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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 11, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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ed rolin and michael good win. thank you. who said in the end you are cheryl: breaking this morning. you're looking right now live pictures from singapore come over later today president trump will hold a historic meeting with north korean president kim jong un. >> waiting for briefing from senior administration officials with north korean colleagues a bit later in the hour. cheryl: had evolved as comeau wanted to collect the u.s. stock market futures and how investors are feeling about all of the developments over the next 48 hours they were expecting from singapore. right now the dow was up by 46 in the premarket come as cynthia is one of three quarters and the nasdaq up by two. welcome all of you. it is monday, 5:00 a.m. in new
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york. at june 11th. i'm cheryl casone. >> good morning. i'm christina filling in for lauren simonetti. trying to live pictures out of singapore. it is 5:00 p.m. again looking at live pictures as the president is in singapore getting ready for this historic summit. preparing for tonig's face-to-face meeting. this is the first between a sitting u.s. president and north korean leader and it is a high-stakes event aimed at removing the north's nuclear capabilities. on his arrival, president trump treating great to be in singapore. there is was excitement in the air. he's been tweeting a lot from singapore. also, secretary of state mike pompeo has issued this statement. the president and the entire u.s. team is looking forward to tomorrow's summit. we have had sent meetings today
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to include in this the north koreans. we are prepared remaining clear and unchanged. kristina: press conference set to begin at 530 this morning. in the meantime, let's go to deirdre bolton life in singapore right now. reporter: i still am. it is blustery, but the summit is what some are calling the summit of the century. both president trump of the north korean leader, kim jong un are here and interestingly enough, their hotels are about half a mile from each other. they won't see each other until tomorrow morning. the idea is for them both to strike the summit with no aid, translators only. that will be just the beginning. we heard president trump sage we
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will get a sense of the tone of the meeting pretty quickly. i should mention to you as well, i don't know if you saw this video, but president trump stopped by the u.s. embassy in singapore and lots of smiles. they presented him with the birthday cake. but earlier today, i spoke with the former u.s. ambassador to singapore and we spoke about really why i'm asserted the magic formula that is helping all of these pieces come together now. he told me that kim jong un has no choice but to try to be more open. >> kim jong un is not coming because he's had a change of mind or a change of heart and democracy is a good idea. he is coming because he's pushed into a corner. economically and politically use pushed into a corner. he's got to do something to unwind the difficult spot
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e-zine. >> so on the table, the biggest issue demutualization. the missile is a strong secondary fallout topic. what is not clear is whether president trump will breach the topic of cybersecurity or human rights. that remains to be seen. i cut up "the wall street journal" bureau chief in seoul, south korea. we spoke about kim jong un's motivation for being here. here's what jonathan chang told me. >> what he is to accomplish his de facto recognition of the nuclear states. he may not be able to accomplish it in a one-day summit, but by coming here to statements alike. reporter: as you both mention, we are waiting for the briefing to start a secretary of state mike pompeo will take the podium in 20 minutes time. we'll come back with live updates on not.
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in the meantime, back to you in new york. kristina: deirdre, how about a quick question for you. did you happen to see the motorcade for kim? reporter: yeah, it is very unique. i did not personally, but there's truly an atmosphere, even just locals we've been speaking with here. they are very hopeful about what this process may bring, what the summit may bring. you can feel definitely a sense of excitement in the air. >> thank you so much. showing our viewers the video that we have in this fascinating for all of us to see the events playing out in singapore. deirdre bolton live in singapore. thank you very much. let's bring in james cara fonda of the turkish foundation lieutenant colonel daniel davis of defense priorities. guys, good morning. there's a lot to talk about. i want to start with you, james,
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on the issue demutualization. we've heard statements from mike pompeo. we've heard other things in treats from the president saying that this is what they want, demutualization of the peninsula. do you think president trump has enough leverage to go into this meeting tomorrow and get the promise from kim jong un? neil: the answer is yes, but it's all up to king. markets need to take a deep yoga breath because the u.s. underlying strategy really protects our vital interests and as long as the strategy remains in place and the u.s. doesn't compromise on the strategy, we have nothing to worry about. let's say the president is overwhelmingly successful and can actually agree to remove his nuclear program in order to open up to the last. the administration has been pretty clear that the treaty is signed off by the senate. that is going to take time to
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negotiate. nothing magical will happen in the next 48 hours. >> there's been a lot of course commentary from senior white house officials as they prepare for the summit. listen to what larry kudlow said on "face the nation"terday. >> the president is going to negotiate with kim of north korea and singapore. it is an historic negotiation and there's no way this president is not going to stand strong, number one. he's not going to allow other people to take shots at him hours before the summit. >> well, you think that the strategy going forward? >> i don't think there's any trump does from a position of strength as he sees it. as well he should because the united states does come into this from an absolute unequivocal position of power and strength and domination over
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north korea, which is one of the reasons i also say james had a second ago, we have the rds. we don't have to have an outcome everybody talks about. we should absolutely go for that. the fact of the matter is trying to keep america safe no matter what happens at this echoes of our overwhelming military power. trade to remember what brought us here back in 2017 when donald trump first took office and that was a threat of a missile test in on was more nervous than japan at the time. not that we are here come the u.s. officials believe kim is 30 to 60 nuclear weapons that could be possibly 100 different centers in north korea that are developing things like chemical weapons, biological weapons, things like that. if we don't know, how do we demand that the endless programs? >> right. they can't eat those things and that's a big problem when you
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try to feed the korean people. the united states with this strategy, nuclear deterrence, sanctioning, they really prevent them from being a real military threat. kim can't actually have a war. so if he wants to engage with the u.s., hugh scott to agree to this process and the process will have to include very, very intrusive inspections and would insist on not. >> preferred he heard kim jong un talk about this and this nearly derailed the entire summit. they don't want to be olivia, they don't want to be more market off bp when ambassador fulton used strong language, that nearly derailed the entire thing. there's going to be trooped drawdowns in south korea. troop drawdowns from the u.s. possibly in japan. if those questions are asked by north koreans, what is our
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insert? >> president trump will say look, here's my bottom line. the whole thing is the heart of the negotiation and how far is president trump willing to go to get complete and verifiable negotiations? that is asking an incredible amount from north korea and we certainly aren't going to get that by offering sanctions really. the question is how far is president trump willing to go on not. if he actually can get the complete cb i.d. comment it might not be a bad chip to use for us. train to which they are open to inspections, which they're going to have to be a guess. thank you for being here this morning. we appreciate it. you're going to want to stay with fox business. we will have continuous live coverage of the senate will begin at 7:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. of course you want to join us on "fbn:am" tomorrow morning. we'll be starting our coverage by the 3:00 a.m. eastern time. kristina: this is the busiest
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i've ever seen on a monday morning. more breaking news, president trump speed with canada intensifying after justin trudeau and a series that week following the g-7 summits over the weekend. prime minister justin trudeau of canada acted so meek and mil during a g-7 meeting only to give a news conference after i left sayg they were kind of insulting. and will not be pushed around. i care a star in response to his 270% on dairy. trump trade advisor sharply criticizing on "fox news sunday." >> there's a special place in for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald jay trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. and that is what bad-faith justin trudeau did the best on the press conference. train to prime minister stephen harper was on "sunday morning
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futures" with maria bartiromo. he says he can't understand why the u.s. is obsessed over trade relations with this country. >> not only is the trade deficit with canada small permit the united states runs a current account surplus of canada. canada is the biggest single purchaser of u.s. goods and services in the world. not china, not mexico, not written, not germany, canada. it just seems to me this is the wrong target. cheryl: german chancellor angela merkel says he refuses to agree to the g-7 group statement was cool sobering and a bit depressing. kristina: the leaders of china and russia criticizing the u.s. at a regional summit in china. xi jinping and vladimir putin coming out in support of free trade and pledging their support for the iran nuclear deal from which the u.s. pulled out of last month. cooperation with china has reached an unprecedented level, the prudent adding he would be
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willing to meet with trump as soon as the u.s. is ready. cheryl: so many headlines coming out of the g-7. it's incredible. kristina: great for us. welcome to 5:00 a.m. we've got a lot more coming up for olivia. we of course are tracking all of the even singapore. we are waiting for a briefing by secretary of state mike pompeo, another senior white house official as the president is getting set to meet with korean leader kim jong un. wielding a briefing to you as soon as it begins in singapore. also tracking market reaction with trade tensions that happened over the weekend with the g-7 is president trump slams canada and other u.s. allies. that's a senate meeting that happened in canada. taking a look at future is right now. a little bit of a mixed bag, but somewhat positive. gallup 41 in the premarket come s&p up one and a quarter.
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cheryl: welcome back. look at jakarta. look to cut above happening now. u.s. stock market futures as the world is waiting for the historic summit in singapore to
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begin. the dow is up by 46 and the premarket. s&p is up by 1.5, nasdaq up by n righ now. a lot of this can change as news breaks out of singapore. headlines we are watching this morning. an american pilot is lucky to be alive today. his f-15 going down during the down during a training mission off the coast of okinawa, japan. he eject it safety moments before the sea. the only person on board was rescued, not seriously hurt in the incident under investigation. homeowners in colorado did in just minutes to evacuate as the massive wildfire doubled in size. dry conditions and wins feeling is the blaze ripped through 16,000 acres and that is the last estimate we have soar. and it's only 10% contained and still unclear what sparked the massive blaze. we've seen some dramatic
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pictures from hawaii's kilauea volcano, but none like this. footage from inside of a home captures lava crashing through a window and burning everything in sight. the home and compel how was among the 100th destroyed by the lava flow coming from seizure eight. christina, that is what is happ incredible pictures over to you. >> financial markets will be closing between the united states and north korea. mark avalon from the potomac wealth advisors joining us now. i know it is quite early. i want to know right now, what you expect and for markets. this is a very busy week. an historic meeting with north korea. the fed meeti wednesday, bank of japan meeting on friday. another event i'm forgetting right now happening on thursday. what do you expect generally will happen across the board? >> well, if you look at the
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summit in singapore, almost like a las vegas prizefight. like a lot of vegas prize fights, you will have a lot of posturing and to being in a split decision that doesn't lead to a lot. i think we're looking beyond the singapore summit as a first step in a series of conversations. what's more troubling is the intense rhetoric and dialogue we've had with our trading partner canada over the weekend. who would like to see that calm down a cooler heads prevail. if we look at the underlying fundamentals, it remains a strong growth story. the imf is annual global growth this year 3.9% and if the u.s. clocks in at just under 3%, that's a positive environment for stocks. kristina: do you believe right now we're actually in a trade for? >> it is starting to incrementally look like that. i don't think it is too anyone's interest at all these politicians have to get reelect it and it's popular to stand up
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to trump in just about any other country right now. i don't think it's going to escalate to that because there's too much economic interests. there was going to escalate into a trade war, you would see green arrows across the board this morning. transfer rate, but that could potelly change in the next 24 hours. we've seen a lot of volatility. volume levels are a little bit lower. where do you think will happen by wednesday when we had the fed expectation that they will increase interest rates. is there another interest rate hike in september? >> obviously, the fed indications are they will raise this next meeting. i've been saying all along i don't think we would get rate hikes this year. the monetary tightening that the fed wants to take place later in the year will slow down. the global growth -- the global instability is just not going to be there. we had hinted at in italy. issues of emerging market. declining relative to our
5:21 am
problems in argentina, turkey, south africa. from a global, the fed will have to pull back just a little amount will be positive for u. stocks looking out into the second half of this year. kristina: thank you very much, mark. appreciated. cheryl: investors following everything that will happen in singapore. we continue to follow this historic meeting between president trump in kim jong un happening there. we are waiting right now for the briefing from secretary of state mike pompeo, possibly the senior white house officials in attendance. we would take you live in moments when the briefing gets under way. back here at home, keeping an eye on hurricane bug to hit mexico and the southwest united states. janice dean will have the latest on that storm. taking a look at futures. so far, muted reactions to what is ahead in singapore and the fallout from the g summit over
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the weekend. the dow was up by 40 points come s&p up by one and a quarter in the premarket. the nasdaq back and forth right now down just a fraction. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life. save by bundling usaa home and auto insurance. get a quote today.
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cheryl: header and expected for some parts of the u.s. today. kristina: which is why we need to turn to janice dean. she is with us at their monday morning forecast. turn a good morning, ladies. talking about the hurricane that will move towards baja, california over the next couple days. the pacific currently getting
5:26 am
active. just last week. there is a letter right there trying to disintegrate. this is the storm we are watching. perhaps giving some much needed moisture to the southwest. or the meanwhile, watch for potential of hurricane moving close to baja, california. combo san lucas, people are being warned in advance wednesday, thursday. we think it will weaken to a tropical storm. the past 24 hours. starts around the midwest in the ohio valley and parts of the mid-atlantic we will be the heavy rainfall. flash flood watches and warnings will be posed it. all of this talk of new york. some of these areas have seen flooding over the past few weeks, so we are watching this area the next couple days as well. back to you. >> janice dean. thank you so much. kristina: president trump prepares to meet with north korean president kim jong un.
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waiting for a briefing from secretary of state mike on to any minute now. stock index futures on the green right now. muted, unchanged for the nasdaq. you've got the dow jones up 41 points. you are watching "fbn:am." stay tuned. so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today. ♪there's a me no one knows ♪waiting to be set free so, what's the empty suitcase for? the grand prize trophy ♪i was born to be somebody
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cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected om mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? cheryl: breaking this morning. live pictures from singapore. we are waiting for a briefing from secretary of state mike pompeo. of course this is all headed the big summit between president trump and kim jong un when the secretary of state takes to the podium, we will bring that to you live in moments. kristina: let's see how markets are reacting to the historical meeting. dow jones up 56-point.
5:31 am
s&p 500, to clarify points of and the nasdaq up almost four points. cheryl: let's look at european markets because despite the tense meeting with g7 leaders, all those markets are positive. ftse comest dse 40 and dax serve nicely in the green. kristina: stocks in asian markets mostly higher with japan's nikkei at half a percentage point in south korea's kospi up almost a percentage. that is so busy right now now. potive aoss the board. "fbn:am" continues right now. cheryl: it is now 5:31 a.m. in new york. it is monday, june 11th. good morning, everybody i'm cheryl casone. kristina: and i am christina parsinevelos filling in for lauren simonetti. it's supposed to start at 5:30 this morning. it is set to begin any moment, but we are not seeing any movement on the screen right
5:32 am
now. cheryl: we are monitoring this live picture. deirdre bolton is live in singapore. of course we are waiting to hear from secretary pompeo about what we can expect today. reporter: we certainly are waiting. he will begin begin any minute. we are monitoring that right along with you. i can tell you we have directly from state department source and the meeting and i will read it directly, have been going very well with north korea, but the ambassador came from the u.s. ambassador to the philippines. a direct quote from one of her sources at the state department saying so far so good. so much tension, so much hope. this is an historic meeting of course. president trump and kim jong un sitting down for scheduled to sit down about 15 hours from now. no aid, no staff will be in the room to kick things off, which is highly unusual.
5:33 am
i've been speaking with ambassadors and former ambassadors here in the ground and they say normally for a level of summit come a high-level summit such as this, 99.9% of all of the patterns have been preestablished. even how many steps someone will take to a podium, which later gets to enter which room errs so that nobody is waiting for the other. one diplomat telling me that instead of a 99.9% preplanned event, and this is about a 10% preplanned event. they just let yo know that there is suspense. we know that there was even talk perhaps of kim jong un not coming. most of my sources say and that's not a choice that he's been back into the corner by tough economic sanctions and at this point in north korea there have been dvds smuggled in from south korea. there is an element of the
5:34 am
outside world caffeine and no matter how much kim jong un and the rest of the regime does not necessarily welcome that. there is a group of people in north korea, even at high levels in the government who want to see the society more open. i'm distracted there because they want to let you know mike on pay or just lacking in now. we do expect the briefing to start momentarily. in the meantime, just a very hopeful tone here, but also one that lets us now, as i'm told, could be numerous. back to you in new york. cheryl: thank you for letting us know. deirdre bolton outside the hotel where we expect everything in a moment. thank you very much. we'll take you live to the briefing once it begins. sonant trumpet checking to make history by possibly striking a deal with north korea. the mainstream media to claim this entire disaster. >> what a turn of events seeking peace, picking fights with
5:35 am
friends. >> everybody skepticism is warranted. >> right now it's a huge win for ken. >> will likely be our president violent shaking hands with this murderous thug. >> as president trump if he does, if he doesn't. "washtington examiner" contributor jenna alice and democratic strategist with pennsylvania congressman jason allgeier. guys, good morning. jason, i want to start with you is what you both know we're waiting this briefing by the secretary of state. we'll go live to that so i may have to direct you at any moment. i do want to have a book we see right now, the rhetoric ahead of this. this is of course the negotiation, atl, but the mainstream media mixes, the whole thing will go up in flames. when you make of that? >> of course the mainstream media is doing now. they won't president trump to fail. what is so interesting is the
5:36 am
mainstream media has never had to deal with a president that doesn't care about his optics and is looking at fulfilling his role and responsibility of president been america's advocate rather than just running a reelection campaign. president trump has specifically said his america first and as a pro-american advocate, we saw that in the g7 summit this weekend we continue to see that in the first 500 days. as an american, i'm so proud and encouraged president trump is in singapore today as their advocate. the mainstream media should not want him to fail. they should be encouraged we have such a strong leader right now that doesn't care as much about the optics that he does about getting the job done. cheryl: the president has been by others applauded since he made the summit happening. a big part of this has been the u.n. sanctions. 10 resolutions. 30% of exports out of north korea have disappeared because of the sanctions.
5:37 am
finally, the chinese are willing to get on board and actually handled north korean site we wanted them to for frankly decades. business alternate president trump and as president he and the administration? >> this is an historic event. we need to see what the end is here. the first step in probably a years long process. chairman kim did come in on the chinese plane. i was chinese way of inserting them into the process and letting it be known that his archive. be careful with how you approach the meeting. if there's a denuclearization agreement that eventually comes to this, the first step will be seen as a really historic event, something the president can be proud of. the concern that some democrats have is they are doing and sundance right now before anything has even happened. the expectations are very high, but we will see what happens. no american president has ever
5:38 am
met with the north korean leader before. that in itself is the tree of the president and a victory for ken the north koreans. that is where we are starting from. we will see what happens tomorrow. cheryl: jeni, want to talk about what we expec as far as the meeting goes. about 10% of this is planned. a lot of it not. it is going to be at the capello hotel on the island off the coast of singapore. what is interesting about this is a luxury hotel, to presidential suites. that's very interesting. you know, this location will be taking place 9:00 a.m. local time here in new york and it is a two-hour face-to-face. two hours between these leaders with just translators only. that is a long time to have to world leaders in the room with just translators. it may be unprecedented frankly.
5:39 am
>> it is a long time, but at the same time it's been a long time coming. this is something that is an historic meeting that's never happened with united states president in the north korean leader. speaking as an attorney he's done a lot of negotiations. two hours is not a lot of time especially when you do have to have the give-and-take between translators. they have a lot of business to get done. this isn't something they've been able to do via e-mail and things like that. they had to sit down and come face-to-face and there's no one i would trust more than president trump been a very strong american advocate in that room. two hours is a long time for someone who has such negotiations, but at the end of the day, two hours isn't that much when we have so much at stake for america in the rest of the world. >> jason, too, to her point about the two hours that a long time, but after that senior officials will be entering that room and of course ambassador john bolton, general kelly, mike
5:40 am
pompeo looking at these live pictures we're waiting to hear from the secretary of state and this is a white house briefing if you will come to senior white house administration officials waiting for the secretary of state. it's interesting because john bolton, those comments about libya and that is what almost derailed the summit at one point, jason, was the comparison to libya. we know how that worked out for moammar gadhafi. reporter: certainly come i can does not want that to happen in north korea. he understands there's a president very serious about the possibility of that is the underlying tone for this entire medium. to start the meeting with two hours of notice half. we have a president who's known to wing it, to do things off the cuff and be a little unorthodox. that's an interesting scenario to start the meeting and it's a little concerning that is the way they are going to start. the meeting then continues and
5:41 am
if the north koreans are serious about this and there could be verifiable denuclearization, that is certainly worthy of discussions. the american flag to give something in return. there is talk of lifting some of the sanctions. i'm sure chairman kim will talk about the military presence america has in japan and south korea and so the devils going to be in the details. the fact that the meeting is occurring at all is a victory for both countries. >> that goes to the fact they will have to bring us all back home. the senate will have to be involved of course from the constitution side of all of this. at the same time, he just made a really good point about possible troop drawdown. remember that kim jong un had a meeting with the south korean, which was then canceled because he was upset about the fact we had drills going on in the south china sea. he was upset we had this military camaraderie if you will. he took that as a threat we were doing our annual drills with the
5:42 am
south koreans in the waters off the coast, off the mainland. what does that say too i guess the personality if you will kim jong un un, sensitivity to the military presence and also the amount of troops we have stationed right now in japan and open our to be more specific with you. >> yeah, of course kimmel can't do this on that this is the world stage and everyone is focused on singapore right now he wants to make sure he saves space and represents his country'terest in his own personal interests very well. and so, there will be that negotiation. president trump has remained very strong, even with the willingness to withdraw from the summit and say i'm going to leave the tablei think that kimt trump is going to be very strong. cheryl: i need to interrupt you right now. we are looking at white house press at white house press secretary sarah sanders right now taking the podium.
5:43 am
but if we can go ahead and listen to her. >> we will keep this short. like to welcome the secretary of state, mike pompeo who answer questions specific to the summit that will take race tomorrow and will be around to follow-up with other questions beyond that. thanks so much. mr. secretary. >> good afternoon. i want to give an update in advance of president trump summit with chairman kim jong un. as the president said on saturday, this is truly a mission of peace. this afternoon the president called prime minister abe of japan and president moon and south korea. earlier today, our ambassador that with jason white and the north korean delegation. the talks continue this
5:44 am
afternoon, even as we sit here now. they are in fact moving quite rapidly and we anticipate they will come to their logical conclusion even more quickly than we had anticipated. before discussing the summit, i want to address a report in "the new york times" that suggested the u.s. team? the technical expertise. i want to address that report directly. for over three months an interagency working group of over 100 experts that multiple times per week to address technical and logistical issues associated with dismantling north korea's weapons programs. they include experts from the military charge of dismantling nuclear weapons, the department of energy including experts from doa live in officials from the intelligence community covering north korea. the same experts also cover north korea's nuclear chemical, biological weapons. these experts include dozens of
5:45 am
phd's who have expertise in nuclear weapons to fill cycles, chemical and biological weapons, advanced degrees in nuclear engineering, physics, chemistry, aerospace, biology and other relevant field. on the ground in singapore we have a team that includes the president been your most experts weapons of mass destruction who can cover any technical means that the meetings they present. any suggestion that the united states cannot? the technical expertise across government or on the ground here in singapore is mistaken. north korea has previously confirmed to us its willingness to do nuclear red and we are eager to see if those words prove sincere. the fact that our two leaders are sitting down face-to-face is a sign of the enormous potential to accomplish something that will immensely benefit both of our peoples in the entire world. president trump believes that kim jong un has an unprecedented
5:46 am
opportunity to change this project to reach of our relationship and bring peace and press verity to his country. we are hopeful the summit will have set the conditions for future productive talks. in light of how many flimsy agreement demanded tape was made in previous years, this president will ensure the potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat. the ultimate objective from diplomacy with north korea has not changed. the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korea pennant to is the only outcome that the united states will accept. sanctions will remain until north korea completely verifiably other than its weapons of mass destruction programs. if diplomacy does not build in the right direction and we are hopeful it will continue to do so, those measures will increase. president trump recognizes germans can desire for security and is prepared to ensure north
5:47 am
korea is free of weapons of mass destruction is also a secure north korea. the president also expressed openness to expanding access to foreign investment and other economic opportunities for north korea if they take the right steps. all the preparations for the summit have come together very nicely. the president met this afternoon with minister lee of singapore who has an important opportunity to thank the prime minister of singapore for his partnership in making this summit a reality. singapore is home to over 4000 american companies that is a long-standing commercial partner and we thank them for their help in making this summit what it is. the president a chance to visit with their embassy team in singapore and thank them for their tireless work to make this summit a success. for example, tamara summit there will be some 5000 members of the media from all over the world that will be covering this is eric event.
5:48 am
president trump is going to diminish confidence, positive attitude and eagerness for real progress. he's made it clear that kim jong un do nuclear rises there is a brighter future for north korea. tomorrow we will get our clearest indications today of whether chairman kim jong un truly shares this division. i'm happy to take a couple questions. [inaudible] [inaudible]
5:49 am
>> there is no shift in the policy. it is the case that we are prepared to make security assurances necessary for north korea to engage in the denuclearization. we are prepared to take actions that will provide them sufficient certainty that they can be comfortable that the oppe to a brighter, better future for the north korean people. >> following that point, mr. secretary, under the umbrella security assurances, would that mean removing forces insert korea. is that something you're going to discuss directly? >> go not getting to the detailed discussions we've had today. i can only say this. we are prepared to take what will be security assurances that are different, unique and has been provided, then america's been willing to provide
5:50 am
previously. we think this is both necessary and appropriate. >> would it be erroneous to assume that's not on the table? >> i don't give any detail today that some question deposit has any merit. if you hypothesize something that's in it and i refuse to tell you
5:51 am
5:52 am
always a hypothesis thatt was somewhere along the way the americans would take their foot off and allow those economic opportunities for the north and thereby reduce the capacity to actually achieve the deal. we are not going to do that. these dis that take place between chairman kim and president trump will set the framork for the hard work that will follow. we will see how far we can. but i am very optimistic that we will have a successful outcome from tomorrow's meeting between these two leaders. in each of those two countries there are only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude in those two people are sitting in a room together tomorrow. >> the president said you'll
5:53 am
know in a minute whether kim is serious based on his field. these are complex moves and issues with tens of millions in the crosshairs. is it wise for the president to be going on his guide and have you you established any specific criteria for conditions that lead him to lock out tomorrow? he met the president fully prepared tomorrow. an opportunity to make sure he's had a chance to hear lots of different voices. all of the opportunities and risks than that we have put the two leaders in the right place. as i said in answer to the previous question, president trump has truly laid out a process here that is different than the ones we've gone through before and i expect that the process from tomorrow for work will also be fundamentally different with the resolved america working to provide an outcome that benefits both countries. that is different than what we've done before.
5:54 am
[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> i'll take take your second one first. i think the hypothesis is ludicrous. the united states has been
5:55 am
fooled before. ere's no doubt about it. many presidents previously has signed off on pieces of paper only to find that the north koreans either didn't promise what we thought they had there actually reneged on their promises. but it matters. we are going to ensure that we set up a system that we are able to verify these outcomes and it's only once does he have been that we will perceive the pace. that is what has been missed before. go back to reagan, trust but verify. at the end of the day, both countries will have to come to have sufficient trust in each other and do the verification that each country needs to be provided to things called for the week of may 2 in the various documents re-sign both tomorrow presented document and if we sign subsequent documents, we will each have to ensure that we do the things come and take actions knossos terry and when they do will have a verified
5:56 am
deal and we can get that far we will have had in historic change here in southeast asia, north asia and all around the world. >> mr. secretary comment this morning -- [inaudible] >> well, i came hereay in singapore to talk about north korea. but i am happy to talk about with our european partners as well. we wouldn't be in this place. we wouldn't have this historic opportunity without the diplomatic work that's been done by our european partners. president trump has led an enormous coalition including
5:57 am
those g-7 partners to which you refer, will help us get to this point, have every expect a shame that they'll continue to do that. there are always irritants in relationships and i'm very confident the relationships between our countries come in the united states and the g7 countries will continue to be a move forward on a strong basis. i am unconcerned about our capacity to continue to do what we need to do to get the outcome we look for north korea as a result of what you described having taken place in canada. >> thank you. cheryl: looks like that is the end of the briefing. where are expecting to hear back from white house press secretary rah sanders. but that is the end. a lot of headlines covered by the secretary of state. bursty talk about the fact president trump did call prime minister abe of japan but then
5:58 am
to address a "new york times" article speaking about the fact if we do enter into north korea, art to monitor and helped end the nuclear race dependency a few well that the u.s. is not prepared for that. the secretary of state on the fence about the assertions that we do not have the technical expertise if he will to monitor these sites and take down these nuclear testing facilities. 30 to 60 nuclear weapons right now. >> even more when you talk about the testing and building sites. he also did process that they only want completely nuclear station. they are not going to wave away from the economic sanctions in place. also setting the tone that president trump has been preparing for this on the plane ride. they walked in with all those boxes and that they do one of free weapons of mass destruction within north korea appeared cheryl: some of the questions we heard as well, of course the white house press corps wants to know what are we willing to offer north koreans during the
5:59 am
summit? he said i'm not going to tell you frankly. obviously, one of those concessions may be the offer to do a troop withdrawal, whether in japan or more particular in south korea. he was not going to answer those questions. a lot of speculation in the intelligence community that that is part of our concessions to them. again, president trump come through my pompeo just now, absolute denuclearization is the goal. completely nuclear station of the peninsula. to your point, a lot of questions about is the president prepared. he was on air force one with 15 boxes of information. the press corps really harping on is he prepared >> that is the concern. there is a change of tone, that they did say might pompeo sand that tomorrow will be the clearest indication of what's going to happen in his prepared
6:00 am
going into the meeting to see if it's going to be complete denuclearization. cheryl: -- that is part of the united states, but also the united nations remember. we would like to thank you all for joining fbi and this morning. we sent it over to maria bartiromo. >> thank you here counting down to the north korean senate right now. the meeting between president trump and kim jong un hours away. final preparation after both leaders rise in singapore. i pompeo wrapped up a news conference a short time ago. watch. >> any flimsy agreements united states has made in previous years, they will ensure that no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat. the ultimate objective of secret diplomacy with north korea has not changed. the complete


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