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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 14, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the economy is good but i think the market -- that is when i buy. [closing bell rings] liz: jeff sica, a good friend of this network and a good friend of the show. the dow struggling to break into the green. down 19.ç that is it. next is "after the bell." melissa: closing bell sounds on wall street. >> dow is struggling. melissa. third session in a row. nasdaq surging to new record close. it happens to be the 100th record since president trump's election. we'll cover it all. i'm connell mcshane filling in for david asman. melissa: and rhyme melissa francis this is "after the bell." more on the big market movers, here is what else we're covering in busy hour ahead.
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mat gates, fox news's bill hemmer sitting next to me to break it all down. the new york attorney general doing the president, his children -- suing the president, children and trump foundation. we'll tell you how the president is responding now. iç am joining you live from the very beautiful shinnecock hills golf course in southhampton. a huge cry went up behind us. i'm dying to see what it was. here we are day one of the u.s. open. it is now underway. 12 poll dollars is on the line. a lot of screaming going on behind me which you don't hear a lot in golf. latest on the leaderboard. much more commitment coming up.
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connell. connell: melissa back to you in a couple minutes. with the dow ending day down 24 points. really weakness we saw in financials. industrials not great today. nicole petallides joins us with breakdown from the new york stock exchange. but, forget about the dow for a moment. we had the record for the nasdaq. >> let's talk about that. so the nasdaq hit as record. not only is this a record close. in fact it is the 100th record since president trump was he elected, on election day. so this may be a very good birthday present for our president. happy birthday, mr. president, 72. nasdaq at record close. thank you for charlie brady that stat. our senior editor. the mixed bag, the dow down 24 points. tacking on yesterday's losses. s&p squeezes outç a gain of 1/4 of 1%. gain in telecom and utilities. we're looking at technology and some of those records.
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bring them on. amazon, any gains for amazon and netflix would be a record. there is another record close for you. third for amazon. netflix, second in a row. when we see facebook now, that also is a record. so, it is 8th straight record. as communications director steps down over at facebook. then we take a look at some media stocks this is front and center. we got news at&t, time warner, that gets the okay from the judge. comcast steps in, 65 billion for fox, twenty-first century fox, parent of fox business network will disney fight back? so many analysts talking about mergers and acquisitions. we'll watch discovery, charter, lions gate, media, cable, what will happen next? so we'll be watching for that. sinclair, tribune, all of these things front and center. taking a look in addition to that retail. while we weren't looking. we were admiring technology, tailored brands, is down 21%.
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had a tough quarter. but it is up almost 200% in the last year. in fact we've seen these, retail stocks killing it in the month of june. we saw under armourç 15%. kors, gap and outpacing major averages. tailored brands, joseph a. bank and men's warehouse. connell: thank you, nicole. a lot of good stories. carol roth is with us, former investment banker and founder of future file legacy planning system and gary b. smith from kadena group. gary is a fox business contributor. welcome to you both. gary, let me go to you first. nicole was talking about what we classify as good news for bulls on wall street. we'll back into issues that may be out there, technology, with the dow down 26 points, with the nasdaq hitting that record, it is quite a story that we've seen in american technology, amazons, and facebooks and netflix of the world. what do you make of it?
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>> well you know that wall street movie, blue horseshoe loves anakot steel? these investors love technology. why wouldn't they? things ahead will continue to lead us, "ai," cloud, ar, those are all tech stories. on the technology policy backdrop, if we end up with more tariffs and more trade wars, what type of companies will not suffer in those, technologies.ç that makes a lot of sense where investors are focused on right now. connell: remains to be seen whether they will or won't but to your point, gary, i mean backing into the tale of two markets, the large stocks that make up the dow jones industrial average. we look at tech gainers today, industrial names, continue really to lag behind and struggle a little bit. and there is concern that the next announcement will get out of the white house has to do with trade with china, right? >> exactly. first of all, carol took all my
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talking points. i got nothing. connell: uh-oh. this is a bad sign when a guest announces that. >> if i had gone first, i if i had gone first i would look brilliant at this point. no, every point she made is very accurate. here i think is, here i think is the story. i'm starting to wonder, because i was doing same thing as you. i was looking at averages, my gosh, you know, we hit the all-time highs on the dow early in the year and it is kind of come down. it is kind of making a little bowl if you will. i think it will go back up to new highs, to be honest with you. then i flip the chart, looking at some of these tech stocks, amazon, netflix, et cetera, et cetera. they never, they never paused even.ç they keep going up. here's the reason. i think we're slowly but surely migrating from this old economy we have, the focus on all the old industrials to exactly what
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carol said. new interesting, exciting, robotics ai. connell: is a trade war if that is where we're going as carol said, we'll be better off, right? >> i think, i don't know if you're talking to me but i think there always will be a trickle-down effect. trade, tariffs are basically a tax. higher taxes, less money. it has to affect every industry, but it will affect the amazons and netflix of the world a lot less. connell: leave it there for now, guys. gary's behalf, let me thank carol for making terrific points to start us off this afternoon. >> exactly. connell: now the other big story of the day, back to shinnecock. melissa. melissa: highly anticipated ig report is out and the department of justice watchdog releasing a bombshell report on the fbi and doj of clinton email probe. edward lawrence is outside the justice department to break it down. edward, run us through it. reporter: melissa, 500 page document.
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the big takeaway, president (yu5a has some of his fears concerned in this, there could possibly be bias within the fbi. the inspector general's report points to text messages, specifically between the person who was in charge of the clinton email investigation, a former fbi employee now, and former fbi attorney. those specifically say this, from the former attorney, lisa page who says trump is not ever going to become president, right, right? peter struck, the man in charge of the clinton email investigation, no, no he is not. we'll stop it. so five other names from fbi agents have been turned over to the fbi for disciplinary actions, for possibly violating their policy related to communications that they had probably putting out bias there. the report also critical of former fbi director james comey and calling him insubordinate in some cases. some of the ways he diverted from policy laid open or opened the door to the effect that the fbi could possibly be biased. now all of this has lawmakers on
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capitol hill very concerned. listen. >> the question i have, department of justice, fbi, people in charge of the clinton investigation, were they really in the tank or not? we'll see what the conclusions are. i will challengeç mr. horowitzo make sure that his conclusion that they weren't in the tank makes sense. time will tell. >> and other republicans glad and relieved this report is now out there in the public light. listen to senator john kennedy from louisiana. here. >> now we're finally getting some facts from objective party. i'm grateful, let the chips fall where they may, but let the american people see the facts and they will draw their own conclusions. reporter: democrats are saying actually this report shows there is not a need for anymore prosecutions in this case.
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look at a statement from representative adam schiff. he says quote, we found no evidence that the conclusions by the department prosecutors were affected by bias or other improper considerations. rather we determined that they were based on prosecutor's assessment of the facts, the law and past department practices. this this is something debated in congress and otherwise. james comey at the center of this ig report tweeted out saying that he respects the report, respects the fact this was done. he also said that the conclusions are reasonable even though he doesn't agree with all of them.ç melissa this. melissa: there you go edward. democratic leaders respond soon to the report. we'll come back back to edward to react, jason chaffetz, former chairman of the house oversight committee. a fox news contributor. we have bill hemmer, co-host of "america's newsroom" on the fox news channel. bill, i want to start with you, you've been burning up phone
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lines on this story. >> john radcliffe, he will be part of this group. you golf shamed me. i went and bought a shirt. americans the reason i'm more casual. great to be back with you. melissa: yeah. >> he made six points viewers need to understand. they used astonished and disappointed. this is former federal prosecutor. along with trey gowdy. number two he wants the fbi director to hold a press conference. he wants to clear the name of 13,000 fbi agents and clean up the names of 15 to 20 what he considers bad ones. point number two. melissa: wow. >> point number three, peter strzok matter he was in charge of russia investigation july july 2016 and to july sift set of. he thinks that is way out of bounds based on text messages. he wants to knowç if there was anything illegal. this is prosecutorial discretion, james comey has
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discretion to make a move or not. ig on the senate side. on tuesday in the house side. you will see people like pressing on these questions that we're going through. sixth point, has to do with james comey. what they want to know whether or not he lied under oath. the point they come back to is, in september of 2016 radcliffee% asked comey underoath, when did he conclude his decision on the hillary clinton matter? he said after we interviewed her. the interview took place early july of that year. the ig report clearly show the conclusion happened two months prior. so six points that republicans are jumping on in this, 400 page report today. melissa: jason, of those, what sticks out at you? >> i think it was complete, total undressing integrity of james comey. it is sad really somebody who propped himself up as holyier
4:13 pm
than thou was not abiding by protocol. he deviated. those with pro-hillary clinton have a lot to complain about. those of us wanted equal justice fair unbiased approach were totally let down.ç i think peter strzok, that to me, i am not a prosecutor. but looking at it, i mean, how could that not be treasonous? you're not in charge of fish and wildlife. you're in charge of counterintelligence for the united states of america. you have a duly-elected presidential nominee in donald trump. and you're going out and texting somebody you're having an affair with, you're texting her we're going to stop donald trump from becoming president of the united states. he should be prosecuted. melissa: democrats are already out saying that message is being taken out of conn text. it is actually about something else. what the ig report shows that the fbi was working in favor of the trump administration or potential administration, future campaign, and that all he did was hurt the clintons. i mean, isn't that what we keep
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hearing, bill, from the democratic talking points? >> that seems to be a continued line but i think where all this merges together, remember this report only deals with hillary clinton's email matter and james comey. melissa: right. >> this is not bob null letter. it is -- mueller. it is not russia. the connection they're drawing is the strzok matter. he was in charge of the russia matter for one year entirely. he was the lead dog on that, until he was removed. melissa: jason, are theyç settg him up to be the scapegoat, peter strzok? >> he set himself up. you go back to the fact that hillary clinton set up the convenient email situation with herself. buried in the report, we're still pouring through it, insistence by the inspector general there was a compromise of private email and that classified information did get in the hands of foreign nations. and that is devastating. it is classified information for a reason. people put their lives on the line and can lose their lives if this information gets out but that is also buried in this
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report. it will come out in the coming days. melissa: it's a good point, but, bill, take it back to you, strzok texts, that is really thing that comes out and they talk about, is the reason why the emails were slow-walked back into the investigation, did that have to do with the fact that these two are saying back and forth to each other we can't let president trump -- >> i think it's a legitimate point. i can't answer it. this is one of many questions that will face michael horowitz early next week. melissa, this will be mandatory television watching come monday and tuesday. republicans will have line of questioning we detailed. democrats will take it another direction. and as jason pointsç out. you can figure out who to believe, but there is enough in here to tick off the hillary clinton people. and there is plenty in here to tick off the white house right now. melissa: jason respond to the
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talking point i heard three or four times in the past hour, with democrats say this just proves the fbi was basically helping president trump? >> i do think hillary clinton was dealt with improperly in this situation. i do think that they deviated from the norm, from their protocol. she suffered some of those consequences. i still think donald trump would have become the president of the united states. i don't think it affected the ultimate outcome of the election. but they have got a lot to point at, be highly critical of james comey and fbi. they did not deal with it properly as it relates to her. melissa: comey was out making the point that he had the investigation into her and he said nothing about the fact that they were investigating trump campaign for collusion and russia and everything else. that is their talking point. >> republicans believed that was not a serious investigation. that as you look at the emails and text messages, peter struck's email, that was not just one text message that went awry, that really illuminated their feelings, not only butç
4:17 pm
animus, they had a relationship but there are thousands of texts that are similar in its nature and approach that make you just question the highest echelon of the fbi. >> i give you one more. what republicans will is a that the fbi director has to fire strzok. if he still has a job by this weekend, they will go off on monday. melissa: all right. we've got to go. thank you so much, jason, bill. i know we heard cousin johnson screaming behind -- dustin johnson, got to get back out there. >> struggle is real. melissa: thank you, my friend. thank you. connell? connell: we'll have a lot more coming up, melissa from here in new york city, out there in the u.s. open. you mentioned edward lawrence continues to go through the ig report. we'll bring him back as we get more headlines throughout the hour. congressman matt gaetz, a republican out of florida, as we understand it he is being briefed on capitol hill about the report. he, melissa, will join us later
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in the hour what he is hearing now. melissa: day one of u.s. open is in full swing. the latest on the leaderboard. all the action from shinnecock hills coming up next. ♪ç ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip.
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♪ melissa: live from shinnecock hills, home ever the u.s. open, day one officially underway. some of the biggest names in golf are underway. russell henley and dustin johnson are neck-and-neck. it is anyone's game. here is shane o'donoghue, fox sports reporter. i was blown away.
4:22 pm
out there earlier, the biggest crowd by far following tiger woods around. he hasn't won a major in 10 years. he is commanding the crowd. why is that? >> he is a compelling figure, melissa. he is theç biggest name in gol. to have him as active player that is the magic. we thought he was finished. he thought he was finished. i spent quite a bit of time with him last 10 or 15 years interviewing him. and post-peak where he had all sorts of issues on and off the court. he is a compelling athlete who, we all still believe can do something magical out there. and so there is a lot of hope that he can do something here today. melissa: he had a rough start. there was a lot of hope though, that he is back. like you said. what do you think? where is he mentally and physically? >> physically it is undetermined. he talks a good game. he had all the operations but you know, it has been something of a miracle to see him back in
4:23 pm
action and competing and contending in quite a few tournament in season. we need to see a win though. that is when we believe he can really do it,. melissa: the chatter about the fairways, wider, skinnier, moved the grass out. they spent a lot of money. we're a business channel. what is the deal with the fairways for us? >> it is a wider. that is no guarranty it will make it easier for the golfers. they are epcoping with the elements. the wind and weatherç challenging. with this wind gusts up to 25 miles an hour. that plays havoc with scoring. the best of the world are humbled. mickelson 7 over. jordan spieth, 8 over. rory 10 over? they're not supposed to do that. i'm afraid the weather can really play with these guys. melissa: it is the elements. i have to say it is gorgeous. it is not too hot. absolutely beautiful.
4:24 pm
wind gusts if you're watching, trying to hit a tiny ball it is not fantastic. >> this is good for wind burn. good to walk around to put on flip-flops, enjoy golf, meet friend f you're in the arena, one of the gladiators you're prone to be exposed. melissa: huge crowd out here. what does the tournament mean. all four majors in the u.s. this year. four people coming out. average business per day, we've got so many people out here. >> this is a classic venue. this is the only course on u.s. open roster that had three -- melissa: roda. >> roster. the brits call it the open rota. the schedule they have nine courses they use for the open championship. fairly similar here. we're back to this classicç ro. we're playing the greats. this is one of the original five. there is a lot of history here. obviously on long island. in the hamptons. very attractive.
4:25 pm
non-golfers as well as golfing purists want it come here. so there is a lot of reasons to come here as well. you can do business, but really can have a great time. melissa: it is beautiful. tiger pulled up his giant yacht. everyone is here. it is fantastic. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. take on the president. t@the new york attorney general suing president trump and his children over his foundation. you better believe he is responding. big surprise there. one year after the terrifying shooting at the congressional baseball practice, majority whip steve scalise is ready to play ball. that is all coming next. >> the first two hours, there were at least two times my surgeons at medstar said they didn't think i would make it through the night. one of the most special feelings of my life, i was able to walk back on to the house floor. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you.
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connell: now to the other big political legal story today, in addition to the ig report we've been talking about, new york attorney general barbara
4:29 pm
underwood suing the trump foundation in a lawsuit that involves the trump children. adam shapiro in the new york newsroom is breaking this down throughout the day joins us now. tell us about it, adam? what are the allegations? reporter: this is the 41-page lawsuit, barbara underwood, attorney general filing against the trump foundation, but ivanka trump, donald, jr., eric trump, and of course president donald j. trump. essentially if you break it down, what they're saying the trump foundation conducted illegal business to the benefit of the president when he was a candidate. they used it for political means. since it dates back to 1987, that it was kind of a sham, the board of directors, i just named, they hadn't met. they hadn't met since 1999. here is what they said in the suit. pattern of illegal conduct by the foundation and board members include, extensive political activity, self-dealing transactions and basically
4:30 pm
failureç to follow and for amendments president trump responded, by tweet, sleazy new york democrats, run out of town eric schneiderman, suing me on a foundation that took in $18,800,000. gave to charity more money than it took in. $19,200,000. i won't settle the case there. is the statement from the trump foundation. this is politics at its very worst. the foundation donated $19 million more to charitable cause causes. more than it received the president has contributed himself or through his companies more than $8 million. with the statement of the president and foundation, they don't deny the allegations in this report. one of the big allegations fund-raiser in iowa before the caucus, that the campaign directed the foundation, the not-for-profit how to donate the money in order to gain politically for the then
4:31 pm
candidate trump. nobody is denying that. they are saying it is politics, but they don't deny the allegations. connell: don't address them at all. >> i reached out to corey lewandoski's lawyer, silence, nothing. connell: you will stay on it, i know. adam shapiro, thanks. here in new york. melissa? melissa:ç amid all the drama in washington a celebration as the democrats face off against the republicans in the annual congressional baseball game. it has been one year since majority whip steve scalise was shot during a practice for the game. here he is, speaking about the who are risk events this morning. >> my arms gave out. i couldn't do anything at that point. so just started to pray. and said a lost prayers and, through the grace of god and marvels of medicine i'm here. melissa: scalise will be back at second base tonight at washington nationals park where he will be wearing a capitol police baseball cap to honor the
4:32 pm
officers that saved his life. connell: that is a great story. something other paying attention to night. we have breaking details to come about the ig report we've been talking about the hillary clinton email investigation. the latest ahead from the justice deet. we'll hear from the fbi in, i guess that is about an hour from right now. the news conference with chris wray. we'll pay attention to that. coming up as well, congressman matt gaetz, member of judiciary committee in the house. we understand he is being briefed at this moment about the ig report. we'll break it down later this hour.ç ♪
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i want to see. learn more at melissa: democrat leaders are now responding. go back to edward lawrence watt latest on all of this. edward? >> melissa, reaction is swift to thisç report. james comey doesn't agree with everything in the report. it doesn't outline buys within the fbi, saying man in charge of clinton email investigation prioritized russia investigation over the clinton email investigation, pushing that one. names of five fbi agents are turned over to disciplinary actions being biased. we'll hear from director of fbi christopher wray, about that situation. what effect or discipline for
4:37 pm
the five agent called out in the inspector general's report. democrats are saying they don't see need for anymore prosecution in this report. they do say this has no bearing what happens with the special counsel going forward. >> anyone, who is hoping to use this report to undermine the mueller probe, or prove the existence after deep state conspiracy against president trump, will be sorely disappointed. >> now buried within the report another quick nugget, specifically information on hillary clinton's email server was hacked and foreign governments and foreign actors were able to obtain at least one email that wasç labeled classified a big concern. democrats say there did no need for prosecution in this case. melissa: we'll see, thank you, edward. head of fbi responds to a report in news conference happening
4:38 pm
5:30 p.m. eastern time. connell: secretary of state mike pompeo had left china. he was meeting there with xi xinping. it was pushing for sanctions on north korea. fox business's rich edson was left behind by the secretary. he joins us now. good to see you. what did we learn today? >> well, connell, the secretary of state focusing on and finishing a week-long trip to asia, focusing on north korea's nuclear weapons program. he met with other chinese officials at xi jinping. secretary of foreign affairs, got assurances from the chinese government that china would continue to apply economic essential sense against north korea. until they fully cancel their
4:39 pm
nuclear weapons program. he saidç upcoming negotiations with north korea will involve learning more about size and scope of its nuclear weapons program. >> we have a reasonable understanding, incredibly important we get full understanding as quickly as possible. as part of the efforts undertaken? in the weeks and weeks ahead, we'll work with the north cleans cleans -- north koreans to have a full understanding of that, that we understand the commitments president trump and chairman kim make. reporter: pompeo defended president's decision to suspend military exercises with the south korean government. he says essentially what will happen north korea is negotiating and discussing in good faith. if that changes, the u.s. and south korea can resume joint military exercises. back to you. connell: connell, thank you very
4:40 pm
much. streets of beijing, from new york city, to back to melissa at u.s. open. melissa: celebrating the ultimate test. one company inspiring people of all skill levels, even non-golfers to take a swing at the game. erichanderson, executive chairman coming up next. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪ go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro." ♪ go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma. it contains a type of medicine
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walk? i'm talent. i could win a chance to go to the next u.s. open at pebbleç beach, just in case fox is too cheap to send me. what do you think? i'm lucky to aim at the flag. let me give it a shot. that was terrible. ah. you got to hit it. ah. you can do this, right? all right claim. what did you pay for that sandwich? >> nine bucks. >> nine bucks for a sandwich? you think that is good deal? >> why not? >> do you think tiger can make a comeback? >> i would love to see it. i don't know if he is good enough. >> stuart varney, i found one of your friends hanging out, having a peer. >> this one's for you are, stuart. set-up of the course is absolutely perfect. how a u.s. open course should be set up. >> melissa: take that stuart varney. connell, i know you're good with
4:45 pm
your hands. what do you think? we had our fun. time for some golf. ♪ melissa: they tell me you're not allowed to run up and put balls into the hole with your hand, whatever. you learn something new every day. a whole new way to play golf. golf entertainment company top golf is bringing the action of the 118th u.s. open directly to fansç through a live emersive viewing experience. in just a few minutes they will kick off the ultimate u.s. open watch party. all the top golf venues across the country. here is eric anderson, topgolf executive chairman. blows me away how many are out there. there are 38? >> 41. melissa: three more while we were sitting here popped up. 41. how do you keep it from becoming a fad? how do you keep people engaged? >> golf is permanent sport. we digitize the game. we created music, great staff and great food.
4:46 pm
when you come you create your own experience at top golf. you take our technology, our food, interaction, play the game you want. melissa: a lot of people are throwing parties there. it is taking off everywhere it is. you're on the las vegas strip. very incredible. huge capital investment when you build one of these. do you think you reached saturation in the u.s.? >> we're on to 100 in the u.s. we're in the 40s. we don't think we're. would this only work with positively? do you think it would work with something else? >> i think it could work with other sports. i think big thing happen something technology innovating with sports. whether chips and be&s or capturing with o call, ar-br technology. you can see this happening with a lost sports. melissa: i have to be honest, i've been following awe long time. not just about the fact that positively, everybody loves golf. it is you and your team and your ideas. you took something, people were into bowling.
4:47 pm
you go with your friend and you drink and you tried to make that modern and hip. you put that in music. people did that on friday night. there is something different about the way you approached this business. what is it? >> our team, staff and culture is really special. we connect people in meaningful ways. we create moments matter for everyone. we're leaning in to make sure melissa, whoever you happen to be with has a great time. we're outside. i missed that early on, but when you're outside, it is just more fun. so a lot of these other things are inside, which are nice but our team really loves being outside. that means the view and activities always a little different. if you're in scottsdale, sunsets different. the clouds are different. fresh air is wonderful. melissa: does that mean you can never move to the cold parts of the country? how do you deal with the elements? >> we're in chicago. people live in chicago, god bless them, 40 degrees they think it's a warm day.
4:48 pm
scottsdale, not veryç much. people adapt to the climate. we're climate managed, we have misters and heaters, we can move it down 20 years while you're there. melissa: the technology is key. that makes it really fun too? >> the first technology is chips in the ball. our top tracer technology, the same technology you see watching shots that pros are hitting out here. that gives you another way to engage with it. keep score. see your ball flight. more data. all that matters. melissa: you're connected to industry. they tell me you have to go. who will win out? give me our pick. >> i think dustin. tiger went to stanford. so did i. melissa: eric, thank you. eric anderson. >> thank you. melissa: new evidence of political bias at the fbi, congressman matt gaetz, house judiciary member was briefed on the ig report. he is literally running to our cameras. we is going to join us next. ♪
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connell: following breaking news here on "after the bell." we've been talking about it throughout the hour, this more than 500 page ig report on the clinton email investigation. now, as melissa said before the last break the congressman, matt gaetz from florida, just had been briefed on the report and was running to our camera. she was being literal when she said that. at last i heard he was running from the capitol to our camera which is in stat hall. as soon as he gets miced up. meantime let's bring in edward lawrence back. what is interesting at bottom of the hour the fbi will put out their side of story. chris wray holds a news conference right. reporter: not only their side of the story, there is almost a cryptic message inside of the
4:53 pm
report that five other names of people within the fbi, the report not saying they're former fbi agents, they're are current possibly, fbi agents the names have been turned over forç disciplinary action because of personal bias sent in messages that was uncovered as they were doing the investigation. if it does take questions, possibly even address, at 5:30 when that comes up. they should be very interested to see what he has to say. christopher wray was briefing. the changeover kanggang of 8. rod rosenstein briefed the president what is in the report. interesting he will havements as we go through this. connell: one of the thanks, peter strzok, showing text between he and lisa page, throughout our coverage as bill hemmer brought up earlier, he is still an employee at the
4:54 pm
fbi. his future has to be in question. here is the text. the idea trump will not ever become president, lisa page, right? peter strzok, no, he is not. stop it. but he is still there, right? reporter: yeah, very interesting still there. but also in diminished role obviously. connell: right. reporter: this report called him out he deverted, pushed attention away from the clinton email investigation towardç the russia probe moving forward. that is extremely interesting information in this ig report. you know, going forward, as far as to say that possibly shows bias within this. so, it is not just, you're not just talking about, you know, does he have a job or not. this could be criminal charges related to this. connell: right. reporter: terms how it is directed. connell: from your read on it, edward, is that the only place, i believe it is, correct me if i'm wrong, the idea of political bias is actually brought up? because in terms of comey it
4:55 pm
seems to suggest there was no political biases even if he was insubordinate, but with strzok there is suggestion of it? >> it splits hairs actually. it says because of comey's insubordination, because he is insubordinate, is gave the perception of bias within the fbi but it specifically mentions these five other employees currently there. connell: let me, sorry to interrupt you, edward. terrific reporting. we do have congressman gates with us now. mentioned earlier he run over from stat hall doesn't look out of breath. is that congressman, you had a briefing on the report? just wrapped up? >> we did previously.ç well, look. there is a lot went wrong with the hillary clinton email investigation. chapter 12, goes into the origins of the russia investigation.
4:56 pm
peter strzok will stop him about donald trump's potential presidency, that admission over texts to his girlfriend occurs just eight days after peter strzok opened up on george papadopoulos. in this very short period of time, peter strzok was opening up on russia. indicated -- connell: we're so pushed for time, congressman. we're up against the clock. i will ask you one big question. because of that is something illegal uncovered? still legal in your view from what you've been brief odd on. >> deprivation of rights under color of law is illegal. follow-on activitybe illegal if it was known misrepresent sent thanks to a court. connell: i'm sure we see you back on this we appreciate the hustle to get over to our camera, congressman. good to sue on breaking news day. >> thank you. connell: congressman gaetz out of florida. more could havage on "after the
4:57 pm
bell." whoooo.
4:58 pm
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...down-alternative pillows... ...and of course, price. tripadvisor helps you book a... . find you the lowest price... ...on the hotel you want. don't sweat your booking. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. >> the fbi is going to be
5:00 pm
responding to the i.g. report at 5:30, we'll bring that to you live. in the meantime, connell, i'm going back to the u.s. open. >> great job, see you tomorrow and "the evening edit" with the live coverage starts right now on the fox business network, have a great night everybody. liz: bombshell, the inspector general report how the fbi handle the hillary clinton e-mail probe. there's a lot here, including the i.g. report says fbi officials showed a willingness to hurt trump. to take official action to block trump from reaching the white house. one text exchange said we will stop trump from being president. also fbi director james comey, fbi officials peter strzok and lisa page used personal e-mail account for government business though they were going after hillary clinton for doing the same thing. and you will not believe what peter


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