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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 9, 2018 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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stories and questions at i'm bob massi. i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] charles: ladies, thank you all very much. here's lou. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, president trump in quebec standing tall amongst the sniveling socialist snowflakes who are among the other leaders of the g7 nations. the president quickly serving notice to them that the leaders will no longer be able to take advantage of america. [inaudible conversations] >> deal with the unfair trade practices. if you look at what canada, mexico, the european union, all of them have been doing to us for many, many decades, we have to change it. and they understand it's going to happen. lou: and president insisting on
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his america first agenda in face to face meetings with each of the other g7 members. we'll have more on his demand that u.s. trading partners no longer will be allowed to exploit u.s. markets and borders. kimberly guilfoyle and ann coulter among our guests tonight. also the mueller witch hunt meandering far afield of its original mandate. now lawmakers are finally making moves to hold the special counsel accountable. and it looks as though we'll find out what mueller's been doing with that $17 million in taxpayer money that he's spent. we'll talk about the effort to rein in the special counsel, robert mueller, and his 13 angry democrats. tom finton of judicial watch joining us. and california's rebelling against left-wing lunacy on sanctuary cities, runaway regulation and sky high taxes. >> it wasn't donald trump who made california the highest taxed state in the country, it
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was gavin newsom and the democrats! [cheers and applause] lou: republican john cox running for governor, supporting the trump agenda and making a battle of it in the socialist state of california. john cox among our guests as well here tonight. our top story, president trump at the party of g7, the globalist leaders of six industrial nations assembled in quebec publicly expressing their dismay that president trump will no longer allow them to pillage the united states without consequence. he dominated, as you would expect, the first day of the so-called g7 as he made good on his campaign promises to rebalance world trade and urging the rest of the world to pay its fair share. the president gleefully trolling the global heats and their left-wing media lapdogs beginning in the morning before taking off for quebec. >> [inaudible] >> it pa may be. you could call it anything you
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want. it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter what you call it. it used to be the g8, because russia was in it. and now russia's not in it. russia should be in this meeting. why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting? you know, whether you like it or not -- and it may not be politically correct -- but we have a world to run. all of these countries have been taking advantage of the united states on trade. they're trying to act like, well, we fought with you in the wars, we -- they don't mention the fact that they have trade barriers against our farmers. we have massive trade deficits with almost every country. we will straighten that out. and i'll tell you what, it's what i do. it won't even be hard. and in the end, we'll all get along. >> were you serious about really not meeting -- [inaudible] >> no, i didn't say that. i said i've been preparing all
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my life. i always believe in preparation. but i've been preparing all my life. you know, these one-week preparations, they don't work. just ask hillary what happened to her in the debate. [laughter] lou: canadian prime minister justin trudeau and french president emmanuel macron threatening to isolate president trump if he maintained his tariffs against the european union and canada. so within hours what were they doing? they decided to play nice with mr. trump in their bilateral meetings with him. president trump, obviously looking ahead to next week when he sits down to begin a negotiation with north korea's kim jong un at the singapore summit. special counsel robert mueller filing yet more charges against former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. manafort and a ukrainian business association, associate are now accused by mueller of obstructing justice by trying to tamper with witnesses. this is the third time that
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mueller has added to charges against manafort. none of it has anything to do with the trump campaign. and in an effort to rein in mueller's runaway $17 million investigation, if you can call it that, the house today approved a bill by the chairman of the freedom caucus, congressman mark meadows, that would audit mueller's special counsel operations and staff. our first guest tonight says the manafort indictment is overkill, another example of mueller abusing his power and an investigation that's become disastrous. joining us tonight judicial watch president tom fenton. tom, good to have you with us. how many, i mean, manafort's going to set some sort of record as the most indicted man in political history. what in the world is, what is gained by the special counsel adding to these charges and
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making these extraordinary charges that have really nothing to do with the trump campaign, they have nothing to do even with the modern era in american politics? >> well, it smacks of overkill, and it smacks of retaliation because mr. manafort, of course, has pushed back against the mueller investigation. and the response from the mueller people is to try to restrict his movement, and we have this additional indictment of him and a russian who's never going to probably be in the united states to face any justice for his alleged involvement here. and it just shows you that mueller is focused on justifying his own operation as opposed to doing what he was hired to do which is to investigate whether the russians colluded with the trump campaign. and obviously that never happened. so now, as you pointed out, he's meandering and wandering along these paths related to manafort: and if i were the president, i would look at this investigation as something requiring a pardon
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analysis. because i don't know whether manafort did anything wrong or not, but i don't trust mueller to figure it out. and i know that if he did anything wrong or not, he would never have been indicted but for his relationship with then-candidate trump. is so it's in those circumstances a pardon or may be warranted. lou: a pardon, but none of it gets to the root issue which is the fact that a special counsel is continuing to operate to obstruct and to impede governance on the part of a duly elected american president. it makes absolutely no sense. we're probably going to be caught in this morass for some time. i want to turn to the most recent development though, an ex-senate staffer now indicted as part of a federal investigation of the handling of, quote-unquote, sensitive information working on the senate intelligence committee led by richard burr and vice chair mark warner. what do you make of it?
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>> well, the deep sate -- state is operating in the congress, in the senate, evidently. this anti-trumper leaking information, it looks like, to the media including extremely friendly media, media he had a personal relationship with. evidently trying to harm and destroy carter page who was obviously linked to the trump campaign, however tangentially. you've got to -- what's interesting here about this, lou, is the media knows who did the illegal leaking of classified information. washington post, new york times, buzzing feed, cmn -- buzzfeed, cnn, they were in communication with people, government officials who leaked classified information targeting president trump and his team. they're all witnesses, potentially subjects of investigation. it's a very interesting conundrum for the media, because they're sitting there as witnesses, and they know all the secrets about who broke the law targeting donald trump. and this indictment -- which is the first maybe of, remember, there are 27 leak
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investigations, this is only the first indictment. lou: yeah. 27 that we've been told of, if you will -- >> well, that's true. lou: listening to attorney general jeff sessions, he makes it sound like there could be even more, talking about three times as many leak investigations as at any other time that is being led from his, from his department of justice. it'll be interesting to see if anything materializes as a result. james wolf indicted and also ali son, "the new york times" -- also ali watson. her phone records, e-mails all gone through by the department of justice. and it's interesting, there's a certain quiet about all of this. i can remember the last time a times reporter was in the position she was, it was judy miller. and refusing to give up her sources, admirably so. there is no such environment
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atmosphere around "the new york times" this time, because they have been such a fake news operation throughout this administration. i think it plays a considerable part in the public reaction to what is happening right now with "the new york times" and the fact that the senate passed, without objection, a resolution to turn over documents for crying out loud from the senate intelligence committee to the justice department even though the justice department won't cooperate with the senate in its oversight role demanding documents of the justice department. >> well, and on top of that, recall the senate intelligence committee was largely run by the democrats despite being nominally controlled by the republicans and was very unfriendly to the trump white house and the trump administration on russiagate. and now it turns out the security chief for that committee was leaking anti-trump material to the media it looks like and lying to the fbi about it. so, you know, the senate's on the chopping block here too, and
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it ought to be examed on how, what else was going on at that committee. lou: and, as we wrap up here, the inspector general due to file and make, release his report to the public on the. 14th, next week. your expectations of that report. >> well, be good and bad on it, in it for both sides. hillary clinton's going to feel vindicated because it criticizes comey for going after her inappropriately. and i'm sure there'll be material about the impropriety of the tarmac meeting and the mishandling of the clinton e-mail investigation. look, any i.g. report is usually both a cover-up and expose at the same time. congress, judicial watch, justice department and fbi, they still need to taking action to clean up the corruption that took place under obama and that continues today. lou: all right are. tom fitton, judicial watch, good to see you. >> thank you. lou: a shocking new report that that chinese cyber attacks went after massive amounts of highly
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sensitive data on the part of a defense contractor. the subject, undersea warfare. officials say this happened in january and february. the attackers targeted data related to undersea warfare including a secret project known as sea dragon that i outlines plans -- that outlines plans to develop a submarine anti-ship missile. and once again the chinese demonstrated clearly they can steal elements of the most advanced u.s. technology with impunity, and the united states appears incapable of stopping them, securing our most valuable data and sensitive intellectual property against chinese or russian cyber attacks. president trump once again turning the table on athletes who like to play politics. seems lebron james won't have to worry about a white house invite or refusing it. we take that up with fox news host kimberly guilfoyle here next. ♪ ♪
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lou: well, whoever wins this year's a finals -- whether the warriors or the cavaliers -- they won't be i violated to the white house. president trump -- invited to the white house. president trump announcing he only wants visits from champions who respect the presidency and
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the united states. >> didn't invite 'em. no, i didn't invite lebron james, and i didn't invite steph curry. we're not going to invite either team, but with we have other teams that are coming. my attitude, they want to be here -- it's the greatest place on earth. i'm here. if they don't want to be here, i don't want them. lou: you know, he tells it straight up, just like it is. co-host of "the five," kimberly guilfoyle joining us now. >> great to see you, lou. lou: the president -- [laughter] >> i know. lou: -- at the g7, and i just think the way the president would probably brand him, little emanuel -- >> yes. lou: threatening to isolate the president, the united states of america. and the president just sort of giving them a bear hug. it's funny to watch. >> yeah. it's unbelievable. we've never seen anything like this in american political history, right? he's one of a kind, he's unique in the way he does negotiations,
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conducts business and, of course, makes political advances. and i like that approach because it's produced significant, you know, amazing results. lou: and you know the thing, not only just the national left-wing media won't acknowledge, but the establishment, the rinos, the dems, he's also smarter than hell. i mean, the man is bright as they come, and that is making all the difference in the world. that and his outright guts the say a what he means and mean what he says. but he's not given credit for what he is doing. i mean, when people look at his record of accomplishmenting -- >> sure. lou: -- can you imagine what it'll be after two terms? we're at 16 months, he's done more than any president since fdr. >> no, you're absolutely right. it's been tremendously successful, and everyone, all americans are reaping the benefits from it. and you would think they would have some honest dialogue and discourse and give him credit for the number of accomplishments. and you see in terms of his poll
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numbers and across the board with the booming trump economy with the numbers, you know, record low unemployment, you've got women, minorities, like, more engaged in the work force, which is fantastic to see. and he should be getting an acknowledgment for that. this is something, i think, that's going to carry him strong through to re-election. maybe it's premature to call it like that. no, look at the numbers and look at the results. lou: what do you make of mitt romney with all of the nassty stuff that he does and just petty nonsense, attacking the president -- >> sure. lou: -- suddenly he's decided he knows who's going to win 2020, and it is president trump. >> oh, yeah. well, he can see the obvious. it's master of the obvious at this point, right? and see into the future because he is a businessman as well, and he sees the numbers. the numbers don't lie. and when you see this in terms of what we're having in this country is really just such a vibrant economy, it is such a resurgent, resurgence, it's what he promised everybody when he
1:20 am
was campaigning. guess what? he actually delivered on it, and we're seeing the results of it across the country. men and women who who want to be able to provide for their families, they've got money in their wallets, they can put gas in their cars, they have a strong sense of stability and where the future is going in terms of the path that he's leading us on, and it's really working. lou: i love the national left-wing media not crediting for a 3.8% unemployment rate, not crediting for the lowest african-american unemployment rate in history. and one of the lowest rates for hispanics. but they do start talking about, you know, my gosh, gasoline prices are going through the roof. they're not. >> no, they're not. lou: and, but that's what they focus on. >> well, you see people like this, like nancy pelosi, i mean, just one gaffe after the next. it's complete lunacy. they have no clue what they're doing. their party is just completely out of positive points, talking points. it's one gaffe after the next, and she's refusing to give the president any credit for what
1:21 am
he's doing. and she's really alienated -- just shows how totally out of touch with middle class americans and a majority of the country are sitting there saying, wait, we see these results and we're feeling it in our neighborhoods, wallets and bank accounts. lou: and the dems, they cannot find a way to aggregate the party around any comprehensive agenda. they're talking about higher taxes, they're talking about giving away $500 a month in california, for crying out loud, to everybody. >> yeah. lou: this is, it's like bernie sanders is in one of the science fiction movies where he is, you know, like the headless snake. no matter how many times you chop it up -- >> yeah, they're becoming the dims, not the dems, right? just the dim-witted. the whole thing in terms of what they have to say. why would you want to roll back all the accomplishments, what we've been able to get so far in this country? he's just getting started, he's on a roll. we were talking about it, the more they try and hit against him the stronger and smarter
1:22 am
somehow he even gets, so it's going very well. auspicious, to say the least. lou: and it's an auspicious occasion anytime you join us. thank you so much. kimberly guilfoyle. >> thank you. lou: do you think the globalist leaders assembled at the g7 accomplished litter to the other than perhaps wasting president trump's valuable time? cast your vote on twitter,@lou dobbs. like me on facebook and instagram at lou dobbs tonight. up next, rino senators in the pocket of the chamber, the koch brothers and wall street trying to put a timetable on the president's nafta negotiations. you know, they sounded a lot like they were making an ultimatum. that will not be healthy for them politically, i guarantee it. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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lou: here we go. a group of senator rhino republicans pressing president trump to end talks on
1:27 am
renegotiating nafta by labor day. now, these little senators, including chuck grassley and joni ernst of sigh what claim a trade deal would hurt u.s. farmers. president trump promised to make an agreement that would benefit all americans and especially farmers in his bilateral trade agreements. joining us tonight is a professor of public policy at howard university. good to see you. >> good to see you too, lou. lou: the republican party is filled with rhinos. i've mentioned two of them. giving the president of the united states an ultimatum, they have no sense of their own imp impetus and absurdity. >> from the policy side it's clear that trump is going in the right direction. these were bad deals created and
1:28 am
what you're really seeing is the vested interest who profited from moving factories offshore fighting against trump trying to negotiate a better deal. lou: do you find just extraordinary that this present, this po pop populist president being elected and changing the direction of this country from a trajectory of failure to one of immense success in 16 months, there isn't an area in which he hasn't been successful and there isn't, it seems, an area in this economy that isn't booming, for crying out loud. even warren buffet saying this economy, sounding like he's shocked out of his brain, is strong. there's no question of it. yet, no one is taking note, he is the only world leader, and certainly as the leader of the free world, he is setting an example balancing international
1:29 am
trade relationships with this country is one of his priorities. why isn't the business round table acknowledging. why isn't the world bank? it's really amazing to me. how about you? >> well, it is pretty remarkable. the way these trade deals were sold in the first place was that we would have balanced trade, right, in fact we would improv our trade balances with south korea, with canada, with mexico. none of that has happened. you know, wto with china, you know, the trade deficits have just ballooned. and when you confront folks with that and say you told us we were going to improve our trade position, they say don't worry, trade deficits don't matter. was you know, trade deficits matter a lot. they're deficits. there's a cost to it. it's not free. and we're eating our own, in
1:30 am
terms of many jobs that are lost and in the teu chur as we try to finance the deficits. lou: there is that financial aspect of it. but there is also the macro aspect which is people don't seem to realize that when we run a trade deficit what it does to the national savings rate. what it does, as well, to reduce the rate of growth in the economy. gdp becomes a lower number. we have not had a surplus for 43 years. and the reality is this. that we've lost trillions of dollars from our economy as a result of those trade deficits and then you've got idiots, whether they're -- i won't name where they are, throughout wall street and academia who fail to acknowledge that fundamental reality that deficits cut into
1:31 am
gdp growth rate. >> yeah. and the best way to think about a trade deficit is the country is consuming more than it's producing. and if you continue to do that forever -- it's okay to consume more than you produce for, you know, short periods of time. but if you do that in the long run, which is what we've done, you've got to sell off the assets. we've sold off crown jewels, transferred ore technology. and so we're in a really big, much bigger hole that people realize due to the trade relations and the trade deficits. they cost a lot. lou: if they listen to this president for one day, as you know, ron, this president has been clear from the moment he jumped into the race in 2015 for president of the united states. and all i can say is, thank god he won. because he is the only political figure focusing on what is real, what has the root causes of the squandering of immense wealth of this country and the intellectual property that has
1:32 am
been stolen principally by china and it has, it has to end. ron, come back soon. great to see you, my friend. >> thanks very much, lou. lou: up next, senate candidate mitt romney's momentary lapse, showering president trump with raise. mitt romney. there he is. extraordinary. we'll talk about how the trump agenda will affect november races. john cox, the new republican candidate for governor in california, that's right. a republican candidate for governor in socialist california. much more straight ahead. stay with us. so, my portfolio did pretty well last year. that's great. but the market was up nearly twice as much. that's a tough pill to swallow. exactly. so i started trading.
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headlines, paying president trump a compliment this week instead of insulting him or trying to obstruct him. while talking to a group of republican donors, romney saying the man he doesn't consider a role model will easily win the republican nomination and will solidly win reelection in 2020. he also says democrat wills nominate someone who is far too out of touch with mainstream america. my next guest, a truck-backed republican who finished second in the california gubernatorial primary on tuesday, facing off against democratic lieutenant governor gavin newsom this november. joining us tonight, the winner of the republican nomination, the republican candidate for
1:37 am
governor of california, john cox. it is a delight to have you with us. and you embrace. >> it's great to be with you, lou. and i want to tell you, by the way, there's a lot of capitalists in california. i'm one of them. lou: and it's good to hear. and you're facing what is it, a 20-point deficit in registration throughout the state. but you finished what, was it three or four points short of gavin newsom, the democrat? >> yeah. lou: that's extraordinary. and it has to, well, fill your heart with confidence as you look toward the midterms because you're overcome much. what's a little more. >> well, and what fills my confidence is that govern newsom has told us he's going to double the state income tax, going to increase property taxes and make sure that we don't repeal the gas tax which has driven our gasoline over $4 a gallon and plunged the working class people of this state into poverty.
1:38 am
that just can't continue. and i think people are just going to reject the socialist ex-mayor of san francisco. lou: well, your performance in this race, you were given so credit whatsoever for being able to win the republican nomination. to be second in that race in what the socialist strong hold of america. i know there are a lot of capitalists, including yourself. but look at this. to come to that point to be second in that race, and gavin newsom said something that i thought, one of those things that you think, be careful what you ask for. he tweeted out, you know, looking forward to the president campaigning as many times as he wants in the state of california. i had to believe that you were thinking that was a pretty good idea. >> well, i do. and i talked to the white house today and we're going to get the president here. you know, gavin newsom wants to talk about president trump, and my answer is, that's what a
1:39 am
craving politician does. i'm a businessman like the president. that politician gavin newsom doesn't want to talk about the tax burden in this state, he doesn't want to talk about the cost of housing which has led 46% bay area residents want to leave the state, he doesn't want to talk about the lousy schools we're spending billions are that are 45th in the country, he doesn't want to talk about the lack of water. jerry brown said we're all going to be limited to 55-gallons a day because they've been tearing down reservoirs instead of building them. he didn't want to talk about the lousy crowded roads full of potholes or the homeless living in our streets, lou. this is ridiculous mismanagement. we need a business person to turn this state around and get good management practices here. lou: and it sounds like a good healthy dose of common sense would also. >> absolutely.
1:40 am
lou: -- be in advancer. it seems to be the democratic way right now, they want to raise taxes, they want to regulate despite what president trump is doing nationwide. they're seeing what's happening to the economy as he inspires a prosuccess, probusiness, procapitallist agenda. and yet they want to take us back to the good old years of the obama administration. >> for eight years the obama administration antibusiness incredible regulations, tax increases. and business didn't want to invest. i got to tell you, here in california, 9,000 businesses, lou, have left this state in the last seven years. i have talked to small business people -- i'm a small businessman. i have 100 employees in my business. and small business people all across the state have told me that they would move their businesses out of california if they only could. but you know, car dealers,
1:41 am
restaurants, farmers, they can't move their businesses. silicon valley, you know, is expanding, but they're expanding in arizona, nevada, texas, other places. that can't continue or we're going to have a hollowed-out economy here. lou: and i have to say, we're proud of you. you defied odds and getting it done. my guess is the president will be excited about coming to california to support you. >> thank you. lou: and the decision to support the trump agenda i think is a big le lesson for anyone runs fr office were state office or congress or the senate. it's a lesson that they would learn from you. >> it's all about the private economy, lou. i was a jack kemp disciple. economic growth is the best path to prosperity. i started at the bottom.
1:42 am
i had nothing. i had a single mom who is a schoolteacher in chicago and i got my own small business and made something myself. i want every person in california to have the same kind of opportunities i did. the california dream right now is dreaming of moving to texas. i want to restore the california dream so that everybody in this state has a wonderful opportunity to succeed and live an affordable livable lifestyle and we will when i win in november. lou: john cox, we appreciate you being with us and wish you all of the very best. thanks for joining us. come back soon. >> i will. lou: john cox be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe the globalist leaders assembled at the g-7 accomplished little more today than wasting president trump's time? cast your vote on twitter@lou dobbs. >> . up next, trump justice department cracking down on leakers trying to protect top
1:43 am
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1:47 am
records for confiscated by the justice department. howard kurtz with our report. >> the disclosure about "the new york times" reporter alley watkins set off alarm bells in the news business, as journalists realize that president trump's justice department is willing to secretly obtain a journalist's phone and e-mail records in pursuit of leaks. free press are backing the statement saying that the move will endanger the reporter's ability to provide confidentiality to their sources. but the case is complicated by watkins' three-year romantic relationship with james wolf, who was arrested yesterday. she was a reporter for buzzfeed when she broke this story last year on carter page, a former trump adviser met with a russian spy. watkins and wolf exchanged 124 electronic messages that day, spoke for seven minutes after the story posted and another 15 minutes after she appeared on msnbc. >> why did carter page confirmed
1:48 am
this to you and what was his affect toward the information becoming public ? >> he was very forthcoming with it. i had been doing a lot of reporting on it and knew that it was him in the documents. >> wolf texted him months later, i always tried to give you as much information as i could so you could get the scoop before anyone else. i felt like i was matter of your excitement. tweeting with trumpster lawyers will leak information. from former fox correspondent james rose nn the obama administration. attorney general jeff sessions says he's conducting three times as many investigations. >> i have this warning for would be leakers with, don't do it. for the past several months we've mad changes and seriously ramping up the effort. >> beyond the personal details involving alley watkins for the
1:49 am
prosecutors to go after the reporter's reports strikes a at the heart of journalism. lou: thank you very much. on wall street, stocks finishing higher, dow up 75, s and sprk s. the market finishing higher this week. the dow up 3% on the week, the s&p and nasdaq up 2%. a reminded tore listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on salem radio network up next, rhinos in congress ditching the discharge petition but they're still set on amnesty for illegal immigrants. that's got to industrial paul ryan, the chamber of commerce, the business round table, the koch brothers and wall street. anne qualitier wilann coulter w. tonight i join sean hannity on
1:50 am
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1:54 am
customcustoms enforcement agentr not funding any part of the wall. no agreement reached after a closed door conference meeting. ryan promises talks will continue this weekend. of course he does. doesn't he look self assured and just filled with talent? political commentator and best selling author ann coulter is brimming with talent, as always, and is here tonight. delighted to have you with us. >> thank you. good to be here. lou: let's start with the news of the day. paul ryan is thrilled that there's ledgation bubbling up from the rank anfile instea andd of him as the speaker of the house having to bring down the hammer and tell them how to vote. that's what he wants us to believe. >> i'm apparently going to have to spend my entire adult life fighting amnesty. why is this the one bill that comes up every term of congress? how many different ways can the american people say they don't want it? this is for the donors.
1:55 am
they want their cheep labor. and since i suspect -- i mean i know blue collar workers and the working class don't want it and i think your viewers are probably more of those chai char of commerce types. i would want to point out -- lou: my viewers are definitely not chamber of commerce. >> good luck to you koch brothers around government run by nancy pelosi. that's what you're getting if you keep bring in cheap labor that votes against you 70 to 30. then and by the way, hispanics t care about amnesty. they vote democrat because they like the government programs. they like the handouts. they don't pay high taxes. they are democrats and it has nothing to do with amnesty. lou: democrats and ryan rhinos are basically synonymous. they are the same thing. they're opposite wings of the same bird and the american people are getting the bird.
1:56 am
every racial breakdown demographically, the prepon preponderance of those folks who are african-american, hispanic, white, asian, you name it. >> yes. lou: they oppose amnesty and they are deeply concerned about the impact of immigration and the national left-wing media lies about it day in and day out and so does paul ryan and so does the chamber of commerce. >> and i don't think paul ryan and the rest of the guys care. they're not thinking about reelectionses. they're thinking about life after congress. i'm sure they're making ten times more than he was making in congress as a lobbyist on k treat. you want to make the money after you leave, push through amnesty. there will be a reward waiting. and look, i've already started thinking about how i'm going to enjoy myself if my country is destroyed by an amnesty or no wall and the way i'll enjoy it is watching all american
1:57 am
business having to live under the policies, the pro-business policies of california. because that's the country you're going to be living under when no republican can get elected. lou: not if john cox gets elected. >> i love him. but california used to give us reagan and nixon because of immigration it cannot elect a republican statewide now. good luck to cox. we'll see what happens. he was great. liked your interview. the point is, businessmen in america, they're doing exactly what lemon said about capitalist. they'll sell the rope with which to hang them. lou: on the positive side. >> they want the cheap labor. they can't think of more than just the next profit. lou: on the positive side. president trump, every one of the people he endorsed did well in the last primary, particularly in california. really supporting strongly john cox. it is a very simple thing for the republican party.
1:58 am
they can either keep the illusion that paul ryan somehow is -- a ryan republican is something that get elected. we're going to watch 25 rhino republicans go into the dirt because of their association with him and the status quo policies of the chamber, the establishment. does any one of those dunces understand that president trump is the man of the hour, the man of this century, and without question is on the right side of history? >> and that he won over immigration. people have been lied to over and over about this. and there are going to be more than a handful of republicans going down if a republican congress passes amnesty. the one thing i will say -- lou: we should point out. president trump says he will veto. >> that's what i was going to mention. and if he does, and makes a huge fight over immigration this fall, i will say he was a genius to let that heinous omnibus bill
1:59 am
go through earlier to make sure that the fight would come down right before the election. if but if it lets it go, you don't want to know what i'll be saying about him then. lou: you've been saying some pretty rough things. the fact of the matter is, and frankly don't take into account 16 months in which he's become frankly an historic figure because of what has been established iaccomplished in th. >> all he wanted was a wall. lou: that's another matter and that brings us back to paul ryan, the cha chamber of commer, wall street. >> he doesn't need them. lou: did i mention the koch brothers? it's amazing to watch what's happening in this country. this president with standing all of those forces getting stronger by the way. it's a beautiful thing to watch. even ann coulter has to admit to that. >> the people are with him. it's on immigration.
2:00 am
lou: the wall has got to be built and ryan has got to be turned back. period. ann coulter, good to have you with us. >> thank you. he doesn't need congress to build the wall. lou: he just won't quit, >> a classy french import... >> they tore it down, put it on a ship, sent it here. >> what? to jersey? >> new jersey, yes. >> ...stuffed with priceless antiques. >> that chandelier is spectacular. >> yes, it is. and this is my favorite piece in the house. >> wow. >> but will his d-i-y dream... >> so, you come along... >> fix-it. >> ...collapse in a money pit? >> but it's not his inheritance. it's yours. >> yes. >> you could've stopped it. >> i could've... but i didn't. ♪ [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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