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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 11, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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going into the meeting to see if it's going to be complete denuclearization. cheryl: -- that is part of the united states, but also the united nations remember. we would like to thank you all for joining fbi and this morning. we sent it over to maria bartiromo. >> thank you here counting down to the north korean senate right now. the meeting between president trump and kim jong un hours away. final preparation after both leaders rise in singapore. i pompeo wrapped up a news conference a short time ago. watch. >> any flimsy agreements united states has made in previous years, they will ensure that no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat. the ultimate objective of secret diplomacy with north korea has not changed. the complete verifiable and
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irreversible denuclearization of the korea peninsula is the only outcome the united states will accept. >> joining us now, former state department senior adviser under president trump and president george w. bush from the north korean rights deputy, special envoy with us this morning. good to see you. thanks for joining us. a lot has taken place already this morning. your reaction. >> it's looking good. the most significant is was basically their initial interactions with the north korean delegations have gone well and what they're trying to accomplish what ended sooner than expected. and still an atmosphere of realistic optimism. secretary of state may be not very well taken a shot at "the new york times" for a little bit of fake news and basically assuring us, this is a key point that the president isn't winging it and has in fact done a lot of
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preparation. whever president trump will support the enormous amount of classified information that travels with him. nothing out of the ordinary here. >> why should we look at in terms of success? what should we be watching for in a meeting the next couple of hours? >> what the president having one-on-one plus translators first up will be interesting if we get any glimpse of the atmospherics after that. the president is extremely candid and if there's any talk about maximum pressure, what the term for sanctions that were done since the beginning and is set aside for the negotiations. any reference to that would be very bad. any would be very bad. the flipside of the zen exemption of the summit, additional things coming under the schedule that may not have been anticipated would be a good time. dagen: it is dagen mcdowell. how closely are the north korean delegations and even kim jong un
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paying attention to the body language of the secretary of state might pompeo at this point? he has a very different presentation than the president, but his words dovetail with the message from president trump. >> i think that's a key point to north koreans are looking at this very intently trying to read people. they will a lot more that information because there means to collect and technical intelligence from satellites and things like that is a lot less than our capabilities for other nations because they are in a situation. the secretary's confidence especially talking about the canadian prime minister and french presidents in german chance to retrain to gang up on the president didn't work. you see the president with italy's president of japan's prime minister standing up against the nonsense that have been there and pompeo sand that doesn't matter.
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in fact, north koreans will determine what happens is a sign of strength. they will be browbeaten to go along get along. they'll stand up for the interests. maria: the president took jabs at the canadian prime minister following the summit. and he withdraw it after trudeau criticized u.s. tariffs. the president treated to us. fair is now to be called full trade if it is not reciprocal according to a canada release they make almost $100 billion in trade with the united states. minimum is 17 billion. 270% and then justin asked her when caught out. the criticism did not stop there. watch. >> you really actually did a great disservice to the whole g7.
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>> there's a special place in for any foreign leader that engages in that space diplomacy with president donald jay trump and then tries to stab him in the back of the way out the door. that is what bad-faith justin trudeau did with that stunt press conference. that is what we, dishonest justin trudeau did not come straight from air force one. maria: wow, what do you think? >> trudeau was playing a dangerous and disingenuous game. they really was underhanded what he did. he's putting canadian workers in extreme danger. the administration has been talking about further sanctions under section 232 conversations taking to to protect key strategic industries. there was talk about auto and auto parts terrorist that was perhaps the year ahead. you are now going to see that accelerate dramatically. a few exports to the united states the united states are not a parts comedic to $64 billion. for% of canada's gdp that got
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put at risk because of what justin trudeau did. canada about 25% of its gdp is tied to trade of the united dates were only 2% of our gdp is. we have the influence here. they have a bunch of terrapin nontariff trade including lumber that are just unfair need to be equalized. i think nafta is in serious trouble. it's more likely limit the bilateral deal with mexico and make the bilateral deal with canada. dagen: discussed my first question. it is dagen mcdowell about mike pompeo and presenting the message from the trump administration in a measured way. there is only one president trump. when you have people who work within the white house going out and saying things like there's a special place for foreign leaders who don't negotiate good faith, is that more hurtful than
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helpful? you seen it with rudy giuliani in the comments he made about kim jong un. he's representing the president of the special counsel and talking about the north korea summit. again, does there need to be a more concise, careful measured message out of the white house? >> no, that was very concise. but conlon navarro said, i don't have any special information, but they wouldn't have said those things without looking from air force one. the two gentlemen are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to trade, a little closer to the establishment and the borough wants a lot of change is a trade how, but they have the same message. frankly, we heard this a little bit from secretary pompeo basically saying yes, europeans are doing good things, but frankly outside of the context of the g7. they should go into history and
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emerge in the 1970s in the wake of the breakdown of bretton woods financial agreement. to get rich capitalist countries together to do things. aside from beating us up on trade, the other topics for climate change in gender equality. this does not justify the massive expense to do these things. maria: i mean, do you agree that he stabbed the u.s. in the back? >> absolutely. negotiated in bad faith and signaling that maybe we can reach an agreement. frankly the canadians have been negotiating in bad faith. they know that we want changes to nafta dragging their feet. also common. into the white house that they are engaged in a lobbying campaign. lobbying our governors. dagen: i want to point out that peter navarra and broder phrase from madeleine albright. that was the first thing that
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made my ears burned. again, words matter. >> words do matter. i'm interested to see how people react to sleep. a lot of people are very favorable to the president, hopeful things will getone and will really fight for the american worker. on the other hand, i'm not sure some of this language and rhetoric will make people very nervous and i don't know what that means for the midterms for the independent voters to swing both ways. do you think it will have an impact? >> when ronald reagan went to the berlin wall and said tear down this wall, all of the experts thought that was terribly provocative. his own secretary of state, that you can't go and say that. the speechwriter docketed. this candid talk canada really has a good deal. >> that's not about a person.
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not going after somebody's character. >> it again, trudeau has been negotiating in bad faith this and also using disingenuous argument, talking about steel tariffs we put on to defend industries that we want here for strategic purposes. flipping around and think canada will not attack the u.s. that is just not addressing the topic really been trying to rally macron. that's another thing. the idea that the g7 is unified against does. you saw the picture with the contentious moment between merkel and trump and prime minister abe of japan looks like frankly use of upper and trump side and were skeptical about urkel was saying. notably, the italian president came out in support of president trump on adding russia back to the g8. i think barry's basically this usual attempt by france, germany and the left-wing government to think they can browbeat donald
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trump to backing up what he needs to do a once due in trade. that was a miscalculation and the people will pay the worst price or canadian workers in manufacturing employees. maria: a lot of body language there. as for weighing in. we appreciate it. we are headed back to singapore now. president trump the north korean leader kim jong un for the historic face-to-face meeting. we just heard from the secretary of state joining us now with the latest. good morning to. reporter: good morning, maria. as you mentioned, the secretary of state rap in his 20 minute press briefing taking questions at the end. a few comments that stood out to me. one in particular, the outcome this time feels optimistic because the process is different. the secretary of state said this time the outcome will be different. he has knowledge that north korea in the past has told us that's actually a direct quote
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from him in the sense that either they promise and we didn't follow up for there is a general misunderstanding into what was agreed on. the secretary of state said i'm not going to get too many details about what exactly the process is. he just assured us all in the room that the process is different. so he went back to a line from president reagan saying trust but verify. that is very much on the topic of denuclearization, front and center. the missiles in secondary from what i can in a tertiary level, either cybersecurity or human rights, perhaps both, but it's clear denuclearization is front and center. the secretary of state also saying that if north korea does not agree to those terms, the u.s. will not take its foot off the pedal, off the sanctions that many people have said have actually brought kim jong un to the table, and made him more
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willing to be more open and construct a new feature in the korean peninsula and a different future for the world. in general come the secretary of state's comments about having optimism. here it is. >> i'm optimistic we'll have a successful outcome between these two leaders. it's the case in each of those two countries there were only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude in those two people are sitting in the room together tomorrow. >> sitting in the room together with note dates. only translators, so that is certainly unprecedented as it is to actually having sitting u.s. president meet directly with the north korean leader. secretary of state pompeo saying president trump is ready. for reappeared maria: deirdre, we will be watching. thank you had more updates for you on the historic summit later this morning. we will go back and forth to singapore. a u.s. air force fighter jet has
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under investigation right now. fox con is launching an investigation into workplace conditions in a factory that makes amazon devices. coming after watchdog group called the commission's appalling the factory is successive hours on workers with low wages and inadequate training. the group claimed the fact or he has fire safety, pushing it to reform fox con to which almost makes my funds in 2010 for several suicide in china because of harsh weather conditions. kkr is nearly country nearing a deal for $555 billion.
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division provides physician services to hospitals and other facilities. it has been conducting an option since last fallut the deal could be worth $10 billion. that would include making it one of the largest recent leveraged youts this scene. shares trading higher in the premarket. shares of kkr up 9% so far this year and also higher in the premarket. well, the first lady stepping into the spotlight to pay tribute to abraham lincoln. melania trum an annual gala at porsche theatre in washington d.c. the event honors people who embody the six and legacy by awarding them the link and title and a quote from her and about the power they are tied in cultivating the american voice. and if i say she looks gorgeous and i hope she's feeling much, much better after surgery. for reappeared maria: there she is making her appearance.
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the mainstream media, where a, where a shake, where she? she had surgery. that's where she was. >> she was her crew parading and now she's out and about. maria: she didn't go to singapore because it just up. doctors said she couldn't travel. dozens of people forced from their homes in colorado as wildfires are raging there. we will take you there for the incredible pictures. the struggle on getti the blaze under control. justify makes history this weekend. taken at all the way to the bank. the staggering amounts of triple crown winner is now worth. back in a moment right here. ♪ mom? dad? hi!
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maria: is exciting. the triple crown winner justified the most viable force in history. jared maxon sports. >> good morning, maria. thursday the capitals on friday the warriors. justify one for states to complete. justify undefeated over six career races. the same farm for the 2015 triple crown winner. the right to produce the offspring is 5 million more. justify still will continue despite the record stud fee. we've never seen a more dominant tennis player.
6:24 am
the 32-year-old from a repressed they not only won his second french open sunday, but became the first player in the open era to win the same grand slam tournament 11 times. for regarding sebastian beddoe, the canadian grand prix, the biggest highlight her lowly, supermodel when a hurler wade the checkered flag two laps too soon. >> waiting for the leader in the checkered flag. there he is. a little bit too premature. >> he was worried the fans had run out the track to celebrate. i told them on the last lap waving flags and celebrating because we are still going to lopez. they cause them to lose seconds. following instructions later addressing the mistake by a
6:25 am
treat. the voice from shaggy the song, wasn't me. when they tell you to wave the flag lap too early, but am so grateful no one was hurt. u.s. open to stop thursday. thursday, going to play with dustin johnson who did this yesterday to reclaim the world number one ranking. over 170-yard when the saint jude by six shots. phil mickelson had a strong sunday as well with 65 yesterday and host it this momentum going into the u.s. open on thursday. dagen: preview of the u.s. open next hour for markov sports reporters. live next week at the open as well. maria: it's already here before we know. showing tiger woods had a hit
6:26 am
areas. maria: what are you expecting? i don't think you win but he will compete in an exciting tournament. dustin johnson went to reclaim number one, number two in a firmer one tiger. great stuff. you've got your golf shoes ready? dagen: i pulled them out of the closet. trade to me, too. >> magic eraser, the mr. clean magic eraser mixture you really get discussed off your shoes. >> a guide here on 48th street does a great job. dagen: they are not tennis shoes. by the way, a southern girl knows how to shine her own shoes. maria: come on, jerry. don't forget to join us thursday and friday lives when we take a show for the u.s. open and catch
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and unleash your incredible, only at a sleep number store. disney pixar's incredibles 2, in theaters june fifteenth. maria: welcome back, good monday morning, thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is monday june 11th, 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. hours away from the historic summit between president trump and kim jong un. both leaders arrived in singapore yesterday as final preparations for two hour meeting are being made. secretary of state pompeo spoke at news conference last hour. >> this is truly a mission of peace, the talks continue this afternoon even as we sit here now. they're in fact, moving quite rapidly and we anticipate they will come to logical conclusion even more quickly than we had anticipated. maria: meanwhile a war of words, president trump taking aim at canadian prime minister trudeau targeting about tariffs on u.s.
6:31 am
exports. wall street gears up for busy week as investors wait federal reserve, we are expecting fed to raise interest rates and announce on wednesday. futures indicating gain, dow industrials up 30 points. s&p 500 and nasdaq pretty much close to flat line. on friday markets finished week in up note, dow with 75 points, a third of a percent. s&p was up a third of a percent and nasdaq up a fraction. in europe markets up, dax index in germany, half a percent. 58 points higher. cac quarante in paris is up a fraction. in asia overnight markets closed mostly higher with the exception of shanghai. best performer was korea. up three quarters of colorado. in colorado raging wild fire forcing evacuation of more than
6:32 am
2,000 homes, doubled in size over the weekend. it is expected to grow. after robert de niro throws frveción-bombs at president trump again, this time at tony awards, the outrage coming up this morning and bitcoin taking big hit overnight. prices drop 10% as crypto currency was hacked. first top stories this half an hour, president trump and north korean leader kim jong un are in singapore preparing for historic face to face meeting. deidra bolton, good evening to you. >> hey, maria, we heard from the secretary of state, of course, mike pompeo talking about the plans but saying he's not going to give too many details to the prez but say it is process is different referring in the past, of course, when times when north korea has lied about what it was going to do or not and made it very clear, maria, there is one acceptable outcome. here is the secretary of state.
6:33 am
>> this president will ensure that no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat. the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed. the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korea peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. >> secretary of state is speaking from a time back to reagan, a trust but verified but he's very clear saying the u.s. is not going back off sanctions until that one solid goal has been met, of course, the two leaders are going to sit down pretty much one-on-one tomorrow morning, maria, only the translator will be present. that is how both kim jong un and president trump will be starting the day tomorrow and, of course, this is historic. the first time a u.s. sitting president will meet directly with a north korean leader. there are so many firsts to this, many patterns being
6:34 am
broken, so many diplomats that we have been speaking here, 99.9% of small steps are planned well in advance, this time is about 10% but they feel like because president trump is doing things differently, he is not perhaps weighed down by the same political baggage as former administrations have been so there is a lot of hope, there is a lot of oimism especially for, of course, the korean peninsula, all of asia and globally as well, maria. maria: pretty incredible, we will get more on your updates later on this morning and later throughout the day. major story this half an hour, the department of justice inspector general is set to release report on fbi's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation this thursday, june 14th, many on the gop side believe that this could reveal the laws were in fact, broken during course of investigation. joining me now chris, former fbi assistant director. chris, good to see you this
6:35 am
morning, thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> what are your expectations for this report, do you think the ig will be thorough enough to say that the clinton e-mail investigation was biased from the beginning? >> i think that's narrowly nstructive as it could get away with but still very important information there regarding peter strzok, page, comey, the attorney general herself. the only one that's still left with the fbi and on the roles is peter strzok and i'm pretty sure he will get fired. there may be criminal investigations for comey's theft of government property, the memos and the laundering of the leaks through third party. i think there's quite a bit there. we already know that mccabe is under consideration for an indictment and i think the report that was specifically focused on mccabe was compelling not only did he leak but he tried to frame -- the head of
6:36 am
the new york office and the washington field office as the leaker and then he lied about the investigators and what they asked him after they showed three pages of notes that they had, indeed, asked them the questions. >> so the senate judiciary committee will be first at bat to interview michael horowitz so i asked senator graham along with congressman goodlatte, his committee will also interview them both if laws were broken. >> i believe that michael steele who was the confidential informant used by the fbi and the department of justice to prepare the dossier was told or he told the fbi i'm not talking to the press and actually he did. i think he gave false information to the fbi. >> i do believe that there have been laws broken. i think that the matter with regard to andrew mccabe and leaked related to that reflect
6:37 am
on that. maria: do you agree with that, chris, that laws were broken and will we see accountability here? >> i think it's very possible that laws were broken. there's a very good point there that was just raised and that is the dossier and the predication for the investigation. that is very critical. i hope the ig addresses it. i'm not sure he really will. i think the focus was on e-mail investigation and the events surrounding, possibly the clinton foundation as well. i hope it gets into the predication because that will sen segue into the use of informant if it's a properly predicated the use of informant would be improper, i'm curious as to whether they go into all of that. lee lie you -- lee: you say the investigation is narrowly focused, what is the process that we need to go
6:38 am
through to understand what happened here and who is at all the? >> well, first understand that -- that the inspector general is basicall interl affairs for the department of justice so -- they come in and address misconduct on the part of justice department employees, that can be -- that's why i say i think -- i'm afraid this is going to be too narrowly focused because many employees are no longer with the justice department and the best they could do is recommend criminal charges, they can't fire them obviously at this point. my worry is that -- that this inspector general does not want to get into things that are -- what he might consider to be political and not related to the e-mail investigation specifically the trump investigation, a separate matter. i think that is being treated separately by him and we will see an entirely different investigation report around that. maria: yeah, meanwhile house intelligence committee chairman
6:39 am
nunes sent letter to rod rosenstein setting tomorrow as deadline to receive doj documents related to fbi's informant case in the trump campaign. does the doj actually have to hand the information over, if they don't, arehere consequences because devin nunes has been trying to get this information out for months? >> well, i was taught at the fbi academy that you never give up informants, there are two kinds of informants, cooperating witnesses and true inform ants, true informants are never revealed. you go to jail before you reveal identity. if this person was -- a file was created as a true informant, then they're not going to give it up but i go back to original, the original premise of was this investigation properly predicated, were there sufficient credible facts to open up the investigation, if that were the case, the use an informant would be routine. so you have to go all the way back was there sufficient information credible information
6:40 am
to open up the innovation begin with. maria: right. >> but they are not going give up the identity of the informant. maria: the issue is you had the same people overseeing the investigations, peter strzok, being andrew mccabe overseeing the e-mail investigation over hillary clinton and the trump investigation into potential collusion with russia which we are still waiting for which, of course, there was absolutely no evidence and what devin nunes is trying to find out, why did you launch an investigation into donald trump in the first place, there was no official intelligence used, so that's the difference in terms of the two investigations, one was launched on nothing and one was treated very, you know, very softly. >> it's the contrast between the two investigations, i think, that gets people upset. there's all-out investigation based on thin threat of predication on the president -- investigation of the president -- maria: exactly.
6:41 am
>> the agents in new york were livid about that as well as the clinton e-mail investigation which used none of the basic tools that you use in investigation including grand jury, i can name about a dozen techniques that weren't used in the investigation. maria: you think tt the new york agents were livid over the handling of the clinton investigation? >> i think that's why that bizarre press conference was held so that these agents could be sort of placated. maria: i see. >> decline to prosecute which is not the fbi's role, it's illegal, it's not their role to make decisions in that case but he decided to compromise and hold the press conference. maria: that's interesting. thank you so much. chris swecker joining us there. massive wild fire in colorado, the blaze is expected to keep growing, we will tell you the impact. bitcoin big slide over the
6:42 am
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maria: welcome back, home own homeowners in california given . cheryl: dry conditions fueling the flames as it ripped through 16,000 acres near durango, historic scenic railroad populist with tourists stopped running because of the fire, only 10% contained right now. officials still do not know what sparked it, the fire the largest of several burning right now in california. -- colorado. well, we are watching bitcoin. it's trading sharply lower after
6:46 am
crypto currency exchange in south korea was hacked. 6,767. this happened at small coin exchange called rail. it may have be as much as $40 million. bitcoin has given more of it's half of value and down sharply of nearly $20,000 that we saw late last year. well, moving moment at the tony awards last night, students from stoneman douglas high school taking the stage at radio city music hall. ♪ ♪ cheryl: that, of course, was seasons of love, emotional rendition bringing audience of a lot of big celebrities that their feet.
6:47 am
5 months since people were killed in parkland, florida. but singing a completely tune was actor robert de niro who had choice words for president trump when he took the stage. >> i'm going to say one thing. [cheers and applause] >> it's no longer down -- it's -- [cheers and applause] cheryl: well, de niro received standing ovation for that jab at the president. the nice big winner we should say was the visit, that play was supposed to be amazing. tony got political, you knew it was going to happen. it did. back to you. maria: before we talk about that, there was one act that i happened to catch when i put it on, it was on the island or -- fantastic. i thought it was so great. once from the silent. [laughter] maria: i will get it eventually. robert de niro. what is going on with robert de
6:48 am
niro? god. lee: there's a level of anger there that's astounding. it's such a contrast. it teaches empathy and clearly robert de niro has lost the ability to have empathy for anybody who doesn't agree with him. that's astounding. maria: more than that. the guy is angry. dagen: what if a conservative had sto up there and said that about president clinton when he was in office or president obama. lee: on the eve of one of the biggest negotiations that north korea summit that's coming up. it's significant. dagen: it's okay and gets standing ovation. this is why trump won in 2016. this is why trumpon. again, it's a complete disconnect and it's a focus and a rage and a growing manufactured rage at one individual and the way he communicates and it just -- it ignores all of the problems that were plaguing the country and why he was elected.
6:49 am
maria: what gets me when he stands up and goes like this, like everybody agrees with him. he's in such a world of his own that he thinks everybody agrees with him. dagen: they do, the people on the audience agree with him. maria: they give standing ovation which is incredible. lee: people cheering against the president, i just don't understand that. do we want to lose, do we want do we not want to succeed? maria: senator lindsey graham said message, this is important moment in time, get behind the president, republicans an democrats. dagen: the machine who pardoned jack johnson, who pardoned a woman who was in prison frankly unjustly for a drug offense and, again, can you focus -- in one breathe focus on the good things that the man has done, just one breathe. maria: he doesn't have the ability to do it, of -- obvious. lee: it's about celebrating
6:50 am
theater, focus on that. maria: we don't get it. coming up nothing like a sharp-dressed man, guys can get an entire custom made wardrobe and as simple as selfie, wait till you see this. ♪ this is not just a yard. it's where memories are made. and you have the best seat in the house. the john deere x350 select series with the exclusive mulchcontrol™ system. nothing runs like a deere™
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6:53 am
maria: welcome back, custom fit men's clothing, there's an app for that. men measurements with smartphone cameras, joining us founder and
6:54 am
ceo. really exciting her tell us how your app works? >> you put your phone down, you stand 6 feet away, you do a single spin and that's it. our patent-pending measurement technology measures you 20% more accurately than a provingal tailor. how do you know the exact sizes? >> that's the math and computer science that went into developing that. me and my cofounder went to stanford university, that's how we came up with the whole idea. we knew we could measure you accurately than professional tailor just using your phone. >> one of my arm is longer than the other. not that the audience cares. you can factor that me with me spinning around with 20 or 30 seconds? >> yes, not only factor that in, since we make it custom we can correct for that and so even if you walk into a brook's brothers and you tell them that, they can't grab you a shirt that will
6:55 am
fit you but we can make you one that fits you the first time. lee: this happens two weeks. tell us the process, how does it work? >> you get measured, you order on your phone, we digitally make your pattern, it gets made and shipped directly to you. so everything is made on demand perfectly custom for you, there's no, you know, tailoring or adjusting sizes, everything is made perfectly for you and that's shirts, jeans, suits, one of most popular is custom jeans which is really fun, more casual than you think of for a normal custom clothing. maria: just men, you don't women? >> mostly men. dagen: this seems like something that -- you can shoot the idea, you make more money off of if you license it to other clothing manufacturers and retailers and it would open the door instead of just opening your own clothing company? >> yeah, we are -- i think there are a lot of benefits to doing it ourselves. we are very integrated and fitting process works really
6:56 am
well because we control the whole thing but we are actually -- we are open the partnerships where we can get the technology and this experience into more americans hands because that's what's really exciting for me. maria: how is the audience, the reception been and who is the the audience right now, is it younger people or, you know, who who know the app or across the board? >> i would say it's across the board. i mean, we have customers, you know, obviously my dad is a big customer. people graduating from college to first job. everyone who wants to look good and not spend hours and hours doing it. maria: price? >> shirts at $69 with free shipping, money back guaranty, under two weeks. maria: good deal. >> in all the trade talk, where are the items being made? >> in bangladesh in a manufacturing facility that we are very integrated with to make sure that we have the fastest delivery time basically in the custom business and i've been there many times to make sure
6:57 am
that the factory treats their workers ethically. maria: has this trade conversation impacted you? >> well, when it's just conversation it never impacts you. but if things are really passed, we will see where it goes from there. maria: we will leave it there, good to see you, congratulations. interesting company, check it out. still ahead u.s. open teeing off later this week, tiger woods is on the hunt for first major title in ten years. we get the preview next hour mornings with maria, stay with us. playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere.
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>> maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us this morning. m mari bartiromo. it is monday, june 11th. your top stories right now. we're counteringown to the north korea summit, the meeting between president trump and kim jong un hours away now. both leaders arrived in singapore yesterday. mike pompeo gave his insights. >> if kim jong un denuclearizes there is a brighter future for north korea. >> maria: well take you live to singapore coming up this morning. a trade war of words, president trump taking on american allies at the g-7, especially canada and the european union over trade policies. we're looking at where our relationship stands coming up. he global markets are mostly higher this morning.
7:01 am
in the us, futures pointing to a mixed opening, the dow industrials up 3 point 13 point. investors are awaiting the federal reserve decision later this week. the central bank is expected to raise interest rates and announce that move on wednesday. this after modest gains on friday, the major indices rising for the week dow industrials up a third of a percent, s&p and nasdaq also higher on friday. in europe this morning, gains across the board. fq100 up almost a percent, the dax index up almost half a percent. in asia overnight, markets were mostly higher. a wall of lava, new shocking images from hawaii show that molten rock busted through the window of a home, destroyed by the wil kill kilauea volcano. we'll take you there. jack dorsey caves to pressure, he was forced to apologize for eat at chick-fil-a over liberal
7:02 am
backlash, wait until you hear this. the u.s. open tees off this week. we have a preview later this hour, before we take the show live to shinikok hills,e'll originate from right there. joining me to talk about this is dagen mcdowell, mitch rochell and lee carter. great to see everybody this morning. >> great do be here. >> maria: what a week. >> so much to talk about. >> it's unbelievable. >> north korea, the g-7. >> three pages of topics. >> maria: we've got the summit with president trump and then the federal reserve, two day meetings, the ecb meeting on thursday as well. >> and the i.g. report. >> dagen: things going on in the markets, i print out stories from the wall street journal every morning. you've got the federal reserve meeting, emerging market, a route in assets in the emerging markets, questions about consistent dacontagion andautomk
7:03 am
to -- ramping up risk to get more customers. how much are you stretching to increase auto sales. that's a hug issue in the cnt. >> maria: we've seen cracks in the auto sector. >> the rise in subprime auto is scary too. >> maria: president trump is preparing to meet with kim jong un in a few hours, working to narrow out the differences on ending a nuclear standoff. deirdre bolton is on the ground in singapore this morning with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, maria. 14 hours away from thistoc first when president trump sits in the same room with kim jong un, so the only time in history that a sitting u.s. president has met directly with a north korean leader. no aides in that room, translators only, that's how the two leaders are going to start the day, planning to start the
7:04 am
day. secretary of state mike pompom briefing us -- pomo briefing us earlier, saying the u.s. singular goal has not shifted at all, it is complete, verifyable denuclearization, essaying if that doesn't happen, if there are not signs that north korea is willing to make that happen, the u.s. will not back off on any sanctions as well. the secretary of state wept back to another era, another president, president reagan, trust by verify. here is the full comment. >> the united states has been fooled before. there's no doubt about it. many presidents previously have signed off on pieces of paper only to find that north koreans either didn't promise what we thought they had or reneged on their promises. the v matters. the v matters. we're going to ensure that we set up a system sufficiently robust that we're able to verify these outcomes and it's only
7:05 am
once the v happens that we'll proceed. that's what's been missed before. go back to reagan, trust but verify. >> rorter: lot of diplomats who are here who are serving our country, saying that the process this time does appear different which is exactly what the secretary of state says and hopefully that means the outcome will be different. maria, just as a reminder, we have 28,500 troops stationed in south korea, that is one of our biggest military presences outside of the u.s. so there is a lot of hope about what can be accomplished, although both sides have tried to manage expectations a little bit. we have heard from president trump of course, saying that he will know immediately, he will read the tone immediately in the room when he sits down with kim jong un but there is great hope for this meeting in at least the first step in many more hopeful
7:06 am
constructive ones to come. >> maria: deedeirdre, thank you. the war of words between president trump and canadian prime minister justin trudeau escalated over the wreake weeke. the president removed the united states from the g-7 statement over trudeau's post meeting statements. i sat down with steven harper who looked at the situation from both sides of the border. >> look, i tell people that we try and understand, in canada we try and understand the american perspective. i can understand why president trump, why the american people feel they need better trade relationships. if they wanted to take on the relationship with china, even some aspects of the relationship with mexico around autos, i'd be the first person telling our government to be a partner in those things. i think canada shares those concerns. i don't understand the obsession with trade relations with canada. not only is the deficit, trade
7:07 am
deficit with canada small, the united states runs a current account surplus with canada. canada is the single biggest purchaser of u.s. goods and services in the world. it's not china, mexico, britain, germany. it's canada. ses to me, this is the wrong target and from what i understand of american public opinion, i don't think even trump supporters think the canadian trade relationship is a problem. >> maria: could it be that it's so different from what we have with mexico and he can't get a deal between the three together, so maybe a bilateral is better, because in order to do a new deal with canada on nafta, you've got to have mexico agreeing to it. could that be it? >> i'm not in a position to try and direct the trade negotiations with the government of canada. all i say is this, that this is a vitally important relationship that we have between canada and the united states and look, when i was in office with president bush, with president obama from
7:08 am
time to time we had disagreements on issues. with president obama we disagreed on the keystone pipeline. ultimately president trump made a great decision on that. >> maria: you were strong on that. you got a lot of pushback from the obama many team, i remember that. >> reporter: that's fai.>> what. what canadian prime ministers, american presidents have done in the past is that when we've had the disagreements, we keep the disisolated to the issues -- disagreements isolated to the issues we're dealing with. international issues of security, economic and trade and values, we're on the same page. we're the closest partners in the world. you don't want to see a dispute on one issue poison everything. >> maria: you were among the leadership that led the charge against pushing russia out of the g-8. is that right? >> i was. a diplomatically disagree with the president on this. i don't think that could be more
7:09 am
the wrong direction. the fact of the matter is this. i watched two american presidents, very different people with very different agendas, president bush, president obama, i watched them try and make a strategic partner of vladimir putin and they couldn't and the reason t couldn't is because vladimir putin does not want to be a strategic partner of the united states and the west. he is determined right to his core to be a strategic opponent. e he g-7 in my mind is to bring together the most important western allies in the world, the big economies who share strategic interests, who share basic questions of value. vladimir putin is none of those categories. and in fact, the reason i pushed even before his invasion of crimea, the reason i pushed for his expulsion is he inhibited open dialogue among allies because you couldn't trust anything he said or did. this is a man, he's a very impressive guy in many ways but this is a man who kills his
7:10 am
political opponents. there's no place around anil lied table for somebody like that. >> maria: my thanks to former prime minister steven harper. president trump ripped into justin trudeau in his latest tweet storm. the president tweeted this. fair trade is now to be called full trade if it is not reciprocal. the make almost $100 billion in trade with the united states. minimum is $17 billion. thtax on dairy from 270%, then justin acts hurt when called out. it was after these comments that he made comments in canada. watch this. >> it's very unfair to our farmers. our farmers are essentially whether it's through a barrier, nonmonetary barrier or whether it's through very high tariffs that make it impossible and this is all over the world. this isn't just g-7. >> maria: joining us right now is president and chief executive officer at co-bank which
7:11 am
provides loans to farmers. good to see you, toll. thanks very much for joining us. >> good to be here. >> maria: your reaction to the impacts on farmers. >> well, the trade situation that we're in right now is really starting to have an imct onmers and ranchers around the country. we have o of the biggest positive contributions to the country's trade balance is actually agriculture, where we're a world class producer of a great array of food products that the world greatly wants. and the fact of the matter is, the debates and negotiations that we're in right now that are starting to generate tariff barriers is starting to harm farmers and ranchers, agricultural business around the country. >> maria: you're saying the tariffs are hurting farmers, not the fact that canada charges 270% tariff? >> there are certainly existing tariff barriers and what the president is talking about there
7:12 am
is one that's been here for some time. >> maria: that's what i'm talking about. that's what i'm talking about. that's what the president is upset about. what is the impact of that 270% from canada? >> it's -- it certainly impedes the ability of dairy production in the united states to export into canada. although i'd ask people to look at it in the broader context of the aggregate bilateral trade arrangements we have with canada, not just in dairy but all types of agriculture and our agricultural exports around the world where canada, mexico and china represent 30% of our agricultural exports which total $140 billion of a year on a global basis. >> mitch rochell here. if you got to a point where -- perhaps the process is sending bad signals, but if we got to the point where there was freer trade, would that be a boom presumably for the u.s. agricultural industry where we
7:13 am
could -- >> unquestionably, yes, mitch. one of our greatest comparative advantages as a country is agricultural production. we have tremendous benefits, natural benefits and other benefits. we're incredibly productive. we've increased agricultural productivity in the united states by 50% in my lifetime. we nearly tripled agricultural exports in the last 25 years. by 2050 we think there will be another 2.5 billion people in the world, the increment being in africa and asia where we will have dramaticallyxpanded export opportunities if we are able to negotiate access to those relevant markets on a freer and fairer basis in the future. >> why do you think the focus on canada? of all the trade issues we have, why canada? >> i think it's a function of the fact that we're having this
7:14 am
meeting, just happed happens to be occur -- just happens to be occurring right now. there has been discussion about this over the last six to 12 months, specifically with canada around dairy. i just think it happens to be a function of the fact that the g-7 happened to be now and it was a subject that came up opportunistically at the present time. >> maria: maybe. but the fact is, we've got surplus with canada. that's why lee is asking. why canada when we have a surplus. we have deficits everywhere else. >> i think that's a question you need to ask policy makers. we have a dramatic export business with canada which is terrific. we would love toe toend -- >> maria: thank you so much. coming up, a path of destruction from lava. back in a minute. from day one, we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you.
7:15 am
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they helped us prevent equipment problems during harvest and provided guidance when we started exporting internationally. now we're working with them on cybersecurity. my grandfather taught me to make a wine that over delivers. chubb, over delivers. >> maria: welcom back. breaking news, kkr has made it official this morning. cheryl casone has the details. >> cheryl: the deal is on. kkr is buying envision health care for 9.9 butted, including -- $9.9 billion, including debt. envision provides physician services to hospitals and other facilities. it has been conducting an auction for its sale since the review last fall. shares of envision health care are trading higher as you can in the premarket, up more than 5%. take a look at kkr, up 9% so far this year. the stock was up slightly i the premarket earlier.
7:18 am
well, say good-bye to net neutrality. deregulation coming to the internet as the controversial repeal of obama-era protections takes effect today. the fcc voted in december to repeal the rules aimed at preventing internet providers to blocking, speeding up or slowing down certain content. the fcc chairman called the regulations unnecessary and harmful. well, twitter's ceo jack dorsey is getting a lot of heat for his trip to a chick-fil-a in los angeles. dorsey posted a screen shot of the restaurant's mobile app, seemingly bothin bng about a 1 - bragging about a discount he received. the ceo opposes gay marriage. he was reminded his meal occurred during pride month. he expressed regret for eating and chick-fil-a.
7:19 am
a new movie topped the box office this weekend. >> three and-a-half weeks the met will be hosting its annual ball. we are going to rob it, not the ball itself, but the neck of daphne kluger. >> cheryl: an all female cash, ocean's 8 ruled the box office, made an estimated $41.5 million, that's more than was estimated for the movie to make over the weekend. that knocked down solo, a star wars story from the top spot. solo brought in $15 million over the weekend. here's third place, deadpool 2 with $13 million and rounding out the top five, new release, hehereditary. a went to a movie this weekend and i saw ocean's 8 with a bunch of girlfriends and we went to dinner after and it was fabulous. hollywood, wake up to the fact that all female casts can bring
7:20 am
in money. it's time to change the narrative in hollywood if you ask me. >> maria: goodecommendation. i would go. coming up, a federal judge is expected to rule tomorrow on the at&t time warner merger. we break down what that could mean for other deals on the horizon. big week for at&t and time warner. tiger woods will partner with dustin johnson for the u.s. open. we take a look at predictions for the u.s. open kicking off this week, that's later this hour. back in a moment. ♪ express yourself. ♪ hey, hey, hey, hey. ♪ if you want it right now. ♪ we can show you how. whoooo.
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7:24 am
>> maria: welcome back. a major court decision that could shake up the media landscape happens this week. a federal judge is expected to rule tomorrow on the at&t time warner merger. it could set the precedence for other deals in the works as well. joining us right now is judge andrew napolitano. good to see you. >> good morning. >> maria: this is morning. >--this is important. >> a lot of people were surprised, people in my end of the world were surprised that the justice department fought this as aggressively as it has. they could prevail. i don't think they will, just from the portions of the evidence that i saw and the testimony that i read and the comments from the judge, there's no jury, it's just a judge, it's complex economically oriented case, the essence of which was economists testifying about whether at&t and time warner would enhance consumer availability of products or
7:25 am
restrict them. wh this judge comes down with this ruling, it will pretty much -- a lot of people watch this think it will set the pace for the rest of the administration about whether the doj will aggressively interfere in proposed mergers or go a little softer on them. >> maria: which is why it's so important for another big deal, which is comcast and disney bidding for fox entertainment assets, a parent of this network. >> yes. look, if the doj loses they will probably appeal. this particular judge, richard leon is an academic, is a very bright guy. if he writes the opinion the way i think he's going to write it it will be as we say, bulletproof, meaning the appeal won't go anywhere and even if they file the appeal, it wil just be pro forma, because the government always appeals when they lose. that will trigger the type of bidding war for fox, which may not necessarily be good for
7:26 am
mr. murdoch and his fil but mi ver good for the shareholders. >> maria: these are very different deals, right? >> they're very different. but the decision will very much send a signal as to what to expect from the doj in the future. the department of jus justice dt say to at&t and time warner they can't move. they can merge but you have to sell off this and sell o that. at&t said no way and hence the litigation. the trial has been going on for three or four months. >> maria: at&t owns direct tv which is an important point to recognize, content and distri distribution. >> this is a horizontal merger. i own the pipes, you own the reservoir, if we work together we can get the water through the pipes. we're not competitors. we're going to make the whole system work better, that is at&t and time warner's argument. time warner owns the content, at&t owns the pipes, in my
7:27 am
analogy. comcast, fox, disney, fox, is not a vertical merger. that's a horizontal merger. >> maria: that's just content. >> correct. the government might very well argue that that will increase prices by diminishing choices for consumers or it may very well say look, you guys are so big and so efficient that you will lowerces and consumers will be happy. >> many of the analysts expect we'll see more and more mer in the content and distribution space, so watching closely i suspect. >> i can tell you that the big law firms, many of which a not far from whe wre seated now, are gearing up, the m&a, the mergers and acquisition departments like they haven't done in 20 years because they do expect this mania to kick off if judge leon gives time warner and at&t a green light. we'll know probably by 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow morning. >> maria: judge, thanks so much.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
>> maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, june 11th. your top stories right now. we're just hours away from the historic summit between president trump and kim jong un singapore. secretary of state mike pompeo spoke at a news conference earlier this morning, remaining optimistic on the outcome of this two-hour meeting. >> cree y korea has previously confirmed their willingness to denuclearize. we're eager to see if the words prove sincere. the fact our leaders are sitting down, is a sign of theen more us in potential -- enormous potential of this meeting. >> maria: we'll take you there live. the president escalated the war of words on trade. the president taking on american allies at the g-7, particularly canada and the european union over their trade policies. wall street is gearing up for a busy week this week, investors are awaiting the federal
7:32 am
reserve. we'll get a fed decision on interest rates on wednesday. we are expecting the fed to announce it is raising interest rates by a quarter of a point on wednesday. futures are mixed this morning, indicating a mixed start to the trading session. dow industrials up 2 points right now, the s&p 500 is now negative, down half a point. nasdaq is unchanged. friday the markets finished the week on an up note. the dow came up with a 75 point move, a third of a percent higher, s&p was also up a third of a perts and nasdaq was up 10 points. in europe this morning, markets are up across the board. best performer, the fq100 in london, up three quarters of 1%. m asia markets -- in asia, markets finished mostly higher with the exception of china. dramatic video capturing the moment a 10-foot wall of lava from hawaii's kilauea volcano busts through a window of a home. we have the latest with these incredibly disturbing pictures
7:33 am
coming out of hawaii. we will take you there. meanwhile, a seat c at seaworld, we'll tell you what you'll no longer find at the company's theme parks. and everything you need to know about this week's u.s. open, we prev the major coming up before we take our show on the road. we'll be live from that location right there thursday and friday for the u.s. open this week. first, though, coming up, our top story this half hour, counting down to the north korea summit. the historic sit-down between president trump and kim jong un just hours away now. here's what secretary of state mike pompeo had to say about the summer earlier this -- summit earlier this morning. >> this president will ensure that no poe te potential agreeml fail to adequately address the north korean threat. the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed. the complete and vair yo verifyd
7:34 am
irreversible denuclearization is the only outcome we'll accept. >> maria: joining us is he mercs slat. what's the goal here from the white house's perspective? >> clearly the goal is to move toward as secretary pompeo has mentioned the complete, vair verifyable and irreversible denuclearization of the north korean peninsula. president trump will not accept a bad deal. these are historic steps in the sense that -- >> maria: mercedes is at the white house this morning. we want to talk with her but obviously the satellite just went down. let me know when mercedes is good again. send us your comments in terms of what you believe will be success for this president because we know that in past negotiations with north korea
7:35 am
they've lied. they've said yes, we will he denuclearize, we will lessen the activity and they have not done it. so i guess the question becomes how do you believe them. mercedes, are you back with us? >> yes, you am. >> maria: what about that question, mercedes. how will we know that if they say they are going to denuclearize, that they'll take steps to do it? >> clearly, that's part of the discussion. that's part of the process. this is a multistep process. just being able to have these scugses is historic. this -- discussions is historic. because president trump from the beginning of his administration asked for a comprehensive review of the north korean policy, did take the actions of an increased pressure campaign which effectively worked and brought our allies along, sending a strong message to the north korean particular da dictator ag the opportunity to hit down and move forward and really push the korean -- north korean
7:36 am
government to go ahead and denuclearize. they're showing their willingness to do this, they're showing willingness to sit down. this is just the beginning. >> maria: it's pretty incredible, i've got to say. we'll see what happens with the summit. already we've seen success, just getting them to the table. i've got to ask about the g-7 meeting and the fallout there, president trump taking jabs and justin trudeau following the g-7 summit. this comes after president trump signed on to a group statement, only to withdraw from that statement after trudeau criticized u.s. tariffs on canadian metals. the president tweeted this, fair trade is now to be called full trade if it is not resig resip . minimum is $17 billion. tax dairy from us at 270%, then justin acts hurt when called out. the criticism of course did not stop there. as you know, here's what the president said following that.
7:37 am
>> he really kind of stacked uss in the back. he did a great disservice to the whole g-7. >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president john aile donaldp and tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. that's what justin trudeau did with that press conference. that comes from air force one. >> maria: stabbing in the back, mercedes? >> i have spent a lot of time talking to larry kudlow this weekend. the trump administration, they were sitting down with these g-7 participants, they had reached consensus on so much of what had been included, including reforms to the w.t.o. for example and the mere fact that president trump gets on the plane, on his way to singapore and then you have prime minister trudeau double cross us and start
7:38 am
attacking the united states, at that point the president, it was incredibly disappointing, the president decided to not support the statement. i think it was a moment of disappointment for the administration because of the mere fact that as we know, canada and so many of its cases has pushed forward unfair tradee practices that basically impact particularly so many of our farmers here in the united states, our lumber market, and it really is something that's incredibly disappointing for us to see what trudeau has done. >> maria: i understand that in terms of the double crossing and going back on something that was initially agreed upon but mercedes, canada is the biggest single buyer of american goods and services in the world. everybody we speak with says the same thing, we have a surplus with canada. why pick a fight with canada? i can understand the others. >> canada picked a fight with us. it was clearly prime minister trudeau who moments after president trump left decided to attack the united states.
7:39 am
here's the deal. what president trump wants to toys to provide a fair, level playing field for those of us in our markets so they're able to export goods. what we have seen time and time again is when you look at the lumber market, for example, canada dumps lumber into the united states. they manipulate dairy prices that impact areas like wisconsin and so the president wants to have this discussion in terms of ensuring that we have some reform in our trade system and wants to be working with our ally toss do that. so tariffs are one of those instruments that will be used. and so in essence, i think for prime minister trudeau, 569 havinafterhaving a successful mo double cross us, that's why president trump doing that action. >> maria: you're talking about dairy and tariffs. the u.s. still has a surplus with canada. >> there's clearly fixes that need to be made to the trading system. thisoes int the european as
7:40 am
yell -- european union as well. there are tariffs on cars coming into the united states. >> maria: that i t get. >> this is a broad view of how we need to fix the trading system with canada, with the european union. there are fix that's need to be made with canada to ensure that our farmers are not impacted by what canada is doing. >> maria: what happens now, merc?does this war of word thren to poison relations between the u.s. and canada? that's what people are worried about. >> president trump has been a coalition builder. you look at the case for example that he's worked with our allies to help ensure that we have a successful summit in singapore when it comes to dealing with north korea. president trump has been a leader on pushing forward these changes in north korea, has worked with macron, has worked with merkel. when it comes to trade, we want to see significant changes. we want to see significant reforms. that's going to take tough talk with our allies. >> maria: let me ask you about
7:41 am
the department of justice, the inspector general is expected to release its worth on the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. we'll get that report this thursday. senator lindsey graham previewed some of the questions he has for the i.g. with me this weekend on sunday morning futures. listen to this. >> do you believe the way the fbi handled the clinton e-mail investigation, it was on the up and up? do you believe it was fair? do you believe they were in the tank for clinton and hated trump? was it really a serious investigation or was it a politically compromised? as to the fisa wrant, do you believe it was appropriate for the democratic party to hire foreign agent to go to russia to get dirt on candidate trump and the fbi and the doj used that dossier that's never been verified to get a want against an american citizen, i want to hear him say one way or the other whether or not the clinton e-mail investigation was
7:42 am
professionally done on the up and up and what he thinks about the fisa warrant. >> maria: the senate judiciary committee will hold testimony where michael horowitz will testify following that i.g. report. whato you expect from the i.g. report? does the white house believe laws were broken? >> i'm not going to get ahead of the release of the report. president trump has expressed concern of the higher ranks of the fbi being politically -- making decisions based on political purposes. there has been concern about that. we'll see what the i.g. report comes out with. >> maria: we will leave it there. mercedes, good to see y be sure to wake up early with us tomorrow, mornings with "mornings with maria" is coming an hour earlier. we have live coverage of the meeting with kim jong un. we kick off at 5:00 a.m. eastern, so join us from 5:00 to 9:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow on this historic meeting tomorrow. coming up, a trail of
7:43 am
destruction, lava from the big island of hawaii, busts through a home, destroying everything in its path. jordan spieth plays a practice round with tigers woods, his first time at the u.s. open 2015. we've got a preview coming up. we're taking the show live to shinikok hills thursday and friday of this week. back in a minute.
7:44 am
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7:46 am
>> maria: welcome back. a deadly house explosion in ohio. cheryl casone on headlines now. >> cheryl: maria, one woman is confirmed dead and one man critically injured following a house explosion that happened yesterday in cleveland, ohio. officials say several other homes in the area were damaged by fire, their windows blown out by the force of the blast. the pictures are incredible.
7:47 am
neighbors say it sounded like a sonic boom which could be felt for miles. the cause of that is under investigation this morning. well, we've seen lots of dramatic pictures from hawaiis kilauea volcano but none like this. photos from inside a home captures lava crashing through a window and burning everything in sight. the home was among the hundreds destroyed by the massive lava flow coming from fissure 8 on the big island. seaworld is kicking plastic to the curb. the company just announced that all of its 12 parks are doing away with single use plastic straws and plastic bags. seaworld says we see the harmful effects of plastic, pollution in the animals that we rescue and rehabilitate. therefore, we recognize the importance of doing our part to curb plastic pollution. seaworld will offer reusable cups and straws to guests and tote bags are also going to be
7:48 am
available for purchase. all right, get ready to pucker up. sonic drive-ins new pickle juice slushy is here. it debuts today. it will behalf price during happy hour. how does it taste? the company tells us it's a eet and tangy taste. there's also a restaurant in manhattan that has pickle ice cream. supposedly it's great, maria. i don't know. >> maria: it tastes like pickles. >> cheryl: people love this stuff. >> dagen: pickle back, a shot of whiskey, chased by pickle brine. >> maria: is that a good drink? >> dagen: i wouldn't know. i've seen people drink it and their face says it's not, after that drink it. i've seen folks order it quite often. >> maria: it is pickle juice. >> dagen: jamison and pickle juice. >> maria: coming up, dustin johnson is number one in the world heading into this week's u.s. open. tiger woods may be on his tail.
7:49 am
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♪ >> maria: welcome back. the u.s. open headed to shin shk hills. join us live, thursday and friday. odds makers are betting on dustin johnson who won this
7:53 am
weekend's state jude classic or rory mcilroy to win on sunday. all eyes are on tiger woods. he tries for his first major win in a decade. joining us now are shane and holly. good to see you both. this is going to be big. tiger back in it. are you betting on dustin to win his second u.s. open? >> i think he's got a great chance. he's now kind of peaking at the right time which is very important. rory has been on long island for over a week. he missed out on the masters and he wants his fifth major. so as an irish person i'm kind of hoping that he delivers the goods. >> dustin is the closest thing to a celebrity other than tiger woods that golf has. all eye are on him. what's he doing, so athletic. it's good to create buzz. tiger woods, all eyes are on tiger woods always.
7:54 am
>> dagen: there's a lot of family buzz. talk about the course. i know the usg a has gone in and taken out the sod and put in grass. there's a report in the new york post, 90,000 to 100,000 grass hat been put on and they've narrowed everything. >> what the u.s. open is about and what the u.s. golf association is about is about ultimate tests. they want to test every department of a player's skill set and game so they want the best winners. they want the person who is going to come through the test and that's what we're going to see. it's going to be a real challenge for these guys. >> maria: how does the grass change change things? >> they narrow the landing areas. they let the grass grow so it becomes hay. when you go in there, you're in trouble. you have to chip it out with a sand wed. >> dagen: that was a huge issue
7:55 am
at the u.s. open last year in wisconsin. >> precision is always at a premium. i played two weeks ago before they really are letting everything grow. i quit after 12oles. i walked the rest of the cowmples it''s too toul golfer. you can't really see like just by watching our tv broadcast the undulation of the greens and how hard the golf courses are. >> i remember a couple burned out because they made them so fast. has that been fixed? >> it was problematic and they lost control of the course. they're so mindful of that not happening again, they put in efforts to make sure it won't happen. however, i played last summer and you could see where they were going to actually tighten fairways. it was ex th extraordinary how h narrower it would be. >> maria: it's harder. >> that's what sets the u.s. open apart.
7:56 am
it's an examination of your personality, of your patience, oof your determination. they test the brain as well as the hand-eye. >> maria: anything else that kes it different or special? >> i think it's the par 3s. it's some of the most difficult the pros will ever see. one par 3 that kept coming in and watering it. >> every group, they had to rewater it. >> it was trouble. they have figured it out. the sg -- the usg a is mindful of that. phil mickelson said it's the best set-up he's seen for the u.s. open in five years. >> dagen: now we want the weather to cooperate. >> the weather is a part of golf. you have to deal with this. coming from a guy from ireland. >> exactly. >> dagen: i don't think the heavy stuff will come down for a while. >> we have july and then we have weather many that's the two different climates in ireland.
7:57 am
caddyshack reference. >> maria: we're looking forward to joining you. we'll see you thursday and friday. thank you for being here, shane and holly. thank you so much. be sure to catch "mornings with maria" on thursday and friday, live from the u.s. open. it all starts 6:00 a.m. eastern on thursday, when we join you live. i-hop is changing its name to i-hob. the tasty reason revealed next hour, right here, "mornings with maria," back in a minute. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine. ♪ and don't it feel good. and that's how he intended to keep it. then he met the love of his life. who came with a three foot, two inch bonus. for this new stepdad, it's promising to care for his daughter as if she's his own. every way we look out for those we love
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>> president trump truly laid out a process here that is fundamentally different than the ones we've gone through before. i expect that the process from tomorrow forward will also be fundamentally different. america working to try to get an
8:01 am
outcome that benefits both countries. >> maria: we'll take you to singapore coming up this morning. the trade war of words, president trump taking on american allies at the g-7 meeting this weekend, particularly canada and the european union over trade policies. wetaking a look at where our relationships stand across the world. global markets are higher this morning, take a look. futures are lower, however. we've seen a complete reversal this morning. we had been showing a gain for futures of about 50oints on the dow industrials. we're looking at a decline of 6 points, s&p 500 is negative as is the nasdaq. investors are awaiting the federal reserve. the central bank is expected to raise interest rates on wednesday, after modest gains on friday. the major indices rising for the week, the dow up one-third of 1%. in europe, gains across the board. investors are waiting on the e.c.b. decision on thursday.
8:02 am
fq100, up 46 points, two-thirds of 1%, the cac is up a fraction as is the dax index in germany. the dachshun dax and the cac oft levels of the morning. in asia, markets are mostly higher with the exception of china. amazon is facing questions over working conditions, concerns rising about a fox con facility in china that makes devices for the technology giant. what amazon is saying about that this morning. stocks are down a fraction. bitcoin under pressure, prices slide over the weekend as cryptocurrency exchange is hacked. elon musk's boring company delivering first flame throwers, the pictures are going viral. all those stories coming up this morning. joining us to talk about is taking inmcdowell, mitch rochell and lee carter. good show, guys. good to see everybody. >> so much going on. >> maria: big week. >> dagen: the g-7, on the political stage and the world stage but then there's so much going on in the united states.
8:03 am
we've got the fed meeting coming up this week. that's going to be incredible. >> maria: a quarter of a point is what they're talking about in terms of raising interest rates. i think it's a done deal. >> i would be shocked if that wasn't the case. coming out of it, there's always a press conference and there's a lot of signals and code that come out of the press conference. so all ears will be on that. >> maria: we could see news coming out of the e.c.b. on thursday. >> dagen: you tie that to the collapse in some emerging markets assets. watching brazil on friday, the question is do you have this domino effect. some of this has to be related to the withdrawal of monetary similar plus by the central bank, particularly the federal reserve as they wind down the balance sheet. >> maria: that's going to be the focus this wednesday after we hear from the fed. it's the eve eve of the u.s. and north korea summit. deirdre bolton has the latest from singapore. good evening to you. >> reporter: good morning. well, good evening, good morning
8:04 am
to you, maria. you are right, 13 hours away, before presint trump and kim jong un sit down together in one room. this is completely unprecedented. it is the first time that a u.s. tting president meetsith a north korean leader and also for the first hour we expect it will just be the two of them with translators, so no advisors, no cab net members. earlier today we here in singapore did get a briefing in the room with secretary of state mike pompeo, he says he's optimistic about the meeting. >> i'm optimistic we'll have a successful outcome of the meeting. it's the case in each of those two countries there are only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude and those two people are going to be sitting in a room together tomorrow. >> reporter: i spoke with a former ambassador to singapore, one who worked under president
8:05 am
george bush, and he is so familiar with all these machinations and what happens behind the scenes. i asked him what measure is he going to use to judge if it was a successful meeting or not. here's the ambassador. >> when they wrap up the leaders wrap up, is there a process or mechanism in pace for any kind of follow-up meetings? if they just say it was good to meet you and good-bye without a calendar or schedule, then you say it probably wasn't a positive meeting. >> reporter: that idea of follow-up of next steps that you would have with any meeting seems to be front and center as to how people are going to be judging this tomorrow, just 15 hours from now. i also spoke with the ambassador about the role of nsc, john bolton, nsa john bolton who will be in the room along with mike pompeo, john kelly and sarah sanders, so we have it on good sourcing that they are actually
8:06 am
going to be joing the two leaders, president trump and kim jong un, after kim jong un and president trump have had time to speak one on one. so those are the cabinet members that will be joining president trump afterwards and you had am ambassador levin saying it's good that john bolton will be there, because he said you want somebody who is a hawk, who is skeptical. he said north korea has lied so many times in the past, gone back on promises and gone back on aments, you want someone that will hold their feet to the fire. most people, at least in this area, see that john bolton is capable of that. >> maria: how will we know if they're lying right away? this will be a long -- it will be a process. >> reporter: yes, it's going to be a very long process. so what most people t. ambassador included that i've spoken with are looking for are true signs of process in place. we actually heard earlier secretary of state mike pompeo saying this time the process is
8:07 am
different. therefore, we expect a different outcome. another sign that our bureau chief from seoul, south korea talked about, he said watch for what kim jong un does at home. if he speaks publicly or if the state news agency releases details about the process, he said that is a very good sign that progress can be on the way. >> maria: interesting. we'll be watching all of that. dee degree, than deirdre, thank- deirdre, thank you. one question is how they will communice. president trump attempting to secure a deal for full denuclearization of the korean peninsula. joining us right now is psychologist dr. barry goodfield who profiled dictators, including saddam hussein. thank you for joining us. >> it's a pleasure to be here. everything that we see and say and do is based on observable,
8:08 am
testable behavior. in other words, this isn't just a guess about what he will feel, what he will statement it's something based on what we actually see. >> maria: what we see from his body language? >> exactly. >> maria: you stress that kim must be respected from that body language. tell us about that. >> it's totally true. this young man basically has one goal, his to be respected on the world stage. and the one thing that's important for us to realize is that respect is something that the president can offer when he sees something that he trusts and believes in. the wonderful thing about having president trump in this room with this young man, across from him, who is looking at a guy, by the way, who has done more negoations than the days that this man's been on the earth. so this is nothing new for president trump. he knows exactly what to do and what he wants. >> one of the things that i -- the president is very unpredictable, right. i think one of the things that
8:09 am
people like about him is the fact that he's not predictable in his behavior and he will be authentic in who he is. what are you looking for in the president as far as body language and how you expect him to engage? >> well, one of the things you ca know abo president is when he looks at you, he's looking at you. i mean, you can't sit across from this man and not realize there's somebody who is really watching, listening and thinking every moment about what you're doing. he's ahead of the game in most all cases. what we're looking for with him is the idea of him doing exactly what he's done for all these years of his life. so the art of the deal is not just a title. it's a way of looking at life. >> maria: you say goodwill is going to win out over good judgment in these negligence e . what does this mean? failure is not an option for either man. >> both of these people are going there with a lot of baggage, it has to do with how
8:10 am
they're seen and ho the how thee across. with kim jong un, he's a man who is carrying the father whic whispering in his ear, saying don't trust anybody from the west. what he needs to do is to stand on his own and to at the man who is across the table from him and to realize that being tough and being arbitrary and being in that sense kind of iriniringirrational is not going him closer to what he needs. this is nothing more than a game where you have somebody bringing weapons to the table and somebody at the other end with a cash register willing to give him money. the president is not offering money. what he's demanding is you will get rid of those missiles. he's n kidding when he says this. he will walk away. he's a strong, clear thinker. he will walk away if it's necessary and his nonverbal behavior thos shoes that.
8:11 am
shows that.i believe kim is smao know that. >> one of the things you said earlier is that he wants respect and if he's viewed by his own people around the world stage as capitulating, will that be a trigger in that he feels as though he's been disrespected and he'll want more, perhaps, than just capitulating? >> i think that he will basically want to have people believe and see him as an individual who has got something for what he brought to the table. he's got to walk away with the idea that he's gained respect in exchange for those weapons that are at the other end of the table which will be melted down or whatever will be done with them. he wants to make sure he walks away saying look what i did. he has to go back to north korea and face the people and also people who support him and say i was victorious because i didn't outsmart this man, i simply put forward a position that he could understand and he could go with. he knows that president trump is
8:12 am
not going to back down. >> dagen: dr. goodfield. rather than this own people, is kim jong un more concerned with the world stage, again, he's gone from being a parriah to having a on world stage. he met with the leaders of china and south korea, president of the united states. he's got meetings lined u with vladimir putin and bashar al-assad in syria. >> look, don't anybody kid themselves. this guy is what you think he probably is. i mean, he is not a nice guy. and he is the kind of guy that victory for him is when he gets his way and when he walks away from the in the old -- from the table in the old days, people that were at the table are never seen again. with donald trump the worst he can say is you're fired. >> maria: he wants respect. yet, he's a bad guy, you're saying. but we're supposed to respect him. >> he wants respect but the fact
8:13 am
ofhe matr is hisavior is going to be such that what he's -- the respect he's going to get is the handshake and the standing together with the two them, smiling, maybe dennis rodman in the middle. who knows. but the fact of the matter is, standing there smiling and saying we're making a deal and the deal ultimately has got to do with him walking back and getting food and various other things that the starving population that he's in fact responsible for, for starving, is going to get a change. >> maria: why do you think kim jong un has agreed to do this? what does he care about his people? why is he doing this. is he afraid he will be threatened, himmin him taken ou? >> that's a good question. one of the things he fears most is some sort of coupe assassina. that's always in the front of his mind. he's doing what he can to protect himself and he will do
8:14 am
just that. what is he afraid of? i think what he's afraid of is the fact that this opportunity is a one-time deal. and it is a one-time deal. he needs to understand that. >> maria: dr. barry goodfield. thank you for weighing in this morning. wake up early for "mornings with maria" tomorrow morning. we have live coverage of president trump's meeting with kim jong un starting at 5:00 a.m. eastern, we are beginning the show an hour earlier. join us at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. coming up, amazon under fire over working conditions, the new concerns over a fox con facility in china that makes devices for amazon. what the company's saying about at this morning. then a price plunge for bitcoin, the cryptocurrency takes a hit after a cyber attack raising fresh security concerns. back in a minute. at fidelity, our online u.s. equity trades are just $4.95. so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today.
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8:17 am
maria: well after 60 years, ihop international house of pancakes flipping to ihub chain announcing the official meeting new name this morning jeff flock at ihop in illinois with the very latest or is it i hub? . reporter: i hub may put sign in the window maria take a look, you know what the b stands for not bacon not board ofs it is burgers wow look what logo will look like, the old logo and new logo, this news just announced actually over at our friends, on "fox & friends" this mornings by ihubs, ihops,
8:18 am
president. listen to what he said keeping folks making folks realize this is about burgers not losing pancakes. >> breakfast has not changed we are world famous for but moyle pancakes always have breakfast you can get pancakes with your burger, at the same time, so you don't have to choose you can get it all. >> but they have not they have not yet however decided to put burger between two pancakes that i are in consideration i say burger marketplace is crowded you take a look at all competition they are going to have out there the only guys with pancake in their name and now international house of burgers? there is a lot of burgers out there, why are they doing this? i got a read from press release maybe this is caveat.
8:19 am
they say they are putting their name for the time being, if they had to change all of those big i felthop signs, to ihub, and there are 1700 locations there is oat one over there, that would be a lot of doing, it may be that for the time being is not all that long they sell burgers now emphasizing that but pancakes may be past and present and future as well leave with you that. maria: all right jeff thank you so much jeff flock at ihop burgers on the set, cheryl. cheryl: we've got a few holding up cowboy barbecue onion ring in the middle barbecue as you see lee carter has as well i believe you brought brunch burgerer eggs potato pancake french fries
8:20 am
onion ring doesn't want 8:00 in the morning take one for the the team. >> it is not 8:00 in the morning -- >> okay. there you go. >> -- in terms -- >> this is a question, i asked this to cheryl a mouthful, marketing campaign, yeah tell all people who go for breakfast all day long, that if you've got somebody wants a hamburger we sell those too. >> change the name like -- see how it goes, but burgers are available in the morning -- i just confirmed that moments ago breaking news, that is it. >> and people really like burgers -- >> for breakfast. >> all right, yeah. >> by the way, we will point out some. cheryl: front page -- the "the wall street journal" -- a stampede of meatless products
8:21 am
has overrun the meat case in grocery stores. so again, like, you find meatless you know vegetable based products in the meat case. >> increasing. >> we'll be right back oil prices slipping this morning, when we come back oil fresh signs of rising production abroad weep an eye on oil out of historic north korean summit going to like hotcakes elon musk company delivering first batch of flame throwers with a warning inspired by dr. seuss, wait till you see this back in a minute. ♪ i will be the first one calling you baby ♪ mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane.
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8:25 am
right now crude under pressure down a percent amid increased russian production in u.s. drilling. maria: political tensions flaring up ahead of opec june 22 meeting join us to weigh in steen short publisher of the short report good to see you now good to be here thank you. >> look at opec meeting a couple weeks when a are you expecting? >> you are i expect a lot of contention just what we've seen essentially over the weekend, and i justin trudeau unfortunately learned you don't poke the bear at this point given leadership in this country so that said -- the last time on estimating 6 to 7 dollars geopolitical risk, premium priced crude oil since then market has come off 6, 7 dollars so we are migrateing into an area that is supportive of price as you think this is an area, technical quantitative traders, elasticity, price has to told at this level so that
8:26 am
said i think we are looking at a situation where prices got a little bit too high, migrated into palatable level at this point as far as opec is concerned there was a concern, with brent crude oil above 80 dollars a barrel u.s. barrel bother 70 dollars a barrel with regard to mark share you can push prize without pushing demand given such in the market away so the praises have pulled back i think you are starting to see slippage here, i think we've seen some hint from saudis they are willing to put oil on to market. >> that is what i was a going to ask you about saudis say look we are going to be producing more oil, but iraq's oil millionaires running unilateral decisions on output could constitute a breach of opec is that a warning directed at saudis decision to ramp-up? >> i think it is, but, again, you know, referenced before why 6, 7 dollar rise in oil prices?
8:27 am
essentially this is not your grandfather's opec never seen he sunni said saudi arabia and shia side, as wide as it is right now, so yes, it could -- constitute a breach when you look where supply is where demand is right now demand for crude oil never stronger demand regardless of above $3 a gave will in united states, glan for gasoline has never been stronger stronger academies commodity prices there is command regardless of supply quota would behoove saudi arabia and iraqis for that matter to put oil on the market gifbt that saudi arabia has over last 2 1/2 years have been heavy lifting as far as sacrificing market share. maria: right. >> to prop up oil prices i don't think iraq is in any sort of position to send a signal to saudi arabia. maria: we leave it there good to see you thanks so much. >> thank you, maria. >> coming up bitcoin a hit how
8:28 am
much cryptocurrency is down, following a major cyberstwook on a bit county exchange amazon under fire technology giant facing question this morning, over working conditions, at a foxconn plant in china the reaction from amazon later this hour back in a minute right here, stay with us. ♪ here i go again on my own, going down the only road i have ever known, like -- i was wrong to walk alone, ♪ ♪ trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. buit's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852.
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8:31 am
and we opened the next day. maria: welcome back. good monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, monday, june 11 top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. less than 1 hours away from the historic summit between president trump and kim jong-un in singapore, secretary of state mike pompeo spoke at news conference this morning, optimistic on the outcome of the planned two-hour meeting. >> president trump believes kim jong-un has unprecedented opportunity to change the trajectory of our relationship bring peace prosperity to his country. we are hopeful this summit will set the conditions for future productive talks. maria: report on preparations from singapore coming up this morning, stay with us on that, the president took to twitter from singapore to continue his latest tirade on trade, the president taking aim at u.s. allies over tariffs, about off the back of weekend's g7
8:32 am
summit he specifically aring targeted canada justin trudeau what the president is saying now, it is going to be a busy week in business investors waiting on federal reserve decision on interest rates we will get a decision on wednesday, we are expecting the fed will announce that it is raising interest rates by a quarter of a percent point on fed funds rate on wednesday that ways what market is expecting markets mcdonald's dow industrials expected up a fraction at opening of trading, about 13 points s&p and nasdaq are both negative by a fraction, this on top of friday's up day take a look at friday performance all major indices up for the week dow industrials on friday up 75 points, one-third of a percent the s&p was also up a third of a percent nasdaq up a fraction, this morning in europe markets are up across the board take a look at ft 100 two-thirds of a percent, best perform in eurozone in asia overnight markets mostly higher you can say with exception of china as you can see besterform korea kospi index up 3/4 of a percent,
8:33 am
about amazon under fire over working conditions in china details on investigation what amazon isaying this morning, about that. plus bitcoin plunges cryptocurrency taking a hit after a cyberattack we've got the story, you elon musk boring flamethrower arrived don't call it a flamethrower details on first shipment coming up first top story this half an hour we are now hours away from high stakes summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un learning brand-new information this morning about what will take place at that meeting, fox news rich edison in singapore with that, rich good morning to you. reporter: good morning, maria. secretary of state pompeo hopes this is beginning of a conversation between president str and kim jong-un that is barring that tomorrow is successful summit right now secretary of state highest ranking official to have met kim jong-un, that conceivebly changes tomorrow says trump
8:34 am
administration wants north korea to dismantle nuclear weapons and is prepared to ensure the kim regime security. >> it is the case that we are prepared to make security assurances necessary for for north koreans to engage in that denuclearization that is we are prepared to take actions that will provide them sufficient certainty that they can be comfortable denuclearization is not something that ends badly for them. . reporter: when pressed secretary refused to detail what exactly the u.s. is offering. james madison u.s. military level in south korea not on table two sourdz familiar with planning say meetings begin with president trump and kim jong-un, they will meet with translators, john kelly national secy advisory bolton secretary says u.s.
8:35 am
north korea negotiating tales met this morning met again later this afternoon those meeting wrapped a couple hours ago according to official secretary said the president spoke with south korea's president japan's prime minister, after this summit, secretary of state will travel to seoul to talk to theouth korean government on the beijing to where we have them on developments whatever hoops tomorrow, chooipdz go of the. >> thank you so much in singapore this morning joining me is senate finance committee memoh member bill cad dee of louisiana thanks for joining us nots ahead of this summit. >> the historic. can't wait can you imagine a mother whose child is on front line with north korea? just praying for an outcome that would make that that her child would be safe? all the south koreans prohibitive we hope and pray for success. >> is success nothing short of denuclearization or is there a process to get to denuclearization. >> clearly, there needs to be a process, to get is there,
8:36 am
but success, ultimately will be judged by history, by denuclearization there sseoul 350 miles from korea longest you destroy seoul there is existential threat to the west, so, yes, denuclearization not necessarily the summit but in long term. >> president has been making bold called whether it is meeting with the president, or head of now north korea, to moving embassy to jum to pushing back on china a what are your thoughts so far. >> president not only will break an egg will take carton slam them up and down. >> then say you need to crack egg to say make an omelet. >> he will scrape it to fact to zbrgrove with north korea worked secondary sanctions cut off north korea from banking system brought them to the point they will negotiate if they negotiate away for
8:37 am
denuclearization assured well for them world will breath a high of relief. >> what is going on with trade everyone on this program certainly, keeps questioning, why we are fighting with canada, where we actually have a trade surplus. >> so first off, say that we've got to protect american jobs, and there's stevedores in louisiana farmer in louisiana very much benefit from the trade put in context after world war ii, the united states, created a global trading system, we protect, we allowed other countries to have favorable negotiating materials with us to rebuild western europe rebuild japan, all to hold off the threat of soviet union is gone, russia is fading. and so now do we continue need to spend entirely for defense do we need those countries to have an advantage to us relative to trade probably not probable need a little bit of a redo. >> so you are saying we put
8:38 am
ourselves at the losing end of a lot of deals, after world war ii, this was by design? by design, it worked. >> now we are 50ears later. >> yes. maria: and things -- plus 50 years later things should change. >> look at this. in nato, countries are supposed to spend a certain amount of gdp on defense, supposed to be 2% for germany, germany spends 1.2, or 1.4 mattis our secretary of defense said americans cannot care more about defense of europe than do europeans, so why are doesn't germany spend a little bit more? frankly germany does have advantageous trading terms i think time for a little bit of a redo. >> i understand that what about canada what is the problem with canada we have a splf in canada. >> peter navarro had editorial past weekend in "new york times" spoke of tariffs they put on dairy results, so that farmers in wisconsin cannot
8:39 am
send their goods across the board, so obviously there is isolated examples. >> even though we have a surplus there isolated examples where they charge us. >> apparently from perspective of the administration. >> let me turn to the health care obviously, when you try to get health care done, earlier in the year last year you got a thumbs-down from one of your colleagues where do we stand in terms of changing the health care in america. >> we've got to make health care more affordable we've got to lower cost of drugs, and that is not just important for families it is important for medicare trust fund about abrupt 10 years from now, how do we lower drug costs? how do we make things more affordable one thing we are promoting price transparency, imagine, you go to the doctor he odds or she odds a scan you know the price before you go, as opposed to getting a bill six weeks later what we do for cell phones for jeannes, promoting tries transparence to lower costs
8:40 am
make derision other procedures more affordable. >> why would that be you know, such an -- why aren't we doing that already in i don't understand why this is even an issue, of course, you want to hat sometng costs before you book it. >> isn't that true if somebody as opposed to trace transparency probably making money if you let consumer know what she is about to buy may be they don't make as much all kinds of reasons why you can't do it ultimately though the patient should have the power of knowing the price. >> can you legislate there. >> there are some ways you can for example a gag clause for baidz fa for bids a pharmacist killing a patient might be cheaper to pay for cash than deductible the fau. cannot tell patient cheaper to pay cash we can go ahead rid of that. >> department of justice, inspector general report, the ig report to come out thursday, june 14, and this, of course, report will detail the fbi handling of the
8:41 am
hillary clinton e-mail investigation. . senate judiciary committee memo senator lindsey graham previewed some questions he will have when michael horowitz sits for testimony in front of his committee here is what he said. >> do you believe the way the fbi handled the clinton e-mail investigation it was on the up and up? doable it was fair doable they are in tank for clinton haitsdz trump was it really a -- a series investigation, or was it a politically compromised as to fisa warrant do you believe it was appropriate for democratically party to fire foreign agent to go to russia get dirt on candidate trump and fbi in the doj used that dossiers never verified to get a warrant against an american citizen? i want to hear him say one way or the other whornt clinton e-mail investigation was ploefl done on up and up what he thinks about fisa warrant. >> lindsey graham joined me on "sunday morning futures" fox
8:42 am
news yesterday, he said to me, he believes laws were broken, what are your thoughts. >> i don't know if laws were broken or not but i think it is important for the american people to know. and this inspector general report will get there, senator gram asked great questions ultimately american people don't want fbi politicized they want it objective at issue were they objective we have seen text from peter strzok lisa page we know not subject about did that go into handling of the actual investigation we know a lot you were by az we had know the answer to that as well as mccabe wife had relationship with democratically governor of virtue. >> gave her 700,000 dollars for senate reason i. >> i am willing to concede maybe fbi agents had bias in terms of who they voted for nonetheless able to approach as professionals investigation
8:43 am
on objective faction lindsey graham posing if answer receive a he is okay as am i. >> the ig report if kwl charges recommended the way in early report what does that mean. >> it means they were not professionals rather carrying out a political agenda, i am not going to presume that, but that is what the american people are waiting to see. >> we are be watchinood to see you bill cassidy joining us special live coverage of the president's meeting with kim jong-un all starts tomorrow 5:00 a.m. eastern join us bright and early tomorrow one hour earlier, ahead of the summit coming up amazon under fire over working conditions new concerns about a foxconn facility in china makes devices for the intelligent giatechnology giant. >> flamethrowers comes with a warning inspired by dr. seuss we are going to bring it to you, stay with us.
8:44 am
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>> welcome back, police officer shot four children hostage in orlando cheryl casone with details of standoff right now. cheryl: police say the officer was seriously injured but is expected to survive after undergoing surgery shot last night during an exchange of gunfire as police tried to arrest suspect in apartment complex near universal studios chin held are between one and 12 years old police say they were responding to domestic violence dispute don't know if suspect was hit in that shoot-out we are watching bitcoin closely this morning, trading psychotherapyly lower right now 6761 after a cryptocurrency exchange in south korea was hacked that is raised security concerns about bitcoin, incident was in a
8:48 am
small exchange called coin rail happened over the weekend the company isn't saying how much wasstone but reports say may have been as much as 40 million dollars. bitcoin given up more than half value this year down sharply from that record high we saw nearly 20,000 dlars late last year. well elon musk making the first deliveries 500 dollar flamethrowers 1,000 to customers who showed up in boring company headquartered in california over weekend went like hotcakes ♪ went on sale january sold out four days 20,000 sold, this raised 10 million dollars revenue for musk's tunnel boring start-up remember he wants tunnels under l.a. he tweeted less than serious terms and conditions with flamethrower please use as directed. to avoid untentially burning things down, good advice, all right, there is this, the
8:49 am
internet buzzing canadian prime minister justin trudeau raising eyebrows with footage from g7 summit this video appears to show anyebrow lifting out of place. now, social media loving this many people issue accusg trudeau yes wearing fake eyebrows former governor of arkansas mike huckabee said president trump nountsdz new tariffs on fake eyebrows justin true bo raised fake eyebrows felloff, brow meeting. >> [laughter] > some are trying to offer explanations for what looks to be a cosmetic issue for -- appears unflattering lighting could be real culprit? maybe, surreal? there is a big debate right now owe i studied this you know, constantly last 10 minutes, i think it is fake, i actually do think it is fake.
8:50 am
>> fake eyebrows, yeah. >> another picture from earlier in the g7 i saw that looks like it is kind of falling off his i don't know wh say women wear fake eyelashes we know. dagen: fake eyelashes on right now. maria: throwing stones -- >> no. dagen: that you need to use powder the powder makes it look less fake if you use a brush -- >> looks like an actual like -- >> looks like a caterpillar, [laughter] pencil would have been better. >> having had brook shooemdz caterpillar eyebrows in 80s nothing wrong with that. >> real for the record. >> i will have to check. cheryl: brows, new details about facebook reportedly deals to get user dedicate the new report this morning next.
8:51 am
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whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. maria: welcome back amazon under fire a watchdog group raises questions about a foxconn factory that makes amazon devices nicole petallides looking at markets good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. so we are seeing amazon under fire this morning, and this is all on a nine-month investigation, 94-page report abouwhat is going on at foxconn factory this factory a in 2010 had some suicides this is where apple makes iphones now looking at allegations from everything from overtime hundreds of hours, conditions in which workers worked low
8:55 am
wages inadequate training overreliance on temporary workers 40% temporary amazon said they looked at this factory in march said that they saw two issues of concern, that they requested foxconn correct, now they are under fire for this obviously, inhumane rights violations stock down a quarter of a percent this morning, facebook you mentioned going into the break, talking about how zuckerberg in 2015 said to congress cut off developers brought information on users friends after this "wall street journal" report facebook officials sources turn out not necessarily the case in fact a small number had access to you and your friends and phone numbers so under fire this morning down one-third of a percent and different note positive side you see 18857 where it closed, 245 price target on this all
8:56 am
about instagram saying that seeing advertising revenue growth potential opportunities to monetize on that, seeing over a billion users for that in 201 over weight 245 target on instagram for facebook back to you. >> thank you so much coming up final thoughts from all-star panel stay with us back in a minute. ♪ i don't wanna -- ♪ i don't wanna ♪ just keep but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up
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what adding futures can do for you. >> welcome back big show today headed unprecedented summit let's get final thoughts this all star panel. glncht three out of four americans right now are are expecting the president to really -- deliver in a north korean summit and i want to see that that will play out and also the tariffs comments at the g7. >> that was incredible those we have the ecb and fed and ig report and outcome of the time warren or at&t trial. and the u.s. open. [laughter] busy week. what a week dagen, and added to that we have with a real rout going on in emerging market assets with brazil in collapse last week. you know interesting to play out with the back drop but everything in the news this week if that has any impact on the market. all of that coming up tomorrow as well as all a of the details on this us precedented sum in
9:00 am
north korea. one hour earlier than normal. join us for our special coverage. thanks everybody great show. see you tomorrow. love uh- you right back. "varney & company" begins right now. chals paine in for stuart this morn good morning charles. >> aisle charles payne stuart will be back tomorrow but we have a lot of big stories tay. president trump arriving in north korea for his big summit with kim jong-un two leaders meet tonight alone with just translay or tores you can see it all right here fox business will be live throughout -- now, of course, this comes days after president trump wants a very conscientious g7 meeting early and getting tough on trade refusing to sign off on that g7 statement. threatening even more tariffs. and a few with canada's prime minister justin trudeau heating up trudeau blasted trump after president left meeting calling him weak and one of the top economic advisories said, quote, there's a special place in hell for foreign leaders who cross pr


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