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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 10, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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i am jamie colby. and remember -- you can't take it with you. >> lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories. paul ryan displaying indefensible support of the establishment whose boots he loves to lick. the lame duke speaker defies reason and decency as he did so and lining up with gowdy saying there is no evidence of a spy in the trump campaign and playing toady to the open border globalist and he chose to pour syrup and he will deliver on
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kstreet and wall street street and insuring open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants. >> our members are earnest and sincere and trying to understand each other's perspective and we have a big swathe of views. i believe there is a sweet spot here. >> lou: how long will the republicans put up with the lame duck and how long will the republicans put up with him. and shocking new details of f.b.i. corruption and deep state depravity and leak the details of the inspector general's report. and james comey as out of control and insubordinate. the first stallment that reveals
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all that is rotten in the justice department and f.b.i. lying and leaking deputy director andrew mccabe begging for immunity before he will testify on capitol hill. will the grassly committee protect the corrupt. >> we need to get to the bottom of what happened in the f.b.i. in the comey years apparently there was misconduct going on and impugned the reputation of the finest law enforcement agency and we need to clear the air and giving mr. mccabe cover through immunity would be respect. >> clear the air and corruption. >> lou: president trump called out the vile left wing media for the vicious attacks on the first
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lady. "fake news" news and the nasty little crittents who make it up. our top store tore tonight. paul ryan sold out a long time ago and made it clear who owns him throughout the leadership. the lame duck is a rinno and serving the globalist and establishment. ryan undercutting the president and changing the subject from the republican party primary performance to his own disloyalty in less than six months in the house leadership. he defended gowdy and denied all of spy gate and attempt to subvert president trump and chart a legislative course through disaster and amnesty for illegal immigrants that could destroy the gop in the midterms. here he is. >> i think chairman gowdy's
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initial assessment is accurate but we have more digging to do. [inaudible] >> i don't know the technical answer to that question. he shouldn't and no one is above the law. when we fix daca we want to fix it permanently and we plan on doing that down the road. we should be talking out so the majority can function. >> lou: 2 or 3 hours devoted to dack a. speaker ryan's outrageous conduct in the twilight of his indistinguished career is another ingratiated himself to the business roundtable and coch table and wall street. mike fernandez is threatening to with hold all funding from
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republicans who will not back the daca discharge pecision. and assembled the megadonors to join him including former chairman john roe and david mcneil and doctor in the university of miami health system and coastal construction tom murphy junior. and sergeio pinno and carnival cruise line and enrique sosa who own ryan and the destroying of gop. joining us is a congressman from florida. congressman matt gates. you put out a strong statement. it is shameful to see how the
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house gop leadership. that is straightforward as you can put it. why, i just got to ask why in the world are you putting up, not you, but your conference putting up with a man who can do what he did today in the leadership briefing. change the subject from the success of the party and biggest primary night in the election psyche and he will turning it to himself and the idea that evidence matters in his judgment of whether or not there was a spy? it obviously doesn't in his case. >> i have defended paul ryan when i agreed with him. but there is no continuous for ryan to side against the congress who are working for transparency.
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dein nunnes asked for a year for the documents that go to the heart of the trump- russian hoax. members was congress have not seen the documents that show why the investigation begin. the australian diplomat mr. downer lied and said the information came threw the australian ambassador of the united states and that's how it got to the f.b.i. one liar gave information to peter strzok who was demoted because he is the head of the never trump movement in the deep state and no way any criminal prosecution can be brought against the president. instead of our speaker standing with us and putting the focus on the f.b.i.'s refusal to turn over documents to perform the oversight. he instead defended the f.b.i. we need the institutional to be for the congress and not
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defender of the deep state. >> lou: he is that and of k- street and wall street and koch brothers. he is sold out for years and we just wanted to check the record, and let me ask you. can you think much a time when the speaker was compelled to say there is no evidence of collusion despite financing a one year investigation by the f.b.i. and more than a year of the general council? i can't remember a time when he stood up and defended the president and said there is no evidence of collusion? that deeply troubles me. >> the other area is to have real accountability when it comes to the crimes of the clinton family and clinton foundation. we have the majority whip and mr. gowdy and chairman. judiciary committee all calling
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from the special council and the silence is deafening. he needs to stop defending the f.b.i.'s collection of evidence on the trump campaign when they refuse to give us the documents to show whether or not they broke the law. we know they broke their own procedures. and bruce orr broke the law. and rod rosenstein violates the woods procedure when she didn't disclose christopher steele was terminated biept f.b.i. for lying. and we need stronger leadership from our speaker supporting the work of us fighting in the trenches to get answers for the american people. >> lou: why in the world would your cash not say that is enough. you are sending us to perdition
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and te instruction mr. speaker? and this man doesn't have a plan or strategy and he doesn't raise money that any other speaker couldn't raise. and he is not a strategic thinker and anti- trump and has been show throughout. and he is a disaster if he is left in the speakership. >> i have never heard a single person talk about removing speaker ryan from the speakership. today, i was hearing colleagues if speaker ryan will not stand with us in the fight over the essentials of our democracy, not weaponizing a intelligence committee against the presidential campaign. you are starting to see more
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frustration. >> lou: and we'll see the origins of spy gate speaker paul ryan. and we'll talk it up with andrew mccarte who joins us next.
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>> lou: president trump urging the justice department to act in the case of former democratic aid imran a lan. our justice department must not let them off of the hook. it is key to which of the corruption we see today. we want to make a plea deal to hide what is on their server? where is the server? really bad. the constitutional department gang offered the gang of eight a the records show they say. thirst nunez and those records are expected to shed light on allegations of an f.b.i. confidential source contacting trump campaign aides.
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at least three aides in the early stages of the russia collusion case that turns out to be a democratic shame and part of the biggest political scandal in this country's history. joining me now. andrew mccarthy. a former assistant director of new york. great to have you with us. gang of eight gets to look at documents so we're told. it is the same gang of eight led by paul ryan that agreed with trey gowdy that you call a spy an informant and put them in the presidential campaign of donald trump. >> i don't know how he can endure what congressman gowdy hasn't seen the documents yet.
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one guy hasn't seen them and the other guy grease. >> lou: this is a speaker who doesn't know about facts, but understands whois corporate masters are and will do whatever they want done. >> one thing i will say about it. i was heartened by the fact that chairman nunez says now this is supposed to take place in the combang of eight briefing. he said i don't need a briefing, i need the documents. and when i was a prosecutor, i didn't need an explanation say, i can read them myself. and show me the documents. that's what they need to see. >> lou: on ryan himself, he felt it necessary to side with trey gowdy who has been on several sides of the same discussion himself and ryan, he is a man who frankly is a lame duck, who
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has very little political grasp and none of the intelligence issues, and devin nunez is a heroic figure in bringing to light all, as much as possible of what the department of justice and f.b.i. have been hiding. >> because what he's after is to find out why it happened. we had one of the washington things for 3 or 4 weeks of whether it is a spy or informant. and to my mind is silliest. even by washington stand arounds, this is a silly discussion you have seen before. no matter how you slice it. what they used was a covert operative to send in to get information. you can call it a spy, think or rat or informant, what have you. and it is done by who ever
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office is gored. we need to know why. we have a norm in this country, the incumbent administration is not supposed to use intelligence powers against the political opposition unless there is a good reason. let's hear the reason? >> lou: logic leads you to one conclusion, because barak obamamented intelligence heads of three agencies to spy for the purpose of political advantage in the election of 2016 for the candidate that he supported, one hillary clinton. >> there is a lot of evidence to support that. i will not get out in front. and nunez is quite right. we need the documents and answers and we'll make conclusive judgments on it. >> lou: if we were not watching
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the speaker leading against the president i would be more constrained but not with h in full attack on the president. turning to the issue of andrew mccabe who was fi in the f.b.i. this is a guy looking for immunity before the judary committee? you write eloquently in the national review that it shouldn't happen at all? >> i am sympathetic to the people who think it should happen because they are so tired of waiting for answers from the justice department and f.b.i. they say let's get him in front much a national tv audience and congressional hearing and give him immunity and let's get answers. if you give him immunity meaning they can't use against him the things he says in president hearing for another prosecution, the effects of that makes it complicated and sometimes
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impossible to prosecute him and the better way to go about this as alms especially when he was referred to the justice department for making false statements, we'll see how the criminal prosecution goes. and look at what mueller did. when he has guys who lies to agents, he uses it as a ham tore give him everything. and under the plea agreement. >> lou: there is something that is within me to resists mueller held up for another. >> not what is good for the goose. >> lou: no, i am full tilt disgusted with the conduct of robert mueller and band of left wing archan geles.
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and your fact of the inspector general, is it a blockbuster what we will see on the 14th of june? >> i wouldn't say blockbuster. but in my experience horowitz and i expect a report that has a lot of information in it. >> appreciate it. >> lou: bombshell text from peter strzok and lisa page shows that there may have been more than one spy spying on the presidential campaign. it turns out some documents have been revealed that have been out for a while and first time people are noticing what is actually said. actually said. amongst them chris farrell. man: i got scar tissue there. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story about what happened to 'em.
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>> lou: this is going to require moderate lifting. and if you will follow along. this is relulatory when we look at what happened in the f.b.i. and the efforts to subvert the candidate for president. donald trump and ultimately president trump. unredacted text that reveal how the f.b.i. may have initiated a number of spies into the trump campaign as early as december of 2015. f.b.i. be investigator peter strzok writing to f.b.i. attorney lisa page, you get all our lures approved? in particular smiley face. that refers to outside of the continental united states. and lures which the f.b.i.
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redacted refers to f.b.i. recruited spies. our next guest has experience running double agent operations and joining us is the director of investigations and research for judicial watch chris farrell. great to have you with us. this sort of lays out does it not in succinct form what they were all about. >> it was an intelligence operation directed against then candidate trump and a mrieped all of the trade craft they could and they launched a double agent operation overseas. hence of term oconnuous and the counter intelligence operations,
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and double agent operation and the lures, plural. that is important. those are the persons that are dangled out in front in the hopes that interested parties will take a bite at them and the f.b.i. would reel them in and run them against the trump campaign. this is deliberate and thought out and an effort to run over launch an operation overseas so they don't run in legal problems and the counter intelligence operation is not constrained by the same thing as legal investigation or criminal investigation. this is very, very serious stuff. >> lou: very serious stuff. there was a response to lisa page did you get all of the lures approved. strzok said no it is a bigger
4:30 am
policy fsh. might be able to use as a pretense for a call. as we watch these two operate, it is clear they are operating in a select circle. they apparently seem to think that centered on them? certainy on peter strzok. what are we to take from that? >> we are taking from very early on in december 2015, there is a concerted effort by agents of the f.b.i. to apply intelligence trade craft and intelligence operations and to attack and undermine candidate trump and now president trump. it is indisputable. you can't go to the lengths they have gone to and using the language they have and these are this own words. they were running an operation
4:31 am
to under mine a candidate for united states. and seeking to have what is undisclosed operation in the u.s., in the united states. these are violations of law. this is not policy decision or gee, somebody had bad judgment. this is intelligence trade craft against a candidate to steer the election. there is nothing more grave when it comes to abuse of our legal intelligence system. >> lou: what is to be done about strzok or congress on what is before them in hearing and documents of the millions that they requested. congress is stymiest in the oversight rule and no where to go. what are the next steps that this is a significant operation
4:32 am
that was designed specifically to undercut candidate donald trump and ultimately president trump. >> this is a criminality beyond the pale. look the president needs to rip the lid off of this as does every member of congress. and every person involved in an oversight capacity or management position whether it is the president or attorney general, and who ever has influence what so ever. needs to make it public. this is a grave abuse of power and authority, it is it like nothing else we have seen in history. this makes the nixon- watergate burglary looks like keystone cops stuff. this is very grave and the public has a right to know and should know as soon as possible all of the details about this. >> chris farrell. judicial watch. thank you for being with us.
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>> lou: up next, paul ryan and congressional rinnos dreaming up a scheme to award amnesty on immigrants and pretend it is all immigrants and pretend it is all on the up and up as they i joined the army after 911, cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas and i went to baghdad, iraq. we were transporting a bomb sniffing dog to the polling stations. we rolled over two anti-tank mines, it blew my humvee up, killed my sergeant. after the explosion, i suffered a closed head injury, um, traumatic brain injury, loss of a limb, burns to 60% of my body. when the doctors told me i reached my plateau, i did not want to hear that because i do not believe i have a plateau.
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so, i had to prove 'em wrong, which i am doing to this day and i will still do until the end of my days. i've gotten to where i am at because of my family. and, the wounded warrior project has helped me more than i can ever imagine. they have really been there to support me in my endeavors. my number one goal, basically, is to get close to where i was. i am more than ready to work hard to get to that goal. i am living proof to never give up and i will never give up.
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the lame duck rinno more concerned about the process of covering what he's doing for the corporate masters and the establishment rather than the prospect of open discussion. he wants to legalize just like his masters amnesty for a million or more illegals. >> you know one of the things i don't like about the job is how things flow up to leadership to make big decision and we often too centralize power. i am happiest when the members and not leaders are making the policy decision and i am happy we have had this process on desplay. >> the technical term what you heard is pure bull. he thinks he's selling that nonsense. he has not invited religion or
4:38 am
despate. and by the way. he forgot to get a budget in his term as speaker. they have one their own ranks seeds of their own destruction and that will follow them in the mid- term elections unless they get rid of the rinno lame duck and embrace the trump agenda. joining us is jessa vaughn. it is great to see you. and numbers are looking terrible coming from the border right now. and what is going on. we have more border patrol agent and president who freed them to up do their jobs. what is happening. >> talk of amnesty. the rogue group of republicans holding the gun to the colleagues of the house caucus hell bent on passing a huge
4:39 am
amnesty. that is causing the influx. and the other problem is the, there is a catch and release. and people can show up with children & ask for a silun and they are here to stay. and our regs understand they are lied to by school and trained illegal immigrants that are playing the u.s. refugee system. i want to show folks how bad it got at the border here in may. the month of may, board apprehensions of family units crossing the border illegally. 435 percent. minors. unaccompanied minors up 329 percent. and jessica it is out of control
4:40 am
and the chamber of commerce last night had the te meride to tend out a letter to have congress to push for open board and amnesty and among the demands from the tom don he insure that illegals retain work authorizations and protect work authorizations for spouses and reject proposals to limit legal immigration. your reaction to the arrogance of the country's biggest business lobby who owns for example speaker ryan and much of his leadership group. >> they have to have their cheap labor and certainly right now, the small group of republicans with a tacit approval of speaker ryan and majority leader
4:41 am
mccarthy are doing their bidding and holding the gun to the head of majority of the republicans in the house and forcing them in a deal that will not turn out well for the american people and they can get away with it. and too long members have done their bidding. and they couldn't sell the majority of the caucus on the concepts of a bill and everybody is waiting to hear the details which they will not release and that is never a good scenario. >> lou: you hear paul rhine when things bubble up from the rank and file and great unwashed on capitol hill. >> that's not what is happening here. >> lou: he's lying through his teeth and selling that nonsense to god only knows who. because it is it not the american people. they figured out who is doing what to them. jessica it is great to have you with us.
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>> likewise.
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>> lou: joining me republican national committee chair ronald mcdaniel. good to see you. first, what we are witnessing today, speaker ryan single handedly changed it is discussion from the success of the republicans in the primaries to his rather i think idiot ache and really absolutely irresponsible remarks of both the president and daca and the general, just the general political atmosphere in this country. what is his problem? >> well, i will tell you, i just went out of west coast and in washington state and oregon and california. and every person i met with, we need more republicans to support the president and we want the republican leadership to support the president. there is a lot of things to be corned about. the infornlant and spy in the
4:47 am
campaign. i will use the word spy. changing the language you change the severity of what happened. if they are in the campaign and reporting back to the f.b.i. they are spying and why didn't they inform donald trump. our republican base wants to see republican leadership stepping up and asking why this happened. and we have to talk about our successes and be unified and supporting our president whose agenda is making people's lives better. i feel it and see it in state to state to state. >> lou: let me applaud what you said. i think you are direct and forth right. i commend you for it. it is not often we have that kind of language originating with the chair of iefrth national committee. and i just want to cheer you if i may one more time.
4:48 am
turning to the these elections yesterday, the president, those candidates he supported to a person all did well. >> they did. john cox, made it to the finish line to the top two in california yesterday because of the president's endorsement. that is huge for our house members in california who are going to be in competitive races that the democrats targeted and to have somebody top in the ticket running for governor will bring back republican voters and across the state we saw republicans turning out in droves, in six of the battle ground house speets that democrats were counting on to flip the house. more republicans turned out than democrat and that blue wave became a trickle. the trump agenda is working. and people are feeling better
4:49 am
and wages are up and they want to see the come back and they will not hand it over to the obstruct and resist democratic party of no. >> lou: that is being kind to that party. they have no agenda and little to commend their party for anything. nancy pelosi is talking taxes. bill clinton is talking history that personal history that i am sure he would prefer to forget and hillary clinton is still walking around in front much cameras and microphones asking what happened? it seems to me that the republican party should encourage them to continue on certainly through the midterms. >> i hope bill clinton's book tour goes through the midterm. pelosi we want her right where she is. i spend her flowers every week. her vision is going back wards
4:50 am
and they want to raise tax and hurt average working americans and when you look at what is happening with the tax cut and deregulations and wages up and record unemployment, people are doing better because of president trump. and you know what, that will resonate in november when people go to vote. they will say the republican party is fighting for me. and we are about results and the democrats are about rhetoric. >> lou: his language throughout the campaign of 2016 was memorable. but when he said he would be the president of all americans, he meant it. and when we look at unemployment numbers was minorities. african-american or hispanic. it is an extraordinary moment of time because they are all- time low and this president is delivering on every promise and every one of those folks in the house where they want desperately to keep their majority, i can't imagine why
4:51 am
there would be hesitation other than they are rinnos. laura, it is great to have you here. up next. fooip 500 days of winning for example the trump administration. 500 days of victories for america. america. we ♪music
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>> lou: today marks the president's 500 day in ofls. he's pushed america first agenda and accomplished more than any other modern american president and the dow jones industrial closing at 19, 827 on january 30th. and now one more number to read folks. can we get a couple. 25 perfects increase in the unemployment rate. and down a whole percentage point. and that is amazing gd, growth and rising significantly. and we are expecting just over, just five percent growth in the second quarter and that is some sort of performance and joining us now ed rollins and michael goodwin from the new york post. and both are fox business
4:56 am
contra contributors. and ed, 500 days of all sorts of watershed moments and bench marks and you know, this is remarkable what he's done. i can't think of a president perhaps fdr that did as much as he has. >> considering when he came to office cynics say he couldn't function and would not have cooperation. he turned the economy and rebuilt the military and on the warld stage viewed as a serious leader. and i think to a certain extent that is the greatest strength of all and made it all work. >> lou: theresa may in the uk and angela merkel are puking and can't stand it. she and putin trying to figure out what hit the world stage to think that they were going to be
4:57 am
dominating and this president with adam and chuck schumer running around like the want to bes that they are, they can't carry this guy's you know, golf bag for crying out loud. and the impact on the world not only because of the president's policy. trying to force nato members to pay their share. >> lou: not such a radical thought. the president was pretty smart. >> and the political ramifications of all of the countries and the rise of popullism and people who feel emboldened to say we'll not put up the encrusted bureaucracy that protects the elite and doesn't serve the working class. what president trump is doing here is sending ramifications across the globe. >> lou: it is a battle royal right now. we watch mitch mccon and he will
4:58 am
paul ryan and battle to a popular president who will change the way we do business in this country and make sure the american middle-class is growing and not stagnanting or declining. >> he will go down as the working man's president. he every single day and done, everything to benefit working people and not the wall street types. but the guy who wants to work on the street. and across the country in factories, he's making it a better place for them. and by all of us. one percent or at either end of the sprekt rum. and historically low unemployment for blacks and hispanics. he said he would be president for all american and he meant that. >> that number of 3.8 percent
4:59 am
unemployment and there was a time when people thought that was not achievable and it is still going strong and people are saying that the engine revved up. >> and the discharge petition for daca. and the fancy game and i say it will that destroy the republican party or need to be stopped. >> i think the president said he would veto the bill. >> i am surprised it got this close. and i am surprised that ryan hasn't taken a stand to support it or stop it. >> lou: he is feckless and working for k stit and business roundtable and koch brother and chamber of commerce and wall street. he ran out of people to sell to. >> tufrp the house over the democrats if you let it happen. >> or tom donahue.
5:00 am
ed rolin and michael good win. thank you. who said in the end you are >> a booze-born idea... >> he said, "i'm thinking i might buy myself a b-17 and put it over a gas station." >> sell burgers and fuel. >> people were lined up for blocks to get in. 30,000 gallons a day. >> decades later, a dad's dying wish. >> art wanted us to restore it to flying condition. >> a family's flight of fancy... >> they're foolish to be trying this. >> ...that's totally the bomb. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] >> i'm jamie colby, today


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