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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 12, 2018 3:00am-5:00am EDT

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jung-un and president trump at the same table signing the document. >> it was historic but especially extended show and we will also have the pres.'s press conference at four am eastern. good morning. >> in morning to both of you. listening to you to potential of this agreement, there are still questions what this will mean for both sides. we need to see with the president says that the 4:00 a.m. press conference and i thank you very much. great job we have to follow the breaking news is we have witnessed the last few hours, history in the making. watching a historic moment between president trump and kim jung-un what is a comprehensive document. saying that kim jung-un has committed a completely nuclear is asian of the korean finance
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lung -- peninsula. >> this will lead to more and more and more and it is an honor to be with you. and all of your representatives. thank you very much. >> the document on your screen we are not exactly sure what that entails that the president will begin roughly one hour four am eastern and we will bring you that life is a happen. also looking it is a wait and see mode after at the end of the session right now the dow and the s&p are other than the nasdaq is up 12. again europe's stocks are open set for a positive open now we will see them up 26-point and unchained jamaica european reaction is favorable. >> in asia we want to give you
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a shot of what is happening there. they are of 74 points in then the hang saying is up 113 actually it is still trading right now. there is still movement right now. singapore that is being taken by two-point. >> real one in the morning tuesday june 12 in morning i am cheryl cecconi to a special early edition of fbn a.m. complete coverage as it wraps up and full of surprises yet we are waiting on that live news conference. >> president trump and kim jung-un citing a copy of the document according to multiple reports to commit to working
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toward complete the nuclear is there's lung -- nuclear station we don't know what that means we are waiting on more detail right now we are live in for so deidre you have yourself there to witness history overnight it has been incredible to watch. >> it has been amazing there is a reason people call this estimate of the century. it started this morning with that intense and unprecedented one on one with president trump and kim jung-un meeting face to face with one translator each then going to the bilateral meeting then through the working lunch then to find the document of which we have learned of some details but we are waiting for more followed by the deed -- the comment kim jung-un is committing to complete the nuclear is eight and on the korean peninsula.
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that sounds civic as ambassadors have told me that definition could still mean different things to different people so it is wait and see that it does seem the spirit of the day can move forward to progress and very clearly no matter what this is a new chapter between north korea and the united states and a new chapter on the korean nsula to the relationship between the north and the south and with neighbors including china. coming from expert over the past few days is that that's completely nuclear is asian of north korea would be unprecedented. one of the most complicated the next who say he has built up his weapon stores to the
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extent to give some away maybe not all of that so we half hopeful of a long track record of potentially obfuscate of what was has been said. many people say this time it could be different. we heard from secretary of state mike pompeo the reason it is different this time with a different outcome is there was a different process in place. when asked for details and what that involved in his that i will not share that with the press. but the way we have come to these agreement has been different than any other administtion in the past. president trump himself said there will be big changes and they will come quickly. >> we are signing a very important document.
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a pretty comprehensive document. and we have had a great term together, a relationship. we will have a news conference at 230. now is at 4:00 o'clock a.m. a little more than 40 minutes awa away. but when president trump was asked physically about kim jung-un and how he found that one-on-one meeting here is what our president said about the north korean leader seem. >> a very worthy negotiator. we learned about each other. a very talented man. he learned -- he loves his country very much like you heard him say that from his
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point of view a talented man and someone who loves his country very much. back to you. >> thank you very much. for more we have anthony joining us for the defense of democracy in james's is the vice president of the national security and foreign policy at the heritage foundation. good morning. >> good to be with you. >> anthony, the main question seems to be is de-nuclearization on the table is this what is part of the document when it is revealed? i have seen the text from the document and it looks very familiar unfortunately. like the 200 joint statement. the problem there was not that it looks the same but north korea was not willing to declare its complete nuclear program and that is what led those thoughts to breakdown for the question are they
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ready to do that? that is still an outstanding question to make you say you have seen the text of the document? >> that is correct. >> we will ask you about that in a minute. what do you make of what we have seen transgress over the last couple hours in singapore? but to see the two men walk out with his hand on the back of president trump again this is something we never expected to see especially the rhetoric we have listened to since january 2017 from the north korean that we got here so quickly is astonishing. >> i am not surprised. i never thought we are on the path to a nuclear crisis because no side one to go there. but this administration carved a credible diplomatic and
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their notion is the underlying tragedy of national pressure and north koreans wanted to come to the table leaking her down there. we were collaborating before he came out here so there isn't a lot of space. you just read the letter it is nothing may be the top with the mia but the other things are all statements they have made before. but here is where it is different. if u.s. is truly committed to stay with the strategy of pressure until north korea is no longer a nuclear threat to the united states and its allies and is willing to not compromise on the definition of what it means by de-nuclearization them potentially there is a path forward. if not we just do the groundhog day thing be mexican to have seen the text what you make of the rhetoric from what
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we have seen with other reports about security? that seemed to be a big sticking point. he didn't want to be the next qaddafi. they want assurances from the united states and china that their security will remain intact as they go through several rounds of talks with the lower-level officials. >> sure. i was there in 2005 party talks and looking back u.s. committed to peaceful existence with north korea not to invade north korea or tach north korea. that is even more specific family document. not to criticize that you point out the nine states putting that on paper 13 years ago was not good enough for north korea. so just as i was pointing out
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we need to see something concrete and tangible and what does north korea need to see from us on those security assurances? something with the troops on the peninsula gimmick are we talking about a drawdown for instance? those are? so we hope we hear from president trump and of course we will be looking at the news conference life how that in that document is there any mention of the end of the korean war? remake it is important it is not in their if it was it would be a disaster because the end of hostilities matters they could have a different interpretation and they can use anything including your being hostile again so it is
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important that happens in the formal peace treaty just like conventional forces on both sides certified happy face on here united states did not compromise and that is important. >> or or any specific language t economic sanctions? >> i think and write the approach should be look at maximum pressure there is a public element and a private element. we are not doing new sanctions but there is a lot of pressure to put on north korea to remind them that they cannot talk to a thought -- assad. there is a lot of things we can be doing anduld be doing against north korea.
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>> are there chemical and biological weapons right now? there is a lot we need to figure out. thank you very much we appreciate it. now we see the market reaction the features are slightly higher and kim jung-un all together did sign a comprehensive document and reporting live throughout the night joining is now is our fox news contributor, thank you for joining us early this morning. how you think the markets will react? >> first of all good morning christina. i want to let you know how the big money. we heard your guest with all
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the details that is. wasn't a fight but that is why the market can be very positive. it is a positive, nonpolitical scientists perspective. they met it was good and obama he had already gotten the nobel peace prize they just signed a comprehensive agreement. we don't know how that entails our wendy's conversations will go on. will they just come down to talk about these other big event this week? >> that is the million-dollar question.
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they seem to get along signing a document that agreed to something in the market says that is great in a great first set you are right but if it turns out to be nothing fair and everybody goes back and called the rocket man again in the market think that right now all you can do is look at the cards to say this is pretty good. so to say we have the big run-up so technically the market is poised to move up. >> can you elaborate on that with interest rates? you have volume going a little lower and people taking vacation why do you expect the market to go higher? >> there is nothing here that you said that is unexpected in
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my mind the black swan major not to be a white line the fed may or may not raise rates that if they do that's baked into the marke and over the last month or so has been digesting the gains from earlier. i see that as positive and they are acting pretty well my portfolio was charging a little bit. unless north korea turns out to be horrible and obviously that would be negative but that's why i'm bullish like no big surprises thank you now let's move to administration officials trying to dampen expectations of theummit but did the presidents for political points at home?
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>> so what do you think is the outcome of all of this? is it a win for the president or north korea? >> this is a historic turn of events many thought this meeting would never happen at all. but if things continue to go in this direction even if korea does not nuclear eyes he can firm up support among his face and of course the democrats will continue to criticize trump but those criticisms will fall on deaf ears. so think about it jimmy carter, george bush and barack obama all these presidents were alive in 2016 and admitted they did not vote for
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donald trump but yet all these former presidents try to do what trump did today and failed miserably. so maybe to have that unorthodox non-politician in the white house produces very different results and that might be a good thing. >> we don't know the results just to challenge you of that we don't know what will happen with u.s. military presence in south korea as well as japan. so not just yet but this is a huge monumental moment. what do you think this could mean for republicans at the midterm? >> it is all good news for republicans. as we see action from north korea this could demolish the chances to take back the house. trump is the ultimate negotiator. he has been doing this is all life kim jung-un never negotiated anything in his life. maybe one down -- when you're down the road could take away
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the nuclear weapons he significantly increased his chances to be reelected in 2020 the biggest foreign policy when since the fall of the berlin wall this benefits the whole world not just america'everybody should be rooting for trump. criticize him the more it will rt their efforts leading up to the midterms and the 2020. >> as president trump change the mindset of what a prent needs to be like? he does focus on bilateral transactional agreements we all know he is driven by ego so that will set precedent in the near future? >> absolutely turning politics on its head doing everything in the unorthodox way we have
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seen failures but a lot of wins people of said from the beginning he would be the worst president in american history but things are going pretty well with the economy with these historically -- meeting with kim jung-un. it will be interesting to see how the future presidents handle these initiatives abroad back i agree he has change things get bed when but historyolding overnight. it has been fascinating to watch we continue to follow all of the events happening overnight in singapore and we expect the president to come out to the pre conference and we will get more details. we have complete coverage of this historic summit between
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president trump and kim jung-un we will have military and political analysis. and going to london to see how traders are reacting and europe is just starting their day. we have fallen a little bit we expect them to pick up speed as we get closer to the open. you are watching a special edition fbn m mac
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>> a historic meeting in singapore history happening overnight we have a managing director joins us now from london good morning. now your trading day looks like we are seeing some positive reactions so far. the teachers are in the positive so there really isn't a big reaction to what has been a historic moment like it's funny i watched all of the network and undeniably we have a world that is sacred place and they are work being up to that moment we had nobody walk away from the table but it is amazing to me we can see them tear apart a historic moment in history.
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at some point in time you have to sit down it wasn't a planned assigned meeting in the middle east on the tarmac but there are transparent the whole world about it. they may not see eye to eye at all but now we have something that i think is fantastic. markets will like it to your point with all the negative rhetoric thinking that they could miniaturize a nuclear warhead and hit united states and japan so that was abated. we did the negative market reaction but now moving forward what is interesting is that china is basically the trading partner with the north
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korean companies can be interesting to watch in the fact that this open the promise of that even though it could be a decade away i did something they could embrace. >> that is important because going back through history there has never not been a time when china has not backed north korea. maybe trump knows he is doing and to get them in the right direction and that part of the world. there has never been a point in history they have not backed north korea. yes there are some double details we have to start somewhere. where would you start? you have to start somewhere and this is a fantastic start. >> we have publicly traded
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companies. the south korean president says he hasn't slept all light because he is closely watching this. >> it will be very good. north korea has their strength and south korea has more strength. but this could also be a good thing for both of them. i could see why he would not be able to sleep because good things can come out of it as a country. >> nice to see you earlier in the morning. thank you. >> coming up awaiting a news conference about historic summit with president trump just an hour away and we will bring that to you as soon as it gets underway. also market reaction relatively positive so far in the futures are climbing up in
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the green and it is up for almost five and we will have more as you are watching tee12. >> he also loved country.
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we are following the breaking news this morning on a special edition of "fbn am" denying committed to work towards complete de-nuclearization as president trump and him signed a comprehensive document following their historic summit to make a very worthy leader. we learned a lot about each other. >> we have a live report from singapore to make also
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listening to the president be in 30 minutes we will bring that to you live as soon as it happened so see to be met looking at investor reaction to the coming and going out with positive nasdaq of 3.5 for now let's turn to europe set for the cmo during the cap but actually the 15 is trading in utah. also the nikkei in japan is up 74-point. >> it is tuesday june 12 i am christina. >> i am cheryl and we would
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welcome you to a special early edition of "fbn am" and we are waiting on president of course the north korean leader kim jung-un signing a comprehensive document follows the thtub of that, --dash have pledged to work toward complete denuclearization gimmick we want to know that means. but now we have the very latest with teardrop. >> this is so exciting as a historic summit it is called the summit of the century it is unprecedented starting today with the two leaders meeting one-on-one. no caps that meteors one --dash leaders are advisors one translator for each and that was the meeting through a working lunch to sign the
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documents now the last step is that we are waiting for when president trump will be speaking with reporters at the same place summit took place so perhaps we will hear more details then. >> we both want to do something we both want to do something and we have developed a special bond.peopled and very happy and to take care of a very big and dangerous problem for the world. i want to think kim jung-un we spent a lot of time together and to say it worked out for both of us are better than anyone could have expected. we don't know in the past if
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korea has not kept it word and so ds that mean that is for north korea only or does that mean that gets rid of a weapon or or missiles? so that is an open question so that is an open? and one is in japan one is in u.s. you have to third in the
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asian but now that a lot of experts are saying we just need to hear more details and wait and see. another factor that could make a difference this time is that the nine at home made it to, since to his people but usually the north korean do not as they had to in the past more than 1 million died of famine he has pledged economic development as well so that now have to make is you want a
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stronger economy for north korea does not outpace his military ambition. that is an open question and we are on the right track but what could the next step be for the nation? >> the next depth would be north korea even given u.s. or the when inspectors access to facilities that no one has seen before or access to reach -- research one specialist that is how you know it will be serious if north korea starts to actually give over a weapon store information, that how we can
3:39 am
be is a global, that how we can be is a global we will turn to her next to guess who are standing by. been but the north korea expert, then let's start with you. what about the vocabulary use by president trump calling it a document and not a deal and what does that mean for the near-term? >> you know almost nothing except that the north koreans agreed to work toward complete denuclearization on the peninsula they did not agree to deal you theorize. the united states as that we
3:40 am
should slow down and put away the pom-pom we could do is but with the track record those deals have failed several time but now we are in singapore watching this. do you believe or trust this dictator? >> that is very good good question. they are very difficult government to read let alone trust. it is possible there is cause for hope because it was ahead on a collision course with u.s. government and when it comes ar they will not survive but i cannot disagree
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we don't know the details. it is cause for hope to be cautious before we say it is a done deal and is different. >> is this a big win for north korea? and do you see that how was this a win for north korea and then trump said he will offer and presumably give like the a lot of the sea especially
3:42 am
23000 now. and that they like united states to go even lower. not just can we trust them but can they trust that? signmentgreement we have to get them to go along with it so to denuclearization have to believe in the securities and i don't think they do i don't think any way this administration and convinced them the insurance policy you make that is perfect way talking about united states, the iran the did not have that clause but it did have denuclearization in the cards right now any type of deal with north korea you have that
3:43 am
tricky. obviously we are pulling out of the iran deal the president has rejected many many people were seen in the but what set the sick ce is first and foremostimensional artillery which at military option again north korea is a challenge. it is difficult because we have object death rejected the iranian deal i don't know that is the prototype. but and then to reassure them that they are the one has it
3:44 am
is bad for as well as us. and as far as finding a good clear deal it is challenging but if they decide to take a different path, there are solutions that united states and other countries including china can con to. but the solution is possible and unfortunately new year arsenal made me something more to the north korean government and justice security key but of course as a at the teachers and then of course you bring a
3:45 am
force after the signing of the document that we all met my former field campaign director good morning. >> you have got to say this is been historic the first sitting president to meet with north korean leaders/dictator do you think that will be political point that will but as a former guest points out, not getting out pom-pom, but i do think he has scored some points and not just that but
3:46 am
good all international event that is good but we all came together within it fell apart they were chipping their hats. that was that was but a
3:47 am
dictator like cuba is full of prosperity. i am afraid of that. i understand the history being made. he did take a different approach i understand because his board is not good for much but let's hope for the best but alnationly. kudos to donald trump and certainly that will be gone
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and the fact that you have them at least for now we have word you see this plays out that mike pompeo was masterful about how he and she did. and doing my job you thought we had weaponow, that is telling you you're heading into this see where we could be headed. not just empty promises. and although secretary haley accountable to their word. >> bringing up secretary
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pompeo, this is what he has accomplished and then in his position six weeks. this was all ahead of this and know me a meeting between the two men with translators and face-to-face is very telling that much of this plan they in as the president arrived in singapore starting the association as the president arrived in singapore starting the association mom --dash initiation. >> yes i'm glad pompeo was there and secretary haley are doing a fantastic job. even across party lines she is the and dear to me. cheryl: we saw a guest earlier saw the text it says nothing about ending the war although he was skeptical to say that language you are going but to
3:50 am
be a little more specific from the north and korean thematic and justifiable because it's the benefit not only all-american to make world is watching with fascinating keeper being a part of this, robin met go ahead and morning a new day for a relationship with korea and president trump are accepted, it have a global reaction to shop and we say more about what was letter that and what those documents entail. coming to the u.ckt
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cheryl: welcome back to "fbn am" watching overseas reaction with president trump and kim jung-un in singapore. now with our senior market analyst, what are your colleagues doing or saying or their reaction at the handshake or the document? >> it is interesting on the one hand to see a sign of
3:55 am
progress and they are in the immediate aftermath we expect there to be more talk with the summit over the next few days and what the actual agreement consists of but it has been relatively muted but number wine we have the handshake we were expecting to have everything went believe but then waiting for the details because what we hear is quite broad. >> to say it was a muted reaction now that investors have figured out how to price in the handshake or the deal or how do you understand or interpret president trump and
3:56 am
his action? >> you have to learn to ignore from the market perspective. and then to respond negatively to those kinds of development. and with those necessarily and not to change the landscape. >> can't you wait for that market for that specific verification:00 o'ock a.m. eastern? will that change the market? absolutely.
3:57 am
and watch when mr. trump starts to speak. people have different or predations of what president trump means to denuclearization and so hopefully we should get more clarity on this. tonight we will let you go back to working keeper joining. >> working all night for you we continue to follow this breaking news. and history in the making with this historic moment with president trump and kim jung-un that comprehensive document. and has committed to complete denuclearization on the
3:58 am
peninsula. we are not sure what that means what the document is g forward. and hopefully will be speaking within the next three or five minutes and we will bring that to you live please stay tuned to foxbusiness network. we are following the markets. look at the futures. we are in the green so it is a muted reaction. >> we had a guest on talking about european stocks and down about five-point it is relatively muted waiting to find out what denuclearization actually means. in closing up higher and trading is happening at the
3:59 am
end of the day and in singapore the site of the summer is down four-point. so much news is happening right now good morning everybody. welcome to a special early edition with complete coverage of this story summit that is full of surprises you can see a live picture we are expecting to hear from president donald trum trump's first live comments of course the two leaders decided to sign the document. 'll get some more details from the president. that is why we need to go to singapore alive. deirdre are you getting any more information from your sources?
4:00 am
i think one of the bigger questions going forward discussing these on the ground is how kim jung-un will do the pr point of view at home. up until this point america was projected as the imperialist nation and north korea said it needed a new to defend itself. this is an open question how kim jung-un will go home to make the turnaround. he is committed to complete denuclearization on the korean peninsula. another question is how the language has been constructed we heard kim jung-un say that they are committed to denuclearization but does u.s. have to to give up anything? he talked about the peninsula
4:01 am
as a whole that implicitly implies that south korea has to change something. u.s. military has three important presences outside of the u.s. and south korea is one of those 302 thirds are in this region that is another question is mean the the u.s. isd to give something up? as he completed the signing did. we will be releasing statements the implication was that human rights issues would be addresse addressed. we have not seen any evidence of this topic being addressed. we understand it was in the
4:02 am
document. making a reference to the tragic story to the student that was orchard and north korea then sent home and died shortly thereafter. of course they have a terrible track record of the prison camps and torture camps and the gulags there was a long history there. that is a opening question will president trump address that issue? we are still not sure if it was addressed or if either leader will speak publicly. these are the three areas that are unresolved although many sources say cannot minimize important this never before president down with nobody else in the. just to say we can start with that but then without advisors
4:03 am
or cabinet members but one translator each, no matter what happens after this, a new chapteras started and presumably a new chapter as well on the korean peninsula between the north and south and is particularly motivated and to say the same thing as well and the president of south korea his parents were refugees so he has grown up with the idea and he has personally experienced his family being torn apart and as an expert told me he is out of the class generation that has any memory personally having
4:04 am
had a united korean but hos ar high thats de on the ground that people are so impressed with this be which this meeting came together. as early as january both leaders were each ready to threaten war and did threaten each other. the fact we have come so far so fast clearly is unprecedented as well. back to you. >> secretary of state, has entered the press conference so we could potentially be cut off what has north korea done so far legitimized date? so elaborate holidays trying change with so many issues dealing with human rights
4:05 am
issues that haven't been raised in these talks? we don't know. so all we know that is what happens as part of the conversation one-on-one part of her bilateral meeting. neither side has made any comments. the bureau chief for south korea was one of the fusion was in north korea last year with a state-sponsored tumor one --dash b2 and tour and every single place in the to pay homage to the nuclear power.
4:06 am
but this why it is an open question. how does kim jung-un turn that around? scientists and researchers and engineers have better housing. this is a national priority more than any other. so that is a challenge. >> lied from singapore thank you so much. what you see on your screen is my pictures we are expecting any moment we got the warning from white house officials of course president trump will tell us more about specifically what is in the document in his own style we hope as well with the meeting with mike whether president top officials. we already saw secretary of state pompeo and john calley -- kelly and also the press
4:07 am
secretary sarah sanders. you look at this no sitting president has ever met with the leaderf north korea and just one year ago, talking here we are is to make this moment happen. >> with that 122nd handshake i just want to hear more work that complete the denuclearization according to the rand corporation with those weapons of mass distction with those 141 site with those missiles a short or medium term the way japan is concerned and with a lot of details that yes this
4:08 am
is a wonderful historic moment will they provide us with shaking hands to denuclearize north korea? >> we did confirm something that we have had gas that have told us they have read the text of the document and the language was not more specific but that the north did commit to complete denuclearization, and you have lasting and stable machine and that is important because what we know what they wanted was security. kim jung-un wanted assurances in particular after those comments after ambassador bolton met the regime would stay in place through that process whether inspectors
4:09 am
come in which has to happen or engineers to begin that process. thataery important point of what was said. did president trump assure them they would do a drawdown? >> of course that is something we want to know more about. the lunch lasted 40 minutes and afterwords kim jung-un said it was a historic meeting they decided to leave the past
4:10 am
4:11 am
>> they have no other access to any news media. now it is a different story because they are reporting on these developments in north korea. and that started only on monday which is in direct now we are told by our producers the world is watching place ande vacation spots islands here universal studios and it is
4:12 am
very that yes this is legitimizing north korea because you have a dictator who has attributed to human rights issues and we will show that later in the show how they should can only put is hand out him for them forward like the president of france as well that is interesting to watch those dynamics between the two. we are still waiting to hear details but signing off on the korean war. that may not be discussed
4:13 am
today that is what we are waiting to hear about. >> we have a vice president of national security foreign policy from the heritage foundation we may have to interrupt you as the president take the stage but as we wait, what is fascinating is how far we have come in such a short amount of time. >> he has the right strategy it is key. document is a nothing burger has all been said before but u.s. strategy is to focus on no compromise no walking away with a nuclear weapons to north korea this has to be a treaty and that the u.s. going
4:14 am
forward to compromise on any votes there is a safety net to guarantee u.s. interests regardless of how diplomacy unfolds. >> we knew we had come to the table face-to-face with only 38 minutes it tells me something was baked into this you have 38 minutes and translators? >> that's right. when you translate it cuts the time in half. they had about 20 minutes followed by a couple hours there is no way they will write out that letter and that language looks very familiar. so they did go there baked that means all the criticism he is just making it up none of that was true. obviously both eyes going in exactly what would happen to
4:15 am
make secretary of state pompeo he has been on the job six weeks and pulled off something i think we can say is incredible. to sum it was on off and back on again. we are told the president from is entering the room so to standby. here we go the president of the united states. [applause] >> thank you very much everybody after a tremendous four hours this is been going on for quite a while. this was the date we gave to chairman kim and his people in his representative. that is a great place as a potential between south korea if you think about it and china that has tremendous
4:16 am
potential and he understands that. it is my honor today to address the people of the world following this historic summit chair man can north korea to have very intensive hours together most of you have got the signed documents or will shortly it is very comprehensive as a stand before you as an emissary of the american people off open vision and the message of peace let me begin by thanking our incredible host in singapore especially prime minister lee, eric country of profound grace and beauty we send warm wishes to every citizen that made this so
4:17 am
important and so pleasant despite all the long hours and i will be speaking right after we are finished the prime minister of japan a friend of mine just left our country and one what is right for japan and for the world. and a very special person china president tee2 who has closed up the border maybe less so the last couple of months that that is okay in a terrific person and a friend of mine and a great leader of his people and thank them for the reference to help us get to the store today. mom --dash also chairman d9 to
4:18 am
take a step the unprecedented meeting differs between an american president and a leader of north korea proves that real change is indeed possible. my meeting with the chairman was honest and productive at this time. under very strong circumstances. we are prepared to start in history and ready to write a chapter between her nation. one -- our nations. seventy years ago and extremely bloodied conflict ravaged the peninsula. countless people died including tens of thousands of brave american. the armistice was agreed to the war never ended to this day but now we can all have
4:19 am
hope that it will soon end and it will. the past does not have to define the future. conflict does not have to be tomorrow's war. as history has proven over and over again, we can honor the sacrifice by replacing the horrors of battle with the blessings of peace and that is what we are doing and have done. there is no limit to what north korea can achieve when it gives up the nuclear weapons to embrace commerce and engagement with the rest of the world that really wants to engage. chairman tee5 has an opportunity to be remembered as the leader of a new area era of security and prosperity for all chairman kim jung-un
4:20 am
and i have signed a statement his unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula.analso agry association implement the agents as soon as possible and the ones to do that is not the past. this is not another administration that never got it started. therefore never got it done. chairman kim jung-un has told me north korea is already destroying a major missile engine testing site. that is not in the signed document. we agreed to that after the document was signed. that is a big thing so those missiles they were testing will be destroyed soon. today is the beginning of an arduous process.
4:21 am
but peace is always worth the effort, especially in this case. this should have been done years ago and have been resolved aon ago. but we are resolving it now. chairman kim jung-un has the chance to seize an incredible future for his people. anyone can make more but only the most courageous and make peace. the current state of affairs cannot endure forever north and tell are profoundly talented and gifted. truly gifted people to share that same heritage customs and culture and destiny that you realize to reunite the national family now it will be. so now thens will remain in effect we dream of a future all the korean can live
4:22 am
together where families are reunited in where the light of peace is away the darkness. this right future is what is happening. right here within our reach. it will be there and it will happen. people thought this could never take place. it is a great day in the history of the world. and chairman kim jung-un is on his way back to north korea and i know for a fact as soon as he arrives he will start a process that will make people very happy and very safe. it is an honor to be with them today. a big gathering of m. it makes me feel very uncomfortable. [laughter] that people understand it is
4:23 am
very important to all of us inuding yourselves and your family. now we will take some question. that is a lot of questions. go ahead. >> mr. president two questions. first chairman kim jung-un has ble for the death soand is why are you so comfortable to call him very talented? >> anybody who takes over a situation like he did at 26 years of age and can run it and run it tough, i don't say he was nice very few people at that age one out of 10000. i think without auto this not
4:24 am
-- would not have happened. something happened from that day. it was a terrible thing and it was brutal but a lot of people started to focus on what was going on including north korea. i really think that otto is someone who did not die in vain and i told this to his parents. and i have to say special parents. special people. otto did not die in thing he had a lot with us to be here today. >> second question. the security that you talked about in your statement can you be specific what concessions you are willing to give mike we are not reducing anything at some point i have to be honest but i said this during my campaign you know better than most.
4:25 am
i want to bring our soldiers back home. we have 32000 soldiers in south korea. i would like to bring them back home. that is not part of the equation but not right now. we will stop the working which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see the future negotiation is not going along like it should go we will be saving a tremendous amount of money plus it is very provocative. >> go ahead. >> i'm sorry i thought you were john roberts. [laughter] two mr. president this is not talk about verifiable or irreversible denuclearization is that a confession? >> not at all.
4:26 am
it says we are going to, let's see, i don't think it can be any more playing than what we are asking. the establishment of the relation, we talked about the guarantees and the unwavering commitment to the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the document that we just signed maggie do discuss methods to verify that process. yes. we will get will be achieved by having a lot of people there. as we develop a searching, secretary pompeo has been doing a fantastic job. we have a lot of people there.
4:27 am
but this is complete denuclearization of north korea and it will be verified. >> will there be american. >> combinations of both. we have talked about it. yes the neck be nice. be respectful. >> what did kim jung-un say to you to give you the confidence that for once in the history of korea they are not cheating the system to gain the world or have him act that he proceeded down that path in the past and nothing was done in the billions of dollars from the clinton machine and nothing happened. it was a terrible thing and he brought that up to me.
4:28 am
we have never gotten this far. i don't think ever had the competent of a president to get things done with the ability to get things done. and he was very firm and the fact he wants to do this i thank you might want to do this as much or even more than me because they see a bright future for north korea. you never know. you never know but we signed a comprehensive document today and most were given the document with a comprehensive document and i believe he will live up two i can only say i know him really well the very rhetorical but without the rhetoric it would not have happened.
4:29 am
so the establishment of the new team was very important. a great team but i do feel wants to get it done very strongly. >> 2d nuclear's age and is one problem in north korea with that record on human rights was that discussed at all? >> yes it will be discussed and it will be just more in the future. and to have countless calls and letters.
4:30 am
anything you can do they want the remains of their son back or their fathers and mothers and all the people that were caught in that brutal war that aed for today and we got. it. that was a very last minute the remains are coming back. but even the campaign they said is there any way to work with north korea to get the remains of my son back? my father? so many people ask this question and say we don't get along too well with that group. but now we do and he agreed to that so quickly. it was a very nice thing. he understands. so for the thousand and thousands or over 6000 that we know of, brought
4:31 am
back connected mia issue is clearly very important. >> but what do you him to do about the human rights record? >> it was discuss relatively briefly compared to denuclearization because that is very started and ended. i do think he wants to do things. you would be surprised very smart, very good negotiator and was to do the right thing. he brought up the fact in the path there has never been anything taking place now but they went down the line the billions of dollars were given in the following day the nuclear program but this is a
4:32 am
much different time and president in all fairnesss was perhaps one of the reason i want to campaign on this issue. i cannot see you with all the light. go ahead first of all congratulations and i thank you very much so the issue of the peace treaty and where my guest will you travel to pyongyang anytime soon? and like say i would when it is appropriate and also we will be inviting chairman kim jung-un to the white house. i think that will be something that is very important. and he has accepted. i did say at the appropriate time we want to go further down the road. today will be sign a lot of
4:33 am
things were included. and then things not included we got after the deal was signed. i have done that before we didn't put in the agreement because we didn't have time but i think you do have the agreement or will soon. we just finished them all little while ago. you will see what we a talking about. go ahead. >> my congratulations president. what part did japan play? and we'd be doing an interview with japanese tv? >> and with those troops. absolutely prime minister abe
4:34 am
and his main point brought that up absolutely. but will be worked on. >> to make yes. and spending a tremendous amount of time in north korea and it did, and things will be. >> two thank you mr. president. returning to human rights you spoke very powerfully on the issue during your state of the windows to have another regime
4:35 am
on earth. do you believe that is the case having that down with the nine? >> it is a rough situation over there no question. we did discuss that pretty strongly knowing the main purpose of what we were doing. we discuss at length and we will do something. it is rough in a lot of places by the way. and we will continue that he will agree to something. but it was discussed at that than to bring on this glorious new era? the mega think it will change impact so what timetable do you envision for the
4:36 am
denuclearization are you thinking of using pension? >> scientific we it does take a long time so scientifically to wait time we will do it ase fast but the thing sanctions will play a role but i hope it is that an action and we know down the road congratulations
4:37 am
to everybody. congratulations to everyb you had to document yesterday embracing to the many and they didn't, so they thought the so what make this time different? to make you have a different but then the other groups maybe was not a priority. we get it done. i don't think they could've got it done if it wasn't.
4:38 am
i do think they could get it done if it was a priority. but for me would be much here if it was ten or five years ago. i am not blaming president obama goes back 25 years. iven a v tough hand and the every and deal and there are other problems. and the iran deal nuclear is always number one to me. but looking to the mediterranean or area and i thank you are so confident right now two after and i hope it will.
4:39 am
>> and also to those in hell before that happens? >> hopefully soon. >> can you clarify. >> we have done exercises for a long period of time working with south korea and we called them more games. that is what i call and they are tremendously expensive. the amount of money we spend on that is incredible and they don't contribute 100% which is the subject we need to talk about also and that has to do with the military expense and
4:40 am
also the trade. we actually have a new deal jua juan-waitntil they comerom on want nearby. when? six and a half hours? that is a long time for these the massive planks what i did say come i do think it is provocative i have to tell you, jennifer, jennifer, it is a very provocative situation. when you have a country right next door, and or the circumstances we are negotiating a comprehensive
4:41 am
deal it is inappropriate to have wargames. number one we save a lot of money. number, it is something we very much appreciate. >> do they give something in return? >> i waste all want to go again press but the precedence but we have been negotiating down the block with us and thhem and with john and mike and a whole team of very talented people. but we have not given up anything, but i agreed to
4:42 am
take. of time to come here and meet. that is great for us as a country and for them. but what do they do to justify this meeting? secured commitment for complete denuclearization. that is the big thing. to secure the release of three american hostages. they already gave them to us two months ago. now living happily back in their homes with their families and it was pretty rough.
4:43 am
i just went through and many people were amazed. so when theys that possible? at that time, there is no relationship to chairman kim jung-un or anybody else. it was a closed society. we get the remains backo you have to have a meso go and you have a nuclear explosion. but to talk about a massive earthquake taking place
4:44 am
somewhere in asia than in north korea than they found out that was the new tests i. >> and with all those nuclear tests to support the closure of the single primary nuclear tests site just like all three of them are in an area that is common around each other. they secured the pleasure or the commitment to destroy the missile and gin testing site. i got that after we signed the agreement.
4:45 am
two if you close it up, we maintain the ability to continu continue. we are applying sanctions. i had 300i was getting ready to put on last weekend i said it would be very stressful. and i said. but when we got our hostages back, i did not pay 1.8 billion in cash. that was a disgraceful situation for what took place and it's not a big deal to me that.
4:46 am
>> you listed an awful lot of things but it was not too long ago to use to find success by north korea giving up nuclear weapons. >> that is what they are doing. >> were there two i am here one day for many hours intensively. the process now i am surprised they haven't started already. they have. they said testing site. but i will so he knew prior to coming. it wasn't a surprise like we never discussed it. we discussed it.
4:47 am
and very strongly with his counterpart in north korea. they knew if they did not agree to that i cannot sign any agreement. they understood that. it wasn't a big. >> you can see the language is very strong in the thinking mr. president. talk about the military consequences for north korea if they don't follow through to your commitment? and if that is a ugh thi to talk about because i don't want to be threatening. they understand that. you have seen what perhaps could happen. seoul korea has 20 million people we think we have big with 8 million.
4:48 am
they have 28 million people. think of that and right next to the border. right next to the dmz and it is right there. i think we heard 100,000 people went the big . >> a new tell us about the video that you showed? what was the goal today? >> we hadn't made up i hope
4:49 am
you liked it. i thought it was good and interesting enough to show. one in english and one in korea korean. we had to pay debt . >> he said there were eight representatives they started to chair that but then that could be the future. the alternative is not good. but i showed up because i really wanted him to do something. i really believe he once to get it done.
4:50 am
>> it ha a bus week the international stage leaving the summit here having to determine kim jung-un is a talented man eating the summit in canada determining that the prime minister is weak and dishonest. what do each of america's allies who worry you are jeopardizing long-term alliances and worry he could tree our historic friends as enemies? >> it is a fair question. i had a very good meeting with the g7 and i left to be honest to being taken advantage of everyone of those countries. the united states because of the management at the top of
4:51 am
the president didn't care about trade or do not understand, for many years with china obviously the most accessible and the european union they are representative that the he is 17 but he could be 100. they put out a document and we found it perhaps they were trying to show the power they have. $100million per year loss. they don't take up foreign ts, they charge 270% but somebody told me they raised at 295%. it is very unfair to the farmers and the people of our
4:52 am
country the workers and the farmers and the country. so i put in the countervailing terror to get us up a little bi bit. they say that is so terrible what is terrible? we have tca y to have a little balance even if not complete. yway we finished the meeting , everybody was happy. i agreed to signed for something i demanded changes in fact angela merkel that i get along with very well when i was sitting there like this that was waiting for the document because i wanted to see the final document as changed that i requested. i know it didn't look friendly and it was reported nasty. actually we were just talking. the whole group unrelated to
4:53 am
everything. very friendly waiting for the document to come back. i lewas ryriendly when i got onto the plane they didn't know air force one has 20 televisions and he is giving a news conference how he will not be pushed around by the united states. push him around? we just show cans. it was very friendly but countries cannot take advantage on trade. over the last couple of years and the last many years, this country has lost $800 billion entrée. the biggest with china on trade. and 150 billion with the agricultural products and the european union. they send bmws, mercedes, it
4:54 am
is unfair and unfair to our workers. that won't even be tough. thank you. go ahead. [inaudible] mac i would like to involve congress, yes. other than mr. trudeau who had a news conference becaushe assumed i was in an airplane and not watching. that will cost a lot of money to the people of canada. you cannot do that. we had a good relationship. i have a good relationship with justin and a very good relationship with angela merkel. but we pay 4.2% she pays once
4:55 am
percent. we have 4.2% and we pay for anybody would say between 60 and 90% and protecting countries of europe and on top of that they kill us on trade. it is unfair to the taxpayers and the people. have a good relationship with justin and also with chairman kim jung-un. i hope it is good. we have gone a long way to solve this. should we keep going for a little while? i don't know it is up to the legendary sarah huckabee sanders. we can go. i don't care. it just means we get home a little later. go ahead. >> hello mr. president.
4:56 am
i am good. i hope you enjoy our country and our food. i want to find out is there the ongoing dloe? we make we are getting together next week to go into the details. next week with the entire team and to get this stuff done. we want to get it done and he wants to get it done. working wit korea and japan and china to a lesser extent. >> are you coming back to singapore? >> i would gladly. your fine minister was fantastic and has done a great job. probably made a difference actually. thank you very much. >> thank you mr. president.
4:57 am
what was it about the first interaction with chairman kim jung-un that made you not to walk away? you said you knew that in the first minutes. >> i say that about people. you know the first second i was gerous and sent five seconds. it is okay. sometimes it doesn't work out. sometimes it does. there is a lot of groundwork. we didn't just come in and start talking about the complex subjects going on for 70 years, we were discussing this for months over but north korea did a great thing by going to the olympics. and this is not exactly doing great.
4:58 am
and to be bombed out of the opening ceremonies. they were not exactly selling tickets. as soon as chairman kim jung-un said let's parcipate in the olympic comments sold like wildfan was a great succes success he did a great thing. but since that time pretty much, because the delegation came to the white house and told me a lot of things including the fact and one that starts to reopen and talk about that from the and of the olympics, to say and the document that youigd earlier north korea committed to denuclearization so to borrow that phrase with your
4:59 am
predecessor and opponents, how do you ensure that north korea is not all talk and no action? >> can you ensure anything? can i assure you will sit down properly? i canay is that they want to make a deal. my whole life has been deals and i have been great at it. that is what i do. i know when somebody wants to deal and when they don't. politicians don't it is not their thing. it is mine. this could have been done on time ago but i feel very strongly. my ability or talent they want to make a deal. it is also a great thing for china because i cannot imagine china is happy with somebody having nuclear weapons so close. china was very helpful.
5:00 am
but then a good mom -- negotiations continue. thank you very much. matthew mentioned he raised the issue of human rights. what you say to the group wonded stage the group of people who has no ability whatsoever to hear or see this press conference, the 100,000 north koreans kept in their network of gulags. have you betrayed them by legitimizing pyongyang? >> no, i think it helped them. there is nothing i can say. all i can do is do what i can do. we have to stop the nuclearization. we have to other things and it's a very important thing. at a certain point, hope we'll be able to ask me much more positive question or make a statement. at a certain point i believe he's going to do things about it. i think they


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