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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 11, 2018 7:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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a and -- denuclearizing a and a little bit about peace in summer. charles: we're on the verge of history this historic event, you are going to watch it we got you covered. up next, lie, lou dobbs. lou: our top story, history will be made in singapore no matter what the american president and north korean leader agree up owner agree at all. in two hours, president trump meets with kim jong-un face-to-face, in no way an over statement, saying this is a summit with potentially massive implication for korean peninsula, united states and the world. >> i think within the first minute, i'll know. just my touch, my feel. that is what i do. lou: our all-star lineup of guests explore every likely
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angle of the singapore summit, with us dr. sebastian gorka. and doug weed, and president trump crushed globalist g7 conspiracy against america. justin trudeau, macron and the rest of left w leaders talked big and threatened president trump. but were reduced to whining and wailinwailing after they tried d failed to persuade president trump to soften his america first agenda. and lame duck house speaker ryan paul ryan. ryan and his have all but deflated momentum that president trump had given republicans new alarming poll numbers tell the story. it is time for the lame duck speaker to exit. immediately. we take that up with new york
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post column niflist, michael go, and the dean, ed rol rollins, we house said preparation have preceded quickly. but the real test will be when president trump and kim jong-un finalfinally meet. deirdre bolton with latest for us now. reporter: good morning good evening lou we're two hours as you said from this historic moment. many call this the summit of the century, this sun precedented. for a u.s. sitting, to sit down, one-on-one with a north korean leader, no advisers in the room for the first hour, no cabinet members, just two leaders and translators, president trump has been tweeting this morning one
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saying, meetings between staff and representatives are going well and quickly, but in the than does not matter, we will all know soon wheth not a real deal unlike in the past, can happen. president trump, of course, has said in fact he will know very quickly the tone, and if there hope for progress within the first few minutes of meeting kim jong-un. and tweeting the fact that i'm having a meeting is a loss for u.s., say haters and losers, these pundits who called my wrong from the begin having nothing else to say we will be fine. and now secretary of state mike pompeo briefed us all yesterday, he said he is optimistic about the summit this morning, he brought in a line from the past, from president reagan. >> we are going to ensure we set' a system much sufficient
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low robust to verify the outcomes, that is what has been missed before. you know, go to reagan, trust but verify. reporter: secretary of state saying that process is different this time, therefore the outcome will be different. although secretary of state did decline to give details, not talking about it with the press, this is happening behind closed-doors, one thing that i want to mention, after the first hour where president trump and kim jong-un are sitting downing it, there will be other advisers and cabinet members, and leaders from south korea in the room. but from u.s. side there will be secretary of state, mike pompeo, and ways wis chie white house c, john kelly, john bolton, and house press secretary sarah sanders, i spoke with a former ambassador from singapore, who served under president trump
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frank lavin, he said it is very good that john bolton will be in the room, you want at least one pure hawk in the room, just as a follow-up and getting back to therust but verify theme. lou: dee deirdre bolton thank yu very much. >> our first guest has been following all of the developments that have led up to this moment. joining us north korea and china expert, gordon chang. great to have you here. it is easy to over state what is achievable perhaps, in the minds of many. certainly national left wing media. your thoughts about what this president can accomplish sitting down face-to-face with kim jong-un. >> what he can do is convince kim jong-un he needs to follow a different path. one giving up his weapons, one integrated into international community, and having a good relationship with the united
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states kim is under a lot of pressure at home, he created expectations with the summits, not only with us but also south koreans, people want a better way of life, president trump can show them the way, this is going to be fascinating the first hour. lou: i think it will is irresistible to think about kim jong-un stepping off that giant air china 747, what meant, symbolically he is being transported by a chinese aircraft under full control of president xi jinping. >> this was not a coincidence, xi jinping said tou u.s., north korea is our vessel, we're bringing him to the meeting, you leave him alone. symbolism is there. and the china did intend it the china have been on the line influent, they have been busting sanctions, and doing so
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blatantly. >> they have lost their capacity for new answer, it seem -- nuance, it seems the chinese. >> certainly more aggressive, you know, president trump about 3 weeks ago said, there was a change in tone in north korean after kim jong-un went to china for the second time. and basically what president said politely, the chinese were putting them up to being troublemakers. lou: no one knows what is going to transpire, what will be achieved or not achieved in this summit. it is a beginning wherever it is. how much is is a ccomplished. we can't know. but what are you thinking would be a hallmark of a highly successful sumt for this president. he would be interested in nothing much less. >> yeah, communique has to say a number of things, one is north korea is giving up the nukes and missiles. and north koreans will dismantle
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their infrastructure and strictist inspectors on earth. we need to have an accounting of the japanese abductties, north korea have been kidnapping people from japanese, americans, soutsouth koreans, north koreans have to stop that. lou: and bi begin so much else. joining a community of nations that is really it seems to be almost universally excited for the prospects here. gordon chang thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: we appreciate it. well, coming up here next. house intelligence committee chief devin nunes is at he puts it, fed up with waiting for documents on the fbi spy and the trump campaign is now demanding
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lou: chairman of house intelligence committee, setting a deadline of tomorrow, which to receive records about the fbi spy in the trump campaign, deven nunes, notifying rod rosenstein that records requested in april should be available to all members and staffers on house intelligence committee, not limited to so call "gang of 8". and 40 state democratic parties now implicate ed that a scheme to illegally funnel $84 million to hillary clinton 2016 presidential campaign, a new federal lawsuit said that clinton team and democratic national committee ignored campaign finance laws and placed money in to state parties that then sent the money back to the democratic national committee, designs specifically to help support hillary clinton's presidential campaign. joining us now, fox lose legal
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analyst, gregg jarrett and author of the new book. it is now available for preorders certainly amazon, barnes & noble and all of the best places which to buy the best of books. >> thanks lou. lou: great to have you here, you are more than welcome. start with this deadline, again, by devin nunes of tomorrow for fbi and justice department to deliver the documents which have been requested for ions. >> nunes, shows patience of job, allowing deadline after deadline to come and go without being met properly, these are lawful subpoenas by congress, which has a couldn'a contusional authorite -- constitutional authority to see the documents it is high time people be held in contempt, and begin impea
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proceedings if people like sessions and rod rosenstein, and christopher wray, they are violates the law, and they are doing so with impunity. lou: congressman jim jordan has amazing discipline and constraint. but he appears to be losing his patience, he said it is time to deliver what we promised the american people. and right now, one of the promises certainly is a follow through on all of the discussion of contempt citations and impeachment for rod rosenstein, and whom ever else. >> these people at department of justice and fbi, you named a few as did i, think above the law, they think they are the law. and they are accountable to nobody, this is why americans, i hate to say, should be afraid of law enforcement branches of
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american government, unfortunately department of justice under sessions and rosenstein is anti an extensionf the obama era department of justice and loretta lynch. president trump has scared his biggest misjudgment in the state. lou: devin nunes demanding rod rosenstein, one of the great bright hopes in all of this, was ts ellis, fal district court judge who demanded that special counsel turnover scope memo, it has been turned over, there has been no action taken by the judge. what do you expect? >> he -- i have made many phone calls into talked with many peer. the judge is still considering motion to dismiss the case based on argument that the special
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counsel -- >> on manafort? >> yes, based on the argument this special count ale counsel,r and his team have exche scope of their authority, the judge has it, he is still considering it, he could dismiss the case, they have not set a trial date, it has been delayed. i think that judge is still mulling this over. lou: and where we are with this, it seems imponder able to figure out yo judge ellis will rule. but whatever is happening is happening slowly, we have investigation that at a minimum take a year, special counsel for more afte than a year, judiciard senate more than a year, the same with house, oversight, intelligence committee. the american people deserve
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speedy, and thorough investigations. and the fbi and the justice department are clearly stonewalls not only congress but also the american people. and destroying whatever credibility they ever had. you know approach yeah, thely it seems to me, n only should we be afraid of asou suggest. but we should damn well demand a house cleans. >> i agree. he they are, investigating collusion which not a crime in the criminal codes. and yet as you pointed out in your introduction. this 84 million dollar money laundering scheme, by hillary clinton and the dnc and state democratic parties, is not truly being investigated. >> this is justin upto just fore bright shiny moment, national left wing acom applieses of --
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accomplices have taken note, now it a story, and i can t you, i honestly have no idea in the world why just now the left wing media has chosen to attach themselves into to report a story that they have ignored successfully for months. >> donna brazile, that exposed -- >> she said it rigged. >> right, this is -- it was a shell game of money to tune of $84 million to circumvent the election laws, hillary clinton was behind it was the dnc. you know -- lou: just about everything. >> yeah, as i said before, this backs up a money laundering scheme which could be biggest election campaign contribution scandal in american history. yet the doj does nothing. lou: and doj seems to do nothing about anything that has anything
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at all to do with hillary clinton or the democratic national committee. more reasons, for what we're calling for, that is historic house cleaning at doj. >> i'm with. >> gregg jarrett thank you. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> vote in tonight's poll, do you agree by meeting with kim jong-un in singapore that president trump has changed balance of power in asia, and loosened china's hol hold over h korea and its best -- citizens, follow me on twitter, on instragram, up next, globalist g-7 conspiracy rushed by president trump, we'll take that
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lou: emanuel macron and justinth their fake shock and outrage after president trump crushed their globalist conspiracy at the g-7 summit. both leaders criticize the president ahead of the summit. in fact they threatened to isolate him and the united states and then weak, weak indeed, they waited for the president to leave for singapore before attacking him once again. and in case they forget, here's why president trump is calling for tariffs. a 22 billion-dollar trade deficit with canada, a december sit of $76 billion with exco,
7:26 pm
$152 billion trade deficit with if european union. in not one of their comments did they get the surpluses they enjoy as a result of the largest, and as the president pointed out, the stupidity of previous presidents and lobbyists for so-called free trade that cost the united states trillions of dollars over the past 40 years and in just under two hours, the historic meeting between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. joining us tonight to discuss this and its potential, presidential historian doug wead. good to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. lou: this is a day that many wags on the left and in the national left-wing media, of course, and the great orthodoxy of foreign relations experts assumed would never happen and
7:27 pm
said precisely that month upon month in advance. here we are. what arer expectations, doug? >> and now they're saying it's a terrible idea. lou: yes. >> it couldn't happen. i heard some on tell vilings saying kim jong-un only has ten nuclear weapons, we have 7,200. why are we sitting down with him. which ten american cities are they willing to stake -- lou: we certainly don't want to press them for an answer because they probably has a list in their back pockets. >> what's been unnerving to me is hearing some of the obama foreign policy people trotted out, they're lecturing the president while he shouldn't be meeting alone. every aspect, they're nitpicking every aspect of the singapore summit and the irony, the specter of gadhafi hangs over
7:28 pm
singapore. the greatest foreign policy blunder in modern american history when we've been saying to the iranians, give up your nukes and to the north koreans, give up your nukes, finally somebody, gaddafi says okay, i'll give up my neeks, going to trust the americans, brutally murdered and so sodomized on television on the streets of his own people. that's the foreign policy of obama and it's haunted kim jong-un. why should he trust america. here are these people who have committed these foreign policy blunders lecturing us on whether trump should try to seek peace. lou: i think there would be a ready consensus available at any time that no part of the national security team of president obama nor the t himself or his secretary of state should ever have any comment on anything over those past eight years, other than, perhaps, a deep but
7:29 pm
only sincere apology whenever they are so mofs. i would not expect it anytime soon but perhaps that would be possible. as we look at what kim jong-un is doing here, in the room with these two leaders, but of course only in spirit, is president xi jinping. how big of an influence will he have, has it been determined in your judgment that he will have over this conversation between two men who are sitting face to face trying to, in one instance, on the part of the president of the united states, denuclearize a rogue nation. and on the part of kim jong-un, trying to find a way forward that does not lead him to utter oblivion for himself and his people. >> yeah. quite a question. and you know i love history. i'm a student of history and i write history. lou: absolutely. >> but i also served the
7:30 pm
president. and i remember being in the room with the president of the united states and three other heads of state and there were only three of us who weren't presidents in that room. and i remember the calculation is to great leading unto that moment that they can relax, as donald trump said, and be themselves. and can be a little more extemporaneous than you might expect. but the answer to the question is great, great calculation. china has to be very nervous because they're absent at this meeting and there's no question that what the white house has been doing has been calculated. people in the media have made a big deal about john bolton's comment about the libyan model and the next day trump said no, no, wea we're not going to do te libyan model and they acted like it was a great mistake. from my white house experience that was totally calculated and choreographed, bad cop, good cop. they need bolton in there and pompeo in there so trump can say look, i got one pushing me and
7:31 pm
one guy holding me back. you got to help me with this, kim, and allow him to broker the deal and make the decision that works. lou: i've got, just based on my knowledge of the president and my study of this president in particular, i think the chances of him needing an excuse or something to lean on for an opinion, a perspective, a view an an outcome is -- let me put those odds at zero, if i can quibble with you on that. as we go forward into this evening and morning, 1 12 hours ahead of us singapore, of course, what do you think is the best outcome we can hope for from this initial meeting between two leaders and then a meeting what they and their advisers for as long as they want, expected to be about two hours? >> well, you know, i mentioned to you earlier that meeting i
7:32 pm
was in where these presidents were alone. and you know -- lou: the only thing i can say to you is i don't think there's an analog with any president previous in this country's history. >> i agree with you. but human nature, we all want the same thing. fame, money, safety, security. and foreign policies will wrap that in grandiose terms. my people need respect. may people need economic assistance. my people need security. but when trump gets alone with kim jong-un, he has a lot to offer. he can talk turkey with him. and both men, in my opinion, contrary to what you've been hearing, i think both men succeed by having this event. kim jong-un gets fortune and glory, he's immortal for history. and donald trump now -- lou: only if they do a deal. >> maybe. maybe he gets that just for the meeting, some are saying. but donald trump, what he
7:33 pm
accomplishes, in my opinion, is he's now free to take action if he needs to take action. he can say he tried, we tried peace. i think he comes out of singapore stronger and that was part of his idea in going in. lou: i think that that is a terrific insight and a very very real outcome that kim jong-un should fear, along with president xi jinping mightily. doug wead, great to have you with us. thanks so much. >> thank you. lou: up next, rhino lame duck speaker ryan pushing for amnesty for illegal immigrants. the latest poll shows that ryan is kil t republican chances in the midterms. next we'll envision what might be a post-singapore summit asia. that stay with us. we'll be right back.
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what is an act of mutuality?
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lou: the gop slipping in the generic polls largely because of the push from paul ryan over amnesty for illegal immigrants. a poll from real clear politics showing democrats up now 46% at the end of june 6th while the gop score dropped 1.4 points sitting at 38.4%. a significant, significant differential. former president obama shadow
7:38 pm
government still operating. he's inserting himself into the elections. new reports claim he's holding strategy sessions with democratic presidential candidates including senator elizabeth warren, former vice president joe biden, even eric holder. joining us tonight to discuss mr. trump's efforts to reduce the obama's foreign policy, james inoff. great to have you with us. and on this historic occasion, your thought ths about president trump already achieving the, if not impossible, the improbably, and that is a sitdown face to face with kim jong-un. >> it's nice to be back with you. i didn't have any doubt that he's going to pull this off. you know, by coincidence, lou, i was in south korea when this little exchange took place and
7:39 pm
kim jong-un talked about i have a button. and one thing is true. back november 28th he demonstrated he could hit -- he had the range to hit an american city, or state. and so he was actually using that. said, i have a button, ki do this. the response that came out of trump was such a diversion from what we've been used to under eight years of obama when he looked at him and said yeah, i got a button too, mine works, yours doesn't and i'll blow you off of the face of the earth. anthat had an impact on the guy. i was in south korea when it happened. it was a matter of a few minutes after that that he called down to south korea and said i changed my mind, we're going to send athletes down from north korea to participate in the winter olympics. and then he then made a gesture at that time he wanted to sit down with south korea and even with the new president over here. so at that time i saw the shock
7:40 pm
treatment taking place that the whole world is responding to. lou: and on that trip, i know, went to visit the trips with the dmz. that is now part of the discussion about the discussion, if not actually part of the negotiation, general mattis being asked about it, that is reduction of troops, u.s. troops in south korea. for a long time, senator, and i'll say it straight up, i have thought that that was an awful big ask and probably an ask that we should never have responded to, to keep that many troops in a highly vulnerable, to say the least, position along the dmz to secure the peace. >> yeah. of course we've got 27,000 troops over there. and you know, that's a huge presence. now, i would say this. as they start negotiating, as they start getting into talks,
7:41 pm
we would be leaving troops there. one of the things that i'm sure kikim jong-un would like would e a mass exodus of american troops. that's not going to happen. we have other reasons. i was recently in the south china sea area. all of our allies are watching what china is doing with the hat they're preparing forking world war ii i. we have to have a presence. but the need for a presence insofar as north korea is concerned, if they're successful, it's not going to have to be those numbers. i think you're right on that. but you know, who knows, we have a president who know what is he's doing. and we're not used to that. and we have one that has the respecof the free world. lou: we haven't been. but i got to tell you. i'm doing, if you will, my own personal survey with friends and people i talk with every day, this country is more used to
7:42 pm
having president trump than they ever dreamed possible. many of them. this is a president making big changes in attitude. >> that's true. it doesn't make a difference where it is, ukraine. he is reinserting america in its role in leader of the free world. and we lost that. you know, looking at syria when they went a crossed the red line and they had chemical weapons. of course obama did nothing, after all of his threats. the first time that happened with this president, he just, he blew them up. and so right now kim jong-un knows full well that he's dealing with someone who is capable of anything. and of course in their minds, the president -- it's kind of like the presidents are in other countries. they can do whatever they want. there are more restrictions here. but nonetheless, he knows he's dealing with someone who can really do him harm and is
7:43 pm
willing to do it. lou: and is willing to sit down and talk about a long-lasting peace, as long as there is, verifiable denuclearization. great to have you with us. great to see you. thanks for being here. be sure to vote in the poll tonight. do you agree that by meeting with kim jong-un in singapore president trump has already changed the balance of power in asia and loosened china's hold over necker and its citizens? cast your vote on twitter@lou dobbs. up next, a historic night for the united states and ultimately the world. president trump meeting with kim jong-un in just about an hour. we'll be talking with dr. sebastian gorka live from singapore here next. they with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: the singapore summit between president trump and kim jong-un hasn't even e gun, of course, and rhino senator james lankford, who loves amnesty for ill great deal imfrants and open borders already thinks he knows how the summit will conclude. take a listen i have no optimism that everything gets resolved today, but i do have some optimism that
7:48 pm
they can play the ground work for the next meeting and usually the next meeting is when you get things revolved. if this challenge is no, we're going to talk about dismantling your facilities, setting aside the potential to have that clear inspections, then you let off sanctions, that is very different. lou: wow, instruction from the good senator from oklahoma. i'm sure the trump administration is deeply grateful. we're a little more than an hour away from the historic summit between president trump and kim jong-un. joining us live tonight from singapore is dr. so ba sebastian gorka. let's start with what are your expectations. it's interesting the number of senators, congressmen, particularly the rhinos and the dems who were talking about well, how the president should do this, how the president should do that. offering their aid, assistance and some optimism. these are the same people who
7:49 pm
said it was impossible that this president, many of them never trumpers. your thoughts about it all tonight. >> well is mildly amusing that people who have never worked with donald trump or who aren't part of the negotiating team are predicting what will happen, especially in many cases, these are the people who said donald trump is going to bring us to war in korea when he's having a peace summit in singapore. with it's not a grain of salt that we take their comments with, it's a large bucket of salt. i have two expectations, one is a large symbolic one that has to do with tieing a bow on the korean war, what comes out of the private meeting with kim and the president with regards to the 65 years of having that conflict frozen, if you will. and then a second one is the one that's going to take a little longer, and that's the concrete
7:50 pm
technical operational requirements of denuclearization, what an inspection regime is going to look like, who the inspectors are, can we have snap inspections, civilian sites as well as military. ket of korean war related and another that has to do with denuke rydenuclearization of thl north korean regime. lou: and trump promising abe of japan that he would indeed bring up the abductions in the discussions with kim. your thought tons response of kim and his reaction to it. >> look, he doesn't have any wiggle room right now. if you look at the fact that his lifeline, china, that creates more than 90% of everything they need to survive as a regime, remember, they put in place sanctions against north korean coal last year, they even helped
7:51 pm
with the financial sector sanctions against north korean banks. so he doesn't have much choices, whether it's the human rights abuses at large or whether it's the kidnapping and the attacks on the japanese. these are all things that sooner or later have to come up in the negotiations. and what is north korea going to say, no? they're desperate for some kind of arrangement because they are -- there are some estimates that say this regime sment more than 50% of its gdp on the wmd nuclear program. that's just untenable and that's one of the things that broke, for example, the soviet union. lou: and we're getting pictures in and we're going to go to those. may we see those pictures. this is the motorcade for kim at the sphvmen st. regis hotel preo
7:52 pm
go to the singapore headquarters where they'll begin their conversations in just about an hour, bilateral. let's go back to where we were, and that is the president's strength as he enters this meeting with kim, he has to be, after what he did and insisting on america, his american first doctrine being observed and honored and respected by the other members of g-7 an7 and for giving trudeau a dressing down for being a bit of a fool and not raising eyebrows, but in the case of trudeau, his drooping eyebrow in response, he has -- kim has to at least be enjoying the pro prospect of meeting the fellow who can pull all of this off just on a, if you can say, a layover in quebec on his way to
7:53 pm
singapore. >> yeah. lou, your psychic powers are in full effect as we speak. literally 30 minutes ago i posted an article that i wrote for the hill this evening, your time, where i said, isn't it remarkable that an asian dictator on the korean peninsula better understands donald trump than our so-called allies in the g-7. i mean, the virtue signaling of trudeau and others, when we have a 270% tariff on u.s. milk, when american cars being imported into the eu are tariffed at more than five times what they are when eu vehicles come into the u.s., and they think we're causing a trade war? they started it. and the fact thatim understands this is a president not to be trifled with is quite ironic given that these people
7:54 pm
call themselves our friends and our allies. lou: thanks for being with us. and i know that you will be available to us through the evening a enwe look forward to talking with you later. and you know, i guess the expression would be, happy summit. we appreciate it. thanks so much. so ban whats gorka. up next, we're going to be talking about, well, a host of things, but right now just to explain the pictures, you're looking at some of the bodyguards and other folks who are traveling with kim at the st. regis hotel. the preparing for what will be a very quick trip to the summit where he will meet with, of course, the president and their initial meeting will take place in the portico as they encounter one another first, for a first meeting and a handshake. that will be all captured, of
7:55 pm
course, by, what is it, 5500 credentialed press there. my gosh. i don't know that i've ever heard of an event that approached something like this with the number of credentialed press in attends dance. attendance. a live look at the st. regis hotel. north korean leader kim on his way to meet president trump at the hotel for the historic summit. we're coming right back. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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obviously. what's in your wallet? i'm not sure. what's in your wallet? lou: we are going quickly to the st. regis hotel where people are pouring out of the st. regis. these are some bodyguards and looks like various attendants to kim and top officials getting ready to move there, some of whom will be meeting with and supporting kim and meeting with the trump white house team,
8:00 pm
national security team, including the secretary of state pompeo, national security advisor john bolton, even the white house press secretary sarah sanders traveling with the president. it will be quite a conglomeration of folks getting together there at the capella hotel. we'll go there as soon as we get the word or the sense that kim has left the building and has taken up his position in the armored mercedes. quite an imposing vehicle he travels in. joining me, the dean himself, ed rollins. and michael goodwin. ed, your thoughts.
8:01 pm
the summit is underway. the summit so many people said it's a bad idea, couldn't happen. and he i ed: both side know what they want and both side know what they have to give up. the president wants denuclearization defined by us, and if so, he can continue to have a decent life and chairman kim. if he doesn't, if he wants to continue firing his rockets off, president trump is not going to mess with it. lou: he conducted 16 tests in 2017 and nary a one since, showing a complete change in attitude and showing the balance of risk and reward because the president is making it very clear that rocketman had reached
8:02 pm
the end of his rope. michael: the analysis that we have been down this road before, we have never been in a position where the president of the united states policies brought kim to the table. lou: we are look at the president of the united states in his motorcade exiting the hotel and moving of course to the capella luxury hotel. luxury is one of the most of redundant words. and he's at the shangri-la. if you don't get the idea of luxury you are not paying attention in singapore. the shangri-la the prime luxury hotel in my limited experience. ed: i stayed there. it's pretty nice. lou: you have stayed in lots of
8:03 pm
places. >> in terms of the runup here. president trump took a position that you had to give up the weapons or. and that was different from what the previous president's is. that's why kim jong-un came to the table, and it's why his father and grandfather did not. they never had an ultimatum of this sort. >> they never had a president of this sort. one of the things that's fascinating for me to watch and msnbc, cnn and the pathetic left whether npr, the bbc or abc. what's the fourth one, i can't remember. abc. you look at this. they are absolutely beside themselves that this president is advancing the trump agenda, the america first agenda in
8:04 pm
every quarter of the world whether it's in canada at the g-7, europe, singapore, around the world, this president is having a strong and powerful and positive effect. they are still squealing. ed: for 8 years the standard was lead from behind. but it was the policy of that administration. this president has been strong from the beginning. president xi who will be there for a long time in china. one of the first events in mar-a-lago the president fired a bunch of missiles off. he has to tell kim and others this is a serious guy. lou: who is advising kim on this? ed: i assume anybody watching
8:05 pm
trump. lou: basically kim gets it and dr. sebastian gorka understands it as well. theresa may, the prime minister of the u.k., emmanuel macron the president of france, justin trudeau with eyebrows drooping is falling apart. he's in full amendmentdown, apparently, because you don't threaten this guy. you just don't do it. if they had any judgment at all they wouldn't threaten a president of the united states. even under obama he was talking about strategic patience and some zen-like perspective on the world. ed: this is his clear definition of a meeting. get rid of your weapons we'll negotiate. if you don't get rid of your
8:06 pm
weapons there will be consequences. that's a clear message. michael: you mentioned the coverage. it's okay for trudeau to put canada first it's okay for macron to put france first and merkel to put germany first, but america can never put itself first. the media's narrative is america should continue to cave in and give them what they want. lou: it's okay for france and germany to be her cab tilist and preserve their goal of high savings rates and surpluses for themselves. and the idiots, particularly the general and political press, the business press can learn from
8:07 pm
this. they don't comprehend the numbers. you will seldom see anyone refer in the national left-wing political media to the fact that 43 consecutive years of trade these somewhat challenged. individuals don't understand that deficits, trade deficits result in slower economic growth. trillions of dollars have been squandered with the mantra of free trade and no cost. chamber of commerce round table have brought us more of the same. ed: they were saying please
8:08 pm
please, instead of this president who says, do it. he's a man of will and determination. he's going to do what he says he's going to do. michael: i think that's as important as the actual policy. the willingness to back it up and be firm on it. lou: why in the world more americans are not yelling from the rooftops, thank you, mr. president. because this man has changed the direction of the country from the trajectory of failure that we are on and has restored our destiny instead of a default, passivity that was the outcome for 8 years of barack obama. it is just a truly wonderful, wonderful moment that we are living in to see the country's prosperity restored. its standing in the world
8:09 pm
restored, and this man standing up as the leader of the free world. ed thank you so much. great to see you. we are again -- this is a live look at the st. regis hotel where kim jong-un is expected to be departing for the u.s.-north korea summit in a few moments. president trump just leaving the shangri-la hotel on his way to the capella hotel where the face to face meeting and handshake which should occur in about an hour. here to discuss, congressman, let's start with a trump tweet here, if we may. meetings between staffs and representatives going well. but in the end that doesn't matter. can we put that tweet up, please? i'm talking with our producers
8:10 pm
if they will be so kind. and we always have to be very patien because we sometimes move at the same pace as kim's motorcade there. but this is the president's tweet. meetings between staffs and representatives are going well and quickly. but in the end that doesn't matter. we'll all know soon whether or not a real deal, unlike those of the past, can happen. congressman, what do you expect is realistic in this extraordinary moment between these two men as they will sit down for two hours together. >> this is an extraordinary moment in history. i agree with president trump. people can get together and talk about these things. but it's not going matter until
8:11 pm
it gets to the decision makers. president trump has shown he's well versedn negotiating. and i think what you g to see is a framework of where we are going to go in the future with denuclearization. and of course our interpretation and definition of that is complete denuclearization. then we can talk about sanctions down the road. but not now. lou: he made it very clear as has his secretary of state and everyone else on his national security team. it's going to be denuclearization. it will be verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. and that is a very difficult formula or algorithm equation to put together and enforce, isn't it? >> it is. but if kim jong-un looks at it, he can be the way he is and
8:12 pm
isolated from the rest of the world with a poor economy and people suffering to death in his country, or he can counsel to the 21st century and be insnrietd. all you have to do is looking at the satellite imagery from north and south korea at night. lou: singapore is an extraordinary place. a city-state. ' the founder of singapore with ties to business and politics and academia, and also his profound bridge to the chinese. and it's really appropriate that this be the setting for this summit.
8:13 pm
singapore in the larger world of international commerce. >> it is. and the founder, he was such a visionary. we have had opportunity to meet with prime minister lee several times. he has an economic vision for his country. lou: innovative. always the forward part of innovation and technological development. the connectivity of singapore for 20 years has been the envy of all the world. why in your judgment should we not expect a great deal from this first meeting? i know there is an attitude in the national media and i understand why the white house would try to dampen
8:14 pm
expectations. i'll annoy some people by saying i have immense expectations for this meeting. i think interests are aligned not only between the united states and korea, but among beijing, north korea, and the united states. >> just that it's happening is monumental. nobody else but president trump could have made this happen. was it his stance? his posture? he's negotiating from a stance of strength. not weakness or strategic patience. it couldn't have happened under the last administration because they didn't have the gravitas to move ford. i think coming out of this you will seat ground work being done and it will move step by step into the future. this will be monumental. if we can have a peaceful resolution to the conflict on the korean peninsula, it sets
8:15 pm
the stage. i think good things will come out of this. lou: congressman, good to have you with us. good to see you. coming up. history in the making. we are less than an hour from president trump's unprecedented summit with kim jong-un. we'll have columbia professor paul bracken with us next as we assess all that's happening in singapore at the summit. stay with us. we are coming right back. -♪ he's got legs of lumber and arms of steel ♪ ♪ he eats a bowl of hammers at every meal ♪ ♪ he holds your house in the palm of his hand ♪ ♪ he's your home and auto man ♪ big jim, he's got you covered ♪
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8:19 pm
lou: the singapore up it is less than an hour away from beginning. it has begun in one sense. both president trump and north korean leader kim are in their motor kids on their way to the capella hotel where this historic singapore summit is about to take place. deirdre bolton is live from singapore. dierdre: people here are calling
8:20 pm
this the summit of the century. never before has a sitting president met one-on-one with a north korean leader. he'll meet one-on-one with kim jong there are no counselors, advisors or cabinet members in the room on either side. translators only. secretary of state mike pompeo tweeting out a half-hour ago. he says we are ready for today. there are so many unique elements to this summit. south korean president moo moon jae-in. his parents were refugees. his beloved aunt still lives in the north. he tries to visit her whenever
8:21 pm
he can. people in this region say it's important to him. and it's one of the reasons he got elected because he's seen a having sunshine policy toward the north. he's been so supportive according to our sources of president trump and the delegation. the two presidents spoke at length and both continue to work in coordination as time goes on. worth noting, our military presence in south korea, we have three huge ones outside the u.s. two are in this region, in south korea and japan, and other is in germany. president trump also tweeting earlier, expressing his optimism. the first part of his tweet was for the haters and losers. but in the end he said, we'll be
8:22 pm
fine. i spoke to a former ambassador to singapore who served under president bush and we spoke about the motivation why kim jong-un came here. he hates to travel, he hates to fly. he's a phrased assassination and he's afraid of a coup. but he came here in spite those fears becausee needs something from us. here is the former ambassador to singapore. >> he's not coming base had a change of heart and now thinks nuclear weapons are dangerous and democracy is a good idea. he's coming because he's been pushed into a corner. dierdre: the sanio against north korea has strengthened the case and perhaps made peace for the first time in 70 years.
8:23 pm
as they sit down together, joining them from the u.s. side later, secretary of state mike pompeo, three other cabinet members, whiteouse chief of staff john kelly and john bolton and sarah huckabee sanders. frank lavin says he thinks it will be a good thing john pole on will in the room. he says you need at least one hawk sitting there, and john bolton fills that category. lou: john bolton fills another category, one bright highly knowledgeable individual who has the interest of this country and this president in mind every step of the way. joining us now, paul bracken, a member of the council on foreign relations and professor of
8:24 pm
business and political science atale university. acros -- academia has had probls coping with this president and his style of leadership. right now would have to think most of academia as it's represented to us by the left-wing media is beside themselves watching this president accomplish a great moment in less than a year in office. >> academia is not the biggest fan of this particular president. havingeen on campus today and yesterday, way see is shock that this is taking place at all. that -- whatever you think about this, this is a really historic development. the fact that it exists is amazing. the summits we grew up with as kids with the russians and later the chinese. now we are meeting with north korea. the way we got here is something that indicates the failures of
8:25 pm
the earlier policies to get a handle around the north korean nuclear weapons program. now we are trying i different approach. lou: failures of three successive presidencies. clinton, bush and obama. this president is doing something they could not even conceptualize, and that is treating kim with direct forthright respect as well as a very sun sear statement of consequences should he misstep. >> it shows to me a shrewd reading of the chinese. china is important in this. we need china. china is key to the other nuclear program in the world, that's pakistan. the fastest nuclear state in the
8:26 pm
world. it could affect northeast asia and pakistan. so we are really in a new world. lou: whention pakistan, one has to mention a billion people who live in india as well, which has been so ignored by presidents going back to world war ii. it has been one of the great missed opportunities, i think, that we have not embraced india. they represent a countervailing influence in the region to china and its hegemonic dreams. >> it's absolutely necessary. the u.s. alone cannot deal with what's happening in asia. we are trying to build a new system. we are feeling our way very carefully.
8:27 pm
in 1948, 1949, you don't know what to do, so you are creating new alliances. lou: thissident,t would be nice to be able to say barrack demic friend, that they had come up with these brilliant ideas about building bridges and new coalitions and a new perspective for the united states toward both the east as well as the west, but they haven't. this is the fruit of this president who has been a disrupter, who has been a frankly an inpolitic leader, but a highly successful leader to 16 months. >> if you look at the writings on this issue, we call grand strategy. the other thing this particular president draws on is his experience in business. and what you see in the writings on grand strategy, historians or
8:28 pm
political scientists, not people from business or the technology industry, and the tech industry is having an influence on where we a going with this now. they are upsetting the strategic balance. and so a lot of people in washington give credit where credit is due if something cops out of this, kudos to this president. but there is a different set of information channels coming in to formulate the plan for the idea. lou: when we credit the titans of technology in particular and the northwest and some parts of the midwest and east, technology right now is driving itself and its own interests. being if you will a super state in their outlook rather than looking as this president is at global balances, whether they be trade balances. i think to the shame of the
8:29 pm
world bank, the international monetary fund. this is the president. this disruptive unorthodoxed president has been the one calling for balances in international trade which is a si nerks qua n on. >> so many issues are percolating up. the international corporations getting u.s. intellectual property, borrowing as we used to say. these are really new issues we have never had before. they never came up in the cold war for obvious reasons. whoever would be in power now would have been faced by these
8:30 pm
issues. but this particular president decided to charge ahead as he sees fit. lou: and to do -- he's not content if you will, to battle on. he's intent to sit down and have discussions. he's content to have a discussion that leads to real action. that's what's going to be so interesting about tonight. what will be the foundation he and kim can set going forward? >> i think this will look a lot different one year down the road, two years down the road. you look at past summits, nixon going to china. a year later their significance was greater than even when they were there. whatever happens the next 8 hours, the mere fact that you have a summit meeting between america and the united states, it breaks a lot of plate glass
8:31 pm
windows to get north korea to be a more normal country. china will have to work us on that, but we have a role, too. lou: i think there is something else that happens here. a normalization that the united states, a realization that we are still the most of powerful country on this earth. we have the best amongst a group of leaders. by the way that may be faint praise. donaldmp without question, leader of the free world. it's the first time we can say that about a president for a very long time. >> the united states plays a unique rol in whatever happens. we need allies. but those allies are shifting. we now need india more than we needed the old european allies when we were trying to deter the soviets in europe. maybe even russia will have a
8:32 pm
part to play. lou: be careful, there is a special counsel at work. joining us tonight, jason chaffetz, the former republican congressman from utah. let me start with your expectations, if i may as we are look at pictures of the capella hotel where we are watching the kim convoy if you will, or motorcade arrive. we are having a little technical problem with that particular camera. but don't worry, we have lots of cameras. jason, your thoughts on your expectations for the prospects for the summit? >> i think the president exceeded the expectations. the fact these two leaders got together. two weeks ago it was called off. the economic pressure on the
8:33 pm
president is immense. our military might in the region coupled with our relationship with japan and south korea. the economic present sure the president put on china also helped push the equation forward. the equation had to go in a didn't direction. the status quo was not work. the president is a disruptive president. he likes it that way, and it's producing results here at home. but on the most of pressing need we have in the world, even more so than what's going on with iran. that's a close tie for second if t tie for first. but he's leading as opposed to leading from behind as we have seen in the past. lou: russia, china and amongst the nations meeting in the shanghai cooperation group of nations that's been contemporaneous with this
8:34 pm
summit, the chinese putting that on. your thoughts on why the united states should not take this opportunity to begin to reach out to india, to reach out to other asian nations as the president is showing great success in his foreign policy, the trump doctrine. a strength that can only lead to even great results throughout asia. >> you make a good point about india. it's a billion plus people. very friendly to the united states. but donald trump doesn't ask for too much. he wears it on his shirt sleeve. he's candid about what he wants. his america first agenda says americans are going to have their fair shot of being able to communicate and engage in trade with other countries. but you are not going to rip us off by having high star rivers. i think that's what got the
8:35 pm
american worker and the blue collar folks in this country behind him. it's why he became president of the united states. the world is listening. if you treat the united states fair and equal, you can be a great partner with the united states of america. lou: watching the g-7 up it over the weekend and the president being very patient with a host of mediocre leaders from europe in particular. to watch that go on, this president in the national left-wing media, they didn't even mention the tariffs and duties on u.s. goods going to germany or canada. or for crying out loud, even to mexico. or the number of jobs settled in both canada and mexico because of the transnational supply lines and aaccept blue is of particularly automobiles.
8:36 pm
>> you couple on top of that, our support o nato where we are paying a huge portion of the bills where germany doesn't even pay 1% of their gdp toward nato. they dealt with barack obama for 8 years and they were used to pushing him around. they just said no, and president obama was a strategy of appeasement. look how the u.s. stock market reacted today. it wasn't this big crasher said it was going to be, and it would be disastrous. we like canada and germany. but you are not going to push us around. i think america is cheering on the president. lou: i think canadians are cheering on this president because their prime minister made a colossal series of mistakes as he became somewhat
8:37 pm
adolescent with his eyebrows dropping from his face. are you -- those are fake eyebrows or was it bad lighting camp? >> i'm not sure. i have my own eyebrow problems. i'm not here to criticize somebody else's. lou: i wouldn't ask you to criticize the good prime minister not after all he has done for donald trump in short order. president trump went to singapore with fraly with more counted than people thought he would. let's turn to speaker ryan and the numbers we are seeing. they are plummeting in the generic poll. why will no one pay attention to the fact that this is a peaker
8:38 pm
with immense liability. his ideas that 70 is a great retirement age. his ideas for reducing spending on entitlements. his awful ideas about campaigning on tax cuts instead of the trump agenda. of border security. stopping illegal immigration, driving this economy to 4% growth. that's where we are headed according to the most of recent estimates. what is wrong this guy? >> i haven't been as harsh on paul ryan as you have. there are things i agree with on the speaker. i'm glady pushed the thanks reform package through the house. think passed a more appropriate set of appropriations than the senate would have. lou: up sorry, i have got to interrupt with some unfortunate news. we just received word from the
8:39 pm
president who tweeted this out. let me read it. our great larry kudlow who has been work so hard on trade and the economy has just arounded a heart attack. he's now in walter reed medical center. larry kudlow suffering a heart attack just now. we'll keep apprised as we learn more about his condition. it's extraordinary we are hearing this from the president and god bless hip for letting us know about larry kudlow's medical condition. we'll be back with much more on that as we get more information. jason, i'm sorry to interrupt with that terrible news. our prayers and best wishes go out to larry in this moment. and we hope he has a terrific
8:40 pm
speedy, healthy recovery. let me turn to this issue leadership. do you think there is a point at which -- forget the national left-wing media? they are practical inconsoleable in their grief that they have a president who is talented and intent on making great changes in our country. this is the transformational president who is restoring peace and prosperity for this country and all americans. but when will the leadership o his own party across knowledge his critical importance to the prospects of all of the party whether in the house or the senate, and certainly for the mid-terms? >> to their own peril. if the republicans who were elected on a republican platform who were probably pulled over the finish line by the trump
8:41 pm
agenda and trump personality. if they deviate from that and decide they are going to go their own way and try to be democrat-like. they will pay the price. if republicans would just do wh said theyere going to do, would be wildly successful. everything from immigration and cutting spending and healthcare. we haven't tried it like that in its totality, and look at what president trump has been able to do in the first 18 months. it's been wildly successful. republicans would be best advised to continue down that path. lou: no question by the. not even a year and a half. and as we wrap up here we are waiting for the arrival of kim at the venue, at the capella hotel on his way from the st. regis.
8:42 pm
the president has already arrived there, i want to point out. we are waiting for kim's arrival. let's turn to the idea this is going to be an action-packed week. we are also awaiting not only the results of this summit. we are awaiting the results from the inspector general's report at the justice department, michael horowitz. what do you expect coming out this thursday? >> i think it inspector general report will illuminate the truth more than we have seen before. we have the general outline of what's going to be there. it's important to understand what's not in there. if it's about russia or the fisa abuses, it's not in there. that is a separate inspector general investigation. but what you are going to see from horowitz, there will be hearings in the senate monday. hearings in the house tuesday.
8:43 pm
i think you will see the senior echelon of the fbi in disarray. they deviated from the set of norms they normally do in the hillary clinton investigation. i think director wray who was not there when this happened, really has his handful. i hope that's what we do on both side of the aisle. it's our premiere law enforcement agency, by the has to be fixed. lou: it's no longer the premiere law enforcement agency. that distinction now belongs to local sheriff's department police departments. but it's not the fbi. that corruption is so pervasive at the fbi and the department of justice that i think -- i have
8:44 pm
to ask you, don't you think we have to have a thorough house cleaning? and after being there so long, christopher wray, the director of fbi, he has a lot to account for. he has been a party to the stonewalling of the congressional responsibility for oversight. resisting oversight and the most of elementary demand from congress, from the committees that have oversight responsibilitind authority to produce documents and witnesses throughout. >> i put that the ftstep of rod rosenstein. and attorney general sessions. they are the leaders of that organization. and i wish congress would yang them up and have them explain. have them explain rosen tine's conflicts of interest. but there has to be a house cleaning. the names we have been hearing
8:45 pm
about, these people -- you know, you are going to get a very objective viewpoint from the inspector general. the inspector gener will not second guess prosecutorial decisions, but it will illuminate the process by which we got there. congress will have to do that. lou: he can make a criminal referral as he has already done in the case of andrew mccabe, the number two at the justice department. how much jeopardy do you believe james comey is in as this report is in the offing? >> having not readhe report, his legal troubles become greater. what he did when donald trump became president, when he was taking those notes and created classified documents and shared those are people who did not have the proper security clearance, he did what hillary
8:46 pm
clinton did, he took classified information and put it in the hand of people who did not hav the proper classification. but he did have knowledge, son by the so-called comey standard, i don't think he had to have intent. but his legal problems grow as this movesor lou: president trump tweeted national economic advisor larry kudlow suffered a heart attack. he's being treated at walter reed medical center. we'll be bringing you the latest details as we learn about them. that's all we know at this point. president trump and kim jong-un arriving at the capella hotel in singapore. they will soon hold their unprecedented summit. joining our continuing coverage of this historic event.
8:47 pm
cliff may is president of the centers for the defense of democracies. it's great to have you with us. let's turn to your thoughts on north korea and the likelihood that something beyond the up it itself whichs historic, but that something absolutely fundamental to denuclearization could be agreed to in this initial meeting between these two leaders. >> it's certainly a possibility. think what president trump what i hope and expect he's likely to do is communicate persuasively to kim jong-un, there are two possible outcomes to this meeting. i intend to resolve this problem one way other other. i'm not like the other presidents, strategic patience is not my style. we'll rye solve this. you and i will emerge as partners and you will find me
8:48 pm
very generous and helpful in the next few years. it will be tremendously good for you and your country. on the the other possibility is i will leave here as your enemy. i do not intend to let any of my enemies have the means to wipe out american cities. if i leave as your enemy you have to expect i'll use economic and military means, and i will crush your regime. i will do that because i have to. enemies of the united states cannot have the ability to wipe out american cities. understand i'm serious. lou: i think by the way, there is nothing that says serious to me more than the fact there were what, 17, 16 or 17 ballistic missile firings by kim jong-un last year. none, none since then. that is a complete reversal of the conduct of this leader and
8:49 pm
his father and grandfather before him. so this man looks serious. he also has a mountain that is collapsing where he conducted six military tests, nuclear tests in short order. the chinese warned him not only is north korea in great danger, but it also endangers the chinese themselves. there is only one country that can deal effectively with that level of contamination and nuclear disaster and that's the united states. do you think that's playing a significant role in the algorim that kim jong-un is considering? >> it could. we don't really know. we can say we have psychologists and people studying it. we don't know how rational he is. we know he would like to rule the peninsula. we know he feels his father and dfather who were dictators
8:50 pm
of north korea, they managed to beat american presidents time again to delay and get money out of them. he may think he's a brilliant negotiator as well. but we don't know who he is. one of the reasons i suspect president trump wants to meet with him alone with translators is so he can take his measure. kind of probe and test. is this young man rational? does he want to succeed? does he want to fight? i think he'll know those things or i think he hopes to very earl on. can i do business with this guy or can't i? andf he can't, he has to know america is powerful enough militarily and economically to destroy this regime. when we talk about it, we mean it. iran knew and north korea knew
8:51 pm
president obama would never use military means against them. it must play in the back of kim jong-un's blind that this president might have the will and means to destroy him militarily if economics can't do it. and a maximum pressure campaign 2.0 could bring this economy to it's ins. it won't be easy. there will be a lot of things you have to do. but it's not impossible. lou: it looks now based on the trajectory, it looks now that xi jinping has made a calculation that this is the time to denuclearize north korea. and the reason i say that is there are so many things he could have done to impede it. he is risking much in permitting the summit to go ahead which he could have easily stopped. and it seems to me the variable that is beyond careful
8:52 pm
consideration right now is moon jae-in who is no friend of this president and has little interest in aligning with the united states except in the area of getting rid of the two korea strategy propelled by china and the u.s. and the west since 1953. >> forreside xi, i think it's been convenient for china to have north korea to be a pit bull biting at the u.s. pants leg. it's possible xi seize north korea as more of a liability. especially if he believe president trump will put america's economic relations with china at risk by also
8:53 pm
sanctioning chinese banks and businesses that do work and support north korea in the event a maximum pressure campaign is resumed. it's important president trump reassure the south koreans and the japanese that he's not going to allow short-range nuclear missiles for north korea. lou: kim just arrived at the capella hotel. this is obviously kim arriving there. i don't know why those reports were being put up the on the lower third around various networks. but obviously they were wrong, and there kim is with his entourage waiting to go into the capella hotel. very quickly. as we wrap up here, your expectations. what will the two men achieve
8:54 pm
today or this morning in you are in singapore. >> my hope here is president trump will succeed in communicating to yng mr. kim that he has two choices. one means very interesting and good times ahead for the country and the other risks the possibility this will be the end of the kim dynasty and kim regime in north korea in short order if he doesn't begin to be reasonable and stop his threats korea and japan.ates, south there are other things he'll need to do as well. lou: i think they got a pretty good trajectory going and it hasn't even started yet. the to-do list will get even larger, i'm sure. we are just moments away from the historic summit between president trump and north korea's kim jong-un.
8:55 pm
back with us, ed rollins, the great america pac chairman. north korea, chi expert gordon chang. kim has arrived. this has been flawless. people talk about preparation. the advance teams for both kim and president trump doing a spectacular job to this point. it's been flawless. and we should give great credit to singapore, the government of singapore has done scene extraordinary job obviously to coordinate all of this. >> when you look at the won't summit is happening. people know the reason is presidentrump. people have looked at the threats to strike north korea's nuclear facilities and they say they changed china's and south
8:56 pm
korea's policies dramatically. because president trump made it clear the alternative is disaster for north korea. but president trump extended a hand and said you can have a much better future. that has forced the north koreans to do something theyer in thought they would do. sit down with us. lou: you watched many summits in the course of your career. president reagan, tear down this wall, mr. gorbachev. that famous line. the reality is this president, the language was rocketman, fire and fury, and counter point to that was peace and prosperity, joining the global community of nations. no prior american president talked to this man or his father or grandfather in the way this
8:57 pm
president did. >> trump basal is going to offer this guy a deal. i have got a building, you want to b i have got a price. the russians walked away from them. supported them in the early stages. if you want to move to the forefront of the game and become more like south korea and economically and what have you, otherwise you are going to spend the rest of your life which may be short under heavy siege. lou: as ed put it, that sounds like the language of donald trump. >> it certainly does. extending the hand to kim jong-un at a time when he didn't think there was a way out was brilliant. wait said to the north koreans is you can have a much better way out. inside north korea there are high expectations because of these summits kim has had.
8:58 pm
the two with and we will never forget the pressures that kim is under. lou: i wonder how much pressure. they don't know that the sum of this is underway reliably in the populace and north korea to live on subsistence and i think that's a fairly kindly to put it. many did not make it under subsistence and to have that expectation is not ever going to be expressed as the popular will. maybe a monkey elite but not kim. >> kim has seen the bright lights like his sister did when she went to the olympics she saw this other world. he basically is out and playing around like he ran away today so i sent he's going to want this. he wants to be a player and long-term wants to be a player.
8:59 pm
lou: also this is the motorcade rolling in and at theummit site so this is all about moving forward now and what we are waiting for as the two men walk from either end of the "politico" and i suspect it's where we will see all of the flags and their they will shake hands and then retire to their bilateral meeting for at least the first 15 minutes. there will only be translators present with the two leaders as they get an early indication of wheat each can expect from the other, size one another up for sure and go from there and make history and hopefully a successful summit will ensue. your final five as we wrap up here.
9:00 pm
>> hopefully they can go out holding their head high as we move forward. lou: ed rollins thank you so much lordan chang thank you both and that's it for us now. this historic evening continues on the special coverage. neil: thank you very much i'm neil cavuto at this historic meet and greet. remember that's how the president first described it. he's arrived at the capella hotel and so has kim jong-un and now they are feet apart already bumping into each other there and maybe exchanging pleasantries. the formal bilateral meetings begin between these two leaders one translator each and that's it and that will be the case for 45 minutes or so before they are allowed to bring in other dignitaries with them in the case the president of the president mike


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