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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 14, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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cheryl: not a major surprise for a lot of people given the market was essentially an already. maybe the bigger surprise was i think you downplayed the fact that wage growth hasn't been climbing higher at 95 trade. we've got and that they thank you so much for joining us. thank you all for watching "fbn:am." now it is time for maria bartiromo and "mornings with maria." >> live from the u.s. open at shinnecock hills in southampton. maria bartiromo for a special edition of "mornings with maria." maria: good thursday morning, everybody. thank you are joining us the maria bartiromo on tuesday -- thursday, june 14th. top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. an immediate war underway as we speak. comcast offering $65 billion in cash for the entertainment assets of 21st century fox. the parent company of the
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network topping the $52 billion all stock offer from disney already in place. taking a closer look at competing bids today. the regulatory question and what takes place next in the media landscape all coming out. federal reserve raising interest rates as did come abetting the stage for two more interest rate hikes this year. another sign of an economy. markets look like this. features indicating the market will open more right now. fractional losses across the board. dow industrials up 14 points. the nasdaq down 13 points by this morning. declines across the board yesterday. following the federal deserves decision to raise interest rates for the dow down 100 points. the s&p was down one half of 1% and the nasdaq to a fraction. investors are awaiting the european central bank this morning. ecb to signal the end of the
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there as well. uncertainty is slowing growth in the eurozone. 200 down half a percent. the dax in germany down a third of a percent. asia overnight the asian indices and the worst performer was korea. back on the diving, house majority whip steve scalise ahead of the congressional baseball game which takes place tonight on the first anniversary worst police sustained life-threatening injuries one year ago. the report almost over released to the american people today detailing the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail probe. personal lawyer rudy giuliani says it could have serious implications for the special counsel investigation. >> the fact that it was produced by what might've been a totally legal counterintelligence investigation, they tried to the
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contrary criminal investigation and clearly by the comey memo, we have to see what horowitz says tomorrow. that memo could blow the whole thing out. drink you what to expect from the blockbuster reports could later this hour. elon musk scores another deal bringing its transportation system to another major city. t. not less than an hour right now. we are here lies at shinnecock hills. what you need to notice the tournament gets underway right now. genetic talk about it, was quizzed ceo and managing partner mike murphy with us this morning. great to see you. >> happy to be here. great setting. maria: it's true. during the conversation, house majority leader congressman kevin mccarthy with us. house financial services number of small business owner, new york congresswoman claudia tenney is here. white house legislative director
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of fairs and harvard law professor and author alan dershowitz with us as well. real estate ceo dottie herman as well. life in the golf course, don't miss a moment of it. the top story is a brewing bidding war. comcast making the bold all-cash $65 billion did yesterday for the bulk of 21st century fox asset but this showdown with disney which made an offer valued at 50 to play for a billion dollars back in december. fox says it is reviewing the comcast offer right now. the development one day after a federal judge cleared the way for at&t's takeover of time warner. joining us to talk more about that is the private wealth advisor president dominic cavallo. >> good morning, maria. how are you? great setting. maria: affiliates. setting us up for a whole host of the merger sector. >> we are all focusing on the
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fed and interest rate in slams government takes all the attention away. let's see how you see it. the netflix box are creating original content. once he saw the at&t time warner deal get approval, it opened the floodgates for more and more people to come in. disney's offeror versus comcast will have to do something in order to go to comcast. >> disney will have to come out. valued at $65 billion is all-cash in the disney bid is stocks. why would the murdoch family want to go all-cash? would not involve the tax bill? >> it's a huge tax savings for the murdoch family.
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but the board has a responsibility to their shareholders to get the best price and the fed value. this would be a cut throat negotiation. >> we do it with the performance of disney stops results a comment hasn't been performing well at all. that makes it appear like a better offer than stock. trade figures a good question. this is why 10 and. bob geiger is on the board of apple to come out and help disney with cash to get the data. >> i think apple is they don't do that make a lot of by something on their. they've tried to create their own general content that hasn't worked so well. everyone is now chasing netflix. fear of seeming service in their short-term. apple needs to get involved because there's a lot of content owner out there and you'll see a
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boil down to four or five major owners. >> once a federal judge acquired time warner, integrating the phone company, but now everybody knows regulators will allow it. the floodgates open up. >> is people unplugging the cable box for a long time, and they keep coming up every single year. so these cable companies get involved. so this is the future. maria: who is most poised to do at this point. content is king. it may very well say goodbye once again and deadwood? >> the one that surprises me is disney. talk about content of the disney has the best library out there. maria: it's got to get better.
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>> "star wars," marvel, avengers. get the stock has underperformed so now they are chasing netflix. they've gone from the leader. they'll be out there looking to acquire more access. >> another problem for a very long time. the regional networks would really help espn a lot. >> coming up to the next several weeks will be back and forth. comcast comes back without. >> everybody realizes that you need to get more content in order to win. >> i wouldn't want to own the cable stocks and comcast. we started out at $65 billion. the body portion of sky and this
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is an awful lot of money to be borrowed. maria: you're talking about content. talk shows steve probably not. this is the one everybody wants. >> i think the big concern and amazon just destroyed them. yvonne said they were too expensive and you couldn't buy them yet they clearly won. if they outperform everybody out there. i think it's too expensive here. i like disney. maria: the federal reserve raising interest rates yesterday another order of a percentage point. we're expecting that come of this sickness to more interest rates this year. a total for rate increases. investors waiting on the european central bank decision coming to us in just over an hour from now. we will bring you that news as
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soon as the ecb comes out with the latest report from this meeting that is underway. dominick, what is your take away? >> it was not a surprise. everybody expected it, but everybody's focusing on the language. this is the first time they clearly indicated they could be looking at more increase for this year. i still think that's on the fence. i'm not 100% committed to vote for because inflation will moderate leader of the year. they have the opportunity to pause a little bit. but it's the first time they came under clearly said there's a possibility. maria: is her positive yesterday. >> it was than it should be. they're going to rely on the data and we have an improving economy. without for so long the economy is not growing. not getting real growth. now if we are getting the rate hikes for the right reasons against the economy is growing and growing well, that's a good thing. maria: in the better backdrop with a 4% economy, you want to
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buy stock? >> i love stocks right now. we went full in three weeks ago and i'm confident for the year. >> the market is a lot more room to run as long as the day they keep showing we are getting growth and earnings growth is still there. it's a great environment. maria: about where to talk about. good to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. short break here. long-awaited answers. inspector general report on the department of justice and the fbi handling that hillary clinton private e-mail server probe is about to draw. but the ig report could say about jim comey's actions coming up. the report expect it today. we are alive today from shinnecock hills golf course of the 28 teen soap is less than an hour from now. a tiger woods prediction coming up next. later on we'll take a look at how you can score luxury vacations for a lot less than you think.
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wouldn't it be great if you had investments that worked as hard as you do? yeah. introducing essential portfolios. the automated investing solution that lets you focus on your life. >> welcome back to live from shinnecock hills golf course at the u.s. open. market demands. looking at the opening but the
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features just turn directions and the dow industrial showing a gain of 15-point edge s&p 500 in positive territory but 1.5 points. three points right now. powerful storms leaving a path of destruction across pennsylvania. headlines now in details. the possible tornado touching down smashing windows and downing trees. extensive damage done to a mall in the same area. debris scattered for several yards in a multiple collapsed building. they asked drivers to avoid the area to allow emergency personnel access to the shopping plaza. take a look at this. a u-haul truck flips over on it side. the report yet of any injuries. we will keep you updated as we get more details. sending pictures coming in overnight. well, the congressional baseball team takes the national park tonight exactly one year after the shooting that nearly killed
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house majority whip steve scalise. he suffered injuries after a shooter opened fire also injuring a capitol police officer and two others. goalies who has made a full recovery from his injury six expected to start on second base. republican coach sent a personal invite to president trump to attend a game, the white house has not yet confirmed whether the president will be there. today is the president's birthday so we shall see. a reminder for all of you, house majority leader kevin mccarthy at 7:30 a.m. eastern time this morning. on "mornings with maria." welcome the british aircraft make her rolls-royce is cutting jobs. 3600 physicians as they face increased pressure to boost profits. &-ampersand the workforce dealing with complaints and customers like bowling about engine problems of the forest
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carriers to collage planes for repairs. well, chicago pics elon musk's boring company to build an express service from downtown to o'hare international airport. the service can transport passengers between the two locations in 12 minutes using electric vehicles. the vehicles will travel at speeds of 125 to 150 miles per hour. the company treating we are excited to work with the mayor and the city to bring the high-speed public transportation system to chicago. maria, i'm sure you wish you had a high-speed train to get you out in the hamptons. you heard traffic was pretty crazy. >> you're right it was. i wonder how long the project takes. these are honestly as you mentioned not overnight deals, but you would be pretty significant. >> would be for chicago. if you'd done the drive from o'hare into the city depending
6:18 am
on the time of day it can be pretty brutal. frankly he needed one this week. >> you sure did. cheryl, thank you. we will take a short break or at former attorney general loretta lynch and jim comey. the impact because of how they handled the clinton e-mail server investigation. we're expecting answers from the report is finally released later today. we've got to preview coming out. pumped up for the u.s. open. the excitement in high gear in moscow where the world cup kicks off later this morning on fox. plus, the face brought. you got to see the dodgers in the ring as tensions clear. that is up next. ♪ ♪
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the automated investing solution that lets you focus on your life. maria: welcome back. by this morning from shinnecock hills golf course. 20 minutes away from the kickoff of the u.s. open. jared max is here what can we look forward to this morning? you're on your way here. >> i'm looking forward to see any golfer will miss his tee time. tiger woods talking about traffic squeezing through the bottleneck in the hamptons. what was that like for you? maria: there's doubling a one line backup under way here and we were here early. even at 5:00 in the morning the traffic was very much in place. it wasn't terrible, but i suspect when you're on your way here you will be in traffic. >> we will certainly keep that advice. shinnecock hills. it looks vastly different the course does.
6:23 am
the fairways used to be on average 26 yards five. on average of 65 yards wide. the favorite to win the 2011 champ rory mount corey. ditto 2:00 a.m. eastern time. in the group with jordan speeds and phil mickelson's 27 u.s. open. tiger was playing his 20th. he hasn't won a major since the 2008 u.s. open and today, the top two ranked players in the world. dustin johnson, and from the first tee you can see. the world cup kicks off today on fox. host nation russia will be playing saudi arabia in the opener eight years from now. the 2026 world cup forward in
6:24 am
yesterday with canada and mexico. c. o. eric shanks. >> a lot of hard work has paid off in the canadian soccer federation and the first time in world cup history. >> the baseball diamond mines. the texas rangers and dodgers started to score. they take exception. the benches clear and thrown out of the game. former major league pitcher kevin brown did something extraordinary yesterday. six-time all-star, night team veteran and local hero in macon, georgia was a vigilante talk to people who had allegedly been stealing people's mail.
6:25 am
he hated neighbor's yard, vested to alleged shoes come in adult in a fit enrolled in health of the gunpoint until police arrived. what an ending kevin brown. maria. maria: really is. what do you think about that, mike murphy? >> it's crazy. who's going to win this weekend as shinnecock hills? >> rickie fowler has a great shot and i also like jason bay. maria: what about tiger? >> tigers going to be in the hunt for a good while. i wouldn't be surprised late sunday. anonymously, 156 golfers in the field. jared max will see tomorrow. catch sports reports on fox news headlines 20 for seven or sirius xm radio 115.
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when we come back from investigation answers. inspector general for hillary clinton's private e-mail server is due out today after a lot of waiting. what to expect and what i could say about fired at the director jim comey. that is next right here. plus residents twitter storm after the cancellation of her show. bush is saying now about her controversial comment up next. ♪ [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852.
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>> here's maria bartiroma with a specialization of "mornings with maria" from southhampton. maria: glad you are with us, it is thursday, june 14th, a beautiful morning. it could be a day of reckoning if the fbi and department of justice, justice department inspector general michael horowitz set to release a long-awaited report which will detail his review of the hillary clinton investigation during the 2016 presidential rates. bob goodlatte says the american people will be astonished. >> it will put a lot of pieces in a giant puzzle together, it
6:30 am
will shed light, the federal bureau of investigation mishandled the whole investigation with regard to former secretary of state hillary clinton. people will be astonished there would be this kind of bias. maria: what to expect from the bombshell report. we will preview. dick's sporting-goods ceo getting grilled by a shareholder on the decision to tighten the rules. get ready to pay for farmers and home mortgages, signaling the two more rate increases are on the way this year. this is the latest sign of a strong economy. take a look at futures, the lower open for broader averages, the dow industrials have been up and down and are down two points after declines before yesterday. the federal reserve position to raise interest rates, dow gave
6:31 am
up 120 points. investors, the ecb is expected to signal the end of its bond buying program tightening up there as well. markets going into the announcement for jay powell, from the ecb, we will take that statement, markets down across the board, and the worst performer, korea, what roseanne barr wants you to know, the embroiled start back on twitter, what she says about herself this morning, target under fire, take a look at this. we have backlash coming up. the u.s. open seeing up half an hour from now. we will tell you about the tournament and a look at the best vacation destinations this summer. we are coming to you live from
6:32 am
the u.s. open. building with anticipation, the department of justice ig report and handling the hillary clinton email probe will be made public today. politicians are bracing for the impact of this report with rudy giuliani giving a preview of what he thinks it will reveal when it comes to jim comey. >> i don't know the report in detail, and from the leaks, you wonder how they take place how it is going to criticize heavily for its first hillary press conference and the second hillary press conference. >> in your mind. >> he became the atty. gen.. he is director of the fbi. >> fox news legal analyst
6:33 am
mercedes:thanks for joining us. and prosecuting individuals. >> insubordination came forward usurping powers of the atty. gen. hillary clinton will not be prosecuted even as she was careless with confidential information so that is one side. the other side is mccabe, he has launched investigators about leaks to the wall street journal, that is another recommendation for him to be prosecuted. maria: certain things we know existed because we know loretta lynch told jim comey to call the hillary clinton email investigation a matter, not a criminal investigation and that is what jim comey did and there was a meeting that took place between loretta lynch, the atty. gen. at the time and bill clinton, hillary clinton's husband, before she was about
6:34 am
to testify. >> the best thing for the american people is get the facts out, and something like this never happens because people just want to know what happened, you can't change it. let's get it out and move on. maria: there is definitely fatigue. let's get forward. a lot of criticism, to complete the investigation and set forth this report. there is fatigue surrounding it. we saw criminal charges recommended in the last ig report for andrew mccabe. will we see criminal charges recommended for jim comey? >> not necessarily. we hear what is being reported, insubordination, he was insubordinate in the investigation, ignored the justice department official who
6:35 am
came forward, one official came forward, do not go forward and write this letter to congress, that investigation being reopened because of huma aberdeen. and put out the letter in the investigation. maria: that decision alienated him not just from the republicans but democrats as well. that is why hillary clinton lost the election. >> hollywood script unfolded in front of their eyes, be grateful for what happens. maria: we have seen texts of bias like peter struck, but whether that hit the scale is what we will learn from this report. a new paul from politico shows 30% of voters view robert mueller unfavorably versus a 32% favorable view. why is this? >> it a lot of it is just
6:36 am
taking so long. maria: tens of millions of dollars. >> there has been reports that this is the tip of the iceberg, just digging deeper. how long will the investigation take place. people are tired of it, they want conclusions, they went finality. maria: they told of the robert mueller investigation was about collusion. there was no evidence of collusion. that is not even existing. they said it was obstruction of justice. we don't have evidence of that and then started getting paperwork from stormy daniels. >> not only that but extended out to other people and charges against other people who are involved and peripheral of everything going on. there is no reason to continue because it could continue indefinitely if we wanted to. maria: there are reports the
6:37 am
deputy attorney general rod rosenstein threatened to subpoena records, emails from lawmakers and lawmakers staff to the house intelligence committee, the leader of that committee responding on fox news last night. >> we have had many, what i would say, altercations with the deputy attorney general and his staff. what i think is inappropriate, i can take the heat, you can attack me all you ones, i enjoy it. when it comes to attacking staff and when staff feel uncomfortable, that is when you have gone too far. maria: what about that? until now, the ag, the permit of justice on the hot seat to give up these documents to congress and now he wants, i will get those documents from you and subpoena them. >> folks will say there's a piece of power here. this is not the way to do this. there is a civility, formality,
6:38 am
but the way it is handled could be criticized as abuse of power. maria: they are saying he threatened what you are talking about. why haven't we gotten the documents devon nunez is asking for. what evidence they use to launch an investigation into donald trump. he came on the show, i did the due diligence and no intelligence used in 2 collusion. >> that is really frustrating of the american public. it is one side against another, nitpicking back and forth. and the right or the left, to apply to anybody. maria: you would think everybody was on the same side here. giving up the documents in the investigation. >> let me ask about apple,
6:39 am
making it harder for law enforcement agencies to unlock iphones. this reminds me when we were trying to understand why apple was not opening a phone after a major shooting, san bernardino. >> a lot of folks are torn with it. you talk about rights of privacy, this is my phone. when you talk about a criminal investigation don't you want the truth to be known or who is responsible for the crime to be called to justice? that is the rub between privacy and going forward and criminally prosecuted and responsible for the crime. maria: i want my privacy but when you are talking about a shooting -- >> or matter of safety or
6:40 am
security. tim cook, anybody else can get in. and all the technology and advances we are seeing across our lives there should be a better way to do this where it if the government needs access to something to protect other people they should get it. maria: provided you trust the government. >> go to the judges and say here is my phone, if there's any criminality take a look at it. maria: you would think we could get this done. thanks for joining us, nice to see you. we will take a short break. when we come back, under pressure, dick's sporting-goods shareholder blasting a new gun rule and missing the mark a target sparking outrage for selling these cars, baby daddy cars for father's day, backlash coming up. ♪ here.
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maria: coming live from the site of the 2018 u.s. open, dick's sporting-goods under pressure from a shareholder over the company's new gun policy. cheryl casone he has details. cheryl: vice president of the national center for public policy research criticizing changes dick's is made to tighten gun purchases at the annual shareholder meeting asking the company's ceo if dick's was, quote, willfully giving up money and claiming the retailer damaged its reputation by alienating
6:45 am
americans who own guns. edwards to respond the number of gunowners support the new restrictions, changes coming following the school shooting in parkland, florida earlier this year. they are rallying, up 28 person. rosanne barr had her return to twitter. she is apologizing again. i want you all to know i am fine. i have been using this time to reflect and gain insight on what i said and how it was misunderstood. i am not what people have accused me of. i never practiced racism in my entire life and never will. remember abc canceled rosanne after she posted a racially insensitive tweet about valerie jarrett. and works from abc not involving her character, rosanne. and speaking of free speech louisiana the latest state to pass a law protecting free
6:46 am
speech on college campuses intended to stop violent protests we have seen across the country, it requires colleges develop and publicize free-speech rights making it clear students cannot expect to be shielded from opinions they disagree with. louisiana the 10th state to pass a free-speech bar. there are other states on your screen. target in hot water after a father's day card many found it offensive. they lost it is remove this baby daddy card after receiving intense backlash. one woman wrote you cannot be serious. it featured a black couple. others called it an insult to black fathers and the african-american community. she apologized anybody offended and have taken them off of the shelves. target stepping in it with this one. what were they thinking?
6:47 am
come on. maria: white or black, the idea of baby daddy cards at all, what do you think? >> completely silly but i think if target wants to sell the cards if you don't like it, don't buy the cards. people get very upset and bent out of shape around a lot of things which i think the best thing you can do is don't i the card. i think it is silly. maria: we will take a short break. summer has finally arrived. we have the tips you ones so you won't pay a premium for the last minute get away. ♪ two, down, back up!
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maria: welcome back, we are live from the u.s. open inch and a caulk hills, long island, golf has generated $84 billion in 2016 an increase of 22% from 2011, $26 billion from vacations alone according to the world golf foundation. if you haven't booked your summer vacation don't worry, it is not too late. courtney start is with us with some tips for a great summer
6:52 am
vacation. great to see you, thank you for joining us. characterize the environment, are people taking lots of vacations these days? >> summer is peak season for families to travel or couples to travel so you need to know when to travel and how to save money. maria: what are the mistakes people make when booking? >> typically they book flights epperly from their hotels and car rentals but i always recommend that booking a vacation package, bundling it together and you will see $600 in savings on sites like expedia. when you're buying internet, cable and phone you get a better rate than when you bundle. they want the add-on advantage program, 50% of people don't like to bundle travel, they like to book their flight into research on hotels but with the expedia add-on advantage you can book your hotel later, get the same vacation package savings, more flexibility and locking in the vacation package
6:53 am
deal. >> has the emergence of air b&b affected hotels or making the travel.? >> vacation rentals are a great way to go for families, more room. air b&b, you can put vacation rentals on classic sites like expedia. maria: i am noticing air b&bs are easy to book and they are taking market share. >> i think the younger generation loves it and gravitate toward that. i never stayed in air b&b. >> when you don't get is the rewards programs, one of the best ways to save. if you have not yet enrolled in all of them like car rentals or hotels i came back on a regular price ticket from miami and got upgraded to first class because i'm a regular passenger. maria: that is a good tip to
6:54 am
know. are there certain destinations better during the summer and better values? >> we were talking european travel, barcelona, paris and london, seeing the best airfare this summer. domestically really easy and affordable for families, myrtle beach and fort lauderdale. i talk about how much i love mexico because it is so diverse and easy to access from the west coast to the east coast, we are talking incredible destinations, and my favorite places. maria: you said barcelona. italy is popular. >> direct from new york to milan or rome and from there you can spread out. maria: you have a lot of kids, 6 kids. what about traveling with kids. how tough is it to get the whole tribe together to take a trip? >> it is great if we get upgraded to first class, that
6:55 am
would be nice. i am pushing for that. i don't know. it is pretty easy to be honest. they are excited. it is fun, the experience is great. we took them to africa. maria: all 6 kids to africa, that is amazing. >> we left the baby home. >> a classic summer road trip works too. take them to walt disney world or disneyland and it is a quintessential summer vacation. >> not the normal place but something we haven't heard of. >> a hotspot i'm about to head to twice is turkey, i am hearing a lot of buzz about this resort destination. a new addition property, lots of new excitement about that
6:56 am
area. that would be -- maria: somebody has got to do it. a great trip, thanks for joining us, appreciate it. we will take a break. one of the faster growing beer companies in the country right now is right here on long island. we are talking to montauk brewing company in the next hour on "mornings with maria," back in a moment. ♪ ♪ never letting it go ♪ ♪ you and me baby ♪ satellite. ♪ you and me baby ♪ satellite blue ♪ i feel a great deal of urgency... i think, keep going, and make a difference. at some point, we are going to be able to beat als.
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>> maria: welcome back. good thursday morning. thanks so much nor joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, june 14th. your top stories right now. targeting tariffs on china, secretary of state mike pompeo just arriving in beijing, it comes at the trump add a medicine strayings is set to put tariffs into effect as early as tomorrow. but president trump is adamant about the strength of his relationship with the chinese president, sh. >> we're strongly clamping down on trade. they understand what we're doing. with that being said, i have a very good relationship with president xi of china. >> maria: a report from beijing coming up this morning.
7:00 am
meanwhile, the federal reserve raising interest rates as expected yesterday. the central bank set the stage for two more rate increases later this year, another sign that the economy continues to strengthen. checking markets this morning, take a look, futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages today, dow industrials down just a fraction, although we're going back and forth between positive and negative territory. the dow industrials unchanged from where it closed yesterday. it's a tight movement today, not major moves at all. declines across the board yesterday, meanwhile, was pretty volatile at the close. major indices closed near the lows of the day following the federal reserve decision to raise interest rates. in europe investors are waiting on a similar story, the european central bank will have the decision shortly. they're expected to signal to the markets that it is ending soon its bond buying program. that would be a tightening similar. there is uncertainty about the slowing growth in the eurozone. markets are lower. fq100 down a half a percent, the cac is down a quarter of a
7:01 am
percent and the dax index is down a third of a percent. in asia overnight, declines across the board, the worst performer was korea. a media bidding war under way, things have gotten exciting. comcast offered $65 billion in cash for the entertainment assets of 21st century fox, the parent company of this network. this tops the already in place deal with disney, $52 billion all-stock offer from disney for those assets. we take a look at the competing bids this morning and the regulatory questions coming up. a headache for traveler as but own the country's --at one of te country's busiest airports. how the airport is recovering this morning, coming up. instagram taking over restaurants, one steak house opened a booth dedicated to taking snapshots of your dinner. it's booking up fast as well. mrs., the u.s. open has officially kicked off. it is underway at shinnecock hills. what you need to know as some of
7:02 am
the biggest golf names in the business are hitting the fairway next hour. all those stories coming up. joining me right now, rose cliff managing partner, mike murphy. >> happy to be here. >> maria: there's a lot going on. it's a beautiful fairway behind us. we've got 156 players, 156 golfers are going to be at this major. >> it's really exciting time for the world of golf because you have tiger woods back and on his game and you have the younger players that came up while he was recovering from his surgery. so i think it's going to be a great competition, great setting and exciting. >> maria: there's an expanded use of drones, weather gathering instruments, and we'll talk technology here at the tournament. there's a lot of news. we've got a bidding war underway for fox assets. >> there's a lot of market news. when you look at the disney,
7:03 am
fox, comcast deal, i think there's a lot more, i think it's early innings there. there's a lot more to come there. the big companies like disney and comcast need to own more content. >> maria: we'll talk about that this morning. joining us this morning, kevin mccarthy is with us, along with mark short. harvard law professor and author, alan deer h dershowitz e as well. we kick off with this top story, that's the next step toward denuclearization. secretary of state mike pompeo will meet with chinese officials in ba beijing today to brief thm on the north korea summit on tuesday, this as the u.s. plans to move forward with tariffs on chinese goods. tomorrow we will get a specific list from the white house of the specific products that will be tariffed coming out of china. rich edson is in beijing with the latest.
7:04 am
good evening to you. >> reporter: hello, maria. mike pompeo is meeting the chinese foreign minister. afterwards, the two will give a joint press conference behind me. the secretary of state arrives in beijing following a visit to seoul, south korea. there he met with top officials, saying the union between the three is iron-clad in addressing the north korean nuclear program. he stresses that north korea will receive no significant sanctions relief until the united states can verify that it's moving to dismantle its nuclear program. >> we believe that chairman kim jong un understands the urgency of the timing of completing the denuclearization, that he understands that we must do this quickly and that sanctions relief we should recall these are u.n. sanctions, that sanctions relief cannot take place until such time as we have demonstrated that north korea has been completely denuclearized. >> reporter: he says the united states and south korea will only
7:05 am
end their joint military exercises as north korea and the world make progress towards dob. denuclearization. he says if he gets the sense that is not happening, they will resume. maria. >> maria: this is really a hot stakes moment here between the u.s. and china. joining me right now is former small business owner herself, congresswoman claudia tenney of new york. good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. thank you. >> maria: where are you on this, congresswoman? your reaction to these forth diss cominforthcoming tariffs oe goods. >> very have an issue with chinese theft of intellectual property. i think we have to make sure we're targeted, we definitely do not want to he see the cost of goods and services go up tremendously here. we have to recognize that china is cheating and china is taking advantage of our citizens and advantage of our companies here. i come from an area of new york where we lost many jobs to asia
7:06 am
and china. so we'll she the legislation or -- we'll see what the legislation or what wilbur ross is presenting to us. he looked like the imposition of tariffs may not be a done deal. >> maria: i'm glad you brought up the issue of china stealing intellectual property. i read an op ed on this yesterday. it's in real clear politics. one line basically says instead of seeking a commitment for arbitrary levels of total imports and exports that will ultimately be determined by the consumer, president trump should let gentleme the chinese presidw that u.s. companies should not have to team up with chinese companies and they should be able to operate without being afraid that their technology is going to be stolen. so what are we doing in regard? at this point it doesn't matter if china buys $200 billion in
7:07 am
agriculture, they're still stealing intellectual property and forcing the transfer of technology from american companies to chinese companies. >> they're state run businesses. you don't go to china and run an independent business. you work with the government. the government controls everything. i think u.s. businesses eventually will realize they're at a disadvantage there. yes, they're getting cheap labor and getting goods put out at a low price. what does that cost american citizens and american companies that are competing in steel whersteelwhere the chinese creaa factory and say here's the factory, how do we know that theft isn't happening. there's a number of ways we can go after the chinese on this. one of the ways that the president is looking at it is with tariffs. i know people don't like it. the president isn't a globalist. he's a free trader that's looking for fair and reciprocal trade as he calls it. i think it's a very interesting mix. i think imposing the tariffs and
7:08 am
at least the threat of the tariffs was part of the reason we got north korea to the negotiating table, because look at, china is a powerful force, providing 90% of the resources in energy, on finance to north korea and using our military force, the pressure we put on diplomatically, that's what brought north korea to the table. it's a multifaceted approach the president used. these are important factors to look at. the fact that china might be cheating is something that is really, really -- we have to look at it and we have to consider it. i think that's what the president is trying to do. >> maria: what do you want to do with zte? the white house says it will try to kill the bipartisan senate legislation which reimposes the penalties on that chinese telecom company. the company is seeking a $10.7 billion financing plan. it's nominating eight new board members and it seeks to overhaul its management. i know part of the back and forth between the white house and zte includes actually the
7:09 am
commerce department choosing that board. the president told me that the u.s. got a lot of things by helping zte including being able to choose the board as well as $1.4 billion. but the senate is still nervous about helping zte. >> it does look like a change in strategy. the president i think maybe he knows more than we know about it. on the surface, i tend to agree more with the senate on this. why are we taking a position where we advocate and champion american companies and crack down on cheating and turn around and give zte a break here. but i think maybe the president knows something we don't know. maybe it's part of the negotiating piece that he's putting together. but i tend to side with the senate on this one. we have got to stop chinese companies from cheating and taking advantage of us. we still compete in the world market. i'm a free trader but i also agree on the other side that the president is right, we need fair trade. americans have been taking the high road while the rest of the
7:10 am
world has been taking the low road and taking advantage of our citizens, our jobs, our integrity as citizens and the rule of law. that's something that is very appealing about the president to my constituents and my businesses, many of them have been moved over to china and asia and other areas. we have iconic businesses in my region that are gone, manufacturers are in china now. that's he precisely because we're allowing an unfair trade advantage. that's what's appealing about the president's pitch. the zte position, we'll see. maybe there's more in the detail that we don't know about or more that the president is trying to strategize on. >> maria: then there's the tax poll civil once the tax bill was passed there was fear offs of ax exodus from high tax states because of the elimination of the state and local deduction. can you characterize that? what are you seeing now that we are six months away from the passage of tax legislation. >> the tax cuts and jobs act has
7:11 am
been phenomenal in my district. a lot of well ther wealthier nen new york city. we're seeing a lot of companies coming back to the united states with jobs. we're seeing lower and middle income taxpayers really happy. i've been to 40 or 50 businesses, small, medium large, pizza stores, manufacturing companies of all sizes and types throughout my region since the tax cuts. they're thrilled. i've been on live tv feed and forgot to ask the owner how are the tax cuts working and they immediately chime in with wow, it's been amazing. every person in our company is getting a raise, is getting a bonus every quarter, we're adding jobs, buying equipment. a small bill like that, the federal government has come in and help. the independent tax foundation found that new york will be one of the top gainers from the tax reform even though we have a
7:12 am
hostile government in new york that is trying to tax our citizens. we are seeing there is some vibrancy, there's some hope. just from the smallest level, i was in a little pizza store in upstate new york the other day. the guy was so thrilled, he said thank you so much for tax reform. i see families coming in, they're starting to bring families out to dinner, they're starting to do more. that's just a glimmer of hope from my community. people are starting to see it. the reason i know it's working is that democrats are working overtime trying to decry that the tax cuts aren't working, trying to claim the corporations are off-shoring. the opposite is actually true. you know they're working when the democrats overreact and nancy pelosi is melting down on this topic. it's spectacular to watch the comments coming from her, crumbs or whoppy-dee-doo. >> maria: lead me ask about
7:13 am
getting back onto the field. will you go to the congressional baseball game set to happen tonight, one year after a gunman attacked republican lawmakers while they were practicing for the game. president trump is invited to the game. you'll be there, right? >> of course. it's interesting, it's hard to believe, today is flag day which is also the president's birthday and unfortunately it's the anniversary of the day steve scalise got shot. i also got some specific death threats. it's a sad reminder of where we are in politics today. today is going to be a unifying day. as everybody knows, every piece of legislation i put out is bipartisan. i have two bills that were included in the recent package to roll back some of the onerous dodd-frank reform bills. so i'm excited about it. last year i sat with my democratic friends. this is a day for us to come together. it's going to be an exciting night. we'll have hot, steamy weather
7:14 am
in the nation's capital. i'm on the women's congressional soft ball team. we play the real enemy, the fake news. so it's going to be exciting tonight. >> maria: we'll be watching. good for you. we're thrilled to watch the unity of the game tonight. we'll watch and we'll see you soon. thank you so much for joining us this morning. coming up, a media bidding war is underway. comcast offering $65 billion in cash to fox for the entertainment assets of 21st century fox. that tops the $52 billion all-stock deal that was already in place with disney. the competing bid and regulatory questions coming up next. and then the u.s. open is teeing off less than an hour from now at shinnecock hills golf course. we'll tell you how the greens that are no longer in use are turning into greenbacks for real estate developers. back in a minute. >>live from theu.s. open 2018. [music playing] (vo) from day one,
7:15 am
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7:18 am
>> cheryl: you know what? everybody heard it here first on fox business yesterday afternoon. our very own charlie gasparito broke the news on fox business. it happened about 3:45. comcast making an unsolicited $65 billion all-cash offer for the fox properties. that's a 19% premium over an offer currently on the table from walt disney that was made in december. the comcast bid comes one day after a federal judge gave at&t the green light to buy time warner for $85 billion without requiring the sale of any major assets, easing anti-trust concerns. now, the higher offer comes as traditional entertainment companies are trying to compete with all the streaming giants, netflix, amazon and google. well, 21st century fox, which is the parent of the fox business network, says it will carefully review and consider comcast's proposal. fox shares closed up nearly 8%
7:19 am
yesterday. they're barely down, just a fraction in the premarket. stock to watch today for sure. okay, well, travel is almost back to normal at mccarren airport in las vegas, one of the nation's busiest. the power went out in terminal one yesterday morning. that left travelers in the dark for near eight hours. it delayed flights, held up bags, frustrated hundreds of passengers. a busted cable caused the outage but has since been fixed. the free donut at your work's break room may come at a cost. get this, the cdc says the free food that you snack on at work could be wreaking havoc on your health. in a study of 5,000 employees, the cdc found that on average people consume about 1300 calories per week at work and more than 70% of those calories come from free food. the study also found these foods were higher in fat and added sugar.
7:20 am
maria, you know this. we've had our fair share of fattening food on this program over -- you, me, mike, kevin kelly, burgers, fries, ice cream, starbucks. there's so many -- donuts. i mean, maria, wow. >> chicken. >> maria: not to mention all of the bagels in the green room. >> cheryl: i think i gained 10 pounds on this program in the last three years, maria. so thanks. speaking of donuts, which i do love them, that's why i gained 10 pounds, dunkin' donuts offering coffee thins that taste like your morning cup of joe. the flavors include pumpkin spice, caramel, pepper minute pw cay. yes, i live burgers for breakfast. that was the most recent that comes to memory. whatever else we've eaten together, i've lost track. >> maria: you are right.
7:21 am
absolutely. cheryl, thank you. coming up, it's being described as poe done sly the biggest amnesty in u.s. history, we'll discuss the gop immigration bill with mark short. he is next. then, a golf course reboot with fewer millennials playing golf, real estate developers are getting creative with what to do with the lush land, we'll explain right here, live from shinnecock, next. man: i got scar tissue there.
7:22 am
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7:25 am
hills. we are watching new developments, golf courses are the t hot new area where investors are looking to build. they're looking to capitalize on courses that have seen better days in the past. joining us right now to talk about golf courses and real estate is the ceo of douglas element real estate, doddy herman. good to see you. >> great to see you. great to be here. >> maria: you have your finger on the pulse of the high end real estate market. characterize what you're seeing for us right now. it depends on where you are. can you tell us how high end real estate is doing generally speaking? >> it's doing good. it's doing good. the most heated march crest is theen -- market is the entry level market. we had a late season this year because of the weather. people in january and february were snowed in. but it's good. it's good. we sold more sales -- >> maria: are prices coming down? >> in the hamptons, they're up from last year about 5% and the city i think they're off about
7:26 am
5%. >> looking at new york city, seems like you're seeing a lot of people moving out of the city. i don't know if it's because of taxes or what the reason is, but i think when i look at manhattan real estate it seems to be a buyer's market right now. >> well, i wouldn't define it as a buyer's market. there's no inventory. across the country, it's not just the northeast, aclos acrose country inventory there's a shortage and so that keeps it hot. when you're talking over $20 million, you're talking less foreigners right now. >> maria: the russian money went away and even china has slowed down a bit. we were talking yesterday about a story in connecticut, new canna, this town voting to ban the for sale sign on people's homes. it's taking away from the
7:27 am
neighborhood esthetic they say, the board of realtors moving to have the signs taken down by july 1st. the town council could make the ban permanent after a six month trial do. do you think the signs make the homes less valuable? >> i think what it is, greenwich already has that, you can't have signs in greenwich, i think they're testing it because there's about 300 households on the market so you see a lot of for sale signs. esthetically i don't think it looks great. i think it sends the wrong message that makes people think everything's for sale. i think what they're doing is they're going to test it and in six months if they don't lose any sales, if sales are the same base, they'll probably keep it permanent. >> it used to be you only knew a house was for sale if you saw the for sale sign. don't most buyers go online or something? >> they go onlie online, zillowr
7:28 am
something. if you're driving and you see a sign, you're half sold. you just have to walk in. there's a positive thing about a sign. >> maria: let me ask you, the federal reserve raised interest rates yesterday. we are expecting two more rate hikes from the fed. as rates go higher and we see the impact on mortgage rates, will that put a dent in this market? >?>> not if the rates are where they are now. if you look at the rates, i've been in business a while, they're still low. there's still very low. and there's companies now -- the biggest problem with people is down payments. now there's companies that actually will give you half the down payment. no, i don't think they're high enough to really make a big difference. >> as they move higher, is that sometimes a push for the first time home buyer or millennials to say like before rates go too high, let me get my mortgage, buy my house now?
7:29 am
>> look, i would always tell people if you find the house you love, buy it. because they're going to go up. but significantly they're really not -- they're still low if you average it out over the last 12 years. they're still low. >> maria: don't try to time this market. >> no. only if you find something you love. >> maria: great to see you. >> i'm going to enjoy shinnecock now. >> maria: we'll take a short break. when we come back, wildfires are growing fast and furious throughout the west. up to 12 states have been affected. we have the latest on the massive fires that we're showing you. instagram taking over restaurants, one steak house opens a booth dedicated to taking snapshots of your dinner. we'll show it to you, back in a moment, right here live from shinnecock at the u.s. open. ♪ rock and roll is dead. ♪ rock and roll is dead. ♪ rock and roll is dead.
7:30 am
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7:33 am
your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. next tariff target, china. secretary of state mike pompeo landing in beijing in the last hour, his trip comes as the trump administration prepares to proceed with tariffs on chinese goods tomorrow. we'll get that specific list from the behigh white house of e products that will be tariffed coming out of china. get ready to pay more for your home loan or or mortgage. two more rate hikes are on the way this year. federal reserve chairman jay powell says the economy is in great shape. >> we think that gradually returning interest rates to a more normal level as the economy strengthens is the best way the fed can help sustain an environment in which american households and businesses can thrive. >> maria: powell announced he will hold a news conference after every rate decision from now on. checking markets this morning, we are looking at some fractional moves today for futures. markets are turning higher,
7:34 am
though. the dow industrials well off of the lows we had been showing a decline earlier. now we're expecting the dow industrials to be up about 15 points at the start of trading, s&p 500 and the nasdaq are higher by a fraction. this is after declines yesterday on wall street. yesterday, the markets were down at the lows of the day, down 120 points on the dow industrials, down 11 on the s&p and down 8 on the nasdaq after the federal reserve decision to raise interest rates. checking europe mean indices -- european indices, investors are bracing for a decision from the european central bank today. the e.c.b. is expected to signal the end of the bond buying program. we'll bring you that news as soon as it hits the tape. markets are lower across the continent as you can see. germany's dax index is down a third of a percent, worst performer. in asia overnight, markets were lower across the board, worst performer was korea, down 2%. extreme heat is fueling massive wildfires out west where conditions are worsening.
7:35 am
coming up, we'll take you there. plus, time is running out to take advantage of sprints' latest promotion. the company is cutting the cord early. plus, what one boston steak house is doing to feed the hunger for the perfect post on instagram. the u.s. open is already underway at shinnecock hills. we are taking a -- talking to a local long island brewing company that is making waves across the america. we'll meet montauk brewers. our top story this half hour, secretary of state mike pompeo is in china today briefing officials on the north korean summit, this as trade tensions between wash a ton and bay gang. -- washington and beijing. here now is mark short. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me back on. >> maria: which industries are we expecting will see tariffs coming out of china?
7:36 am
>> that's an announcement for the white house to be making letter. we continue to remain concerned that the number of -- that china imposes four times the level of tariffs on american exports than we apply on chinese goods coming to the united states. the president remains anxious to level the playing field. as he said recently at the g-7 summit, our ultimate goal is to get rid of tariffs but right now it remains an unlevel playing field. >> maria: what does that say to us about the theft of intellectual property and the forced transfer of technology? i came out with an op ed yesterday on real clear politics. i write about the issues that are most important to american business and it's not about $200 billion in agricultural products. i write instead of seeking a commitment for arbitrary levels of total imports and exports, that will largely be determined by consumers anyway, president trump should let the china president know that u.s. companies should not be forced
7:37 am
to take on foreign partners or share their technology regardless of the industry. more chinese imports of u.s. agriculture and energy commodities are obviously always welcome but china sometimes seems to understand better than the united states that innovation is the crown jewel of the american economy. so what is the president doing about that, mark? >> maria, you're 100% right. i don't mean to overlook the intellectual property theft. that's driving a lot of the president's frugs trace. frustration. much of the theft comes in new ways that we're producing greater yields on our crops that china is stealing that technology too. it actually impacts the agricultural community as well. that remains a priority for the administration, the way we're trying to draw yo attention to t is to create a more level playing field. >> maria: there are reports that the white house is trying to stop the senate from killing the deal with chinese telecom giant
7:38 am
zte even if they are nominating new board members. can they still be trusted? why must we help zte when the senate is worried about national security issues? >> we remain concerned about national security issues. i think there's been no administration that has moved more rapidly to make sure america is more secure across the globe. an investigation was launched specifically with zte. the sanctions would be imposed by the commerce department, would be the most severe sanctions against any company in history, not just from a financial perspective, maria, it's also replacing the entire board and putting in place inside the company a compliance board that the commerce department selects that is basically reporting to congress in the future about their ability to stay compliant with the restrictions we put in place. so it is more than just a financial. it is replacing the board. it is a compliance team of americans that goes inside the company. so these restrictions we think are incredibly severe. i think the president does believe that despite our
7:39 am
concerns on the trade front, china has also been an instrumental partner in bringing north korea to the table. and that is a relationship we want to make sure we protect. >> maria: let me ask you about immigration. what i does the white house want to see now? we know that house speaking paul ryan says the house will hold votes on immigration next week. one report says that this could be the biggest amnesty deal of all. what is the most important thing for president trump? >> there will be two separate bills on the house floor. the white house could support both. what they do is they provide advanced funding of $25 billion to help us build the wall. it closes loopholes that we continue to face that provides the biggest threat to us on catch and release, a separate policy for migrants who are other than mexicans as well as allowing us to finally deport criminals who are basically are hardened criminals. these are very severe addition toss our security that is
7:40 am
important to us. it does provide as well certainty for the daca population. what will be interesting is that two separate bills again provide solutions to daca population and you won't see any democrats cross over and support our efforts because they actually don't want to secure the border and they don't want a solution for daca. they want to continue to politicize this issue. >> maria: do you think that's going to be prevalent during the midterm elections? will voters understand that the president putt something on the table -- put something on the table, wanted to get it across the finish line but the democrats want to play political football. >> i think this president has raised border security as a priority for the united states voters. they see it and they know it. they see the president leading and saying i'm trying to get the funding necessary to secure the border and close the legal loopholes. thei think the american people l see the president trying to do that. >> maria: let me ask you about north korea.
7:41 am
congratulations to the white house, for president trump, for actually having the meeting. i was hard to get a compliment from anybody on the success of this meeting on the left. they're talking about the president legit miziing the killer of kim jong un. what do you want to say to those people who don't acknowledge the success that this president has had in north korea? >> when this president came into office, president obama told him his greatest challenge will be north korea. in 15, 16 months with an international cooperation, the president led to bring massive pressure to north korea, they've come to the table. we have a brighter future ahead of us. this is the president acknowledges a first step. it's an important first step. for the same democrats, what they initially argued is that the president shouldn't meet him. when he called off the meeting, they criticized him and said he shouldn't call off the meeting. when he had the meeting, they criticized and said it's too
7:42 am
fluffy. the american people know it's a bigger concern. they saw the rockets that were getting launched. they knew the nuclear threat north korea posed. the president is looking to take on the nuclear threats in ways the previous administration never did. >> maria: you said this is step one. what's step two. >> i think step one was the meeting. seeing secretary pompeo has laid out what he view as a time line to show the verifyable destruction of their nuclear sites. those will be forthcoming steps. this was an important opening to the process. >> maria: thank you very much. we'll talk with you soon sir. sprint is hanging up on its $15 service promotion. why the cell carrier is disconnecting earlier. and within of the fastest growing beer companies in the country right now is right here on long island. we talk to the founders of montauk brewing company about what's happening in the industry. back in a moment.
7:43 am
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>> maria: welcome back. we're coming to you live from shinnecock hills golf course where the 2018 u.s. open is getting underway. hot, dry weather fueling wildfires in colorado. cheryl casone hashood lines hass right now. >> cheryl: more than 1300 homes had to be evacuated as the fire spread throw close to a resort . this is all happening about 60 miles west of denver. the fire has been 15% contained since it was first reported on june 1st. more than 1,000 firefighters are fighting the blaze. dangerous heat is fueling fires in new mexico, california and utah. well, time running out, if you
7:47 am
want to take advantage of a very popular promotion from sprint. the company is going to end its $15 unlimited offer for talk, text and data tomorrow night due to high demand. there's a countdown clock on sprint's site. sprint launched the offer last week. they're not saying how many people signed up but obviously a lot. shares of sprint are down nearly 10% so far this year. a steak house in boston unveiling what it claims is the first and only instagram table in the country. it's a $10,000 table, specially designed for people who want to post the perfect picture of their food on social media. this table has movable arm lights, an adjustable light intensity, color temperature settings, instagram has more than 800 million monthly active users. it looks like a tv studio from the pictures, maria. this reminds me of that story we had a couple weeks ago together about millennials wanting instagram vacation photos.
7:48 am
i guess add instagram food pictures to what's cool right now with millennials. >> maria: mike murphy said to me earlier one of his kids said to him, if it's not on instagram, it's not true. >> cheryl: okay. done. >> it throes b has to be on ins. >> maria: young people love instagram. they instagram everything. ecb left interest rates unchanged. we were expecting them to leave rates unchanged. we want to hear more from the language of the statement from mario draki about what happens next and whether or not they're going to end the bond buying program. there's the global markets, the european markets are lower as they had been ahead of the decision. when we come back, we're talking the business of beer with the founders of montauk brewing company, how their small business is exploding especially with summer friendly flavors like watermelon ale as well as lower taxes.
7:49 am
back in a minute.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
♪ i'm on fire. ♪ i'm on fire. ♪ fireball. >> maria: welcome back. we're coming to you live from shinnecock hills golf course, celebrating the start of summer with a cold one. it's a beautiful thursday morning here in long island. montauk brewing company is one of the fastest growing brewers in the country. joining us right now to talk about it montauk brewing company co-founder and head of
7:53 am
marketing, vaughn cutillo along with eric moss. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> maria: congratulations to you both. mike, you're a fan. >> i'm a big fan of what they're brewing. >> maria: tell us how business is. >> business is good. we're coming up on our six year anniversary the end of the month. but it's been fun. we started home brewing after college in my basement. eric, joe, and myself, it's been fun to he see the growth. but really in a small market. we only sell to new york city and long island and growing that quickly. we have a lot of great fans. >> maria: you're only selling to a few markets. what are your plans in terms of growth? >> it's all organic growth. we don't spend big dollars on marketing. this is happening organically which is great for us. so we'll see. the company's evolved over a few short years. so we're excited to grow this. >> since you guys started there's been so many innovations in technology. do you guys think about a direct to consumer possibly a delivery
7:54 am
that way? how has technology impacted the growth of the business? >> that's a good question. quality controls are big for us. we look into innovate with quality controls at a simple level. eric is our brew master. he's kind of tweaking new recipes and paying attention to that. the alcohol business, the regulatory systems in place are kind of tough for that. but, yeah, -- >> maria: let's hear from the brew master himself. what are you working on? >> these are the beers in cans. we have i.p.a., summer ale and watermelon as well. right now we're focusing on the summer beer, the summer ale and watermelon, super refreshing. >> maria: how much alcohol is in those brews versus a different brew? like a watermelon versus a typical other beer. >> watermelon beer has 4.9%. it's pretty light. our bigger beers, i.p.a.s have
7:55 am
in the 6s and we get into 7% alcohol. that's about as high as we go. >> i'm a target consumer for you guys. i love the product. one thing i think you've done well is the simple marketing. can you speak to that a little bit? it says montauk but it feels like montauk, it feels like the east end when you look at it and hold it. >> maria: that's a good point. >> thanks for that. that it great to hear. we want to start packaging the product, we wanted something that popped from a shelf standpoint. there are a lot of craft beers in the market. color coded, welcoming colors, it tells the montauk lifestyle story but very simply. it's great to hear that. >> maria: tell me about the tax policy coming out of washington, did you see a big impact on your bottom line? >> we haven't seen much of a change yet. it's early with the aluminum and all that. >> maria: you're talking about the tariffs on aluminum and steel. the tox policy goin -- the tax y
7:56 am
was a significant impact. you haven't seen the impact there. >> the tax went for us from $7 a barrel to $3.50. so it was cut in half. that's been a positive impact on us. >> maria: that's a big deal. what about the tariffs on aluminum, that's sort of looming? >> that's something we're paying attention to. >> we haven't seen much of a change yet. >> looking at the colors and looking at the watermelon, seems like you're not just targeting the male beer drinker but also targeting the female audience. is that by design? >> our tag line is come as you are. that's certainly true to our brand. we want to welcome men, women, it's a fun lifestyle, beach community, boating, and we really want to welcome men and women. >> maria: do you see a difference in terms of women drinking more beer? what has been the reception? what can you tell us about the market? >> the reception's been great. there are more women drinking craft beer specifically now, especially the watermelon session and our summer al, very
7:57 am
inviting. -- summer ale. very inviting. they're flavorful beers, easy drinking. >> maria: do you think about competing with bigger beers, bigger companies? >> i would like to brew stuff that i would like to drink personally. i think i have a pretty -- i have a palette that's not crazy or over-the-top, it's easy drinking. >> maria: congratulations, guys. great to see you. >> thank you for having us. >> maria: it's wonderful. check out montauk brewing company. still ahead we're headed to the international space station where there's a space walk set within the hour. we'll have the next pictures live next hour on "mornings with maria," right here live from shinnecock hills. stay with us. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers.
7:58 am
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maria: welcome back live from shinnecock long island, as we are at the. s open good morning. i'm maria bartiromo happy thursday to you thursday, june 14, top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. a media bidding war under way comcast offered 65 billion dollars in crash for entertainment assets of 21st century fox topping all stock offer from disney already in place taking a closer look at kids the regulatory questions
8:01 am
what happens next in the land slaip the federal reserve raises interest rates as expected yesterday, the central bank setting the stage for two more rate hikes another sign of the strengthening have economy we are expecting markets to open higher the high of the morning dow industrials up 35 points, s&p 4 1/2 points nasdaq higher 16 and one half declines across the board yesterday, the major indices closed near the lows of the day yesterday, following the federal reserve decision to raise interest rates, in europe, this morning, we heard from ecb, the european central bank left rates unchengsed as expected will taper bond-buying program in september, said that season ends with that program by december. markets turned higher in europe european indices higher across the board, as you can see, earlier we had declines across the board, cac quarante in paris up one half of 1% dax index in germany up a quarter
8:02 am
of a percent, house majority whip steve scalise at practice this week ahead of the congressional baseball game takes place tonight, comes in first anniversary of the shooting attack, with scalise sustained live threatening injuries the inspector general report almost over that report expected to be released to american people day dailying fbi handling of hillary clinton e-mail probably rudy giuliani letting out his expectations for the blockbuster report. >> he gets it before he gets. >> unedited version about minute we know from the leaks, want -- that it is going to creative him heavily. >> responsibility of the attorney you know he wrote the report two months before. >> i asked mueller when we met
8:03 am
with him if he o would he do that for us. >> you preview the definite reckoning for fbi this hour, two astronauts on stays walk this hour preparing international space station for the arrival of the first commercial crew vehicle u.s. open under way at shinnecock hills, what you need to know agency some of the biggest names hitting the fairway behind us live from u.s. open 2018 -- thursday morning joining me at shinnecock hills rosecliff ceo managing partner mike murphy great to see you. >> thank you, maria great to be here great show a lot more to come golf going on behind us. >> a lot of golf behind us big stories, in business, a bidding war for fox assets going to open door to a lot more deal making i can'ted don't forget silicon valley i am anding apple at some point. >> i think you can see that for sure a lot more m&a activity.
8:04 am
>> federal reserve rate offed raised interest rates you expected that look at europe no it raising they are curtailing bond-buying program that was set out after financial cries you can look at europe say that like we are in a better position because we are seeing growth we need higher rates. >> for sure all that coming up, european marketing, having said that, completely turned around now trading up 28 points on cac quarante, up 29 points on dax index joining the conversation this morning, house majority he leader california congressman kevin mccarthy a healthiered law pro confessor emeritus author alan dershowitz, stuart varney will weigh in a moment don't wait a big hour. >> a war heating up for entertainmentsets of 21st century fox. >> christina is here has more on this developing story, good morning to you. reporter: good morning a showdown between disney and comcast who is going to win
8:05 am
who is getting fox i meanings earlier comcast offered 65 billion dollars, that translates to 35 dollars all cash, per share, this is a arrived -- proposal from come after after fox reabout rejected the bid citing hurdles after at&t and time warner have essentially mortgaged together teal was approved, that is the reason why you are seeing comcast step forward today. trying to outbid disney, disney suffered a an all stock worth deal 52 billion dollars, so that 19% less than come kat is offering if we go back in history books, there has been a bad blood between both companies because comcast tried to acquire disney in 2004 disney board fought back, obviously didn't succeed what do i mean by comcast business attempting to woo 21st century, a breakup fee watching what with disney
8:06 am
offered 1.5-million-dollar breakup fee reimbursement in case deal does not get approved the 65-billion-dollar all cash you offering brian roberts ceo of comcast on call yesterday to investors was extremely confident says fox is the right fit why all this going on? telecom companies say that they need to coat they need to be able to compete against netflix amazon hulu out there, so they cannot only just be providers have to be content makers as we'll, there is no word on disney share price down disney has not responded with a match in terms of price i spoke to one analyst this morning, on fbn:am said disney needs to come out with a match dollar for dollar match to appea appease share holders do you have any idea of the have to be all cash but a match going forward they spent roughly 7.4 billion dollars a lot of analysts complained that was
8:07 am
too high now we know pixar is very valuable so possible disney could come to the table with a higher prize, fox, said it will review the deal, still pretty much scheduled to vote july 10. >> all right. thanks very much this is an knowledgeab incredible story i suspect back-and-forth here between disney comcast, fox and so that fox shareholders meeting next month 20 beijing secretary of state mike pompeo is briefing officials following president trump trumps historic summit with north korean leader kim jong-un insisting no sanctions leased for hermit kingdom while the bains nuclear weapons expected to come ahead with i tariffs on chinese goods could happen as soon as tomorrow all the above "america's newsroom" anchor bill hemmer. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you --
8:08 am
>> right. >> of a we introduce you short straw you have. >> done so much on north korea story on show china trade are you expecting back-and-forth here. >> i think so that is my sense, i think with regard to the to north korea everything all stories can be tied around for bit of north korea what is happening, the amount of pleasure is it still trying to apply on that regime. if sanctions say where they were, going to continue talking but if you start to see a lessening of that there has been reporting the past two weeks, that some was sanctions backed up i would keep closes eye on that the the story i know marco rubio is hot on this story trying to make sure u.s. government does not give them a pass they made changes the way they are doing business but i think that, too is tied into this north korea matter. maria: i think so too because the president actually told me, that president xi called him directly said i need a favor from you hope me with
8:09 am
zte two weeks before the north korea summit the president gets a call from president of china, knowing that we need china to be on our side, in terms of getting him to the containable, he wanted to do as much as he could, for zte let's not forget u.s. did get something back 1.4 billion dollars now the commerce department will choose the board of zte. >> i would argue none of this is perfect but trying to get something done, let's see how they do given the circumstances. >> today agree a negotiations, and there is going to be some give some take on both sides i think we are making progress in north korea. and with china, there is going to be a give and take the president talked about it yesterday again so being at the table, with them, making shire that we are protected from a national security standpoint also they are trade the maurnz we are going to trade with them back-and-forth may have to been talking about op-ed i enumerate in realclearpolitics yesterday itted is about china what i write is in part this instead of seeking a commitment, for
8:10 am
arbitary levels of total expoerlths determined by sxhooefr president trump should let xi jinping know u.s. company should not have to take on foreign partners or technical more chinese imports u.s. agricultural and energy commodities are al welcome china seems to understand better than u.s. does, that innovation is the crown jewel of american economy what are we doing about that bill hymn center. >> you watched markets every day i know you belief so many moves decisions are tied directly to what dow does whether up or down remarkably stable given news every day given back-and-forth, on the sanctions with china zi is going to respond properly equal manner but markets have been steady that is they are seeing a deal at some point but -- the chinese will give is money. will give is money will they
8:11 am
sacrifice intellectual property for them the long game. >> bizarre negotiations negotiating with one person about housekeeper they may buy from you, but you are also not even discussing the real issue on the table which is how much they steal from you -- >> right. >> i think, as an american for the entire united states of america, just the fact that we're there ebb negotiating is a win for us because we were being taken advantage it was unfair trade for a very long time the fact we are at the table going to gain something from this, i think that is a win for is. maria: switch gears ask aboutig report you have done a lot thon have you bob goodlatte i sad bob goodlatte devin nunes on sunday last unique. >> i don't think if you find anything illegal if you listen to goodlatte talking about significant bias on before of the president from fbi could be severe indictment to viewers should be made clear this deal hillary clinton,
8:12 am
with loretta lynch with decisions jim comey made on back of that you have lisa page, and peter strzok alleged bias i think already damage i through up trusting fbi i grew up trusth trusting cia how do we come out in the end feel about government actions i think will show bias based on what we're getting i don't know if will be to level sale of one to 10 a 10 as interest of would say or more five or six somewhere in the middle. >> we will see if laws he were bron at shinnecock hills u.s. open under way what are you looking forward to -- >> this course a beast i came out on wednesday morning just barely utterly humiliated me i walked out going i clearly cannot play this game, so i sat down my own about person mission to figure out what the
8:13 am
proper swing is started on this course, on number one five years ago. >> figured it out? >> no. >> golfers here at major, some big names tiger woods, phil mickelson. >> justin thomas dustin johnson. >> rickie fowler. >> american golf game in a renaissance period this is a golden era of great golfers so good anyone of these could win over the coming weeks that is what is exciting because i think a lot of younger guys talked about growing up watching tiger woods. and they came up wp jordan spieth all so good tiger was not playing out with injuries now tiger is back somewhat back to old form really intellecti i want to see course playing very difficult i want to see guys challenged there their equipment training is taking them past these courses, and ability to for the course to
8:14 am
challenge them, 18, 59 one of five originals in america shinnecock hills really legal going to -- >> one of the originals today the drone technology, lots of technology, around the game. so we will be watching all that, bill we will see you soon thanks so much be sure to catch bill live coverage u.s. open on fox news as well as fox sports one we will be covering u.s. open on fox 1 and fox sports we take a break when -- we come back the inspector general report department of justice the hand i think loo of the oe. mail sever talking with alan dershowitz next live at shinnecock hills golf course predictions what fans can expect coming up.
8:15 am
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8:18 am
by the end of the year this was probably expected the program driven down borrowing costs in support of economic recovery in the 19 countries that use euro as i mentioned here are the markets all of them now in the green after this announcement. now the ecb says purchases are going to be reduced to 15 billion euros a month from 30 billion euros from october, and then would wind up completely by the month of december, but this is, of course, this is tied, to one day after the federal reserve here made second interest rate hike hinting two more could come this year ecb leaving interest rates unchanged but they are heading in same direction, as -- powerful storms leaving a path of destruction across pennsylvania a possible tornado touching down looks very smashing windows downing mysteries extensive damage that same area, for several
8:19 am
yards police warning multiple collapsed building asked drivers avoid the area to allow emergency personnel access. >> a u-haul truck flipped over own side no reports of injuries, but obviously we are waiting for more updates from the area we will get them to you if we can. >> all right, exciting happening in skies above us, nasa astronauts onboard international space station, you are looking at live pictures from nasa tv, they are preparing to go on space walk a few minutes from now, the two astronauts going to install high def cameras giving a better view of commercial spacecraft as they prepare to doc repair improvements to space station carried out this is going to be 6 1/2 hours space walk this will be the space station 6th space walk walk for the year, two astronauts they are veterans, arnold's fix
8:20 am
watching pictures from nasa, back on earth, a brawl on baseball diamond last night things getting feisty between texas rangers los angeles dodgers a play at plate matt he kemp trying to score barrels home runs over rangerers catcher who took exception benched cleared pulled apart by players on both teams tempers cooled down kemp called out both players thrown out of the game i don't think you see this in golf kind of different. >> equate the brawl. cheryl: on golf course i don't think. maria: are not expecting that today for sure coming up loretta lynch fired fbi director jim comey inside detail how they handled the clinton e-mail server investigation expecting answers with inspector general
8:21 am
report is released a preview of that report with alan dershowitz next monthly reretail sale numbers hit the tape an update on health of the sxhooefr out about 10 minutes' time we will have it for you markets up 70 points on dow industrials back in a minute. ♪ ♪ hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power
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8:24 am
morning from shinnecock hills golf course for the u.s. open, building with anticipation, the department of justice, is ig report into the fbi handling of the hillary clinton e-mail probe finally made public today politicians
8:25 am
on both sides of the aisle bracing much attention on former fbi director jim comey conduct during the investigation joining me to talk more about that alan dershowitz harvard law pro confessor emeritus author of the case impeaching president trump. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> so i mean we really our viewers want to know if there is going to be ever accountability here but first, tell us what your expecting, from this ig report when it hits todayon. >> i think criticism on both sides i think the ig is night rally nonpartisan, highly respected, we know that he submitted a draft earlier that there with some changes in fact draft i hope congress gets to -- see original draft as well as the changed draft to see what the changes were whether mutually done, i think we will see no assessment of whether or not mr. comey's
8:26 am
statements had impact on election perhaps they will say it had potential or possible impact. i think it will creative comey for going beyond his role as fbi director, which is supposed to be a silent role and speaking out so much during the election. whether it has anything to say about the fbi agents bias, reflected in the private tweets against trump is questionable because under fbi regulations agents are allowed to express privately and publicly political views about candidates. now in this case, they were pretty extreme views but i doubt we will see that. i think the big question is whether or not the ig report will have any impact on trump's legal team decision whether to cooperate with the more investigating or whether go to courts and litigate it will depend on whether they think the all right. puts mueller on the defensive
8:27 am
or offensive one thing it not sure it will cognitive the relationship between comey and mueller very, very close professionally and privately raises questions in minds whether he was a right choice for special counsel. >> we know issues as we remember back to the election year 2016, when these investigations were going on, and loretta lynch asked jim comey to call this criminal investigation into hillary clinton e-mails a matter, versus a criminal investigation, that is exactly what he did. there was also a meeting on tarmac between loretta lynch and president bill clinton. a day before two days before hillary was supposed to testify there are other things as well built are you expecting these things to be scrutinized? s. >> i surely think that the meeting between attorney general lynch and former president clinton will be subject of suggestion, i can't imagine that he won't
8:28 am
criticize the attorney general for the appearance of i am propriety a 500-page report will have criticism approves why you need a special counsel the justice department has intern mechanisms for investigating, the ig is much more respected believed than you mueller is they could have assigned the case to southern district of new york or one other district they could have used existing professionals career appointees instead of spending 20 million dollars appointing somebody to have a target on the back in particular of people when make it seem very political i think ig report will potentially change the nature of the debate. >> mike murphy just when all special investigations and all the reports are out, haven't the american public get to a
8:29 am
point where they trust the fbi and the cia? and where they trust the government again? it is going to be a very, very hard thing to do. we've seen the politicization of our system of justice to agree that i have never seen it to a degree i have never seen before i do think the ig to his credit has done everything in his power, to depoliticizes restore fate i do do hope we see that in the report fbi agents do a great job on daily basis assistant u.s. attorneys do great job career people don't care about outcome of elects nonpartisan there are some people tragically near very top seem to have very, very extreme views, look, i don't think that -- that comey was trying to influence the election either way i think he thought it was a slam-dunk for hillary clinton. and since it was a slam-dunk he was going to lean over backwards and prevent any
8:30 am
criticism of him by doing everything that the trump team would say helped him win the election i don't think he thought he was going to have any impact on the election. turns out may or may not have but you can't be engaging in that kind of political calculation when you are the director of the fbi. >> that is absolutely right let me ask you how far up the scale you think this goes? there is some suggestion that this was basically a directive from the administration at the time, do you think some of this is jist to protect president obama somebody making this directive to launch investigation of trump to treat hillary clinton with white he floegloves. >> we hear president trump wrong seeking loyalty of attorney general president obama had two of the most loyal attorneys general imaginable extremely loyal to obama whether diretions from the top or thought on their own would like to see the
8:31 am
reputation and thank you know, integrity of president trump furthered by what they did nobody will ever know but i think from on the scale of the obama administration, maybe one may be one of the things pointed to in ig report explicitly or implicity. >> we appreciate it, by the way, we are going to speak with kevin mccarthy coming up wrote op-ed about the crushing of ideas on the conservative level i wands your thoughts about naziism came up when you did going search in california we will talk about with kevin mccarthy about that as talking with alan dershowitz off 8/10 of a percent estimate called for gain retail sale 4/10 of a paris we got 8/10 for may.
8:32 am
>> a big number shows consumer confidence very strong feeling good about situations jobs money going out spending money. >> a market that is up highs of the moment off 80 points on dow industrials, the market did accelerate after that retail the sales number for may being described as potentially biggest amnesty in u.s. history talking to gop immigration bill with house majority leader mccarthy next day one of the u.s. open at shin cox hills details about the president and course, predictions about tiger woods looks to win first major in a decade coming up. ♪ ♪ never would come to me -- ♪ ♪ how do you win at business?
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for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure. bartiromo with a pesh edition of "mornings with maria" live from u.s. open ship kok hills in shinnecock hills. >> i am maria bartiromo, we are happy you are with us this morning, thursday, june 14, beautiful day here at shinnecock hills in long island new york. your top stories right now 8:35 on the east coast this just in, jobless claims coming in slight below expectations, 218,000 versus 224,000, expected by economists, meenlt retail sales much better than expected 8/10 of a percent
8:36 am
again marketed highs of the morning up 85 dow industrials up 27 points on nasdaq, get ready to pay more for car loans home mortgages economy gets better federal reserve raising interest rates fed raised rates a quarter of a pointed signals two more rate increases on the way chairman jay powell said economy is in great shape announced he will hold a news conference after every rate decision from now on, markets are trading higher, in fact we did get an acceleration of things, after that retail sales number dow industrials at high of the morning up 86 on dow, up 8 1/2 points s&p 500 on nasdaq up 30 points right now almost one half of one percent in after declines across the board yesterday major indices closed near loss following federal reserve decision fed came out basically said there were two more rate hikes that would be four rate hikes for 2018
8:37 am
markets went lower, dow industrials finished down 120 points nasdaq, s&p 500 also, weaker yesterday, in europe, this morning, investors are reacting to the european central bank decision to leave interest rates unchanged but, also, to is that will an end to the bond-buying program markets rallied after ecb decision ft 100 up 22 points cac quarante up two-thirds of a percent, and dax index up a half percent, basically markets are saying okay, rates are going higher, but for a good reason, the economy is growing. we are seeing that in consumer sect as well retail sales number asian markets down across the board overnight, worst in korea, republican lawmaker may have a chance to moving forward on immigration llgs house speaker paul ryan says members may have found a away he believes the presidents in all on next week's vote discussing gop immigration bill with house majority leader kevin mccarthy this morning, one year on
8:38 am
annual congressional baseball game held tonight anniversary of the shooting at it practice that injured house majority whip steve scalise among others u.s. openly officially under way at shinnecock hills the biggest names in golfi itii in golf at the he tee o of. >> paul ryan, says rep leaders have been working hand in glove with white house on immigration, ahead of the vote next week on two bills. >> we now have a bill that represents a compromise that is going to be broadest to the floor so members can actually vote on legislation hack cling this issue a chance of going into law like i said the last thing we want to do is bring a bill out here i know the president won't support. >> joining me from washingtons house majority leader congressman kevin mccarthy california great to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me book
8:39 am
on. >> some people calling this amnesty are they wrong? >> yeah, they haven't read the bill have not seen text yet because this is not amnesty this is dealing with daca issue by keeping it the rule of law, not putting a special path for them but what is most o importantly, it is building the wall and protecting the border no longer catch and release, we stopped that, and interesting thing we do here we make sure the full funding works for the wall tie it if wall is being built to how we deal with daca going forward. so there is an incentive for everybody to work together, to make sure that border is secure that is the thing we have learned from the last immigration bill that they had all promises about border security noun happened we maker accountability border security there so we do not have this problem into the future. >>. maria: you would think everyone would be onboard with that, and that that is what everyone wants, there as you can, yet you continue to get pushback on the left.
8:40 am
what should whether or not he think about going into major election in november, you are trying to put this on the table, now, but are you actually getting the support from your colleagues on the left? >> is it no. i mean but -- they are voting against children's health voted against veterans military construction last week pelosi put notice out the voting against opioid they want to try to stop everything they can in senate even doing it worse than we have ever seen before if you look at last six presidents, the number of times you had to have cloture that is the move forward on appointment, was only 24, where are schumer has done that 100 times, just in first two years of this presidency trying to stop think movement going forward but if you look at the economy, you look what is happened with the va you look how we are going after, opioids this week not going to let them stop we will continue to be successful. >>, by the way, we just got retail sale number out shows that thes consumer is spending
8:41 am
money we were worried the consumer was saving the money they saved on tax cut package but in fact retail sales were up 8/10 of a percent so we go strength on consumer side as well. >> one of my favorite facts about this last 49 years unemployment in america only below 4%, search on months in 49 years two of seven months april and may of this year one of the best academies we have witnessed. >> that is great, in fact the markets are reacting as well expecting the markets to ep 100 points here, this is the high of the day as we see reaction from that real sales number congressman i want to ask about going to be on field, obviously emotional night tonight congressional baseball game, set to happen tonight, one year after the gunman attacked republican lawmakers, while they were practicing for the game, president trump, has been invited to the game are you going to be there as well, sir? >> yes, i will be at the game very emotional game especially for those on the field when
8:42 am
shooting took place but especially for staph ajennifer scalise and kids i was at hospital waiting for jefsh fer -- jennifer to get there with members people do not understand how close to not making it 20 points of blood in a body normally has 8, zero blood pressure when he went in a fighter this individual is i remember sitting with jennifer the doctor the doctor giving us tough news jennifer saying you don't understand my husband you don't understand how tough he is for him to be able to take the field, one year later, really says a lot to this is character. >> that is wonderful we wish you well all of your colleagues tonight, we are so happy that he is doing well, obviously. you wrote an op-ed this week in breitbart i want to talk about struck me because you were very adamant about what
8:43 am
is happening could we impact of so-called censorship of conservatives so in it you referenced google search results, roonlt lifting ideology of the california republican party in search results one ideologies naziism you write in mart not merely insult was latest in trend to sighing matize silence who do not believe the latest in are liberal ideology why did you take to this right now tell us what you would like to see. >> i want to see bias stop, especially after conservatives look at three points, that showed up in google right before the primary election in california. many the party of lincoln the party of reagan that is not what it said it said naziism then if you go for what is happening in amazon, where amazon smile allows to you make donation to nonprofit you know you used to be able to
8:44 am
give money to defending freedom, but you know what the southern poverty law firm said that is a hate group you know what the group did won supreme court case 7-2 for colorado baker it is not a hate place why are they trying to stop our message look what happened on instagram to donald trump, jr., within last month if you had goinged his name searched on instagram warns you this was a bad site to go to even could kau death why happening to conservatives. >> the bottom line is are we going to see legislation, are you going to come up with a bill to try to -- offset this what are you going to do about it? >> a number of us are meeting together we have brought some of the ceos before the committee, needs to be transparency but we have to remember, the founding of the internet was about freedom and free speech they need to keep to it otherwise going to tiebd something much more happening to them.
8:45 am
>> regulation? >> yes. >> we got a long way to go but there has to be transparency and they have got to stop the bu bias. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you, maria. >> we will be right back. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018.
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this morning federal reserve raised interest rates yesterday and now european central bank looking at ending stimulus program at end of the year we heard from ecb this morning, the host of "varney & company" stuart varney ways in right now good morning to you. >> you want me to talk about ecb about the european central bank? i know you do, you are doing this to make fun of me aren't you maria? >> no, i know that you deck connect dots for us in terms of what all this means connect the dots. >> doing it on your show if i did it on my show -- they would buzz me off the set
8:49 am
[buzzer]. >> we won't buzz you -- >> as i understand it ecb european central bank is going to stop printing money putting money into the european economy at the end of this year going to stop their easing process. have i got that right maria? >>. maria: absolutely. >> now why is that important to me? you want to tell me? >> yeah, it is important to you because it is an indication that things are getting better that in fact maybe these academies european economy doesn't need further stimulus from central bank maybe now we can actually see organic growth europe has been growing but not as much as the u.s. >> is that why our futures turned around headed higher? >>s i think our futures turned around sir because a block buster retail sale number for may up 8/10 of a percent expected 410 of a percent,
8:50 am
they are spending money weren't saving it. >> some back from long island you are wasted out there there is a seat four rate here next to me i think you should take part in my show, explain to everybody, about the ecb. and retail sales. >> thank you for that, maria. >> thank you so much stu we are going to be watching you i know not any chinese focus you are going to speak real english on "varney & company" top of the hour after "mornings with maria" we will see you then 9:00 a.m. right there first coming up -- u.s. open under way dustin johnson tiger woods, teeing off this afternoon a preview of all action here at shinnecock hills we will take a look at what makes shinnecock a dill cour -- a difficult course next back in a minute.
8:51 am
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it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. hills site of the 2018 u.s. open, about officially under way first group teeing off this morning joining us right now fox sports, golf course design analyst dale great to see you tlaifrngs for joining us. >> thank you. >> happy you are here 156 golfer here this major. >> what are you expecting. >> maria i think already feeling even through this, the
8:55 am
breeze once outside whipping everything around going to dry out greens going to make it difficult for guys to decide on clubs you play the hole differently. >> i think the golf course designed to play into the wind have all different angles on original architect set up the holes to change direction going to see wind move around three or four different directions this week the challenge will be not only for the players, to you know obviously hit the ball but fulfill aspect but mental aspect the way they think around this great old tough course. >> very tough course i wondered if it plays into anyone's game based on the conditions -- >> who is going to win. >> i am a big fan of i think patrick reed justin rose two guys to look after cerebral out here studying looking at golf course both won on great courses patrick augusta justin
8:56 am
rose at marion two i would be looking at. you know -- >> looking for tiger woods, with old time favorite that is my favorite tiger woods nobody movers needle like tiger woods want to see him on sunday in contention that is what everybody is out here for he is out this afternoon all our coverage will be. >> when his game is on even all younger players so great when tiger otherwise n viewership people want to see tiger. >> even if in the field everybody wants to see tiger, hoping he makes cut in contention. >> is there a particular part of this course will give golfers biggest problems what can you tell us about this particular course from the architect standpoint. >> the stretch back nine sunday 10, 1112 holes very difficult var unified a blind tee shot tenth a short par 3 about terrific hole wicked 12
8:57 am
is kind of a long hole through some of the best properties i look at that stretch 11-12 exciting factor. >> we leave it there more than 160 hours of live golf scheduled on fox fs1, fox sports check it out, great to see you bioeth. >> thank you so much. >> that will do it for us mike murphy great to be with you today. >> lots of fun. >> thanks for joining us have a great day "varney & company" up next after the short break. stay with fox business. have a great day, everybody. ♪ to your bumper, cause.... i don't think enough people heard about your big day. but nothing says "we got married" like a 12 ounce piece of scrap metal. yo! we got married! honk if you like joint assets. now you're so busy soaking up all this attention, you don't see the car in front of you.
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when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. >> 9:00 thursday morning, and good morning everyone. we've got a jam-packed day for you. let's get started. let's get right at it. first the president and key members of congress get to see if. then at 3:00 eastern we the people get to see the inspector general's report on the fbi, the clinton e-mail investigation, and that tarmac meeting probably a whole lot more. we should find out if there was indeed government support for shielding hillary and government support for undermining donald trump. politics, the anti-pelosi movement within the democrat party is growing. democrat candidate in arkansas has a complain ad


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