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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 11, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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is going on, the grain market, meat market, equity markets, every market is -- cheryl: the dow is falling. [closing bell rings] the dow fell 86 points. we're up barely a fraction. let's send it over to connell mcshane and melissa francis >> i'm connell mcshane in for david asman. >> i'm melissa francis this is after the bell. more on the big moves in the market. here is what else we cover during this very busy hour. we're a few short hours away
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from history. president trump in singapore gearing up for the most important moment of his presidency thus far. if goes according to plan. he will be the first sitting u.s. president to meet with a korean leader and the stakes are enormous. the president saying this is a one-time shot for kim jong-un to make peace. let's go straight to deirdre bolton who son the ground in singapore. deirdre? >> i'm heren sin at wha many are calling the summit of the century. in an unprecedented meeting u.s. president donald trump is sitting down with north korean leader kim jong-un for a one-on-one meeting scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. local time. the two world leaders will be alone with the exception of translators but no advisors, no cabinet members. earlier secretary of state mike pompeo addressed the media. he borrow ad line or an image from president reagan talking about trusting and verifying. >> the united states has been fooled before, there is no doubt
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about it. many presidents previously signed off on pieces of paper only to find the north koreans didn't promise what we thought they had or actually reneged on their promises. the v matters. the v matters. we are going to insure that we set up a system sufficiently robust we're able to verify the outces. only once the v happens, that we'll proceed pays. right? that has been missed before. you know, we can go back to reagan trust by verify. >> the secretary of state will be one of four cabinet members joining president trump and kim jong-un as they conclude the meeting. worth noting president trump is going to be leaving singapore a little bit earlier than previously scheduled
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melissa: stay tuned the we'll be following all the developments on the summit all night long. connell: he have one watching, nicole, the dow building on some of the gains. all of a sudden last few minutes we start to give them up, ended up almost break even. >> almost broke the streak. now we can say the dow is up four days in a row, held on to right there about six points, tacked on to the last three days where we're up 516 points. we are seeing that up arrow continuing. as you noted, that late-day weakness in financials in fact are the ones that one group teetering between positive and just turned negative as we closed. jpmorgan, went into the red. also, you mentioned the russell earlier, we were watching for a record close. did not make it. missed it just there. also taking a look at some winners and losers that we've seen. by the way, something, an area that of the winners were the media companies. start talking about at&t and
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time warner. now the court decision tomorrow onhis 85 billion-dollar deal, whether or not, at&t can go through with its proposed merger of time warner. at&t finished up 1%. time warner up. fox a, a new high, 7th day in row of gains. fifth record close for twenty-first century fox. that is the parent of the fox business network that would then put it open for deal-making, battle moving forward, whether or not we would see the others move in there to challenge the disney deal. look at rest of media companies. they would try to up the disney deal. look at this. all media stocks moved higher as well. we'll look at fitbit, up seven of the last eight days. that is a winner. citron had a bullish comments, called a possible takeover
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target by google. the stock jumped 15%. here is tesla and elon musk tweet about driverless assistance and that offing forward. the stock is up 4 1/2%. as we watch the f a, that will be a big one for twenty-first century fox, that is contingent upon tomorrow's decision. watch twenty-first century fox. back to you. connell: we will. nicole, we appreciate that. a lot going on for investors to think about. not just singapore but tensions running high after the g7 summit. our allies none too pleased with the president's steel and aluminum import tariffs. the president and white house staff going africa madian prime minister justin trudeau. to put it all together, edward lawrence is live at the white house to break it down. edward? >> connell what a 24 hours it has been. president taking exception to what prime minister justin trudeau said to reporters.
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i always heard canadians are actually very friendly folks. the president may feel differently, because after he left the g7 summit he went after prime minister justin trudeau on tw one tweet calling out the prime minister as mild and meek during our meetings at the g7 only to give a news conference after i left saying u.s. tariffs were kind of insulting that he will not beushed around. our tariffs are in response to his 270% on darery. president goes on to say we can't let our enemies and friends take advantage of us on trade before. what set the president off, justin trudeau talking to reporters after saying this. listen? i made it very clear to the president, it is not something we relish doing, but it is something that we absolutely will do. because canadians are polite, we're reasonable but we also will not be pushed around. reporter: white house economic
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advisor peter navarro says there is a special place in hell for someone who has a bad faith negotiation with president donald trump here. now, escalation of words even has some of the republicans, president's republican supporters scratching their heads. >> the comments that he made he made before. so what the reasoning was or what the agreement was we don't know. i sure like to know what it is because the response from the administration really was pretty fierce, pretty intense and i don't think it added long-term to fixing the problems. reporter: now the u.s. also said that it will now not sign that g7 statement that was put out, that had a set of shared priorities for those countries going forward, that included trade, national security and economic growth. colin. connell:ever a dull moment, edward, even with the president out of the white house. thank you for that. sets up your discussion, melissa. melissa: let's bring in today's panel, fox business's susan li,
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dan henninger, "wall street journal," also a fox news contributor, liz peek, columnist. dan, start with you. i hear a lot of republicans at the end of that report saying they can't understand why the president is so upset, if you flip it around, you can imagine the president walking away from that thing. we had a big beautiful meeting with beautiful agreement. everyone is in love again, no matter what happened. seems like trudeau at very least stuck to original talking points after the meeting. what do you think? is that a crazy way to look at it? >> there is no crazy way to look at it. melissa: crazy no matter how you look at it. >> consider what happened through the g7. president enters the meeting imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum tariffs. first thing he suggests on arriving the russians should be at the meeting, back in the g7. remember when he said that?
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within 12 hours he was proposing no tariffs whatsoever between europe and canada, and by the time he left he was in a towering rage over justin trudeau's comments and threatening more tariffs on canadian autos how anyone processes all that, understanding which way the wind is blowing is a mystery to me, including the poor markets. melissa: let's listen how some of his advisors interpreted it afterwards. go ahead. roll the tape, guys. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. >> he really kind of stabbed us in the back. he really, actually, you know what? he did a great disservice to the whole g7. he betrayed -- >> trudeau did? >> yes he did. melissa: president feels like he got stabbed in the back.
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i heard that somewhere. >> yeah. so the front page of canadian newspapers and media splashed all over saying, the u.s. is trying to bully us. that is actually helped justin trudeau in the polls. he has to face an election in 2019. standing up to what the canadians are perceiving as the u.s. bully, that is helping him against the opposition conservative party. he stuck to his talking points. he didn't say anything new in the press conference. he says he is insulted. he says we're going to push back. melissa: liz, i don't care what anyone says. what matters are the facts on the ground and what is amazing to me and i didn't realize before that, we did a check, kellyanne conway talking points this morning were correct. there is 245% tariff on cheese from the u.s. into canada over certain level, over the quota. 300% for butter over a certain level. vermont dairy farmers have to love that. on flipside we impose 350% tax i assume over a quota on tobacco.
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there is already insanity, before any of this insanity began, there was this insanity, of the tariffs already in place? >> well, that's right. i think susan is totally right. a lot of this was about trudeau trying to pick up his approval ratings because they have been sliding pretty sharply and he does face re-election. but i want to actually go to the communique that the united states refused to sign. if you actually read that, and this was sort of what was happening behind the scenes, it was a lot of agreement on policies that president trump holds very dear. so the real concern, the disappointment here is that they didn't all sign this thing because in fact it, even uses trump language. it talks about establishing a playing field. it talks about using private money in infrastructure. and various other -- if you go through it point by point, it was very positive for the united states. looks to me like actually
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president trump had won on a lot of different issues and those issues have been incorporated into the communique. so i think it is really unfortunate this spat happened at the end because otherwise, really trump could have declared victory here and he would have been right. melissa: dan, i mean, where do you go from there? itor o lays out where things could go, if you look at the communique. there is all this chattering back and forth and yelling at each other. i don't know that is words at the end of the day. you see people come together afterwards. what does the communique tell you? >> the communique tells us the fact we separated ourselves from the communique, there is a lot of disagreement there and, i think many of us believe that president trump was going in the right direction, disruption is good. but eventually, melissa we have to start showing some results this is wonderful theater. great to talk about it but you know, nafta, trade relations with europe, at some point i think the white house has got to
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show something forward, something positive, rather than you know, relentless argument with our allies. melissa: all right. sounds good, guys. thank you. >> thanks. connell: what is getting a lot of attention in the midst of all this? this ihop story. melissa: everybody is talking about it. it is crazy. connell: getting rid of the p in ihop. talk about what they're replacing it with. brand new territory for the pancake company or pancake seller. smart move? wait until you hear what competitors have to say. melissa: politics takes center stage at last night's tony awards. robert de niro vulgar tirade against trump that got a standing ovation. connell: talking about this summit will this b the beginning of a path to peace on the korean peninsula. >> this is a worldwide issue and
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>> the best way to get peace, not war, convince north korea they will be in a war and they will lose it if they don't pursue peace. nobody in north korea belied the past presidents would use military force. if they don't believe donald trump will use military force as a last resort, the people in north korea making a very big mistake because he will if he has to. he doesn't want to. melissa: less than five hours stand between the historic meeting between president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. so what is at stake when the two leaders finally meet? joining me oklahoma senator jim inhofe. a member of the armed services
4:18 pm
committee. thank you very much for joining us, sir. >> good to be with you. melissa: are you all hearing anything different than what you're seeing in the media how the meeting is going on so far? i know the formal partn't begun yet but in terms of reception and planning what are hearing? >> i'm hearing something difficult than i hear on the news. i'm so convinced good things will happen. may not be the first meeting. let's stop and realize what trump has done. he has got this guy's attention. no one else has gotten before. we had a meeting where we had our intelligence in, director of national intelligence, military intelligence, said this isn't going to work. everyone is so negative on this thing. i believe it will. i happened to be in south korea whenim jong-un said i have got a button, i can blow up an american city. when his response, our president's response, just laid it out, you try that, we'll blow you off the face of this earth.
4:19 pm
he understands that we have a president who does things -- look, remember syria problem we had back during the previous administration? he said you cross the red line, and something is going to happen. it didn't happen. with this guy it happens. kim jong-un knows that. melissa: you were in south korea when he made that response? because that is one of the things that critics point to, he iser -- is erratic. it wasn't the rhetoric that got us here, the sanctions. you're saying something very different? >> i do because one of the things he did, if you remember, kim jong-un in matter of hours after our president made the statement, he called down to south korea said, changed my mind. we're going to send our athletes down there to participate inhe olympics. then he made the gesture of getting together with them. look at the things he has done. he released three americans. he has destroyed one of the nuclear test sites. and they have had the joint
4:20 pm
exercises. kim jong-un used to always complain about the joint exercises. well, they're doing them. melissa: yeah. >> so i'm expecting big things. as i told our intelligence in an open meeting, i think you're wrong and i'm right. i'm expecting big things to happen. this president, president trump, i think he played un like a fiddle. melissa: what would constitute big things in your mind? what would we hear, tomorrow, for example, when it ends? >> i think the verified, conversation, not a done deal but a conversation on verifiable denuclearization. also an understanding that we're going to leave troops there even if a deal is reached. obviously that has to happen. the troops would be there not nor north korea but for china more than anything else. melissa: general jack keane, one of the reasons he believes the same you do, kim jong-un has beena diplomatic blitz like you
4:21 pm
haven't seen him before. he has really changed his behavior being out and around trying to talk to people and be visible. do you agree with that? do you feel like you've seen that? >> i do. i didn'tw he already said that. i normally agree with him. i feel strongly about that, again the reaction he was getting just minutes after that conversation was one where all of a sudden, kim jong-un is a bully and henderstands that a bully when he is talking to one. a bully demonstrating clearly if he says something, as our president has done, if he says it he is going to do it. that was the turning point at that time. i think that is why we're getting a good result. it may not be immediate but look, they're talking. that is exciting. melissa: senator, thank you. we appreciate your time today and hope you're right. thank you. >> thank you, melissa. connell: you guys were talking obviously bigging history as we
4:22 pm
will throughout the night. president trump is first sitting president to meet with a north korean leaders. we'll look back at defining summits from our nation's past. we'll try to learn from history. that is coming up. rooting for the economy to crash. reaction to bill maher's latest. that's next. >> the idea that somebody would, as a matter of public policy suggest in order to achieve his political goals he wishes the company would be plunged into economic difficulty shows how out of touch some hollywood liberals are. ♪ today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852.
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>> i feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point. and by the way i'm hoping for it. i think one way you get rid of trump is a crashing economy. so please, bring on the recession. connell: all right. so bill maher apparently hoping for a recession to get the president out of office. that led to lot of reaction. we'll get to more. madison gesato joins us.
4:26 pm
i wonder, madison, someone in your position obviously supporting the president would look at something like that and hear something like that, boy, that is kind of a gift to us, getting everybody to be fired up. what is your reaction? >> that is appalling for him to say something like that. that is shows he out of touch. he is somebody not affected by previous recessions. he can't relate to the fact people don't want something like that to happen. that would be horrific by for our nation. that is not something that i expect to happen during donald trump's presidency. he brought the economy back from bad numbers. connell: that make as tough argument the democrats have to make. tough issues they bring up in the midterms or the election. when it comes to the economy at your point, macro level, economy is doing well. what we've you think of what bill maher is saying here, almost like he rzes that, and knows if it continues to do well it will make it tough for the democrats who he support. >> of course. that is why they have been avoiding this issue.
4:27 pm
they're trying anything else they can to get attention away from donald trump's successes, because they want to win seats in the midterm. doesn't look like something theg they wile able to do in 2020. connell: you would think something like that would be a gift. i don't know if you saw robert de niro last night at the tony awards. a lot of republicans think what he said might be a gift as well, in some way, shape or form, politically. l's take a listen. here is de niro. >> say one thing, [bleep] [cheering] it is no longer down with trump, it is [bleep] trump. [cheering] connell: wow, standing ovation and whole works afterwards. >> yeah, he seems pretty delusional to me. i don't think people will support that. i didn't vote for president obama in 2012, i didn't support much of his presidency but i would never disrespect him in a way like that or stand up in front of the crowd say something so vulgar about the president of the united states. he should be ashamed about that.
4:28 pm
connell: i wonder how these things play where the president, i think i know the answer, has a lot of support, in i the midters those are seats will decide it. a lot of areas that went for president, two or three points. i was in district in the primary. president won by three, but in the past it is democratic. i don't think these comments play well in areas that are important. >> i don't think it is playing well. similar to the effect look all the way back to 2015 with the mainstream media attacking our president unfairly with 90% of negative coverage. when people see celebrities attacking the president, they get sick of it. they don't care what the people have to say. so many celebrities supporting hillary clinton in 2016. that didn't help her. she didn't win. president trump is the president of the united states. so i think people will not listen to this. they will not take it to heart. they will be disappointed, disgusted by these comments. similar to ivanka trump with
4:29 pm
samantha bee's comments. we don't care. we don't hear it. will not help them win. connell: crazy world. melissa: historic milestone for peace as president trump and kim jong-un prepare to meet face-to-face. the latest reaction from around the globe and what it means for our safety here at home. >> the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed. complete verifiable, denuclearization of korean peninsula is the only outcome the united states will accept. ♪ whoooo.
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two million patients a year depend on us. and we depend on chubb. melissa: hours away the stage is set and world is waiting for president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un's meeting in singapore. greg palkot is live in seoul, south korea. greg, what is the reaction there? reporter: melissa, dawn is breaking here in south korea. couple of hours we should have the in singapore and folks here looking very closely. they're hopeful but they're cautious. they have been under the nuclear gun of north korea for the past several years now. so they have a lot riding on this. south korean president moon jae-in in fact on monday spoke for 40 minutes on the phone with president trump. moon wished him hopes for a successful summit but however warned in a statement afterwards that this could be just start after process that might take years. word from secretary pompeo, there might be new security
4:34 pm
guaranties given to north korea, that might have something to do with the 28,500 troops here, but latestest word from defense secretary james mattis that those troops are not on the table. possibly to be discussed, has huge impact here in south korea, maybe an end to the korean war. remember 65 years ago the fighting was halted only with a truce. we're told though that could be a very complicated process. by the way another sign of change, melissa, about 35 miles north of where we are, across the dmz in north korea, they actually know what's going on. on monday, in the propaganda newspapers that the regime puts out they actually showed kim jong-un in singapore. they don't usually advance these events until they have happened to make sure they work out okay. one final note, president trump, there are mixed feelings about him as there are everywhere here, but a lot of people we talked to, both in the government and in the public
4:35 pm
domain say that in fact he should be given credit for moving this diplomatic process to the stage where it is right now, basically one-on-one between these two leaders. take a listen to what one analyst told us. >> we in, on the korean peninsula would be looking at it from the point of view what is in it for us? from that perspective this man is revolutionary in a sense. reporter: revolutionary? >> he mean he has done something that nobody else has been willing to do. reporter: or he is about to do something no one else has done, one-on-one with kim jong-un in just a couple hours. back to you. melissa: greg palkot. thank you. connell: let's talk about this, lanhee chen from hoover institute. peter brookes, senior fellow for national security affairs at heritage. welcome to you both. we had new information, some
4:36 pm
which greg talked about in his report. lanhee, something came in hour or so ahead of the meeting. kim jong-un has moved up departure time. president trump will leave a bit earlier than planned. do you read into that or no? >> connell, i don't read too much into it. the bottom line here, this is a point that your reporter made there in the stand-up from seoul, a lot of hard work that will happen will happen after this meeting. this meeting is great for the photo-op great for cameras what it represents. as far as having denuclearization on korean peninsula, that will mean a lot more. i wouldn't read too much into this meeting ending earlier than expected. connell: that is fair. president is talking about a process. setting some expectation going in or lower some expectation going in. peter let me ask you about something that came up in greg's report. this whole idea that secretary
4:37 pm
of state mike pompeo first said that the u.s. is prepared to make security assurances for the north if they agree to denuclearization. to greg's point, secretary mat is coming out in the states saying troops in the north korea apparently not on the table. what is going on here? >> there is a lot of options out there regarding security guaranties. there is confidence and security-building measures. perhaps doing things like announcing exercises. have north koreans observe south korean u.s. exercises. disposition of u.s. forces. i mean there is a whole host of things out there that could be done. now in the short term, you don't want to change the game too much in terms of our troops to make sure north korea doesn't have something up its sleeves. over time, connell, you could move forces back away from the dmz, what the north koreans can do, so any sort of attack you would have more strategic warning of it. there is a whole list of things
4:38 pm
that can be considered out there. connell: there is whole lot of ways they could go. the way china reacts might be more interesting in some ways rather than what we do in the united states or what the north koreans do, lanhee. the chinese put sanctions in place against north korea, based how this goes what will they do with the sanctions, roll them back, be more friendly, what role will china play after today? >> keep an eye on china. i think they will play a very important role in this entire process. i think they have a very, very serious sort of approximate concern which is what happening on the korean peninsula next door to where they are but obviously they're concerned about their sphere of influence in the region. obviously china's goal is regional hegemony. that there is three dimensional chess going on, china talking
4:39 pm
with the u.s. on trade and influencing north korea. i will keep an eye on what happens if not dir butthrough of the north koreans. connell: peter, kick thought on that from you and where is your level of expectation going into this? seems people are setting the bar somewhere. >> very modest. i'm trying to be cautiously optimistic but i'm very skeptical based on our history with north korea. north korea's involvement or performance on previous arms control agreements. i'm keeping it modest. think they're right it's a first step in a long journey. connell: anything, lanhee, president has to be careful of? some talked about idea of a picture, especially nothing big out of substance, might be seen, propaganda that might be used? >> i think we -- >> sorry. connell: go ahead, lanhee, real quick. go ahead. >> be careful here because the north korean regime, these are
4:40 pm
people that have had some serious problems in the past, serious violations of human rights. so we need to be careful not to be appear to be too cozy with them. connell: exactly. we have to wrap it up. doesn't seem like the human rights issue will come up. with all these things, once the two of them get in the room you never know what will come up. lanhee, peter, good to see both of you. thanks a lot. >> thank you. melissa: pancake lovers are flipping out. see what i did there? connell: there with you. melissa: mystery of i hob. after days speculation, ihop is revealing what the b stands for. fans are not happy. we're going behind the rebranding, with marketing guru and specialist, the only man who can solve this mystery, bruce turkel is next. ♪ had a coach in high school. really helped me up my game. i had a coach. math. ooh.
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4:44 pm
repeal the controversial business head tax, taxing large companies like amazon per employee. in an effort to help with homelessness and housing crisis. mayor of seattle out with a statement, we'll read part of it to you. here is the statement. we heard you. this week the city council is moving forward with consideration of legislation to repeal the current tax on large businesses to address the homelessness crisis. the city remains committed to building solutions that bring businesses, labor, philanthropy, neighborhoods and communities to the table. now more than ever we all must roll up your sleeves. there you go. we'll continue to follow this. >> we're always going to be ihop but america loves burgers and america loves ihop. we thought this was a fantastic combination. melissa: so we've been wondering the b, bacon, breakfast, bitcoin, break dancing, bananas? the announcement everybody is waiting for, the international house of pancakes changing its name temporarily from
4:45 pm
independent hop to ihob, who doesn't say ihob, where the b stands for burgers. the restaurant chain introducing seven new varieties steak burgers promossing themselves as lunch and dinner spot. i think that last part is the point. bruce, as stupid as ihob sounds we all agree one of the dumbest things we heard in a long time, everybody is bizarrely talking about this on a day when the president is meeting with kim jong-un, i heard this on the street. i heard it in the elevator. gu the crew were talking about it. that in off itself is marketing success, no? >> we said many times that the president is the master of distraction maybe ihop has taken a, taken something from him an done it themselves. ihob -- there is stupider. they could have been the international house of turkey and could be ihot. melissa: that is better. that's better.
4:46 pm
>> you know, it's, i didn't even know they were still in business. so i have to say i guess it is getting us to pay attention. melissa: shame on you because i just took my kids there not too ng ago. still delicious. i love the swedish pancakes. i don't know, i love chain food, i love fattening food. it has everything for me. now one way you know this is successful is the pile-on by other restaurants. they saw what was going on. they saw the chatter. like me too, me too, they're trying to get in. wendy's, wendy's did a good job. they said, not really afraid of burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too hard. that is pretty funny. then their second one was, remember when you were like seven and thought changing your name to thunder beer sword would be supercool, like that. but our cheeseburgers are still better. what do you think of the response? >> well i don't think that means that the idea was good. i think it means that in today's day and age everybody is 24/7,
4:47 pm
365. they knew they had to jump on this asap. in order to take advantage. even chiquita bananas showed a banana, ihob, the b stand for banana. i thought it stood for bruce. i don't know what to tell you, whatever you do, everybody figures out how they could add jack you. melissa: chili's is comedy prepared. we don't throw shade, seriously, is that what that is all about? here is real burger. >> i fell asleep while you're saying that. melissa: we make pretty delicious crispers and waffles but we didn't change our name to waffles. >> you know what they say about being ironic and humorous, some people get it and some people never do. melissa: hmmm. overall, they do this for a couple weeks. they change it back. they got a ton of free advertising and people are
4:48 pm
thinking, ihop, if i go there for dinner, i'm not just eating pancakes, i can stop get something else. i think it is pretty genius. >> that's right. taco bell added breakfast. starbucks added lunch. kentucky friday chicken has vegetarian chicken. melissa: no, they don't. >> ihob, they are comin out, yes, they are. ihop wanted to be known as something other than breakfast or place you pull off the highway to go to the bathroom. this might be the thing that does it for a little bit. melissa: bruce turkel, you always leave me shocked. you're a genius. see you next time. >> thank you, melissa. bye-bye. connell: breakingews on dave and buster's, way up after-hours. 15% gain after an earnings beat. ceo, steven king is retiring. that will be effective in august. he will stay on as chairman. brian jenkins the current cfo, will move up to the ceo.
4:49 pm
bottom line, looks like dave and buster's will be a big gainer tomorrow. melissa: when president trump meets kim. the president of the united streparing to sitting down with the leader of north korea. how the meeting will stand out amongst the biggest handshakes in presidential history. ♪ with expedia, you can book a flight, hotel, car, and activity... all in one place. ♪ everything you need to go. ♪ expedia® same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was rning, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story. every scar tells a story,
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4:53 pm
connell: something you find fascinating, at these meetings sometimes a goat in the room. famous meeting in 1945 with churchhill and stalin. the ghost in the room are countries affected what are talked about about by the world powers. they're not actually at the tabled maybe we see some of this time around, huh? >> you're absolutely right in munich in 1938, when hitler and mussolini met, chamberlain and delat independent er, to check the future of what was then czechoslovakia was at stake and sue dtt land was given away. south korea is not at table. kim jong-un threatening their exist lens. he not only threatened to wipe out seoul but threatened to use toxic gas and poisons to destroy the other cities in south korea. the big one to me is japan.
4:54 pm
in america, our news media has ignored the threats kim jong-un has made to japan, including a nuclear weapon against tokyo. that has repeatedly been mentour niece media ignores it. i been all over the pacific rim many times. they know all about it. connell: hits close to home or would. but it is interesting how these discussions between the world powers of the time often affect the countries in neighborhood and they don't often get a say. let me ask you a little bit the summits or meetings we've seen over years. seen famous pictures. talking to a guest earlier in the hour what the president needs to avoid. a lot made kennedy, krush chef, with the young kennedy going up against more experienced crew khrushchev. what type of picture or setting he is looking to employ? >> i disagree what the pundits
4:55 pm
are saying. i take a long view of history. i think kim jong-un and donald trump are getting something out of this summit. of course kim jong-un is getting what, indiana jones say, to short round, fortune and glory, kid, fortune and glory. he goes into history and more famous than all the hollywood stars and nba basketball players will be forgotten. he won't be forgotten. trump gets something that is overlooked, he can not attack north korea, a preemptive attack against north korea without first having tried peacefully to resolve the crisis, that would be riots in western europe. our own news media would turn viciously if they could be anymore vicious than trump. now that he has the handshake, it is very cleared i tried. in an interesting way it empowers him in my opinion to
4:56 pm
consider other options. connell: you're not suggesting that he is moving in that direction? you're saying it would give him the idea, he could go forward if he had to, is your point, doug? >> i worked on white house staff and they calculate everything. and i think all options are still on the table and that is not just talk. connell: good to see you. talk to you again soon. >> good to see you, connell. >> the burger for world peace. more burger news today. there has been a lot of it. how businesses are capitalizing on the north korean summit. ♪ ...
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
melissa: when it comes to world peace maybe we all just need a really good cheeseburger. wolf burgers in singapore is introducine burgers for world peace, a gourmet patty that combines strong, korean and american influences to commemorate the summit between president trump and kim jong-un.
5:00 pm
connell: kfc singapore getting in on the activity of the special four piece meal. get it? melissa: and one of the things kim jong-un wants a mcdonald's possibly. this could all be about burgers. connell: evening edit is coming up next. >> the countdown is on. we're live in singapore where president trump has just arrived for his historic summit with north korea's kim jong-un. president trump: it's aime sh i think it's going to work out very well. >> this is the only opportunity kim jong-un is going to get to try to turn around the future of his nation because if these talks do not bear fruit and north korea goes back to its nuclear program that is not going to work out well for kim. >> the really only two options, peace or war. >> secretary of state mike pompeo has just wrapped up a briefing from singapore moments ago. >> the set of state updating us on exactly what the president and the isn't have been doing today, more conversations between american and north


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