relationship that u.s. an canada had so many years and other things. he doesn't bring up the check they charge us 300% on dairy, hurting our farmers an agriculture. this is shortly before that walk to the family photo. there has been sparring back and forth, that doesn't sound like his tweeting to me. that sounds like his tweeting -- >> you thought it was a little -- trish: indignant. >> highbrow? i don't know. trish: it doesn't sound like his tone. the staff is tweeting and he is okaying and editing. >> you can't argue the agricultural tariffs need to come down in canada. if that is the consensus everybody ought to lower their tariffs. that would be a plus. he did promise they would all end up loving each other. trish: he did.
2:21 pm
>> we saw in the photo it looked fairly friend did i. in the shots there is more than self people. because european bureaucrats intrude on photo much as they do in people's lives in europe. >> that's true. with regards to nafta, you have prime minister trudeau who has stated, he said it to another media outlet a few days ago he was willing to negotiate that dairy farmer tariff which is 270%, not 300%. still extremely high. been going on since the 1990s. they have a supply management situation. that means i used to have to spend more on milk as a child but there was some type of concession only if president trump was willing to get rid of the sunset clause of five years. trish: i will give him credit on this he has gone where no one was going before. >> he needs to follow through. trish: it all works out. i mean it could go really well or go really poorly. it's a gamble for sure. good to see you guys as always.
2:22 pm
kristina, james. meanwhile we want to talk about the mainstream media obsession painting the president as total, complete, utter lunatic. and you know it is really not reflective of what is going on from a policy perspective. i understand, you heard me say this before, he is not everyone's cup of tea, he certainly said things along the way many of us have been offended by, but nonetheless when you look at the policy in place from lower taxes, to less regulation, to taking a stand internationally and standing up for ourselves, a lot of that is playing out very well and americans like it. they like it alot. why you're seeing consumer confidence so high. check out the recent cover. this is "time" magazine. they definitely don't like him so much. this isn't flying. he had some kind of a desire here to be the absolute ruler. the media mocks him he is gaining in popularity in the polls and why is that? i'll tell you why that is. borrow bill clinton line, right?
2:23 pm
it is the economy. it's the economy, stupid. with an unemployment rate of 18-year low, at an 1-year low. americans are doing better. we are doing bert. joining me right now the host of "media buzz" on the fox news channel, the author of media madness, howie kurtz. been a while. >> hey, trish. trish: always nice to talk to you. "time" magazine in particular seems to have a rather checkered past comes to dealing with this particular president. i want to walk you back to the last cover. this is the cover, there have been several of them. this one particular with the devil ears, my team knows which one i was talking about, i was talking about. no, not that one. i want to get to the devil ears. do we have it? we'll get there eventually? so they ran a cover, shortly after he was elected. there you go. where it seemed to imply, well, you can see it there. i thought, "time," really was that necessary, howie?
2:24 pm
it has been one after another. cycle through some of the others. you see the one they have now. they're not supposed to be come meetic publication, but, reinventing themselves with the whole king thing. your thoughts. >> goes much deeper of "time" magazine. the whole portrait of president trump, power mad dig tate tore. will pardon himself. he doesn't know the war of 1812, the trade war, drumbeat, you would think the guy is on verge of disaster. 45% approval rating now in fox news poll. 44% in "wall street journal"/nbc. not fabulous numbers. high as he has been, 10-point rise from last year. there is real gap between the mainstream media covers this president and the way much of the country views him.
2:25 pm
trish: i was in new hampshire. you knew i grew up there. i was asking them poll numbers for donald trump was still high. this state ultimately went for hillary clinton and not donald trump but i said, why is it that you think they're so high in new hampshire? this person said because of the economy. really and truly. so there is a lot of things i think people maybe on personal level haven't been necessarily thrilled with. they sit back in their chair. they go wow, this guy is taking chances. this guy is taking risks, unlike other politicians we've seen out there. so far so good. >> the economy, stupid, definitely is the key part of it. i think even when the president breaks some china on the world stage, people unfavorably inclined toward him, he is fighting for us, they like the style. the other thing, all of these things, myself included we focus on week after week, rudy giuliani, stormy daniels, mueller investigation, the gaffs, sometimes exaggerations, average folks trying to put
2:26 pm
their kids through school, hold on to a job, maybe get a raise, obsessively are not focused on it the way we are here in the beltway and big cities. i see a yawning chasm between the media portrayal, virtually on verge of collapse and a guy chugging along with decent approval rating. trish: they keep getting it wrong. anyway, we keep watching them. keeping them in check. howie, thank you so much. remind everyone to watch media buzz this weekend on fox news channel, 11:00 a.m. every sunday. nancy pelosi can't bring herself to say anything nice about the president. she is as bad as "time" magazine, right? she won't admit the economy is doing well, which is nuts. the unemployment rate at 1-year low. no one -- 18-year low. but no one apparently told her that. my intel next.
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times faster than from conventional lithium brine. mgx minerals trish: nancy pelosi is at it again.
2:31 pm
she is downplaying our booming economy. i want you to see this. here she is. watch. >> hip-hip-hooray. unemployment is down. what does that mean to me in my life? i need a bigger paycheck. this isn't just about the unemployment rate. it's about wages rising in our country. so that consumer confidence is restored because our economy will never fully reach its possibility unless we increase the consumer confidence. trish: okay, yeah, nancy pelosi, i got a little note for you, consumer confidence is actually doing really well. we're nearing an 18-year high in consumer confidence. so there goes that argument. unemployment is at an 18-year low. when she says yeah, whoop tee do, we all should be thrilled because we haven't seen levels
2:32 pm
like this in 18 years. there are more job openings are then there are unemployed people. tax cut bonuses, i mean those have been massive, but oh, no, no, wait, she thinks that is just crumbs, right? >> in terms of the bonus that corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers, this tax scam which is a ripoff of the middle class. trish: someone need to tell her to stop. i mean for the sake of the democratic party because basically she is taking their platform and throwing it out the window. she has no solution, to economic challenges. she doesn't care that the economy's improving. she doesn't even understand that we're at 18-year high when it comes to consumer confidence. she doesn't understand economics. people vote their pocketbooks. so again, i don't care what they
2:33 pm
do but if he were a democratic strategist i know exactly what i would want to do. i would want to find new blood. i want to find people that understand economics. i want to find people that understand what it is like to pay the bills each week. would i find those people, i would start them talking about their vision for the economic future of america. and i would have them say how happy they are to see that the job market is improving and now, yes, we need better wages, but we started to get that. let's not forget these things take time. we just got the lower taxes. now we're seeing a pickup in gdp growth. we're seeing a better job market. we're seeing consumer confidence at an 18-year high. nancy pelosi needs to go back to school, and try econ 101. joining me right now, vision four funds, heather zumarriaga and fox news contributor
2:34 pm
jehmu greene. i said my piece. heather, you agree with me. jehmu, i want to hear your defense of this. i have no reason to care either way except i want what is best for our country but i don't think nancy pelosi some of they are cronies understand how to get there. you may have some new blood out there. i think there have been examples who have done recently well, that represent that future but what do you do when you're stuck with the likes of pelosi telling you tax cuts are crumbs, and that consumer confidence needs to improve? >> well, i am pretty sure that nancy pelosi also wants what's best for this country, in fact i'm positive about it. i have to say that i've called for her to step down. it was, in kind of the heat of the moment after she made that crumbs comment. i was like, no, enough is enough. it is enough.
2:35 pm
as the person who attained the highest politicals office for a female in country, is this as legislator. as a legislator she is the bomb. if paul ryan and mitch mcconnell were more nancy pelosi when it comes to legislation, moving legislation through their chambers, donald trump would, his tweet feed would be filled with like happy face emojis. as fund-raiser, she is also the bomb. as a spokesperson, this is where we have some issues, and i think nancy pelosi, in her mind she is not going anywhere. it would help if she had a communications makeover. trish: jehmu, i appreciate your honesty on this, i do, but i think it is important to be that honest. democrats need to be honest with each other. you got talent out there, tim ryan, what he liked to accomplish. he would like her seat. heather, more the hear from the
2:36 pm
likes of nancy pelosi and frankly chuck schumer is guilty of this, sort of poo-pooing the tax cuts and real strife people are up against and improvements in the economy, people want policy, they want solutions, they don't want a party that will be nothing of resistance because i hate trump. that is not going to work. that is not going to sell or play in peoria as they say. >> it may not but liberals have just not, have been on the sidelines for every single step of the way, every move that president trump has made towards small business deregulation, towards middle american tax cuts and economy is doing so well, that it makes it very inconvenient if democrats had little part in passing this financial legislation that our economy is firing on all cylinders. trish: none of them voted for tax cuts, think of that. >> so exactly how are you going to follow that narrative? but i think it is very important, you can't blatantly lie to the public either. if you don't want to give
2:37 pm
president trump credit for the economy, give the credit to president obama or president clinton, whoever you want but you can't deny the fact that consumer confidence is at 17-year highs, unemployment is at 3.8%, near historic lows, and economy is firing on all cylinders. gdp, atlanta fed may be at 4.% for the second quarter. that's stunning. trish: yeah, kind of makes it hard, right, jehmu, if the message is one, trump actually succeeded? >> well, actually i don't think going to be as hard anymore considering what happened yesterday when the department of justice basically made it very clear that they are actively trying to take away health care from 15 plus million americans who got it under obamacare. this is where nancy pelosi's effectiveness comes in. she was the person, solely i would say responsible for delivering that piece of legislation to president obama's desk. democrats are going to remember that.
2:38 pm
health care, and not just democrats. independents across the board, republicans, conservatives also. health care is the number one issue. now -- trish: but, sorry,. >> but do you see her point? trish: got to run. >> benefit democrats give the economy credit we're doing very well. they may run on health care and other things, does it benefit them to say that, acknowledge that the economy is doing well under president trump? trish: at least they would look more honest i think. that's the problem that they have and people just roll their eyes, say okay, typical politics, jehmu makes a good point. i think democrats have succeeded in past, hey, we given you x, y, z, they will take it away. maybe that is an economic path for them. >> or take away your jobs. how about that? trish: i'm a physical conservative on this -- fiscal conservative on this front when it comes to taxes and thinks like that. i do believe if you lower taxes you spur growth. >> more people are working.
2:39 pm
>> that is what we're seeing right now. jehmu, good to see you. thank you so much, heather. coming up, facebook bug exposes private posts of 14 million users. are you one of them? we some intel next.
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so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018. trish: company facing pressure from employees and others over its contract with the u.s. military, however google will continue working with governments and military using "ai" in cleaning areas of cyber training and recruitment. more troubling news from facebook. the company revealing a software bug turns private profiles actually public for the whole world to see. so you think it's private. you think you're posting to just your little group of friends. guess what, the whole entire universe gets to see it. that would make you feel good. facebook showing a statement, quote, we have fixed this issue,
2:44 pm
starting today we're letting everyone affected know and ask them to review any posts they made during that time. comes days that facebook confirms reports that it shares user data with chinese telecom companies, raising new concerns over customer privacy. ashley webster is here with more. i will tell you my husband is smart on this he thinks he will go down basically as the only person in our generation that has never been on facebook. he is quite proud of it. >> good for him. trish: never even been on. >> here is the bad news. trish: he says this is why. >> here is the bad news for your husband, living and breathing you're creating data these days. if you want privacy, it is an illusion. if you try to fight it you're going to lose. that is the bottom line. i hate to say that to your husband and everyone else. technology brings with it tremendous conveniences, but the fact that you think you can protect data and privacy these days, i'm sorry, it is the world we live in. what the kgb got out of people
2:45 pm
through torture, most people put knowingly, willingly on facebook every day. it is true. do we expect a level -- no, it is true. do we expect a level of privacy given what we post out there? no. it doesn't make sense. trish: i think about it, and i i have a public facebook account and private facebook account. but nonetheless my private account it is not that something i wouldn't okay with also being broadcast to the world. >> right. trish: perhaps this is a little life lesson for people. you shouldn't be posting stuff that you wouldn't be comfortable with everybody seeing. >> i think again, just breathing and living, you're creating data. it is collected by companies. it is collected by our government, other governments. it is sold, it has moved on. it is a fact of life. i don't know how you beat it. i look at people who go off the grid, become a hermit in the middle of forest in alaska, good for them. how many people want to live that way? you can't. trish: oh, no, there is some
2:46 pm
secret part of me would love it. >> there are days -- trish: no computers. >> there are days mentally i'm there. trish: no news. you live in your own little utopia. you think about, actually, unfortunately, later in the show we're talking about the horrible spike in suicides right now. >> yes. trish: how we've seen this in recent years. i also wonder to what extent social media plays a role in that? people are isolated. they're isolated in their own little social universe networks and it feels like a community. >> yeah. trish: but in some ways you're no better off than you would be in a cabin in alaska. >> facebook and other social media sites creating more isolation. everyone is having a great time, here i am watching them to have a great time. that can lead to depression, other issues. even though we are all connected, are we really that connected? many people if not lonely even more lonely. sad. trish: big issues.
2:47 pm
>> very big issues. i do come back to the point, if you expect privacy, sorry. and that's sad. trish: ashley webster, thank you very much. we have a quick break. we'll be right back. brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander
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trish: truly sad news, celebrity chef anthony bourdain is dead at
2:51 pm
age of 61 from apparent suicide. he was in france working on television series about culinary tradition all over the world. his passing comes three days after fashion designer kate spade killed herself at her manhattan apartment at the age of 55. they both leave behind children. these tragic events are part of a difficult trend we're looking at here in the u.s. the center for disease control reports that suicide rates are up 25% from 1999 through 2016. 25%. for more, i'm bringing in fox news, fox business doctor, dr. marc siegel. good to see you. >> trish, good to see you. >> we were talking a little bit in the commercial break. i have a hard time with this because i don't, i don't entirely get, i mean, you may be miserable yourself, but in the case of both of these
2:52 pm
individuals they had kids and, at some point, does the illness become so bad that you don't get what it is going to do to your child if you do this to yourself? >> that's for sure, you're not thinking about that the pain is so great or illness is so great it overwhelms the ability to see the impact its having on others or you can't control your response. of course there is opportunity and time usually for professionals to intervene, for there to be help. usually, not always. especially with younger people that commit suicide it is impulsive behavior sometimes. we don't always have a warning sign. trish: it's troubling, 25%, that is staggering, staggering statistic. why is it so much more now, dr. siegel, then say the 1950s, 1960s. what is it about now and recent couple of decade led it to increase?
2:53 pm
>> well i think it is a lot of things. we could easily say social media is playing a role, all anger and divisiveness that social media spawns. more than social media. it is the whole way technology kept us away from each other. there is less communication. there is less hugging. there is less kissing. there is less loving. walk down the street. everybody is on their own individual iphone. they may be texting person right next to them. that type of disassociation defeats basic human emotions. do i think -- trish: that was my, ashley and i were talking about it. we talked about facebook. i wonder if you're more isolated as a result of communications here instead of communication like this? >> i believe that's true across the board because you're presenting an image of yourself. you're not presenting yourself. it is not really you. it may interfere with bonds you make. may not be as much decency or morality or true caring. but there is absolute responsibility for professionals
2:54 pm
to get involved. there are warning signs. trish: so you said not always, what are some of those warning signs? >> is the person functioning at work? is the person functioning in a relationship? do they ask them a question, no, i'm deeply unhappy. don't be afraid to ask those around you question. don't be afraid to ask the question about suicide. there is absolute popular myth if you ask about suicide you will provoke suicide. absolutely no evidence. trish: they see one thing, they see someone else do it, they start talking about it, next thing you know they're doing it. that's not true or is true? >> that is copycat behavior. that's true. what i'm talking about if i ask a patient of mine have you ever considered suicide i'm not going to give them that thought. they already had it. i will try to get that thought out, get them help. 10 million people a year are thinking about suicide. 10 million people. 2.8 million people have a plan. as a physician i need to know if a person has a plan.
2:55 pm
that makes it more urgent. trish: that is very good point. if they don't, never come up, never thought about it. buying a birthday cake for my husband last night, they had candles there, one which was a question mark. why would it be a question mark? because at a certain point you don't want to admit you're getting any older because life is so precious and you love every single day. the threat of not having those days, what normal instinct not want to think about it. so question marks are good. anyway for some individuals with this challenge it is indeed, it's a big one. of the dr. siegel, thank you. >> if you don't ask the question you will not get the answer. people have to get involved, help those who care about them. get them into therapy. they're not doing well. trish: indeed. on that note we want to let everyone know if you know someone or if you yourself are struggling, please call the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.
2:56 pm
you can get help. we'll be right back. i'm very proud of the fact that i served. i was a c130 mechanic in the corps, so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance policies. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. . save by bundling usaa home and auto insurance. get a quote today. jardiance asked: when it comes to managing your type 2 diabetes, what matters to you? you got a1c, heart, diet, and exercise. slide 'em up or slide 'em down. so let's see. for most of you, it's lower a1c. but only a few of you
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2:59 pm
. >> conversation doesn't end here, i love hearing from you. you can go on facebook, even though we talked about the social media thing. let me know what you thought of today's show, what you liked,
3:00 pm
what you didn't like. i hope you have a wonderful weekend coming up and do a little bit less of this and more of this. thank you so much for watching as always. liz claman has got you into the final 60 minutes of trading on this friday afternoon. hey, liz. liz: thank you very much, trish, put this down and just look at fox business right now. breaking news, the creme de la creme at the global superpowers huddling what could arguably be the most fractious g7 meeting in history. at any moment president trump will kick off a working session with other g7 global leaders. what you see here is what trish showed you in the last hour, the family photo of the g7 leaders. kind of had a beautiful backdrop with them, but they also have underlying tension. we've got our cameras trained on the fairmont, it's in charlevoix in quebec, canada, and we'll bring it to yo


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