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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 11, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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as well as concerns going into the north korea summit. again the markets have been advanc these are people that put money on the line. they will do so tonight in real time as stocks ensue in asia. we'll follow all of that tonight on fox business. right now to trish regan. hey, trish. trish: hey there, neil. history about to be made. breaking, everyone, we're seven hours away from this historic summit between president trump, the president of the united states and kim jong-un of north korea in singapore. the president is going to be looking at his very first, any first i should say sitting down of a u.s. president with a north korean leader. all of this coming as we look at a market up 61 points right now. investors not reacting too much one way or the other. this may be a wait and see. they need to see what comes out of this big summit in singapore. i'm trish regan, welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence
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report. ♪ trish: pretty incredible stuff. in less than seven hours the president will meet one-on-one with kim jong-un and we're told none of the president's advisors, not one will be at that initial meeting. he will have a translator, kind of important, but no extra aides, no one except kim jong-un and the president of the united states. so hey, anything could happen, right? republican congressman joe wilson, one of only two members of congress who has been to north korea and he is joining me here on this show straight ahead with his analysis. we have the latest on the trade spat between the u.s. and the rest of the world. why president trump is right to take a hard stance. we need to do this on trade even with our allies .
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this historic day, this historic moment, deirdre. >> i'm here in singapore what many are calling summit of the century n unprecedented mee resident donald trump sitting down with a kim jong-un with a one-on-one meeting beginning 9:00 a.m. local time. world leaders will be alone with exception of translators. no advisors, no cabinet members. earlier secretary of state mike pompeo, mike pompeo addressed the media. he borrow ad line or image from
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president reagan talking about trusting and verifying. >> the united states has been fooled before, no down about it. many presidents previously signed off on pieces of paper only to find the north koreans din promise what they thought we had, reneged on the promises. the v matters, the v matters. we're going tonsure we set up a system sufficiently robust we're able to verify the outcomes. only once the v happens, that we'll proceed pays. all right? that has what has been missed before. you know, go back to reagan trust by verify. >> the secretary of state will be one of four cabinet members eventually joining president trump and kim jong-un as they conclude the ming. worth noting president trump will leave singapore a little earlier than previously scheduled. he will fly out tuesday evening local time.
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trish: thank you very much. deirdre bolton in apore. she will have live updates throughout the night. my next guest visited north korea and dmz late last year. he knows how high the stakes are. i'm thrilled to have republican congressman from south carolina, member of the house services committee. congressman joe wilson. congressman wilson so good to have you here on important day and important time. what are the odds on denuclearization actually happening on this go-round? >> here, here. trish, i'm so grateful to be with you on this incredible day, you're so correct this is incredible. trish: it is. so what do you think comes of this, if anything? i mean will this be one of many meetings? is this going to be an opportunity to get something massive accomplished right here and now? how do you see the timetable playing out? >> well incredible change
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already. we know a year ago otto warmbier was killed. we had three hostages released. even something small today, i saw the people of pongyang able to see newspapers about the this summit. i was there and newspapers are hidden from the people. this is incredible that they now see there is a summit with president donald trump. trish: you know, we've had presidents interact with north korea in the past, though know sitting president. you think about president clinton. he was trying to get release of a couple americans held hostage there. you think about jimmy carter, and his efforts there. but no one, no sitting u.s. president has so much as had a phone call with the leader from north korea. now we're looking at a summit. now the naysayers would say, well look, you know this, is kim jong-un taking advantage of donald trump's naivete. what do you say to that, sir?
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>> well, i would tell you that this is truly historic an achievement by donald trump because, indeed, kim jong-un, the leaders of north korea have only met the leaders of south korea four times and now we have this meeting which i think can be positive, possibly to end the korean war. we are currently in a armistice. i see great possibilities. it is beneficial to the people of north korea but beneficial to provide for denuclearization of nuclear weapons. trish: why now? >> because we have peace through strength. president trump has turned the military around. we have made it very clear as was done with a great team, with secretary of state mike pompeo, with john bolton, security advisor, and also general kelly will be there, the chief of staff. we've got good people in place. that has gotten the attention of pongyang. trish: and the whole world for sure. we're all watching. congressman joe wilson, thank you very much.
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good to see you sir. >> honor to be with you. >> quick break. we're back with much more on the exciting coverage. see you here. hi, i'm bob harper,
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it's the internet in your hand. that's why xfinity mobile can be included with xfinity internet which could save you $400 or more a year. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call, or visit a store today. trish: all right. we're just hours away right now from this very historic meeting, pretty amazing, right? you think about this groundbreaking summit. who would have thought back when he was calling him, dare i say,
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little "rocket man," that we would now be looking at a summit in singapore? we all know the main objective here, the goal is denuclearization korean peninsula. re that threat from the world, but, what if, and i say this with just, what if, hear us out here, what if this president actually has something bigger in mind? my next guest thinks there is a whole lot more to this than just denuclearization and he is none other than than mr. gordon chang, author of nuclear showdown, good to have you here, sir, and an expert on all things china. what do you think is really going on? >> there are a couple of things. we would like a north korea without its nukes and its missiles. but there is a bigger issue here and that is china. trish: i will cut to the chase, i did the viewer a little bit after disservice. that is a little little bit of .
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what is it president trump might be doing, according to your latest piece, you think he might be bringing in north korea basically to, you know, stick to it the chinese but also to once again create some space for us, shall we say over in that part of the region that would be more of a problem for the chinese than they want. >> when you look at what the president is doing, there is a case what he has really got in mind not taking away weapons from kim, but actually take north korea away from china. north korea is china's only military partner. that's important because what we would be doing is undermining the chinese narrative they control their neighborhood, they are the world's next great power, we're in terminal decline, we can't do anything, all the rest of it. so when you look at what president trump has been saying he has gone a little bit soft on denuclearization but gone really
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big on relationships with north korea if you think china is the real threat, i think it is, so much more dangerous to the u.s. than a nuked-up north korea this makes very good policy. this is like taking china away from the soviet union in the cold war. nixon got a lot of credit for it. trump may get credit for taking north korea away from china. trish: why do you think that is the ultimate goal? >> if trump really wanted to take the nukes away he would be a lot tougher on the north koreans right now. for instance, we have got this summit coming up. it's a big prize for kim jong-un. it is legitimatization. trish: yeah. >> we're not getting anything in return, getting north korea to give up nuclear weapons. trish: don't you have to decide that at the summit? don't you have to allow for something to be negotiated at event? >> there is a lot of negotiations before the event a lot of people in washington saying before we would have this
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summit we would get the firm commitments directly from kim jong-un to give up the weapons. we haven't insisted on that, that raises the question, what is washington really doing here? trish: you think that is smart by the way? china is the ultimate biggest threat. size of their economy, the number of people they have, sophistication of their technology and all the spying that has gone on, stealing of inlex wall property, they are a massive threat. >> they are the threat. we have to be much more concerned about them than north korea. north korea is pawn. like iran. iran dangerous. north korea is dangerous. it would be better if we took away their weapons but more important we defang the chinese. one of the ways to do that, is president trump is trying to do right now. of course he is trying to take away their nukes. but he is trying to build a long-term relationship with kim jong-un. he is talking about inviting him to the white house. he is inviting about these diplomatic relations.
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trish: i get all that but is kim jong-un trying to play both sides of the fence here? >> sure. trish: he is courting the chinese simultaneously courting us? >> kim's two trips to china at the end of march, beginning of last month, i think the chinese were summoning him. kim wants good relations with china as a counter weight to the u.s. and wants good relations with moscow and with syria. more important thing to have good relations with washington, unlike the chinese we have no territory ambitions on the ko peninsula. we are so far away we are the counterweight. we are the ones that can protect north korea. the chinese and koreans have been fighting each other for about two millenia. trish: i'm glad you articulated about this so well and wrote about it so well, this is something i hypothesized a little bit especially as we enter into some negotiations with china. the chinese must be sweating bullets that suddenly we might
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be friends with north korea. that doesn't sit well i can imagine with some of them. so that may give us also some extra leverage when it comes to some of the trade stuff? >> absolutely. ever since march 8th, when president trump accepted a direct offer of talks, china has been really c it is outside of the room. in the six-party talks, 2003, 2009, they were the center of it. george w. bush put the chinese at the center of the international community as effort to disarm north korea. president trump said we'll do this by ourselves without beijing. beijing is sanctions busting recently in order to prevent a good summit with north korea. trish: why did they sign on to the sanctions in the first place? >> they were forced to. they didn't want to. nonetheless they figured they didn't have no choice. this is where something china is really reluctant. last three months the sanctions
2:17 pm
enforcement markedly deteriorated. trish: that is all very fascinating. if i'm kim jong-un i would rarity be friends with the united states of america any day of the week. gordon chang, thank you so much. >> thanks, trish. trish: fox business will be live all night long. we're not going anywhere. we'll bringing you latest developments with the historic summit between the u.s. and north korea. lou is kicking off coverage, 7:00 p.m. eastern, "lou dobbs tonight." special edition of "cavuto: coast to coast" at 9:00 p.m. to our other big story. tensions high following a contentious g7 summit over the weekend, a contentious one. canadian prime minister justin trudeau criticizing u.s. trade policy after the president left the meeting, declaring canadians will not be pushed around and vowing retaliatory tariffs against the u.s. kind of seems like trudeau is looking for a fight here. is that what this is about? but you know, all we're asking for is something that i think is
2:18 pm
pretty innocent. fair trade. let's level the playing field for everyone. if you're going to have a tariff, we'll have one too. in ideal world why don't we do all zeroariffs. here is the p before he left for g7. i want to you watch this. >> ultimately that is what you want, you want a tariff-free, you want no barriers and no subsidies. you have some cases where countries are subsidizing industries and that's not fair. you go tariff-free, you go barrier-free, go subsidy-free, that is the way you learn at whl ofinance that would be the ultimate thing. trish: that is kind of interesting you brought up wharton there. that is it. no tear i was are. no trade barriers. is that really too much to ask? apparently so if you listen to trudeau these days. joining me on set, our very own
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susan li. apparently they're upset somebody comes along upsetting applecart. status quoon't charge you tariffs but you get to charge us whatever the heck you want is suddenly bei challenge by the w this should have been challenged ages ago. why are they getting so worked up over something that basically is coming down to an issue of fairness? >> it has been an interesting g7, the most interesting one in two decades, right, trish? i've been looking at goes down to dairy, the main point for president trump. canada, you tariff ust 20%. i called around to comments. u.s. exports $200 million of terri products to canada each and every year? canada imports half that rate. so two to one, believe it or not. and it is 270%, think about that, tariff. astronomical. payi a lot for milk there. >> but canada is an export but what i found interesting as
2:20 pm
well in this whole discussion about free trade. all of sudden the president is free trader. kudlow is a free trader. canada for their part, they want better relations. they want nafta to be renegotiated. they understand things need to be updated but right now we're in a holding pattern, since there elections, midterm elections. we have canadian election in 2019. actually this spat helped trudeau's poll numbers over the weekend because he was behind the conservative opposition actually just in a few polls, in recent polls. trish: right, right. >> setting up what canadians see as a u.s. bully actually helping him. trish: doesn't it fundamentally come down the president, given his financial background, larry kudlow i know very well, i used to host a show with actually, is definitely mr. free trade? larry and many economists surrounding both those gentlemen
2:21 pm
tell you 0% is the way to go. and i think this, is a bit of posturing, right? >> absolutely. trish: they have a 270% tariff, my goodness, that is nuts. by the way you know who they're hurting, their own people who need to get milk! >> yeah. trish: seriously they're trying to stick it to us in that sense, 270% tariff that is not even playing field. that is not level. why can't it all come down to nothing? we won't charge you, you don't charge us, easy enough to mr. trudeau? >> sign the nafta deal and let's see. it's a bilge relationship. $600 billion. canada and u.s. have second largest trading relationship in the world, right? as we mentioned, nafta has been around for a long time, but, we should point out also there have been tensions. does this really come down to trade be trish? you heard kudlow as well say on
2:22 pm
saying you can't make the president look weak heading into the north korean summit. trish: it comes down to trade. i get the posturing on both sides. the idea this is allowed president after president, you know why? the corporations wan access to the markets. we don't care, we'll keep it fundamentally, what does it do, your job is to set policy for the course of the u.s. economy going forward out decade. no one cared enough about preserving and protecting jobs and industry here. so now somebody does, what do you know? everybody is going nuts. susan li. we look forward to seeing you in the middle of the night. >> lucky us. trish: real big, big, event have a front row seat to history as we all. >> very good point. trish: coming un, the big summit in singapore. liberal comedian bill maher is rooting for an economic collapse here in the united states? why? hopes it will make it easier for
2:23 pm
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>> i feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point and by the way, i'm hoping for it, because i think one way you get rid of trump is a crashing economy. so please, bring on the recession. sorry if that hurts people but, it is either root for a recession or lose your democracy. trish: i really hope that bill maher is trying to be funny, i think he is probably not. he is saying in other words, you have a choice. you can root for a recession or you can root for democracy, because he wants president trump gone. well, what's, so scary and
2:28 pm
bothersome to me about all of this, you have many people right now on the left that are rooting against the united states of america. they're rooting against you. they're rooting against me. they're rooting against our collective success. we want our economy to do well. we don't want to root for recession. who the heck wants that? you want to lose your job, your neighbor to lose your job? maybe bill maher should think about what happened if he lost his job? a recession is not good for anyone. it is not good for this country. it is not good for our individuals. you don't joke if it was in fact a joke wanting something like that. whether you voted for this president or not, whether you like him or not, how many times i said, i get he is not everybody's cup of tea, a little rough around the edges for many, i should tell you what you should want, what you should hope for, is america's success.
2:29 pm
i mean we want to succeed, right, economically? we want people to have security. we want to be safe. it is all coming to a head right now with this big, historic summit. this is an opportunity for greatness. why would you because you don't like president trump, not want him to succeed at that summit? if you don't want him succeed, you don't want yourself to succeed. you know, these comments from mr. march, they come just days after house democratic leader nancy pelosi actually said, whoop tee do, when it comes to lower unemployment. she clearly doesn't understand statistics she is citing. watch night hip-hip-hooray, unemployment is down, what does that mean to me in my life? i need a bigger paycheck. this isn't just about the unemployment rate. it is about wages rising in our country so that consumer
2:30 pm
confidence is restored because our econo will never fully h its possibility unless we increase the consumer confidence trish: hate to break it to you, nancy, consumer confidence is at an 18-year high. so there goes that whole argument. for hip-hip-hooray on fantastic job numbers? yes, hip-hip-hooray! indeed this is exactly what we should all want. how self-interested and self-ish are you as a politician if you are in fact rooting against the american people. how selfish are you if you're bill maher, because you want a recession. joining me right now from campus, mr. lawrence jones, and fox news contributor, miss jessica tarlov, good to see you both. you know, i don't get it, lawrence. to me at you some point you're
2:31 pm
all on the same team, right? at some point we're all american citizens and we should all want economic prosperity. >> yeah. i can tell you that both democrats and republicans were hit hard during the recession. i saw people going into depression. it was tough. so to see bill maher say this, one thing i am glad, trish, some of these people are showing us who they are. they don't care about the average-day americans. first of all this is not a joke. this is not something that is funny. we're talking about real people's lives. i'm sure democrats like my friend jessica don't agree with his comments. trish: i don't know, jessica, what do u think? >> no, i definitely don't agree with those comments. trish: you don't like what bill maher said either? >> no, i actually don't. that is not the true the choice we have. in madeleine albright in her book the roots to authoritarian is bad economy. that is how dictators rise to power. what is going on not the end
2:32 pm
result he is thinking. lend as bad message to a million ads cut for 2018 cycle and 2020 nancy pelosi and bill maher and other people dismissing economic gains that americans are feeling. >> jessica, like he is on our payroll. at this point -- >> i don't think you guys an afford him. >> him and nancy are giving us free campaign ads. i literally don't understand some of their comments. they are so tone deaf to the american people. it is one thing to dislike trump at least applaud success of improving the economy of the these are forgotten people he campaigned for. trish: this is the past democratic party's problem overall. this is what they to try to get away from. when i think, i said this many times, you guys are going to hear it again, i grew up in an irish catholic family, and you were a democrat like you were irish and you were catholic. you didn't have any choice.
2:33 pm
in fact when i first went down to the town hall to register to vote the woman didn't even ask me, she checked democrat right not box. i am an independent now, but that was a decision i had to make. the democrat was being made for me because of my historical background but i came from a family of laborers, jessica, this is, this is the group that i think they have increasingly missed, these laborers, people who worked in the manufacturing industry, that used to be sort of the lifeblood of the democratic party and in part because of a failed choice of their candidate, they lost that and they are increasingly seeming out of touch, so how do you bring it, who are the people in the party right now to bring that mojo back? >> i think a lot of younger up starts we talked a lot about conor lamb, a lot of people out of virginia. in california people are getting things going. i'm a big fan of sherrod brown,
2:34 pm
senator in ohio, beloved by progressives and moderates alike, he agrees with trump on tariffs. trish: tim ryan. >> tim ryan who ran against nancy pelosi. giving a larger platform to younger members of the party, who have innovative ideas and are moderate if they're in a moderate district. laborers why we lost thes of election. 77,000 votes decided it between three states. a lot of that has to do with laborers and working class americans but also african-american vote which was down substantially in this election from barack obama's 2012 election. so i think there is focus on both of those areas. we shouldn't ignore the other. trish: why, lawrence, they always try to paint donald trump as a racist? >> no. trish: you're going to tell me is. there is nothing you can say about something worse than they're a racist. that is not who we are as americans. so when they start throwing out accusations like that, lawrence,
2:35 pm
it seems to me that they are lowering the bar, they are going forethe jugularn a way that all they know how to do, clearly they don't ustand consumer confidence is at 18-year high or the economy is growing? >> well, the problem, trish, is that those are nice emotional arguments but the proof is in the pudding. is the president delivering when it comes to my community? there are some things that he said that i found problematic -- trish: you have the lowest unemployment for black americans right now. same with his -- hispanics. >> you can be critical of some of the things the president said. i have myself. at the end of the day i look at benefits he has been able to do, the policies that he has been able to implement that directly benefit my community, how can you not support him after eight years of a guy that got 90 some% of the black vote yet didn't deliver? other groups he was able to deliver for them but specifically for the black
2:36 pm
community, you didn't see a lot of progress. trish: sad thing about those obama years i will tell you that is that i'm someone who belie in all that opportunity that he represented and. >> me too. trish: a part of me very excited to think what historic moment that was, that we had our first african-american in office. and what is so sad that i think race relations and numbers will prove this out, we have looked at some of the polls, are worse today than they were pre-president obama. so the guy who had the opportunity, the world, right there in his hand, jessica, he blew it. >> i wouldn't say that he blew it. i think we can have million other segments discussing obama and legacy there, what that means for the african-american community. i know that we are more divided racially than we have ever been before. a large amount has to do with issues of criminal justice reform and police brutality. it is worse rate since the l.a. riots. that is nothing to write home about. it is continuing to get worse under this president, who has
2:37 pm
exacerbated those trends if you look what goes on for instance, around the nfl protests, he would go to rally call nfl players sobs, not something anyone on this panel would support. this is trend line unfortely continuing to go in the wrong direction. trish: i think that we're going to see a lot of democrats and a lot of members of the left really trying to use this race issue though as a divisive one to rally the african-american vote but it is going to be hard, lawrence, if you're an african-american you're saying, you know, things are actually improving for me and my community and my friends and my family and, when you see the job rate now as strong as it is, i mean it will really countier some of this other noise, shall we say. so facts versus noise. anyway lawrence, it is great to see you. thanks for being on the show. >> thanks, trish. trish: jessica, always. i love it. love the color of your dress.
2:38 pm
>> with a little white fringe. thanks so much. trish: coming up, president trump will be the first sitting president to meet with north korean leader. can he convince a dictator to get rid of h nuclear weapons. on a lighter note, not as historic, just as controversial, ihop, the international house of fan cakes is changing its name to ihob. what the public thinks of this change next. i've always been about what's next.
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trish: a united airlines flight has been diverted to ireland after a bomb threat was found in the plane's bathroom. the plane was flying to chicago from rome when the message was discovered. passengers are being investigated. officials taking writing samples from all aboard the flight right now. foxconn is investigating a plant in china. also in the headlines, a plant that makes devices for amazon.
2:43 pm
the comes after advocacy group criticized the plant's working conditions and reliance on temporary workers. amequiring a new plan after the violations were discovered at the factory. trish: ihop, international house of pancakes as it once was known, changed its name to ihob, ihob with a b as in boy. after much speculation the company finally revealed what its new name stand for. our own jeff flock in hammond, indiana. he will tell us what the b is supposed to be all about. hey, jeff. reporter: bacon. breakfast, brunch, beeryani. what is that, indian? no. burgers. much more boring, speaking of bs. international house of burgers. here is the secret.
2:44 pm
don't tell anybody this, trish, they're not really changing the name. still up there on the sign. it will stay up there on sign. they changed their twitter handle to ihob. that they did change. you see the flipping. flip pancakes, flip burgers, they flipped letters. old logo, new logo. what are they doing here? will they compete with all the burger joint out there? you know how many burger joints are out there? yeah, a whole lot. the mcdonald's all-day breakfast cut into their breakfast business, take this, mcdonald's, we'll mess with your burgers. so they're in it, but they're not giving up the pancakes. the president of i hop very clearly this morning on "fox & friends" as he revealed what the b stood for, he said we're keeng the pancakes. not only that they are keeping the p. how do we know that? number one they actually told us. number two, if you look at the press release, we're rebanding
2:45 pm
ihob, for the time-being. that would be pretty much as long as this publicity stunt lasts. the burgers are good. trish: i was going to say, that is exactly what this is, right? when i first read it, when crossed initially i thought, a stupid idea. like really, really stupid. reporter: but they got us. they got us good. they got everybody. trish: basically they want you standing outside there telling everyone, guess what, they so i burgers too. get burger with side of pancakes. reporter: you could even put one between two pancakes. heart attack. what happened. trish: jeff, thank you. enjoy the pancakes and the burgers there. by the way you tried one, right? reporter: thanks, trish. i did. they're good. burgers are good, absolutely. get in line for the doctor, the heart problems. but, they're good. trish: not bad.
2:46 pm
good to know. good to know. thank you, jeff flock. the white house says talks with north korea moving quote quickly but how quickly could north korea really denuclearize? i'm asking retired colonel allen west that very question next.
2:47 pm
at crowne plaza, we know business travel isn't just business. there's this. a bit of this. why not? your hotel should make it easy to do all the things you do. which is what we do. crowne plaza. we're all business, mostly.
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jo. trish: breaking right now, we're six hours away from the sis horrific summit. secretary of state mike pompeo says he is optimistic that the two leaders will lay a framework for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula? and that the u.s. team is well-prepared to get this process started. watch. >> any suggestion that the united states somehow lacks the technical expertise across government or lacks it on the ground here in singapore is mistaken. north korea previously confirmed to us its willingness to denuclearization. we're eager to see if those words prove sincere. the fact our two leaders are sitting down face-to-face, is sign of enormous potential to accomplish something that women immensely benefit our peoples and the entire world former
2:51 pm
congressman reed lieutenant colonel allen west. good to have you be here. >> good to be here, trish. trish: maybe denuclearization is happening, maybe they inch closer to it? what do you think will come of this whole thing? ut a doubt, trish, a multiphase phrase has to happen here. this is not something where we're going to come out and you wave a magic wand, all things with north are going to be good and there will be rainbows and unicorns. i have i had to throw that in like lucky charms. trish: i like it. >> one of the important things you have to lay down, what does denuclearization really mean? it means piece by piece. great "new york times" article laid down nine points towards the denuclearization that has to happen. wish "the new york times" made those type of recommendations for barack obama with the iranian nuclear deal which they did not do. but it is very important this does not seem like some wig triumph or win for kim jong-un? the economic sanctions must stay in place.
2:52 pm
they have the right, technical, expertise in the united states of america along with south korea, maybe japan, to be there in north korea to verify the steps moving toward this denuclearization process. coo take anywhere six months to a year. nothing should change as far as economic sanctions to north korea. trish: colonel, i was talking with gordon chang, a scholar on all things asia. >> hoe, yeah. trish: he spent a time looking at this. he has an interesting theory. i would like to float it by you. he believes denuclearization is critical and one of the endgames we're shooting for and desire here, there is something else going on and that is we want to be there. we want to be friendly with north korea because us being friends with north korea, basically gives us more of a buffer with china. it puts us over there near china which will rattle them a bit. so there is something sort of strategically going on terms of
2:53 pm
it us physically over there and china. what is your thought hon that hypothesis? >> gordon chang is direct correct this is a very huge political chess game. it was said in the 1920s, those who fail to look at history are doomed to repeat it. klein does not want to see a korean peninsula that could be uber friendly to the united states of america. and i think one of the critical things that the united states may be in position to do is to say that we will provide a security blanket for you and enable you to have the same type of economic prosperity that you have seen to your neighbors to the south so that when people have a satellite picture of the korean peninsula at night, they don't see one-half of it lit up and the other half in complete darkness. trish: if kim jong-un is able to continue on in power he would
2:54 pm
certainly like a real hero to people. >> he saves face. yeah, he saves face. he doesn't have the collapse on his watch. trish: colonel west, good to see you. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. trish: big day. historic stuff happening right here and you have a front row seat to all of it. meanwhile the trump administration is rolling back obama era regulations on internet service providers. what is it going to mean for you and your internet connection? we have more coming up. again, we are looking at at the countdown to the historic singapore summit between north korea and the usa. more next. in energy storage we're ensuring americans have the energy they need, whenever they need it nextera energy. ♪
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trish: the rules concerning equal treatment for websites are officially no more which could mean higher prices at popular streaming services like spotify and netflix. hillary vaughn joins me right now with more on the obama-era internet rules and as much as people worry about higher prices there's still sort of the ability to unleash market sources here which i think would actually cause prices to go lower, but you know, look that's just me, hey, hillary good to see you. hi, trish well that's the argument that the fcc chairman is making he says rolling back this regulation is going to be a boom for the internet economy, encouraging a lot of investments so they're rolling back these
2:59 pm
regulations that made sure internet providers like comcast, verizon, at&t and others treat all equally by banning the following things, website could not block any lawful content or apps, could not that el speed for users based on what websites they were accessing and also couldn't play favorites against certain customers & companies a premium on speed, for high- paying users and slow lane for cost cutting customers all rules are going away but it's not going to be a free for all for these cpanies instead, they're passing out the responsibility to keep an eye on these internet providers to the federal trade commission, the chairman saying today that the f cc is the new police of the internet and will root out any bad apples that engage in anti- competitive unfair and deceptive business practices, saying on fox news channel just moments ago that any concerns of this is going to bump price for consumers is just fear mongering >> i would hope that reasonable
3:00 pm
people would put aside the political rhetoric the grand standing the fear mongering and look at the facts. >> trish, so all this adds up to changes f consumers and see if that also leads to a change in price. trish: thank you so much hillary clearly, a very historic day, a historic night ahead fox business will be there for every single minute of it so don't go anywhere. hey you can stay up all night with us. >> you can join me at 3:00 in the morning tomorrow, trish. how about that one? trish: i'll tune in. >> thank you so much, ma'am well she's talking about the big story and that is this one six hours to history, you'r looking at a live picture of singapore where president trump is set, to go one on onerth korean leader kim jong-un the president arriving in singapore on sunday ahead of the highly anticipated summit, topic number one, denuclearization of the korean peninsula. can they make that


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