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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 15, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> enjoy your weekend. i'll see you when i see you. thanks for having me this week. >> absolutely. no. it's been a pleasure. that is it from here at the u.s. open. the evening edit starts right now he's a great man. he's a wonderful guy. but at some point we have to straighten it out. we lost $500 billion in trade deficits last year. we can't do that. so much of our secret. we have the great brain power in silicon valley and china and others steal those secrets and we're going to protect the secrets. the crown jewels for this country. >> president trump vowing to straighten it out, levying a 25% tariff on $50 billion of china's goods. wwe've got the can bait coming up, how trump will react. more fallout from the ig report. questions continue to mount
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about political bias at the fbi. new texts surfaces. president trump slamming former fbi director jim comey. we'll tell you what he said and we bring in a top former fbi assistant direct tore react. democrats now trying to spin the ig report saying it exonerates hillary clinton. we'll put that to the test and show you the former president now caught up in this firestorm. money, politics, we deliver the debate behind tomorrow's head lines. evening edit starts right now. elizabeth: the dow finishing 84 points to end the day at 25,090. stocks nearly down 300 points, today's lows before cutting losses. wall street still showing trade dispute fears. first, president trump putting a
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25% tariff on chinese goods. he's trying to balance the u.s. trade deficit. >> the trade war was started many years ago by them and the united states lost. >> you're saying we're on the losing end of it. >> there is no trade war. they've taken so much. last year $375 billion in trade deficit with china. we had over $800 billion over a period of years. each year close to $800 billion in losses on trade. not going to happen anymore. elizabeth: joining me now were former british prime minister david cameron. steve hilton, great to see you. >> how are you doing, liz. elizabeth: stocks reacted to the 25% tariff, china retaliating with tariffs on their own, u.s. cars, farm goods and more. your reaction to all of this. >> we've got to see it in the long term. you've got the elites in the establishment jumping up and down saying you can't do this. they're the very people who have gotten china wrong for decades.
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they're the architects to have surrender to china that exactly as the president said have allowed chinese-state owned company to steal american technology in order to plan their bid to take over the world economy. that's what they said they want to do and we can't let that happen. the chinese respect strength and not weakness. this is a great way to take back the initiative that we've seated to our competitors over in china. elizabeth: this is, as you point out, one step in a long negotiating process. nothing set in stone just yet. we don't know where it goes. here's the thing. if the stock markets go south, trump will not like it and he will stop it. and mike pompeo is in china right now, trade likely on the table right now. your thoughts on all of that. >> the thing that i think the president understands that again, the establishmen establie foreign policy establishment, the state department officials for too long have not understood
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is the way that china thinks about these things. china does not see things in a separate part of a way. this is the trade negotiation and this is the north korea negotiation and this is something else. they see it as all one thing and that's how the president is approaching it too, which is much more in line with how the chinese see things. of course you're likely to see short term reactions go up and dowp. budown. but we see that with the stock market ps fundamentals of the economy is strong. that's what's going to drive the stock market in the long term. elizabeth: let's move on top turning to the inspector general report and the pib, now both the ig michael horowitz and fbi director, christopher wray are set to testify before the congress next week. they're going to be hit with a lot of questions about this report. president trump reacting today. >> what you'll really see is you'll see bias against me and millions and tens of millions of my followers.
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that is really a disgrace. elizabeth: let's go to the tests about bias between fbi officials. showing potentially took action to hurt the president and resist trump even after he won. lisa page saying not going to become president, right? no, no he won't. we'll stop it an fbi attorney who worked on the mueller preeb sent this text the day of president trump won. quote, i am numb. another employee responding ki not stop crying. you promised me this would not happen. the lawyer texting i am so stressed about what i could have done differently, referring to the fbi reopening the clinton e-mail probe right before the election due to the weiner laptop e-mails. november 22nd the fbi learns that they would work to resist the trump white house texting, is it making you rethink your commitment to the trump administration. the official who would later work on the mueller probe responding hell, no. steve, your reaction.
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>> i mean it's just unbelievable, isn't it. there it is. set out so clearly, the way that the establishment have contempt for trump supporters and also for the very idea of a trump presidency in their eyes as being something that's unthinkable and in their own words needs to be stopped. so there's no reason to be doubtful of this idea that you've got this deep state attitude that the permanent bureaucracy, the establishment, it's the people who have been there forever who just think that the trump presidency is an abomination that they need to fight. and so of course it's right to be suspicious and of course that comes forward, not just from the hillary e-mails probe that we saw the subject of this report, but for the russia investigation, which we're right in the middle of now. elizabeth: steve, here is another comment from the ig report saying, quote, we did not have confidence peter strzok's decision to prioritize the fbi
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probe or the clinton e-mail probe was free from bias. your reaction there. >> of course it wasn't free from bias and this is now making that really clear. everything that people have suspected for so long is right there. and the bietion goes throughout the top of this agency as whaz been repeatedly said. this isn't the people doing the hard work on the ground. it's the leadership of the institutions. and if that is going on at the fbi, what's going on in all of the other bits of the permanent bureaucracy, the administrative state throughout washington, all across the federal government i suspect there are people in powerful positions who are trying actively to frustrate the president's agenda. elizabeth: let's move on. remember when hillary clinton called trump voters deplorables? >> the racist, sexist, homophobic, general phobic, islamophobic, you name it. elizabeth: well the ig report showing that the fbi officials
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are pretty open about how they felt about voters for trump. an fbi official basically quoting, we broke the momentum meaning for hillary and an fbi worker responding, that is not so. quote all of the people who are officially voting for hillary clinton would not and were not swayed by any decision the fbi put out. trump supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy pos that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. they probably did not watch the debates, are not fully educated on his policies and stupidly wrapped up in his unmetered enthusiasm. >> yeah. i mean, but again, i think this is really helpful. these people were saying what we know is the contemp contemptuous attitude of the elite for the people who voted for donald
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trump and that's how he won. people know that's how the elites feel about them. that's why they've been treated so badly. and finally they've got their chomp onin donald trump to speak for them. and it's helpful to see this because it reveals the contempt and the hate. these people on the left are constantly going on about hate an bi bigotry and so go. there's nothing for bigoted than the attitude they show toward trump supporters. elizabeth: jim comey, the director, he sets the tone at the top. he was accused of inboard nation. that could have unleashed fbi bias and more. fbi workers seem to be really working he heavily with the pre, taking lots of things like free dinners and golf outings. comey help trigger the special counsel probe, robert mueller, when he leaked his trump talk memos to the media and he's
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still a witness, steve, jim comey is in the mueller probe. should mueller still use him as a witness? >> i think the whole thing has been discredited by this. i mean he can use him as a witness but the point is that it shows that the whole basis is not rooted in anything that's real, just as the president and his supporters have been arguing. the other thing i would say about this is you hear again from the establishment from the left all of the time about how donald trump is undermining the rule of law and so on. well what could be more undermining of the rule of law than what you've seen documented in the ig report, the head of the fbi basically thinking he's above the law, that he can do whatever he wants without reference to any kind of check from the right way of doing things. and actually yet again it shows that the elite's real attitude is not whether they love the rule of law or democracy or whatever. they hate donald trump. that's all that matters. they were fawning over james comey even though he was undermining the rule of law in
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the way they say is unacceptable. elizabeth: thank you for coming in. and be sure to catch steve's show "the next revolution" sundays on fox news at 9 p.m. eastern time. good to see you. let's get the your money. markets closing the day lower. china trade fears weighing on the market. nicole is on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest. nicole? >> the trade tensions cause tension right here at home on wall street. the dow was down. the dow, the nasdaq and the s sp took a downside. we saw the laggers wick boeing, caterpillar, just a few of the names that came under pressure. new highs for some names that we know, twitter, netflix and cheesecake factory and we had some developments on the at&t time warner deal that happened earlier this week, it closed yesterday. so the big deal is they have a new name, warner media.
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also tern r turner chief john martin is leaving the company and time warner ceo is leaving after a brief transition. back to you. elizabeth: another revelation from the ig report that president obama did know about hillary clinton eats private e-mail server, even though he denied knowing. we've got the details also tonight, they loved them before they hated them. democrats vehemently defended jim comey after trump fired him, now not so much. we're bringing back the sound and we'll show you the debate. first, president trump unloading on comey a day after the ig report is released. my geks guest has been warning about jim comey for a while. he response after the break. stay there.
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. don't forget all of these people like strzok, what he did was criminal. strzok and so many others, mccabe. >> you need to bias. >> they all work for comey. mccabe told him everything and mccabe is up for criminal right now. >> and he's suing the department of justice. >> he's now suing. it's a total mess. they're all going against each other. comey was the ring leader of the den of thieves. elizabeth: president trump unloading on jim comey a day after the release of the ig report. james comey is still a witness in the mueller probe. again, jim comey was fired. he also admitteds that he purposely leaked his memos to the media about his talks with president trump in order to get a special counsel appointed and he was robert mueller. joining me now, former fbi assistant director, jim call
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stra. your reaction to the ig's findings that jim comey was insubordinate. >> that's no surprise to anybody. we've known that for a long time. we know that comey was off the rails, that he was acting, you know, unlike any other fbi director ever, was not abiding by fbi rules and regulations, the rules of federal procedure. i mean i could go on for hours about the things that jim comey was doing wrong. the big problem with waiting for an ig report is it was, what, otheover a year now and some pas of this brought information forward that's very interesting. it obviously talks about a number of agents that were dealing with the media. whether that was leaks or not, i don't know. it just looked like a lot of things were going on that were not proper. and the way they dealt with the clinton scandals i thought was
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prepospreposterous. i mean major, major felonies. you know, the most highly classified communications of our country that are on this system that she set up so she could have covert communications and not be, not be picked up by the federal records act. you know, basically i guess it's a catch 22. the inspector general's report. it's got some good pieces and it's got some foolishness to it. elizabeth: you know, jim, the ig found that comey kept secret from his bosses, including loretta lynch that he was going to hold the press conference exonerating hillary clinton. and he ordered his fbi worker to keep quiet as well, making them
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insubordinate too. your reaction to that. >> i guess that's one of the things that he actually told the truth about. he said that he hadn't notified anybody before he had that preposterous press conference and apparently that's true. it shows that the guy was out of control, in a lot of ways just breaking down mentally to do these things that he was doing. and to think that he could pull off this act of this phony investigation, you know, with this small amount of people huddled around him, you know, and here we have the department of justice, you know, not -- the one thing that's pretty amazing is that you know they get some of the communications from strzok to his lover there and they gave congress half of the communications, her questions to him. but they didn't give the answer. and the answers are unbelievable. the answer is that look, we're
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not going to let this happen. you know, we won't -- you know we won't let him become president. pretty distressing, these words that were coming out of somebody at that high ranking level. elizabeth: does jim comey, did he set the tone -- did he set the tone, in other words the culture for fbi workers when he was there? because they then exhibited bias against trump. the ig report has huge diagrams showing how many fbi workers were leaking to the press. is that the way the fbi has always been? let me back up. did he set the tone? >> well, he set the tone. but he had no leadership abilities. and just think act an agency like the bureau having a guy like comey and before that mueller, that really, you know, did not instill in the investigators, the agents that were so, you know, come to work every day to protect this country from a whole set of bad
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guys and bad things, you know. and be involved in such pettiness and such, you know, i don't what the right word is, i mean. but it certainly wasn't leadership. and i mean he basically made a total fool of himself. and wasn't sophisticated enough, you know, to know that eventually the musical chairs, the band was going to stop playing. anthaand that he couldn't keep s fraud going for any length of time. and here he has basically thrown the fbi under the bus. and it's a shame. because the american people are getting an opinion of the fbi that should be directed towards the senior leadership and a few others but not the agency itself. elizabeth: jim, i want your reaction to, if we can cue it, jim jordan had a fight a chris cuomo on cnn. let's play the sound and get your quick reaction. >> the bad fact is they conclude
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that there was no impact and no exercise of the biasen any of the decisions. >> really? >> yeah. i mean -- well, i mean, chris, come on. they say we do not have confidence that strzok's decision was free from bias. >> right. >> so his bias did impact his decision. they say this is some of the hardest hitting language i've ever seen in the inspect general's report. the bias impacted his decision. >> they say it impacted his decision of prioritizing. >> the russia investigation over the clinton ntio investigation. yeah, they happen to be the top people at the fbi who ran the clinton investigation and then by the way went to the russia investigation, and by the way, three of those five were people on mueller's tm. elizabeth: jim, was there bias against president trump and for hillary clinton under james comey at the fib? was there bias? >> without question. huge amounts. truckloads of bias. you know, chris cuomo is so far off the reservation there.
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and jim jordan is 1,000% correct. when you see the bias going on and you see the thing in print, the text messages back and forth, you know, it got to be basically a circus. and it's a shame. it's just unbelievable that now, you know, we still haven't had any kind of prosecutors. we haven't convened the grand jury that i know of. you know, we've been waiting -- everybody had the excuse that we have to wait for this report. and that's the big deficiency in inspector generals. they don't have any jurisdiction to bring prosecution. they have to recommend it. and in this case i haven't read every particular detail but it doesn't look like they recommended a whole lot. elizabeth: thank you so much for your insight. please come back on soon. >> my pleasure. elizabeth: have a good weekend. another revelation from the ig report, strong evidence that president obama did know about
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hillary clinton's private e-mail server despite denying it. we've got the details coming up. they loved him before they hated him. democrats first vehemently defended jim comey before trump fired him. now not so much. we'll react to the sound after this. six in the morning.
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. the president's decision to fire james comey, the fbi director, a undemocratic, unpatriotic and un-american. >> the firing of the fbi director is reminiscent of nix nixon. >> what putin would have done, kim jong-un, irwin, all these are dictators. we don't want a dictator as president of the united states.
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elizabeth: well, they supported comey before they hated him. democratsfirst vehemently defended jim comey after trump fired him at the request and advice rather, the advice rather of deputy ag rod rosenstein. and now this. democrats are against jim comey blaming him for turning the election towards trump and away from hillary. let's bring in stormer trump state department senior adviser christian widner. your reaction. >> iement no i'm not sure i cane of it. it's pure opportunism. you wonder in the democrats want the administrative state to run this country rather than the american people. you have the president who won in the election. the democrats didn't like that outcome and they would rather frankly have, just as they would rather have regulators running our economy, they would rather have the -- if the fbi interferes in an election as long as it's their advantage, they're fine with that. elizabeth: remember when the
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media said criticizing the fbi undermining democracy. we're talking about individuals at the fbi, not the bureau. look at the media's take on it. >> congressman, you just called the fbi an the doj off the rails. fundamentally, how is that something that you're okay with talking about here? how does that not sort of undermine the work that these agencies are doing? disbli should not impugn the reputation of the fbi we need our democratic institutions intact. they're taking a beating. >> of course we do. >> when you start insulting institutions like that, it does fit the narrative, insulting the fbi, calling it a deep state, insultininsulting the bureaucra, delegitimizing the media. at some point this starts to feel like so many dictatorial are jet streams we've seen in the last century. >> it's demoralizing. the fbi is ushed attack. it reminds me of joe mccarthy. >> we're seeing in these constant attacks which are undermining indeed confidence in
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the legitimate institutions of our government. elizabeth: there's a distinction, christian, between the institution and the individuals in the institution. the inspector general report is basically talking about individuals, not the institution itself. when you hear the media and the analysts talk about it, it's as if they don't understand that point. your take. >> i think so. you know, the fbi field agents whom i deal with from time to time are mote fied by this, by what has become of their agency and the leadership. make so mistake. if what these senior small percentage of bad eggs at the fbi, if this was undertakening by people in the military, people would recognize it as an attempted coup. what donald trump is doing by criticizing the number of bad eggs, it's important open essential for the future of the fbi. elizabeth: is the president attacking the bureau or the individuals? does he criticize the individuals ? -l. >individuals?
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>> clearly just the individuals. he went out of his way to compliment the new director of the agency. if you look at the what i that he talks about troops in the rank and file and cops, fbi agentseagents loves them when ty follow the law. it's the law-breaking bad eggs, comey chief among them tha. elizabeth: the president applauded new recruits at quantico earlier in the year. are the media and the democrats now for or against comey? >> that's a great question and it depends on what they're looking to do. you know, i think at the end of the day they don't accept the outcome of the election, that hillary was a bad candidate, that the president kree united a new coalition. so they think comey is useful to blame for what is hillary's fault. just look today at the press conference involving the press. these are a bunch of sha ril
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social justice warriors, they are not reporters. elizabeth: come back soon. we love having you on. the president taking on the media today in a surprise appearance this morning. he discussed dozens of topics. we're bringing in an expert panel to react. first, strong evidence that president obama did know about hillary clinton's private e-mail server even though he denied knowing it. what the proof? he was e-mailing clinton using it. we've got the details coming up. and dan henninger will react to the details after the break. ♪ a hotel can make or break a trip.
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elizabeth: here's another revelation from the inspector general's report about the fbi's handling of the clinton e-mail probe. the ig notes that quote fbi analyst and prosecutors too told us that former president barack obama was one to have 13 individuals with whom clinton had direct contact using her clinton e-mail dot com account. president obama denied knowing that in an interview in 2015. >> when did you first learn that hillary clinton used an e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> at the same time everybody else learned it through news reports. elizabeth: let's bring in dan henninger, "wall street journal"
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deputy editor. great to see you. what's your take? >> probably there was politics going on there, liz. in a way what kid you expect him to say, yeah, i saw he was using a private e-mail account and he's going to pitch his secretary of state into trouble like that. i don't think obama was going to do that but obama was good at deflecting attention from himself, not getting involved. i think they probably had -- you know, this was a very political white house. they were acutely aware of what was going on around them. elizabeth: and remember when fbi director james comey scrubbed the name from his 2016 press conference in talking about who communicated with hillary clinton's server pep here's the fbi texts that we're talking about between strzok and page. obama wants to know everything we're doing, you know, so we don't know if it was about russia or clinton. but kind of curious they were talking about the obama wanted to know what was going on potentially about his successor who could protect his legacy. >> well, you know, that e-mail,
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that was september of 2016. at that point donald trump had secured the nomination, he was running for president. and i argue that was about the time that what i call the trump panic was setting in in washington among people like the white house or these individuals at the fbi. they couldn't believe that it was possible that someone like donald trump would become president of the united states. there was a point in which they began to lean in and start thinking about is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening. elizabeth: that's really interesting, what you said. president obama went on "60 minutes" in october of 2015 and he's been accused of prejudging the fbi probe into hillary clinton saying, you know, hillary is innocent, even thoap his own attorney general, loretta lynch, was saying, i don't know how he could say there. there's a national security element to this and she didn't know where obama got that from. >> he didn't know at all. you know, i think the obama
5:39 pm
white house undoubtedly was in contact with the department of justice. roar let that lynch never recused herself but she dropped out. and the question is did he drop out completely. i mean james comey was basically running wild. where was loretta lynch trying to provide some sort of oversight to the director of her fbi. elizabeth: and here's hillary clinton responding to the ig report revealing that basically that report revealed that james comey and lisa page and strzok, peter strzok did conduct agency business, government business using their own private e-mail accounts. hillary firing back on twitter saying, essentially, three simple words, but my e-mails. the problem is she set up a private e-mail server. dan, your reaction. >> i suppose we ought to let her have what solace she can derive from all of this. it is true that the ig report says that comey was using a private e-mail account to deal
5:40 pm
with his chief of staff. it's really quite extraordinary, sits at an fbi convention in san diego in 2016, he said anybody at the fbi who got caught doing that would be in big trouble. elizabeth: he was doing what others said would be in big trouble for. >> he said unclassified material, it doesn't classified material. but you know, hillary now she's blaming -- it's confirmed that comey dumped the election for her in october. look. she started losing that election in the first conference on the e-mail server. remember that one, march 2015. everyone said that was a terrible performance, she showed herself to be a noncredible person. i've always argued it went downhill from there. that was the turning point. elizabeth: great to see you kb dan. great analysis. next up, msnbc now saying that the ig report on the fbi probe into hillary clinton's e-mail server exonerates hillary clinton. coming up, we'll bring on a
5:41 pm
guest that says the media is drawing the wrong conclusions yet again. first, the president confronting the media today, bring in a panel to react to the sound after this. >> yes or no. >> who are you with? you're with cnn?
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. in the same breath you're defending now kim jong-un's human rights record. how can you do that? >> you know what snie i don't want to see a nuclear weapon destroy you and your family. okay? i don't want to see -- excuse me me. because want to see a nuclear weapon destroy you and your family. i want to have a good relationship with north korea. i want to have a good relationship with many other countries. elizabeth: a reporter questioning trump today about trump's positive comments about the north korean dictator considering his human rights record. okay. here's what's going on. let's bring in the panel. we'rkirk, here's the problem.
5:45 pm
kim jong-un, hit' it's horrible. a horrible human rights record. is it okay to speak so glowingly kim jong-un considering his human rights record in the face of whether or not it helps us avoid nuclear war. that's the point the president is trying to make. >> heck yeah. trump is a flatterer. that's how he works, how he's so successful as a real estate developer in new york. and if flattering this little creep is the way to stop a war that will kill tens of thousands of americans, that's best case, liz, best case. i'm all for it. worst case is dropping a hot rock on san francisco or los angeles. i would prefer not to go out in that particular blaze of glory. and if kissing up to this creep will stop it, i'm willing to give i a shot. elizabeth: white house officials say it's unacceptable, north korea's human rights record.
5:46 pm
the distinction is getting lost here, i think, with what's going on with what the president is saying. the president r parents of otto warmbier praised trump r president trump. what's your reaction to that? >> the parents certainly understand the job that the president has done, which is remarkable, frankly. i mean, we're now five months after what was potentially a nuclear showdown with north korea. people forget, and certainly reporters are forgetting all of this. this was a dark time not too long ago. and frankly having a good relationship is the bedrock of trust between any kind of geopolitical negotiation. is this reporter seriously saying that perhaps donald trump should not have a good relationship with north korea and to abandon the immense influence, power that charm and flattery would have with someone in kim jong sun a narcissist.
5:47 pm
flattery, charm, all of these things works with narcissists. it's crazy. just crazy to abandon that makes so sense. elizabeth: here's what the president said to fox news. he's a tough guy. when you take over a country from your father, i don't care who you are, what you have, how much of an advantage you have, you do that at 27 years old, he's a great guy, a good negotiator. i think we understand each other. i'm not seeing the president say there i agree and i support his human rights -- attacks on human rights. i think the nuance is getting lost here, kirk. >> we have two way to resolve this. we can talk it out, which means behaving civilly to each other or those 8,000 artillery tubes pointed at south korea can go off and drop hell fire on south koreans and our troops. it's not -- it's a binary
5:48 pm
choice. i'm willing to give it a shot. and if it means not pointing out what a dirt bag this guy is, because he is and everybody knows, including donald trump, but being diplomatic. i'll give that a shot if it means americans don't have to bury their kids. elizabeth: everybody knows the guy is awful, right? >> they know he's awful. look, he's a killer. there's no question. but he also has vulnerabilities. and one of the vulnerabilities he has is flattery. donald trump recognizes it. he's using it. he's using the fact that he like to hear these kind of things, certainly coming from the president of the united states. it's an advantage. it's influence power, he should use it. it makes sense. elizabeth: thanks for your insights. great to have you on. good stuff. msnbc now saying that the inspector general's report exonerates hillary clinton. my next guest will debate that and she's fired up. she'attorney harmony dillon will
5:49 pm
take that on next.
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so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. this should be the headline coming out of this and i'm certain it won't be discussed on another network whose name we shall not mention, which is that the hillary case was properly decided on the law. that's the headline number one. number two, no indication or evidence that political biases either existed or if they existed that they impacted decision make in a negative way. elizabeth: that was the former fbi assistant director and msnbc trying to argue that the ig report on the fbi probe of hillary clinton exonerates, completely exonerates hillary clinton, this amid a firestorm of bias presented in the ig report saying that jim comey was insubordinate in how he handled
5:53 pm
this investigation. let's bring in attorney dillon. you're saying they're getting it wrong again. how so? >> yes, it's totally upside down. this report does not exonerate hillary clinton. to the contrary, this report paints a picture of somebody who got away with what she did because the people around her investigating her were privately and publicly cheering for her to become the president, were corrupt and conflicted themselves, did not pursue the evidence and repeatedly breached fbi protocols. there's like a host of things in this 500-page report that reflect poorly on the whole situation. talking about the people around hillary for example, hillary was interviewed with fbi agents calling her four months before the election the president in their private texts. they were clearly biased in supporting her. numerous ones said to each other they were supporting her. she was allowed to be interviewed with her private lawyer in the room and interviewed not under oath. and the report confirms that the fbi did not bother to go get a
5:54 pm
lot of the evidence that they should have. they did not bother to go and serge and subpoena and hold and investigate the personal devices of all of the people around her who she would have been communicating with. it's also the case that comes out of this report that the president, barack obama, as one of the people who she communicated with and most importantly from comey down to strzok, page and numerous others, she was investigated by people who themselves were violating the very law that she was under investigation for. using private devices and unsecure device to communicate classified and private information. now it bears belief if you have a cop, for example, who's constantly speeding and he pulls you over and then, you know, are you going to get prosecuted for that or you know, if it's a prosecutor who is engaged in wire fraud, is that prosecutor going to prosecute you for that knowing that the defense is going to be, well, everybody in your department is engaging in this same crime. so i think it actually beyond
5:55 pm
reflecting poorly on the fbi, it does not exonerate hillary clinton. it simply shows that a sham, corrupt and incomplete investigation did not hold her liable. elizabeth: you know, the talk that hillary is exonerated because of this report, it doesn't change the fact, to your point, that she did have a private e-mail server and had her team delete tens of thousands of e-mails. does this let her off of the hook for that? >> yeah, it does unfortunately. she hasn't been prosecuted. statute of limitations has gone by. but one of the reasons that we now know why comey came out and said no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute this. maybe he should have said no reasonable prosecutor outside the beltway -- you know, inside the beltway would have prosecuted. outside the beltway people do think that breaking the law should be prosecuted. elizabeth: i want to get to this question. i'm roa sorry. comey himself is a witness in the mueller probe. he kicked off the mueller probe
5:56 pm
by leaking his memos about his talks with trump. do you think that she should still be a witness in this probe? do you think that his credibility is now so damaged that he can't be a witness? >> his kredzability is shot. i mean that doesn't mean he can't be a witness but it does mean that he'll be impeached in the witness stand has a witness. he's clearly gone out in his rush to promote his book before the book sales were going to tank as a result of the oig report coming out, admitted that people in his family wanted hillary to win. he admitted that he went out and did what he did in the weeks before the election because he expected her to win. people on his team were tawlg her the president in the investigatio and he has been pretty much damningly indicted with the term bias and insubordinate. elizabeth: we got to go. >> he's a very damaged witness. elizabeth: thank you so much forment cooing in. for coming in. we'll be right back after the break. don't go away.
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