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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 8, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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tariffs, geopolitical, that will be an issue that could impact mult at the nationals along currency issues. liz: good to see you, greg. greg fowl, five plan partners. [closing bell rings] we'll put them on the facebook page. melissa: turn around on wall street. stocks reversing earlier losses. the dow ending up 71 points to session highs, adding to its gains for the week, best in three months. s&p 500, nasdaq also ending the week in the green. i'm melissa francis. david: happy friday, to everybody, i'm david asman. glad you could join us this is "after the bell." more on big market movers. here is what else we're covering for you at this busy hour. president trump in the lion's den meeting with key leaders from g7 in canada. they are looking to directly challenge the president on u.s. tariffs when they did down with him this afternoon. we're live in quebec with the
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very latest. after that, the president heading straight to singapore, the historic summit with kim jong-un. preparations underway for what could be the defining moment in his presidency. here at home the long-time security director for the senate intel committee now facing charges of lying to the fbi as part of an investigation into the leaking of classified information. congressman louie gohmert of the house intel committee sounding off on that. our guest this hour, for example media chairman, steve for example and karl rove, former senior advisor to president george w. bush. melissa: the dow shrugging off trade concerns as summit gets you know way in canada. susan li is on the floor new york stock exchange. >> we're finishing close to the highs of the session. we're seeing gains of eight points and nasdaq as well seeing advances close to 18 points.
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we have really lifted off the bottom on this friday. one stock mover i want to highlight is apple. this morning we started off with the nikkei report japan that maybe apple will order 20% less of phone parts. that hit broad come, nextel. these are a drag on the markets if there was one to pick. as for the markets, it was stellar work, finishing up 2%. gains for the s&p up over 1%. nasdaq hitting record high advances of 1%, things to a lot of rotation into technology over the last 10 to two weeks. it has been a great two weeks for technology. there was a bit of talk, maybe we should fix into not holding that much equity into this weekend as there could be some trade tensions. they can agree on trade, look at
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g, look at social media names. we got headlines, that a few minutes ago g7 leaders agreed to engage with internet service providers and end the malicious misuse of information technology when it comes to freedom and also a lot of these economies and elections that might be tyking place over the next few years. back to you. melissa: susan, thank you. david: tensions running high over tariffs as president trump participates in the annual g7 summit. we're awaiting two big meetings with canadian prime minister justin trudeau and french president emannuel macron later this afternoon. blake burman is live in quebec with latest. reporter: hi, there, david. the headlines coming into the g7 summit involving trade. how would the president be received? would they move the marker forward as it relates to trade? however the president brought russia suddenly back into the fold today as he said that he feels the g7 should once again
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expand into the g8. as you remember russia was booted from the annual gathering five years ago after the annexation of crimea. i was speaking with u.s. government official. that person told me the president's comments about russia earlier today had not been planned of. president trump made it known that he feels that vladmir putin should be here at the negotiating table. >> whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run and in the g7, which used to be the g8, they threw russia out. they should russia come back in. reporter: next hour president trump will have his bilateral meeting with the canadian prime minister justin trudeau. after that, we believe he will meet with the french president emannuel macron. the president with 50 minutes late earlier today. president trump that is. so the meeting with macron was pushed. the two eventually as you're able to see, chat on the sidelines.
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this comes after trade tensions, have been rising among the leaders and other allies as well. but the president earlier this morning said our allies are not necessarily innocent vick tis when it comes to trade. >> they're trying to act like well, we fought with you in the wars. they don't mention the fact that they have trade barriers. against our farmers. they don't mention the fact they're charging almost 300% tariffs. when it all straightens out, we'll all be in love again. reporter: i'm told by that u.s. government official, david, that the diplomats here on the ground in quebec are trying to work on a communique that is very, very inside baseball of essentially putting out a document in which they say all the leaders and all the nations agree on. of course one of the outstanding issues is, will there be any sort of such international agreement as it relates to the president's stance on trade? david: and will we still be in love again at the end of
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everything? that sound bite is so good. i will use it again with steve forbes. blake, thank you very much. melissa: not before i use it now with our panel. that is john layfield. layfield reports ceo, fox news contributor. fox business's susan li, along with jack hough, "barron's" senior editor. do you have any doubt we'll be in love again? >> i am feeling the love again. i like the market is kind ever shrugging off concerns we saw about trade war escalation. look earnings growth in america is still quite good. this is still talk and not action at this point. there is plenty of opportunities to come out of this okay. the underlying fundamentals of the american economy are strong, good housing, good jobs. as long as those two are in order the market heads higher. melissa: john, i mean i worry about the only thing that can really trip the economy up right now, i guess not only thing but it is the main thing, would be any sort of fallout from a trade war that would cause higher
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prices because we're hits on all cylinders everywhere else. >> melissa, i agree, when trade tariffs got put back in place i thought the market would sell off. i believe the market believes this is all bluster, this is all talk, this is all negotiation to get a better trade deal. they're playing with fire. they're seeing how close they can stick a match next to gasoline. the downside is huge risk. upside is, market believes wee get a better trade deal. we're trading on market fundamentals and as jack mentioned the fundamentals are very strong. melissa: that is a great point, susan. does it feel like the fundamentals are back in play? is that what people are focused on? >> as you walked along the new york stock exchange they're talking about risk aversion. we started lower in the session. let's get into fixed income today since trade send shuns are on the -- tensions are on the sable. are they likely to hold it, you don't want to hold equity into the weekend with so much uncertainty and heading into a
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north korean summit in singapore? look at end of it we have the pleasanttries in quebec. people buy in to focus on fundamentals and technology, industrials. it was pretty widespread advance we saw today. david: forget the fundamentals, folks. house minority leader nancy pelosi blasting the trump administration saying key measures of our strengthening economy just aren't good enough. take a listen. >> this isn't just about the unemployment rate. it is about wages rising in our country. so that consumer confidence is restored because our economy will never fully reach its possibility unless we increase the consumer confidence. david: well, john, not to let facts get in the way of a good narrative consumer confidence has not been as high as it is now in 18 years. what's she talking about? >> no one has any idea. this is why people can't stand
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politicians. these guys on both sides, leaders of both parties, they are so freakin' partisan they can't give credit to anything on the other side it is good. miss pelosi is picking the wrong fight. this economy is strong. 20% projected earnings growth going forward. 25 to 35% are because of trump tax cuts according to analyst estimates. you can't fight president trump on the economy. you can fight him on other things. miss pelosi picking the wrong fight. david: jack, wouldn't democrats be better off if they ignored talking about the economy right now? >> well you can talk about the economy. life is difficult when you're a partisan hack because you wake up in the morning and some of the facts you see disagree with your narrative and you have to contort your seven to make the story fit. it is possible to criticize this president and celebrate this economy. some of us do it pretty much every single day. david: you know, bottom line, susan is, that people generally speaking vote with their pocketbook. that is if they feel good about
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the economy they will vote for the status quo, right? >> if you talk to traders today, really across the floor, they say that there is no problem with the economy. in fact the focus is on the fed meeting next week. the economy is so healthy, so good they will raise interest rates probably, high probability they will do that. so that is what the focus is. david: john, we do have a few months before the election, but is there any chance that whether it is trade talk or whatever, the federal reserve, the economy could be in the dumps by november? i just don't see it, do you? >> i certainly don't see it. the only thing out there, there is not trade tariffs or trade war that starts is inflation. i don't think we'll see inflation become a factor more than 12 to 18 months if it become as factor then. we could have 3.7% unemployment bit election. if which do, lowest in 50 years since lyndon johnson. if we do, a huge number to hang their hat on. republicans are according to history in midterms. 35 out of 38 times.
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david: true that is the history. but they will not lose on basis of the economy. right now, miss pelosi, it's a tough sell to say it's a bad economy. john, susan, jack, have a great weekend. melissa: another blow to obama care. what the justice department is doing that could further unravel the health care law. what it could mean for your premiums. david: while all eyes may be on justified to win the triple crown at belmont tomorrow, there is another horse looking to give him a run for his money. he is running for a cause as well. we'll speak with one of the sponsors of tenfold. who will help our injured vets. melissa: critics calling out president trump for not preparing enough for next week's pivotal meeting with kim jong-un. the president firing back with couple choice words for chuck schumer and rest of them. karl rove, former senior advisor to president george w. bush joins us with his take next. >> i said i've been preparing all my life. i always believe in preparation but i've been preparing all my
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david: coming to the table. we are just days away from the historic summit in singapore. the president is saying he is ready to sit down face-to-face with kim jong-un. let's go to edward lawrence at white house with how the president is preparing. reporter: hi, david. it is not just the president, the whole administration, it has an advance team right now in singapore. north koreans have a team. they are preparing for a meeting happening on june 12th. secretary of state mike pompeo will come from here to canada over the weekend, meet up with the president. they will both go over to the summit in singapore. pompeo says the president is getting briefings every day about north korea for the past few months and is prepared. democrats don't quite agree. senator chuck schumer says quote
4:16 pm
in a tweet, that a little less tweeting and a little more preparing for the summit. our points are important ones that should be considered. here is the president's response to that. >> i've been preparing all my life. i always believe in preparation but i've been preparing all my life. you know these one-week preparations, they don't work, just hillary what happened to her in the debates. so, i been preparing for this all my life and frankly it is really just fake news because if you run, peter, just a little bit longer, the clip, you would see i have really been preparing all my life. i said that, but the news doesn't pick that up because it is fake news. reporter: the president obviously said he is prepared for this meeting. in fact he says that if it seems kim jong-un is not sincere he is ready to get up from the table and walk away. if everything goes well the president said there could be a meeting here at white house with the north korean leader.
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secretary of state mike pompeo after june 12th will go on to china to brief the chinese what happened at the summit as the president cops back here not white house. david. david: edward do we know who the peter was president was talking to? >> referring to one of the reporters in the gaggle there. the question was asked how prepared he is really is. the president trying to make light or big comment, when he says he doesn't freed to prepare. david: not a bad comeback. melissa. melissa: love a little smack talk on the lawn. who doesn't like the smack talk? here is react, karl rove, former senior advisor to president george w. bush. he is a fox news contributor, putting the smack talk aside how prepared do you think that the president's team is? and is their approach maybe one of the reasons why this meeting is coming off? if you think of, maybe, other attempts in the past folks might have overthought, overdebated and overprepared themselves right out of actually having a
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meeting. what do you think? >> well i think the meeting is coming about because president trump built upon the sanctions put in place by his predecessors. he ratcheted up to an all time level. long ago we sanctioned companies that were doing business with north korea. then we sanctioned companies that were doing business with companies that were doing business with north korea. president trump said if you're doing business with anybody who in turn is doing business with north korea, then you're in trouble with us, and you don't get our business. that carried it to a level that made it really difficult for north korea to avoid power of the sanctions. that is why they're come together table. when you go there number one, don't wing it. because those north koreans will come in with explicit set of agenda to attempt to reach their strategic goal, get international recognition and weakening of the sanctions. don't wing it when you walk in there. they have a game plan. they are playing three dimensional chess. melissa: there is no evidence he
4:19 pm
is winging it though. do you think the media is undercutting him? if you listen to mike pompeo, they're preparing around the clock. they're rockin' and rolling is their exact phrase. they're not novices at this? >> you're right. pompeo and bolton have been very explicit about the amount of activity going into preparing for it. good for them. look, there are lots of pitfalls. we need to be vest explicit what it is the united states is seeking. when we use the word denuclearization, they don't necessarily mean the same thing as we mean. so we have to find a way to make certain we're all on the same page when it comes to the definition of what it is we're talking about. it needs to be irrevocable. very good for the administration. we want, complete irrevocable and verifiable denuclearization of the peninsula. there is one point i'm a little bit concerned about. that is i saw some people suggesting that the administration was committed to
4:20 pm
synchronous changes, that is to say, if north korea does this, we will do that at same time. it has to be sequential. they do this, we verify they did it. only then do we act. the most reinstitute, are economic sanctions are last thing that gets done. melissa: opposite what happened in iran. that makes a lot of sense. >> right. melissa: the president is hoping to add north korea to his accomplishments, mitt romney says president trump will win re-election in 2020. in my mind this is a little bit self-serving because he is saying he will win, better put me in to be a check on him. do you take it that way? do you think he is right? >> well i think it is a little premature for different reason. he has to face a primary in utah. he wants to make sure he does everything he can to win big. what he said was the economy will be great and, and trump, the democrats will nominate a left-winger and trump will win big. if those conditions exist then
4:21 pm
president trump can win re-election but look, we have 2 1/2 years to go before the presidential election. two years and five months i should say. that's a long time in politics. so i would be focused on 2018. as long as the president stays focused on doing a good job and compiling a good record he sets himself up for victory but i'm not sure we'll be guaranteed that the democrats nominate some left-wing kook against him in 2020. don't be counting those particular chickens yet. stay focused on the mission. melissa: there are a lot of left-wing kooks out there. there are plenty to choose them. you're a texan. what do you think about, we were laughing about the president out there on the lawn and kind of smacking reporters around a little. what do you think of the smack talk that he does there? >> a little bit of it goes a long way, there is just a lot of it. i prefer the president rise above it. he punches down too often, in my opinion. reporters when he punches down, it sell straights them and
4:22 pm
doesn't -- elevates them and doesn't necessarily help him. a little bit goes a long way. that was, that was pretty good punch down. pretty funny. melissa: we like that one. the rest of them, he can hold back a little bit. thank you, sir. david: i don't know. more the merrier. i love it. devastation in hawaii continues. more residents are losing their homes. an update with extraordinary new videos coming up. plus narrowing in on the leakers. the ion indictment of a key former senate aide rocking d.c. congressman louie gohmert responding next. >> i'm a very big believer in freedom of the press but i'm also a believer that you can not leak classified information. ♪ established by metlife.
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david: already full news cycle today word james wolfe seen here leaving court moments ago, served as senate intell
4:26 pm
committee security director for 29 years has been indicted for lying to the fbi about leaks to the press. joining me to discuss this, other security developments is texas congressman louie gohmert, member of the house judiciary committee. when it rains it pours, congressman. there is so much to talk about, this guy in particular, he wasn't just a low-level staffer. he was head of security for the senate intel committee. if he is leaking, i guess it's fair to say that people, you know, the minions under him could be leaking as well? >> well that is quite true. it could have been because he certainly wouldn't report them since he was doing it himself and i guess 28, 29 years in that position, you know, familiarity breeds contempt. and so -- david: talk about specifically what he was leaking because that is the first question people have been asking me, what this guy was leaking. it was stuff about, at least the only stuff that we know about, it was stuff about carter page,
4:27 pm
the guy who, a lot of people, anti-trump folks were trying to link to russia. he, carter page, was the link to russia, and the trump campaign. that is what they claim and that is what he was leaking. do we know more than that about what it was he was leaking about carter page? >> not anymore specifics yet but, it tells you the state is deep and there are a lot of people around the hill that did not want donald trump to win. he is not part of the deep state. he had made clear he wanted to clean out the swamp, drain the swamp, and so what you have is one of the swamp creatures. but, david, i don't think we need to lose sight of the fact again there is a headline, but it has absolutely nothing to do with donald trump, the trump campaign, russia, or anything of that nature. this is a guy that needed to be
4:28 pm
cleaned out but that is not something we needed robert mueller for. we need somebody to clean out robert mueller. we didn't need mueller to do this. this needed to be done, but this was not the purpose of having a special counsel. david: right. >> it should be purpose of having special counsel to clean out mueller's closet, but, again, this has nothing to do with, this is just another little thing behind the curtain to make it look like mueller is doing something but this is nothing he was hired or brought on to do. david: congressman, there is something about this case, finding that this guy was apparently leaking to the press and lie together fbi about it. >> yeah. david: the reporter to whom he was leaking the information, she works for "the new york times." she was working for buzzfeed at the time of this particular leak. some people say it was too much to go into her record, to go into her phone records and her email records in order to focus on this guy.
4:29 pm
what do you think about that? >> i think that apparently, he had been around long enough, that he knew that mueller and comey techniques. he used the same techniques, for example, that comey did. he had somebody in the media, somebody friendly, he could leak stuff to. he had learned from the best. he learned from comey. learned from mueller, like when mueller leaked something about curt weldon or somebody on his behalf. this is another creature of the swamp like mueller and comey are, weissmann and rosenstein. for heavens, sake, don't lose sight they are coming after him tooth and nail doing same thing mueller and comey have done throughout their career. david: congressman, we got word the ig report, inspector general's report looking into the hillary thing will come out on the president's birthday probably next week. do you think we'll find out anything interesting there?
4:30 pm
>> sure. there will be a number of interesting things but not nearly as important or as interesting as it would have been coming out six months ago before the people with inside the justice department had a chance to put pressure on horowitz to clean this thing up, try not to hurt too many people too deeply, so, i am trying to prepare people. this isn't going the to be the blockbuster deal. that take as second counsel to go into this stuff. david: okay. >> because mueller, comey, they're not going to let this guy come out and hurt them too badly. david: the second counsel discussion is a long one. we'll have to save that for later. congressman -- >> talking about for a year. a year. david: thank you, sir. good to see you again. melissa: more devastation on hawaii's big island. approximately 600 homes have been destroyed from the kilauea volcano and evaporating water
4:31 pm
from hawaii's largest fresh water lake. estimated 2500 people have been evacuated. geologists say they don't know how much longer eruptions will continue. david: you look at rivers. it was like looking at ocean. these lava flows are working like ocean waves. it is beautiful around frightening at the same time. melissa: really is. david: obamacare unraveling. why the doj is calling the law's individual mandate unconstitutional coming up. melissa: confident and better deal. president trump meeting with world leaders in canada. they have heightened trade send tensions. can the president make his case, steve forbes, forbes media chairman is next. >> canada, very unfairly, mexico very unfairly. with that being said, i think we'll probably very easily make a deal. ♪ six in the morning.
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4:36 pm
media chairman. i have to ask the question we've been asking all day, will we be in love again with our allies? >> they will. communiques were designed to show we're in love even if we're strangling each other behind the scenes. bringing up of russia, part of the strategy, with all the dust in the air, an agreement will emerge. we'll see if it works. they don't want a trade war. we don't want a trade war. we know it hurts our economy, even if it hurts theirs more it hurts ours. we will cut a deal. that is what the markets are saying. david: exactly, markets tell us vanely we'll come to some kind of an agreement. look we need us before we need them. eventually they come to the table, talk, we'll sit and work things out. beyond all the stuff, yes it is sloppy and yes, it is ham-handed in some case but you and have been arguing against these imf,
4:37 pm
g7, all these organizations have international bureaucrats trying to set standards for a world order that is very often wrong, isn't it about time somebody shook that up? >> well, trying to reduce trade barriers is a good thing. we have tariffs as well. if we can getall the tariffs removed that would be splendid we would do well in level playing field. i hope they go after it. they're starting to on the international monetary fund, imf. that is agency guilty of economic malpractice. david: doing it all over the world. >> they set off riots in jordan. david: all over the world. >> critical ally in the middle east. practice austerity. david: did same thing in asia, going back to vietnam. >> 20 years. david: my point this is the deep swamp we're talking about. same kind of deep swamp the president talks about with regard to bureaucracies inside the beltway. they exist internationally. that is what the president is railing against. i think part of that, you can disagree with the way he is doing it, some details on
4:38 pm
tariffs and other things, i think it is about time we get that shake-up, don't you? >> especially if he goes after the imf which caused more havoc in the world. sort of like surgery without anesthesia. doesn't have a good out come for most countries. it wrecked argentina 13 years ago. it will do real harm. i mentioned jordan. everywhere they go, riots, unnecessary austerity, instead of lowering taxes. david: you want to know which nation to short, go where the imf is going next, you short that nation before it collapses. something we'll be fully in agreement on is russia. russia was disinvited, it used to be the g8. the reason it is called the g7 because they kicked russia out of it and went into the ukraine and took over crimea. they haven't changed since then of the president wants to change it or at least he suggested that this morning. let's play the sound bite. >> i have been russia's worst
4:39 pm
nightmare. if hillary got in, i think putin is probably going, man, i wish hillary won, because you see what i do, but with that being said, russia should be in this meeting. david: not only is there problem with the ukraine, you got a personal problem with putin. that is he, our at least people that were working for him, it is thought were responsible for the death of one of your editors in russia, wonderful guy named paul, murdered in the streets of moscow in 2004. that's because i think it is fair to say it is because of putin that this fine journalist was murdered. he hasn't changed his way. does he deserve to be back in the g8? >> what happened to paul, we have not, that murder has never been solved, like a lot of other journalists are murder in russia. those crimes always go unsolved. we don't know who did it, no fact that anyone brought to
4:40 pm
justice, they had a show trial, the excites got off, russia has long way to go to be part of the true community of nations. what the president is doing about russia, g7, is part of the trade negotiating ploy. david: i see. >> but to get them riled up but i don't think they will let putin in until he starts to change his way. just blatantly they doped up all their athletes a few years ago. come on. this is bad stuff. bad stuff. david: appreciate you being here. melissa: sad news today. anthony bourdain, celebrity chef, award winning host of cnn's travel food show, "parts unknown" is dead at the age of 61. >> so back in vietnam. one of my favorite places on earth and all of the things i need for happiness. low plastic stool, check. tiny little plastic table, check oh, something delicious in a
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stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at david: the continued unraveling of obamacare. the department of justice saying the individual mandate is unconstitutional, declining to defend it in court. what does this mean for the economy? fox business's connell mcshane live in the newsroom with very latest. reporter: hey there, david. analysts say this story is more of a political story more than economic or market moving.
4:45 pm
we saw that play out today. first the nuts and bolts. the justice department says it will not defend provisions of affordable care act including ban on denying insurance to people with preexisting conditions. attorney general jeff sessions sending a letter to congress today and he writes, as you know the executive branch has a long-standing tradition of defending constitutional of duly-enacted statutes, if reasonable arguments can be made in their defense but not every professionally responsible argument is necessarily reasonable in this context. analysts like andrea harris, who i spoke today with at hyde capital markets say this development is important but more so for politics than markets at least for now. we saw that today, if you look at stocks that think might be affected, maybe an anthem, not really moving that much today. harris and other analysts say it is about timing this will take time to play out in the courts and even if it does lead as some
4:46 pm
suggestion it might to higher premiums, it shouldn't impact enrollment for 2019. the political impact could be felt in 2018. democrats have been out there already trying to use health care as a rallying cry, trying to boost turnout. i certainly saw that in iowa earlier this week. it was a democratic source reached out today to tell me in democrats view, they see this as a political gift. they really intend to push it in states where more than 1/3 of adults have preexisting condition. among those specifically mentioned to me with west virginia, kentucky, michigan, david. expect to see a lot more especially from democrats trying to get their people to the polls for midterms. david: a long, hot summer. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: life on mars may be more than science fiction. nasa curiosity rover made a huge breakthrough, finding evidence that the red planet had a potential for life. organic molecules were uncovered and seasonal variations in
4:47 pm
methane levels that is very exciting to scientists because 95% of the methane on earth is the result of life. david: what do you think? melissa: yes. david: was it there? melissa: it was there. no doubt. david: maybe there was a whole civilization. if they dig deeper, they have one probe that is going. it will land in next couple years. it will go deep under the surface. melissa: love it. david: maybe might find a lot of civilization, who knows -- a lost civilization. one horse is raising to help our troops get a better life once home. ♪ [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers.
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4:51 pm
once again. justify is looking to take home the triple crown tomorrow night at belmont stakes. after winning the kentucky derby and preakness. only would be 13th horse to ever do so. there is purse of 1 1/2 million dollars on the line. justify has earned roughly 3 million bucks in five career races, taking first place in every single one of them. melissa. melissa: that is a gorgeous horse. one horse giving justify a run for his money. tenfold is a 3-year-old colt who feet finished third in may. it represents a larger cause, home for our troops. an organization that builds adaptive homes for our country's injured veterans. we have the president and ceo. luke murphy is united states army veteran. thanks to both of you for joining us. look, let me ask you first, talk to me about this organization and the meaningful work that it
4:52 pm
does for our vets? >> well, thank you, for having us, melissa, and thank you to jets for sponsoring us. this organization takes care of worst wounded veterans we have, amputees, paralyzed, the blind. it is unbelievable organization. they don't just give you a key to handicap accessible home for free. they set you up with financial planning. you become a family member of this organization. it's forever. nearly 90 cents of every dollar going to it, i think our partnership speaks volumes to quality of both organizations. >> what has your experience been with the organization in your own life? >> it has been the best. since i was injured 12 years ago in iraq due to a iranian-made ied, i helped a lot of organizations but homes for our troops has made the biggest impact to me and, at least 253 other veterans that i know. i know a lot of people care
4:53 pm
about all the veterans but if you truly care about the worst wounded, homes for our troops certainly makes the biggest impact in my opinion. melissa: andrew, why this organization an why this way of sponsoring? what makes you think this race and this horse is the best way to get the word out? >> we try to be a very thoughtful company. i think when it comes to partnerships and sponsorships you can slap a logo on something and hope you gain exposure or some things like that. as the largest private aviation company or one of them in the united states, we're offered a lot of things to get involve with. we've been involved in thorough bred racing 10 years now. a friend of ours highlighted winchell racing was doing something for organization, homes for our troops. as soon as we heard about it we thought we should be involved in and repay the debt that our veterans are do and jumped at
4:54 pm
it. couldn't be happier with the group and many of the folks we are engaged with. melissa: luke, for people out there that want to get involved, what can they do? >> look us up. i hope you a americans would be good stewards what they have been given, do their diligence. we're not just a logo. we're spending 90 cents of every dollar. we're impacting soldiers lives. over 253 communities were touched in this country. over 253 mamas had receive or worry about their soldiers or marines situation. and i truly believe this is probably the best veteran philanthropy in the country. melissa: andrew, are you excited about the race itself? what do you think our horse's chances there? >> i think tenfold has a great chance. i'm a big fan of justify but at the end of the day i'm pulling for tenfold. we love homes for our troops. we hope because it is triple crown stage, brings a lot of visibility to homes for our
4:55 pm
troops. we couldn't be more grateful to be involved with it. melissa: luke, do you follow horse racing at all? there is a lot of buzz around justify, but i got to tell you your horse looks pretty good there. >> oh, yeah, never believe the buzz, that is fake news. tenfold will win hands down. i'm so happy they have chosen to partner with us. this has given a lot of wounded guys hope and a platform to really launch and achieve their true potential. we're not, we're not takers. soldiers, marines, all servicemen are givers. i gave my right leg to this country. it doesn't stop there. i want to keep giving. i'm so proud to be part of it. melissa: bless you. thank you so much for your service and for everybody out there. it is homes for our troops. thanks to both of you for joining us. good luck. >> thanks for having us. david: obvious those are great guys. i got to say if you put money on justify, you don't get anything in return. the odds are basically even. go for a long shot.
4:56 pm
12 to one odds. melissa: or give to homes for our troops. >> you shamed me into it. president trump standing up to testy comments by world leaders hours before arriving at g7 summit n moments the president will sit down with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. what's going to happen then? we have a preview coming up. . copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro.
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>> breaking news right now, we are awaiting a big meeting between president trump and canadian prime minister justin trudeau at the g7 summit. what do you think? how's it going to go? >> i think all of these euros are going against the tide of history. most europeans are more anti-bureaucrat, anti-euro than their leaders. the elections that have come up seem to be pushing out the whole idea that europe is better if run by the bureaucrats than individuals.
5:00 pm
>> i think the president talks real tough and slapping on the sanctions before the meeting and goes into the meeting, charms the pants off of everybody and they leave. >> there you go. "the evening edit" starts right now. have a great weekend. >> we're going to deal with the unfair trade practices. if you look at what canada and mexico, the european union, all of them have been doing to us for many, many decades. we have to change it. >> we are not going to live with the deals the way they are. they don't mention the fact that they have trade barriers against our farmers. don't mention the fact they're judging almost 300% tariffs. all of these countries have been taking advantage of the united states on trade. you saw what canada charges our dairy farmers. 270% tariff. we have massive trade defic


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