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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  June 11, 2018 9:00pm-11:59pm EDT

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>> hopefully they can go out holding their head high as we move forward. lou: ed rollins thank you so much lordan chang thank you both and that's it for us now. this historic evening continues on the special coverage. neil: thank you very much i'm neil cavuto at this historic meet and greet. remember that's how the president first described it. he's arrived at the capella hotel and so has kim jong-un and now they are feet apart already bumping into each other there and maybe exchanging pleasantries. the formal bilateral meetings begin between these two leaders one translator each and that's it and that will be the case for 45 minutes or so before they are allowed to bring in other dignitaries with them in the case the president of the president mike pompeo. john bolton has raised eyebrows
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because north korea's no big fan of some of the language that mr. bolten is used to do shows e arrival of the leaders a short time ago including the president and right before him kim jong-un so there's a lot going on at the capella hotel where the attention will be on what the president has said how qukly you can surmise where you stand with someone sometimes within the very first minute. they say you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. the question is who is impressing home here? the more they get to the nitty-gritty of discussing what of the koreanll of peninsula. peter walton is in the middle of it right now. they are in the same building in the same motel and they will reagan -- made in that room. what is the timeline from there? >> neal this is amazing. this is the summit that many people are talking about.
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it is unprecedented. you said they are both inside the hotel president trump in kim jong-un. the timeline is this, in about 15 minutes time host leaders are going to be sitting down together one-on-one. you said translators only. no cabinet members on either side. this is never happened before where you have a sitting u.s. president meeting one-on-one with the north korean leader. at 10 so that is to say 45 minutes later there's an expanded group of people so of course to talev the room you'll have president trump and kim jong-un but some advisers will be added. from the west u.s. side that's going to include the secretary of state mike pompeo. he tweeted out this morning very short very to the point we are ready for today to chief of staff john kelly will also be in the room and national security adviser john bolton. neoi spoke with the former
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ambassador to singapore somebody who had served under president bush and he said you really knew one in the room and that is clearly john bolton. he will be there as well and then at 11:30 a.m. local time which is 11:30 p.m. for you there's a working lunch he is added to the mix. everybody that i just mentioned the white house press secretary sarah sanders u.s. ambassador to the philippines sung kim has been so helpful. some of the state department say he's been instrumental to making sure the event goes well but also national security council's senior director for asia matthew pottinger as well. presumably there'll be additional members from the north korean cabinet or advisers or conventions. the names were not released and we assume it will not just be all americans and of course kim jong-un in the room.
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we just don't have the names. much later that's really the end so essentially both leaders have a few hours to focus as much as possible and then at 4:00 p.m. president trump will hold a news conference flowing the summit. one thing that i will say is that it is expected, it is in fact expected that kim jong-un may be leaving singapore after the 11:30 expanded watch. neil: we see the two leaders, their first meeting one-on-one their first i do i conct here. this is a very big moment. the president of the nice dates in the north korean leader, the first time that they have physically been in each other's company in and the first time they shake hands.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> what do you hope to accomplish sir? neil: you are looking live at the president of the united states in the north korean. never have the leaders of these
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two countriet with one anher. there was a cape was the jimmy carter and a former presidents visiting the korean leader's father at the time but nothing like this and nothing with the stature with the president of the united states and the leader of north korea to countries other than technically at war remain technically at war with each other for the better part of 70 years. they started things off with a very friendly handshake and an exchange of pleasantries. each had an interpreter with them a few months ago when they formally met. all sorts of water language and experts will think through a lot of this video. i will tell you that this is going to be the start of how it will go. the two will be on their own mono a mono with an interpreter each end that will go on for about 45 minutes. we understand as well that after that the aids comment that not
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that many aides. when all is said and done this might not even go three hours. less than three hours from now this might all be wrapped up. my colleague lou dobbs, lou again i know body language expert and i know many people the famous jfk meeting with the king of khrushchev and mikhail gorbachev we can go on and on but the first impressions do matter. what are your thoughts? lou: i think you are right. we can't define too much from the body language of two folks getting together even if they are the leaders of their respective nations and in the case of president trump the leader of the free world. they have taken on a chore beyond mortal capacity. i do think the smile that we see on kim's face is uncharacteristic and it was pretty clear he was trying to reserve his game face. the president being his usual
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cordial and warm and i think exhibiting all of the grace it's going to take from this president. neil: hold on lou. they might be talking right n. we will see. [inaudible conversations] >> i feel really great. we are going to have a great discussion and i think it's going to be tremendously successful. it's my honor and we will have that terrific relationship i have no doubt. [speaking in native tongue]
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[speaking in nativegue] we will have obstacles on their way forward but. [inaudible. >> thank you very much everybody. thank you very much. thank you. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations]
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>> thank you very much. thank you. thank you. neil: you are looking at this right now the leaders of north korea and the united states. lou i have been trained by past experience never to leave a trump event of the president is still in the room and you can still see them on the camera because sometimes he will add some sentiment that was not originally planned on. he seems optimistic setting the tone for those and where we go from here, they go into a room for two of them may be that room itself. just with their interpreters to sort things out. the question going that way to begin with but it's not a bad way to begin.
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it's not as if aids and other officials can come in later that they sort of size each other up at this stage, don't they? lou:hat'she intention of iall ae world a chance to size up both men as they can for and within moments of having met each other. it's kim making his comments in doing so with seeming ease. the president giving his customary thumbs up which bodes well for his mood and for the direction of these talks and we all hope a successful conclusion i don't know if we are going to find that out at the end of the summit if they make that kind of progress or not but certainly the world hope so because much hangs in the balance. neil: lou the president gets advice from all sides on the this with the north korean leader. i always think the pressure is
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more on the american president than the north korean leader. the north korean stature has been elevated worldwide. i'm not quite buying that of he's obviously a far more well-known global figure and i'm wondering how he is leading these discussions. lou: let me say i will hazard a guess here that this president who had shown what it is like to have a president who is now the leader of the free world engaged globally and important foreign-policy initiatives including this one obviously, think the national left-wing media who are fond of hectoring and diminishing the president's achievements when they are unprecedented where the president has served less than a year and have an office, i think he is frankly a new word to
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whatever they may say because that's not going to be the ultimate judgment. he is working for america first. he is working for working men and women and the middle class, their families. it's a very straightforward perspective that the president brings to the office and he makes no apologies for putting america first, american workers first and i have to tell you i'm amongst those who chairs this prent on from that perspective because it's been missing for far too long from a succession of presidents in the oval office. neil: i didn't know you liked him so much. lou dobbs thank you very, very much. we want to bring up the theater and the drum around this. there are enormous pressures even though those sides tried to work at downplaying this event but that has happened with countless big summative you will again going back to jfk in
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khrushchev in 1961 or ronald reagan them mikail gorbachev had several big meetings from which ronald reagan famously walked out and we could go back to the shielded away from media attention for two weeks jimmy carter along with the leaders of egypt at the time signing accords that were historic then and this could be what it sets in place. you are seeing what is at play and what will not happen here. a 45 minute discussion between the two leaders with only interpreters in tow. let's get to read from senior fellow rebecca heinrichs and the former trump state's senior adviser kristin. kristin and your sense what you are seeing right now are what you are seeing. >> so far so good. i have to wonder if kim jong-un is a little bit overwhelmed. this is just another day on the job for trump and the sense of
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having reporters everywhere and cameras in your face and hundreds of reporters. it's not something kim jong-un experiences in korea as leader and also coming to singapore which isn't as rough and tumble when it comes to the media as for example south korea or taiwan but nonetheless it's a great country with a lot going on. i just happen to think the rs int might the president trump that they seem to be relatively a ease and again hard to read the body language but so far so good. neil: there has been a lot of talk about how they have to d mething here and even a follow-up plan. i don't know what the expectations are. those sides particularly the white house in the last couple of days have been lowballing the extrication's and along came the secretary of state hinting that maybe something more than that would be accomplishe what do you think? >> i think what i would really like to see coming out of this at least an agreement on the
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terms. what do the terms mean when we say denuclearization and talk about dismantling. right now is not clear that the north koreans have the same definition that the americans have. president trump can get in this room with kim jong-un and have this conversation and really sort of look at each other and if president trump can get a soli feel that kim jong-un is actually committ making the strategic move to move away from its nuclear program and allow the dismantlement immediately and really just become a rich prosperous man. i can't help but think what i see these images coming out of singapore you know on the one hand it makes me feel uncomfortable to see all these people praising kim jong-un and all the flashing of the cameras and all of that in him smiling. on the other hand i hope that he just decides you know what i want to be popular, i want to
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loved. i'm not going to be just another dictator in the line of the kim dynasty anymore and i just want to make this shift. there's hope that he does see this other option, this oth way and he makes a deal with president trump to go that direction. neil: to your point the president obviously came up with a great optimistic kind of an approach predicting quoting president, we will have a great relationship with kim jong-un as the summit kicks off. he went on to say that he is very much looking forward to making progress here. noh korea's kim jong-un responded with president trump we came here after overcoming all the obstacles in other words all the back-and-forth with this summit happening in the first place. do you think to their respective underlings that this is stuff that they prearranged to say or
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how does that go? >> i don't think so. that has been the mold really throughout recent presidents going back for some time sort of where the president of the united states turned to the queen of england where you show up and sanctify what the bureaucrats have worked out. we just saw almost that happen in the g7 where a ridiculous communiqué is worked out by bureaucrats in advance and everyone forgets about it as the first one gets on on the plan on the planning goes on. what trump is done not just on this foreign-policy challenge is to involve themselves directly. he did so without hesitation when the imitation first came from kim jong-un via south korea to have the summit and d so on his own in canceling when north korea tried to us around dating a letter john bolton canceling the meeting in north korea's help turn things around. this is a better approach especially for this time because we have gone two rounds with the clinton administration where the
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underlings came up with flawed deals. there only two people in the world who can have a meeting of the minds to change north korea fundamentally and that's donald trump and kim jong un. the details of disarmament are going to be enormously complex and takes time not like a project you can send it to oak ridge. it's a complex or uranium and plutonium program with multiple facilities but more important than this is that the two have a meeting of the minds. neil: be careful of the comparison because that's one thing that kim jong-un does not want to play out. that's one thing this leader wants to avoid self-preservation is a powerful incentive but i'm wondering rebecca when you look at this and the president is predicting a great relationship with kim jong-un he has said
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prior for the weekend that i can sort of size up someone within the first minute or so. is it possible the president has sized up the north korean counterpart and thought well i can make something work your? >> you know part of that is just the president projecting confidence so i think not reading too much into it president trump's trying to project confidence and another thing he said as he didn't need a lot of preparation because so much of this was attitude and he has been preparing. he's been hafling regular briefings i've been told. he's been briefed for hours and hours but the point is he needs to have the right attitude and the attitude he needs to have is you made the point to lou dobbs previously that there's a a lotf pressure on trump and there is but i think it's important for the president to remember that he still holds more cards. he has the greatest and strongest military under his command and ultimately i think even more than sanctions is the credible threat of military force with president trump is
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put in this game towards kim that has gotten kim the most motivated to come and talk. that's why after this meeting between kim jong-un and president trump you bring in the rs and iehat. ambassador bolton is going to be in the room but i liken that to having an aircraft carrier sitting in the room. he doesn't even have to say anything and i think it's a really good reminder to kim that this is still another option if this doesn't work out and president trump has 300 sanctions geared up for him to put into place at the talks don't work so a lot of incentive here for kim to make this decision and i really think president trump as the president can make that deal and here's a great opportunity. neil to rebec points chris with john bolton being there famously referring to mom r. kadhafi -- muammar gaddafi
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doesn't end well but is it your sense that the president is going to be using a carrot and stick approach here? he will try to present the but also with an eye shot of the north korean leader will be john bolton presumably. >> i think you know the president has moved away from calling it maximum pressure but all the maximum trash -- pressure that rebecca would have to our sanctions and military posture is a essentially identical. we did call up some minor exercises in souorea but not the significant ones we hold every year so all of that remained and all of that can be restored in incident lay there a whole set of additional sanctions that were about to kick in right before north korea and the president agreed to bring the summit back on after it had been called off so that's in the chamber ready to go. i do think that combination of not only military force but also for example really went after kim's pt bank.
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they have a lot of ex. your workers. i was shocked beginning in the trump administration how much this proliferated over eight years. this is something we tried to tamp down under bush. north korea basically has labor workers around the world basically a pittance or none of their income and american diplomats and allies have been working to tamp down on that putting pressure on china calling out china when it has violated sanctions on north korea when it brokered for example allowing illegal cold trade to occur. all of them were instrumental in going forward the discussion is not what goodies can we give noh korea to keep them sweet not like clinton or bush where it was food aid that could easily be monetize that north korea will have to take real action and mostly in the forms of sanctions relief i assume. it's not going to be bundles of money as it was in the past. neil: we don't know that for sure. we will be monitoring this as
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well as the two leaders meet in another 40 minutes or so before they expand the group to include some of those aides. i think three or four in each side preview will be fairly limited as the historic powwow ensues. they are also monitoring asian market reactions. that will be flowing on the bottom of your screen to the futures have been down there. i would not read too muchnto that the dow finished up five or six points today. digit gain. down from a triple of course making a proxy and asian japanese market the dow up fractionally on the day. i guess we will be going through this constantly with these major indices including the index in singapore throughout this. a read on how the markets are
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responding not exclusively in real-time. in the meantime i want to go to the state department official under president bill clinton. when he was one of those key players according to the last nuclear deal. it's a pleasure to have you back. >> i don't know, clinton didn't have such an opportunity. is it your sense right now that the best that can happen in the time-limited conference like this is to set what you want to do, goals what you want to do? >> yeah i think that's exactly it until forget they areot sitting there negotiating a document. that has been done aheadf time for them so what they are going to do, what's in the documents? what is in the document is first evolved there will be language about denuclearization. that is a given. that has to be in the document or also be a failure by anyone's
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standard. secondly there'll be things in there that north korea wants which is that they want to build a better relationship with the united states. those are the key things and then there will be some action items that will set a process in motion to get into the details of what that means. neil: could i ask you to take me back in time? i'm told that bill clinton was very close to meeting with the north korean lt theime kim jong-un f and yet we were working on a peace agreement with the palestinians and yasser arafatt want any distractions. ultimately for whatever reason it did not occur. later he regretted that opportunity. tell me what happened. >> i think that's exactly what you are saying. he originally will wanted to go and the story has been that he decided instead to take on a
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middle east summit but in fact what i have heard and this is all secondhand that he went to president-elect bush and that i want to go to north korea before i leave office. president-elect bush basically said you can go but don't count on me to support what you do when i become president. i think president clinton decided well it's probably not a wise thing to do. neil: it's interesting and i'm not disparaging either former presentusher clinton but they had assurances from the north koreans that the n koreans later would just revee. in the case of the printing commitments at least they took the time doing that from eight years later and the bush years almost immediately. sets with narrative that trump had better not make it a third type of issue where you have to really partly
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accountable to everything they are committing to. i guess i very different from ours but play that out. >> well it's hard to know where to start because first of all when i was in the clinton administration and i was in charge of implementing the denuclearization deal so what i can tell you is in 1993 and 1994 we expected north korea by the end of the decade to have a 100 nuclear weapons so by the time we got there they had less material. it fell apart but i might look the deal was a success. secondly there iso way to achieve denuclearization except step by step in phases because the relationship is so bad that we have to move slowly and carefully forward. to do that we need to improve
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the political relationship and that has not been there before. that is a solid foundation. that is tough. no one is denying that's going to be very tough but a political relationship has to improve along with the technical measures. neil: when you look at these types of events and there's a great deal of tension with the leaders of the countries in the room espiay given the past year do you think thatht or this morning if you go by the real-time up where they are is historic or do we get something outlined? someone said it's a cessation of our diligence between our countries for the better part of 70 years. what do you think? >> i think that document will be a start but that's it or it's going to be a start and then you have to have a lot of work afterwards to move forward and
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the danger here is that we will lose momentum, people will go home and declare victory but that's not going to be the case. to maintain momentum the president, the secretary of state, kim jong-un they have to be involved along the whole way. if we do that then we will have a chance of moving forward. neil: i can imagine and you were closer to this than i will ever pay but why the north koreans would ever give up their nuclear card. it has gotten them to this and if they get rid of it all they don't have a card. >> of course that's the big question here will they ever give that up. chances are they won't but we don't know and i think the big question here is we need to test the proposition in a serious way. even if we get down the road but not all the way to the end we
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have to ask ourselves are we better off in that situation than we were seven or eight months ago when north korea was moving forward with its programs and a lot of people thought we were on the brink of war. that's the key questions of the process may be worthwhile. even if we never get to an agreement. >> former bush and state department adviser is it your sense and what we are looking at here is something that will be incremental but incremental is okay because the alternative as we were blasting through something that could have been disastrous but to check on what the north koreans are committing do we have to have a framework in place that will ensure that there is no way to guarantee that so do we just go back and forthwith economic aid or incentives or investments piece
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by piece showing progress along the way or what? >> yeah, i don't think we want that. incremental is okay but only if it stems from to use a phrase again a meeting of the minds at the summit. i he to use these analogies because certain people hate them for different reasons but if you look at the summit for world war ii in potsdam essentially a meeting of the minds of the leaders after which the details can be worked out and that was the six-party talks going on under the george w. bush administration or the framework during the clint administration where was the combination of incentives including just to bring north korea to the negotiating table followed by a north korean promises partial implementation, broken and reneged promises and this long and drawnout process. i think if you at the beginning of great with the outlines of a
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planet where you want to go to big questions, the fundamental question of what kind of nuclear capability north korea's going to have at the end of this and what kind of relationship they are going to have with the world and what sort of integration do they have in mind. in the past they have viewed liberalization is something that threatens the regime and any sort of exposure to outside information and commerce etc. would empower the north korean people to basically choose a different form of government so if there really is a fundamental change in outlook it's great that if it's a nice meeting and an acceptance of denuclearization we have the details worked out i don't think that's good amount of think donald trump will have the patience for a repeat of the six-party a year from now. we still have to define what their nuclear program is. they haven't disclosed to us what it is so we are arguing about documents and whether they've been turned over and not. neil: do you agree that multalks wl only
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complicate the already muddied waters? >> well yeah it makes it more complicated but think about the contribution that other countries will make to a bilateral process between the united states and north korea. neil: president bush had six countries involved, right? >> yes, it was six-party talks there but mainly u.s. north korea talks but one of the reasons you don't have countries like south korea or japan russia and china is they can put the chips on the table. they can put assistance on the table. and we can't. the idea that the north koreans are looking for something from the united states is totally wrong. neil: this president who has stepped away from committing money up front or assuming that's going to be the case talking about the hostage release but he's also not a big
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fan of multilateral talks. that's a separate when it comes to training about that but you think he would have the appetite for that? >> you know, i don't know because one of the things i have observed over the past few months as the processes move forward and it's not surprising is the u.n. started out with a position and has survived over time as reality has set in. so in the case of multilateral contributions reality may set in. neil: another developments we are following larry kudlow's the direct your apparently has suffered a heart attack. how did we find out about that? the president tweeted it in singapore. that's all we know that larry kudlow is at a medical center in new york city. he was in canada. let's get the latest from ed at the white house. >> i can tell you the headline
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is he is fine to the "washington post" reporter caught up with his wife he said he is fine but doctors at the hospital are looking after him. his wife told the reporter that doctorsalreeedical center are good doctors and the reaction from inside the beltway coming in from all over the house minority leader nancy pelosi tweeted out tonight that her prayers and thoughts are with larry kudlow. she said there are good doctors at walter reed medical center and she wishes him a speedy recovery. he is one of the president's economic advisers. he was on the g7 trip to the g7 summit ended just come back from the summit and the president went on to singapore for what we are watching on the other side of the screen. larry kudlow back in washington doing fine at the moment. he's being treated at walter reed medical center in family and friends have rushed to the hospital and we understand that they are there. neil: thank you very much.
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if we find out anything we will keep you posted. the former defense secretary for ronald reagan on the importance of these meetings. when you think of the importance of the two leaders getting to know each other the first part is well getting to know each other and that could take a while. in this case what are you envisioning? >> well i think you are certainly right. president trump has said he will get a sense for the man and about a minute and i think actually if we listen to what he has already with various communications he has already got a feel of kim jong-un. he's going to describe it as a beautiful relationship. neil: american presidents have entered with great optimism can sometimes.
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he was only a couple of months into his presidency at that point. ronald reagan five years into his presidency with the reykjavík summit with mikhail gorbachev was more than seasoned and experienced walked away from a summit that wasn't going the way he wanted. what do you envision here? >> well i've been taking bets for a couple of months that we are going to hear from both trump and kim jong- declarations of our great victory. each of them will say this is a big win and in fact they will then say and they will make a statement i believe that they have agreed to the denuclearization of the pencil and there will be elimination of threats negotiations of a peace treaty in the move towards ultimate unification. then they will say the details have to be worked out by our subordinates and they will assign pompeo and his
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counterpart to work out the details. i also suspect they will announce they will have a meeting in another three or four months when they reach the next set of benchmarks. i am rather hopeful. initial meeting right here that they have both indicated that they are leaving tomorrow. i'm getting ahead of myself now but they are 12 hours ahead of us but that they would call for a follow-up chat and where would that be? >> i wouldn't be surprised if it was a mar-a-lago. he could invite him to the white house. neil: that would be a significant thing if they met at the white house. that would be a higher stature than would normally be expected. citi it would come it would but this is an unusual president he will play it i think the way that he does feeling the
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situation. i think it might seem more intriguing to kim jong-un. i'm half teasing when i suggest they might want to take him to see disneyland. neil: you know they are right i universal theme park ride around the block from where they are located now. >> you can see them wandering around singapore. neil: that's what i wanted to pursue with you the very real-world impression that a young leader at a 34-year-old kim jong-un now who has gotten out of the country and we have these famous shots of north korea at night lit up like a christmas tree. i think sometimes he wants the excitement of being in singapore and the excitement of the travel plans he has. how much do you think this restless young man whatever his
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controversies, he carries a great deal of baggage but at its core is a young guy who doesn't want to be trapped in a country that is quite literally the -- of the world. >> i think you are just right. trump would describe that way. your point about going to google and looking at the night is a shocking experience so he is aware that there is a real world out there and he doesn't know much about it. his sister was surprised when she went to seoul to see the olympics and i think i was fascinated he decided to go on a walking tour last night just to see what singapore is like. i don't think it was singapore by accident. he wanted to see. when the head of singapore 60 years ago, singapore was as poor
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as korea is today. singapore today has a higher per-capita than the u.s. so i think trump is trying to get it in his head the notion that you could be in charge of the next singapore. neil: graham allison always good to seeou, thank you very much. another good read just human beings getting to the heart of the issue are on kennedy. i did want to pick your brain a little bit about the body language with both leaders. kennedy: i see them both leaning in. you see an interesting delight on kim jong-un space and i think he actually probably doesn't have a very good poker face. it's the same sort of expression you see when they have a successful mental test. i'm not joking about that. that's when he is the most giddy. neil: he has been smiling a lot.
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kennedy: and when he is giddy and he seems to be happy. trump's critics are saying he footing on theinternational st. regardless of what happens he still has this moment and the president obviously likes what he sees because the president is very obvious for how he chooses the people who surround him and also how he comes out a various negotiating he is an intuitive person and so far look at some of the body language the president has had with angela merkel. it's been ver tense and much more relaxed to see the president leaning in and we can only imagine it's like being in the waiting room when someone is delivering a baby. you are so eager and so tense and there's a great deal of
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optimism and that's how it feels right now. we don't know if they are going to offer us twins or even a glimpse of something pink and wrapped up. neil: it's interesting here that high-definition it's the leader who is not so known whose status and stature ited. a lot of people look at this guy and say you know he has starved millions of his own people and i understand the argument we can't pick and choose the leaders with whom we negotiate as we couldn't pick a guy different than stalin when he was negotiating with the soviet union at the time. he was the guy. of course we were all fighting on the same side at that time so it's a little bit different but that's the one criticism that donald trump will get. why are you talking to this guy? this is the way to get stuff done. kennedy: the only response that is what is the alternative? just a few months ago we were on
9:45 pm
the brink of world war iii and you can see alliances forming and shifting. it was very nerve-racking even for people within the administration and they talk about that. they talked about not knowing what was going to come next in this process and that is arguably why we have gotten to this point because of that unpredictability. you haven't seen that in past presidencies presidencies. in some ways here it seems to be working in other ways perhaps that the g7 summit it's not quite as successful but every time the psident has one of these landmark moment and he has had a lot so far in his young every time.he learns something it's something productive and peaceful can come out of the obviously we are in a much better place globally and he is politically. that is something substantial that you can run on. kim jong-un on the flip side anyone who can indiscriminately
9:46 pm
kill the way he hasn't separate families and placed them in labor camps where they go to die after a few arduous years if they live that long. the alternative is nuclear war. the elk turned it as he kills millions of people so you unfortunately have to. neil: i can certainly remember following when richard nixon went to china with mao tse-tung saying he's a butcher and a murderer and he has done horrible things to his people. the secretary of the state at at the time -- kennedy: there's something to be said for that i'm also something to be said for seeking peace through economic freedom and you know that's the american ideal something that we take for granted. we could go out and buy whatever we want. bernie sanders complained there were too many doers for this. a proliferation of doritos
9:47 pm
choices is a godsend because living in someplace like north korea where you are lucky to get a handful of corn kernels, i would muc rather take a bunch of choices which that is what north korea wants. it's interesting they want the free market but at the same time to maintain total control over their side. neil: that meeting is a one-on-one meeting and i say one on plan each leader with the interpreter. that's it for the time being. they will come out of that meeting and then of course have their emissaries only three or four and mercenaries each but in a case of united states that will include mike pompeo the secretary of united states and john bolton, john bolton famous for saying the north koreans might look to bolivia as the example and muammar gaddafi's
9:48 pm
regime and finding muammar gaddafi ultimately murdered by his own people. the north korean leader did not want that so it's going to be customary handshake when they come out of the meeting. we will get more from the room in which they are meeting. asia has had a chance to respond in real time. the nikkei off a half percent but all the major park it's around asia are either soft and nominally on the upside more towards the support of the dollar and our own stock market futures again are doing okay here. we had a so-so day here but a lot will hinge on how this meeting goes. and what promises from each side the role of the military that option what is on the table and what are we telling the north
9:49 pm
koreans and what are the north koreans telling us? rob o'neil on that the man who brought oma bin laden down on how to prevent another one, after this. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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9:51 pm
is this live right now? that is not on tape. this is life. they are spending time with each other walking around the colonnade getting a chance. let's see if we have any audio bear. [inaudible conversations] neil: this is a one-on-one getting to know each other. the president referred to it as an important meeting greed. former navy s.e.a.l. author that brought down osama bin laden rob
9:52 pm
o'neill. to look at this sort of stuff the president has quite the stride. he is a fast walker and he is a tall guy. the korean leader is not as tall so you measure the pace at which you go when you are following the president. >> i am still kind of in awe of seeing the american flags and the north korean flags and seeing president trump meet kim jong-unnd have a handshake. it's just surreal and historic regardless of the way goes down. neil: when asked by reporters we will have a terrific relationship. >> diplomacy is always better than war. before 9/11 and we wanted to go to war and are we as good as we think we are?
9:53 pm
war is very violent and permanent and some people don't come back from it so a conventional war a nuclear war and the kind of war with north korea is not going to be a good thing. even if they denuclearize they have so many conventional weapons they will lose several tens of thousands of people the first hour fighting. what i like happening here is at least they are talking now. neil: to that point and i don't mean to interrupt about the time they allocated now they are going to move to a venue in which their aides will be present -- present. john bolton will be present in the room. using an analogy earlier that you can correct me is its a good cop bad cop bolton seen as the rough cop? that's all by design come is that? >> it's definitely all by design
9:54 pm
a lot of the staff and aides did that. this is a meet and greet and how are we doing? what are we going to talk about. neil: ist coming in life? is coming in life. [inaudible conversations] >> working together we will get it done. [inaudible conversations]
9:55 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> we have had a great conversation. [inaudible conversations]
9:56 pm
[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> thank you very much. thank you very much everybody. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you.
9:57 pm
all right. the president said were done and thank you very much. i don't know what korean would be for don't let the screen door hit you on the way out reporters, but they had to leave. the president saying that his one-on-one meeting with kim jong-un was very good. he said the two had developed an excellent relationship but they are hitting things off very positively. i'm not a body language expert, but i know among many things there's a very good read of people and rob, one of the things that the president has said any set it over the weekend is i can measure someone and have a pretty good idea within the first minute. you buy that? >> yes, i can buy that. i've met with him before and
9:58 pm
the president talks quite a bit so he did a lot of the talking, but what he said at the end that you could barely hear is how he said i work forward to working with you on this and were going to get it done. just that confidence. >> when he says were going to get it done, he was referring to something at this meeting or something eventually. >> you can hear the whole thing. think the denuclearization and the path of not invading, north korea getting everything in writing that were not going to do it, but just the way they were talking, you have to figure you go from calling someone a mentally deranged person and he's making fun of him. >> if they're going to get it done, who should be saying that. i'm over analyzing it. is it up to the north korean leader to say were can get something done because i think i need to do this to make things right? >> when we saw john kelly in their and the marine corps general and secretary of
9:59 pm
state, diplomat, it's good that they're in there because you have the diplomatic side in the military side. it's not going to be a united states north korea thing. were going to need to get japan involved. china will want to be involved because ty see it as were surrounding them. if we have access to north korea we have access to areas we've never had access to before. it starts with denuclearization and no ground war or ballistic missile strikes. >> he's 34 years old, he will be 72 this week. what is your sense of how that comes into play? the age difference. >> he was old enough to be john kennedy's father. i think it plays into president trump's hand. you could see the look, i don't think singapore was picked by accident. they also have strict law on
10:00 pm
protest. >> he doesn't get out much. >> no. they don't have electricity. they have that huge famous building they been trying to build for 35 years, they still don't have an elevator that goes to the t. maybe we can have this, of course then you get into the thing, well, ife reunite there's no way the regime will stay in power. ce the kean peoe realize they been brainwashed, i don't think they will democratically elect kim jong-un again. neil: you and i talk about this as well. this idea that a lot of people are saying you're talking to a butcher and a murderer and all, but he's the only leader we can talk to for the time being. you pointed that out as well. you have to deal with what you're dealt. what is your sense as the young guy, the korean leader, that he saw the lights of
10:01 pm
korea, in this case, singapore, it's gotta be pretty exciting for a young guy. what he's been used to is a country that by night is almost pitch black. >> even dictators aren't living the good life in their condition. neil: right. so how much of that, you mention the singapore location is a metropolis, how much of that is playing into this? >> i think a lot more secret meetings and a lot more planning and logistics that went into it and were telling anyone. it's not at the dmv because -- you saw how happy he was when he skipped across the border. now he's in singapore, one of the nicest cities in the world. this is all by plan. i think they started negotiating even before president trump called the meeting off. let me ask you about this
10:02 pm
notion that they have to leave tonight, they're saying they're going to leave with something agreed too. one talk was that the's hostility that dates back to the korean war, i'm told were concerned about removing those hostilities right away because they take away the rationale for all the troops we have there. is that true. >> it is true but it's not like we can start pulling all the troops out. the sanctions will stay in place until complete denuclearization. someone needs to get in the. they have weapons obviously. how do you get rid of them? there's a lot to it. i wouldn't be surprised -- i would be surprised if they signed a peace treaty today. there's been something in
10:03 pm
plaisance 1953 and it's just the cease-fire. they're still technically a war between the north and the south with america leading. because of leading u.s. and japanese investors into south korea, he seeing what they have there and he has to be excited. i don't think kim jong-un will do all this simply for a photo op and propaganda. yes it will be there but he's in a position where he could be a legitimate world leader which is scary to think. he tied his uncle up to a pole and shot him with the aircraft weapon. >> let me get your sense, is it your sense that knowing how bad guys work that self-preservation takes over
10:04 pm
for everything? and that he saw what happened with his father, nothing bad, but the kingdom remained, his hermomemned and it was that way with his grandfather and he doesn't want tt or maybe heees a short shelf life but the means at which you eradicate that is the nuclear threat, you give up those nuclear weapons or ud need to rise completely, you've lost your bargaining. >> yes, you do lose the nuclear weapon. i don't think they ever want for offense even though they threaten it. they wanted it for defense so they could avoid being overrun. to give it up you have to have some strong paperwork and strong agreements just to make sure n one doeanything. people don't know a lot about him but he was convinced we were going to invade him. he was raid under propaganda. he brought his own toilet to singapore. neil: who doesn't. it's hard to fit in a
10:05 pm
carry-on. >> that is true. if you can stay there and i have a busy schedule but i want to bring john haner into this, the former national advisor, amber is with us, the former deputy assistant secretary to james mattis and of course our action player in singapore. you were sent here, it's obviously creating quite a buzz here, honestly the president said if he doesn't find these talks promising or at least the original chemistry that rob and i were getting into uplifting that he would bolt. he's not bolting and neither is kim jong-un so does seem to have a little more staying power just getting completed than we had figured. what you hearing? >> exactly. there's so much enthusiasm and hope that the summit will be a first step in progress to
10:06 pm
peace on the cramped and slow which haven't been there for about 70 years. the leaders are still there, there still meeting, we are in the second part of the morning where it's this expanded conversation and of course president trump is there in addition to secretary of state mike pompeo, you have john kelly, white house chief of staff along with the national security adviser john bolton. to your point, both sides are still talking. this has so many implications even for our allies. i've heard you talking about our military presence. the three places in the world where we have the largest u.s. presence, two of those places are in this region, south korea, japan, germany so there are a lot of implications but some people telling me as well that if kim jong-un is able to make this decision between nukes and economic advancement
10:07 pm
that really the weight of that economic decision will actually fall on south korea and china as well. those will be the two countries that are probably investing the most in the infrastructure that might be tempting him to get into these conversations begin with. >> all right. the president had said, what were looking at right now, they've close the doors in their continuing to tk on their own without reporters and one other thing the president said was working together we will get it taken care of. this is the president saying at this expanded meeting i don't know exactly what he was referring too. i assume some sort of a deal or framework. he went on to say that they will solve a big problem, a big dilemma so much of the positive comments that have been made largely confirmed by kim jong-un saying he's optimistic as well, i'm
10:08 pm
paraphrasing but it seems to be president trump leading the optimistic way or the constructive progress way. what do you think of that? >> i think that's what we saw. >> go ahead. i'm sorry. we have someone, some audio issues. go ahead. >> i think what we saw was president trump is the optimistic one. he's the one that laid out some stipulations and we've seen him walk away from the table at least once a ready. we see president trump trying to work on this f the world as a whole. we are off to a great start. this is an epic day in singapore anything cap we said the devils are in the detls in terms of what denuclearization is going to look like long term. i do think there has been some
10:09 pm
behind-the-scenes diplomatic efrts with secretary pompeo, even just until today with singapore and the two leaders on what we are working toward together. >> kim jong-un sai will be challenges ahead but we will work with trump. both have acknowledged there might be some bumps but that they can work them out. i guess the question i had for you, can they work them out of the summit or are they telegraphing out another one? >> this is clearly going to be a fairly long process. i think both lears are probably right to try to lower expectations but my sense of this is that the summit is already a major win for kim jong-un, certainly to have a north korean leader sitting with the president of the united states, to have those two flags flying together is a
10:10 pm
big win for him domestically. he is now legitimized as a leader who can stand on equal footing with the president of the united states, the president of the world fleeting and great it's democracy. i think the president on the other hand, needs to get something much more specific than we've seen before from him on the issue of denuclearization. mike pompeo has talked about needing to see if he is ready to make a strategic decision that he is going to dismantle his nuclear program. that is what this process is going to lead too. i think the president needs an unambiguous commitment from him to start this process of dismantling the north's nuclear program. i think that's the threshold the president has to make to say this is a success, now let's go forward and negotiate. >> well put. the former navy seal and author of the operator, the bestseller, rod, you know i
10:11 pm
think you're right. it seems like a disproportionate amount of the attention and leading these discussions, maybe that's just the nature, he's a senior figure in the president of the united states, but would not give the impression that the onus is on him to keep it going? the other guys young and inexpensive. what do you expect to hear from the north koreans. the president has granted him an audience. it's going to have to start with the process, is it going to be a un thing going in there? he's got the propaganda thing for his people proving, they
10:12 pm
know him as a supreme leader so honestly the people in north korea think he should be meeting with the president of the united states. there is going to need to be big steps as far as bringing peopleohis besides seeing what happened with the underground sites, where the several dozen nuclear weapons you have in your missile technology. neil: they are clever. >> there really clever. we are still in iraq. it all depends on how legitimate he wants to be. i was even saying this guys a lunatic. maybe he's not. maybe he wants peace talks. he wants to save his own skin.
10:13 pm
it remains to be seen. it will be really interesting but i don't think it will be over in a month or year. >> five amber, how much do you think they researched each other. president trump has talked a lot about his predecessors and what he failed to do. [inaudible] do they feel they can turn it around saying president trump wants is almost as bad as we do. there has to be a level playing field in terms of what
10:14 pm
has happened in history. we've seen what north korean dictators look like. they promise they're going to do nuclear i've their nation and in return they will get all sorts of economic relief and aid which is exactly what they want, and that they don't hold up their end of the bargain and they continue to progress their nuclear ambitions. they have done extensive research on kim jong-un on president trump as well. president trump has been extremely transparent which i think is different from administrations in the past. they see daily what president trump is thinking through his tweets and how he's talking to congress and the american people. i think it is a difficult ballgame, a different ballgame than what we've seen in the
10:15 pm
past where things are usually done behind-the-scenes and we only see the outcome and ultimately fall apart because the north korean regime didn't follow throu with the deal. >> it's far better to talk and worry about who has the better of the other. it certainly beats the hell out of the alternative. having said that, what can you envision? is it a short meeting? we are more than halfway through what we were told what was going to be a three-hour discussion. what you make of it? >> what i'd like to see is a communicate that sets out the fram framework of the deal were going to negotiate. what are they going to do? they're going to make an unambiguous strategic
10:16 pm
commitment that at the end of the process there will be no nuclear weapon programs in north korea, it will be completely dismantled along with their ballistic missile grant. in exchange for that what are the kinds of guarantee the united states and the international commuty is prepared to provide north korea both in terms of the security and survival of the state of north korea as well as its prosperity and the kinds of relief they will get from international sanctions. >> you mean a concession on our part? we have nothing to concede unless you want to talk about troops or joint military exercises on the peninsula. we wouldn't do that, or would we? >>listen, the president has really talked in the past about putting it? overhy in the world are we devoting so much resources, both our troops and our money to protecting south korea which is a modern democracy with a wonderfully powerful
10:17 pm
economy. i'm not sure that it isn't in play. once you have a secure peace treaty in place, the political rationale and security rationale for those troops does begin to come into question. imagine both on the korean peninsula and even within the united states there may begin to be questions about why are we keeping 28 or 29000 troops on the korean peninsula indefinitely and putting forward a lot of resources to maintain that presence? neil: we could be setting ourselves up for something. >> that's one of the things north korea wants. they want to get our troops out of their. that's part of the deal. the troops won't be anywhere right now. neil: you're not concern the president might make that. >> we have troops in germany from world war ii. >> i don't think they're going anywhere. i think the pentagon would advise against it because.
10:18 pm
[inaudible] it still very volatile. neil: thank you all very much. were following all of these developments including markets in that neck of the words and more focusing in that area. they are all up overall. american stock are doing so great right now. also letting you know larry kudlow is expected to be okay. the chief economic advisor suffered a heart attack tonight that we first found out about it via a tweet from the president. he is at walter reed medical center in washington. he's expected to be okay. talk about a high-pressure job and high-pressure situation and every thing else going on in the world. we wish him well.
10:19 pm
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10:22 pm
we are going to have a great discussion. it will be tremendously successful and we will have a
10:23 pm
terrific relationship, i have no doubt. >> you analyze all sorts of things. neil: a lot of people put this onus on the president because he's the most famous guy, why is he doing all the talking? is doing the majority of the talking because he's probably more of the world figure. normally the asian ways to defer to your elders, this is coming from number of diplomats where even e-mailing me and i have to leave their names out because they didn't want to be quoted. i should point out that kim jong-un via translator has weighed in on a couple things as they meet behind closed door. sd overcame all kinds of skepticism and speculation about the summit. i believe this is good for the piece and the back-and-forth continues. outcomes of this will be decided and maybe the next couple of hours, not even, but
10:24 pm
they are living a little bit of a rapid pace were at first they were meeting 40 to 4 45 minutes alone and then with a larger group and some of their key aides. the president with john kelly chief of skit staff and that was john bolton on foreign policy advisor who had a very acrimonious relationship with the north korean. in fact, he was the one guy who said were going to torpedo this thing. i think that's a little bit of hyperbol but he is at the table and in these discussions. the read from former president, we remember with ronald reagan, and number of key summits including a summit that the president ultimately left because they couldn't strike a deal so he politely set i'm out here. that was after days.
10:25 pm
this one is in hyper fast time, were talking hours. how would ronald reagan deal with something like that. >> he walked out of their second summit because the soviets ambushed him. they were about to conclude a deal to eliminate an entire at the last minute he saidnd well that all depends on keeping sdi in the laboratory. they knew reagan wouldn't accept that and he said i can't do that. they knew it would be tough for him because it was a very tempng deal. the only thing worse, there is nothing worse than a bad deal. they're walking away with no deal and that's better than having a bad deal. with regard to the summit, this is the first, not their last. this is the first time it met. all indications are that the relationship is off to a good
10:26 pm
start. they seem pleased to be in each other's presence, i think they're both a little in all of the history of the moment. the president has been taking the lead in conversation and gestures and he's the one who is showingim jong-un around. >> c5 he seems to be leading and not just might be the elder figure. >> as it should be. we are the united states of america. donald trump should be leading. this is his summit and he has every right to play that role. neil: but you gotta be careful is obviously his intentions are sound, but if you're the one. [inaudible] the other guy has commitments of his own, you could think it was a one-way chat. >> it's hard. neil: it doesn't sound like that but i just want to say that. >> that's exactly right. the first summit of reagan and gorbachev, it was him coming
10:27 pm
to reagan. it was very clear who is coming to see whom. this is not quite that. trump has a properly taken the lead in ways that we've seen. clearly he is in his element. ronald reagan clearly didn't care if i was deemed to be the perception of the media. do you think donald trump who is often compared and looked at how he stacks up against his predecessors, he routinely criticizes them that the north koreans know the last thing he wants on his reputation is that it fell apart? >> that's right, and actually made an excellent point, they said were going to get some things done that have been done which was the reference to his predecessors. donald trump wants to succeed
10:28 pm
and now back up into what constitutes success, but e's no question he wanted to succeed and he doesn't want to be blamed for making things worse. the good news is, as long as they're talking to each other they're not talking about each other and are not shooting at each other. this is good. >> i agree with you on that, i find it far more productive. [inaudible] it certainly beats who's shooting home. you're right about that. but, if denuclearization is the goal, and presumably it is, the differences are the timetable. the north koreans would rather have it be slow and we'd rather have it be fast but we have to find an acceptable rate. there's other factors. that's the big kahuna.
10:29 pm
what about a mcdonald's in north korea? >> if the president invited kim jong-un to the white house, that would be a little weird, wouldn't it. >> seems early for that, that's the highest honor we can bestow. i would hope that out there a little bit. although, havi a summit itself was held out there for how many decades. it's not inappropriate for the president of the united states to rec a the white house. they been received there before. neil: this isn't any world leaderhough. this guy has a lot of baggage. >> he does but he's the only leader they've got. >> the white house would be my first chce. maybe they could meet at another neutral place, somewhere closer to the united states and eventually work their way east. neil: who chose singapore?
10:30 pm
i'm wondering if it was done by design for this young leader who has really gotten out of his country to see the lights and the excitement and the pageantry of this place. he has rarely seen it. >> he was clearly entertained by last night. you got the impression by looking at him that he wondered if it could be his country. he wondered what it would take to get the dazzling lights and the scenes of that kind. i think that has an appeal to him. the former assistant press secretary, much more, very good read. gary, commerce secretary and the governor of washington state, what a resume. it's very good to have you on
10:31 pm
ambassador. what is your sense of what's unfolding. >> it's very encouraging. i think everyone is hopeful. this is far better than heated rhetoric or possibility of miscalculation pentatonic anyone is expecng a grand bargain to be announced at the conclusion of the summit but it's beginning of a process and there will be many details, tough details tha will have to be worked out. it's good that the two have met and they seem to feel at ease with each other. let's keep hoping progress will be made, especially with all the advisors on the u.s. side in the north korean side to make sure no agreements are made that we will later regret. >> what role do you think the chinese are playing in this. >> the chinese want stability on the peninsula. they don't want the north korean regime to collapse. they don't want to unify the
10:32 pm
peninsula because they don't want to democracy on their borders with the possibility of u.s. troops and south korean armies on its borders. of course with the stable north korea there will be more trade between china and north korea and china supports and supplies a lot of goods north korea needs as well as receiving goods from north korea. they benefit from that trading relationship. they don't want to impose these sanctions but they have gone along and is having an effect on north korea. they would much prefer more peace and stability and predictability with respect to the crampton for. neil: i wonder if you can settle a bit of a debate that has gone on that the chinese can't handle kim jong-un that he thumbs his nose at everyone including the benefactor of
10:33 pm
the chinese. is that true. >> the early relationship between china and north korean leader was very frosty when he assumed power. he started all these military tests and weapons testing and very much concerned china. china basically gave him the cold shoulder. they did not meet him after he assumed power. they do not receive him into china. there was a very tense and frosty relationship because china was very concerned he was unpredictable in creating more tension between the united states and north korea which was of great concern to china. they do not want instability on the korean peninsula. they do not want more troops or an invasion of north korea. they don't want to collapse of
10:34 pm
the regime. if there's a collapse you'll have millions flooding the border seeking a better life in china and they don't want to handle that huge migration problem either or refugee problem. they'resing antiaircraft guns to do so. this guy is very ruthless. he executed people who were in some ways the go-between. the chinese leaders have been viewing this guy with great concern. >> all right. thank you very, very much. neil: the way this is going right now, they are moving at a pretty good pace. we are expecting them to continue talks but again now armed with their aides and
10:35 pm
their interpreter you can see mike pompeo secretary of state and john kelly chief of staff. a relatively small delegation for the north koreans. we don't know what will come of this, we do know is still going on and we do know the two leaders appear to be getting along, and we know who ever gs the credit or has the advan over the other, it beats the heck out of thres. not now, not tonight. >> anyone can find themselves here. we can strengthen our safety measures. and today, our hospitals have some of the best patient safety records in the country. now, we're constructing new buildings that will define the future of piedmont
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10:40 pm
larry is currently in good condition at walter reed national military medical center and his doctors expect he will make a full and speedy recovery. the president and his ministrations on their thoughts and prayers to larry and his family. he's recovering in washington and expected to be okay. that's relief. he's a good man and has made a difference. hopefully he will be just fine. meanwhile, markets are getting the first chance to chew on everything that's been going on in the world and as you can see they're all down right now. a lot of this might just be concern of not knowing what's going on. there's nothing bad going on but there's no firm outline of what they would redo, if anything. so our futures were up about 30 points in our about 11 points.
10:41 pm
nasdaq sinking a little bit so the markets at this point are tanking, they're just not soaring. let's get the read from foxbusiness network and jared leavy. susan, that's a classic reaction for markets that are just sort of weighing this and not reading too much into it, good or bad. >> yes, i would it's net positive so far. there's not a whole lot of volume at place of people are waiting to see what the final agreements will be. the stock market is holding steady. the ones that are the most reactive and sensitive to any missile test or nuclear test in the past have been the currency and the japanese currency called the yen. this has to do with investors, they want to buy up and put more yen so they have enough yen on hand to sell off any of those assets. you haven't seen not just yet. that shows you maybe were
10:42 pm
holding steady. i would call it net positive. >> jim, your thoughts on this, the consensus seems to be that any sort of a deal that keeps other talks going to advance a deal will be very good for chinese stocks, very good for asian markets in general. you buy that? >> i do, and look, there's three takeaways. first of all nobody messes anything up. we were all looking for a hypocrite, go to sing first do harm in it doesn't look like any harm was done. second take away, i think it sets the stage for the u.s. have a better relationship with china. if you look at trump's dialogue between china and korea, it seems to have been a tit-for-tat relationship. it could set the stage for better things from china just from the u.s., not to mention the entire region. finally if you look at the way the markets reacting it's kind of a ho-hum thing and that's what you want.
10:43 pm
this is not a thing where george schultz comes out and says the word regrettably so is not like that at all. the market is very quickly going to move on to the federal reserve board which is expected to raise interest rates and do other things as they await details. >> list former secretary of state under ronald reagan, briefly, jared will be very, very different if one or the other of these german walk away from the table that neither did and so that save that fear. >> yes. both these guys had the potential to create a really binary event. they both have personalities. the fact that they appear to get along and move forward as a good thing. i think kim had a choice to make. he is behind the curve, he is
10:44 pm
going to consent and given a little bit more. i think he wants to see his country prosper. with that said, i think this begins to remove what we call tail risk, a big catastrophic event and i think as these meetings move forward, that tail risk goes away and if you're looking for reaction, perhaps we see a drawdown in some of the military markets and the lockheed martin. now that there's little more peace than some of those names might move a little bit lower. i think it's a net positive, especially on the humanitarian front and i agree this also brings china a little closer to us and helps relationships with everybody here. >> i was wondering in the china example, if these talks are deemed successful they
10:45 pm
both go home looking better for their efforts, that might lighten the trade penalties or whatever were looking for china down the road. what you think of that. >> think you're absolutely right because the trade talks and these toxins singapore are interlinked. china was behind the spread this is not a two-way summit. you know china is also the third party in this and if there's some sort of agreement , if somehow there ie sort of something they can hash out and make trump look good will there be some alleviation when it comes to tough trade talks. neil: we read a lot into body chemistry and signals and vibes and it seems to be very positive with these two. when you look at these and the importance we place on that kind of stuff, sometimes it
10:46 pm
can be very revealing. the body language early on revealed that they did intrinsically and immediately get along with reagan and gorbachev. there was a willingness for each to feel out the other and respond favorably. how important is that stuff for a guy like you who looks at things on a variety of levels? >> the one thing we know about this president if he can change his mind very quickly. here's what i'm looking at. if he can cut a deal for his legacy, that will be far more important than the ramifications of a trade war with china. if he cuts it deal here, i think the trade talk it's a lot better with china and eases his tensions for the things he's trying to accomplish around the world in terms of his legacy. in terms of the body language, if you can make a connection there just to keep talking, i think that will please the markets and please everybody
10:47 pm
because it means we probably won't be firing missiles at each other and maybe he can talk them into not firing missiles at anyone else as well. maybe it helps entire region that becomes a big plus because are seeing what they think his eye to e. neil: and it would remove one worry for the market for the time being. >> at least one, like i said before this will be a long, arduous task for both parties. denuclearization is proven in spectacle. on their side they want to see the troops out of south korea. i think that might be a chip that trump plays. i know there's been a lot of naysayers. it may be the olive branch he gives to kim to make this work this is a step in the right direction. i agree with the body language and that it seems like they
10:48 pm
have a genuine want. kim wants to improve his country relations and trump wants to leave a legacy and make things easier for all of us. neil: thank you all. susan will be back later on tonight continuing our vera mayor still talking which certainly beats the alternative. not long ago they were hurling insults when the other guy was rolling missiles across the pacific and elsewhere. that was then, a very different environment. a press conference will be coming. we are still a ways from the top of the talks continue. the fact of the matter is there was a concern that one or the other of the parties would be mad with who was invited to join the party. we have no indications of that. we know they are talking and that certainly beats the alternative.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
all right. we've gotten the two leaders, donald trump and kim jong-un have spoken to the press and a
10:53 pm
lot of these moments we can e them in singapore. the president earlier onset we will work together to solve a big problem in a big dilemma. i'm confident we will succeed. we will have success and i agree with the president. we will have tremendous success and the conditions are in place to solve some of the issues that have come their way. we don't know on what broad outline they've agreed. obviously genius arising the entire korean peninsula is a priority on both sides but we differ mightily in what that means. obviously we want distance into the later. the north koreans are in no rush to remove what a negotiator was saying on this very program earlier.
10:54 pm
this is a single greatest bargaining power they have. a lot of north korean promises have evaporated because they cheat. in the case of the deal scored with the clinton administration they waited sevenht years to do so but they cheated. then there were six party talks that started under that administration and effectively built up and expanded under the bush administration. hence this fear that we have that no matter what they agree to we really can't rely on them. we wanted an approach and it would trigger a lot of the trade and investments where we are offering to progress being made on this front. are they dismantling that capability and for every step of the way we give them
10:55 pm
something and invest a little more and encourage other countries to invest a little more. the north korean leader could be doing what his father did and what his father did before that. in one area we say yes and then get back to doing what they were doing. that ist donald trump wants to avoid. his very confident he can avoid it as the elder statement of the two, donald trump appears to be clearly leading the way. the markets are leading with a positive reaction to all of this. they're convinced that progress is being made, future market activity being what it is is tepid but certainly anything but if one or both of them had walked away from the table. neither is. people will read into it. the fact of the matter is, it certainly beats the alternative. walking away from the table
10:56 pm
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11:00 pm
together and we will solve the problem. neil: the back-and-forth continues with the president of the united states and the leader of north korea. it's the first time to abandon the same room to talk to each other and that's in the history of our country. many of pointed out the former president talk to the leader's father but that was in the capacity of a former president. what we make of it now is the leaders appear to be hitting it off. a luncheon scheduled in another half-hour or so is on so so far there were problems things would start to get off schedule were suddenly be removed from the schedule to reformer state press officer morgan are taken deputy assistant secretary of the army van. >> when i see what has happened today iac something right out of the ronald reagan playbook.
11:01 pm
go back to geneva. it was reagan's idea that he wanted to be one-on-one with gorbachev and interpreters to. the foreign-policy elites were going about it. ronald reaw what he was doing. president trump took a play right out of ronald reagan's playbook today. neil: and he liked what he had heard about her pro-jobs. he was encouraged by the signs he was getting. >> the big problem is if you look at that historically gorbachev's problem was selling it back in moscow. problems in moscow like kim has had robbins and north korea. neil: i will say thisith all due respect to fan who is a genius i remember mikhail gorbachev. this north korean leader is a lot worse but he's the only guy
11:02 pm
we can talk to. >> there so much at stake not only for the american people that the north korean people as well and what is incredibly complicated about these negotiations is it's not just about nuclear weapons. the thing that worries me more than north korea's nuclear weapons as cyber and what they are able to do in that enormous capabilities that could be a threat. the iranians the russians and the chinese as it relates to cyber espionage against us both against the government and the corporate side of things. while this is unprecedented and fantastic where's the cyber piece fitting in the prayer is the biological chemical weapons fitting in this? we have talked about the human incredibly important.ich is we want to see people agree with north korea have to have negotiation. donald trump has convinced the north korean leader that he is
11:03 pm
better off without nuclear weapons and if he can do that he deserves everything in the world that is given to him. >> i could not agree more with what you said about cyber. the denuclearization i wonder if the enablers of nuclear technology your nuclear warhead technology or ballistic capability andn cyber. here's what i'm talking about, quantum science. we know north korea has a quantum corruption device. it's millions of timesaster than tt laptop. it's a great equalizer in the battlefield. quite frankly the united states is behind so i can have this great ballistic technology but if i have superior quantum cyber capabilities it's a great equalizer. neil: north korea's effective at doing this. >> they have a quantum encryption device that congress
11:04 pm
thank god is waking up. last week the senate armed serves committee t week before that the senate armed services committees said to secretary mattis come back to us right now the real plan to build military operational requirements about quantum cyber >> hopefully the same members of congress that were questioning the zuckerberg. neil: the president is the one leading the talks and i don't read anything other than the fact that the world figure with a 34-year-old who has just been thrust onto the international scene and is not very well-traveled. >> at's true but he has done a fantastic job of okemah lading power and north korea. neil: you are different to president trump it seems to me.
11:05 pm
>> what we need him to do is to defer to him with nuclear weapons for what we are seeing right now neil is that it's fasting to me i turn 36 next month and i worked in the government. i know, old lady. neil:y shoes are older than you. >> president trump's right he talked about the need for america -- and you don't get to pick the challenges in your presidency but what happens with the air of spring in the middle east what we are seeing president trump does actually make what we need to make an general keane as a mentor and friend of mine i've talked about how my generation's great foreign policy challenges one of america's greatest challenge will be how we handle this relationship with china but that everything that's happening today with north korea is a part of us as americans pivoting towards asia and getting this relationship right with china.
11:06 pm
it's a domino effect for us in the happen with >> you are 36 in your quoting obama and i quote ronald reagan. he saidhe 21st century the civic rim would dominate foreign-policy. neil: well i'm 37. what is going on with the north koreans? why aren't they here at this point? what makes them come to the table and deal with a guy who was disparaged as little rock at mann and yet here we are? >> only donald trump to do what we are seeing right now. i really believe that and you've got to give this president credit but i saw a former bush
11:07 pm
ambassador to singapore on the fox program earlier today. kim jong-un has been put in a corner on multiple levels. i think china but also this president but also the problems on the homefront. he had to hire 10 x. kgb agents last year for bodyguards. he's had real problems on the homefront recently and this is what concerns me. there's going to be mr. then we have to look at the chi cheng province in the middle part of north korea borders china 90% - a military only revolutionary zone. a lot of tunnels there many believe he hasn't escaped brought into china. he is really concerned on the homefront and look what he did with replacing his three top military advisers with a new crew. neil: there is a conservative
11:08 pm
base that is very hostile to what he is doing right now. >> interesting you say that because the state-controlled media north korea but there was a lot of media north korea leading up to the summit. there was a lot of exposure and it's just been today and yesterday that the north korean state media started really reporting this predicting something else to remember is the difference between the negotiations that present orb -- obama had. we still have incredibly tough sanctions on north korea as much as the military option is on the table these economic sanctions have been incredibly tough. we have actually been threatening war and i think that's a key point and we should not give up those sanctions without real verification. neil: the general said the same thing, you might have heard of abraham lincoln. when we come back the
11:09 pm
presidential historian and i'm still working out how young she is but i will let it go. we are going to doug wead, neil. he joins us right now. doug these kooky kids here were telling me that you know this could be the start of something but it's always in the follow-up and then the follow-up after the follow-up. sometimes these things start. we know that as i said from candidate months after you become president nikita khrushchev who kind of humiliated him and it happened in the constructively with ronald reagan and mikhail gorbachev. i know these are knee-jerk reasons but there's a fine line i'd like to read. how are you reading what you are seeing thus far? >> first i have to make clear i am 38 years old so i'm older
11:10 pm
than all of you. neil: you are when you're older than me. good to know. >> i'm glad you said it's too early because it is too early. people thought the first side treaty was great and if they had a chance to redo it i think they might adjust it a little bit and save the world war. it's really like a fine wine come at these summits. it's pretty hard to tell right away but out of the gate i am very impressed with what has happened and contrary to a lot of the people and pundits i'm hearing on television i believe both the united state north korea are getting something out of it. north korea's getting the respect they want, kim jong-un is going to be more famous than all the hollywood stars. neil: a lot of people overanalyzing saying he is on an equal stature with the president
11:11 pm
of united states, just what he wanted. >> i've heard that too. he only has 10 nuclear weapons and we have 7200 nuclear weapons which 10 american cities will you stay kim. we would go back to the stone age if we lost 10 american cities to nukes or is he is threatened tokyo and seoul artillery and the other cities of south korea with artillery shells filled with various gases so i think he is someone that need to consider and we need to sit down with. i think what trump got out of this and i'm not hearing a lot about is i think it empowers him politically to take action if he has to do that and it comes to that. would be inconceivable to me that he would do some sort of decapitation which is one of the solutions that it's been suggested or any kind of attack, a preemptive activity in north
11:12 pm
korea. he did nt first tried to do it through peaceful negotiations and peaceful means. i think tru is going to come out of this stronger too. i think he can afford to be stronger now because he has reached out. neil: he has the alpha figure here so i think we can overanalyze it to your point but very good to see you my historian friend. by the way we are learning more about what's transpiring in the meeting kim jong-un sang in an extended meeting and i'm quoting here i believe this is a good prelude for peace. white house correspondent francis chambers. what is your read early on? >> i think it was very striking the way that president trump greeted kim jong-un. was very friendly and very warm
11:13 pm
with him and he thought they would have a good relationship by what everyone will be wandering after the talks stay hether or not he will do a actual deal neil. whether the united states and north korea have the same definition and yesterday we heard secretary of state mike pompeius say the united states would offer unique and different security concerns to kim jong-un to make a deal but he didn't say what those were. neil: it's interesting you mention trading with the north korean leader -- treating the north korean leader and a lot better than he's treating prime minister trudeau of canada. he has been awf to our friends and wonderful to our enemies. that's t immediate quick read to get around other channels right now. what do you think of that? >> president trump has also said he wants this to be a friendly discussion. he thinks that's a better way to get a deal.
11:14 pm
the way that he has been setting this up and we will know how the talks on afterwards. he said he stopped using that because he he wanted to get a deal today but if he uses that again -- neil: is there a sse that the president badly wants this? i think the north koreans do a lot of research on him as well the failures of his predecessors and they know that he doesn't want a failure likeis predecessors have had another words a deal that falls apart or bad administration is blamed. he doesn't want that. what do you think? >> well president trump certainly does want to get a deal out of this. you strike on a very him porton point neil which is he can't is making the deal. he's been critical of former president barack obama over the
11:15 pm
deal but he negotiated or rather the administration negotiated with iran pulling out of the deal because it wasn't permanent that is something that skeptics have said would have to absolutely be in the deal with north korea and again because president trump said that some thing that should have been in the iran deal. you also have democrats in the senate saying they would not accept any deal that had sunset closets that was not permanent and verifiable. neil: do we know the north korean leader was going to break out of his hotel and look at the lights of singapore. he is a young guy. he's from a country that sits black at night and that's all there is to it. >> he doesn't travel out of the country very frequently. he is then recently to china
11:16 pm
twice in the span to the dmz so this is a bit of a field trip out of the country an opportunity to see those things. last night when he went to some of the hotspots in singapore, he was cheered by people in singapore who were cheering at the site and the spectacle which rubbed some people the wrong way because again he is a vicious dictator who had starved people and murdered his own brother, has been accused of that. neil: let's not forget that but some points we can't pick and choose the leaders with whom we negotiate. thank you very much. it's always good having you. let's take a real quick peek on the major markets asia and elsewhere. we are holding our own here. again they would be different if these markets were looking at japan and hong kong markets up singapore. our own futuresivity shows a
11:17 pm
pickup in activity but i can tell you if someone had left the table or worse some expletives were thrown that would not be the case. for now steady as she goes. more buying than selling a more optimism than pessimism more talk about brokering peace been thinking about war. ♪ this is a jungle gym... and a baseball diamond... ...a mythical castle ...and a grand banquet hall. this is not just a yard. it's where memories are made. the john deere x350 select series with the exclusive one-touch mulchcontrol system. nothing runs like a deere™ save $300 x350 select series™
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11:21 pm
neil: a good read on the fox safaven or would ever want to call it to the dollar seems to be shoring up more and our currency's versus the dollar and not the other way around. this is simply to say that dollars the currency of choice. shoring up support for currency write-down but not surprisingly benefiting from the renewed of successful t goingn right now or person to be going on up with united states president donald trump and of course north korean leader kim jong own. that's not a surprising reaction other than the fact that the
11:22 pm
markets particularly in asia these stocks are not exploding. we don't really know the details outside of their making progress normally if you would see them -- i don't wanto read too much and anything because all these moves are relatively nominal. in fact minor in some cases but we are sharing that with you here because sometimes global traders particularly those in the neighborhood are responding to this so far favorably to the former bush 43 state department deputy spokesman adam you have had a chance to see this and maybe you read the body language always it treacherous thing certainly when i do it but what you have seen, heard and studied thus far. >> you said it really well met brief intro i guess that's good
11:23 pm
and that's a pretty low bar. look i mean in many respects the fact that they are having it is significant. as everybody points out it's going to be the follow-through and what comes afterwards but i think most would agree that the fact that they are meeting and the fact that both leaders have consensus to have a meeting is a significant accomplishment and one that should be recognized but you know looks let's are you real, the u.s. has said it has a clear goal here which is comprehensive verifiable and irreversible disarmament. that's a very, very high bar and you know the meeting is a necessary prelude to that but there is a long, long road to go. neil: do you think the role of
11:24 pm
the president of the united states is played as the leader here and others have told me i know of peace has been written about asian culture deferring to elders, that is why president trump has done more in the briefing as we haveen. is there any truth to that? >> you know that's one explanation. i have another one. remember again if you look back at the rhetoric at the state department and the basic religion of north korea generations for the past 67 years that have grown up with america's responsible for the attack and dismemberment of our country. the leader of north korea and the inheritor of this legacy and conflict in demonization is not
11:25 pm
going to all of a sudden rush and hugged the leader of the country that defeated then subjugated them in their propaganda. he fou on domestic purposes for credibility and legitimacy have to maintain a certain reserve and cannot be seen to be violating the tradition of his forebears. neil: but he also wants to survive. he also needs money and that kind of stuff to survive. >> i am very skeptical and i will tell you why. first of all we have had agreements with north korea and they didn't work to the reason they didn't work is because horea cheated on them so this is a regime that cheats number one. number two, personality aside the reason kim is there is not because donald trump is a warm and friendly guy and despite what donald trump says the
11:26 pm
success of these negotiations are not going to be based on personality. what is going to affect these negotiations is, does kim get enough of what he wants at a price that is acceptable to him? what does he want? he wants economic development or economic assistance. at what price is he going to get back? we are demanding a very high price. my sense is he either gets what he is looking for or if this falls apart he can say to his chinese backers who have been pressuring him to go i did my part. i went more than halfway. it's the americans is screwed this up so get off my back and the chinese will be put in the top spot there and he can also use the failure to divide the south korea americans. the only person that wants this
11:27 pm
deal worse than president trump is president moon of south korea. they are the ones that push this to happen and the u.s. south korean partnership and alliance i think it's going to be adversely affect that if these talks fall apart. neil: it's always very good having you. and basinger we are getting a few more det. the optimism of the president and the north korean leader share. not indicating what it would be but a deal of some sort or something that is a blueprint. that seems to be increasingly what the goal of this entire event will be about, that they will be able to make arguing points that they are not arguing and they are facilitating the debates to have either follow-up talks or follow-up levels of conversation may be at the level
11:28 pm
of mike pompeo pompeii on his counterparts. this will not end here tonight. deidre bolton more on that. what are you hearing deirdre? >> this is amazing and if you want to think about the fervor in the tone we are talking about this meeting as the summit of the century. you alluded to this earlier where we have heard president trump say if the tone and attitude wasn't right he would just walk out and of course all of the parties are heading to lunch soon. we have had a lot of positive comments from both sides. also worth noting kim jong-un showed up to the hotel where he was meeting one-on-one. kim jong-un showed up seven minutes earlier which is a sign of respect from his culture and it seems to be going along quite well since then. one of the bigger questions that scott schneider from capitol for
11:29 pm
relations told me was wil kim jong-un make the decision between nuclear and economic progress so essentially he is saying to move forward and have these potential partners with the u.s. with south korea with china kim jong-un's going to have to make that decision that is economic advancement for his country trump's the nuclear capabilities. if you want to make a note that kim jong-un according to our sources has been asked three times a day whether he would give up his nuclear weapons, according to my sources he has refused to answer has just not answer. either way not quite an answer on that neil. neil: if he could stay there i want to bring morgan ortega back the former deputy assnt secretary of the army. what do you think of that and i have heard separate reports from what deirdre saying that the north korean leader had complete
11:30 pm
ignorance or didn't hear the question but no reallear clarification here. >> the north koreans are notorious for playing the long game. they make concessions here and make concessions there and drag it out. that is why president trump has tonsist that we have real milestones that are irreversible by the end of his first term. john bolton has seen this movie before. he was the undersecretary of state for policy and had to deal with armament that he saw what happened with the bush administration in 2005. we cut a deal and they took him off the state-sponsored terrorist list and oh by the way they were so close to shut down the pyongyang nuclear facility. neil: he is sitting at the table. >> deirdre mentioned kim jong on
11:31 pm
showed up seven minutes early as a sign of respect and president trum has a red tie on which is a favorite color. i think something that is interesting we are seeing what would be on the table and you certainly have a lot of experience as well if they start to get into the weeds in the communiqué. they have agreed that kim jong-un and president trump will have the communiqué and complete verifiable denuclearization. something that pompeo said which was different was he added the phrase on the korean peninsula. that's something different that we have not heard them say yet and that makes things arbitrary but it's important to the north koreans to give that signal to the north koreans that we are willing to make security concessions. neil: by the way their meeting is going on longer than
11:32 pm
expected right now they would have moved in lunch. they are not at lunch yet but it's 11:31 a.m. their time and 11:30 p.m. and the united states that could mean the talks are going well. i apologize. pompeo -- pompeo seemed to have an up beat view of things going to into these talks and maybe we will get the details which we don't know yet. >> i think you have to have positive attitude going into these. there've been reports by the american media that negotiators ameran negotiators at a lower level were unable to get some of the concessions they were hoping for and agreeing to a timetable of when the north koreans would potentially give up their weapons. important to remember that just last year the north korean regime had the most expansive test of any nuclear weapon, the united states so these are
11:33 pm
very serious times. we talked about cyber and the threat. they don't have a free press in north korea or jim acosta yelling at him. that doesn't surprise me. i don't think that is indicative of anything. neil: what do you expect when they do get out of this meeting and had to lunch? >> i think we will have some agreement. this is a veryn detailed morning for the secretary of state and a lot of the credit has to go to him. right after he became the cia director he did something he's never done before. he set up the korean mission center. andrew kim was the white house chief of staff who greeted kim yong-chol when he visited the white house.
11:34 pm
as the cia director a lot of groundwork has been laid and this is why he's the secretary of state. neil: is the expectation that they will wrap up wha are going to wrap up and they will not extend their time together at their either separately or together? >> i think the ideas after the lunch the understanding is kim jong-un will be leaving the island of singapore and donald trump as we know c-span's to delete tonight. i think going forward to signs that many experts have been talking to me about her to pull. they are saying watch out kim jong-un communicates about the summit once he gets back to north korea. watch the language and watch the tone because he doesn't want to be embarrassed. he's very positive about this meeting chances are promising he intends to follow through. another thing to look out for is a gesture something specific
11:35 pm
from north korea whether that's leading them into a new site that they are calling it front loading. we need a tangible sign that this time is different. we did hear mike pompeo making that point saying we realized the process is different this time than what passive administrations have tried. the process is different therefore the outcome may be different. when it was asked what are the details he said i'm not sharing that with the press. i will just tell you this time the process is different. moon jae-in would very much like to have a united korea and probably the last generation who remembers. his parents were north korean refugees. apparently he still lives in or so he is personally live this
11:36 pm
idea. neil: we are learning the meeting is ended and they are going into thi working lunch. you know what is supposed to happen at the working lunch and how long is supposed to be and what happens after that? >> i think the working lunch what i do know for sure is the crowd gets bigger. this morning it was just president trump and kim jong-un and their translators and each side added a bit more and as the day has gone on ahead to get larger. i know the crowd will be bigger than it has all day. at that point it's my understandt kim jong-un he is quite concerned about his personal security is a big hater. he has been very concerned that i think we would consider upset with his own personal security and a possible assassination attempt and a possible coup at
11:37 pm
home. my understanding is you would like to leave as soon as possible. neil: he was the one he said i don't really have time to wait around. i'm going to be hustling back. deidre bolton thank you very much. it's 36 minutfter the hour nighttime here on the east coast of the united states. morning technically around lunchtime for lunch and going on with the two enigmatic leaders the president of united states and the north korean leader who right now has been a surprise that the summit choosing his words carefully and told not volunteering awful lot but open to denuclearization. we should also posit here that the markets a snapshot just in and the fact that they are holding their own in the asian markets by and large up though not emphatically so.
11:38 pm
that would be very different if these talks were tanking or someone had walked out of the room or worse. they could turn much more bellicose. let's get to read from economist ben stein. your breed on what you have heard and seen. >> i can't tell a thing about it frankly. the whole fact that this is taking place is almost unbelievable. it makes me feel like i'm on drugs. i can't believe that we are meeting this incredibly violent guy who is the head of one of the poorest countries in the world who has invested a few million dollars to get nuclear weapons than we are now treating him as a piece of big shot. we have the head of the world's richest country traveling halfway across the world to meet him, to meet kim jong un and why? what are we going to get out of that? he's not going to do
11:39 pm
denuclearize and give away his weapons. he will be torn to pieces by his own people as he gives up the power. neil: you have serious doubts whether we are getting anything out of this and we are putting more on are on the line by potentially compromising ourselves? >> i hope and pray it works. i pray for peace all the time. peace is the most wonderful thing in the world but i cannot see how kim jong-un can make a serious gesture. it's basically like saying i'm going to commit suicide and he doesn't seem like a suicidal kind of guy that maybe he is. one never knows. we have not had good results dealing with the north koreans and that's putting it very mildly. i cannot imagine why he would say okay at done all these things to make my incredibly poor destitute country a big playn the world stage. now i'm just going to give them away because i like mr. trump
11:40 pm
smile. i can understand why he would do that. neil: do think the president is being snookered? >> i don't think president trump is the kind of person to be snookered period but i don't see what greatness is going to come out of this. now maybe i'm missing some big thing but we have seen the north koreans cheat so many times it would be hard to find times where they have been cheated. we are going to woo go to war against them. my dear friend senator lindsey said -- we are not going to war with north korea if we can possibly avoid it. lindsey graham had ruled that the third possibility and president trump wouldn't go that route. we will continue to go that route and continue arguing back
11:41 pm
and forth. what is in it for mr. kim jong-un to just walk away from all this power or prestige and might that he is taxes people so heavily for? his people are not such happy people. they are the poorest is about not entirely in the northern hemisphere. neil: what was in it for mao tse tung when he met with the president? >> that's a very very good question. mao tse tung was an old man who was dying and he knew he was very ill and he know we have a certain amount of time in order to make changes to pull the country together. it was a cultural revolution. there has been this cultural revolution north korea. there's nothing to make them want to turn to normalcy to peace and order. if there had been maybe kim jong un would say i want to go back
11:42 pm
to peace and order but the chinese have gone through a very bad time and they needed help from the united states. it's hard to see what kind of help the north koreans need from the united states. they are going to let us come in with our software developers. it's a totalitarian state. they don't want westerners wandering around their. neil: so what do they want? the opposite one of these talks. >> i think they do want these talks because it makes him seem like a tremendous aiguille and maybe i'm wrong about all of this. it's entirely possible i'm all wrong. maybe he says i see my brothers and sisters and in their rich prosperous country of picked themselves up after a war. we are great people. the north korean people are incredibly talented hard-working people. with the right kind of leadership they could be one of the most prosperous countries in
11:43 pm
the world. maybe kim jong-un saw that the does it want it enough to in order to give up his place in the world to make it a place among the living? i have my doubts but i pray i'm wrong. i pray this will be more like what happened with china i pray that i'm being pessimistic. neil: what would you like to see once this meeting to make you rethink what you just said? >> i would like to see to use the phrase you used it like to see them saying we are going to lead in international specters to see what we are doing and i'd like to see them make a report on what our nuclear situation is in our ballistic situation is and i'd like to have and give that report to the responsible parties and see whether we can make some moves towards disarmament rated as possible he might want to disarm north korea and south korea in parts of the
11:44 pm
peninsula at the same time. that's a possibility. there've been rumors that he is said to the u.s. you have to give up some of your nuclear weapons too. there is no chance of that that's going to happen at all but i'm n sure, but to see a completely different kim jong-un this is a country that america can even imagine it's so totalitarian and so brutal. we can even imagine it in our country. can he suddenly changed all that? red china under mao tse tung was on lock down but maybe i wrong about all of this. maybe he will awaken with a vision that he wants to be an entirely different person. maybe he's decided to become a christian. i don't know. neil: been largely not optimistic about these talks. thank you my friend.
11:45 pm
n, thank y very much. we apologize to get the satellite feed to tell us what will be next. we are waiting to hear from the luncheon and what will transpire after that. later on i think in a few hours we will get the formal press conference at 4:00 a.m. so exactly quite a ways away, for hours but they have been moving at breakneck pace here. my producers reminded me we should let you to know as well they are a couple of things are waiting on to see once we get all of this new sorted out from this conference that will be the first tim markets have a chance to respond to whatever happened here. they are like and what they are seeing even though there's nothing to go on but they are they are basing it on body language that these two are not at each other's throats ends body languages such that it
11:46 pm
beats the alternative and despite what ben stein said better to be breaking bread then in that case breaking bones. more after this. arely clip a passing car. minor accident-no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident iveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. non-drowsy children's claritin allergy relief. the #1 pediatrician recommended non-drowsy brand. because to a kid a grassy hill is irresistible. children's claritin. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
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neil: mike glad to know if you the prior segment to hear what ben stein was saying about all of this that we might be getting the shorter end of the stick and we shouldn't be meeting with the north koreans and it's probly a good thing to talk but nothing will become of it in the north koreans profile that is being raised and not our own. what do you think of that? >> i think there's some truth to that. clearly this is a win-win for kim jong-un. no matter what happens at the summit today kim jong-un comes out a winner. north korea's and international isolation. he has pictures of him in president trump appearing very comfortable with each other splashed all over the world press. he has gotten to sit down with u.s. president that all north korean leaders have wanted so
11:51 pm
there's no question that he looks as statesmen like a leader is we have ever seen out of north korea. on the other hand from the trump administration's perspective they are making the argument that they are the ones who have broken the impasse of getting the north koreans to seriously now sit down and talk. at the various highest level about denuclearization. they say it's different than we have seen the pass and the point that they have which is the point i would continue to stress is you can't go back on whatever agreement they make with the north koreans without it having directly having it directly linked to kim jong-un. they are saying this is different because we have kim at the table and of course kim walks away looking like a normal leader under other circumstances. neil: obviously kim jong owens thatcher would be raised and we are getting a live image from the luncheon.
11:52 pm
let's listen in. >> thank you very much. neil: that was a little while ago but that was coming from his luncheon and i rudely interrupted you but it looks like a continuous friendly tone we were seeing prior. you characterize it for me because in any form when these two are together it's obviously the lesser-known north korean leader whose status is elevated in that camp he helped that what do you make of that? >> well i think what is most surprising to me neil is you have what seems to be a very comfortable president trump in a very comfortable kim jong-un meeting. given the fact that they stakes
11:53 pm
of this are pretty high for both of them, this was a rushed meeting. ease wh each other is really striking and whatt basically reveals as bothf are confident coming intohi meeting. a lot of people that they question why this kim jong-un to agree to this meeting all of a sudden the? is the afraid the madman theory will suddenly go too far and he actually attacks and that may well be but i think he's also confident. he has this thing that his father and grandfather never had twitches his nuclear capability to stabilize the north korean economy. he's gotten rid of political opposition or potential political opposition is half brother and uncle. he's confident coming into this and you see it in the body language between the two. we have a picture released to the two of them under the
11:54 pm
veranda. i suspected the two would shake hands and look serious and walk into the room and that's about all we get. instead you have pictures that make it look as though this is their second, third or fourth meeting and again i think this goes to the idea that oath of them feel confident they are coming to the table with the upper hand. the question of course becomes what are the brass tacks when they get down to that? what type of promises will they make to each other and will there be concessions on the part of kim to show that he is really opening up and can be trusted in the case of donald trump does he get looped into a processhat could potentially change america's commitment to the region. neil: michael thank you very much. right now want to go to former deputy assistant chief under president clinton. bruce it's good to have you here. what do you make of this and what you see going on luncheon
11:55 pm
of tape from earlier. they seem to betting along at seems to be steady as s goes. your thoughts? >> we are waiting for the actual results. whether they get along with each other is immaterial to kim jong-un is under u.s. sanctions for human rights violations and the way has deemed that kim has committed crimes against humanity. we are seeing what will actually come out of the result that we are looking for north korea to embrace -- neil: would you not have met with him at all? do you think it's a waste of time? >> i would have gone with the morgue bottom-up approach where you have movement towards u.s. conditions in the u.n. required cbi deep principle prior to having a summit. a presidential visit or meeting particularly for the first time with an enemy nation is the highest coin in the diplomatic
11:56 pm
round. i think you should spend a quite carefully so when north korean fighter told clinton i attended white house meetings as a cia person that decision was we would not deploy the predent until you had some kind of agreement already worked out rather than having the present as negotiator in chief. neil: their timing issues with the palestinian accord but there was some regret that this opportunity came and went. >> there were some in the clinton administration who depicted it as they ran out of time or was after the contested election. the reality was there was not enough progress between north korean and u.s. officials in koala lumpur. the koreans would not be forthcoming with the details of the missile agreement so contrary to some assertions we were not very close to a missile agreement or we were quite far apart because the north would
11:57 pm
not move forward on providing details of the parameters of the missile agreement. once the clinton administration realized they were going to make progress that's when ty shifted to make progress on the middle east. neil: there's no denying to your point that the korean leader is not a nice guy. he is murdered family members and starved his people but we can't pick and choose the leaders of the country with whom to negotiate. do you fault the president for trying? >> it's all water under the bridge now. they are at the summit so the main thing is we are looking for results. from the u.s. likely be looked in north korea to move away from its concept of denuclearization which is in a korea watcher knows basically global arms control and a self -- we would also be looking for more detailed text than we have
11:58 pm
ever had in a north korean agreement much like the arms control treaties we had with the soviet union. we need very rigorous verification protocols and would also like to address the human rights situation. neil: is it your sense and not im but sometimes relieved that these guys are coming to blows or one hasn't stormed out of the meeting? with the market seemed to be expressing relief here. >> anytime anyone raises tensions on on the peninsula weather with north korea nuclear test or missile tests or the u.s. talk of a preemptive attack that sends jitters to the market but also what we have seen is over the years in the south korean market it actually doesn't react very strongly to north korean tension. a moose for a few days and then
11:59 pm
it sort of comes back to the status quo. it's the korea factor as it's referred to. the north korean risk is already factored in so surprisy nuclear tests, missile tests and that don't affect south korea's market all that much for more than a few days. neil: it's very good having you. thank you. to his point the devil is in the details and what has been raised here today, there is so much we don't know. we know the talks continue and a little controversy around the president the way he has treated some of our allies at the g7. bear surprising most the thought that these talks would be fruitful and they might still well be that bit weird to see the plan in the outline what it they have committ to do the on this meeting to the financial
12:00 am
markets seem to be so far so good. very worried about little rock at mannigns tonight it's not going to happen. our coverage >> we witness history, president trump, now at a working lunch with north korea's kim jong-un after two hours of unprecedented, historic meetings. >> this is special coverage of the summit in singapore. in just a few hours, at 4:00 a.m. eastern, president will hold a news conference on what happened behind closed-doors, we'll bring it live, earlier, president and kim jong-un shaking hands, first time a u.s. president has ever met a north korean leader, moments after. historic


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