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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 12, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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that's it for us. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. ke rsht world taking a -- kennedy: theaking a step back from nuclear war, but you woulder in know that from the media who insisted the summit was a massive failure. >> a summit is not an accomplishment for this american president. the spectacle of seeing the american flag along with the dprk flag. i would say it's disgusting. >> both men are liars.
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trump lies. lies andald >> these are awfule want to become best friend with them. this is not going to work. this is not just lunch. it's not going to work. kennedy: chuck schumer and bob menendez are doing the same thing. they all think the singapore swing was a strikeout. the president was not suede by the haters. he tweeted great progress was made on the denuclearizationf hostages are back home. we'll be getting the remains of our great heroes back to their families. no missiles shot. no research --
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#singaporesummit. the president did not solve the whole crisis. so why is the left so quick to condemn this first step? joining me, former white house press secretary, he's here. sean spicer. let's talk about the reaction on the left. i was watching adam schiff on msnbc. although democrats said they would -- adam schiff was such a negative nancy about the whole thing. and democrats promised if the presiden emerged from the meeting with something positive and productive they would give him credit for it. but they can't help themselves. that's where you talk. i'm sorry, i thought we were playing a clip. thank you.
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i remember their outrage. at least they are consistent. i remember outrage they expressed when president obama sat down with a dictator and went to a game in cuba. oh, wait, that didn't happen. they cheered that. i guess that's a bit of hypocrisy when it comes to the trump.rd they apply to president no matter what the president does, it will never be good enough. it will always be bad. and that's horrible. there are certain things we all should root for as americans. we just saw bill maher root for the economy to take, because that's wait would take to get rid of trump. the fact they are rooting against the success of our country because they don't le our president shows how bad and hypocritical they are. the president of the united states just did what no one thought was thinkable.
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to potentially save hundreds of thousands if not millions of potential lives becau this historeement. instead of cheering it on, they are finding every piece of negativity in it. and that's unbelievably wrong. kennedy: this happened very early in the morning, the president finally spoke 4:15 eastern daylight time in the a.m. but already as of the early morning shows, there were talking points generated. where do they come up with this stuff? is it important to the president that he changes that perception and changes their talking points and wins over some of those voices on the left? >> i think he is. that's the thing. as extreme as the mainstream media and the left have become, you see the president's approval ratings pick up. the more extreme they go, whether it's demeaning the
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effects of the tax cuts or undermining the effects of this historic agreement, the more out of touch they look. the guy went over, did this thing, apparentlyuck these results and they start to tune out. they start to reali he' so over the top extreme that they need to find their information elsewhere. if they continue to help him by being this nuts. kennedy: a let of voters are not tethered to party. i know you worked for the rnc for a long time and you may see it differently. people say to themselves, i like having a job and i like that i have visible evidence of a tax cut. i like that we may have diminished the threat of nuclear war from the korean peninsula. i like tha what was once considered a few monthso of unstable place on
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the planet might see peace and prosperity, and somet evenif ppe president's actions, even if they were put off by how he beha at the g-7 this tend to resonate with independent voters. what do you think? >> i think you are absolutely right. elections come down to security. national security and economic security. whether people feel safe and whether they feel like the economy is strong and their well-being is sound is what all that matters going into the election. the economy is humming along. people are finding work. their wages are growing. the economy continues to move forward in almost every major indices. as far as safety goes, they look at the threats around the world. whether it's isis on the run or the threat of nuclear hau nuke r holocaust.
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they may not like the noise, they know theresident is getting results. i feel he's going to do well and republicans will do well. the independent will reward the party and the people who get results for them. kennedy: sean spicer, thank you so much. kennedy: is kim jong-un ustworthy? president trump told george stephanopoulos yes. president trump: he knows no other president could have done this. he knows the presidents. he knows who we had in front of me. he said no other president could have done this. i think he trusts me, and i trust him kennedy: a of experts sceptical because in the past north korea has lied to us.
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is i good for the president to cozy up to him so early in this relationship? gordon chang is here. what do you think of some of the president's word about kim jong-un. do you think he really trusts the leader of north korea. >> i don't think so. president trump has this america first notion. that means every country for itself. you justssum other countries are not trustworthy and leaders will lie to you because they will defend their own interests. some of the language from president trump is a little over the top. especially wh kim jong-un, a family that has beenrific for decade. but i think kim jong-un, murderous dictator gets one chance to prove he has changed. as president trump said he has one shot to do this. maybe he'll and we'll be pleasantly surprised. kennedy: we still don't have a lot of details on what this deal
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means what they signed. do you feel given what you know so far the u.s. has given too many concessions? >> i think so. trump being trump, he put the u.s. in a good position up until last week. st week trump being trump gave away and squandered that lead. this summit is important to kim jong-un. it legitimized him, and it really was the prize for him. for us it was a way station to somewhere else. we shoulde gotten more for that. that's not to say trump can't recover. because we have overwhelming leverage over the little guy. kennedy: maybe president trump is appealing so much to kim jong-un's ego he won't want to go back. and i now think the nuclear bu is hidden inside john
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bolton's mustache. >> john boltons not going let north korea start world war iii. bolton and pompeo will be going back to flesh out a lot in the agre kennedy: i think they will play good cop-bad cop. i thinkompeo there will show high-rise and mcdonald's, and bolton will show pictures of qaddafi in the sewer pipes. >> the process has momentum. it can sweep away kim jong-un. kennedy: is this a mow men up to us summit? >> yes, of course it is. the first time an american president sees a north korean
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dictator. it changes everything. i think what we are going to see in a short period of time, either the north koreans will be as good as their word or we'll go back to increasing pressure. kennedy: as pressure increases it only get bloodier and more painful. that's terrifying but hopefully we are moving in the right direction. thank you so much. always good to see you. president trump throwing another controversial curveball in singapore by pledging to put an end to the joint military exercises with south korea. president trump: we'll be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see the future negotiation is not going along like it should. but we'll be saving a tremendous
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nt of money. us i think it's very provocative. kennedy: the president said he wants to bring u.s. troops home from the region, but added that's not part of the negotiatns at this point. is the president giving up more than he's getting from kim jong-un? let me go to tonight's panel, jessica after tarlov and co-host of benson and harf, guy benson, and kim jong-il's biographer, michael malice. welcome, everyone. since you have been there and you understand the state better than anyone i know, did the president get played? >> no. not in the slightest. did you see his body language? it was about dominance and fatherly role.y, and taking a
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th it video was masterful. he was giving kim jong-un the opportunity, you are the one who can lead your people to prosperity. kennedy: i have issues with the president, but i thought that was really smart. running thing north korea understands is prp began today. >> you could be the hero of you people. this isn't about me, it's about you. it's going in a wonderful direction. and it's very, very sad that people who can't even pronounce kim jong-un's name correctly are going on the air throwing s on this. i wish they would have been as supportive of this summit as they were of george bush's invasion of iraq. kennedy: i talked to other democrats and they have all said, we want this to work out. we'll be supportive of the president if it works out. it appears that it's working out, but it's nothing but may
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saying and resistance. that's not going to resonate with voters. jessica: it's not. we talked abo the 15 progressives who signed that letter going against schumer and menendez and the establishment democrats. they are saying hold on, wait a minute. if peace is the goal. let's see how trying things a le bit differently works out for us. kennedyus.i think everybody involved, no matter what you want to say about thyme them would rather peace than a nuclear war. but like you were talking about in your opening conversation with sean spicer. voters aren't the same as they used to be. republicans voted for a non-republican in donald trump. all politics is local. when progressiveay we are the
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dove party and we are not the hawk party. i'm willing to sayhat to chuck schumer's face. i think it's a good sign f the impending election and the mid-terms and the party overall. kennedy: guy, doesn't it make your message more authentic and trustworthy? i understand resistance, resistance. they want to sweep the house in the mid-terms and maybe even take the senate. but going against every single thing the president does seems futile for democrats. ben: they should pick their spots. some of it is retaliation. the iran deal wasrible. if that wasn't good enough for you guys, then trump better deliver the goods and then some with north korea. i think i am hopeful about what michael said. i am hopeful this is the turning
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of a new leaf and opening of a new chapter. i just cannot shake the 25 years of 8 promises very similar to this one that have been broke the fundamental open question is is kim jong-un going to embrace thee mantel? does he mean it this time? kennedy: i think he is for a different reason. michael: i would say the difference is kim jong-un is different than kim jong-il. is gives him an opportunity to liberalize north korea. kennedy: we have got some different angles to tackle including capitalism in north korea. a highly anticipated inspector general report is coming out thursday. what should we expect? stirewalt has the crystal ball. he's excited and he's next.
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it all has to do with the at&t and time-warner merger. joining us, edward lawrence is it depends who you ask. the judge said the government did not meet the burden of proof. 170 pages as to why the government did not have their case hold up in court. this could be a big deal for consumers. at&t and time-warner says there are be $360 billion if you savings for consumers. at&t lawyers say it's about time. >> it's unfair to the defendants, do the hundreds of thousands of employees of their companies whose lives have been hanging in the balance. and to all the shareholders and other constituencies of these great companies.
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it's time to complete this transaction and move on. reporter: disney trying to take part of fox, our parent company. this opens the door for other vertical mergers. the department of justice released a statement saying we are disappointed with the court's decision. we continue to believe the pay tv market will be less competitive and less innovative. the government has a decision. they are going defy the judge and file an appeal on this. kennedy: anti-trust suits. the report on the investigation into the hillary clinton email is expected thursday. reports say it slams loretta lynch and james comey over their
8:23 pm
handling of the matter. devin nunes says it does not go far enough. he's demand can the justice department turn over all do related. will nunes get to what he wants and will the report drop a bomb on james and loretta. joing me, chris stirewalt. so let's get into it. what are you hear being this report? reporter: it's as huge expectations. the justice department needs this to in some ways fend off the attackers from i am plaquable critics like nunes. in pair it's to deal with them. and it's top reassure people who can't be con -- who can be
8:24 pm
convinced. '. '' nunes will never be satisfied so you can almost ignore him. but for folks with pane open mind, this report has to show them something that says they are serious about this, and. had to guess, i would say the bottom of it looks like andrew mccabe. kennedy: he could be facing criminal proceedings. he's also sued the department over what he feels was an unethical and illegal dismissal. let's talk about loretta lynch and james comey. are they going to get a tongue lashinger. >> will they also beat just its? >> we all should see justice. but in this case, loretta lynch,
8:25 pm
whether she committed a crime, i don't know if that's in the offing. being crummy at being attorney general is not a crime. >> apparently it's still in style, too. >> you brought the heaters tonight. loretta lynch -- kennedy: i'm like that fella that married kate upton. justin verlander. reporter: loretta lynch being attorney general and conducting herself in a way that insights people to reach conclusions about her ethics. james comey to give this preachment absolving and blaming clinton. but then doing the wiener escapade right at the end. maybe she is guilty he said at the end.
8:26 pm
who knows. oh, wait, never mind. lynch and comey failed to the standards much a department we want to be independent, free fanfare. hey didn't do a good job. kennedy: they did a very poor job, and i hope they get coupl comeupance whatever that means. coming up. president trump trying to woo kim jong-un. get reaction from the panel next. (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one .
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8:31 pm
baubles, the president may use enough sleight of hand to make this work. show him a neat car that goes fast and shoots things. some say the only reason trump is going through with this is to build hotels and condos on north korea's shores. it's like asking a gambler to walk through a casino and not hitting a 21 in blackjack. of course the difficult work lies ahead and the scant details have to be fleshed out for what was once an unthinkable peace. north korea has a lot more in common with easrn europe. and once the stunted imprisoned
8:32 pm
kids take coca-cola and rock 'n roll, there is no putting the genie back in the labor cam. the president showed kim a video of what he's mission. >> a new world can begin today. one of friendship, respect and goodwill. part of that world where the doors of opportunity are ready to be opened. investment from around the world, where you can have medical break through and abundance of resources, innovative technologies and new overies. kennedy: critics say it looked more like a north korean propaganda film than an ad for capitalism. will kim jong-un be suede? michael malice, i think there is
8:33 pm
something about the gadgets and the spoils of capitalism that is the strongest siren call. michael * singapore and capitalism. singapore is led by one of two men, lee hsien loong. he said if i tell my people they are unequal, they will blame me for. being gaze illegal, but it's not even forced. it's giuliani to thenth degree. this would be a more natural transition for a north korea than sweden or an american version of capitalism. kennedy: in china there is a lot of control over content and how
8:34 pm
people interface. is there a middle ground? >> it might be singapore. which is hyper capitalistic. but i was just there lastear. and you describe perfectly. it feels like you are in a first world city. sort western but with all the flavors of asia, then you do not spit on the groun or you find. they have canings, and that sort of thing. but if you live your entire existence even in the most of privileged possible in your home country of north korea and you come to singapore and have the eyes of the world about you and you are cheered when you walk into hotels and people want selfies. you are maybe getting a taste of what life would be like if you weren't totally awful and crazy. is that enough to convince kim to liberale? maybe.
8:35 pm
but their number one concern is their regime staying in power and those security assurances. kennedy: is it like convince something one wh sex slaves to enter into a monogamous relationship? jessica: that's what it is. john bolton was talking about regime transition and we know what happened there. i think this was the counter point to that. saying you have come to the table, this is what might be possible. y: but that's the difference. it's an important difference between communism and theocracy. in a three h people who are angry and abide by sharia law and feel betrayed by someone who turned their back on those ideals. in a communist system that's an economic system.
8:36 pm
michael: if you throw out a newspaper with the leader's picture you can't even use their stamps because you can't stamp the leader's face. the iconography of the leader, people are told if their house is being flood to run in and grab the leader's picture off the wall. they no longer identify as communism because whatever the leader says is the law. they have black markets and they are saying it's not communism. kennedy: w about scientology? we have to move from one leader to another. bill clinton has been trying to befriend the #metoo movement.
8:37 pm
check out the latest entry. >> i t the norms have really changed in termsf what you can do to somebody against their will. how much you can crowd their space and make them miserable. kennedy:ou used to be able to do so much to peoplgainst their will. the good ole days. we just all miss the 90s when you can force people to do stuff. ben: he paused there. he says things have changed. then he pauses and decides in that moment to say what he said. you can't do as much against people's willfullymore. kennedy: it shows the media is oh willing to bury the clintons by this. this interview didn't take place yesterday or the day before. jessica: all this has been brewing for a long time.
8:38 pm
over the past couple decades people have been looking at the clintons. no one questions the national or economy during the clinton presidency. but there are disgruntled democrats who don't represent our values. kennedy: people have changed. and their loyalty to party has changed. >> there will always be clinton loyalists. michael * if the 90s you could kill vince foster and have no es. things have really changed for one thing that's quite positive is what a tough time stephen colbert gave bill clinton. been require's a toughime by
8:39 pm
those standards, i know. jessica: for all the critics of laight tv. kennedy: the left wants to be gone the clintons so they can bring in a new generation. there no harm to anyone on the left saying the clintons have lived past their welcome and need to in political terms go somewhere and expire. michael kristin gillibrand demonstrated. kennedy: what an ingrate. she wouldn't be senator if it weren't for hillary clinton. what a night. we are only warming up. coming up. president trump's straight policies are getting a lot of criticism from the left. coppertone sport.
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now we're working with them on cybersecurity. my grandfather taught me to make a wine that over delivers. chubb, over delivers. kennedy: republicans have always been the party of but wit the trump administration pushing a isolationist agenda and slapping tariffs on allies, the gop lawmakers seem to be more in
8:44 pm
favor of free trade. the growing feud between president trump and canada raising questions about trade policy and the future of nafta. why aren't we seeing more free trade republicans pushing back the president? joining myself congressman massie. we love free trade. but there is an unnatural focus on trade deficits that i think have gotten to pointf distraction for the president. what do you think? >> for the first 70 years of our country, 90% of federal revenues came from tariffs. up until the income tax was passed, 50% of our revenues did. if someone wanted to do away with the income tax and impose tariffs, i might be in favor of that. but the constitution and the
8:45 pm
framers of our constitution never intended for one elected official to be able to pass a tax. yet that's what's happening. there are some congressmen who would like to crawl back this power ande it to congress. one of the leaders in this is senator johnson from ohio. it's a tax. no one person should be able to pass a tax. kennedy: how do we get free trade. we are getting caught up in semantics. free trade, fair trade. the more free trade we have the more prosperous we'll be. i don't care if the president wants america to be more prosperous than other countries, that's fine. but if we are going back and forth with tariffs, it will
8:46 pm
affect the price of goods. >> it will rise the price of goods. but some of us hope what the president is doing is a negotiating tactic. i think he's trying to get other countries to lower their tariffs and in the interim he's threatening to raise tariffs in our country. there are some things wrong about the trade deals we have done in the past. a few years ago the world trade organization told us, congressmen, that we had to pass a law to repeal country of origin labeling from beef and pork. that was because of some trade deal. now you have the world trade organization telling congress what to do. kennedy: they shouldn't be gislating. >> nobody in america elected them. we are elected to make those decisions but you have the world trade organization doing this. i support the president when he pushes back against the world
8:47 pm
trade organization. and walk away from the table as he did in canada. that's when negotiations start. if you are stuck at the table which is where we have been the last 30 years, then y won't get a good deal. kennedy: there is a trade surplus with canada and they need to export a lot of stuff here. i am sure justin trudeau would love to fly the canadian bird. >> i am glad you mentioned canada. it was canada and mexico who sued the united states in the courts if you can call them courts, the world courts to get us to remove -- [inaudible] it doesn't make sense. kennedy: thank you for stayi late. thomas massie. coming up, "topical storm."
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8:52 pm
in singles. put on some clothes. this is the "topical storm." or don't put on some clothes. topic number one. we begin in auburn, washington where customers at a donut shop are going on a crash diet. oh, no, he's not stopping. there he goes. he just graduated from the pennsylvania vaughn school of driving. seattle police say the man was so drunk he claimed the mariners were going to win the world series. they only went out for donuts ocal ihop turned into a ihob. let's head back to new york
8:53 pm
city. scientists have uncovered what they believe to be the first millennial squirrel. this is avocado squirrel. e onl difference between him and human millennial is the squirrel doesn't live with his parents at home. in addition to going viral, pizza rat got a ton of hits on his video, too. topic number three. let's head out t gorgeous santa monica, california where a valet parking attendant is ploi -- is probably not getting tips. this wasn't a park attendant. it was a 46-year-old woman. police say she stepped on the gas when she parked.
8:54 pm
eyewitnesses western so concerned they pulled out their phones. a tourist was able to pull her to safety. afterward she showed her appreciation by taking her for donuts. topic number four. a lot of parents are upset with the evebody gets a trophy world of today's youth sports. but just when you thought it wouldn't get any worse. now everybody gets a hug. this minnesota high school pitcher struck out his friends. rather than celebrating, he consoled his pal. buddy, it's a heartwarming gesture. but sports aren't supposed to be heart warming. they are supposed to be competitive.
8:55 pm
now he'll just go home and play fortnight. i lost $800 on that high sool game. topic number five. finally rehead out to [inaudible] where a black bear learned the hard way what goes up must come down. this fella climbed a tree but he couldn't climb down so they shot him with some of the tic-hacs i keep in my desk drawer. somebody call bernie sanders, i'm stuck in the tree. we are the 1%. you dopey communist. the bear was taken to a nearby
8:56 pm
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people tomorrow on the show, congman matt gaetz and peter suderman. [ crowd cheering ] >> he's got the big top, the sideshow, the menagerie. >> and you can almost smell the popcorn and sawdust. >> made by a master whittler. >> he never used a jigsaw. he never used a lathe. it was always a pocketknife. >> boy, this knife has some mileage on it. >> but it comes with a jumbo-sized burden. >> he would usually cry and he'd say, "barbara, i don't know what to do."i didn't know what to do either. >> and now the big reveal. >> are you ready? okay, here we go. >> wow. ♪


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