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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 12, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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but then a good mom -- negotiations continue. thank you very much. matthew mentioned he raised the issue of human rights. what you say to the group wonded stage the group of people who has no ability whatsoever to hear or see this press conference, the 100,000 north koreans kept in their network of gulags. have you betrayed them by legitimizing pyongyang? >> no, i think it helped them. there is nothing i can say. all i can do is do what i can do. we have to stop the nuclearization. we have to other things and it's a very important thing. at a certain point, hope we'll be able to ask me much more positive question or make a statement. at a certain point i believe he's going to do things about it. i think they are one of the great winners today.
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the large group of people you're talking about. ultimately, they will be one of the great winners as it grew. yes, sir, go ahead yeah. >> would you ever consider removing the sanctions without music in pertinent? >> no, i want significant improvement. i want to know that it will be happening. once you start the process, there was a point that even they will be finished for a while because a while because it can't happen scientifically or mechanically come you're not built to go back. i'll start to get that very serious thought. yes, go ahead. go ahead, you first. >> mr. president common north korea is about to foot the bill for crippling sanctions remain in place. >> i think south korea and japan will help them very greatly. i think they are prepared to help them. they know they have to help them. i think they will help them vary greatly.
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the united states has been paid the big price in a lot of different places. south korea, which obviously is right next-door and jan essentially is next-door will be helping them and doing a very generous job and terrific job. go ahead, behind, yes. >> thank you, mr. president. i would like to follow up on steve's question. he has someone would take to denuclearize the korean peninsula appeared you said along time. what does that mean? >> i think we'll do it as fast as it can be done scientifically come as fast as it can be done mechanically. i write horror stories. it's a 15 year process. certainly you wanted to do it quickly. i don't believe that. whoever wrote that is wrong. there will be a point at which when you're 20% through, you can't go back. i was a great professor for i
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believe 40 years at m.i.t. and ace to discuss nuclear with them all the time. he was a great expert feared he was a great brilliant genius, and dr. john trump at m.i.t. he was there 40 years. m.i.t. sent me a book on my uncle. we used to talk about a very complex subject. it is not just like let's get rid of the nukes. it takes a period of time. the main period of time that i'm talking about is the first period. when you had a certain point, you can't go back. >> how long will that take? >> we don't know, but it will go pretty quickly. >> drinks, mr. president. i wanted to ask again on the sanctions campaign. you alluded to the chinese are not doing as great a job securing the borders. you expressing doubts when kim went to see president xi. the russian foreign minister was in pyongyang and said there
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shouldn't be any sanctions while thes negotiations underway. south koreans are talking about restoring some form of trade. with all of those players appearing to be moving toward eroding sanctions, how can you keep the sanctions regime in place? what leverage do you have on these countries? >> we have a lot of leverage, tremendous leverage. i do believe that china despite my relationship with president xi, a man who i have great respect for and also like, we are having very tough talks on trade and that probably affects china someone appeared but i have to do what i have to do. over the last two months the border is more open than it was when we first started. but that is what it is. we have a tremendous, tremendous deficit in trade, commonly known as the trade deficit. we have a tremendous deficit in trade with china. we have to do something about
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it. we can continue to let that happen. i think that has had an impact on their relationship in terms of the border. i don't think it has a relationship -- i don't think it affects my feeling on the relationship to president xi. when i first started we were ready to go that route and as we started preparing and getting ready to do that, i think it's had an impact and frankly the border, but i have to do it. i have no choice. south korea will do whatever is necessary to get a deal. i'm not going to trade. definitely not going to trade. if they think it would do this at the conference, if they can do some work because where far down the line, we are actually very far. the document when you read it today, that is far down the line. that is not something that just happened to be put together.
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and again, the rhetoric was important in the sanctions were important. i don't know which one was more important. go ahead >> mr. president, david sanger for "the new york times." >> on if you can get some sense as to whether chairman kim told you how many nuclear weapons you believe he's made, whether he is willing to turn those over first and then whether in your mind you need to do more than was done in the iran deal for actually dismantling both uranium and plutonium processes and whether or not you have a sense that chairman ken really understood what that involved and had a timetable in his own mind of shutting that. >> will david, i can tell you he understands. he understands it so well. he understands it better than the people doing the work for him. that is an easy one. as far as what he has is
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substantial. very substantial. the timing will go quickly. i believe you'll see some good action. as an example, one of the things that the missiles that come you're surprised to hear that. that was a thrilling at the end. but i really believe, david, that it's going to go quickly. i believe it's going to go fast and it's a very substantial arsenal. i used to say, maybe it's l talk and no action. but we have pretty good intelligence into that. although probably less fair than any other country. you understand that better than anybody in the room. but we have enough intelligence to know that what they have is very substantial. this is why i always say they shouldn't have taken place so late into the process. wouldn't this have been better five years ago or 20 years ago or 15 years ago when we didn't have to worry about not having a successful meeting like today.
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and i still love my first interview with you, david. i still have that interview actually. yeah, go ahead. thank you. there is a second summit -- if there is a second summit with kim jong un, will it be in pyongyang? >> we have it set that out. the meat or maybe we could use a different term. we will probably need another one. we are much further along than i would've thought. then i told people i didn't want to build a people's hopetoo much. i told people i thought this would be a successful meeting if we got along, developed a relationship and we could have maybe gotten to this point in three or four points from now. but it happened very quickly. a lot of that was because of the foundation put down before we
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met. a lot of things happenedy fast. we didn't have, as an example, bringing back the remains. that was now one of the things on our agenda today. i brought that up at the end because so many people talked about it. i brought it up at theerd and he was very gracious instead of saying let's talk about at the next time, he said it makes sense. we will do it. they know where many of those incredible people are. along roads, along highways, along paths usually because our soldiers were moving back and forth. it's very sad. but that was brought up at the very end. it's really great that he was able to do it. a lot of people will be very happy about that. go ahead, please. >> thank you, mr. president. [inaudible]
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congratulations. >> thank you for the nice way you're treating me. it's beautiful what you do. go ahead. and then i'll probably get this killer question. >> well, i do want to talk about the future of north korea, specifically the people. kim jong un is warning a brighter future, yet we know they lead under oppression. he showed in the video what the future can be like, but do you have an idea specifically at the model you would like to go towards economically if he opens a more economic freedom? >> it's a good question. you saw the tape today done at the highest level of future development. i told him, you may not want this. you may want a much smaller version of this. you may not want to act with the trains in everything else, and maybe you won't want that.
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it's going to be up to them. it will be up to the people what they want. i can understand that, too. but that was a version of what could have been, what can take place. as an example, they have great features. you see that whenever they explode their candidatesnto the ocean. would not make a great condo. instead of doing that, you can have the best hotels in the world right there. think of it from a realistic date. south korea, china and the own the land in the middle. how bad is that? it's great. i told them, you may not want to do what is fair. you may want to do a smaller version of it. that could be. although i tell you what, he looks at that tape, he looked at the typepad and then telling you, that they really enjoyed it i believe. yeah, go ahead. a couple more. we will do three more. go ahead, go.
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>> brian bennett from the magazine. >> in my undercover again this week? >> as psie. do you now see kim jong un as an equal? >> in what way? >> you showed a video with you and kim jong un on equal footing discussing the future. >> i don't view it that way. i'll do whatever it takes to make the world a safer place. if i have to say i'm sitting on a stage, i understand what you're getting at. i'm sitting on a stage with chairman ken and that is getting us to save 30 million lines, could be more than that. i am willing to sit on the stage. i'm willing to travel to singapore, very proudly, very gladly. again, other than the fact that it is taking my time, they have
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given up a tremendous amount. they've given it up even before and even at the olympics. you could add the olympics to the question. they took an olympics that was going to be a massive failure, that maybe wouldn't have even opened and needed a tremendous success by agreeing to participate. add that to the list of things that they've done. so if i can save millions of lives by coming here, sitting down and establishing a relationship with someone, a very powerful man with firm control of the country and that country has very powerful nuclear weapons, it is my honor to do it. >> are you concerned that video can be used as propaganda? >> no, i'm not concerned at all. we can use that video further countries. go ahead. >> mr. president, president lincoln t addressed by kim
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jong il. >> god in christ? [inaudible] he refused. he said secretary of state albright. >> that a great deal. spent $3 billion got nhi. >> you on the other hand got the request and right away went here to meet him. you understand the people if you could legitimacy to repress its people without the ongoing process as the leader of the free world meet and shake hwitha was perceived to be oppressing brutally as some people. >> okay good, i understand it much better than you do. okay, go ahead. u very much. >> mr. president, eliana johnson with "politico."
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>> hi. >> hi. you mention a couple specific questions from kim, the destruction of the nuclear site. >> and much more. >> i then spent the the last thing was an add-on, that he gave you his word. if he doesn't follow through on these things, what are you prepared to do in response and will you lose faith in this process? >> no, i think he'll do it. otherwise i wouldn't be doing it. it was really the engine testing site in addition to all of the other things that they've agreed to do. they have a very powerful engine testing site that we are able to see because of the heat that it even. yeah, i am very happy. i'm very happy with the two points you just mentioned. you might be referring to the engine testing site. honestly, i think he's going to
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do these things. i maybe wrong. i may stand before you in six and say hey, i was wrong. i don't know that i'll ever admit thaut i'll find some kind of excuse. one or two more. go ahead. >> thank you, mr. president. [inaudible] i would just like to know, would call president xi to discuss achievements you make today with chairman ken and china's role to federate the process to establish the long-term mechanism? >> my expectation about china is that china is a great country with a great leader and a friend of mine. i really believe that he's happy wee 'vdehis kind of process. but i will be calling them very shortly, maybe even before a land. i have to say, you know, the united states is a great
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country. we have set records economically over $7 trillion in net worth. we are almost twice the size command economy of the united states. no one talks about this because you're a lot about china rightfully so. the united states now is almost twice the size of the economy of china. we have a great country and were on a direct path. one more and that will be at. [inaudible] >> south korea? where is south korea? go ahead. you deserve one, yes. you deserve one. >> two questions for you, mrpresident. first time you mentioned earlier you will talk with stop korean president good jae-in over the phone. >> i just want to tell him about the meetings were successful and he will be involved in the final negotiation. he has a very fineentleman en mine and i look
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forward to speaking with him. you'll be very happy. i've always said a word to them about what happened. i send the document to him and all the detai behind the document. i'll be talking to a very shortly. >> if i can ask another question, in signing the peace treaty, do you plan to work this out with north korea and chairman kim only or what do you think as a signatory? >> i'd like to have them involved. i don't care. i think would be great to have china involved and also of course south korea. [inaudible] >> what? [inaudible] >> mike, do they have a transcript? they probably have a rough transcript. no, thn' it. i don't think they recorded it.
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i wish there were because it is interesting stuff. [inaudible] >> i don't. we probably have some notes or something. they have detailed notes iould imagine. we had a great conversation. a very heartfelt conversation. [inaudible] >> i don't have to verify because they are one of the great numbers of all time, so i don't have to. i [inaudible] >> yeah, but i don't want to discuss it. we've had numerous discussions. we've had very important relationships established at mike's level and other levels. in fact come a couple people are here as you know from north korea. they are in the room. we have a few people in the back of the room. when we went into this final
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agreement, we went in with tremendous relationship and tremendous knowledge and i think that's why we got it done. i am going to head back. i don't know about you folks, but it's been a long time since i've taken it easy. so now we can take it a little bit easier than the work begins again. i appreciate everyone being here. i hope this answered your questions. congratulations to everybody, because to me this is a very important event in world history. and to be really true to myself, i have to add, i want to get it completed. mike, our whole team has to get to work and get it completed. we've done a good job, but if you don't get the ball over the goal line, doesn't mean enough. thank you inserted congratulations. thank you very much, appreciate it. [applause] >> president trump wrapping up a press conference in singapore following the summit with north
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korean leader kim jong sunday. fox business network dagen dagen mcdowell, cfr eight investment strategist lindsay bout and gordon chang. good to see you, good morning on this historic morning. gordon chang. >> this certainly represents progress. we're much further down the road than i thought for instance 48 hours ago. most people were surprised how far we've gotten. we are not as far as we should have been with their first summit with kim jong un. that solidified his role at home. it was one of the main reasons he wanted to meet president trump. we could have probably gotten more. the important thing when you look at it in broader and is essentially this starts a long process. ensure the u.s. will apply a lot of pressure to get this done. i'm optimistic that we'll will actually get to a point where the north koreans won't have ballistic missiles, won't have nukes. we look at the accounting and have verification.
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ne of the things that struck you that were discussed during the commercial break during the press conferences mis testing. let's lk about that for a moment because i worri you. >> certainly. the other thing that worries me is stopping of the military exercises. we do those to maintain reads. we don't have readiness come at difficult for us to resist an invasion from north korea. even if they didn't have nukes today, these chemical or biological agents and they have high explosives. 14,300 artillery tubes north of the demilitarized zone. this is the point where the united states needs to be able to defend south korea and without this exercise th makes it really, really difficult. maria: what happens then? the u.s. has agreed to stop the military testing for a time? >> were president trump said and this is a bombshell because i don't think people expected
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this. during the tendency of the negotiations on the nuclear deal that we would not be having exercises with south korea. there needs to a little bit more detail there from the president. that is what a sad and i'm sure that is going to be questioned because that is the major can -- and should north korea. dagen: the document that was issued, that was signed by bh kim and president trump lacked a lot of detail in terms of how to make the denuclearization process quick, verifiable and irreversible. but president trump was asked about that and he said we are going to have inspectors in north korea and when pressed, he said there would be a combination of americans in international individuals. gordon, and the going out on a limb and say very details that have been worked out that are written in pencil at this point that aren't in the document is
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signed? >> i think you're absolutely right. a lot of things president trump probably didn't talk about. at the end of this, there were a lot of things added and not actually put into the joint statement. one of the things come a day didn't come that really stki. there hi last provision about the u.s. soldiers. they criticized the president for all sorts of things, but he really does have a part. this is not a major issue going into this, but an issue for many american families. people talk to him during the campaign. i was really touched by that and also his reference to auto warm not die even -- otto warm not died in vain. i was really proud to be an american when i heard that. >> what about china? they haven't been living up to
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their sanctions in the last several months. trade is an important topic for trump with regards to china. north korea is their number one trade partner. how does china viewed the summit and where do they go from here? has a critical question. president trump was a little too generous to xi jinping. we have seen blatant sanctions violations by china. their behavior is markedly deteriorated. we've also seen mark deterioration in russian enrcement as well. this is something that i think president trump will have to confront. if, for instance, kim jong un drags his feet on this, which is a 99.99% probability, will have impose cost because i think beijing gave a message to kim jong un during their meeting at the beginning of last month and basically saying what, we will take care of you.
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you don't need relief from the u.s. because we would get the best sanctions relief. that is bad behavior, he maligned influence. we've got to do something about it. maria: what are your thoughts about the idea of delegitimizing kim jong un just by the handshake. let's not forget president obama just two years ago went and shook the hand in cuba of raul castro. and then -- dagen: while there is at terror attack at one of our allies in europe. it was the same day he sat on the baseball game doing the wave is one of our allies is being attacked by terrorists. maria: we want to remind people of that. your thoughts in terms of legitimizing kim jong un. >> that's an important point. up until now was only north koreans making sanctions. making denuclearization pledges. and all of a sudden, we make a big concession, which is this meeting. that is a loss of leverage for
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us. to make that loss of leverage acceptable, we should have gotten something more in return. i think that is certainly not it irreversible loss on our part because essentially we can put pressure on north korea and china and russia. right now president trump is working uphill. he did need to do that. maria: he did mention the destruction by north korea agreeing to destroy the site which you brought up at least twice during a press conference. >> and that is important. nonetheless, that was in the work about 10 days ago. that is not entirely new. it is good progress and we should welcome any sign of progress ithis connection. maria: we will take a short break. we will continue talking about this historic meeting pieced denuclearization of the promise of the return of prisoners of war is a tall order. our experts in washington
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to meet with the leader of north korea. an iconic moment made with their first handshake. they signed a document overnight highlighting mutual goals including complete denuclearization. >> there is no limit to what north korea can achieve but gives up its nuclear weapons and embraces commerce and engagement with the rest of the world. maria: president trump one by kim jong un to the white house as well. full coverage and analysis of this historic meeting on morning a major reaction. the u.s. futures right now indicating a decline at t start of trading. several hours before the opening tding. s&p and nasdaq unfractionated this morning after the markets were little changed on wall street yesterday. the dow was up five points. the s&p up three-point and the nasdaq up by 14 points. stocks were off of the highs, but a mixed story.
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ft 100 has ge down 21 points. the cac down almost a quarter of a percent in the dax higher by nine points. the federal reserve beginning a two-day meeting today in the u.s. asia overnight, markets are as you see next in the nikkei average in japan was higher, but the shanghai in china was lower. sealing the deal. president donald trump and kim jong un signing a comprehensive document following the historic summit committed to working towards complete demutualization of the korean peninsula. deirdre bolton live in singapore following the very latest throughout the summit. good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. president trump just briefed everyone there for about an hour. he spoke for an hour straight. he's been up for the past 25 hours then he signed off with the words, i want to get this done. by that he means denuclearization of the korean peninsula, specifically north
5:33 am
korea. here's one comment the president made about sanctions. >> sanctions will come off when we are sure that the nukes are no longer a factor. sanctions played a big role, but how come off at that point. i hope it will be soon. as you know and as i said, the sanctions right now remain. at a certain point, i actually look forward to taking them off. >> maria, most of the experts i've been speaking with come including current ambassadors, former ambassadors and the council of foreign relations, they are saying listen, this is all fantastic, but it is weed and seed, which is just as much as president trumpaid himself. north korea has nuclear powers. they have a serious arsenal. that is game changing. that's what we need to address on their side. they do want a different economy than what they have now.
5:34 am
as president trump said, he's a deal maker. this is what he built his career on. he is there recognizing their nuclear power, but also understanding north korea does want to be more open. we've talked about in detail showing that there's a there is a groundswell that even in north korea. something like south korean soap operas being pirated and has left people especially in the capital of pyongyang know that there is a larger world out there. apparently there is a desire to have a consumer culture. maybe not in the same sense that an american would do find it, but that said, society seems ready for change. one of the big challenges i've heard from our sources telling me how kim jong un is going to solve this at home. for years, americans have been a big, bad materialistic -- imperialistic country rather than how he will make a pr shift
5:35 am
about working together will be interesting to watch. maria: this is an important point to bring up coming dear dr. let's not forget going into the summit kim jong un fire some of his top military people. there is pushback against a meeting with the u.s., so he fired them. >> indeed, maria. this is really changing the whole, even what his father did, which many people said his father was a true propaganda came and built up in this whole generation of north korea in mind that the u.s. is bad, that the u.s. is ready to strike at any moment from south korea appeared as far as our truth outside the u.s., we have three significant parts in this world. two of them in asia. wee about 55,000 in japan. we have another big group in germany, which are significant in this context. the point is two thirds of our
5:36 am
largest groups are actually in asia. there's a big implication here worldwide. most of my sources say this is a fantastic first dart. it is the summit of the century. never before has the city nearest president at done with the north korean leader. this is page one of a very new chapter. maria: thanks so much. great reported on the ground. they're verboten this morning. north korea is already on the path to denuclearization. >> chairman kim has told me that if korea is already destroying a major missile engine testing site. that is not in your signed document. we agreed to that after the agreement was signed. that's a big thing for the missiles that they were testing, the site is going to be destroyed very soon. maria: let's talk more about the destroyed testing site. paul botticelli, former bush 43
5:37 am
state department official and borgias, commander in iraq and afghanistan. thank you for joining us. paul, what is your take on that? we've heard about the destruction of a testing site. do you believe north korea? >> no. and we shouldn't believe them. we should believe that kim jong un is afraid, does parent, doi everything he can to deal with a different kind of president and his father or grandfather ever had to deal with. i say this, i'm very up to mystic and congratulatory towards the president for what he's done, but i like the president and his advisers, there's a long way to go here. kim jong un doesn't want to do any of the things he's doing. he's trying to figure out exactly how far he has to go at how quickly he has to go which is to get what he needs coming to stay in power, protect his regime and probably give himself some leverage against china.
5:38 am
my guess is there is tension between china and north korea over this because china doesn't want to see his thorn in our side go away and kim jong un is very aware of that. >> the president said the human rights issue was discussed with kim jong un. the president wants to walk this balance of being a friend in one sense to north korea to open a new chapter. but on the other, make sure to not ignore t human rights issuesn the treatment of his people by kim jong un. >> i totally agree. i agree with paul's analysis as well. this is a hugely historic event that we've seen today in just the fact that kim jong un is coming to the table and offering to explore avenues to move forward is a good thing. we have to be very cautious because of exactly which are talking about. so many other issues associated with north korea. their history, brutal regime and
5:39 am
we need to take careful consideration of the mall. a great step forward and i think that's undeniable on any front whether left or right and the base for a moment as americans we need to come together and say we are not going to war. we are looking at the diplomatic instrument of power and applying it the right way, but there's a long way to go. dagen: it is dagen mcdowell. i want to point out one of the first things president trump in his press conference talked about was otto warmbier, saying the otto warmbier did not die in vain. that was a pivotal moment. it was one year ago today that otto warmbier was released by north korea. in terms of symbolism, what about the symbolism of that? people on the right and left following the conversation on social media last night, ardent supporters of president trump for some of the other by the appearance of the american flag standing right alongside the flag of north korea.
5:40 am
>> well, i understand people's concern. the most important thing here and gordon chang and i admire him so much as i listen to them before you start talking about these things. i don't think the president loses any leverage by a meeting with kim jong un, the flax together from flax together, photo labs because everyone knows he's a different president. there's no chance he's going to cave. there's no chance he will walk away with less than what he said he wanted. he's got surrounding him like pompeo and bolton and others, which is exactly at the second and third tiers under a previous president. otto warmbier, the remains of our sdiers, all of these things will be dealt with in the right way. the president knows until north korea is not a nuclear threat to estimate those things wouldn't change anyway. he's got his cart behind a horse like it should be. maria: important point. colonel voorhees, the comment during the news conference is
5:41 am
raising some eyebrows as he talked about the future of america's military presence in south korea. watch this. >> i want to get our soldiers out. i want to bring them back home. we have right now 32,000 soldiers in south korea and i'd like to be able to bring them back home. that is not part of the equation right now. at some point i hope it will be, but not right now. we will be stopping the wargames which will save the state tremendous amount of money unless and until we see the future negotiation is not going along like it should. >> stopping the wargames, colonel, is this a good idea? gordon chang just made the point that readiness is so critical if we stop the wargames, will we be ready in the event of a necessity to use it? >> yeah, i think that was a little bit of a diplomatic maneuver to shows and probably good faith to continue things.
5:42 am
troop levels are not going to come down for a long, long time in my opinion. there's too much on the table in a long way to go. ars readiness, you can define wargames a bunch of different ways. i can guarantee you from my perspective having spent a year plus in korea, the train will continue and we will make sure that they're able to accomplish any contingency that would. i think you are going to see a little gamesmanship back-and-forth, but we are not going anywhere for a long time and there will be continued training and readiness to be scope and scale. >> paul, this is lindsay bell. it seemed like this summit was really heavy on the pr and the light on the concrete details about the nuclear station in north korea peninsula. how did you feel about how this summit wind and what the outcome is going to be in the next steps going forward?
5:43 am
>> sure, i thought it went very well for the president. you are right, there's a bigger element of pr than substance. first of all, that is trump style. that is part of what he does, how he gets to the success he is after. secondly, we have to remember the pr that we just saw, the public relations, and congratulations due to him came after all of the tough-minded military and sanctions related actions that he took as well as bombing theory out in front of the russians and making them scurry away because the united states is going to bomb their allies after he had to serve at the chinese president instead by the way i just bombed syria. i have to repeat,urrounded by aides that are just as tough if not tougher than he has in terms of rhetoric and outlook. it is well worth taking big relapse when his administration has done.
5:44 am
maria: will keep watching this. we are expecting another meeting. paul botticelli, jay voorhees, thank you very much. great to see you both. an invitation to the white house. the president now says that is on the table for kim jong un. reaction from north korea coming up. larry kudlow recovering this morning from a heart attack in singapore. we'll have the latest outbreak of those condition. his wife said he is doing well. look to you the details. voters head to the poll to the poll of five states this morning for primary day. hitting the campaign trail, kid rock. we have those details on the other side of this break. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you...
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maria: welcome back. markets are muted this morning. not a real reaction to this drug situation in singapore between north korea and the u.s. dow industrials down 30 points at the start of trading. s&p and nasdaq negative by just a fraction. president trumps economic ties
5:48 am
are larry kudlow recovering this morning in the hospital after suffering a heart attack in singapore yesterday. we first learned of it by a tweet from president trump. cheryl casone with details on his condition. >> of course waiting for more details now. we're getting them. good morning to you. the white hse says larry kudlow is recovering or maimed very mild heart attack. has in turn shared. here's a tweet. a great very kudlow has been working so hard on trade and economy suffered a heart attack. he's at walter reed medical center and the white house has asked acted to make a full and speedy recovery. well, the senate to remove the trump administration to less financial penalties against zte. the chinese telecom company had agreed to pay $1 billion fine as part of an agreeme allowing to buy components from u.s. companies. zte has been accused in the past
5:49 am
of violating sanctions by selling equipment to north korea and iran. the bipartisan amendment is part of the annual defense pending bill. well, today is primary day in five different dates. maine, nevada, south carolina and virginia. virginia one of the est battlegrounds for the house that democrats were hoping to retake four seats there. six democrats are competing to take on republican barbara comstock who won reelection in 2016. excuse me. despite hillary clinton's win in her district. tim kaine is in a strong position for reelection with over $10 million in his campaign war chest. the big senate races in nevada where incumbent dean heller is the only sitting republican up for reelection in his date that hillary clinton won. meanwhile, kid rock kid in the campaign trail today alongside former navy seal, rob o'neill to promote a candidate for the republican senate seat in michigan.
5:50 am
senate hopeful john james is excited to have kid rock help him rally to take back michigan firm debbie's stab at now. for a while there were rumors himself kid rock was going to run which was fun to talk about until he announced the campaign was a publicity stunt. the rally will take place tonight in detroit. kid rock and politics, kind of. does your headlines. maria: thank you, cheryl. and larry kudlow in washington, not in singapore doing well recovering from a heart attack yesterday. president trump and kim jong un historic meeting. we'll take you back to singapore lies. get a sense of the mood with the world watching singapore this week. plus the initial wave north koreans heard about the news. "mornings with maria" returns after this. opportunities in real time.
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>> doing great. a lot of progress. i think better than anybody could have, top-of-the-line. solve the problem -- [inaudible] working together, we will get it. maria: the president of north korea and later kim jong un promising to work together to establish in the relationship between washington upon gang. from the ca chief jason hoffman is on the granite singapore. can you tell me what the mood is like in singapore right now in the aftermath of this historic
5:55 am
summit? >> well, singapore has been abuzz for the last couple of days. tremendous interest in the summit. obviously, lots of press coverage. but you know, going back to my old world, there's also plenty doing their work from russia and china who were not involved in the summit, but are absolutely interested inhe result. >> it's an interesting place they chose. singapore is all about peace and tranquility. i stayed at the hotel and it's very beautiful and very quiet and peaceful and tranquil i would say. this is a perfect spot for them to meet your buddy jude bank? reporter: it's an extraordinarily -- sorry. dagen: go ahead, please. reporter: i was just going to say it's an extraordinarily stark contrast. this is an economically vibrant region, one of the most economically vibrant in the world. singapore is a prototype for
5:56 am
that. north korea is the outlier. when kim jong un came here, they all realize this is potentially what north korea could be or should be and it's not. i thought that was a really important element of what made this location so poignant for all of us here. dagen: it is dagen dagen mcdowell. would you make of the language and the body language because that will be also an important area to study if you will for this meeting with president trump said he and they developed with kim at a very special bond. >> yeah, that is an interesting point you make. the cia has leadership analysts that do just that, psychologist of look at kim jong un. we haven't seen a lot in public, but a good opportunity to size him up. secretary pompeo med multiple times along with the head of the cia korean mission center andrew
5:57 am
kim and so we do know a bit about kim jong un. hepp stind nus afirst, but i'd o the experts. the president will want to go over those reports closely. >> the coverage has been extensive in the u.s., but the first report on this meeting between the president and kim jong un did not appear until yesterday. how do you think north korea is reacting to this change in the >> well, i think it's got to be a little bit nerve-racking for kim jong un. we all remember the end of the cold war and what that did for russia. they loosened up on economic and political control in their people realize that the government couldn't oppress them anymore and they were free to protest and revolt. that is the delicate balance for kim jong un. his own people are seen to some extent the summit take place and
5:58 am
that raises their expectations, economic expectations, which is what concerns them most. maria: daniel hoffman on the ground there. stay with us. more "mornings with maria." we will be right back. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018.
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maria: welcome back. happy tuesday. i maria bartiromo. welcome back to the expanded session of "mornings with mari tuesday, june 12. and historic


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