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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 13, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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signal. that's they don't like the decision. dow down at session lows, 124. jeff, jon hilsenrath, andy carbone. averages in the red. lissa connell me, over to mcshane. connell: cheryl, thank you very much. the federal reserve raising interest rates, they set the stage for two more rate hikes this year. the dow accelerating the losses we saw into the close, and cheryl and jon were talking about tariffs. see what happens, but not great. in the red for the dow, s&p 500 also in the red, and the nasdaq flirting with e record close today won't get it, it's down as well. we'll cover it all i'm connell mcshane in for david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis, this is "after the bell." here's what we're covering during this very busy hour. not take no for an answer, why thernment may be gearing up for another attempt at blocking the at&t-time warner
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merger. we also may get another big media announcement this hour on comcast potential bid for assets from twenty-first century fox, which, of course, is the parent company of this network. it would come out at any moment. it could. we're going to bring you the headlines just as soon as they cros and demanding answers from the d.o.j. house oversight and judiciary committee member jim jordan filing a measure in the house within the next hour forcing the justice department to hand over documents on the trump campaign probe. congressman jim jordan will join us with more. this is coming up. connell: as you're speaking melissa, we have breaking news coming in. comcast making that offer that melissa alluded to for twenty-first century fox's assets. the idea that there could be a bidding war with disney after the big at&t-time warner ruling. of course twenty-first century fox, we should and will point out the parent company of the fox business network. edward lawrence is live in
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washington, covering all this and joins us now. what do we know, edward? reporter: i can tell you that that decision by the judge yesterday gave the green light to all of this. aof activities for the large companies. the first one, a competing bid for the portion of fox, they spin off the new fox which is the news channel, our channel. comcast is loo at a $60 billion all-cash bid for this, that wou in addition or in excess of walt disney's firm. walt disney looking for the same assets but offering $52 billion deal in all-stock. this is a cash offer from comcast for part of fox's assets, our parent company, twenty-first century fox's assets, made possible because of the green light by the judge, judge richard leon. we could see more of the deals. netflix is out there with a lot of money, apple sitting on a lot of money. google sitting on a lot of
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money. could see okay for vertical mergers going forward. we saw the latest one that just came in after the bell, comcast in a competing for the assets of twenty-first century fox minus the new fox after it spun off for a $60 billion cash bid beating disney's bid of $52 billion in stocks. back to you. connell: edward, thanks. we have the market panel. lenore hawkins from dramatica research and jonathan hoenig as well from capitalistpig. fox research contributor. what edward reports, the intid from comcast, we knew that this could happen after that court ruling yesterday, right? what do yo make of it? >> this is bullish moving forward. we have a real possibility to see not unlike what we saw in the 1990s with bank stocks, appeared of great mergers, great integration and better
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environment for the consumer. that's going to benefit from this. this is the corporate behind the scenes stuff, but these companies are going to get bigger, need to get bigger to compete internationally and it all the media stocks, including foxa was hired today. connell: right. lenore, to you on this specific deal. is that the start of things, $52 billion stock, now 60 billion all-cash. what's next, do you think? >> i think disney is going to be under a lot of pressure to raise its bid and like jonathan was saying, increasing pressure for mergers in this area. while on the one side i like the cost cutting that's going to happen, could this benefit consumers. it is a little concerning to see the all of the merging here and to see this getting more and more consolidated. there is an awful lot of data that supports the more consolidated an itry gets, the more wages are pushed down.
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we've seen that, right? not seen the wage pressures that you expect with such low unemployment. melissa: i want to step in for a moment. we're getting a few more details coming across. one of them is that this offer includes reimbursement of the breakup fee, and it has the same reverse termination fee agreed to by disney, lacking the last time aroun when comcast made a bid. some of the other key differences are when you look and you hear all-cash, that carries tax consequences with it as opposed to disney's stock deechl the stock has the potential to go up and doesn't carry the same tax implications. you know, and jonathan, what do you think about that? >> yeah, what you're seeing is essentially a seller's market. this has been a seller's market for companies for quite some time, proved by the ultralow interest rates,efitting the deal-making and continue to benefit a lot of the deal-making. given the fact, yes,
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yesterday's ruling from the justice department. we've talked about it, bullish for media stocks. still going to be switchi future deals. i'm sure demands of asset divestiture but the fact you're seeing sfic intricacies of the a ofhangedt's a seller's market, net net, the bid could go higher than the currentcomcast bid. connell: lenore you were getting into that, that disney is going to have pressure to up its bid. up until the court ruling yesterday, it seemed like, and the reports were that if anything, the murdoch family was in favor of going the disney route largely because of s that were there to beat comcast or another company like comcast. the regulatory concerns were lifted yesterday, right? >> the judge's decision was quite sweeping, very clear to the government you better think twice before coming back and trying to block this again. to melissa's point, there is a
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lot to be said for not having quite the se tax consequences as you do with a cash deal. connell: you want to pick up on that. we're going to get back to that in a second. sorry to get caught into that, lenore. i want to bring back edwa lawrence, in the streets of washington, to add detail and get back to lenore's what are you hearing, edward? reporter: yeah, connell, i want to update. official release, the official word from comcast. they're saying now $35 per share. if you do the math on that. $35 per share comes down to around $65 billion cash offer. it's a 19% premium. 19% premium on what disney is offering in that all-stock offer. so again, if you do the math here $35 per share, $65 b is what they're coming in at. this is an asset they want, far and exceeded disney's bid of a .
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connell: yep, 65 melissa: that makes a lot more sense. the $60 billion matching what they had done in the past. difference in term 65 billion, as you set the number next to eachother, i don't know, lenore, it does -- the tax implications are obviously different, but this is a much-improved offer and that speaks to jonathan's point. >> 19%. melissa: the assets are worth a lot. it's a seller's market right now? >> i think we're going to see pressure on other players. verin ceo came out recently and said long-term strategy is not to copy at&t, we're focused on a 5g roll we may see john malone, liberty media chairman, he's ahareholder in discovery and lion's gate and could be looking for a vertical role up there. connell: what about the tech companies? go ahead, jonathan? >> that's it. the ultimate buyer of
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entertainment assets will likely be what we consider not to be entertainment companies. for years talked about apple's immense cash pile, these are certainly assets of interest to apple, to amazon. so the landscape is changing. that's why it's so imperative the companies be allowed to merge, become efficient and the consumer benefits from all that is to come. connell: appreciate it to. $65 billion all-cash bid there. see what everybody does next. jonathan, lenore, appreciate it. melissa: the dow selling off into the close after the federal reserve hikes rates. phil flynn is watching the action from the cme and nicole petallides on the floor of the w york stock exchange. nicole, back to you. reporter: breaking news, our own charlie gasparino in the 3:00 p.m. alluded to this, we had it on fox. comcast making the bid, roughly $65 billion for the fox assets. twenty-first century fox in the after-hours, the parent of the during trading.d today p 1%.
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this up arrow means another record high for fox. netflix hit a new high. the big picture on the markets, the dow finished down 119 points right at the session lows. after w heard from the federal open market committee. we got the rate hike we expected. surprise is they two more rate hikes to come, watch for those in septe december, the markets sold off. we saw moves in the dollar moving higher. the 10-year yield moved higher and saw stocks coming off into the downside. the yield back near the 3% level, which it hasn't been since may 24th. home builders to the downside. down 2, 3%, but with higher rates, higher mortgages and seen mortgage applications dropping in the past week. you can see down 7%. and a quick peek at h&r block,
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largest one sell-off since 1980s, since 1987. there's a look, 18% to the downside. outlook on weak margins. back to you. melissa: phil, oil climbing for the third straight day, hovering around $67 a barrel? >> it is. i tell you what, it got a great supporting role in jerome powell's press confe potential impact on inflation. the fed raised outlook for inflation to 2.1%. that's above the 2% mark they've been trying get to for many, many years. mr. powell said d worry about inflation right there, we are not ready to declare victory on inflation. a lot of it has to do with rising oil prices. oil prices, increase in the tax cuts is going to increase oil demand, that could be stimulative for the economy, but thinks that that run-up above 2% inflation is going to be transitory. but they also removed concerns, raising the risk factors for
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inflation. they took out of statement about the consistently low inflation components in the economy, and that was really good for gold. on the initial run, we saw gold dip , came back when they talked ation. back to you. melissa: phil, thank you. connell: busy after-hours session, much more to come. a war of between house republicans and the d.o.j. heating up after e-mails show the deputy a.g. rod rosenstein threatened to subpoena republican lawmakers and their aides. jim jordans coming up. he'll have more on that. melissa: a stunner in south carolina. longtime politician and vocal trump critic shocking primary loss. we're going to look at what this could mean for the elections? and president trump officially back home -- go ahead. connell: after the summi in singapore. what are yousaying? i wasn't paying attention. north korea is no longer a nuclear threat. quite a statement in a tweet
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earlier. mike pompeo, the secretary of state. we'll have the latest on all that at the white house in just a minute. >> i would love to get the military out as soon as we can because it costs a lot of et paid fully for the for us. military, which i'll be talking to south korea about, but we have ,000 soldiers in south korea. i'd like to get them home. i to. but it is not on the table right now. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. so my doctor said... symbicort can help you breathe better. starting within 5 minutes. it doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. doctor: symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. it may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition
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. connell: back to the breaking news that we're covering. more details come in to us about comcast's new bid for twenty-first century fox and the entertainment assets there. edward lawrence has been covering it for us and back with us from d.c. we have this letter sent by the ceo of comcast?
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reporter: a little more detail, connell. we obtained the letter sent to the board of director of twenty-first century fox, from brian roberts the chairman and o of comcast. they said in the letter they long admired the assets of twenty-first century fox that the murdoch family put together. a couple of bullet points coming out of. this the reason they made the offer now is because of the at&t-time warner decision. they're sayg in this letter that gave them the green light to go ahead with. this also they're offering a $2.5 billion reverse termination fee, which is the same fee that was offered by disney, they're also offering to reimburse twenty-first century fox for a $1.5 billion breakup fee in all of this. so a lot money being put on the table here in order to sweeten the pot for the assets of twenty-first century fox or part of the assets of twenty-first century fox once the new fox has been spun off. connell: melissa? melissa: after the success of tuesday's summit in singapore,
4:18 pm
the president is back at the white house while secretary of state mike pompeo is in south korea negotiating the next steps towards denuclearizing the korean peninsula. hillary vaughn is live at the white house with the latest on this. hillary? reporter: melissa, secretary of state mike pompeo saying today in south korea he is go be the accountable for the deal that president trump reached with north korea's leader kim jong-un while they met in singapore where the president buttered up the leade with this hollywood-style video starring the commander in chief and the north korean dictator with kim facing a choice, his nukes or a place on the global stage. >> will he shake the hand of peace and enjoy prosperity like he has never seen? a great life? or more isolation? which path will be chosen? reporter: the president
4:19 pm
strategic maneuvering at the singapore summit got him what he wanted. trump declaring after landing on american soil this morning that north korea is, quote, no longer a nuclear threat but republican lawmakers in d.c. are proceeding with caution. >> they presented a far greater threat before president trump became president. so he's moving in the right direction. >> undiothis is going to be fast, we have to take time and make sure we hav irreversible comprehension of denuclearization of north korea. reporter: minority leader nancy pelosi is one of the few members who has been toorth korea and thinks that kim got away with way too much in this deal. >> you don't negotiate with donald trump, it pays to have a nuclear bomb in your pocket. reporter: secretary pompeo said after landing in seoul, south korea that the time line is moving forward. his team will engage with north
4:20 pm
korean leaders to wk details to begin the denuke process sometime next week. and he says if kim stalls, the u.s. will pick back up mitary exercises on the korean peninsula. also in an interview airing tonight with fox news' bret baier, president trump saying he would like to get the military and some of those forces out of south korea, but he says right now that's not on the table, but he hopes tt that can be a goal moving forward in the future. melissa? melissa: hillary vaughn, thank you for that. connell: talk more about this with retired brigadier general and best-selling author as well. i know these military exercises are something you are familiar with, and i want to pick your brain about that. let me go to one of the tweets hillary mentioned where it said just landed. a long trip but everybody can feel much safer than the day i took office. there is no longer a nuclear
4:21 pm
threat from north korea. your reaction to that after the summit? >> well, i think it's great news, connell. the framework for reunificatio peace and denuclearization that the president and secretary of state put into motion here is unprecedented, and where everybody was saying it couldn't happen ever, you know, susan rice wrote an op-ed six months ago saying we got to live with it, and now what we've got, we're on the path to denuclearization. connell: so you're comfortable of the path. idf no threat from north korea, that language is okay by you? >> in the president's mind, he's a leader communicating strategically to kim jong-un. let's not forget they have had strategic communications here for 18 months, whether positive or negative, and n the president is being very reinforcing for kim jong-un, leading him down that path, showing him where he can go as
4:22 pm
a leader both economically and to denuclearize. that's what i think that is. that's strategic information messaging there that the president is doing, and so what's going on with these exercises, you know, mike pompeo is over thereig now establishing a timeline of the denuclearization timeline, possibly reunification, possibly a peace treaty. all of that is put into motion and it's going to be event driven. connell: to suspend the military exercises or war games as the president called them. that makes sense as someone who participated in them? >> i participated in them once every six months, one winter and one in the late summer. the late winter one is troops on the ground so to speak, where you train with the south korean army and the late summer one is command post and
4:23 pm
generals getting together and korean generals getting together and doing a simulation exercising. the larger point is we won't suspend the exercises unless the north koreans are hitting the milestones that mike pompeo is putting into place now. have to look at this a event driven. this isn't a declaration as the left is saying we gave away the farm. we haven't given away anything. we have gotten the prisoners back. we've gotten a suspension and the missiles fired and development of nuclear weapons and now what we have said is we will suspend exercises if this timeline is met, and it makes perfect sense to me. connell: general, thank you for your expertise. appreciate you joining us today. thanks a lot. >> thank you. connell: okay. lissa: breaking california, voters are heading to the polls in november to decide if their state should be broken up. that's next. plus, pushing for answers,
4:24 pm
house republicans demanding the d.o.j. turn over documents on the trump campaign probe. republican congressman jim jordan responds. that's after the break. usic playingfrom day on, we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. un.. we lost it. today, we're renewg our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus onour satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018. hi.i just wanted to tell you thdependability award for its midsize car-the chevy malibu.
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. melissa: taking on the d.o.j. republican lawmakers are filing a measure within the next hour for a house vote to force the justice department to release all remaining documents on the trump campaign probe. congressman jim jordan is one of the lawmakers leading the charge and he joins me now. why did yecide to take this route? you think this is the best way to get the documents? >> we think it would be great if the house would take a position as a body saying look, give us information we are entitled to have to do our constitutional duty of oversight. remember, melissa, they haven't complied with subpoenas from chairman goodlatte and nunes, they tried to hide the fact
4:28 pm
that peter strzok had a relationship with judge contreras. they tried to hide that from us and redact it from the text messages between strzok and page. and just yesterday we learned through the good reports of catherine herridge learned that the d.o.j. threatened, rod rosenstein threatened house members on the house intelligence committee. if that isn't a reason to defend this institution, i don't know what is. melissa: they haven't complied with subpoenas. i couldn't not comply with a subpoena, isn't there enforcement mechanism, couldn't you do something about that? >> every tool is still in the toolbox. there is contempt, impeachment, all of the things are available. we think it makes sense to spell out all the things they have not complied with. all the documents we are entitled to. important to spell that out, have the house go on record and take a vote. the key is will the speaker of the house call up this. will he bring it up and have the house vote on it? that's what we want to have
4:29 pm
happen. we want our leadership to say look, when they threaten members of a standing committee in the house of representatives, when the department of justice does that, when the executive branch does that, we should stand up and defend those members, defend the process and defend our constitutional obligation to get answers for the american people. melissa: some people will say they were in the room and the conversation never happened. jeff sessions is among them. >> look, i know the staff members, i trust these guys. they are great staff members. they said it ppened, it was reported yesterday it happened. i've been in the room when rod rosenstein is upset. when you see the executive branch issuing threats, the chilling environment that creates, that is not good for te toet answers to important questions about how the fbi handled the clinton investigation, the trump-russia investigation, we're going to file a resolution. lissa: people say if they issue a subpoena and you don't comply, why don't you force
4:30 pm
them to comply? >> we can force them to come in and testify. but, look, they've got to get the documents and give them to us, we don't have access, they're at the department of justice. they have to do it. sogot k putting the pressure on them every possible way we can. we think this is the next step, but there are other steps we may have to take because frankly, theirck record is pretty bad. melissa: do you find it ironic andrew mccabe is suing the fbi to get information at the fbi that he needs himself? >> i guess i don't find anything too astonishing. james comey is fired, andrew mccabe is fired, he lied three e inspector general.cording t jim baker was demoted at fbi. lisa page, fbi counsel doted at the fbi. peter strzok was demoted and reassigned. five of the key people who happen to be, the same
4:31 pm
folks who ran the clinton investigation who helped launch the russian investigation. i find that interesting. tell me another time in history where you've seen a federal agency where five of the top people h been fired, demoted and reassigned. >> we have to run, we'll watch the vote. connell: interesting stuff. reversing course. seattle repealing the head tax after backlash from amazon. we have congressman diane black coming up, house ways and means on the reversal. and big sell-off into the close we were talking about. some of it may be trade related. details emerging for plans on brand new tariffs. tens of billions of dollars in chinese goods. what youeed to know about that? after the break. you're turning o the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident-no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it
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. connell: we're back with calls for california to be split into three separate states. all taking one step closer to becoming a reality. it's up to e voters in november. and fox's adam housley has the details for us. reporter: the country's most populous state, the fifth largest in size sliced up into three, could start the process this fall as california voters, it seems, may be going to the polls and deciding whether california needs to be three. here's how california could look. first california which is los angeles, ventura, up to monterey.
4:36 pm
second is central california, fresno to san diego curving around california and third would be northern california, bay area, sacramento where the current capital is, the wine country up to the border with oregon. rs wou get to decide they've got more than 6 how's signatures, that's more than enough to qualify for the november ballot. so why three states, you ask? the main argt is l.a. and the bay area forgot about the rest of california and dividing the state assets and liabilitie states would make decisions about taxes and spending and benefit education, water, health, transportation, you get the idea. supporters say citizens would be better served by smaller state governments. opponents say the plan would create chaos. in part, the initiative does say divides california into three states subject to the approval of congress. assigns each county to a new state, upon passage directs
4:37 pm
governor that congress grants approval within 12 months. it is unlikely congress would pass this at all, let alone within 12 months. a ton of legal challenges. this isn't the first time california talked about splitting up.onesal to split california into six states and effort still ongoing in the northern part of the state to create the state of jefferson. of course, california keeping things interesting. back to you. connell: jefferson? all right. adam housley from what is still one state, california. melissa: breaking news, the u.s. preparing to proceed with tariffs on tense of billions of dollars in chinese goods as early as friday. this is according to the "wall street journal." fox business' susan li is live in the newsroom with the latest. reporter: remember that threat to levee 25% tariffs on $50 billion worth of chinese goods? according to the "wall street journal," may have hurt stocks. looks like the trump administration may be going ahead with it. the latest from the "wall street journal" is president trump has not given the final
4:38 pm
approval on levying the tariffs. these were the threats and in light of what happened in north korea and needing china's help and getting north koreao the table and possibly complying promises and the agreements to denuclearize, they need china onside. and he settlement of 1.4 billion, management change as well? the u.s. government's helped to alleviate the pressure to get zte back in business, do they go ahead with the riffs? enter the trade war as they are. and fighting friends with canada as well. secretary of state mike pompeo visiting beijing later onext week and we had visits by high-level financial officials in the trump administration but this is what the "wall street journal" is reportath this point, they're going with a friday deadline where they had to release a product list of goods from china, that they were going to tariff.
4:39 pm
"wall street journal" says it's a go on friday, but saying that they don't have final trump approval just yet. back to you. melissa: susan. thank you. connell this moment at g7 where trump said let's all drop our tariffs on everybody. we'll get rid of em. and everybody blinked at each other and went back to the argument. just keep that in mind as you're hearing the other stories. connell: he hinted at what susan is talking about in the br baier ierview on china and bring congressman diane black in from capitol hill to respond to all of this. the breaking news on trade and much more. stay with us, we'll be right back. ldorf, doozles are dozing. their eyelids so heavy, they're drooping and... even heroes need incredible sleep. closing! introducing e new sleep number 360 smart bed. the only bed that actually senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. and snoring? does your bed do that? experience the new sleep number 360 smart bed today
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4:43 pm
made to our own bret baier in his interview on air force one. bring in tennessee congressman diane black who joins us from capitol hill. house ways and means committee member. always good to see you. the trade war is a broad term, we could talk to you about canada. we could talk fwout european union. let me start with china. u.s. has promised to go after china. threats back and forth. now if the journal is right, maybe the tariffs are coming sooner rather than later. what's your view on them? >> the president is someone who is a business person, he knows how to negotiate. listen, we have a trade imbalance with china for a long time. our leaders have been afraid to stand up to china, and i believe he's doing the right thing and standing up to china get us equal fair e. connell: a lot of peoplegree with you, they look at the numbers and say for years the chinese have not been treating us fairly. i could have talked to you about other countries and i know many states, kentucky
4:44 pm
comes to mind and maybe tennessee comes to mind. you may face retaliation for other tariffs that have been threatened whether european union or canada. do you have a different feeling how the president handled that? >> as a member of ways and means, we have had the trade ambassador in our cnce room and talked about this many times. coming back again next week. we've encouraged him to be targeted where they de tariffs. we know there are bad actors there. that's who we want the president to go after and the administration. connell: china, for example. >> exactly, china. connell: why didn't we team up with allies, europe and canada and everybody go after china? these are one-offs, kind of us versus the world, right? >> it's one of the deals where it's hard to do that. this president has a back bone. he ran on making america great again, and to put america first, and he's doing just what he said. we shouldn't be surprised at that.
4:45 pm
there are bad actors out there. china is one of them, and i think this is a way to show that we're going to be tougher in making sure there is fair trade. and nafta is right now being negotiated with mexico and with canada and there are some places there that we need to stand up for americans and make sure that our products are treated fairly. connell: and may come back at you, right? i mentioned everybody is talking out bourbon out of kentucky and tennessee whiskey, for trade purposes that's in the bourbon category. >> yes, it is. connell: they could come back in your state too, right? >> we're making a lot of the -- i don't want to -- what you call them the bourbons made by small companies, boutique bourbons and people are loving el thae tennesseans happy if they think bourbon is specific for tennessee, our whiskey and bourbon. connell: we'll be following up on. that i want to talk to you
4:46 pm
about the covery out of seattle. bigtime pressure on the city council from corporate america, and they did vote to repeal the tax on businesses like amazon and starbucks and what have you. what did you make of that? what a reversal and a quick reversal? >> i'd like them to come to tennessee because tennessee is wide open for business, we're a low tax state. the fh lowest in the entire nation and we're booming. economy is booming for months. it just shows that if you do the right things, you can attract businesses and you have to be careful to make sure you have a business friendly environment which we do in tennessee, i'm proud of that. connell: they had to thaurn around out there, and a different environment from where you are. what seems popular at the time is the opposite. people don't want to deal with that type of issue. apparently they were trying to deal with money to deal with homelessness. >> businesses will move to
4:47 pm
places they believe they can get the best environment to be business friendly. we like that. connell: a lot of that is driven by taxes. you are right about that. congressman black, good to see you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. connell: okay. melissa: a big announcement today about the 2026 world cup. >> the memr associations of canada, mexico and usa have been selected by the fifa congress to hold the 2026 fifa world cup. thank you. melissa: shanks, president of fox sports discussing the announcement with our own maria bartiromo this morning. >> it's a tremendous day. a lot of hard worked paid off by u.s. soccer, mexican soccer federation and the canadian soccer federation to bring it to all three host countries for the very first time in world cup history. melissa: the world cup starts tomorrow, and you can watch it on fox sports. i know we will. it is a big week for sports
4:48 pm
because the.s. open also kicks off tomorrow and "after the bell" will be taking you there live. you don't want to miss it. connell: that will be fun, looking forward to get to shinnecock. melissa: i cannot wait. i was at shinnecock the last time the tournament was held there. can't wait. kind of a boondoggle but please don't tell our bosses. connell: we'll have coverage tomorrow, president trump's influence put to the test. primary voters handing big wins supported by the commander in chief. implications of the midterms coming up next. >> we're the party of president donald j. trump. [cheers] i feel a great deal of urgency... i think, kp going, and make a difference.
4:49 pm
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. melissa: primary voters in five states hitting the polls and a shocker in south carolina. mark sanford, longtime carolina congressman and outspoken critic losing seat to katie arrington. sheer brad blakeman, former senior staffer to george w. bush. people say the races are a harbinger of what's to come and that it's not a sentiment about the president but that particular district. what do you say to that? >> i don't think that's the case. in november,yes, that will be the case. politics or local, but i think there's a movement going on because there's a success of the president. riding the wave of accomplishment. you take south carolina, that's what primaries are for. it's an internal cleansing of the party. had we had mark sanford continue in that spot as a republican nominee. he was weakened and probably
4:53 pm
would have lost in the generals. primaries are the selection process but you have to be selected to be elected in nomb. we're getting trump-like candidates, who are carrying the banner of trump's message, but a message of accomplishment. melissa: but the flipside of that argument is the more moderate candidate who could win in the general as the one that gets thrown out in the primary, only voters among republicans or whichever party you're looking at, at thetime, and the candidate that can win is the one that gets weeded out? >> i think the candidates now that have been selected are electable. they're not fringe candidates, they are mainstream candidates, and america likes the president's agenda. for the first tim in a long time, right track/wrong track polls show americans are optimistic about the future of america, and that is attributable to the president. it takes four to tango, a and a, a senate,
4:54 pm
without that they are dead in the water in november. melissa: is it a message about trump or the economy? >> all about the economy. in november, people histically vote with pocketbooks. wayt i because president is the trump. that needs to be heralded and we have to explain to the electorate that without house and a senate, the president cannot govern on his own. so we need that trifecta, if you will, in governance to continue the trump agenda. melissa: do you think there's a particular model of a candidate on the right side as the type of candidate who would be most successful coming up in the fall? or is it district by district? >> well, i think it is district by district because every district is unique. but i will say the candidate i think that's most appealable to the american people are the one who is anti-washington, who comes here to shake things up and to get things done. people don't want to hear the ten ways things can't get done
4:55 pm
which is famous in this town. they want to hear the one way it can. melissa: that applies on both sides, the anti-washington person. >> that's right. melissa: brad, thank you, appreciate your time. >> pleasure. connell: president trump did that interview, he's on air force one on the way back with bret baier and i mentioned this earlier, he seemed hint at the crackdown that might be coming on the chinese. we'll have the comment and talk about it, coming up next. ... hi, i'm joan lunden with for mom,
4:56 pm
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and determine the right level of care, whether that's just a helping hand or full-time memory care. best of all, it's a free service. there is never any cost to you. senior living has never been better, and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. call today. a place for mom -- you know your family, we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> after the breaking news as we take a look at shares of comcast, 21st century fox and disney comcast announcing this $65 billion bid for a big chunk of 21st century fox the entertainment assets kicking off a potentialding war with disney, comcast saying that it's confident it would get if this deal went through, regulatory approval. first this though. president trump: today's negotiation, but i think it opened up a little bit more because china could be a little
4:59 pm
upset aunt trade because we're very strongly clamping down on trade. >> how strong? president trump: well i think very strongly you'll see over the next couple of weeks, they understand what we're doing, with that being said i have a very good relationship with president xi. connell: so that's kind of a hint i think coming out and sayi they're preparing these new tariffs on china could be announced as early as friday the president didn't give brett a date butin that somethings coming. melissa: and the important tng when we're watching on these thins and we've heard the president say before and heard him say during his recent news conferce is all these things are connected when you talk about the tariffs on china it does have to do with what's going on with north korea and it does have to do with what's going on with the g7 and it's all inner connected to come out to the sam result, they say gosh how could you do this at a time when you're also doing north korea as if those two things aren't connected. connell: you're rightist all connected, whatever it may be now brett will have that whole
5:00 pm
interview on special report tonight. we'll see you out at the open tomorrow. melissa: i can't wait. thank you for filling in for david asman. that does it for us. connel e edit starts right now. >> certainly the new i don't know that the last time in the primary but it happened today. a lot of people would come up to me over the course of this campaign and say are you for or against trump? and i'd say i'm neither for nor against trump. those ideas of the market principle and the boys of local folks i'm going to root and on those issues on which he disagrees i'm going to disagree with the president. it may cost me an election in this case but i stand by every one of those decisions. liz: well we started the year off talking about a blue wave, but is a red wave coming? pro-trump candidates now advancing, and you will not


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