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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 13, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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thank you, here is lou. lou: good evening, our top story, president trump is done what dems, left wing national media, and the establishment said could n be done. the president forging real progress toward denuclearization of the korean peninsula during his historic summit with kim jong-un. >> my meeting with chairman kim was honest, direct and productive. we got to to know each other wel in a very confined period of time, under very strong, strong circumstance. lou: we'll talk about the impact the singapore summit on north korea and south korea, jan,
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asia region, and the left wing, and the global elites efforts to de this president credit for his foreign policy success. joining us tonight. one of president's great supporters, and hardest working u.s. congressmen. ron desantos. another deadline has passed while corrupt leadership at department of justice stonewalls congress and ignores house intelligence committee chairman befordevin nunes' spygate documt demands. we take up the deep state's effort to cover-up the largest political scandal in american history. kim strasel of "wall street journal" will join us. and paul ryan, hell bent on awards amnesty to illegal immigrants, stopping president trump's border wall, selling out american workers and middle class families for the chamber of commerce, business round
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table, koch brothers, and wall street. break deadline for the daca in the house. we talk about the midterm implication and the dean ed rollins with us, top story, president trump returning from singapore, after he secured a propromise from kim jong-un to k toward denuclearization. president trump accomplished what no other american president had vision or courage to attempt, and yet, other presidents and prime ministers are the g7, who conspired against u.s. trade pla policy and rebuked by president trump. those same leaders struggles to understand his success with the trump dom trick in fore --
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doctrine in foreign policy and frayed. the dems and their left wing national media lap dogs are spiralng deeper into ivian lunasoirrelevant. they are bleeding and babbling did deny and diminish the president's historically successful summit. >> the president circumstance it when he negotiates is so erratic and so given to impulse, he almost always fails. we're worried that the same is happening in north korea. >> he does not realize this dictator does not want beach 1 window -- condos. >> by releasing details of menu
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this legitimizes kim jong-un, putting him o equal footing with other world leaders. >> this probably weakest communique i have seen. come out of an equipmen engagemh north korea. >> just because something has not happened before, does not mean it is historic. lou: how stupid can these people act? we have not seen i believe even yet the full potential of just how b absurd the phonies really are. joining me to talk about the president's continued success. in his every undertaking. president trump's standing taller than of or world stage after the lil -- bray at the moon.
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congressman ron desantos joining us tonight. also, leading republican candidate to be governor of the great state of florida. good to have you with us. i have to ask, what was your reaction, you heard most of those folks. chuck schumer, he looked like he would rather be anywhere than in front of the cameras and microphones spewing that nonsense, not even he could pretend was relevant or true. >> well if trump decided to start walking on top of potomac river, and cross it they would say, trump can't swim, that is just their instinct to be again anything he is doing. and if this was obama, dealing with iran, obvio dog to put pressure on them, they just gave confessions, they all justified that foreign policy elite in
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washington, justified obama's actions they are lining up against trump because they don't like them. the fact is that summit was historic, brought to bear by the leadership of donald trump. and thessure campaign that they economy -- eckerted for over a yr. lou: i didn't hearm mitch mcconnell about how great the president success was in singapore, not the house speaker acknowledge applaud or anyway acknowledge the success. i have not heard as a matter of fact from chamber of commerce, business round table, not heard from, leadership, not heard from the council on foreign relations, the quiist i quiet ih sides, it and i am sure, knowing this president, he is getting great fuel from it but it is
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embarrassing to every one of these people that i mentioned, leadership of both parties they are n applauding the president's accomplishments, you are not ember assed for the republican party. >> you have people that have been a part of washingtohe groups, some individuals, they are part of a permanent class. and we had 25 years of failure with respect to north korea. presidents of multiple administ pas, and that was kind of them following the beltway conventional wisdom, it has not worked. have you trump who is breaking that mold, not captive tot people inside of bill way think, he -- beltway think. he is charting new ground, and getting more results, i think there is some what was a recepmenresentment because is nt listenining to a lot of the peoe who think they are so wise about these things. lou: well thank god. and at the same time, that is
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note a rational nation for petty arcade leadership of clowns that make up republican party on capitol hill. >> i think that is something that as an american, just a unbelievable sight to see, we should be pulling for the president. to continue to bring good results. i have not been following wha everyone has said. said. >> they have not said anything, you don't have to worry about following it. in support of american middle class, and working family, it is opeembarrassing to watch, we're told that the meetings are still going on in speaker was on the, a discharge petition ready to burp upon the 6 scene withos
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dems driving away at behest of the speaker who sold out, are we going to see another midnight massacre at hands of that more bibandwidth -- morbid, lame duck speaker? >> building to authorize and fu border wall, doing things like ending chain migration, going a skills base immigration system. killing disverity lottery, have not on, that had we didn't, that i think you would see more americans rally to cause, you would not be in this situation, where you are all of a sudden facing a dischange. lou: congressman how c your -- we have talked about it, how you
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can tolerate stench of that man in speaker's office he is about to consign your party to most dramatic defeat in mid term, snatching victory from the jaws -- i mean, i think about this, this is disgusting to me, this is a president who is doing everything right. he is achieving more than any president since fdr, and he has a republican conference in particular house and leadership in house and senate who are so politically upside down, and working against the interest of the country, and the middle class, working men and women, the family, you are selling them out, your congress, not you. >> i think, policy you are right, politically you are doubling right, if you do amnesty wu take away from momentum that we have built, 6 months ago everyone said there
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would be a blue wave, people are not saying that any more, policies have been focused on working americans, and folks in middle class now keeping more of what they earned, seeing higher wages and salary, this would blublunt that. i agree with you, this is political malpractice and creates a greater likelihood you have nancy pelosi as speaker. lou: it is political cowardice and ignorance, a travesty and tragedy for country, without the republican party,isaster awaits, and by the way that is not sufficient to fnkly create some sort of a catharsis for working men and women to country who this president has supported. it will be a blood bath. that is a shame. cowardice will design its own destiny, i am afraid conference
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has chosen to stay with us this speaker. as we wrap up, why is she still in the office? why can't the republican conference muster guts to save both party and themselves get him the humanita hell out. >> part circumstance i don't kno-- part is,i don't know that8 votes, have you a number of people like jim jordan who put themselves forward, and not clear to me anyone has votes. lou: you don't get votes if you don't go after him, they have all been silent, there is word jordan wanted to be speaker then disappeared. are people being bought offer they scared, they should stay huddled, but if they are that frightened to take on an corrupt and sold out leadership, what in the hell, why should the american people bother with your
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party? >> i would give jim, you know, i think jim is serious, he is looking at it saying not a race t, he can't just force a race, can't be just -- lou: sure he, can just sit up and stand up, and on the floor of the congress, and call for a motion to vacate, one congressma demand that. >> you you are right but wou the vote succeed. lou: it darwinian. if everyone who thinks about replacing this corrupt speaker, this ineffective speaker ship, if they vul lac -- if they all k guts, courage and desire to raise those votes and have them when they stand up for that motion to vacate, then, it is over. but, there is not even a contest, that is how weak and anemic the republican party is
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right now, if that case it deserves defeat in november. >> we do what we said we would do and advance our agenda, i think we'll keep the congress. i don't think that say question. >> i think it will is a question, because, your speaker would not give him a dollar to build a wall, not only did not give him money, that he campaigned oand took money are away from immigration and cust m enforce. my god. >> no doubt that will hurt, had we had votes on building and authorizing wall, house could makiocrats --senate you are lou: i think tha i -- i think td trump taught us one thing as president. certainly, clearly. among many others, this is no time for excuses, and excuses are no longer acceptable for
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from anyone in washington weather part of corrupt deep state or the establishment. or sell out who happen to be be running congress and senate, good to talk with you, we had a lot to continue convery vague -- conversation about. i ho ban could back soon. >> thank you. lou: federal judge approved at&t acquisition of time warner. after a 6 week-long trial, judge rejecting justice department arg that merger would harm consumers, his ruling sets up a potential bidding war for 20 sentry fox -- 21st century fox, the parent company of fox, we will have a full report later. >> and president trump taking aim as a never trump rino running for reelection, we take up that in midterm primary races, we talk with the chair of republican n committee,
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lou: five states holding midterm primary elections tonight.
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president trump tweeting this today. maas been very unhelpful to and my campaign. he is mia, nothing but trouble, he is better off in argentina. i endorse katyerring ton for congress in south carolina a state i love, she is tough on crime, will continue our fight to lower taxes, polls closing in sout-- south carolina, vginia moments ago. we'll bring you results. joining us in my opinion, the best leader of the republican national committee, in my career. is rona mcdaniels, smart, and effective and she has got guts. it is great to have you with us. i have to ask you, what happened
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to your party? congress you can see strength ebbing from their life less conference. >> well, thank you for that wonderful introduction. i feel the same about you, i will say our party is strong, it is vibrant but fueled by people who elected president trump, i see it every day. i will tell you, just with three congressmen on capitol, they said to a person when we hear on ground, ang support the president, we want to make sure you are srting president trump, that is what our voters want, they will stay home if they don't see congressmen and people running in our party that will support this president, his agenda. lou: do you get a sense, i'll ask you the same question about monnell and ryan.
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speaker ryan is sitting there. he is like "the walking dead." in the speakers office, you can watch him kill the party. you know what is going to happen in midterms because he has a strangle hold over the money, there is a fiction he is a great fund-raiser, speakers are always a great fund-raiser. what me is doing is selling out to rinos, k-street, this is a pathetic stain on the republican party in the house. >> i will say, i think president trump is going to be our biggest champion in winning the midterms, we will have rallies, out there on the campaign trail, he will be one taking message to the voters you -- we need to have a republican majority in house, otherwise it will be nancy pelosi. who will bring impeachment proceedings and do all she can to shut down the trump agenda,
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we'll put those people out there, to help us win the elections, number one is president trump, and second is vice president mike pence. lou: i could not agree with our triage of priorities any more. but why does it have to be despite a guy who sold out to wall street, to koch brothers, to, round table, chamber of commerce, not one of them is a friend of the working man and woman in the country, middle class family. and one thing that president has demonstrated, this is an administration for forgotten man and women, until 2016 did not have a chance in hell. because middle cla was shrinking, now prosperity is for all americans, not just an expression or if you will a dog whistle, it is a president doing all that, while you have got a speaker who is talking about
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raising retirement age to 70, and reducing social security, and willing to cutback to medicare for 65 and older, he is tearing up the soul of the republican party at a time when this president is leading republicans toward certain victory in november despite historic comparatives that suggest it should be a time of defeat for party in power. paul ryan insists on meeting that historical scan toward rather than -- standard. >> there was a shift with president trump. and i will say proudly that the republican party is the trump party. we recognize t forgot en men and women, we understand that wages were stagnant and that jobs were not coming back, and president trump has delivered every turn. but there has been a shift in party, we brought in democrat voters and union voters, we
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brought in those forgotten men and women, that will be new coalition, that propels our party to success. and every candidate up for offers, this november -- office this november has to recognize we won the white house, that is how we will keep our majority. and president trump is leading that charge. lou: and speaker ryan with his own agenda, shrinking entitlements. has he heard anything you said. >> i know that president talks with speaker often, house has delivered really good legislation this year, we have got a lot more to do, we cannot risk the lowing that in the midterms -- losing that in midterm, complacency will be our enemy, anyone that does not embrace the trump agenda and recognize the issues that propelled to us victory in white house will make a missing take. we have to talk about jobs and the economy, about fair trade. that is important part of our
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success. and talk about immigration and the wall and our borders, they be things our voters will expect to hear from all candidates. lou: hopefully speaker, if he is not too busy. heard you and will take the lesson. otherwise it is amnesty for illegal immigrants, we could begin tonight if the speaker has his way. that is the chamber o chamber oe and, round table way, rona mcdaniel thank you. >> thank you. dodged a bullet as rino effortve to give amnesty to illegal aliens, facing a critical deadline, will they meet it, we up with with ed rollins right here , what is ryan up to? we'll take up that next.
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lou: you heard mcdaniel who i think is terrific. ed: she is doing a good job. ker. i wish she would be she gets it. she is working very hard for the republican party. and you have in the house speaker ryan who is working against everybody president trump stand for and what most of people in the caucus stand for. ed: ryan should step aside. it doesn't do good to tell the american public we need to elect republicans to bring the ball ford.
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we had two countries before the start of this thing that had in nuclear weapons. pakistan is not going to play. but iran which was a bad deal on obama's part. and this deal in norths a thread. lou: there is no question president trump is the leader of the free world. he's the strongest player in all of international politics, geopolitics. he is the man. and he's the guy driving trade policy, balanced trade policy for the entire globe. rebalancing world trade is a critical issue. he has taken on -- he's doing as president what he did as a candidate. he's defining the agenda for the entire world. and it's having an immense impact. ed: i can't tell you, you obviously know, what he
4:33 am
accomplished last night and every single network bashing the lou: those idiots.cept for fox. these are the same people who said he couldn't win. go through the list of things ey have wrong. they bring on people criticize the president's successes. most of of them nearly all of them are the product of 30 years of failures. ed: 31 years ago today a president, ronald reagan, stood in front of the wall in germany and told gorbachev to tear down the wall. he was tiled he couldn't put those words in there because he would offend the russians. lou: you brought up the issue of standing up with a motion to vacate. why in the world do the republicans lack anyone of
4:34 am
courage to stand up and do that's and to challenge the speaker? ed: the speaker couldn't debt the 218 votes. one member challenges it, a vote takes place. it will make the change. then they can go behind closed doors and speak who they want next as speaker. lou: it was congressman mark meadows who chased boehner out. we know that after listen together nonsense about amnesty. we were watching the polls drop past 10 days. it's a clear signal. it's one k street isn't underred in paul ryan and mitch mcconnell following. ed: the country is interested in the trump message. lou: desperate for trump leadership.
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lou: more disturbing tales about rod rosenstein. he threatened to subpoena phone records from staffers of the house intelligence committee that was conducting oversight over the doj investigation. watching the deputy attorney general conduct an attack against and staffer for vigorous oversight is tea stop i shaling and disheartening. a law enforcement officer threatened to subpoena your lls and emails was down right chilling. the reporting on the deep state and the depart of justice by
4:40 am
kimberly stosselas been great. first your reaction to rosenstein'sght threat, attempted intimidation of a committee with oversight, authority and responsibility over doj. >> we are moving into gravely serious territory here. by this account in this january meeting by at least two staffers. in the midland of a discussion about their o duties, this is when deputy attorney general rosenstein launched into this whichs sounds like he was saying back off. if you continue to engage in oversight way you are, i will retaliate and i have the full force of the government behind me. i should hasten to say the department of justice is pushing back. they say this was mr. rosenstein
4:41 am
responding to the news that he might have a contempt allegation. but the staffers agree. this is a dep of justice that seemso no longer know its boundaries. lou: rosenstein, whether it be fisa authorizations, whether it be expeditions to london, he is playing a heavy hand h in what seems to be obvious political corruption at highest levels of the justice department. >> here is what you would hope to see from a trump justice department. these are people put in just like they were in other agencies. they were supposed to go in and be reformers. but not only have we seen this allegation of threats, but you have a department of justice and
4:42 am
fbi that lawsuited subpoenas after subpoenas. they appear to be lawsuiting one tonight. there was a news headline from devin nunes to hand over the details and let them see the details related to this spy who was monitoring and look into the trump campaign. it would appear, we have blown past normal busins hours that they are not g to comply. they have done that. there is the reactions where they continue to hide information. we just got a new lter from senator ron johnson showing how deliberately hid names from the people involved in the investigations so the congress couldn't investigate. lou: we are told the i.g. report comingut thursday is half live redacted. if it's redacted as heavily as is being suggested, we are
4:43 am
spiraling towards a constitutional crisis. the only solution i see, kimberly, is for the president himself to step in and say this ends now. am theer all the documents. president of the united states an executive branch and its leaders to do so forth with. your thoughts. >> i absolutely agree. declassify. put out there the documents related to this informant. put out the fisa application that was put ford so americans can see for themselves how the fbi handled itself in 2016 with regard to both the clinton investigation and the trump investigation.'s evidently cleae hiding things and they will never willingly hand it over themselves. lou: kimberly strassel, thanks for being with us. we applaud your wor thank you so much.
4:44 am
come back soon. kim strassel. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe president trump's america first policy has rendered the dems and the national left-wing media irrelevant? follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. you won't believe who left-wing fool alec baldwin thinks he can win against in the 2020 election. stay with us.
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lou: a federal judge permitting at&t to go ahead with its acquisition of time-warner. hillary vaughn joins us with more on the historic merger. reporter: district court judge leon giving the green light for the merger. this is historic and could pave the way for a slew of deals where streaming giants like
4:49 am
netflix, amazon and hulu have new rivals. the judge did not think the doj met their responsibility to deliver burden of proof. at&t, time-warner, cbs charter all higher in afterhours trading. the doj could appeal the judge's ruling. but the judge had a sharp warning for the government if they don't let his ruling stand. saying quote, to do otherwise i fear would undermine our system of justice and millions of shareholders and the business community at large. the do jrntion says they believe
4:50 am
the market will be less competitive with this deal. lou: on wall street, stocks closed mixed and very flat. thedown down two pnts. jeff bezos likes dems except when they tax him. seattle repealed the tax against big business reportedly from pressure amazon. up nex left-wing loon robert de niro p his trump derangement on display at the tony awards. the president delivering a knockout blow. the world.
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lou: alec baldwin says he would absolutely win if he ran for president in 2020. he says he's 1,0 percent sure he would even defeat president trump. speaking of washed up and delusional actors, robert de niro blasted on twitter about president trump after blasting the predent at the tony award. the president said robert
4:55 am
de niro has received too' shots to the head. i watched him last night. i truly believe he may be punch drunk. i gue he doesn't realize the economy is the best it has been one elo at an all-time high. it seems obvious the only fair fight would be a cage match between de niro and baldwin with the hope both would lose. i'm pretty sure they would. joining us tonight, gina loudon. and vince colonaise. how much does the president have to put up wh. after the tremendous success at the singapore summit. you look at the left-wing looneys making up nonsense. saying the president should have done this, could have done that.
4:56 am
in ignoring the historic accomplishment at singapore. >> it's pre pathetic when people who are witnessing history in the art of the nuclear deal that we just orchestrated last night is even recognized vast fortune that has come at them as americans at this time in history and what our president has done for us. i agree they have got to be punch drunk. but they announce their ilk on the coastal elites. kathy griffin who held the severed head our president and nothing was really done about it. i think alec baldwin and robert de niro should team up and running to the on a ticket and they can drop f-bombs all the way to election day to when the bomb is dropped on them and they
4:57 am
lose big. they would have no chance against our president. lou: how will the left-wing national media deal with the successes of a full-term, by the time we get to the elections of 2020, this president will have run up a recordhat will suffocate the left. >> they will look under any rock they can to find a vulnerability on the part of the president. look at the north korean summit. the president knows more about north korea than those on levision commenting on it. i has been speaking about nuclear proliferation for decade and receives intel from mike
4:58 am
pompeo. you have so many people hectoring him from the press because they have such low regard for him. they think they are so much ter than he is. lou: it's no wonder the national left-wing media is spiraling into irrelevance. i want to talk about what the republic cabs are doing -- are you the republicans are doing. speaker ryan is trying to put a discharge petition which would in effect give the dems their agenda on amnesty for illegal immigrants in thisountry. it would be a mammoth victory for k treat, the chamber of commerce, wall street. it would be a disaster for the
4:59 am
american people. what do you expect from this absurdist lame duck speaker. >> i see this a little bit differently. i think you nail it when you talk about middle america and hore with -- how they are witnessing all this. the people from the midwest and the south where i'm originally from. they are watching the antics in hollywood. er time illegal immigration is brought up, they are more fired up to elect this president more than they did in the first place. this only works to the favor of those out there who want to make sure trump has a majority. >> if republicans need to carry any lesson ford. voters care about illegal immigration stuff.
5:00 am
they needed to figure out a way to get control of illegal immigration. and not create incentives for people to come into our country >> we are gratified with the court decision to categorically reject the government's bid to block this historic merger. train to breaking this morning. a blockbuster deal that will no doubt transform the media industry gets a greenlight. a judge has approved at&t's deal to buy time warner. kristina: the announcement came after the announcement close yesterday media stocks were all sorry. the dow is actually down one point by one point by point than investors awaiting and expect that interest rate the federal reserves. train to the outcome will how today shapes a good a slightly positive


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