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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 14, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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little bit further here. that ticked off a lot of people including his old bosses at justice department. democrats will be upset at him. republicans are upset at him ashley: will the hillary clinton email probe be made public now? we'll watch the doj website as soon as it is public. we'll pour over 500 pages of that report in a second. we'll bring you updates throughout the hour. so don't go away, stay right there. i am ashley webster in today for trish regan. welcome "the intelligence report." what a big day for news. here is what we know at this hour. this investigation has been going on for nearly 1months, down them 18 months today on
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president trump's 72nd birthday, the report is finally completed. we're told the report is highly critical of the justice department. inspector general michael horowitz believes james comey broke from fbi procedures during the hillary clinton email probe. why? what was the motivation? was it political bias? we'll find out. fox news senior judicial analyst joins us, judge andrew minneapolis. he will be with us for the legal implications on the report. or maybe it is much ado about nothing. edward lawrence is outside of the justice department for the latest on. i-f report. what do you know? reporter: the report has been released to the public.
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it puts former february by director james comey's tenure under the might be scope so to speak. that report points to possible political bias inside of the fbi. one text exchange between two officials working on the clinton email investigation said, quote, we'll stop trump from becoming president. lawmakers already reacted to this portion of the text here. listen. >> i think the average man and woman in the fbi, rank-and-file, they're part of the best law enforcement agency in the history of the world but we had some folks in the upper echelon there that are rotten apples. reporter: now the report gives a very damning assessment of former fbi director james comey and former loretta lynch, their handling of the clinton email investigation. in some cases the report showed that clinton or comey deviated from standard procedures in the fbi. they called him insubordinate in the report itself.
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deviated from the procedures. that there was no reasonable prosecutor that would charge clinton in the email investigation. very critical of a letter comey sent in a letter to october to congress that they're opening the investigation into the clinton email investigation. there will be hearings where the inspector general will be in front of congress. senators and house of representatives will get a crack at him. a statement from house oversight committee chairman representative trey gowdy said, i'm alarmed, angered, deeply disappointing by the inspector findings of numerous failures by the doj and fbi. fox news also obtained an inspector general, testifying supporting documents, a memo from that committee here. in this memo it does say there is evidence that a foreign actor was able to hack into hillary clinton's open email server and have access to at least one email that was labeled secret. a number of lawmakers very concerned. we'll hear more as we go through
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this 500 page report that has been released by the inspector general's off. ashley? ashley: edward, thank you very much. we'll come back to edward as more details come out as we poor through 500 pages of report. joining me for the initial summation, fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. judge, so he deviated what would be considered norms with regard to procedure. he was even insubordinate but no political bias. my question is, so what? >> my response is so what. if this is the most damning part of the report about jim comey he should go out with his wife and celebrate tonight. there is nothing new here. we already knew that he violated procedures when he himself announced she wouldn't be prosecuted. that is not a decision from the fbi. ashley: right. >> we already knew that he violated procedures when he said we can't prove intent, so we don't think any prosecutor would take this. espionage is not intent crime. you only have to prove gross negligence. we already knew he made errors of judgment when he said no
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prosecutor would take the because evidence of her guilt is overwhelming. we already knew a foreign actor, intelligence agent foreign country adverse to the united states had gotten to one of her secret emails, but had access to many of them. none of this is new here. the rudy giuliani claims that jim comey will be prosecuted as a result of the report, there is nothing there. there is no criminal referral. there is no allegation of criminal behavior on his part. there are allegations of wrong judgment. we knew about that. there are allegations he was off on his own, making his own rules, using the fbi as he saw fit irrespective of his boss in the justice department. we already knew that. ashley: i would imagine that democrats and republicans can agree trump did the right thing by firing him? >> there is something in this report. i haven't seen it. 500 pages were posted as you and i were sitting here watching the end of neil's show, there is
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something for everybody in this. ashley: right. >> there is criticism of jim comey for announcing the reopening of the hillary investigation 10 days before the election. mrs. clinton will take solace in that. she blames that single act for her defeat, whether you accept the view or not. that and the russians. >> she makes the claim t has been substantiated in the report. republicans will say look, he employed people in the fbi who hated donald trump and who sent emails and texts to each other saying we have to stop him from becoming president. because of his personality? because of his ideology? because they want hillary? we don't know. because the bottom line it is a head-scratcher, from the inspector general, their motivations were not political. ashley: so what about those emails that we've poured over between peter strzok and the time and his girlfriend/colleague lisa page? it was very clear in the upper
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echelons of the fbi -- >> there was animus. ashley: there was an my news. what do we do to stop this from happening, if mr. trump, from becoming president? >> well, i would imagine that chris wray, who is jim comey's successor as director of the fbi will make certain people have very, very strong political opinions one way or the other, they get off of cases that could implicate -- go chase terrorists or bank robbers. if you have a strong political opinion and politicians are involved, the opinion is so strong it is going to affect your law enforcement judgment you shouldn't be on the case. ashley: andrew mccabe, for example, should have recused himself because of family ties to the democratic party. >> let me give you the strongest argument against jim comey from snippets of the report edward gave us, he gave his people too long of a leash. knowing, he should have known that they had political animus in favor of mrs. clinton or
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against donald trump. he should have managed them better. is that a crime? no. is it a thing you expect of an fbi director? of course not. ashley: should hillary clinton have been charged for her actions by using her private email server to conduct the most top secret levels of communication as secretary of state? >> i've been arguing for 2 1/2 years the answer to that is yes. i've been very critical of the president and of jeff sessions. if the reason they fired jim comey is because of his exoneration of hillary, why haven't they corrected by that exoneration? they are not bound by his decision the statute of limitations has not yet run. evidence of her guilt is overwhelming. i could find two dozen federal prosecutors that would take the case. ashley: as hillary clinton called i a great big nothing burger? >> it is almost that. we may get more information when mike horowitz the inspector general testifies for two days next week. ashley: should be interesting.
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>> i predict this, you will get subpoenas from congress looking for drafts of the report. only that came out from the final version. did you gin something up? dial something back. ashley: change it from grossly negligent to extremely careless, those types of things? >> exactly. exactly. ashley: great stuff, judge. >> pleasure, ashley. ashley: for more analysis i want to bring in former trump campaign manager corey lewandoski. i would imagine you're disappointed with the gist of this report, after 18 months, this is what we get. a former director of the fbi, perhaps went rogue, in his own direction, was unsubordinate, that is about it? >> clearly jim comey, has one of the greatest messiah complexes we've ever seen in a public official. this is man dictating what was right, what was not right, regardless what the standard operating procedure was in the fbi. he at his own discretion, when to open, when to close investigations into hillary
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clinton. he at his own discretion decided who would or would not take a case against club:which is outside of his scope what his jurisdiction would be. i'm disappointed there is not a criminal referral in this investigative report from horowitz. what the judge said is exactly right. this is the opening salvo. when the ig sits in front of congress, answers questions about the information and why no referral was there, because we know one thing unequivocally, jim comey already said he has provided classified information to other individuals so that the inspector -- the bob mueller investigation would begin. he leaked that information out. that is not covered in the report from what we've seen so far and there should be accountability for that. ashley: so did the fbi and the justice department essentially shield hillary clinton in your opinion? >> well it clearly looks to be that way. look the evidence against hillary clinton, the use of a private server, deleting 33,000
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emails congress asked for, bleaching them, clearly she has done things with both classified and unclassified information she refused to turn over and looks to be because of the animus towards the president, because of peter strzok and lisa page, mccabe, comey, and disdain for donald trump, allowed hillary clinton at her own volition to get away with the crime. there is no follow-up from the department of with us tis so far. ashley: cory, let's be honest, democrats will say because of james comey, reopening the investigation cost hillary the election in the first place. your thoughts on that? >> the bottom line hillary clinton was a terrible candidate. donald trump outworked her every single day on the campaign trail. it wasn't a close election. just remember that. donald trump won in such a decisive act fashion he could have lost the state of florida and won the president of the united states. this was not a hanging chad. this was a blowout when came to
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donald trump came to the electoral college which mattered. hillary clinton lost the election because she was terribly flawed candidate. had nothing to do with jim comey opening and closing an investigation for her. ashley: don't forget the infamous tarmac meeting between former attorney general loretta lynch and bill clinton. that optics looked terrible. loretta lynch said she regretted since and would take it back, but that was egregious given tying of meeting. >> this notion that bill clinton said he and loretta lynch simply sat on the back of a plane and spoke for 30 minutes about grandchildren and golf doesn't pass the smell test. we were so lucky a journalist that caught the tarmac meeting because no one was reporting this this was supposed to be a secret, hidden, off the books meeting wasn't supposed to be known until one person in camera caught them getting on back of this plane. we know for sure, this was bill clinton asking loretta lynch to exonerate his wife so
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she could get elected with potentially a quit proquote she would remain as attorney general if -- quid row quote. i don't know for sure but that is clearly the potential,. ashley: corey, in the 500 page report, the summation those emails were not discussed on that 30-minute meeting on the plane between bill clinton and loretta lynch. so they're trying to put that one to rest. your thoughts. >> yeah, i just don't believe that whatsoever. they know there is culpability there. we've seen text message exchanges between strzok and his paramore page. they will try to do anything to stop this president and if you think for one second that bill clinton did not have a conversation with loretta lynch about his wife's deed e-mails and fact classified information was on unclassified servers and clearly access possible to the outside world and foreign entities we're fooling ourselves.
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of course that was the conversation that took place. ashley: where do we go from here? do we put this to rest? donald trump has been president now for beyond 500 days, should we accept the report and move on? >> nos absolutely not. i believe there still has to be accountability. the fact that hillary clinton has not been prosecuted or had charges brought against her for the dissemination, of classified information on a unclassified server is a problem. she deleted 33,000 emails after congress subpoenaed her. they literally took hammers to devices, blackberry, phones so they were destroyed. there are so many abuses of justice. what we now know jim comey has liability here for lying to congress, for making information that he leaked to his former law professor to give to the american people. there is no criminal referral. i believe comey's worst days are in front of him. they will cut a deal for
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immunity because one of those two will go to jail. ashley: what a place to leave it. cory lewandoski. thank you for your time. >> thank you. ashley: we're staying on breaking news when we come back, including the white house response to the ig report. sarah huckabee sanders set to hold a briefing in moments. that should be interesting, should it not? stay with us. man: i got scar tissue there. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck.
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ashley: breaking right now, the long-awaited inspector general report on how the doj and the fbi handled hillary clinton's email probe has been released. our very own edward lawrence is pouring, standing feverishly over the 500 page report. he joins us with more new details. edward? >> it's a big one. there are nuggets coming out left and right. on insubordinate front, the inspector general uses the word, insubordinate, talking about former fbi director james comey. in the july statement he said last year, no reasonable prosecutor would go forward with charges against former secretary of state hillary clinton. and he did not consult the attorney general on that statement. here is exactly what the report says regarding this. look at this. we found it was extraordinary an
2:20 pm
insubordinate for comey to conceal his intentions from the his superiors, the attorney general, for the permitted purpose telling them not to make the statement. the report did say they found, they did not find bias in the fbi before july 5th. but then after that, in august they discovered those text messages between the high-ranking fbi officials, one of them, peter strzok in charge of the clinton email investigation consulting with former fbi attorney saying wee stop now president trump from becoming president. in those texts peter strzok, the attorney general report found that peter strzok prioritized russian investigation over the clinton email investigation. he diverted resources from that, possibly putting more intensity into that russian investigation. that speaks to the bias that the attorney general or, that the inspector general found in this report within the fbi. is highly critical. lawmakers are reacting to this. we're getting more nuggets as we speak, ashley.
2:21 pm
ashley: continue the scanning of those 500 pages, edward, thank you very much. joining me to talk more about this, american majority ceo ned ryan and democrat strategist kevin walling. thank you both for being here. ned, let me go to you first. your initial thoughts what we heard of this 500 pages of? >> first of all, haven't been able to read it. it justifies trump's firing of comey. what we're seeing is wildly incompetent and i will say biased. i think there was some bias and preferential treatment. you and i were, we were talking before the hit, if you and i had done one thing that hillary clinton and huma abedin had done we would be sitting in leavenworth. i think it will justify trump's firing of comey and comey will be go down as one of the worst fbi directors in history. one of the stunning things, that lisa page, peter strzok exchange, tell me won't be president, right, right?
2:22 pm
no, we'll stop him. don't forget peter strzok was heading up county intelligence probe of supposed trump collusion. this was not a random field agent. i think the thing coming out of this, i think people have to be aware of, i still think there are serious questions about the doj and the fbi and the trust issue with the american people. i don't think this will help them at all today. i think we've still got to work through that. can we trust them to be guardians of rule of law? how they handled clinton investigation, it was not even-handed justice because somebody's last name was clinton. >> kevin, with regard to peter strzok and lisa page, we've seen emails between the two. you're still an fbi agent, still allowed to have your opinions, or political bias unless it starts affecting the job you're supposed to do at very highest levels.
2:23 pm
it would appear, would you admit the intent of peter strzok and lisa page was, whatever we do we have to stop donald trump from becoming president? >> that is a great question. there is no question it was inappropriate messaging between the two agents. what the ig report said there was no political bias whatsoever that impacted clinton email investigation or the start of the investigation into whether russia and the trump campaign colluded during the last campaign season. again, and i go back to the fact that this president was really hyping this report, and was going to use this to condemn the fbi, again. of course, attacking the men and women 35,000 -- >> just the senior management. >> what's that? >> just the senior management. i will agree with you. i have friends that are fbi agents. >> condemn the attacks on rank-and-file when the president attacked doj and fbi. ashley: a lot of people get painted with the same brush.
2:24 pm
i agree with that. >> it is inappropriate. >> coming from me it is senior management with the doj and fbi in the previous administration. >> which were cleared today, cheered today, ned for any political involvement, whatsoever into the email investigation with the clintons and the russian investigation that -- >> i don't buy that. i'm sorry. >> you don't buy it that is the ig, that the ig report. >> head of counterintelligence effort into trump and russia. >> the ig report says it was inappropriate but cleared both of those individuals as part of this report. >> at the end of the day you and i can debate this back and forth this will be settled in court of public opinion. the american people will look at the exchange, think there is political bias, there is implications moving down with everyone involved regardless what is -- ashley: do you agree with that, kevin. >> i faith in the american people, seeing 500 page report, michael horowitz, respected on both sides of the aisle.
2:25 pm
bob goodlatte, trey gowdy, support him in the house of representatives, two of his closest folks support him and support findings in the report. as judge napolitano said earlier, this is amounts to a nothing burger with how much this president, this administration really trumped up, for apologies for the pun, this report coming out saying it would shine a light on the russia investigation and show improper investigations into the clintons. it clears everyone across the board. ashley: very quickly, kevin. you don't think so, do you? >> i think we're at very beginning. congressional hearings next week which horowitz will come before congress with q&a. i think thrill will be interesting things come out next week. ashley: ned, kevin, thank you so much. busy day. we'll have more on this ig report when we come back. plus secretary pompeo heading back to the u.s. after briefing our asian allies on the historic north korea summit. we'll have intel on exactly what he told them next. is an act of mutuality.
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ashley: secretary of state mike pompeo on his way back to washington after trying to convince our asian allies that president trump has not backed down from his tough stance for north korea. this following a tweet from the president saying, there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. so there you go. meeting with kim jong-un was an interesting and very positive experience. north korea has great potential for future. the president has said the u.s. will stop conducting war games with south korea even before pongyang has actually dumped its nukes. hmmm. joining me former visor to president trumps and george w. bush, christian whiten. christian, great to see you. okay, i heard people say we've been down this road before with north korea. i don't know whether we had under these circumstances because with president trump, it is always very different. you get a different sense this time of how north korea reacts? >> very much, as the state department when the
2:31 pm
george w. bush administration tried to get the deal of the century out of kim. it was promoted with goodies, handouts, cash, unfrozen accounts. low level talks. this is very different. north korea made a number of concessions. they stopped their nuclear testing. stopped the nuclear testing. gave back hostages. gave up partially nuclear facilities. still a lot to do but different. ashley: it is interesting. the president come in for some criticism. you're being buddy, buddy with a guy who is absolutely appalling when it comes to human rights and way he treats his people. how do you get around that? you want the guy to get rid of nuclear weapons and actually be a good guy, yet you have to kind of, you know, put some of that to the side? i hate to say that because we're talking about human lives. how does president trump approach that without upsetting some people? >> you know, flattery and courtesy are free. when fdr or truman met with
2:32 pm
stalin of all people, the biggest murderer in history, they didn't start off with an insult and with a personal jab. the president raised human rights and raised issues of japanese abductees. vice president met with the north korea and talked up the issue at winter olympics. this is not ignored by much the human rights industry quiet threw eight years of obama. hillary clinton totally threw human rights under the bus in china. pushed a blind dissident out of our embassy in beijing to make the chinese happy. all these people were not upset. human rights played no role whatever in the barack obama administration with the nuclear deal with iran. ashley: are they happy with things going between the u.s. and north korea? >> outwardly they are. inwardly they're concerned. they have been using north korea as foil to distract from their own misconduct, military
2:33 pm
expansion and military and economic trade, digital spheres. if we, and this is the great thing about these talks, unlike the predecessors where china was sort of the king-maker, the fact we're going direct with north korea, trump to kim directly, it might, theoretically pull north korea at least a little bit out of china's orbit. if we can solve this problem, if we can get 30,000 troops we have in korea out, save the money, use it on ships and airplanes and satellites and strategic weapons, that will be much better deterring war with china than what we have now. ashley: we'll see what happens. fascinating to watch it unfold. christian whiten, thank you so much, christian. >> great to be here. ashley: by the way, james comey tweeting just moments ago, quote, i respect the doj-ig office, why i urged them to do this review. conclusions are reasonable, even though i disagree with some. people with good faith see unprecedented differently. i pray no director faces again.
2:34 pm
thanks to the ig's people for hard work. he comes into harsh criticism from james comey, being called subordinate. not following accepted rules and procedure, not really happy that the democrats are not happy with him. republicans are not happy with him. but he says okay i guess in that tweet. but right now we are by the way waiting for the white house briefing after the release of that 500 page ig report on the hillary clinton email investigation. that could be interesting. also coming up next, has comcast bid for fox sparked a media bidding war? hmmm, we'll be right back. ♪ (daniel jacob) for every hour that you're idling in your car, you're sending about half a gallon of gasoline up in the air.
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jo comcast is offering 65 approximately dollars to buy entertainment assets belonging to twenty-first century fox setting up a potential bidding war against disney. this comes days after a judge approved at&t's $85 billion acquisition of time warner.
2:39 pm
the court's landmark acquisition is expected to kick off a wave of new media deals. looks like the race already has begun. joining me bubba trading chief market strategist, todd horowitz and kingsview cio scott martin. both are reserved people. have to draw you out a little bit. todd, let me begin with you, has the damn broken down now in regard to m&a especially in the media sector? >> i think so and i hope so. i think this will be better to the consumer when all said and done. time to get department of justice out for these deals. works out better for the customer when they let free markets work. ashley: scott, when there is combination, does that mean there is less choice, i will have to pay more for my super-duper soccer package right now? >> yes. thatthat is a shame, ashley. considering the world cup what
2:40 pm
we've seen today and beyond soccer or football to come depending on your perspective. todd, makes a good point. there is benefit in conglomeration. i think you will see lower prices initially but it is less choice and for me, especially think about it this way, guys, if you're an employer, you have to worry about overlap, job cuts, certainly productivity effect there because of the fact these two companies will be combining assets, combining efforts. therefore that will probably hurt the workforce to some degree. ashley: while i have you gentlemen here. i had news from the fed yesterday. markets fairly muted. the dow has been slightly lower for the day. nasdaq continues to grow. bubba, where do we go from here? we're heading into the summer. the fed is a little more hawkish. that is because the economy is doing well. isn't that plus? >> i think it's a plus. i think we're pretty much topping out here.
2:41 pm
would i not be surprised at all, to see new highs in the dow and s&p. nasdaq and russell have made them. i wouldn't be surprised apple to get to the one trillion dollar point. i think there is greater likelihood we see profit-taking and selling before next up tick in the bull market. ashley: are these equities equally priced or expensive. >> i think they're expensive, todd, i'm agreeing with you. feels like january, doesn't it, guys? we had the fed meeting that went pretty well. one of the more telegraphed rate hikes in history. market took it well within the last ten minutes. ashley, it's a yes, hold your longs. wait for the pullbacks to add to some high-flyers because i believe as todd said earlier astutely, you will see some sort of pull backs, you will see air
2:42 pm
pockets possibly hit. that is when you have to commit new cash. ashley: todd my question has been, todd, let me say this, where else does money go? is there anywhere else around the world you say, wow, got to get in on that? >> not right now. i think first of all there is too much complacency in the equity market. with the 10-year trying to push up, i think if the 10-year gets over 3, 3 1/2% and heads there i think that will take a lot of money out people, elderly don't want to be in the market to begin with, forced in the market because there is no place else to go. ashley: that's a good point. finally get a return on savings. do we see a rotation, scott, out of equities if we see rates continue to rise? >> you know, ashley, i don't know if three or 3 1/2 as todd said is enough. here is interesting point. look at 10-year, backed off from the 3.15 high we saw about a month ago? equity prices have gone up further. so that means investors have been buying bond and been buying
2:43 pm
stocks. so the point of complacency, that can't go on forever. that is not sustainable. you're probably going to see both pull off next couple months. ashley: finally, todd, seems like so much money poured into the big tech companies. here we are again today. the dow is down, nasdaq is doing just fine. >> well, i think that this is the way it goes. you get the herd charging into one or two stocks or into tech. i think you're seeing same names going up. everybody is changeover chasing after them. scott paying wait for pullback. facebook at new highs. it will pull back at some point. we won't go straight up nor do we ever. investors should stay in the market to look to opportunities to add to their position instead of chasing markets. ashley: it has been a love-fest todd and scott today. a little uncomfortable. unbelievable. >> next time we'll disagree. ashley: who will win the world
2:44 pm
cup? >> belgium. belgium is dark horse. ashley: not sure about the team. come on, todd, who will win? >> who will win? spain. ashley: wow, a couple of outlyers. i love it. todd, scott, thank you so much. really appreciate it. very agreeable today. >> thanks. ashley: long-awaited inspector general report is finally released. will this help mend some of the public's broken trust in the fbi? our panel weighs in next. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. hi.i just wanted to tell you thdependability award for its midsize car-the chevy malibu.
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ashley: back to our breaking story. that inspector general, highly critical report on how the fbi and the department of justice handled the hillary clinton email probe during the 2016 election. i want to go back to our own edward lawrence whose eyes are now crossed as he goes through 500 pages of information. what else is in there, edward? reporter: ashley, there is a lot but i can tell you first right now, fbi director christopher wray is on capitol hill, briefing the "gang of eight" about some of this and conclusions in here. this report centers around or focuses on potential bias in the fbi we talked about last hour or so the report focuses on specifically text messages between former fbi officials in charge of the clinton email investigation and the beginning of the russia investigation. an attorney, a former fbi
2:49 pm
attorney in there. this is exactly what those text messages say, i want to show you. lisa page is the former attorney for the fbi. trump is never going to become president, right, right? peter strzok, the fbi official in charge of the clinton email investigation, no, no he is not. we'll stop it. now the rest of this, the report then sort of keys in on how strzok, who was in charge of the clinton investigation and early stage of the russian investigation pushed the russia investigation over the clinton investigation. this is what report went on to say, look at quote directly from the report. under these circumstances we did not have confidence that strzok's decision to prioritize the russia investigation over follow-up on the mid-year related investigative lead discovered on the weiner laptop was free from bias. this has lawmakers reacting to all of this on capitol hill. house oversight committee chairman trey gowdy released a statement before 2:00, talking about this report. this is what he said in the
2:50 pm
statement. moreover, the treatment afforded to former secretary clinton and other potential subjects and targets was starkly different from the fbi's investigation into the trump campaign officials. voluntariliness and consent in the former were replaced with search warrants, subpoenas and other compulsory process in the latter. criticizing how the investigations were handled. talking about the priority of putting the clinton email investigation sort of in the backburner as the russian investigation started to pick up steam there, and diverting resources to go on that front. back to you, ashley. ashley: very interesting. great job, edward. thank you very much. i'm bringing in former senior military officer steve rogers, along with former chief of staff to senator mike lee, boyd matheson. thank you both for being here. steve, let me begin with you. what is your reaction to all of this? okay, we know those, to me, everything we knew ahead of the report is already in the report. what's new? >> a few things, to point to. number one, the ig report
2:51 pm
clearly reveals that president trump was justified taking action he did against comey. ashley: by firing him. >> by firing him. what i'm waiting for the blue wall of silence to come tumbling down. i'm from law enforcement culture my entire life. cops know what is going on from the head to the toe. i would say there are fbi agents, whether in the executive committees running the fbi or out in the field, there is a lot more those cops know. those fbi agents know, time to come up, to crumble the blue wall of silence. ashley: i don't know, may be wishful thinking. boyd, what do you think? we've seen emails before between peter strzok, lisa page, they are stark. he will not become president, don't wore about it. i will stop it or we'll stop it. that from a high-ranking fish is very disturbing. >> hard not to say that is not biased and wouldn't influence your judgment one way or the other. the underlying thing, we're
2:52 pm
right in terms none of this is really new, the thing we have to keep getting back to, this is eroding public confidence, public trust. trust in our institutions is at an all-time low. it is not just institutions. it is impacting communities and neighborhoods. our trust in our neighbor is at historic low. this comes together pause we allow this to continue at the highest levels of government. it was very clear that mr. comey had one priority and it was mr. comey first, last and always and that led to a host of other things that really compromised. but the big thing, how do we pivot it forward? how do we begin? we're at crisis of trust in this country. ashley: yeah. >> how do we start building that and moving that forward. that is the question. ashley: that is a good question, steve. do we just take the report, we know there will be congressional hearings where they will really pick it apart. do we accept what we found out,
2:53 pm
18 months, multiple delays, should we move on or there should be consequences? >> there should be consequences especially if people violated the law. there is controversy whether hillary violated the wall. i believe she did. ashley: why is she not being prosecuted? >> there is classified information we don't know about that. your guest said something very significant, first time i'm hearing it, he brought up a good point, erosion of law enforcement from the streep cop to fbi headquarters, from the street cops to every city in the country to build up confidence in law enforcement. ashley: how do they do that in situation like this? they don't want to go forward, they are frightened for their jobs. you talk about the blue wall that shuts down protects their own is what you're saying? >> they ought to be frightened for their jobs if they don't come forward. if they're involved, willing withheld information that they knew about could help the investigation they have a lot to be afraid of. better to come forward. go by the book, tell the truth,
2:54 pm
be transparent. you will be okay. ashley: interesting, boyd, democrats will tell you comey that cost hillary clinton the presidency because he came out so close to the election, to say we've reopened this investigation. and then of course the republicans will tell you, wait a minute, you didn't do anything when the evidence was very clear that hillary clinton acted with gross negligence with regard to the emails? >> yeah i think mr. comey is equal opportunity offender in the end. ashley: yeah. >> there were period both sides loved him and hated him. the more important thing, the word is important to, insubordinate. the actions that he took were insubordinate. he was, a man talking about no one is above the law, he chose to do things his own way. and in the process, undermined the integrity of entire institutions, which again goes back to that crisis of trust. ashley: you know bottom line, steve, we know looking at this, from the report that peter
2:55 pm
struck put the russia investigation ahead of the hillary clinton email investigation. obviously trying to find stuff on mr. trump to try to prevent him from becoming president. but also then we know the fbi slow-walked the investigation what it may have been on anthony weiner's laptop through his wife at the time. all of this suggests that you know, the law was circumvented. yet here we are, saying okay, it feels to me after all of this nothing will come of it. that there is no consequence. you think there might be more to come? >> i think there is more to come. furthermore, i believe time has come, i said this over and over again, clean house at fbi headquarters. everyone except for the new director, he wasn't around at that time. they need to fire everybody. you want to drain the swamp? start at fbi headquarters. ashley: that is the place to leave it. i hear boyd saying yeah. thanks so much. we'll be right back. with fidelity's real-time analytics,
2:56 pm
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3:00 pm
cup kicked off today fox sports broadcasting all the action the tournament opening up with host nation russia thrashing saudi arabia 5-1 it is the most exciting hour of the trading day , and guess what? liz claman is all over it over to you liz. liz: go cleveland. [laughter] ashley: [laughter] not quite. liz: oh, wait they're not playing. ashley: they might be better than saudi arabia. liz: that was a pretty sad game. ashley we do have breaking news major political and economic news surrounding the white house at this hour on trade, tariffs, global relationships and that inspector general report on the 2016 election. you're looking live at the white house briefing room, where we expect press secretary sarah sanders to begin the daily briefing at any moment she will likely be peppered with questions about former fbi director james comey's actions during the 2016 campaign, and secretary of state mike pompeo's visit with chinese president, we've got canada making a statement that it will continue nafta


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