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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 13, 2018 8:00pm-8:59pm EDT

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lou:s it forsonig. w uorrow. the doj inspector general's report set to be released. i can't wait. can you? thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight president trump says the north korean nuclear threat is over and the nation's biggest enemy is now fake so what that nobel prize? we'll have those story just moments from now first up, judgment day for the fbi and doj of an 18-month investigation. miker who wo wits expected to deliver his bombshell report tomorrow. we do not yet know exactly what's in the horowitz report. president trump and congress will get a sneak peek tomorrow before it is released to us hey th and you know it pertains to hillary clinton's private server investigation and whether certain players decided not to prosecute here in an attempt to
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help clinton beat donald trump in prel election. according to abc news, a draft report says former fbi director james comey defied authority and was insubordinate racketer the investigation. abc news went on to say the report also faults general loretta lynch and fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. it is not legally binding. it will only offer recommendations on what should be don let me ask republican congressman bob goodlatte of virginia, the chair of the house judiciary committee. welcome to the show. >> good evening. kennedy: a lot of questions people have particularly about rod rose rosen sine. rosenstein. as to whether or not he threatened to subpoena some of your peers e-mails or text messages. >> yes. i was not in the meeting.
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that is the subject of that controversy. but i will say that it is very important for any official in the department of justice to treat the congress with respect. and understand that we have a right to see these documents related to investigations that we're conducting. and it is not appropriate to counter with threats to the congress. kennedy: absolutely not, especially when you have the time of power where you can make people's lives miserable with that type of capability. rod rosenstein is obviously an interesting and critical figure in this entire things but he's essentially been acting as rney general because jeff sessions recuse seems to extend far beyond any russia probe. rod rosenstein is also the person who helped jes comey fired and he's also the one who is going to brief the president on this report. tell me your thoughts about rod rosenstein and how he's incorporated in all of these. >> well, he's a central figure
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in these, no doubt. and he could fulfill his responsibilities by making sure that the congress and through the congress, the ameri people get ats out how these two presidential campaign were handled in such disparate fashion between the fbi bending over backwards to not prosecute hillary clinton. think about this now. we're two years past that investigation, two years past when james comey said she did all these things wrong but we're not going to indict her and still no one has been held accountable for the leaking of hundreds of classified e-mail. and no one is above the law. on the other hand, with regard to the so-called trump-russia collusion, some of the same characters transferred over from that -- from the clinton investigation to the trump investigation and clearly somewhere an extraordinary bias against the current administration and the trump
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campaign. that cannot hapn aga in the 2020 presidential next. the nib has to be -- y: no, it c't. you're absolutely right. there has to be -- you say no e is above the law it feels too justice is metered out differently depending on what party you're in, how much money you have and what is at stake for people who are career deep staters, like rod rosenstein and peter strzok and lisa page. there's a lot that we don't know about the back and forth and you know the lack of objectivity for strzok and page. what are you hoping to find about them specifically in this report? >> well this report is very important. we understand it's about 500 pages long. we know it's very thorough. we know the inspector general, mr. horowitz has done good work in other areas. he's communicated with the congress as this report has progressed and we think it's going to fill in a lot of the missing pieces of the puzzle regarding what was going on in 2016. not all of them because it's not
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focused on everything. but certainly with regard to how the fbi and the department of jawjustice handled the matters regarding hillary clint and the page-strzok texts are going to be a big part of it. the inspector general had them. he was the individual who found the missing strzok-page texts and he recovered them usi technology and then also shared them with the congress. so we're looking for a lot of useful information here that will help to answer questions and to move the process forward -- kennedy: i hope that not only -- you know, there are different sides of this on jo. obviously we're delighted at the palace intrigue because it gives us something to talk about. that doesn't help fix the massive institutional problems that we have and that clearly is the most important thing. this thing is such a god-awful mez.
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mess. when you have the deputy attorney general hiding behind a shield of opa as rod rosenstein is doing and not being more forth coming with some of tuments and jeff sessions going completely awol in most areas of his professional responsibility, do you blame more, rosenstein or sessions? >> first of all, i think this is an institutibl with the department. it's often the general cns of the fbi and of the department of ju justice that are the peope hardest to pry these comes out of. i know from having worked on that for years now. but particularly in this investigation. and let me just say, the new fbi director, christop wray has been cleaning house there. there's a number of personal changes. we're making progress. we have a protocol set up where we have a room at the department of justice where we're able to examine thousands of documents that are me available to us when we see them unary
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dacted, we can look at them and identify the ones that we want to have produced. if they have classified information and involve other investigations, we canact them. but we know what'sedted. that part is imimproving but kennedy: thank you for joining me too night who should be worried to most about the inspector general's report. let me take it to the panel, ca operatives and president of diligence llc mike baker is here. and associate editor robbi robbe and tom sha lew is he. welcome, everyone. baker, i'm going to start with you. let's talk about this a little bit. because you do have tse problems and pyers that are no longer employed with the government but we keep hearing their names over and over and over again. so what can we expect from this?
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i mean is it just going to be a good tongue lashing for james comey? >> point out in your opening, there's nothing legally binding ahis. they're not going to insist on and be able to exact charges. they can make recommendations about charges. but i suspect when you say what is going to come from this report, it's the same thing that i feel usually comes from any special investigation or any committee report. basically nothing. kennedy: yeah, a bunch of words that essentially go nowhere. i want to ask you about something specifically that you touched on. because you have people that are no longer at the department. loretta lynch i no longer the attorney general. james comey is no longer fbi director. but you also have people who are career department of justice officials like rod rosenstein and even jeff sesons who sms to he gone over to the dark side and who is protecting rosenstein. it seems as though there's not a lot of impetus for them to throw
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people under the bus who have roles thatither they now have or they would like to have and it seems like they're going to be as protective as possible to further their own careers. >> they're going to be protective of the status quo. >> what we're seeing a lot of in washington right now is agitation, irritation over the fact that things aren't following processes and protocols. wash t on consistency and going through the same steps all of the time. and all of these reports and investigations, what's going to happen is we're going to get this ig report tomorrow. both sides are going to interpret it the way they want to interpret it. it's not going tofy anody frankly. and we're just going to end up moving on. but you'reight. where's the incentive? there's no incenve internally for these people to clean house. that's not going to happen. people need to get their head around this idea. kennedy: things are politically crazy but arehey really as bad as they seem? and this is really an avenue for
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things to get better and things to be more transparent and so somehow lock up the potential abuses in thistmen i think thint better if we make the actual institutions, the actual apparatus of the state smaller, just replacing people. i mean some people wil be shown leniencyhen they shouldn't be. some treated too harshly. someor ethical than others. but we need to collapse the giant nonelected body that has super power to intervene in our lives and to screw up political people's agendas. the voters can pick, right, their representative. you can't pick the ages. kennedy: and they're not. >> no. an difrent people mhto the same thing. we need to make the institutionings smaller. kennedy: wo would be a satisfactory outcome for the president and for republicans? >> i don't think - i have very low expectations, as i always do. kennedy: because i the democrats are going hate it no matter
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what it is. palace intrigue. that's the name of the game. when a report comes out, things get leaked out. that's how we g the strzok-page texts ybngil happen from these investigations. nny: it was michael horowitz who found those. >> yes. but we're able to disseminate them and talk about them. we think we're doing nothing with all of the talk and whatever. but the thing is, that is the way information gets out to people. so the palace intrigue ends up being a way to inform people so i feel positive about it. >> and i think the dead end in - you up to a certain point. but the problem is people are living in echo chambers. so they are -- you're going to have all of these people on the right wh that are going to listen to that one source o information and that's all they're going -- and then on the left tar going to hear -- kennedy: no one is going to challenge themselves and no one is going to look for objective truth. >> i call them my listeners. kennedy: but it is intriguing and it is important. but the problem is it's important if you stay on it. and see it to the very end.
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but we get so bored so quickly and there's so much happening and no much intrie. ak a speaking ofs, predent trump calling out the media for their coverage of the north korea summit today, the president tweeting coat, so funny to watch the fake news, especially nbc and cnn, they're fighting hard to downplay t deal with north korea. 500 days agohey would have begged for this deal. lookedik would break out. our country's biggest enemy. is the fake news so easily propagatepropagated. is he right? is this our country's new biggest threat? robby soave. >> no. i mean the press gets it wrong sometimes and it's perfectly fairoticize pep a theyd be more self ital than they are. a free press is a important central value to america.
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we shouldn't be without it. it's not our biggest national global threat. kennedy: even when we want them to report more and they opine too much, a free press is still critical. >> and he try to point out the hypocrisy on north. he's doingd thing. we'llave to s what comes of it. it's ieresting and i think it's encouraging. he's right about the hypocrisy but we don't need to condemn the entire free press along with it. >> just the fake news. >> the fake news. kennedy: his supporters know exactly what he'salkingut and it was a very predictable reaction from chuck schumer and from some of the pundits on cnn. >> michael was on my show today, gave up the upgrade. no they're n the enemyf the american people, ty're the enemy of humanity. kennedy: michael malice said this deal is great. what we're starting out with is fafantastic. and people have joked about t
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in the mast. the president came up with a cure for pediatric aids, his detractors like nancy pelosi would say what about cancer. you heartless bastard. i c imagine you don't know dozens of people who have been to north korea. that's shocking to me. but i don't know which came first, the people who just want to hear os that agree with their own or news outlets that feed that. i'm not sure how thateloped but i disagree with the idea -- fake news is a problem and we we are, we're having a nationa coersation about it and we need to be focused on the fake news issue going into next elections because again, the russians and oths are not going to stop meddling in our business. but its not an existential threat. not the top security issue. kennedy: in north korea you're not going to see the state run news outlets saying that kim
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jong-un is a sellout. did you see his face. what an embarrassment. they can't do that because they would die. the panel returns a l later. faced ande ndou on the, fresh wall. first up, the president claims we no longer have to fear a north korea nuclear aack. is he spot an or off the mark? i've got jason chaffetz and ron williams ready to debate. they're putting the gloves on and taping up their hands. they're next.
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that worked as hard as you do? yeah. introducing essential portfolios. the automated investing solution that lets you focus on your life. declared on twitter that north korea no longer poses a nuclear threat to the united states. his critics were quick to point out thatermit kim come still has its nukes. and brett baier asked the president how can he be so sure. >> verification you're confiden. >> i'm totally confident. and if we can't, we can't have a deal. kennedy: let's make a deal. make pompeo says the president made it very clear to kim jong-un that the full verification would be necessary for the u to freeze its war games with south korea and all ofhi comes as two norwegian lawmakers nominated the president for the nobel prize. so does president trump deserve the top honor or are we putting
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the copenhagen cart before the host. joining me now, cohost of the five ron womans and former utah congressman and fox news contributor jason chaffetz. welcome, gentlemen. here's what i think. it doesn't matter what the president came back with. the democrats said we'll be so supportive, we're so excited for peace on the korean peninsula. it wouldn't matter what he signed or if they wrestled shirt unless a vat of extra virgin olive oil, there would hav been nay saying. >> i want to sigh that. to see that. that would be some fun. a reality show. the president set a high bar. in a way he's unfair to himself because he said basically the goal is denuclearization of north korea. that's n what hap obviously. he came back and he didn't even have anything in this -- i guess it's not technically a pact or a deal but it was like an acknowledgment or an agreement
8:21 pm
of some kind. and it says, we're going to stop our -- and i'm amazed to use their language, war games rather than military exercises, in exchange for this big promise that yeah, we're going to work on denuclearization. kennedy: if he had come back with a full documentt laid out every single point, you would have said that that was a rush, that that was too quick too much. >> the question is would i have believed it. the north koreans are known to go back on a deal. they've d it three or four times with other presidents. i just hope the guy didn't get suckers. kennedy: was this the best case scenario. >> yeah. the world is safer this week than it was before. this is far better than what president obama did with the iran nuclear deal. they didn't get signatures on that one. it was done in secre president trump is doing this out in the open. the hostages have come home. i think the economic pressure coupled with peace through strernt and our military might is still on the table. we didn't give anything up other than putting our flags next to
8:22 pm
each other an a handshake. and of course president trump in the negotiation is going to pat him on the back saying hey, good job, you know. that's what you do when you're moving in the right trajectory. it certainly didn't solveeverytr than, as the psident said, we were 500 days ago. kennedy: if it meant that democrats would take back the house and get trump out of office, they would take nuclear war and recession. >>s terrific. i love that. that's bill marseillessing the other day, we would invite a recession just to get trump out. you're celebrating the idea tt democrats wouldo anything to get this guy out of -- kennedy: i'm not celebrating anything. i'm state fg democrats had to choose between this andn north kor and you know the and losin losing the midterms or nuclear war, just on the korean peninsula and recession and you guys get the house, maybe the senate and definitely the presidency in 2020 job you would take the latter in a second.
8:23 pm
>> i wondered why you were dressed in black and white. the reality is i don't think anybody is rooting against a kennedy: expect for democrats. >> that's what you say but i wanted to respond to congressman chaffetz. i think that we did give up something. i think we gave up an important point in terms of meeting with this man who still has, pibility's more than 100,000 drn. kennedy: if the president didn't meet with him, you would be upset about that too. >> no i wouldn't. you think democrats are anti-trump. >> yes, i would agree. >> i say this. i don't like -- kennedy: i think some republicans. >> i would never vote for donald trump but i am pro-america. if you're telling me we can have peace, let's do it. but i don't think you do it by the seat of your pants ants give up an important element which is conferring legitimately with ady adictator -- kennedy: that is your interpretation of what you don't
8:24 pm
know. >> what i don't know? kennedy: that is not a concrete fact. that is not necessarily a concession. the secretary of state says very verification is critical here. >> that's the number one thing. that's why the president tore up the iran nuclear deal. it didn't have verification in o the strength that we would know what was goingn. ihe chairman of the overnight committee. i asked if i would go to tehran and actually see -- no, you could never go there, congressman. don't ask that question. that's why he tore up the iran deal. and we all know pompeo -- kennedy: the president tore up the iran deal because you couldn't go to tehran? >> no. kennedy: that would be weird. >> there was no verification part of the process. kennedy: there are side deals with the iran deal. this thing is so complicated. it was dhout coness. do you think the president is going to involve at least the senate in ratifying. >> thi i an interesting question for my friend here, the republican, because guess what, today he heard republicans saying if you make any deal, we want you to come before the
8:25 pm
congress. we want to be able to rat this. and you heard from republicans saying we don't think it's a great idea you give u military exercises pleasing the russians, the chinese >> kennedy: they are expensive. >> oh my god. this isidicous. kennedy: you're the john bolton. >> yeah. but isn't that ironic? and by the way, the iranians, no nukes. kennedy: we have five seconds left. let's give jason chaffetz the last word. five seconds. >> but president obama gave back $150 billion. >> no nukes. >> that was ridiculous. kennedy: i would give up my nukes for 150 billion in a second. thank you both for being here. it's a wat battle of t j's. congratulations to you and your family. your son is getting married this weekend. >> if he could only marry a kennedy. >> he and i both coming up, former president barack obama now getting
8:26 pm
involved in the midterms and the 2020 elections. is the former president really what the left needs? are democrats already out of ideas? my monologue and reaction from the pn panel next. .. ♪ with expedia, you can book a flight, hotel, car, and activity... all in one place. ♪ everything you need to go. ♪ expedia® it's me.
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but they are a party without a leader, a message and a frontrunner and the clock is ticking for them to find any of the three. back in 2014illary not only the had the dnc in a headlock, she had a cash fat super fact while getting fitted for her golden throne. and she was the most of unlikeable harpy who almost got beat by bernie sanders. you would think democrats would learn from their mistakes and try to replicate at least some of what they did right last time around. but instead they are playing musical chairs through president obama's d.c. office. obama ain't running.
8:31 pm
and he was burned by picking mrs. glass ceiling over joe biden. but as they kissba's ring hoping some of thatixie dus rubs off on their crowded corner of the field. democrats are confident they can take on trump, and of course everybody is beatable. but if they don'tick a pony they won't have a chance to win a race that. read through the pages of "what happened" to see how it feels to be a losing opponent when you think you are a sure thing. that's a memo. the former president isn't getting deeply involved in the
8:32 pm
2020 race. and he's also diving into the mid-terms. according to reports the president's political machine will be targeting congressional races as well. will it turn into obama versus trump? the panel is back. mike baker, rob rob -- robby soe and tom shillue. president trump hates the part of doing the keister kissing. he loves the strategy. but do you think he wants to be in charge of the party helping to pick nominee? >> no, no, no, no, no. especially if it becomes i think someone like him would have the best shot. people pns ymore. you look at the slate of democrats and it looks like a
8:33 pm
sorry bunch. but you have got to have sympathy for them because people don't trust elected officials anymore. if you look at oprah or howard schultz, people giggle like it's a celebrity presidency. but they trustm more than politicians. kennedy: you have an independent so you have a vastly different perspective than most of. part of them say, we need to stick with this progressive bent because that's where the passion is. without the passion there is no way we are going to get voter turnout. then you have other people say we need to pick boring centrists and that's the only way to get enough peo to beat president trump. >> the people who want to do both is obama. he might have goo advice on this front.
8:34 pm
kennedy: no one in this field has his life story. and the elements, the unicornity thap that made him interesting, i think some of the magic and the luster is off. >> the competition between the group couldn't benefit them. y wd. she was walking a red carpet and it made her weak. these people will have to include and scratch and fight each other for the nomination. kennedy: that's what happened in the republicanield. then a lot of never trumper republicans were appalled they invited donald into the country club. >> i was told two things a few days ago. one is i should sit like this more often. the other is i should make more pronouncements. i think democrats will eat their own when it comes to the 2020
8:35 pm
campaign. the sheer number of people who want to put their hat in the ring. than is something reluctant about about president obama's to be the wizard behind the screen for the democratic party. kennedy: he was brilliant at getting himself elected. >> i don't think sea -- i don't think we'll see that again. the democratic party right now is pronouncing how glad they are that they have so many great candidates. right? in reality i don't think they want that at all. they would much rather have joe come out or somebody come out. they were very comfortable circling the wagons around hillary. and i think they are longing to get rightack to that. kennedy: i think both parties
8:36 pm
want that. they don't want to have to choose. they want easy fundraising. it's much more difficult to get the big whales to pick up the cash. you are talking about some of the down ballot races andhas where candidates suffer. ift's this political and this close, that dynamic isn't going anywhere anytime soon. >> there is something -- maybe she didn't have enough cash. kennedy: you know what happened? the racist anti-feminist gave it to the russians. that's what happened to at cash she deserved. kennedy: rite all right. gentlemen thank you so much for making this night extraordinary. tom shi liewms birthday. may this be the greatest day so far in celebrating the emergence from your mother.
8:37 pm
it's sweet, baker. wow. that's what the ciaeaches you. real charm. >> they never sent me to parties. kennedy: that we know of. president trump promised to drain the swamp. so why does scott pruittti have a job? edward lawrence live in d.c. with more. reporter: he's not been fired today that we know of. but maybe will he keep his job? it seemsmbtled epa director scott priewt is at it again. he called republican donors asking to get his wife a job. she took a job at a political group that spoed it f years. there was as conflict of interest, he said no. then the donors told "the
8:38 pm
washington post" pruitt kept asking about other possibilities for his wife. critics are looking at this long list of abuses. how is he part of the swamp that's needing to be drained. and why hasn't he lost his job. house democrats sent a letter to the depa o askg for a criminal investigation of this. priewt spent $1,500 on customized fountain pens. flew first class he says because of security concerns. one trip to italy cost10000 in meals and private tours of the vatican. he had a personal sound proof phone booth nut his office costing $43,000. and we know about the airbnb-style apartment in washington owned by a lobbyist's
8:39 pm
wife. st week he was at a fema touring fema and the president said w doing a good job. kennedy: i agree. $100,000 in italy? i would le to spend $100,000 in italy. just don't make taxpayers pay for it. >> i want one of the pens. kenn $43,000 on a soundproof phone booth? is he superman? so carolina republican mark sanford the latest republican to lose a primary. do those who attack trump need to rethink their strategy? money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment pr, fisher investments avoids them.
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two million patients a year depend on us. and we depenbb. kennedy: attacking president trump may go over great at award show, but it's not the best political strategy for some republicans. south carolina republican congressman mark sanford lost after calling the president's trade policies disastrous. he just told fox news martha maccallum, that does not mean the gop belongs to the
8:44 pm
president. >> i don't believe it's the party of donald trump. it's the party of the taxpayers. there are a lot of republicans out there who worked their souls out, stuffing envelopes and putting up yard signs and doing all the things you do in politics. that's who the party belongs to. kennedy: is running against donald trump the wave of the future or quickest way to ended blue wave. let me ask peter suderman. welcome back to the show. so, mark sanford got himself into deep yogurt. was it just because of his selective pointed attacks on the president and not just on trade policies? he has been going after the president for quite some time. or is there something else in play in south carolina. >> i think it's mostly trump.
8:45 pm
he has become the lit husband test for a lot of republican voters. especially the base voters who vote in republican primaries. mark sanford is victim of the trumpization of the republican party. it's going in that direction. he says it's the party people stuffing envelopes and putting out signs. they are not putting out mark sanford signs and voting for him in partecause mark sanford has out in front criticizing trump from in frontf the republican party. kennedy: mark sanford's political career supposedly died on that appalachian trail hike. but then he was elected to congress. do you think he has a third act up his sleeve?
8:46 pm
>> when he was elected to congss, he was considered part of the libertarian tea party vanguard. people thought it was the future of the republican party under obama. kennedy: is that bad news for some of the sea -- some of the tea partyers? >> it's bad news for the 2010era ideals of the tea party which were limited governments and free markets. it's not that we haven't sn any flog that direction under donald trump. but donald trump is not really a small government president. he's a president who said i'm not going to cut the big entitlements. that was part of h campaign platform. he's a president who aggressively cut off free trade and up-ended the free trade status quo in a lot of ways that just aren't sort of in the
8:47 pm
traditional republican free trade mix. so i think donald trump is certainly bad news for that set of ideas, and ideals that pol enda we saw kind of growing up within the republican party r oba. >> i don kno that he's a suggestable human being. and i hope those who still have his ear can bend to his will because we want freedom to ring. don't miss neil cavuto's interview with mark sanford tomorrow at noon on coast-to-coast. "topical storm" is next.
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kennedy: 53% of millennials expect to be millionaires some day. while the others don't think their parents will leave them that much money. topic number one. we begin tonightn luscious upstate new york where a bear couldn't find food in the forest, but it wasn't worried becaus when one door closes, another opens. there he goes.
8:52 pm
right for the back seat of the minivan. even bears know that's where kids keep dropping the cheerios. then he opens the front door. the internet was shocked by the sight of a bear opening a minivan door. topic number two. the entirey of st. paul, minnesota came to a stand still after a female was spot on the ledge of a building, and for once it wasn't a twins fan. it was a raccoon. it happens to do a mean spiderman impression. she climbed a 25-story office tower. half of twitter cheered her on and the other half fought over
8:53 pm
who to blame for rising raccoon populations. they eventually lured her on to the rsing a trap filled with soft cat food. i use the same trick on my staff all the time, but i use peanut butter. enjoy your 24 hours of fame. after this you will be thrown into a bunker. you will meet someone named laurel and yanny. topic number three. the world cup kicks off tomorrow in russia. for all you hard core gamblers. we have a magical cat to help us out. he was given two bolts of food to predict the winner of russia's match against saudi
8:54 pm
arabia. fit eats out of the bowl marked saudi arabia it means russian soldiers will kill him. thank god the cat picked russia to. od maker say a saudi arabian woman has a better chance of driving the team bus than a saudi arabian man has of leading the team to victory. a man was towing his car with it was hit by a train it was sitting at a red light. but the car was sitting on the train tracks. the guy is at good at killing stars as hillary is at taking the stairs. the good news for the family is no one inside the car was hurt.
8:55 pm
as bad as it looks the car is still in better shape than the family minivan. the bear opens the door so casually and we know it's not ue. finally we head out to spring lake minnesota. the land of 10,000 lakes where pet rescues have gone through the roof. this is whiskey. he pushed out to window screen. something tells me whiskey may have had a little whiskey or some hair of the dog, if you will. we are happy to report whiskey made it down safely. it's possible he was checking the roof for racoons. we will be right back. stay right here. find the remote yet?
8:56 pm
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9:00 pm
night. until then find me on facebook and instagram. and email me at good night. >> an expert gunsmith... >> anything i could imagine, i ild, just like that. >> ...with an eye for history... >> this is a copy of daniel boone's rifle. davy crockett rifle that hethe . over here, is a 12ounder napoleon. >> ...and a goal in his sights. >> collection of every gun of major importance in the history of the united states.ut when itl the incredible arsenal... >> were you shocked?>> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >>'s his heirs who hear a blast from the past. >> what did you estimate that collection was worth at that time? >> probably a million dollars. that was a small load. if you put a big load in there it'll knock you on your fanny. ho!


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