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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 13, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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interview on special report tonight. we'll see you out at the open tomorrow. melissa: i can't wait. thank you for filling in for david asman. that does it for us. connell: the evening edit starts right now. >> certainly the news, i don't know that the last time in the primary but it happened today. a lot of people would come up to me over the course of this campaign and say are you for or against trump? and i'd say i'm neither for nor against trump. those ideas of the market principle and the boys of local folks i'm going to root and on those issues on which he disagrees i'm going to disagree with the president. it may cost me an election in this case but i stand by every one of those decisions. liz: well we started the year off talking about a blue wave, but is a red wave coming? pro-trump candidates now advancing, and you will not
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believe which top democrat now says in a campaign ad, she voted over half the time with president trump. we'll tell you who it is and critics still blasting president trump's north korea deal, saying we gave away the store without getting any real specifics from kim jong-un, but look at this secretary of state mike pompeo now says there is a timeline for denuclearization. we've got the details, and markets closing the day in the red the fed raise interest rates and signaling it will raise them two more times this ye. it's a shift driven by an increasingly economic picture what does it mean for your money , money, political we deliver the debate at tomorrow's headlines i'm elizabeth macdonald the evening edit starts right now. well, welcome to the show breaking news, game on. comcast making a $65 billion
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cash bid to acquire certain assets of 21st century fox, bid ding disney's $52 billion plus offer. now, 21st century fox is the parent company of the fox business network let's get right to susan li live in the news room with the latest details. reporter: right now, e-mac we do have an investor call taking place with 21st century executive that includes ceo brian roberts and headlines are already making the rounds it looks like brian roberts himself the ceo of comcast says he's confident in regulatory approval for buying these assets from 21st century fox. now don't forget this is the second time that we have comcast making a bid for fox's assets so the reason why rupert murdoch and the rest of the management team at fox has decided to go with disney is because of concern over regulatory approval but brian roberts of comcast says that they are fully confident in fact they might not even have to have a rehave you by the fcc which is really interesting fox shares of course
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hitting a record during the session up from 7% topping that stock bid from disney, and coming in with 65 billion in cash and really all of this change, right so you know this after yesterday's court ruling that at&t can buy time-warner assets and now as you see it's much in the content and everyone is getting to this game especially as you have these technological players like netflix and facebook in the game but e-mac i'm going to continue watching these headlines listen ing to this investor call and i'll continue to bring what i hear throughout the entire hour to you. liz: that's great you're on the story susan and just the beginning innings of the whole media merger wave. let's get market reaction from nicole petallides live live. nicole there's tax implications too with the deal between the all cash deal for comcast and the fox assets. i mean, you spin-off in an all cash deal there's tax implications for fox here with an all cash deal so nicole you're seeing some hot market
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action right now, right? nicole: no doubt, so let's first take a look at the stocks in particular. first of all we have to note that 21st century fox the parent of the fox business network had a seventh record day and you could see in the after-hours it's moving higher on this comcast bid of 65 billion so we'll see whether or not that disney might sweeten their offer , and going forward and we're expecting a blockbuster summer for mergers and acquisitions in media, telecom, cable, overall as far as the market let's talk about what we said the dow jones industrial average down 119 points, the fed comes out two more rate hikes for 2018 and three or four, it's going to be four that's what they alluded to so we did see the stock markets sell-off as the 10 year bond deal moved higher around 3% since may 24 you'll see it 2.98%, and the meantime, as yields moved higher we saw home builders selling off they had been down about 2%
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during the early part of the day and then accelerated to the down side and down about 7% for k b home and a quick peak at netflix and amazon with record closes and i will leave you with this, liz netflix with a big price target today over at goldman sachs they put up a $490 target as the highest on the street. liz: good stuff nicole thanks so much for coming in. now mark this date down june 13. it could be the leading edge of a coming red wave. watch what happened. several trump-backed candidates swept victory in the five primaries that were held yesterday most notably incumbent south carolina congressman mark sanford is a vocal critic of president donald trump, he lost yesterday's primary for a seat in the house, to pro-trump challenger state legislator and former small business woman katie afterring ton and look whose joining me now. >> hello, how are you doing? liz: katie great to see you thank you so much for coming on.
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it was a stunning upset that happened just hours after president trump endorsed you in this tweet. let's show it to the viewer, mark sanford has been very un helpful to me in my campaign to make america great again he's mia, nothing but trouble better off in argentina, fully endorsed for a state i love, tough on crime continue our fight to lower taxes vote katie. by the way the president referring to sanford's affair in argentina. what was your reaction when you saw that tweet? >> i was blown away. any time that the president of the united states is going to tweet about you, it's one of those moments you'll never forget in your lifetime especially with what he had just come off doing. working on peace and denuclearizing the korean peninsula and to take his time it was phenomenal. liz: do you think it was a factor in your victory? >> so we had done a great deal of hard work on this campaign. its been months and months and thousands and thousands of doors
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knocked and phone calls made by myself and this team so it's a lot of hard work that went into this. i do think that the tweet helped in the end. it kept us from a run off maybe, but it was definitely well received and grateful for it. liz: here sanford criticizing president trump. let's watch. >> you describe the president as misleading, even unprepared for the office of president? >> some of the bluster and some is distracting. >> there have been some crazy tweets and crazy quotes. >> i think it's wrong and this notion of twitter & company to death of frightening them is not the way in which you attract jobs or capital in the country. >> i think that those kind of threats are counter productive. he's made those kinds of threats to any different members in the con rinse. i don't work for him, i work for not 750,000 people in the first congressional district. liz: katie sanford went pretty negative on trump and you won even though sanford said you voted to increase taxes and
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spending by 1.4 billion including gas taxes what's your reaction to that? >> well first and foremost, the gas tax and the issues that mark is referring to are issues that happened while he was governor. we had to come in and take care of business. we had a pension plan in a state that was on a course that started under governor sanford and the infrastructure has been, you know, under governor sanford , the third most deadliest roads in the nation. we absolutely had to do something in the state of south carolina because our congressman wasn't doing much to help us as far as infrastructure or making sure that the funding was, that it was in the government that was necessary. it's one of those things you have to take care of business. peoples lives matter. liz: when you hear from voters katie are they talking about how the economy is pretty good? the new york times is saying it's running out of superlatives about the good jobs report and bill mahr says the only way to get rid of president trump is to crash the economy. is it finally punching through
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the tv screens and getting to voters, do they get it? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, we're at a 17-year low of unemployment. we have more people keeping their money paycheck to paycheck , absolutely the economy , what's going on with global security and peace, absolutely what president trump has done is definitely reverberating through every district in america right now. we're lowering taxes i was one of the co-sponsors in the state house to lower our income tax based on what president trump was able to do in this past session. didn't go to help any, the congressmen, mark sanford that he went on national tv to say he didn't believe the tax cuts should be permanent. those are the things that resonate are the voters in south carolina. liz: katie you're a small business person, the president was a businessman. do you see voters reacting positively to business people running for office? >> yes, actually that was one of the leading things that we as
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a nation looked we didn't want another career politician in washington. we wanted a business person. we wanted somebody who understood what it was to sign the front of the paycheck, and you know, understood the tax policies and how they were harming business. i think that's case in point here. i've been a small business owner for years. i understand what it like to have them make payroll for myself and others. things like the obamacare and how it hurt small business to be able to provide good quality health insurance to our employee s. absolutely i think those are driving forces on why we elected president trump and what he has been able to do in spite of people like mark sanford is remarkable. he's a president with backbone. liz: let's move on to north korea. the democrats still blasting president trump for meeting with north korea in that summit, and excuse me, not having an exact timeline to denuclearization. let's watch. >> unfortunately the president broke ground and he's left it broken. >> for the united states, it's
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permanent proof that we've legitimized a brutal dictator whose starved his own people. >> someone who builds himself as a great negotiator i think just got out and negotiated by this young dictator. >> the fact that he's attacking the wrong target suggest he's either deeply ignorant, deeply miss informed or just likes to get angry as part of an ongoing soap opera. liz: that team after just one summit you can expect more meetings to hammer this out and here is secretary of state mike pompeo just saying there is a timeline, two and a half years, that the u.s. hopes to achieve major disarmament of north korea 's nuclear arsenal that will happen potentially during the president's first term and that the u.s. would resume joint military exercises with south korea if the talks stall. he adds that talks will pick-up again next week. katie it took obama two years to get the iran deal and five summits for reagan and gorbachev >> it just goes to show they're
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hypocritical. they can look at nobody wants to say anything that obama took two years and you're correct on that iran deal, but yet president trump has managed to get someone whose not come to the table in over 30 years, to come to a table and have a discussion and overnight they want miracles. it's just they're pandering again. you always put down what you fear. the democrats fear president trump because he's doing good things for this nation and for the globe. they have unrealistic expectations. he is, he got kim jong-un to the table to enter into talks and to say yes, i want to denuclearize. what do you want? overnight success? it's an in possibility. i'm impressed with the fact that we have a two y window to get this done. thinkhat's taken 30 years to build up, two years to bring down is absolutely sensible and we have to let the best negotiator in the world do his job. liz: katie are they afraid of president trump peacemaker, that he will be branded as that, is
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that what the fear is? >> oh, i think absolutely that's an issue. i think that any time somebody is successful in spite of all of the rhetoric, in spite of all of the insults in spite of dragging their feet absolutely. i think they're terrified he's going to go out in 2024 and his legacy will be global peace, a great economy and what more could they be terrified of? liz: katie it's great to have you on thank you so much for coming on the show. >> thank you. liz: and we'd love to have you back on again that was a great interview. >> i hope to hear from you in november. liz: terrific stuff thank you katie good luck to you. democrats still arguing that trump's tax cuts cater only to the rich and that the rich won't get any of it back but coming up a new report on u.s. charitable giving that shows that charitable giving this year hit actually last year hit a new all-time record. also tonight, look at this head- spinning 180. liberal seattle did vote to get rid of that head tax that would be a job killing tax where on
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the cities largest employers, just about a month ago they unanimously passed it. we've got the details and democrats in seattle didn't like it either but first house democrat nancy pelosi taking her rhetoric a step further now saying it pays off for north korea to have nuclear weapons we're bringing in texas republican congressman brian bab bin, will react after this. [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call, or visit a store today. >> we're going to negotiate with donald trump. it pays to have a nuclear bomb in your pocket. liz: house minority leader nancy pelosi ratcheting up the rhetoric slamming president trump's north korea summit she and others claiming the meeting with kim's regime and says it
5:18 pm
pays to have a nuclear bomb let's bring in texas republican manchester brian babbin. your reaction to nancy pelosi's comment just there? >> well i think you have to consider the source this is the same person that disparaged the tax cuts, extra money in americans pockets after the tax cuts and jobs act, called it crumbs. i think it just shows a disconnection that she has with the average american person and let me just say this it never hurts to have a strong military, and a military second to none, and so i would say that he is speaking from a position of strength, talking about president trump, and it's absolutely necessary to have a military that people respect. liz: and pelosi is taking a sub text of the crack at the president getting rid of the iran deal but look at this congressman, iran now warning
5:19 pm
north korea don't trust trump, who cancels a deal for getting back home, but would iran be getting involved here at this level of rhetoric if they didn't think there was a serious effort by trump to do a deal with north korea? >> i think we're getting into their mind, and into the iranians minds. this is something that trust but verify came from president reagan. that's something that we did not have in the iranian deal and we absolutely were forbidden to really go in and check the iranians nuclear potential and where they were doing their centrifuge and do the things that we needed to do, and we will absolutely be doing that with the north koreans and it remains to be seen, there's a lot of work to be donald a work in progress but i can tell you that president trump said the iranian deal was the worst deal ever consummated in american foreign policy and i can
5:20 pm
guarantee you this president will not be making a deal similar to that one. liz: so quickly about trade deals senate republicans pushing to block the white house on the tens of billions of dollars on chinese goods, the white house moving forward on that front, also trying to block president trump's trade tariff agenda and the recent deal with china on zte, your reaction to that? >> well, i can tell you that's t e is they're bad actors and we certainly have to be watching them very very closely because you know, they could be doing a lot of data mining when we're buying their components, dod has already forbidden the government , forbidden to be purchasing these types of zte components, but let me just say this. i agree with president trump on what he's doing, for too long, the united states has been the whipping boy in our trade deals
5:21 pm
and we cannot any longer have these types of lopsided trade deals where the american people, the american workers and our american job create ors and businesses domestic and overseas have to be taking a back seat to a great disadvantage of our allies we just can no longer do that. liz: and here is bret baier he interviewed president trump on air force one. he asked him about china's reaction to the north korea summit. let's take a listen. >> do you think china looks at this and says well this is kind of what we want, north korea that's under control, a u.s. that's maybe disengaging from the region? president trump: no i think china would really like to see no nuclear weapons, because look whether you're semi-friendly with a nation or not when they have nuclear weapons and you're that close it can't be a positive feeling so china's been very helpful. liz: you can see the rest of bret baier's interview with president trump on special report tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel your reaction to that,
5:22 pm
sir? >> i couldn't agree more. i believe it's time to denuclearize the peninsula and this is what the united states wants. it's just what china would like and everybody else over the past administrations has had an appeasement policy and this time we don't have an appeasement policy. president trump has shown more leadership and strength in the past 18 months than president obama did in his entire career, 18 years, in politics, and so this time we're talking business here and i'm very cautiously optimistic we're going to get a good deal out of this. liz: congressman we love having you on. congressman brian babbin, come back soon we love having you on. and thank you for the correction there. okay, look at this story coming up but first the media argued president trump's harsh rhetoric with north korea will lead to
5:23 pm
nuclear war. now they're upset with his rhetoric in trying to get peace in north korea we're bringing in steve forbes he's going to debate that, next. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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>> president trump sounds more like a north korean leader unfortunately than an american leader. it used to be we looked at the north koreans and said those are the nuts with nukes and now it looks like a little bit like we have our own nut with nukes. >> this is the first time that the dangerous statements of the north korean regime have been met by dangerous statements by the president of the united states. >> we have never heard this kind of bluster from an american president to another world leader. liz: okay, you saw all of that right? that wases the media in the beginning arguing president trump's harsh rhetoric of north korea will leader to nuclear war and now after the president's historic summit with korea's kim jong-un the media is upset with president trump's efforts at
5:27 pm
peace to avoid war. let's watch. >> he was incredibly rough on barack obama, hillary clinton, justin trudeau, democrats. he's going easy on this brutal dictator. >> he's wildly there. >> a very smart negotiator. >> smart poisoned family members, killed. >> he's coming on. does he want to be allies with north korea, friends? liz: okay, here is president trump in a tweet. here is what he said. a year ago the pundits and talking heads, people that couldn't do the job before, were begging for peace, please do not go to war. now that we have met and have a great relationship with kim jong-un, the same haters shout out, you shouldn't meet, do not meet. let's bring in steve forbes and he's the editor and chief of forbes magazine great to see you sir. >> good to be with you. liz: so your reaction to the back and forth listen do you think that the
5:28 pm
white house is naive about however ill kim jong-un is? >> absolutely not it reminds me in an old story franklin roosevelt used to tell you go to a fair there's a balloon and if i go up they call me a show off and if i don't go up they call me a coward so if he doesn't meet with the north koreans he's a war monger and so the key thing is the follow through. the fact that trump was willing to call off the meeting a couple weeks ago shows that he feels things are not moving the right way, he will pull back, and that's the key thing, that he doesn't get trapped in this thing if it's not moving the way it should pullback. liz: but bottom line is no nuclear war. i mean the north koreans have been threatening that for a couple years now even before trump and here the democrats acting like this one summit sets everything down and unchangeable concrete but steve, the sanctions are still in place and pompeo saying the military exercise they have not gone away , right? >> well and with military exercises you can do them in a few months if you actually call the thing off and so the key
5:29 pm
thing is what does kim jong-un do next? does he follow through on the denuclearizing? i don't think he will but the presidents gone out of his way, so if this thing doesn't work, he's got all the authority to say we must take drastic steps before they're calling him a war monger and now they're calling him an appeaser. liz: the last couple of decades people agree we're not so state-of-the-art with north korea they've got nuclear weapon s but here is the thing. reagan it took him five summits with gorbachev and then -- >> and he walked out. liz: and then six years later the soviet union collapsed and took obama two years to get that deal with iran but they're acting like one summit is everything. >> well, one summit two hours you won't solve much of anything this a process and we'll soon learn how serious kim is and how serious the chinese are going to be putting pressure on him if he pulls back. the fact that the president is talking about putting not
5:30 pm
sanctions but tariffs on chinese goods shows that he has great relationship with xi'm, you remember they're best friends forever but if he felt things weren't moving he was going to act. liz: and then there is this cnn jim acosta was really shouting a lot of questions at the president. what was your reaction to that? >> remember sam done oldson was always shouting, he makes sam donaldson look like miss manners and it's just pure rudeness trying to make a name for himself at the expense of decency but those people are always around. liz: come back soon. okay democrats still railing against the tax cuts for the rich, arguing the rich don't get anything back but look at this a new report on u.s. charitable giving that hit a new all-time record high last year & compan ies are giving the tax cuts back we've got new data on this former reagan economic advisor art laffer is reacting after this. >> we're looking at an economy
5:31 pm
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liz: breaking news, merger mania game on, comcast executives just finishing a phone call, after its $65 billion all-cash bid to acquire certain assets of 21st
5:35 pm
century fox the parent company of the fox business network. let's get back to susan li'm in the news room. susan? >> yeah, listening to this and this is pretty much a steeled bid that comcast is giving to its investors and analysts alike 65 billion all cash they say but some of the comments coming through, you know this bid which is a 19% premium to disney's offer for fox assets so this includes $13 billion in debt, cost synergies they say of $2 billion, and there was some confusion over hulu, whether or not it was part of the comcast bid it wasn't part of the presentation so analysts had to ask roberts and the rest of the executive team what exactly is going on with this online content provider they said it's part of the deal and sky was brought up because we know fox owns about over 30% of sky and that's a british comcast bidding for the other 60% plus, that fox doesn't own they say regardless of this bid, that deal is still, that bid is still on the table.
5:36 pm
back to you. liz: really interesting stuff thank you so much susan for staying on that story. okay, this is an all too familiar site. democrats railing against the tax cuts and railing against the rich. watch. >> trump tax plan was written by a billionaire for billionaire s. [applause] >> democracy is not about billionaires buying elections. >> don't give tax breaks to millionaires. >> whether this country works for billionaires like trump and their big bank friends or whether this country works for everyone else. liz: okay, but now look at this, the good news about the tax cuts continued to pour in more than 600 examples of companies giving back the tax cuts in the form of bonuses higher wages 401 can increases and more and look at this, u.s. charitable giving hit a new all-time record last year, that trend will likely continue in the feel good economy from the tax cuts and the regulatory
5:37 pm
environment cutting back regulations that we're in 410 million bucks the first time it rosa barack obama the $400 billion marks in terms of charitable giving and the majority of those giving they are individuals let's bring in art laffer former reagan economic advisor so the rich are still evil here? >> i don't think so. i think they're great the dream i've always had is to make the poor rich not to make the rich poorer that's never been my dream is to make people poorer so i think it's neat when people make money, get jobs, and are able to give gifts to charities . i think that's wonderful and one of the things you have to worry a little bit about in that charitable giving e-mac is with the tax rates coming down a gift in 2017 had more of a deduction flavor to it than it would in 2018, so you may see some timing on some of those issues but the jobs numbers, wage numbers all numbers are coming in very well and revenue numbers are coming in as well so i think it looks
5:38 pm
pretty good i don't know why they complain about prosperity. liz: you're right you basically were almost quoted i think margaret thatcher there, art laffer, she said making the rich and creating prosperity doesn't make poor people poorer. it's government policies that set that environment right? >> and plus we're making poor people richer because they've got jobs now and food stamps are way down as well as you know, the snap program i guess they call it now. that's because people now have higher incomes and aren't eligible for it. that's what you want. you want the best dream is the best warm of welfare as kennedy put it is a good high-paying job liz: exactly. >> that's far better. liz: and fdr didn't like it either he said it's access and narcotic to the soul, i'm paraphrasing. oh, that's a wonderful phrase. i've never heard that one before liz: it's stunning. now listen to this, we've got a new report on millennials that says more than half of millennials expect to be watch
5:39 pm
this, millionaires some day when we dug into the numbers they expect to retire at 5 # but get this, they don't plan to start saving for retirement until age 36. what do you make of that report? >> i think it's wonderful. you shouldn't save when you're 10 years old. i think the time to save you should be working hard investing buying your hopes raising your kids in the early years and then in the later years when you have high income and less expense that's when you should save like mad and give it to your kids grandkids so that they can have the opportunity to live with good thins and be productive, education is the biggest gift a parent can give to a child or grand child and that's what you want. liz: i love to you you find the optimism in everything. people would be saying millennials are acting spoiled with that report right? >> well they might be too but what's wrong with being a little spoiled e-mac? it's wonderful i had the best parents in the world, they worked real hard and made my life wonderful i got good education there's nothing wrong with that. we need it for everyone not just
5:40 pm
for me. liz: great parents they had you art laffer great to see you come back in again soon. >> by the way steve forbes was great with you too. he's one of my best friends. liz: he's great and your other friend, larry kudlow is on the mends. >> he's doing fine he went home today so he's much better. liz: thank you so much art laffer. next up look at this story florida republican senator marco rubio calling out the media for their negative coverage of the north korea summit saying the media was never this upset when president obama did that wave with the leader of that dictator of cuba, fox news howie kurtz bringing him into react after this. brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife.
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dray, when he was younger, he loved to smile; and we knew he would need braces becae his teeth were coming in funny. this is the picture that was on the front page of the newspaper. all you can notice is the braces! then, once he got to michigan state, he broke the retainer! my bottom teeth, they were really crooked, and i just wasn't getting braces again. then i discovered smiledirectclub. it's easy to just grab it and go and i can change it on the road. i did photoshoots with my aligners in and you can't see them. a smile is a first impression, that's why i think having a great smile is so important. >> so after all the pomp and circumstance what comes next? how does the u.s. hold north korea to its commitment to denuclearize after its broken nuclear promises in past? >> how can the u.s. be sure? a key missing ingredient, no
5:44 pm
requirements that kim jong-un disclosed how many weapons he has, or where they are hidden. >> to believe that kim jong-un is going to give away his nuclear arsenal which really gives him the power, i think we went too far and perhaps -- >> can we take kim jong-un at his word and can we take the guy in the white house at his word? >> are we going ahead with just some hopeful wishful thought and i find that incredibly worrying, incredibly depressing. liz: okay remember this is just off of one summit it's going to take multiple summits that's the media reaction to one summit and president trump off the meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un but florida republican senator marco rubio has now criticized the media for their coverage. his tweet the president's meeting with kim jong-un exposed incredible hipocracy of many in the media, when obama did these things he was described as
5:45 pm
enlightened. when trump does it he is wreckless and foolish. a year ago they attacked trump for leading us potentially toward war and now a of course him for being too quick for peace. let's bring in fox news mediabuzz host and the author of the terrific book you've got to buy it, it's media madness he's howie kurtz great to see you. what do you think of senator rub io. by the way you previewed all of this that this was happening in your book, right? >> yeah, for the media knee jerk visceral reaction against the president on foreign policy disruption is a lot of that in the book and we see that here as well. look i think the questions asked in most of those clips not leaving us with a shot at the president are actually fair questions there is a legitimate question to be asked about no verification or deadlines in the agreement with the north koreans lie as they have in the past why did the president give up south korean military? that's all fine it's the
5:46 pm
personal and negative nature of the criticism that does betray the double standard for example, you have msnbc's lawrence o'donnell saying trump is being naive and the new york times saying he's been hoodwinked. you have other people like that questioning whether the president has a grasp on this when it is as you say, an initial meeting of just a few hours it was never going to get a complicated nuclear agreement. liz: obama said to president trump right off the bat, your toughest problem will be north korea. i think the president knows that , the economic sanctions stay in place, pompeo now saying the timeline is 2.5 years for full denuking and the south korean military exercises may not go away. here is how the media though, howard treated president obama's trip to cuba. i'd like your reaction to this. watch. >> it is history in the making, president obama is about to land in cuba. >> a historic trip by a u.s. president, all bringing
5:47 pm
with them hope for a new a changed cuba ahead. >> that other big headline this morning president obama making history becoming the first u.s. president in nearly 90 years to step foot on cuban soil >> the history made here in cuba just this moment of this plane being on the ground and president barack obama on inside is something that people here never imagined. >> it is the way that this administration is trying to show that it will do whatever it can before it leaves office to give the engagement process and to try to make it irreversible. liz: howard cuba has a massive prison system. it really, it tortures people and kills people. it's kind partly behind largely i'd say the collapse of venezuela sounds like the media is pretty happy about president obama's visit to cuba. >> oh, the mainstream media were cheerleading the resumption of diplomatic relations so there's been so much focus much of it elizabeth from some of the
5:48 pm
same people who were with president trump when he was taunting and denouncing kim little rocket man, nuclear button is bigger than yours, look he is a bad guy. he is a murderer. he does jail his opponents. all of that is true but the world is filled wit bad guys and in contrast with the coverage to obama in cuba there's so much how could he possibly legitimize kim and sit down because north korea has nuclear weapons and the only way to make those go away potentially if it happens is by engaging with the dictator. liz: well we love having you on and your insights and analysis and go get howard's book media madness. >> great to see you elizabeth. liz: look at this 180 liberal seattle voting to get rid of this job tax they plan to do on the city's big businesses this week after they unanimously passed that. my next guest says do you know what? maybe seattle is learning a valuable lesson in economics on
5:49 pm
how jobs are really created and how homelessness is also created , we're bringing in kristin tate, she's back after this. [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction.
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>> you would rather cause pain to homeless people than cause pain to jeff bezos. >> jeff bezos issued a threat and if you cap itch you late at this stage it's as if nothing more than you favor jeff bezos over the working people in this city. liz: seattle now did a 180, they voted to repeal a head tax on the city's largest employers giving a win to corporate companies like amazon and starbucks and now watch this, the plan did pass unanimously with the entire backing from seattle city council just about a month ago. large companies would have had to pay a $275 tax per worker the
5:53 pm
revenues going toward homeless programs, but even democrats there said wait a second, hold on, companies will pick up and leave creating more joblessness and potential homelessness so the city council did a 180 the majority rejecting the tax my panel joins me now kristin tate, and great to see you both. watch this kristin. even democrats say this head tax doesn't work chicago democrat mayor ram emmanuel said don't do it it's a jobs it will destroy jobs and create homelessness your reaction? >> the head tax would have hurt over 500 of seattle's largest employers it punishes companies for employing the city's residents. boeing alone employs over 80,000 people in the seattle area and could have been slapped with a head tax bill totaling tens of millions of dollars and of course the city council said they wanted to use the tax revenue to expand welfare programs for homeless people, but last year alone, seattle spent over $50 million trying to
5:54 pm
solve its homeless crisis that's over $16,000 per homeless person , and what do they have to show for it? more homeless people this year than they had last year, when you tax something, you get less of it and in this case jobs, when you subsidize something you get more of it homeless people. so seattle, the city council made the right decision here. liz: wendy your reaction to washington democrats state senator that said wait a second if you think for half a second that these companies will not pick up and move and leave seattle because of the head tax you're dead wrong. we will lose jobs and create even more homelessness. what's your reaction to a democrat saying that? >> absolutely i think that's one side of the coin but i think as a country we have to decide who is running our government. we have to decide whether big business or whether it's private citizens. liz: you really think big business is running government? >> that's not what i said i said we have to decide whose running the country but what i think is really important here is that whether we put this head tax forth, it will not change homelessness in any state and we
5:55 pm
have to understand that. it is a means but it's not a pan acea, so again the government has to step up here and not look to solely square this on the shoulders of big corporations and say you're going to be the person to solve this problem because it has not worked and as far as ram emmanuel talking about what happened in chicago i think he needs to face the violence in his city before he starts giving out advice here. liz: let's get to more trouble for what's happening in california there is a plan to split california into three states, it now is on the november ballot. now, voters agree the process could begin for three separate states to take the place of california. one primarily centered around la , the two other dividing up counties to the north and south. kristin this may not pass the california state legislate churr , but is this taking the temperature of conservative voters in california they feel disin franchised what's your take? >> yeah, i mean i can see it the heartland of california does
5:56 pm
tend to be pretty conservative but if these people are unhappy with what's going on in the liberal city they should vote with their feet and just leave the state. that's already been going on for decades but this plan to split california into three states is highly unlikely as you mentioned both houses of the state legislatur woud tld nee approve the plannd they essentially putting themselves out of a job so i don't think it'll happen but it does speak to the real discord in the state liz: wendy final word? >> california is not going to be split up into three different states. we all know that but what i do think is incumbent upon official s in california is to make sure they are looking at the issue around sanctuary cities. that's what's underpinning this. liz: you guys were great tonight kristin and wendy we want to have you back on real soon. great stuff from you both. >> thank you. liz: we'll be right back with more detail ons that blockbuster comcast multibillion dollar bid for certainly assets of 21st century fox after the break don't go away.
5:57 pm
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liz: comcast making the all cash offer for 21st century fox. thank you for having us in your homes. here now, "making money" with charles payne. charles: we had a light session sell-off as the fed raised rates. i have got to tell you, they had a lot of great things to say about this economy. riding that pro-trump wave. last night a republican south carolina congressman mark sanford, a frequent trump critic, he was ousted by say they arring ton. he tweeted my political representatives didn't want me to get


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